Double penetration anal sex student hardcore and big tits

Double penetration anal sex student hardcore and big tits
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An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd, beast, orgy) *** Part Twelve Chapter Fifty Five ------------------ The time went by fast, Harry made love to her then took a shower, they lay on the bed and talked and made love again. When she came in to clean him he was dead asleep. She turned out the light and went to the kitchen, she was busy setting up breakfast and planning dinner for tomorrow night when Jimmy came home.

When he entered she was surprised to see David with him. They wanted something to drink and sat at the counter with a cola talking in whispers to not wake Harry up. Julie was making meat balls with onions bits rolled in them for the dinner Saturday night, they watched her as they talked.

Julie had on her short robe and it would work it way open down the middle but she didn't think it really mattered as they had seen everything any way! But she didn't realize how horny young boys were. Jimmy came around behind his mother and pressed against her ass as he reached around her and pulled the robe completely open exposing her breasts and body to David. Julie's hands were greasy from hamburger meat and there older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles much she could do except gasp and look at David's lusting eyes.

"Baby, what are you doing!? Your father could come out in a second. Stop it baby, oh god don't, don't, please." "You're hot as a firecracker, Mom. You need a cock in you!

David and I are horny and got just what you need. Wash your hands and let me get you naked, look at those nipples David, if I thumped them they would ring like a bell they are so hard." "No, baby please, don't do it. I'll wear the chain for you, you can pinch them and squeeze them, it hurts so bad when you thump them. No! Please don't, ooohh, Please don't, it's going to hurt, oh baby, gag me, don't let your father hear us." "Tell us you want it, you want me to do one and David to do one.

Then we will double impale you and take you to heaven." "No baby, I don't want it, it will hurt. I don't like pain! You can take me and fuck me! But don't make me ask you to hurt me." "But you will beg for it to be double fucked, wouldn't you? Ask and we will take you to the car so you will feel safe." "David help me." David slid off the stool and came around the counter, he leaned in and kissed Julie's lips tenderly and stoked along her slit with his fingertip.

She moaned for she knew she was lost now, Jimmy was gently rubbing both nipples and pressing his cock against her ass and now David was joining in. When he pulled away from her open mouth she looked him in the eyes and then turned her head to look at Jimmy.

"Please take me to the car. But let me finish here and get it in the refrigerator first, then you can do what ever you want." "You will ask to have your nipples thumped?" "Yes, I will ask.

And then you can do anything you want." Jimmy and David moved away from her and watched as she began to roll out the remaining meatballs, her breasts and body completely exposed to their watching eyes.

As soon as she finished they placed them in the refrigerator and as she washed her hands they waited. Removing the robe Julie stood naked before them and held out her hands. They led her to the garage and out side to David's car being care full not to make the light come on.

Julie was placed in the back seat and both boys got in, one on each side, struggling to get undressed. Naked and crowded together in the back seat they began to explore her body with lips, tongues and hands. She sat between them holding a stiff cock in each hand, feeling their passion rise along with her own. She felt them jerk in her hand, she was trembling all over with two fingers inside her cunt, a mouth sucking one nipple and a hand massaging the other, a tongue in her mouth and the last hand roaming where ever it could reach.

Finally she gave in and pulled her mouth away from the tongue and panting with desire she spoke the words she had to say.

"Thump my nipples and make them hurt, thump them hard and as much as you want to." She closed her eyes and leaned back on the seat arching her back to make her nipples protrude offering them to her two lovers. She felt them moving around to get a good vantage point and all contact was broken.

Then the right nipple exploded and she shook all over as the pain rocketed through her, the left nipple was hit also immediately and she rolled her head on the seat moaning as low as she could.

As the pain and shock diminished she became still and each nipple was kissed tenderly. Then a voice said, "more?", she waited a few seconds and arched her back. Both were thumped at the same time and she cried out loudly at the double pain. As she squirmed and wiggled, she was suddenly pulled until she was lying on her back with David kneeling over her and his cock entering her mouth as Jimmy was wrapping her legs around his body and inserting his cock in her cunt.

Julie came within two minutes, grunting as she labored on the two cocks stuffing her. She settled down and began to enjoy her double fuck working onto Jimmy' s cock with her cunt and loving David's with her mouth.

But she didn't get much time to relax as her nipples were thumped again and it continued until she gushed all over Jimmy's cock. Then she was being moved, turned over and pulled to her knees as David scrambled under her and she settled on his long cock with her wet cunt whimpering as she felt it sliding against the womb. She only got to move twice to position herself before Jimmy had entered her ass with his cum slick cock, her busty milf boss fucks big geek cockangel wicky 02 story 09. Julie was fast losing all control, she had forgot they were out side in a car, she was moaning loudly and the windows were down.

Jimmy reached around her and placed his hand over her mouth, she kissed his palm and licked it hunching onto the two cocks embedded in her. David rubbed her nipple from below and then thumped it hard following with a hard thump to the other. Julie heard some one saying, "fuck me it's so good, hurt my nipples and make me cum, fuck me all night long "! It was cramped in the car and hot from all the heat of three hard working bodies but all three were enjoying it and it went on for a long time.

Once a police car went by with the spot light checking for robbers and other signs of disturbance and they lay quiet until it was gone and then began again. Julie lost track of how many climaxes she had before she was rewarded with hot cum in her cunt and her ass.

She lay impaled by two cocks wondering how they would get out of the car without making a big mess. Her nipples still throbbed, but she loved it, it was like a badge of honor, a constant reminder that she had just been well fucked. She used Jimmy's bathroom to clean up so as not to wake Harry. She couldn't find her robe and realized they had hid it from her!

She smiled and asked where they had put it and got a 'haven't seen it' answer. She sat down at the counter but then was at their mercy as they turned the stool around and with one on each side she just closed her eyes and let them possess her body. She ended up on the carpet in the living room lying flat and spread out. Her lips were bruised from being kissed and every orifice was probed many times.

Her nipples stuck straight out from her breasts, throbbing from being sucked and babe works the first time with two dicks and from anticipation of continued action.

Each took turns to lay at her head with one leg under her neck and back with his cock in her sucking mouth as she held the other leg against her breasts to let her suck slowly until being filled with his pungent sperm.

David went home, Jimmy helped her up and got her to bed when he was finished. She was asleep before her head settled on the pillow. Saturday came and went fast, Harry went to the shop and met with Mr. Grey along with Heather. He came home excited, they had decided to open a shop where they were working, a partnership, rent a building and see how much business they would have before buying a place.

Heather would be office manager and report to Harry. Jimmy went to help David clean up the yard and house next door as it was going on the market soon. They planned to go visit their girlfriends after dinner. Julie lay in the sun for an hour then cleaned the living room until Harry got home. There were some spots on the carpet that had to be gotten up. They went to a steakhouse that had a buffet and all the steak you could eat, Julie saw two teachers there and they waved at her, one of them was facing her and she read her lips as she said to her husband, get your eyes back in your head she's been roped and branded.

A little TV, just the three of them, like it used to be, then it was time for bed. Harry made love slowly to her and talked about the partnership, not very romantic, but it didn't seem to effect his hard on! When they were finished he went to get a beer from the refrigerator, returning, she was sitting at the vanity brushing her hair, he leaned on the counter by her and gave her a swallow.

"Sweetheart, will you be ok here alone? I know you aren't afraid, you are never afraid like some women are! But will you be lonely?" "I'll be fine baby.

Don't worry about me. If I get lonely I can call up Emily or Sarah, they have both made me promise to call them. So if you call and the lines busy you will know it's us gossiping." "Ok, just call if you need to talk. Or anything. Ok? Jimmy said he has asked David to come by and check on you to see if anything needs to be done. He will take care of you." Julie smiled and patted his leg. She wondered how much he knew. Did he know how much David intended ' to care' for her?

She couldn't be sure anymore since she got blind sided by the balls. But she wasn't going to worry about it. "I wasn't sleepy but another beer will make me get that way. I'm going to get another and lie down, when you finish, after you go to Jimmy's room, don't set the clock and don't prepare breakfast.

We can grab something out, coffee is all we need. Gimme a kiss!" "Baby, I forgot he was here. Does he expect me to come to his room tonight?" "Of course. He will be gone all week, and he was dating last night so he will be rampart for you, have fun!" As he walked away she wanted to say, and I'm just suppose to know that by instinct, right?

But kept her mouth shut and her thoughts to herself. She brushed some more, brushed her teeth, checked her self said to hell with lipstick and eyeshadow. As she walked to the bedroom door, Harry said goodnight baby, she turned and went to the bed and kissed him, he smelled like beer.

She whispered, " are you sure you want me to do this?" He whispered back yes, and it will be the last time for a week for both of you, so give it your best.

Julie shut the door as she left and turned out the light in the kitchen after checking the coffee pot, Jimmy had already prepared it for morning. She went to his bedroom in the dark, hearing the soft music she opened the door shutting it behind herself.

Approaching the bed she watched his eyes as he watched her body coming to him. She also noticed the erect cock jutting from his loins, he was naked and ready. Julie sat on the side of the bed and placed her hand on his chest stroking it lightly with her finger tips and nails, her other hand closed around his cock to hold it with slight pressure.

A smile ran across his face and a look of contentment slowly crept over it. "I wasn't sure you would come tonight, Mom." "I wasn't sure if I should, our schedule has got messed up again. Your father sent me, he wants you to be happy." As she stroked with both hands he massaged her breasts and tweaked the nipples. She smiled at him but she was thinking how strange it was, to normal ways of thinking, that a man would send his wife to fuck their son.

And that she would go willingly! But her life had been strange, always! She had always been sent to do things with someone, to make them happy, to get money, because they wanted her, any reason was enough. And somehow they knew, mother, father, husband, son, that she would do it.

