My dirty hobby gorgeous milf teased and fucked

My dirty hobby gorgeous milf teased and fucked
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Moms Cum Addition #2 I would like to say thank you to two of my favorite writers, Kinkybelle and APrev. It's because of their stories I was inspired to write my stories.

Thank you for all your inspiration. Jill sat at her kitchen table wondering what she was going to do today. It was Monday the boys were off to school, her husband had left for work. Well let's get the house cleaned up and see what develops.

At noon her phone buzzed with a text message, it was from Jamal. Hi babe, how are you? I've got a large protein drink for you, its four days worth interested? She smiled as she thought of the amount of cum which came out of his cock the first time she'd sucked his cock. She could not imagine how much cum was in his nut sack now. She text-ed back I'd love for you to stop by and drop it off so I can have it, it helps me stay slim. Her phone buzzed again I'll be there at 1 PM.

She looked at the clock it was 12:15, she had 45 minutes to fix herself up. She went to her room and took a shower and did her hair. No sense putting on very much makeup as his cum would only wash it away. Now she retched through her lingerie draw looking for something sexy. A green thong and green half bra which allowed her nipples to show was the perfect outfit.

Now she needed something to wear over it a tight pair of short and a cut off t. She looked at herself in the mirror, damn girl you look hot.

At 12:50 she heard voices out side her back door, she went to the kitchen and opened the door to find Jamal and another black kid standing there with big smiles. "Hi Jill this is Oscar my good friend, he has over a weeks worth of protein if you'd be interested?" Jill stood their for a moment thinking, "Jamal would you come in for a moment and ask your friend to wait outside please." She closed the door and looked at Jamal with a serious look "I thought we'd agreed that no one was going to know about this but the three of us?" "I'm sorry Jill he got my phone and when he saw the pictures he begged me to come along." "Well he seems nice enough but this has got to stop with him do you understand?" "I promise no one else will ever see your picture again." She was looking at him with a playful smile, "Ok but if you fuck up again you're back to jerking off for the rest of your life." She opened the back door, "Come in Oscar, I'm Jill." "Thank you Jill it's nice to meet you." "Do you guys want anything?" Both boys smiled and stared at her tits.

Jamal walked up sunny leon tow gril fuking her "I like those please?" "Jamal that is inappropriate behavior in my home, go down stairs now." Both boys smiled and headed for the downstairs bedroom.

Well he is cute she thought and when it come to warm cum the more cocks the more cum. Get a grip girl their will be no more exceptions.

Now I've got two hours to drain their nut sacks dry I'd better get started. The boys were waiting for her in the bedroom. As she entered, she stripped of her shorts and t and stood their smiling, "Jamal the girls missed you come give them a hello suck but be sure to save one for Oscar." Both boys eagerly came up on both sides of her and started sucking like crazy.

She gave a soft moan as her nipples hardened they were sticking straight out. "Jill, would it be ok if we took your bra off?" "Of course honey I don't want cum stains on it so yes please lets get it off." The both boys stopped sucking, she reached behind her and unclasped the bra, it fell to the floor. While she was doing that both boys stripped down to their boxers.

Jamal led her over to the bed she laid down sideways, Jamal stood over her so his cock had easy access to her mouth and throat. She pulled his boxers down and the black beauty sprung out. She swallowed almost the whole thing. As she started to get a good sucking motion she felt Oscar's fingers ever so lightly tracing the outline of her pussy lips and clit through teen cali westbrook takes a facial in pov pornstars and nice ass silky panty material.

She gave a slight shudder as the sensation was incredible. If he kept that up for a little while longer she was going to cum in front of them. Jamal's cock was going all the way down her throat with his down stroke and she could tell he was getting ready. Suddenly fake butt sex toy seducing my stepfather felt an electric shock deep in her pussy, she started bucking her hips and moaning as she had a fantastic orgasm.

At that moment Jamal blasted a load of cum straight down her throat. She pushed his cock out almost to the tip but kept her lips clamped tight on him and continued sucking every drop of cum he was willing to give her. Finally after 7 large spurts of cum his cock stopped, she had swallowed a large amount but some had leaked out down her face and into her hair.

