The superlatively good fuck of his life

The superlatively good fuck of his life
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A MORAL DILEMMA PART 2 To get with the flow of this story (Plus other flows) you should read part 1 first. I hope you enjoy? After my gorgeous 16 year old niece Kim standing stark naked in front of me, and after sucking on my very hard 9 inch cock practically begging me to take her to her to my bed and to teach her all about sex, and shove my big hard cock mather daughter and son fuck together her taking her virginity what could I say?

After not having any sex for 2 years apart from self induced orgasm's whilst fantasising over some of Kim's teenage friends especially her 16 year old best friend Linda who had the most amazing pair of melon sized tits, there was only one thing I could say.

"Of course sweetheart it would give me great pleasure, and hopefully you even more so?

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to take you to my bed and teach you what I can about sex." "Oh! Thank you uncle" said Kim throwing her arms around my neck throwing her naked body up into my open arms and wrapping her legs around my waist and lowering herself down astride my lp officer drilling raven reigns pussy from behind hard on, with my cock coming to rest between her bum cheeks, that I supported for the 2nd time in 2 days.

As she embraced me we kissed each other very passionately our tongues' entwining, and Kim pressed her small but very firm breasts against me and I could feel her very long hard nipples trying to drill 2 holes in my naked chest.

After a very long kiss we both came up for air, and Kim said, "This feels amazing with you hard cock between my bum cheeks, do you think you can carry me to your bed like this?" Being very fit from regular workouts in my gym, plus the fact that Kim was so petite, I replied, "Of course I can, it will be a pleasure and proceeded to walk towards the stairs, as I walked Kim kept letting out small moans as with each couple of steps the backward and forward motion of her pussy on my cock length was causing her pussy to drip her love juice all over my cock.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs I removed my right hand from her bum cheek still supporting her quite easily with the other hand, I placed my right hand between our bodies to gather as much of this slippery fluid as I could on my fingers, and then replaced it on her bum cheek, gradually I slipped my middle finger between her bum cheeks until I came to rest against the starfish of her bum, because of the slipperiness it just required a little pressure for it to slip inside her very tight hole as far as the first knuckle.

Kim let out a little moan and said, "Oh!

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That feels so asi la montamos gorda brunoymaria follando en publico I've never had anything inside my bum before." I started walking up the stairs, and with every step Kim lowered herself a little more onto my finger, so that by the time we reached the landing my finger was buried deep inside her tight arse, as we walked to my room Kim was riding up and down on my finger, the effect of which was to cause her to release even more of her juices all over my cock and balls.

When I reached my room I lowered her gently onto the bed, still keeping my finger buried in her arse. We came together for a passionate kiss our tongues entwining once more, during this kiss I began pumping my finger in and out of her arse which was becoming looser, helped by the juices flowing from her pussy some of which was fining it's way inside her bum hole.

We broke of the kiss and I kissed my way down to her very perky tits and began sucking on each of her engorged nipples in turn, and what with the sensations my finger were giving her was causing her to moan and groan with pleasure.

I then decided to introduce a second finger into the equation, as I pulled my middle busty indian girl roshni with mature customer almost out of her slippery arsehole I placed my slippery index finger alongside it and began to slip them both into her still very tight bum hole.

I felt her tense up at this added intrusion into her most sacred orifice, to take her mind off this I bit quite firmly on her right nipple, which caused huge boobs festival bitch gives up her ass for a ride pornstars brunette to squeal out in pain, but also to groan out in pleasure, and before she realised it, my 2 fingers were buried deep within her arse, which was clenching on them to ensure they stayed there.

I then kissed my way down her body, bypassing her pussy until I reached her left ankle and then kissed my way up her right leg which by now was spread as far apart from its partner as was possible. I eventually reached the base of my 2 fingers that were buried stationary deep in her arse to their fullest extent. I then run my tongue up the full length of her slit until I reached her clit, which by now, from all the attention she was receiving, had emerged from its hooded cover. I gave her a couple of flicks on her clit with my tongue which caused her to shudder with extreme pleasure, and then I changed tack and moved my tongue down until it was at the centre of her pussy hole and slipped it inside her very tight virgin pussy and began tongue fucking her so deep until I could feel the membrane that was protecting her virgin cunt, as I was doing this I began pumping my 2 fingers in and out of her once virgin arsehole until she began exuding her pussy juices into my waiting mouth, which I used to drink every drop of her precious nectar.

After about 10 minutes of this she had cum at least 3 times and I pulled my fingers from her arse and moved my body upwards until I was able to kiss her very passionately, and to give her the taste of her own juices. We both lay there for a few minutes recovering our breath, and then Kim said, "Oh! Uncle, you have made me feel better than I could ever have imagined, are you going to fuck me now with your big hard cock and make me a woman?" "Oh!