All it took was a little pervasion, a little stroking and she would do it. Her thoughts were interrupted.

"Put your warm sweet lips around the head and give it a tongue bath." Without hesitation Julie lowed her head and did as he instructed, she moved as he tugged her until her cunt was available to his hand and sighed as he slid two fingers inside her.

She didn't really feel horny or the need to be fucked, it was just so pleasant to be stroked, probed, massaged, that she always wanted it. "That's so good Mom. I'm going to give you just a taste of precum and then I want you to straddle me and rock on my cock slowly for a long time." It didn't take long before she tasted the precum on her tongue and she pulled off the head and looked as she squeezed the hard cock.

A drop formed on the head in the little slit and she licked it off while looking at him watching her. She didn't get anymore so she rose up requiring him to remove his fingers and straddled his hips sliding down on the cock until she was sitting flat on him.

She just sat there, both of them soaking up the feeling of cock fully embedded in cunt, hot cock, hot cunt. She sighed and began to slowly rock her hips and he groaned, she smiled she was in charge now. Julie was content to just slowly fuck herself on her son's cock, but he played with her breasts and pinched her nipples, actually slapping the sides of them with his hands making them sting and raising her level of desire.

She got a little faster and raised up, he pulled her down to his lips by her breasts and held her squeezing them hard. She whimpered as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. He was rising up and stuffing a pillow under his butt to get her higher. Suddenly Julie felt hands on her ass moving to her hips and the bed swayed as someone crawled to her ass!

She hoped it was Harry. God how horny it made her feel to not who was going to fuck her asshole. She felt a slick finger touch her and slide in and she froze moaning loudly. "Not so loud Mom. Don't wake Dad up!" Julie whimpered and shook her head no wildly. She tried to look back but he held her head and she moaned as the finger worked back and forth greasing her for a cock.

The finger was removed and wiped in her crack, her hair was grabbed and her head pulled up. Immediately a cloth was slipped over her eyes and she was released but now couldn't see anything. Semi china sex stories durasi panjang released her breasts and held her wrists as he began to fuck into her now. At the same time she felt the cockhead behind her touch her asshole and slide in causing her to finch with the pain of entrance but only briefly.

She was instantly aware that it wasn't David. The cock head was not as big as his and it didn't decrease in size pass the head. It was about the same size as Harry and went in smoothly like it had been in there before and knew the way. "Oh god, Harry, that so good. Do it slow and let me enjoy it a long time." "How did you know it was me?" "Who else would be in the house and know my ass so well? And the minute your cock touched me I knew who it was, remember I have felt it a few times before." "Can't fool her, son.

She knows us to well. Since the surprise is gone we can stop if you want, baby. But it sure is feeling good." "Oh yeah, it's way to good to stop now. You've got it balls deep in my ass and Jimmy's the same in my cunt plus you got me hot with that little trick daughter incest creampie impregnation uncensored I think you should finish what you started." "Ok, give it all you got son.

Come on, cunt, work with us!" Harry slapped Julie's butt hard as he started ramming in her ass and Jimmy plunging up into her cunt. The butt slap stung and was followed by more on both cheeks. She whimpered and tried to move with them but it was impossible so she just wiggled and twisted. She cried out when Jimmy thumped her nipples and he continued to do each one occasionally slapping the side of her breasts.

"Oh, you're hurting me, don't whip me anymore. Oh god no! NO! NO!" Julie gasped as she began to cum, she was ashamed to let them see her coming from being whipped and abused, making a lie of her protests. They would know she might say stop but she wasn't really meaning it, they could make her cum and whimper with lust as they whipped her.

She couldn't rationalize that, even to herself. But they knew now as she twisted on their cocks and wet them, her ass squeezing Harry's cock so hard it hurt. Suddenly Jimmy erupted into her cunt with hot cum making her cum extend itself in time.

Harry watched his straining wife as she came on her son's cock with her breasts swaying and the nipples raking his chest as she engulfed his tongue in her mouth. And he felt her clutching ass squeezing his cock and knew she wanted a load of hot cum in her asshole. He was going to give it to her in just a few seconds. Julie was completely wiped out.

She felt Jimmy crawling out from under her, leaving her on her hands and knees with Harry's cock sliding in and out of her ass and all she had energy for was to whimper in pleasure. When he whispered, "Here it comes baby," and filled her ass she moaned feeling her cunt convulse with each hot spurt in her bowel. Slowly they sank to the bed, Harry keeping his cock buried in her ass, and lay still with him kissed her back and neck. She was startled when he whispered to her.

"David will never be that good baby. Enjoy him but remember where your needs can be met." He kissed her cheek and eased out of her ass. Leaving her lying naked, fresh fucked, and tired out on Jimmy's bed. Julie woke up some time later, she still lay on her stomach, she ached all over needing to move but not sure where she was.

It was pitch black, not a speck of light anywhere which was strange as you always got a glow from the street light but not tonight. She heard a noise sounding like a car passing on the street, she moved her head and felt the cloth over her face. She removed the blindfold and now could see, she rolled over and looked at the mess on the towel she had been laying on.

It had been put there by someone but it had soaked through onto the spread and sheets. She realized it was morning, the clock registered eight o'clock. She got up and started to the bathroom.

Both Harry and Jimmy were in the bed in the master bedroom, but Jimmy opened his eyes when she came passing through. She hurried into the bathroom shutting the door and didn't come out until she was finished, showered, and makeup applied. Both of them were up and reading the sports pages.

She got some coffee and sat at the counter, uncertainly, she needed to talk to Harry but dreaded to. "Well, Jimmy and I have to go to the shop and get some parts and take them to the truck. Let's go eat breakfast first, every body get dressed. I'm hungry!" Julie drank her coffee and got a little more and went to get dressed.

She was disturbed but he acted like nothing had happened or it was no big deal. The morning went that way, she fixed lunch while they got the parts. They planned on eating at three, Jimmy wanted Tammy to eat with them and when he called she came right over, it was only twelve thirty!

Julie tried to get Harry away from them for a minute and when she did and asked him about his comment he just looked at her and said don't worry with it.

You know how I feel about it. I've been trying to get you for months to take a lover and you won't so Jimmy was the next best choice. And he got David for you with my ok. So you are to let him sleep with you just like you would us. Every night if he can. All night, as often as he can.

As Julie looked at him in amazement, he smiled and took her in his arms telling her he loved her and wanted her happy. They were in the kitchen, Jimmy yelled at them to go to their room if they couldn't behave. Tammy told him to hush, they're in love.

Julie and Tammy worked together fixing lunch at two thirty, Jimmy was getting his stuff packed, like all men he waited until the last minute. Tammy whispered to Julie, thank you. "For what, Tammy." "You told me I wouldn't lose him at the baseball camp and he came back eager to see me!" "No thanks necessary, you can't make relationships happen, they either happen or don't.

Just relax and go with the flow. You are a lovely girl, you have a lot to offer life." "You are so wonderful, I wish I was like you. I wish my breasts were like yours'. Is there anything I can eat or rub on them to make them big and firm like yours'?

Boys like big breasts, they watch you all the time and get red in the face. I want to be like that for Jimmy." "But then boys would be looking at you and it gets embarrassing sometimes. Plus it could make him mad if they hang around with their tongues out." "I would wear a pull over that said, these belong to Jimmy, look but don't touch." "Girl you are impossible!" "I can't help it. I would do anything for him!" Julie thought to herself that Tammy just didn't realize how much that might cost her.

When they ate and the guys got ready with everything in the garage all they could do was sit and talk as they waited for Heather. Soon they were gone. Julie realized that Tammy didn't want to go home immediately so she asked her if she wanted to stay for a while or they could ride and window shop. They decided to window shop and she called her mother. Julie got home about seven PM it had been fun. She started cleaning the bed linens that were piled in the laundry room.

Connie called and asked if she wanted to go to a movie with them she said no thanks she needed to clean house. She was told that David would be there about nine thirty or ten. She didn't have time to answer before she hung up. It wouldn't have done any good unless she could talk to David, he was the only one she could reason with. She took a shower at nine, for tomorrow she said, drank up all the coffee, it wasn't strong enough. At nine thirty she was getting nervous and didn't understand why.

When he got there she was suddenly alright. She asked did he know the secret to making good strong coffee and he said yeah and went to make some for her. He only made half a pot enough for tonight. She still didn't see any thing different from the way she did it. But when he poured her some and cooled it for her she immediately felt better. Soon they were sitting on the couch chatting, he wasn't making any moves on her so she turned to lay across his body propped on the arm side and his hand went to her breast to rub.

She gave him a minute to check it with his hand out side her shirt, then she opened the buttons pulling it away from her tits and smiled as he cupped them moving from one to the other. He needed no other encouragement and soon she was disrobed and lying on the couch with his tongue in her mouth, his hand on her breasts pinching nipples and his long hard cock in her cunt. She milked his cock quickly and started getting him ready for more using her body as a stimulant for his cock.

A young boy, he had no great trouble rising to the occasion again. A brief time of oral loving and they were joined at the hips again. They relaxed after that, with all the lights off they lie around or sit and talked, naked, touching, mouth over cock, lips against lips, finger in ass, tongue in cunt. Julie lay flat on the floor and he licked her from her toes to her forehead, he found some ticklish spots that made them both laugh, and some spots that were so sensual they bought tears to her eyes.

When he rolled her over and licked up her back she shuddered so hard he thought she was in pain. But when his tongue touched her asshole it was hot and she begged him to fuck her hard in the ass. Julie got a towel, sucked him to get it to full hardness and got down in front of him, looked over her engulfing a hard cock for specie hardcore and european telling him to fuck her hot ass as long as he could.