He removed his cock and Oscar cock was now in her throat. His cock was fatter then Jamal's so she stretch her mouth to accommodate his fatter cock. She once again felt fingers at her pussy and clit, the difference was Jamal was working on the clit; he had pulled the thong down far enough to have her bush and clit exposed.

With Oscars cock in her mouth all she could do was moan with delight and wiggle her hips. It wasn't too long before another orgasm was about to overtake her, just then Oscars cock exploded in her mouth, filling her mouth with warm cum in large amounts. His cum pouring into her throat caused her to have a violent orgasm, she was moaning loudly even with Oscars cock deep in her mouth.

As Oscars cock softened he slipped it out of her mouth, the boy's helper her sit upright. She had the look of a woman who had had a wonderful orgasm. Jamal looked at her pussy, "Jill could I fuck you?" She was still frankie asked amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes a daze from the blow jobs she had just given and the orgasms she had just had. "Honey I don't think we should try, not that I don't want too, but.

First Al, Brian and Adam will be home in 25 minutes, that's not enough time to enjoy ourselves. There is no way Oscar could ever hope to get any in that time and that wouldn't be fair to him. Let's wait and see if we can be alone for several hours, them perhaps." Jamal shook his head in agreement. "Now with only 25 minutes both of you get over her I'm going to jerk you off, tell me when you are about to cum so I can suck it out.

We need to go quickly as the other kids will be home soon. Both guys came twice more for her. As usual she was completely covered in cum. They left as Brian and Adam were walking to the front door.

She had put her t shirt on without her bra, she had at least grabbed a towel in an attempt to wipe their cum from her hair. "Hi guys hungry?" she yelled as they entered the house. Both boys responded yup! She had put her short back on but she realized she was a mess. "Brian where's Al?" "He stayed for football practice he'll be home by 6." "Ok I'm going to my bathroom for a while I'll be back in half hour, Adam if you need anything tell Brian." She headed off to her bathroom for a shower.

Al got home at 6 pm and two minutes later his father walked in. They all had dinner, the boys went to their rooms to do homework Cliff fell asleep in his easy chair. Thursday she got a text from Jamal could you use a large protein shake? She text-ed him back call me when you are able to talk. At 2 PM her phone rang it was Jamal. "Hi Jill what's up?" "My husband is going on a business trip Friday to LA, Al and Sexy milf nina elle gets ruined by gym buddy pornstars and hardcore are going to Cliff's parents because his grandfather isn't feeling well, his grandma need a few things done around the house.

It will be Adam and me from Friday till Monday." "That would be awesome but my parents are going out of town and taking me with them as I've got no place to stay." "You can stay her, have your mom call me I'll tell her its OK as now Al will have someone to spend the weekend with." "Great I'll have her call you later today, Jill by Friday night we're talking a quart of protein." "Oh yummy I can't wait." It was 4 o'clock and Al had just finished his shower from football practice when her phone rang.

It was Cleo, Jamal's mom saying she wanted to know if it was ok with her for him to stay with Al for the weekend while they were away. Jill assured her it was fine and she'd send him home by 5 PM so they could all have dinner together. Friday morning Al and Brian stayed home from school as Jill's mother in law picked them up at 11 for the three hour drive to their house. She jumped into the car and headed for the mall, Victoria's was her only stop.

She browsed for about 20 minutes until she found the right outfits.

One was a pink half bra with pink boy shorts and black stockings. The other outfit was a white lace thong that didn't even completely cover her bush and white lace stockings, that was it. She got home at 3:15 and her phone was ringing. "Hello, oh hi Sarah, no I forgot it was Lou's birthday. Sure Adam can stay with you guys tonight. Ok then you'll bring him home Saturday at 10, good have a nice time.

Things had worked out better then she had planned, she took a nice hot bubble bath. Which out fit will I wear when he arrives?

I wonder if he's bringing Oscar. They really want to fuck me but I'm not sure, well after several blow jobs we'll see. At 5 she came down stairs she had chosen the horny teen floozy kate gets screwed hard outfit with black heels, she had her robe on and opened a bottle of wine to relax. At 7 her cell rang, can we come over?

She sent a text back YES!

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At 7:25 she heard a knock on the back door; she opened it and in walked Jamal and Oscar. "Hi guys you look great. Come in let's go in the den and relax. "Jamal looked around the kitchen "Everyone gone?" "The only ones here are the three of us." "Well let's go down stairs and get comfortable." "If it's ok with you I thought we could go to my room and get comfortable.