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No sweetheart there is one more lesson in the art of lovemaking before that happens." "What lesson is that my darling uncle? Does it involve you using my once virgin arsehole again? Even though I was very scared when you first touched me there, once I got used to it, it gave me so much pleasure." I'm so glad you enjoyed my anal stimulation sweetheart, because in lesson number 4 my cock will take the place of my fingers." "Oh! No uncle, I don't think my tight bum will be able take your very large cock" "Don't worry so much, sweetheart, trust me?

I promise you that it will fit." That's easy for you to say it's not your bum that's going to be invaded." "Well sweetheart, you would be surprised, even some straight heterosexual men enjoy having their bum holes invaded during lovemaking" "Even you uncle?" "No I can't say that I've had that pleasure." I said wincing at the thought of anything inside my own arsehole.

"What is lesson number 2? As I just can't wait to get to injured granny is healed by young dick number 3 and lose my virginity?" Patience my little one, lesson number 2 is Soixante Neuf." "That sound French, which I skipped in favour of learning German." "Yes it is French which, translated into German is Sechzig Neun" As her mind translated this Kim visibly blushed as she said, "That's 69 which Linda say's is a wonderful experience when done properly, especially by an older man who knows what he is doing." "Is that so, and pray tell me what does your best friend Linda know about sex with an older man?" Ah!

That's a long story that I will tell you about sometime, so can we please proceed with lesson number 2 as my pussy is dripping with excitement?" So we got into the 69 position and ignoring her clit I proceeded to lick Kim from the top of her slit to her starfish which due to my fingers stimulation had opened up like a flower so I was easily able to slip my tongue inside her arse, which I could tell Kim was enjoying very much by her moaning and increasing vigour of her sucking my cock into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this I returned my attention to her pussy, concentrating on her clit which was protruding like a little penis, as I began sucking and chewing on her clit, Kim was writhing around with pleasure, but still continued to suck long and hard on my cock, and because of the angle she was at, she even managed to deep throat me taking all of my 9 inch cock inside her mouth until my balls were touching her chin.

The feeling was amazing, never before had anyone managed to swallow all my cock, and here was this petite 16 year old girl achieving just that. Meanwhile I had inserted 2 of my fingers into the arsehole vacated by my tongue, and was pumping them in and out whilst alternating between sucking and chewing her clit and lapping up her juices which were increasing as she was building up to her climax.

Suddenly Kim's mouth left my cock for a few moments but then returned, I did not have time to wonder why because a moment later I felt her hand go between my legs and I realised that she had been wetting her finger or fingers.

My arsehole was tensing in fear and apprehension, I then felt the tip of her finger probing against the resistance that it was getting, but Kim was very determined and increased the pressure until her finger slipped all the way inside my tight arsehole and she began to pump it in and out in time with my 2 fingers in her own arse. Once I had got used to this intrusion of my hole, the feeling was fantastic, and after a few moments a second finger began to join its partner inside my arse resisted even more, but to no avail as Kim was even more determined to ensure that my arse was going to get the same treatment her own arse was getting.

Very soon both her fingers were pumping in unison with mine, and what with our mutual oral stimulations, I knew that we would soon be reaching our orgasms, and I was determined to bring her off first so that whilst she was in the throes of her climax I could fill her mouth with my hot cum.

Just as I was thinking this Kim did something that changed all that, whether by accident or design Kim bent her fingers inside my arse and pressed against my prostate gland giving me the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced in my life and I could feel my balls tighten up and my spunk coursing through my cock and erupting into Kim's wet and willing mouth, this in turn caused Kim to have a massive orgasm filling my mouth with her juices.

After lying there exhausted for a few minutes Kim rolled off me and turned around and snuggled up to me. "That was the most fantastic experience I have ever had, I have never cum so much before, and I can't wait for lesson number 3, where you rip my hymen to pieces with your big fat cock, but I'm still not too sure about lesson number 4 with your big fat cock being stuffed inside my little bum hole" "I told you sweetheart don't worry, it will fit, I promise you." "Well if it hurts too much, I might just borrow Linda's Dildo and shove it up your arse, to adorable girl receives hardcore slit plowing russian and blowjob if it fits," said Kim laughing.

"Now when are we going to begin lesson number 3? "Be patient little one, we will begin after lunch and when we have relaxed by the pool for a couple of hours, as I'm afraid Hd pornpros sexy teen is ready for some har am not as young as I was, and I need to recharge my batteries, in order to make your fist time an occasion to remember with pleasure, unlike most girls your age whose first time is not anything like how they thought it would be, but rest assured you will be turned into a woman today, when I will rip your hymen to pieces as you so desire." End of Part 2