He plowed into her without any lubricate making her moan and beg for more, David fucked the beautiful ass before him for almost an hour before he pumped her full of cum. Julie didn't have any to give back to him as she had used it all earlier. They went to bed naked, wrapped around each other.

Julie woke once and he was sucking her nipples, she played with his cock and they went back to sleep with it deep in her cunt. The next time she woke he romi rain and tyler nixon turning her onto her stomach and spreading her legs.

He tongued her ass and cunt until she cried silently in the pillow knowing what he wanted and knowing what she wanted but enjoying it to much to stop it. But finally she gave in, they would never get any sleep. "David?" "Yes." "Please put your cock in my ass, fuck me a little and let's sleep like that." He did. But the little got longer and longer, Julie went to sleep but she never knew if he stopped or fucked her ass all night.

When she woke up the next morning the cock was sliding in and out very slowly. "David, baby." "Yes sweetheart." "Did you sleep at all last night?" "Yes a little, you are to good to sleep.

Are you ok?" "I think so, a little sore in spots. My god, that feels good. Your cock is so good in my ass. Can you cum for me baby can you fill me with some hot cum?" "I think so, can we get on our knees?" They did and it took a little while but David did manage to cum in her ass.

She realized how sore it really was when he started taking it out. Julie was nearly late but got in and the coffee started before anyone else came. She was deciding if she should change any thing about the office set up when the coaches arrived and said they loved her for having coffee ready.

She said pour me some also, black. They brought it over to her desk and sat on the edge talking and looking. Julie had a pair of walking shorts on and a golf top.

She and Darlene had decided it was summer and dresses were ridiculous, Charlie agreed, the more he could see the better. She stretched the top quite well the one button was hanging on bravely. The coaches said they had to water germanic nadia ali xxx poran storys grass for the next two weeks because it took a beating with the tournament and the drought.

They left about a half hour later, Julie checked her crotch for burn marks and laughed thinking well it was her fault she didn't have to bend over and pretend to look for something in a busty momma and pretty teen lesbian session on the couch file drawer.

She realized that it made her feel better to know that Harry knew what was going on. She didn't feel like she was cheating in fact now she could say they made her do it. Well they had. The phone rang a couple of times, someone wanted to know when school started again. Julie thought she would go crazy if it was this slow all summer. Charlie called and said he was still in the board meeting and it wasn't going to end soon, they were hung up on money as usual.

"Julie, I need some numbers from my office, can you go in there and pick up and I'll tell you where to look." "Sure hang on. Ok I'm in now." "In the lap tray on the right side is a little memo book.

Look inside it, on the second page is the name of a company, something like Little." "Litton Book Binding?" "Yeah, that's it, give me the telephone number." "Area code 745 number 9627812." "Thank you sweetheart, Ecuatoriana amateur vagina rica peluda vecina por el culo mamona culiada love you." "Why Mr. Hale I had no idea you cared at all, you never pay me any attention." Charlie chuckled.

"No one heard me but I will tell the world if you will let me." "Ok, thirty years from now you can tell the world." "You're way to smart for me, gracie glam shows the curves of her gorgeous body about a date this afternoon, got the perfect place?" "How about tomorrow, got chores to do, clothes to wash and shoes to shine." "Ok, tomorrow at noon." "Get back in your meeting, see you later." Julie worked until noon, went to her house and ate a sandwich, started some clothes washing and went back to work.

Charlie came in about two thirty and said that the board seemed favorable to adding to the budget so that they could start to phase in a reporting system for all high schools. He stayed and talked to her until almost three then said go home, so she did. Home was work and she got a lot done without any interruptions. She talked to Emily and Sarah. Harry called at five, he and Jimmy wanted to know how she was getting along by her self.

She reminded him that she hadn't been by her self yet, but she was looking forward to tonight and was going to bed early! Jimmy had a room by himself, the motel had one empty left in that area and let Harry have it free. Julie finished her clothes folding and put every thing away. She decided to go out to eat. She picked up the phone and wondered why, who blue bombshell hungry for sperm on couch she going to call?

Maybe Sarah would like to go with her, she dialed and waited for her to answer. A man answered, she recognized Bill's voice immediately. "Bill? Bill, are you home?" "Yes, it's me Julie. Was you expecting someone to answer my phone for me?" Julie was confused!

She must have dialed his number without thinking for she intended to call Sarah. "Bill, I'm sorry, that was a stupid thing to say. But I was going to call you but first I was going to call Sarah and ask her something but I dialed your number thinking she would answer because I intended to dial her number.

It sounds worse trying to explain doesn't it? Can I hang up and you forget I called and I will call again?" "No reason to do that, I'm so glad to hear your voice that why you called doesn't even matter." "Oh wow, you sure know how to make it easy to get out of a stupid spot.

Thanks for lying to help me out. The reason I was going to call you is to see if you had eaten dinner yet." "No, in fact I was dreading to look in the refrigerator for I don't think there is any thing in there.

Would you like to go eat? I hate eating alone." "Yes, I would love to. I'm so tired of cooking and I don't want to cook just for myself.

But I have to shower and dress first so it will be around seven before I will be ready is that to late?" "No, that's perfect. Where do you want to go?" "Doesn't matter as long as it is not fancy, something like a steak house would be nice.

I would like a steak and baked potato." "I know a place that has just that, but it's about a twenty minute drive over to the lake but we can get there in time to see the sunset." "Ok, sounds great, pick me up at ten minutes before seven. You were going to pick me up weren't you or am I going to fast for our first date. I mean I called you and fished around for you to take me out, but don't make me come and pick you up too! Leave me a little pride, ok." "I'll be there at ten before seven.

Wow, I'm excited. First date I ever had with an angel, not sure what I should wear." "I was hoping we could dress casual. Would just a simple dress be ok?" "Sure, shorts would be ok also. It's not fancy but they do have cloth napkins." "Ok, I will just wear a dress and low heels. See you at ten till. Bye." Bill hung up the phone and ran for the shower. Julie smiled as she went to the shower, she knew exactly what dress she was going to wear and what shoes.

She wouldn't need anything else except that gold chain with the ivory tooth, it attracted a lot of attention bouncing and rolling around between her breasts. She had plenty of time to shave her legs and crotch, touch up her polish and put some healing lotion where it was needed along with lotion for her body. Then she sat and brushed her hair as it soaked into her skin. Bill shaved also but just his face, then he made two tequila sunrises and put them in a thermos and set out two cute little glasses.

He got a pair of slacks and a nice shirt, no golf shirts tonight, and went next door to tell Ben he wouldn't be here for cocktails. Ben looked at him and started to protest but stopped as he could see something different in his eyes. Bill left early, got gas, drove almost there and waited at a gas station until time to go and arrived at exactly ten to seven.

Julie came to the door and waved holding up one finger she went back inside to get her bag and lock up. He was at the door when she came out. "You didn't have to come to the door, but I appreciate it." "Wouldn't be a proper date if I sat in the car blowing the horn. I want to get off on the right foot, don't want to blow it on the first date!" "Oh my, you're going to help me inside.

Now I'm really impressed!" Bill walked around and got in, got the motor running and the a/c going. He poured the tequila sunrises and handed Julie hers saying here's to many more great evenings.

She clinked her glass to his and said all we need is a driver so we could sit in the back and act like big money. They started down the street and Julie kissed his cheek, whispering, thanks for rescuing me. As they rode and talked Bill couldn't keep his eyes off Julie. The dress was thin and clingy, and it was tearing him up to see it clinging to her legs, her stomach, and most all to her breasts.

He couldn't see through it but he knew what it covered and exactly the shape. But he wanted to see it again and feel it and kiss it, the whole body. Julie could see his cock straining against his pants legs and she wanted to rub it for him, and herself, but was afraid they would wreck. He was only doing forty five but one hand was holding his glass, empty, he had gulped it down as soon as he got in the street.

Julie took the glass so he could drive with both hands but the hand went straight to her leg, she pulled the dress up so it would be on bare thigh. They made it to the steakhouse in thirty two minutes. It wasn't crowded and they could chose where they wanted to sit, Bill chose a table near the corner but that they could see the sun setting lighting the sky with varying hues. They ordered, both asked for steaks, potato, green beans, and a salad.

Bill ordered two more tequila sunrises. "Bill are you trying to get me drunk." "No, I thought you would like a few cocktails and since this is our first date I need to make a good impression." "I'm already impressed enough to ask if you could stay a while tonight at my house?" "I would love to, I will order another one soon as she brings tattoed and curvaceous tori avano auditions and gets banged by lex one." "No more, I want to be sober and enjoy every minute of it." "God, Julie you are so beautiful sitting there with the sun rays making your skin look like burnished gold with just a red brown tint.

" "Thank you Bill. But I have already invited you to stay with me and hinted that I wanted to enjoy your body so you don't have to lie anymore." "You know I'm not lying. You know that I love you and think about you all the time and I have good eyes and know what I see." "I hope they don't take long to cook those steaks, we are going to embarrass ourselves if they don't hurry up." The drinks came and as they talked about the condo and laughed at Ben and Joe worrying about the sleeping arrangements they watched the sun setting and it growing dark.

The steaks came and they ate exclaiming how good they were as both were hungry. Julie wanted coffee and it was good also. Soon they were on their way home. Arriving at Julie's they went in and she closed up the doors and started the coffee pot. Then she went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She told him where the mouthwash was and waited for him to come back to the kitchen.

Bill was all smiles as he saw her standing waiting for him and they kissed for the first time tonight. Julie immediately led him to the bedroom and they undressed each other.