With that she took off her robe, both boys stopped and ogled her. "Wow Jill you look fucken hot." "Thank you Jamal I was hoping you'd like it. By the bulges I'm seeing this outfit is a definite keeper. Let's go to my room." Once in the bedroom she sat on the edge of the bed. "Come over here and sit guys the girls are feeling neglected." The guys sat down on either side of her.

"Jill let's get this bra off." As her bra came off her tits flopped out, her nipples were already rock hard. Both guys started sucking her nipples, she was moaning softly, Jamal put his hand in her panties, he gently started rubbing her clit she pushed her mound up to meet his hand.

"Jill I really want to fuck you." "I know baby and I want your cock in their but I'm concerned." "What are you concerned about?" "I may like it too much and leave my husband for you." He was looking deep into her eyes he never stopped rubbing her clit. Slowly he removed her panties, she looked up at him, nadia ali sex stories xxx sex story chut put her arms around his neck as he rolled over on her.

She felt the tip of his cock gently press the lips of her pussy. A little more pressure and the head slipped in. She moaned as she now felt it inside her, it was larger then any cock she had ever had. The deeper he went in the more stretched she felt. Her pussy walls were already contracting on his cock which was wonderful for both of them. He was working a slow rhythm of in and out until with one last push he went past her cervix.

That last push caused her to have a large orgasm. She started moaning, crying and making animal noises. She was wiggling her ass big tit brunette enjoys teasing cocks bigtits fetish small circles to increase the pleasure to her pussy and his cock. She felt him plunge deep and stiffen, she screamed "fuck my pussy baby it needs your cum please fuck me." As another orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightening she felt a blast of hot liquid at the bottom of her pussy.

This caused her to have yet another long hot orgasm. His cock spewed cum deep into her fertile womb, it felt wonderful. It seemed like he came for 30 seconds and pumped a quart of cum in her. They both lay their catching their breath. Looking into his eyes she told him "honey that was by far the best fuck I've ever had in my life." He smiled a broad smile and rolled off.

Oscar got between her legs as he positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy s large glob of cum pushed out. Oscar picked it up with three fingers and put it in her mouth.

"Oh my, that is so yummy." He drove his cock into her she looked into his eyes "is it tight babe? Does it feel good? I'm sorry about sloppy seconds but I'll do my best to give you a great fuck. Ten minutes later she was screaming with passion as he unloaded deep in her pussy.

At midnight Oscar got dressed and went home, Jill and Jamal headed back to her bedroom. Once in bed she gave him a wicked grin. "I've been saving this for you and now you're going to get it." "I'm going to get what?" "My ass that's what!" "Wow I never would have thought you like your ass fucked." "I haven't had it done in a very long time but if you want it it's yours, if you don't I'll understand." "Shit no I want it." "Good because I've only been fucked their once so I'm hoping you will get me stretched to a point where we can do it on a regular basis." Five minutes later with his cock balls deep in her ass they were both growling animal sounds, she felt him stiffen japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub go deep.

Cum flooded out of his cock into her bowels. He rolled off exhausted.

She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, in a moment she returned with a wet hot wash rage and cleaned his cock and ball clean. She used her hair to wipe him dry. "Is your nut sack empty baby?" "It sure is and all my cum is in you." "I know I'm very happy to be able to get every drop. Would like me to suck you off?" "No lets get some sleep as tomorrow morning I want to fuck your brains out before breakfast." She fell asleep holding his cock in her hand.

At 7 she was awaken by her tits being sucked on, Jamal wasted no time in mounting her. "Babe be careful and go slow last night after we feel asleep I oozed cum all night I feel like I'm glued hot madam sex aunty storys download got just the tool to get her unstuck." She spread wide, his cock slipped in; it felt like a perfect fit.

Her pussy was becoming accustomed to the size of his cock.

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They got a rhythm going; she pushed her pubic mound up with his every down stroke. She was moaning softly, he knew she was getting off on it as he felt her cream on his cock twice. She was working herself into a sexual frenzy, she was climaxing every minute or so. He just kept pumping her pussy. Finally he looked into her eyes, "who's your daddy babe?" She grabbed him closed and shuddered as yet another orgasm shook her.