Bill's guess that she was naked under that dress was proved to be true and his breathing got faster as he looked at her and his cock got harder. Julie was slower removing his clothes, he had more on than she did, a lot more. Once she got him naked and her hand on his cock as they kissed, she sank slowly to her knees kissing her way down his body until she reached his cockhead to kiss it and hear him gasp as she licked the already wet head ass banged teen has a perfect pair of titties it slid into her hot mouth.

She looked up at him as she sucked it and massaged his balls with her hand and saw the love shining down april brookes and serenity haze getting slammed hard by their stepdads in a foursome he watched her.

She managed a smile with her stretched lips around the large cockhead sliding deeper towards her throat. Bill wanted so bad to make her stop for he was fast losing control but it was so good and she looked so beautiful that he didn't want it to end.

Julie felt his cock expand in her mouth and increase in stiffness and she stopped sucking and rubbing her tongue along the bottom so he wouldn't cum so quickly. She slowly backed it out of her mouth letting her lips put pressure on the head as it came out.

"Lover, I want you to cum in my mouth as I suck you. Is that ok with you? We have all night to make love and I want you all night in my arms fucking me. But first I want you to make me your cum slut and give me your cum to taste and swallow to make me belong to you." "Yes, if you want it. You can do anything you want." Julie kissed his cock again and then kissed his balls, opening her mouth wide she took them one at a time into her mouth so he could feet the heat there.

Then she looked at him smiling as she slowly engulfed his cock again and continued her loving of his manhood. She almost got it to her throat before she felt it throb and he groaned deep in his throat as the cum rushed to spurt into her mouth. Julie swallowed the first spurt as she remembered he always gave her a large load, then held the rest in her mouth until he was finished and standing on shaking legs as she continued to suck. She let him see the white cum in her mouth and covering her tongue and then let it slide down her throat so she could finish making sure she had all that he had to give.

Julie kissed his cock for a long time, including his balls, thighs, stomach and licked at the head until she was sure that no more cum was going to leak out. She fixed the bed so that he could lay propped up and she could cuddle against him and reach his lips with hers and hold his cock at the same time.

Bill was temporarily wiped out but he reclined and let her kiss his nipples as he played with hers and hugged her tight against his chest. She went and got them some coffee and they continued to play with each other. Bill's cock kept it's size very well but it was about thirty minutes before it began to regain some hardness. She held it tenderly and rubbed her leg against it until it was rigid enough to stand up. Then she slid between his legs and placed it between her firm tits and rubbed with them kissing the head occasionally.

Bill was in heaven, this was a new experience for him! She watched his face loving the delight she saw in his eyes. It got a lot harder real fast!

Bill loved everything, he would have been happy if she spent the rest of the night just rubbing but when she crawled up and kissed him and then pulled him over and wrapped her legs around him, he let her hand guide his cock inside her cock and started feeding it to her.

Julie sighed as she felt the huge shaft sliding in until she was filled with cock. She nestled against him rotating her pelvic as he pumped to rub against his and grind her clit against his hairy belly just above his cock.

It got to good for Julie, she reached her climax and nearly injured both of them as she gasped and banged against his pelvic bone with hers. She almost sucked a blood blister on his lips until he realized she wanted his tongue and then she sucked it so hard he was in pain. But he didn't care!

He kept slamming into her as fast as he could until she lay still, whimpering. He saw tears in her eyes as she looked at him fucking her body and making her tremble with small mini climaxes.

Julie traced his lips with her finger and held his face with her hand, he leaned to her and kissed her reaching lips and then kissed the tear on her cheek. "I can't help it, sweetheart. You are so good in me and make me feel so good when I cum, that tears of joy come to my eyes. You make me happy. I hope that I make you happy too!" "The happiest I have ever been is when I am with you.

I live just for these times." Julie put her finger over his lips so he wouldn't say anymore. She reached up with her head and tenderly kissed him whispering to him, "Fuck me as long as you want baby, then fill me with cum.

Don't worry about me cumming, I don't think I will stop cumming as long as your big cock is in me. When you come and rest a little I will love it until you are ready again to fuck me. Take me all night if you want to, I am yours for tonight and all next week." They didn't talk for a long time, Julie whimpered a lot, Bill was silent just sweated.

They changed positions, rolling over and not missing but one or two beats or thrusts. Finally Bill let a cum slip up on him and he froze but it was to late and when she felt the stiffening inside her she moaned and began to fuck him and that made him cum that much harder. His cum mixed with hers and she added to it until they were making obscene noises as they moved against each other. Julie was glad he was so big, it was almost like being plugged with Bravo's knot.

At least they wouldn't make a wet mess busty babe roxxy lea gets fucked by teacher pornstars hardcore the bed. She had been in a hurry and didn't get a towel.

But she had to figure out how to get it out without doing it now. When they had rested and wet each others face with kisses they both needed to go to the bathroom. She whispered, like they were in a crowd of people, could he bring her a wash cloth. He said sure and she held his cock wiping it with her hand as he withdrew and covered her slit with the other hand and held it until he brought her a wash cloth to clean and catch the sperm.

When they were clean and relieved, she went to the kitchen and sat him at the counter as she poured them some coffee and found some cookies for them to munch on. "Bill when you go on Saturday will you go early or late?" "We will leave early, remember we have to go all the way to Montana." Julie smiled. "Ok, when you get there, I need you to buy some things for breakfast on Monday and lunch so we don't have to oral sex amp vaginal banging pornstar and hardcore it before we eat, I will make a list for just a few things and we can go on Monday and get the rest of the stuff for the week." "We can go out for all the meals, you don't want to cook while on vacation, do you?" "Yes, it's not healthy to eat out all the time.

Plus we don't want to shower and dress just to go for breakfast. We can fix it and not lose any sun time. I can cook in a bikini just as well as a dress." "Wow, that is something I've got to see.

Make me a list!" "Don't get carried away now. Remember there are going to be three sexy ladies in little bikinis all week long. So take your vitamins and eat lots of carrots." "This is going to be fun. I'm really looking forward to this vacation." "Me to, baby. Just to relax and have a good time and also to be with you.

Just think we won't have to get up and run home before daylight." "Yeah, it will be like we are married and can sleep together without worrying, sorry I shouldn't have said that. It hurts!" "Baby, don't, please don't ever hurt over me.

I feel so bad if I make you hurt but we can't help it, it's just the way it is. It doesn't seem fair but it happened, we have to just take what we have. Please don't care for me, don't love me sweetheart, just use me like you would a prostitute. Take your pleasure from my body, I give it to you freely, I want you to fuck me, make me do anything you want. Spank my ass if you want to, hurt me, make me scream, fuck me until I can't stand up but don't love me and let it hurt you." "Julie you know I can't do that.

I love you, I'm sorry but that's what it is, no way could I ever hurt you either physically or emotionally and you aren't a prostitute, you are the most wonderful person I have ever seen. That's why I love you. But I know what's realistic and what's a dream and I accept the reality but hang on to the dream." "Bill, I." "Shhhhh, don't talk about.

Let's just dream tonight, ok?" "Ok baby!" "I need another cookie and you need to make that list in a hurry. I hear a bed calling us!" "Oh god, you are going to kill me, but I will die happy." Julie didn't believe he could get a hard up that quick after their emotional talk but she was wrong!

Skilled chick knows how to fuck properly the time she got the list made and drank her coffee, she realized he was standing tall and she hadn't even touched it.

He smiled at the shocked look yu namiki hours best collection yu namiki hours her face as she looked at it and then at him. As he led her to the bed he whispered, better take your vitamins. Julie giggled and nodded. Bill finally left a tired but satisfied Julie lying on the bed naked with her legs open for him to caress her quivering cunt, she asked why he had to go home it was only two o'clock and he didn't have to work.

He answered that he knew but she did and she needed to sleep. She said she could make it without sleeping if he wanted to stay. He kissed her and said good night and he loved her. She heard the door shut and his car start before she whispered, I love you too! Chapter Fifty Six ----------------- Julie made it to school by nine but she wasn't feeling chipper. She made coffee and when to work on outlining the budget report.

A few people came and went, but she didn't pay a lot of attention to them. She was cheerful and smiled a lot but she was deep into work, no time for idle conversation, at least that was what everyone thought. Even Charlie didn't bother her! Noon came quickly and she smiled as she waved to Charlie and left for the theater mall.

Charlie was right behind her, arriving as she got out of the car. "You have been busy this morning what are you working on?" "I'm outlining some ideas on the budget report for Darlene and I to work on after vacation. When we get what we want and in the form we want we will ask you to look at it." "Oh yeah, I had already forgot about it. Good thing you are there to take care of it." "I want a chicken salad and a beer.

I feel naughty today, and hungry." "Sounds good, find us a table and I'll order it." They ate talking about work and things in general and left for the cabin. Charlie still held the car door for her and she slid to the center of the seat, he kissed her when he got in the car.

On the way deep penetration inside wet love tunnel hardcore blowjob the cabin he had a hand on her thigh and worked it underneath the skirt to play with her legs.

Julie let him have free access even opening her thighs so he could roam between her legs. She sat with her head on his arm at the shoulder and her hand on his leg near his cock. They got inside and she turned the air conditioner on and reminded him to turn on the hot water heater. He caught her coming from the bathroom and stripped her quickly.

"Oh god Charlie, you are horny as a billygoat. Why didn't you tell me? I could have removed my bra and thong in the car. Oh yes baby, suck them, it feels so good! Help me get you out of these clothes." Charlie forgot his rule to make her cum by oral kissing and tonguing before fucking and was pounding away at her cunt as soon as he got undressed and her on the lounge. He didn't last very long until she was gasping as he flooded her cunt with his cum.

He was sorry then. He realized he hadn't been very attentive to her needs and he held her and kissed her lips telling her how great she was and how much she turned him on. Julie kissed him in return and told him that he always made her feel so good and she came also, the minute he entered her.

Charlie felt better. Julie remembered that he hadn't got the camera so he must not have brought it today. She was glad for she didn't feel like posing anyway.

She went to the bathroom, the water was warm but barely, she bought a wash cloth and cleaned him then lay back down with him on the narrow lounge. They talked and played around until Charlie recovered and then he spread her and licked her until she was moaning and pleading with him to fuck her but he made her cum first then gave her what she wanted, a hard cock. When it was over he felt better mentally but tired physically and needed some time to replenish.

Julie felt revived, like she had found some deep well of energy to draw from and she could have gone on longer! They took a blanket out on the deck and lay in the sun, it was hot but peaceful and Charlie regained some energy, she didn't touch him until he made the first move and cupped her breast then she turned to him and kissed him as her hand sought and found his cock. It lurched at her touch and she whispered let's go inside and cool off.

He eagerly helped her up but doubted he would get cool inside but he was ready to try. Julie gave Charlie oral love as he lay on the lounge, he loved the way she kissed and licked his cock as she held his balls in her warm hand.

When she took it deep into her throat and swallowed, he moaned like a man dying. But he stopped her before she made him cum in her mouth, he loved that too but knew he was blowing his cums fast today and unless he could get some control he would run out of cum before they ran out of time. He kissed Julie and moved her around, making her stand and holding her in his arms, turning her until he was behind and holding her tits, crushing his cock into her ass as he kissed her neck and shoulders.

When he felt her squirm against his cock he bent her forward over the lounge and kneeling behind her licked her cunt and up to her asshole lashing it with his tongue. She shuddered and whimpered, slowly he wormed his tongue against her tight opening making her cry out to him passionately.

He continued to love her asshole as he urged her down to her knees until she was spread before him with her face on the lounge. Charlie rose and placed his hard cock at Julie's wet asshole and slowly pushed against it seeking entrance into her warm anal opening. He felt it relax and he slipped in groaning as she accepted his cock in her ass whispering to him yes, yes, fuck my ass lover. Julie wasn't sure why he had wanted to fuck her ass the first time.

He didn't appear to have ever done it before but some thing made him want to do it to her and now he seemed to think that it was the normal thing to do. That was alright with her but it puzzled her, how and what led him to believe she would like a cock in her ass. She felt him getting harder and smiled for she knew he wouldn't last long now. But he felt it also and didn't want her to be left hanging so he stopped and just held her hips with his cock embedded deep in her.

"God, Julie, you are fantastic! You can make me cum like a volcano in just seconds, but it's to good to lose so quickly." "Charlie, I never thought about someone taking my ass and certainly never thought I would love the feel of your cock in me there but I do. You have turned me on to ass fucking, you own my ass now!

Do it anyway you want, take as long as you want, as many times as you want." Charlie swelled with pride, he leaned over and kissed her back, asian teen girlfriend gives outstanding pov deepthroat blowjob to her boyfriend wiggled against him and cooed with pleasure. Hands filled themselves with her breasts and he lay softly against her back rubbing her tits and stomach moving very slowly from side to side to shift around in her ass.

Julie lay with her face turned so he could reach her cheek with his lips, letting him have complete control over her body. He took his time, going slow, making long strokes and short ones, holding her tight against his belly or sliding her hips back and forth on his hard shiny cock. Julie whispered encouragement to him, telling him how good it felt, to finger her cunt and make her cum again, to take her ass and fill it with his hot cum.

When Charlie came he thought he was going to burst open, her ass was so tight that the cum had to build up pressure to move though his cock to the head. Julie felt it swelling and heard him moaning as he emptied into her. She cleaned herself after a resting period, then cleaned Charlie.

He lay flat on the lounge hoping to get enough energy to drive back home. She didn't have to shower as no one was home to see her. They dressed, Charlie trying to act like he was normal but all his adrenaline was gone. But he did appreciate her sitting close and holding his cock though his pants, but it didn't respond as they rode back to the theater.

Julie took a shower as soon as she got home and used some lotion on her ass. Connie called but Julie said she couldn't visit tonight she had to much to do but she would spend the night with her and David tomorrow night.

Connie added and with Bravo. Julie almost changed her mind. She was in bed at nine and slept until the clock woke her. Wednesday was another day of boring nothing. She did every little thing she could think of and just sat looking out the window. She asked Charlie if she was missing something, what did Mrs. Lucas and Darlene do all day during the summer? He said talked and went shopping, that she worked to hard, take it slower like he did. As she turned to go back to her desk he patted her ass, she gave him a look and shook her head no.

He said sorry, just remembered something really good and lost control. Charlie went fishing after lunch leaving her to lock up with strict orders to leave at two. She straighten up and went in his office to straighten his desk and dust it. He had left the middle desk drawer open so she checked and found that her ring of keys had one that fit the desk so she could lock it. She put the pen and his address book in the drawer and saw the corner of a picture sticking out from the folder, she could see a foot and knew it was hers immediately.

Julie looked at the folder and it was raven footfetish babe strokes her pussy tube porn with pictures. All of her and all very sexy even indecent, the one on top which must be the one Charlie liked best was of her naked standing at the deck rail looking at him and smiling. She noticed she had her back arched just right and her stomach tight showing smooth skin that gleaned in the sun light. She had remembered or it was just habit now, all that she had been instructed as a young girl to do before and during fucking for the best pictures.

She replaced them in the folder and put it as far back as it would go, locking the desk. She decided not to mention that he should be more careful. She giggled wondering if he had grabbed a quick look before going fishing. The pictures made her horny or maybe she just wanted to be displayed and be the center of lust for the looker. What ever! She called Connie when she got home to see what time she should come over and they decided to go eat at six and then come back to Connie's.

She assumed David was going but it wasn't mentioned. At five Harry called and she talked to him and Jimmy for about ten minutes. When she hung up the phone rang, it was Tammy wanting to know if she had talked to Jimmy! She talked to her for a long time telling her everything that she knew about what they were doing and how he had his own room and felt like he was a big wheel now. Tammy asked it she could come over and visit, would it be alright.

Julie said sure why don't we go shopping tomorrow after she got off. So it was a date! Julie hung up thinking that this girl has it bad, real bad. She had to quickly fix her lipstick check her clothes and go, it was almost five forty five.

They were ready and all piled in Connie's car and David drove them to a buffet restaurant. She was in the middle and her feet were on the hump making her knees be high and David kept stroking them as he turned the steering wheel.

Connie had her hand and rubbed her arm and palm. Julie knew what dessert would be or maybe who it would be. When they returned home the sun was just going down. They had a glass of wine and Julie got to see the bedroom for the first time as she was slowly stripped naked and caressed by four hands.

Both nipples were sucked at the same time and she was slowly losing her control and wanting to lie down and spread her legs. She was given some more wine which she drank quickly and then helped on the bed. Connie was quick to attach her lips to Julie's cunt and as she trembled from the tongue on her clit she was given a long cock with a enlarged head to suck on.

Julie came twice before Connie stepped into the dildo and inserted it in her cunt. She moaned as David dripped precum on her tongue and Connie leaned down to kiss her cheek and the corner of her mouth with David's cock sliding back and forth in to it.

Julie came, crying out to them passionately, immediately she was empty of dildo and cock, turned over and the cock was entering her ass and her mouth was placed on a wet slit held open for her. It was to much, to fast and she began to moan with her need to relax, to get down from the high she was on. Her face was wet and she could hear Connie screaming something about so good so good. She must have passed out when she came, for she remembered being wiped and lying on her back and then walking with David holding her up.

She rested a while lying down on her back. But then she was being licked by her lover, Bravo. Julie sat up and as he licked her she rubbed his sides and head, talking to him like she would a human that she was going to be fucked by, one that she really wanted to fuck her. Bravo was ready, he had not had a woman since Sunday and now he had his favorite bitch and she was ready, she was always ready. He straddled her hips and licked at her nipples until she surrendered and lay back whimpered with her desire to feel his hot cock in her cunt.

The big horny dog walked up her stomach over her breasts and when his cock touched her wide open wet cunt he plunged it into her all the way in one thrust. Julie moaned her approval to him and David and Connie sitting on the floor only a few feet from her stuffed cunt heard her whisper to her dog lover, yes fuck me baby.

The next twenty minutes were filled with slapping sounds, moans, whimpers, gasps, and mumbled words by a woman being fucked delightfully hard just as she liked it. Bravo had showered her womb with precum, knotted her cunt with his long cock inserted inside her womb and was steady pounding into her with his head lying next to her face which he licked often.

"Oh my god, lover you are going to kill me. Fuck me to death baby, fuck your bitch! I missed this so much, give it all to me." David saw the dog hump his back a little more and drive his cock in deeper and knew he was going to cum in his bitch's cunt now. Julie felt it also and began to moan in anticipation of his hot sperm squirting inside her.

Connie was dazed from memories of how it felt to xxx mom not her son that cock locked in her cunt and being made to cum from being fucked by a dog! She loved it! Bravo froze except to wiggle up closer to Julie and then her moans turned to squeals of delight as she was filled with dog cum, hot dog cum. Ten minutes passed with dog cock locked in her cunt and Julie hugged around her lover. But when he got off she was limp as a rag, just lay still as he licked her and himself.

She was helped to the bathroom and then to bed, she and Connie lay together, Bravo joined them and got between them to lay his head on Julie's stomach. David let him out after cleaning up a little but he was right back wanting to get in and went straight to the bed to resume his place.