He pushed deep and blasted cum deep into her womb. After almost a half hour of lying in bed she got up and looked at herself. "Jesus theirs cum everywhere I'm covered in it. My pussy is leaking like a facet." "I really like the look Jill, can I have some pictures?" "Why not, you help make the mess," she laughed. After about a dozen pictures she announced she was going to take a shower and make breakfast he should use the shower in the hall.

Jill was in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, busty teen in the pool big tits pussy felt better then it had in years.

She had a small burning in her ass but with enough cock in it on a regular basis it would be fine. Jill you had better think about this, the boys will all be home Monday and so will your husband. Jamal petite juvenile vixen rides old dong oldvsyoung and hardcore in the kitchen in his boxers, he kissed her on the lips, "babe who's pussy is that?" She gave him a seductive look, "it's your pussy honey, for the next day please use it as often as you want." He sat at the table, "Jamal Adam will be home soon we'll tell him you stopped by to see Al and I asked you if you wanted breakfast." "I'll do it." "Later I want you to call Al and tell him your mom and dad went out and will be back very late, you didn't realize he was away.

They didn't leave anything cooked for you. He'll hopefully tell you to call me and ask if I'll feed you." Adam came into the kitchen, "Hi mom we got any pop tarts?" "Yes honey I'll get you a couple." "Mom I'm going downstairs to play wii OK?" "Yes dear that's fine just close the door the noise gives me a headache." Taking his two pop tarts he headed for the basement, as he headed down he turned, "oh hi Jamal." The door closed behind him. "Jamal I have a question for you." "What is it Jill?" "How would you feel about being the only one to use my pussy and ass hole?" "That would be great; it would be better then great except what about Cliff?" "Fuck Cliff if he's not comfortable with it he can leave." "Are you sure about this?" "Look babe from my perspective your cock is the perfect fit for my pussy and ass.

I want to be stretched so when your cock head pushed past my lips my pussy fits you like a tight glove. In order to do that the only cock in there should be yours." Jamal sat for a moment before he spoke, "Ok but what about the blow jobs?" "If you're ok with it I'll keep doing it as you know I'm addicted to cum. But no more additional guy's, and no more pictures except for you." "I want pictures of your pussy leaking." "I'm fine with that as long as no one not even Al ever sees them, if he does you can jerk off for the rest of your life." She had a wicked smile on her face.

"Now I'd like to thank you for the fuck I got this morning, tonight after dinner I'll put Adam to bed and I've got a different outfit you will hopefully like." "Sounds great babe now I've got a couple of things to do so I'll get dressed and see you about 5:30." At 5:45 she had dinner almost ready, Jamal knocked on the back door and walked in.

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Adam was seated at the table. Jill looked stunning a cut off t way to tight and blue short shorts. "Hi everyone what up?" Adam looked at him "we're having pasta and meatballs it's almost ready so sit down I'm hungry." They ate and talked about what they did that day. Dinner over Adam went to his room to watch TV. Jill places the dishes in the dishwasher, refilled her wine glass and gave Jamal a sly look. "I'm going to my room to change; Adam will be in bed by 9 so go watch TV till I call you." Jamal was watching TV when Jill entered the room at 9:15.

She was wearing a white very small lace thong which didn't come close to covering her bush it almost didn't cover her clit. White mesh stockings and white heels. Her large breasts were completely exposed. "Wow Jill you look fantastic." "Thank you sir I was hoping it would turn you on." "You'll look even better with cum all over you." She gave him a seductive smile "care to join me in my room?" No sooner had the door closed and Jamal pushed her on the bed "Could I interest you in a very hard seven inch cock?" "I think that would be wonderful." She wiggled her ass as he drove his cock deep into her she was moaning like an animal, his cock felt wonderful.

He stiffened and shot cum in her womb, his cock didn't get soft and he kept fucking her. After another five orgasms she was coming up on number ebony hottie bangs bfs big cock bro when she felf him stiffen. Her pussy was gripping tightly to his cock so she thrust her pubic mound up to accept all the cock he had.

She felt a burst of warm cum deep in her as she exploded into a raging orgasm. She whimpered softly for a full minute.

"Jill are you ok?" "Baby I couldn't be any better, thank you." After several more sexual experiences which included two involving her ass they both fell asleep.