After closing every thing up he went back to check and found the dog with a big cock sticking out of his sheath standing and licking Julie between her wide spread legs. He watched as the dog seduced the sleeping woman until he nudged her over and then kept nudging until she raise her hips to get her knees under her and whisper to the dog climbing on her back to fuck her again.

David sat in the semi darkness and watched the dog fuck her again and she was awake now whimpering as she twisted against his knot to let it slid in her cunt and then sighing when he slammed it in her and locked them together. He was surprised to see his mother was also awake and she slid over under the dangling breasts and sucked a nipple into her mouth as she massaged her cunt. Julie was cumming!

David shook his head in amazement and as the dog filled her again with dog cum, he sasha grey deepthroat shane diesel up and went to bed. He wasn't sure if there was anymore fucking during the night but when he went to wake them in the morning both woman were sleeping with slight smiles on their face and the bed was a mess. Bravo was glad to see him, he needed to go out side bad. The morning went good, Julie had the coaches back to water grass again and they kept her on her toes as they moved around trying to get a look down her open blouse and hoping she would get up so they could see her legs and ass in those tight shorts.

Julie and Darlene had decided to wear shorts until school started, Darlene said she didn't care no one would notice what she had on any way if Julie was around. She picked up Tammy at a little after two, her sister was irritated that she wasn't going so Julie said you can go if your mother doesn't mind. Tammy and I aren't going to do anything you wouldn't do.

I just need to pick up some cheap tops to wear on vacation and it will give us time to talk and get to know each other better. I would love for you to come. So Tiffany went also. Mother's name was Terry, that made sense didn't it? Julie guessed that Father's name was Tom but she was wrong it was Ted. They had a coke at the mall and then went to hit the stores. She was amazed at how much the two sisters looked alike, from the back you could only tell the difference because Tammy was a little taller.

Their hair was the same color and both had ponytails, their asses were identical they even moved in unison as they walked. Julie got to giggling and when they asked what she was laughing at she said she had never seen twins born a year apart before. But she quickly added and both so beautiful too. Julie got a couple of simple blouses that weren't to tight or to loose.

When she tried them on they were standing just outside looking in at her, when she took off her shirt top and turned to get one to try she heard Tiffany say oh my god! Tammy whispered, isn't she beautiful? "What! What's wrong. Did I spill something on me? Come in and pull that curtain closed. Where is it?" "No, it's nothing. It's just that you are so beautiful and, and," "And your breasts are huge, they are twice the size of mine and Tammy's put together and shaped so nice." "Hush, Tiffany, it's impolite to say that to another woman." "It's ok girls.

We are friends. We can talk about breast size without getting up tight. Thank you for the compliment. Yours will get bigger as you grow older but maybe not this big. My mother said I got my boobs from my grandmother that she looked like a milk cow.

Don't laugh it's not always good to have huge breasts so I'm glad that mine didn't get any bigger than this.

They are in the way sometimes and a lot of people have no idea that I have a nose they never get that far up." Both girls wailed with laughter. Tammy looked at herself in the mirror then at her sister finally looking at Julie who was adjusting her top. She said maybe I could borrow some to stuff in my bra for the weekend. Next to you Jimmy thinks I'm a boy. They lived though the trying on of blouses, shirts, and tops.

Julie got the cheap tops and two excise tight bra tops along with tube type that only just covered her boobs. She said don't dare breathe a word but I just have to try it without a bra. I bet it is dynamite! She stripped off her bra and said you are looking aren't you, please don't be embarrassed, my god it's tight, what do you think?

"It's beautiful, Mrs. Cole, it's just perfect for you." "But Tammy, it shows my nipples like I was naked. The weave needs to be coarser other wise I would have to wear a bra." "Wait! you need a sweater type sleeveless like you wear under a jacket or shirt.

Tiff, run up to the teen section and get the one we looked at last week when mom wasn't looking, please. Get large." Five minutes later they were all oh-ing and ah-ing, exclaiming how perfect that it was, braless, stopping above the navel, and her nipples only showed a little. Julie swore them to secrecy and bought it. They left the store three new but close friends. On the way back Tiffany said she wished she had one, she would like to just try one on but her mother would have dying duck fit.

Tammy said me too. "Well, you could try mine on if you can bear not to tell anyone I let you, you know like Terry?" Both promised quickly. Julie went to her house and they tried it on, both even took their bras off and slipped it on adjusting the nice girl breasts inside so they would look as big as possible. There was a lot of laughing when Julie told them they needed to look for a rawhide bra, they asked what was a rawhide jayme langford and victoria vonn are two fun lovin and she said one that would head-em up and move-em out.

"Girls, we could do this all day it's fun but your mother will be wondering why it's takes so long to buy a top so we better go." When they got back, Terry had milk and cookies ready. They sat at the table talking and telling her what they saw at the mall and ate savita bhabhi in white shalwar suit seducing ashok s the cookies.

Julie asked did they count how many she ate and they said no and she said good it was to many. As she was saying goodbye both girls hugged her and thanked her for letting them share time with her.

Terry also hugged her and said she believed it was good for the girls to be with her they had a good time she could tell. Julie said maybe she could go sometime and they could get to know each other. They agreed to do it. Julie called Bill and asked if he would like to come for dinner and he said, " yes but I would rather take you to dinner so I can sit close and hold your hand." She said, " wow, you know I'm a push over for holding hands.

My heart is fluttering like a butterfly in a rainstorm, what time, seducer?" "As soon as I can shower and shave, about forty five minutes." "Ok, have you picked out a place? What should I wear other than white gloves?" "Just white gloves, nothing else." Oh, yeah, hot date tonight! And you are just going to hold my hand, right?" "Of course, I'm not a lecher I want you to know." "I never, ever, considered that you might be.

It just never crossed my mind." "The place where we all ate together. So it can be casual or however you want." "Ok, mini dress night!" "No underclothes, please." "Seriously, baby?" "Please, for me." "Of course, sweetheart. Anything you want." Julie said hurry and hung up, she ran to the shower feeling like a school girl again. Bill was there in thirty nine minutes. She asked how he liked her dress. She did a twirl so he could see it flare out exposing her ass and bare cunt.

It was light weight clingy but had enough pattern in the material that her nipples weren't apparent at first glance but the deep vee between her breasts was. It was tight at the waist accenting her hips as they widen below it and was short stopping about six inches above the knee.

She had on four inch heels that made her legs stand out even more. Bill rushed her like a linebacker, sweeping her up in his embrace telling her he loved the dress and everything in it plus all that wouldn't fit in it. "Bill, don't muss my hair, don't kiss me and ruin my lipstick. Oh god, my dress is above my ass already.

Oh damn it. Kiss me baby, don't pay me any attention just kiss me and crush me against you, it feels so good like this." She repaired the lipstick and brushed her hair as he stood behind her and touched her hips, ass, and around to her sunny leon fuck boy xxx story in sex stories. "Bill, let's forget about eating.

I can fix us something here." "No! I asked you out to eat and I'm going to take you to eat, right now. If you will let go of my hand." "Bill, my breast isn't holding your hand, your hand is holding my breast. You have to stop squeezing and let go. Plus those two buttons need to be fastened." "Really? Nothing is holding my hand?

Can we let the buttons rest until we get to the place? They are going to be tired." "If you like baby." "I like, I like it all." The ride was nice except they got there to quick and Julie had to try and get her dress back like it was suppose to be.

They got a table with a window view that afforded a little privacy but not enough for any wandering hands inside her dress, so they talked in whispers and smiled a lot. Wine and rolls with lots of butter followed by chicken breasts stuffed with cheese was their choice for dinner. A after dinner drink and two dances were all Bill could handle and he asked if she was ready to go, she said she thought he was never going to mention it.

Going home was much slower, Julie's dress looked like a belt around her waist by the time they got there. The seat belt was useless as she was almost in his lap and his shirt was wide open. He ran around the car to open her door and she held the dress in front of her tits as they rushed inside.

They didn't even think about coffee but went straight to bed. * * * Julie was at school and had the coffee made before Charlie got there. The coaches came in just as he was getting ready to go behind her and feel her breasts. She was watching him as she detected that look that men get before they do something really stupid and was going to stop him.

The coaches had a reason for coming in on Friday, they needed to water the grass for the weekend and earn their extra pay plus Julie wouldn't there on Saturday morning. She couldn't get much done as they and Charlie were sitting on her desk or walking around telling lies for jokes.

So she sat and smiled and let them get their eyes full until they ran out of excuses and drank all the coffee. They all wished her a great vacation and left, except Charlie, he fooled around like he was checking things but really was just killing time. When it was nearly lunch time he came in and asked Julie could they go to his house during lunch time, he looked desperate. "Charlie is something wrong? Are you needing something?" "Yes, I need you, Julie.

It's going to be a week, a long long week with you on vacation. Can you possible help me out today?" "I would have to change a plan, a commitment that I made.

But I could change it to later but then I couldn't work, can I take the afternoon off?" "Of course, you can do that even if you can't change the commitment." "Ok, I will be there as soon as possible. Why don't you go ahead and grab a bite, I will change my lunch time plans and lock up." "Thank you, Julie.

I'll see you shortly, can I pick up anything for you?" "Just a cola please. Hurry!" Charlie left almost running. Julie didn't have any plans for lunch but she didn't want him to think he could get a lunch time quickie any time he got horny.

She went to the bath room and washed her hands, locked up his office and the administration office and went to her car. The garage door was open for her and he waited inside to close it and open her door, kissing her as soon as she was out of the car. "Charlie, you are horny aren't you? God, you are burning like you had a fever.

Baby, what's wrong with you today? It's only been two days!" "Three sweetheart. But the thought of not seeing you at all next week is driving me crazy. Thanks for making time for this, I'm sorry to be such a bother." The cola was sitting on the night stand in the bedroom and he was undressing her as she drank some. She giggled at his fumbling fingers and said to let her do it, it would be quicker.

To undress his self. Charlie was horny! His cock was standing straight out, Julie jumped on the bed without touching him for he couldn't take much touching and she hardly got it inserted before he was groaning and filling her cunt.

Julie was understanding even though she was amused and kissed him and touched him until he was able to start moving without it coming out. He picked up steam quickly and she responded and soon they lay gasping. Julie drank the balance of her cola on the way home, smiling as she thought he was worse than a sixteen year old kid. Popping off in a second and back for more in five seconds, like they said, rabbit sex.

When she reached Connie's she stopped on impulse. The truth was she was horny as hell now and what she needed was here! Connie came to the door and Julie asked if she was alone. "Yes, David is helping a company that works on thesandfly playa nudista fantastica public nudity exhibitionist and he sex stories story 4xxx porn story gone now.

Did you need him, can I help?" Julie had to admit the truth, she blushed and said I'm sorry. Connie hugged her and said come on. They went to the exercise room and Julie was stripped in a minute. She whimpered when Connie tied her hands in front of her and made her lay on the weight bench face down and her hands attached to the end.

She moaned when a butt plug was inserted in her ass and lay quivering as Connie left her there.

For five or six minutes she waited wondering what she was doing for she expected to be fucked with a dildo but her heart jumped into her throat when she heard her dog lover barking at the door. Connie had struggled with him all the way to the house as he had smelled his bitch's scent on Connie when she came to get him.

He bounded into the room and was licking her all over and she spread her legs wide for him to lick her cunt. She begged Connie to untie her so she could face him and let him lick her tits. She wanted the plug out so he could lick her ass.

She was trembling with desire and her cunt was dripping with moisture. Connie rushed to free her and Julie gave herself to her dog lover moaning as he licked her and then mounted her, wetting her with precum and claiming her cunt with his hard cock and swelling knot.

Bravo fucked Julie three times, she was so full of cum that it shot from her cunt each time when he dismounted. By the time she got her breathing back to normal he would be on her again pumping her cunt as it slurped from wetness. Connie rubbed her face which was wet from dog slobber to keep her from passing out. She wanted to rub her tits and cunt but the dog kept both occupied. Connie decided that three was enough and took a tired dog outside and back to his pen.

Julie rested as Connie played with those areas she couldn't get to earlier. She kissed and licked Julie's dripping cunt, the mixture of human and canine cum was different tasting, better than straight dog she decided. Julie began to revive and caressed Connie as she loved her naked and satisfied body, thanking her for being so understanding.

Connie said she understood as she also got horny and had to get Bravo to relieve her! She looked at Julie and said don't get mad but we are dog sluts, we can't help it, we need to be fucked by a dog often, at least every week. Julie nodded. She said she had to go home and get dinner started for Harry and Jimmy.

They kissed.

Two woman drawn together by something that they couldn't live without, it seemed. She had the meat loaf ready for the oven, potatoes and beans, a small salad, fresh rolls, and chocolate pudding all ready when Harry and Jimmy came home. They were hungry, glad to see her, both talking at the same time and squeezing her every time she got close. She said, "Guys, I love you and want to kiss you all over but you are sweaty and don't smell very good.

Hit the shower while I finish the meat loaf, you have fifteen minutes before dinner is ready. Jimmy don't forget to call Tammy. God, how did Heather stay in the truck with you guys?" "She didn't come home this week end, she stayed and was going to spend the day tomorrow shopping." "Don't blame her." "Awwww, sweetheart it can't be that bad, gimme a kiss." "Beat it, homeless man, you micky reise gives dude a hot blowjob and intense hard sex getting me with that sweetheart stuff!" Dinner went well, Tammy called back, David called, Jimmy said I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying!

While he was dressing, David came with both girls, they were glad to see Julie but a little shy around Harry. Finally Jimmy called Harry he needed money for the movie and then they were gone!

It got quiet and Harry patted Julie on the ass as she washed dishes and said thank god we didn't have a house full of kids, he didn't realize how much noise they could make just talking. He and Julie went to bed early, he went to sleep around eleven thirty. She did her usual things, getting ready for breakfast, and drank coffee but it didn't seem to make her feel like it normally did.

She went to Jimmy's room and lay on the bed to wait but went to sleep. He woke her at twelve forty, naked and getting her situated on her side facing him. She pretended she didn't notice what time it was and that she was groggy and didn't know what he was doing until he was fully inserted and she couldn't act any more as nature took over. She got to bed to really sleep at two.

Saturday was a mad house, something was going on all the time, the phone was ringing for Harry or Jimmy constantly. Harry went to the shop to get something and then went to the bank to get his check cashed. Some woman called for him, a Mrs. Ramsey, something about her air conditioner and he went to check on it. Heather called. Tammy called. Sarah called. Emily called. Julie ate lunch by herself, both of them were gone somewhere. She packed mouth and cunt of a pretty teen banged bag except for what she needed tomorrow morning.

Harry came home finally! Told him that Jimmy was at David's and they would be wanting to go out tonight. What did he think? He said that it should be okay, Jimmy had worked hard all week and he deserved a little fun. "Baby, you worked hard all week also. What would you like to do? This will be our only chance for two weeks as I won't get back in time to see you next week end." "That's right, we should eat out tonight and give you a rest also.

How about that place we went to last week end? That was fun!" Julie shuddered, another night of being exposed to strangers, that was fun? Well, it beat playing bingo she guessed. "It's your choice baby." "It's a date then." She told him she was going to need some cash to eat out and they would go to Vegas one day so she would need some slot machine money.

He said no problem, he made two hundred bucks extra this week working on air conditioners for people. She could have half if she shared her winnings, she said ok, unless she won a million then it was all hers'. Saturday night wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. They happened to arrive at dinner at the same time as two couples that the husbands worked with Harry and they all ate together.

Amateur teen feet worship and pussy solo anything to help the poor

Then they went to the lounge and shared a table, drinks, and danced until midnight. The other couples were fun loving and there was a lot of joking and laughing. Julie and Harry made it home to find Jimmy already asleep. After sex Harry insisted latin girls white girls getting fucked by hung black dick tube porn go wake him as he wouldn't see her next week end.

Julie was tired but did as she puss her yellow bikini tory black porn told, but she didn't make it to her bed later for she and Jimmy went to sleep and woke up at seven in the morning.

Harry wasn't up but he had been. She crawled in the bed and when she realized he was awake she apologized saying she went to sleep, must have been the drinks. He patted her ass and said don't worry about it. But she didn't get any sleep for he kept playing with her until he took her from the rear as she lay on her side. Then she had to get up and fix breakfast for them! After that late start the morning went fast, she didn't have time to read the paper or anything as she was getting everything put away and all the leftovers out of the refrigerator.

At eleven thirty Emily called to cumblast horny milf handjob big boobs and bigboobs she was leaving to go get Sarah and would be at her house shortly after. Julie said she was ready! There was a lot of last minute things to say and lots of kissing, Harry carried her bag to the garage and she was ready when Emily and Sarah pulled up. Her bag was put in the trunk and she got in the back seat so they would all be comfortable.

They eased out on the street and waved until they were out of sight. Emily broke the silence. "I can't believe we are finally going, vacation here we come!" Sarah: "Are we there yet?" Julie: "It feels strange. I have never been on vacation without my family. Freedom feels strange!" The radio played, they talked, they sang, sometimes good many times bad, they stopped for bathroom break and swapped drivers.

Sarah drove on the interstate and they made good time but it was a long way. They stopped to get a snack and gas, walked around looking at stuff in the gas station, cafe, store, and most anything you could want plus restrooms. Julie took over the wheel for the last leg as she had the directions on how to find the condo after they got to the city in her head. When they reached the city she said it was eighteen minutes from there, if they didn't get lost.

Sure enough it was right where Bill said it would be and they still had an hour's worth of daylight left! The guard shack was closed, Julie punched in the number Bill gave her and the gate opened and they were in.

A short drive and they saw the condos and the lake glistening in the setting sun. "My god, look at that! It's beautiful, look Emily, look Julie, it's all stone and glass, we are in the wrong place. The police will be coming for us! This is for rich people.

Turn around." "Sarah hush. This has crazy sexy blonde babe candy rides a kebab to orgasm to be the right place. Julie is this the right place?" "I don't know. But it must be, we got in. There's not a car around. Wait there's one down there. Is that their car!" "Yes! That's it. We are at the right place. My god, Bill must be rich. This is a rich man place. Why would he leave here to live in a apartment. " "Look they see us and are coming out the door.

They were watching, they were worried we weren't coming." "Ok, behave now girls. Don't act like you never seen an indoor bathroom before. We are sophisticated woman of the world, we are used to the very best." "Yes, mother." There was a awkward moment when they got out of the car, the guys just stood there no sure if they should do what they wanted to do, which was rush into hug and kiss them or just make friendly greetings.

Julie broke the ice when she walked to Bill and kissed him and then gave each of the others a kiss. There was a lot of hugging and kissing then. The bags were unloaded and taken inside, placed on the floor of the living area along side the guy's bags.

"Why are your bags here, you haven't unpacked?" "No we weren't sure where to put them so we just left them until you got here." "Where did you sleep last night?" "Me and Bill slept on the hide a bed, Joe slept on the love seat." "You mean you didn't sleep on the beds, there are three beds and you slept on the couch?" "Well we weren't sure who was going to sleep where so we decided to wait until you got here and told us." "Oh, well, well.

Let's look at the condo and we want to watch the sun set with a drink and then we will decide. Bill show us around, Ben make us some drinks. We are thirsty and hungry and tired of sitting." They looked at the condo, checking all three bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living area which was a great room.

They told Bill to wait for them with the drinks as they had to use the bathroom and make sure it works. He started to say it worked but realized they were tactfully saying they needed to use it. The master bath was large enough for all three to get in and as they took turns they talked about the condo and how they loved it. Emily said they were in high cotton now. Sarah told Julie to marry Bill and they could all live here together.

They heard Ben outside the door asking did they want Margarita's on the rocks or frozen. Emily said rocks, Ben. Only wimps drink them frozen. He had made a pitcher full and everyone got a glass and they went outside to watch the sun set. It was beautiful and it was cooler than at their houses. Bill said it was because they were higher and the air was lighter, cooling faster when the sun went down. They discussed where they were going to eat and decided on a place Bill knew about that wasn't fancy and was faster in serving.

Shorts were acceptable so they wouldn't have to change. It was almost dark and Emily said they put their stuff away and go for she was so hungry she was feeling faint after the drink. Ben said it wouldn't take but a second if they just knew where to put the bags, hinting as he looked at Julie with a smile. "Ben, don't worry, it really very simple. Bill is our host and he should sleep in the master bedroom with who ever he wants with him.

And it better be me, Bill! Emily and Sarah get their pick of the other bedrooms and pick their partners which would be you and Joe. Unless they want to sleep together or don't want to sleep with you guys. In which case you will have to sleep on the hide a bed again." Joe said, "Oh my god, I'll have to sleep in the car." "No you won't, honey. Why do you think I invited you? It sure wasn't because you are rich or famous. I hope you aren't a fighter in bed for if you hit me while I'm asleep you won't wake up anymore." "I promise, I sleep very calm all night.

Plus I will rub your back if you need it." Bill grabbed Julie's bag and his own and was heading for the bedroom. He said to Ben and Joe, hurry before they change their minds and bags were disappearing upstairs in a hurry. Ben yelled from the landing, which bedroom? Sarah said to your right. She said carolina sweets lily rader in girls night Emily and Julie, he didn't even ask if I wanted to sleep with him, taking me for granted already.

Emily smiled and said, bet you don't kick him out! Dinner was good they were all hungry. It was crowded with all six in one car but they didn't have far to go. They rode around and looked a little before returning to the condo, just to get an idea where things were. Couple of drinks sitting on the couch relaxed everyone and soon they were yawning and looking at each other wondering who was going to suggest going to bed first.

"Joe, I hardly can hold my eyes open but I need to shower, would you wash my back for me? I will do yours tomorrow." "I would love to wash the front also but will take what ever is available.

Good night every body." "Bill, we have to unpack. Load the coffee pot for morning while I get my bag unloaded. Please. Goodnight, see you in the morning. Sarah, you can use the master bath if you like, rather than wait for Emily and Joe to finish." "Thanks they might be a while.

Get your stuff Ben while I unpack." Julie had most her stuff put away by the time he got in the room from turning out all the lights. Sarah and Ben came in and hit the shower. Julie saw Bill just standing looking at her. "Bill, you're doing it again. It's just me. You have seen me before, a whole lot more than now and you are going to see more shortly. Why are you standing like a post with that little smile?" "Cause I am thinking how it's going to feel to hold you all night long in my arms and kiss you while you are asleep.

And smell you. God you look fantastic and smell wonderful." Julie smiled and shook her head in wonder.

"You will get sick of me before the week is out. Just think, all day long and all night long nothing to do except look at Julie." "Sounds like heaven to me." "Come here and kiss me. You haven't even touched my butt since I got here and I want you to hug me and touch me all over, all week long. Forget proper manners, forget everything, forget that we are around friends, kiss me, touch me, rub my ass, rub my boobs, Bill, I want you to, this is our chance!" Bill had her in his arms and kissing her by the time she got the words out of her mouth.

They wobbled to the bed and lay down. They could hear Sarah and Ben splashing in the shower, she was giggling constantly, then it got quiet except for the water running. Bill was kissing her lips, nose, eyes, and a hand was holding a breast. "Are we going to unpack and shower or are you going to make love fusion sex stories pron story school girl downloadcom me right now?

Either is alright with me, baby." "I guess I can wait until we shower. But if we do it now then we could do it again in the," "Julie, I need to borrow something." "Emily! Where are you?" "Outside the door, watching you two, are the four of you going to have an orgy in here without inviting me and Joe?" She sat down on the bed and looked at them, Bill was lying half on Julie and her leg was crossed over one of his.

"You need to undress first, it's easier if you are naked." "Well, you should know, all you have on is a wet towel. What do you need to borrow? Get your hand off Bill, he is busy right now." "Just checking to see if he was overheating!

I need to borrow some summer's eve, did you bring some? I think I left it on the vanity. I will get some tomorrow but well, you know." "Sure, it's in the bathroom, but you might need to wait for a little while.

You can play with Bill's butt if you want to just don't remove any clothing." Bill naughty teen shae celestine rides big cock of plumber his head down on Julie to hide his face, he knew he was blushing like mad.

But he couldn't get up or roll over for his cock was hard as a rock and she was wiggling her thigh against it ever so slightly. They talked for a while and he got under control enough to raise up and get off Julie so she could breathe easier.

"I can come back, I think they went to sleep in there or something. They don't know the whole world is waiting for them to come out." The door opened and Sarah was startled to see Emily sitting cross-legged on the bed with Julie and Bill.

She had on a short gown and the light behind her made it be transparent and everything she had was visible to them, she had a lot. "Sorry, we didn't intend to stay in there all night but the water was just perfect. Ben washed my hair, it felt so good to have someone washing my hair. I look like a drowned rat, but I don't care this is vacation. Can I ask what you are doing?

Is it better that we don't know?" "Waiting on you to get finished so I can get something out of there.

Help these two out will you, they failed sex education. They don't know that you should always brush your teeth first to keep from getting preggie." Everyone got straighten out and back in their room so Julie and Bill could shower and play in the water then play in the bed. She had to girls anal fuckine big dildo clean up so much that she just brought a towel back with her.

Bill did sleep holding her and his head against her hair. Every time he woke up he would kiss her where ever he could reach. She turned and held him part of the night but he didn't sleep much then. Her warm hand on his cock kept him awake and trembling.

Chapter Fifty Seven ------------------- Julie heard him get up and go to the bathroom, it was just barely getting light, she rolled over and went back to sleep. Later she awaken and heard some low talking and it was daylight! She went to the bathroom, washed her face and rinsed her mouth, searching she found her short gown and put it on with the thin panties and went to get some coffee.

All three men were sitting in the great room, Bill jumped up and hurried to her as she searched for a coffee cup. Ben said morning, you look great. Did you sleep well? "Like a log. I was tired and the drinks just about put me away plus a full stomach didn't help any. Morning baby, (whispering as she kissed his cheek) you were magnificent last night. Thank you for being here for me." She lay her head on his chest briefly.

"Bill, you are a lucky man. Look Joe, now that's the way to say good morning to a fellow. That starts the day off right." "You got room for me on that couch? Don't get up, I can sit on Bill and you can hold my legs and Joe can hold my feet, just don't let the others see us. They would throw me in the pool or worse." "My god, your skin is like silk. Can I touch her legs Bill.

Feel of them Joe." "Even her feet are smooth and dainty. I always thought feet were ugly and rough, guess I just never got a good pair before." "Wow, you guys really pour it on, what are you expecting to get from all these lies? I don't have any money." "Not a thing, honey.

We just want you to know we love you!" "Thanks, just for that I will let you help me fix breakfast." "Julie! What are you doing down there. Sarah, get up quick. Julie is hypnotizing all three of them, she has hands all over her body." "Oh god, I told you they would kill us.

Now we are in big trouble!" "Emily, it's not what it looks like. Julie is having muscle spasms and we are trying to get her muscles unlocked by rubbing them.

That all it is!" "Oh sure I see. Joe get me some coffee please. I have a stiff neck and it will take all three of you to get it out, so I am next!" Five minutes later Sarah came bounding down the stairs like a ten year old except her twenty four year old tits were bounding on their own. She had on the little gown and it still didn't hide anything and there wasn't a light behind her now. "Where am I going to sit? Where is my coffee. I can't sit in your lap, there are four legs there.

Talk about a leg man, this is ridiculous. Thank you for moving ladies, he would have sat there all day just to hold your legs." "This is kinda like a group hug I guess but the couch is wondering what it did to deserve this punishment." They sat and talked, drinking coffee and looking out the window at the changing colors as the sun got higher up. Bill said it would get hot around twelve and be unbearable by two until around six.

Julie said then we need to get out there and be inside at twelve. I will do breakfast but I need help, who will volunteer? Emily said, everybody. There aren't any slackers this trip.

"Ok, everybody up. Bill, make more coffee. Ben get the tomato juice from the refrigerator and pour six glasses, put a little salt and pepper in each one. Sarah get the melon, grapes, and pineapple and make us a fruit bowl.

Emily toast! Make it light and lots of butter. Joe get a dozen eggs and break them in a glass bowl and mix them up. It's going to be crowded in the kitchen so touching is allowed just don't get carried away with it.

Be careful around Emily's butt it will burn you!" "Julie! My butt is no hotter than yours." "Are we going to have scrambled eggs?" "No, we are having western omelets, with a touch of raucous hand and wet oral job deepthroat blowjob flavor." Bill finished with the coffee and he went to help Julie, she sent him to get the ham bits and cheese from the refrigerator and then to set the table.

He managed to get a rub against her hip, she smiled and said, wait until later, real low. "I heard that, you aren't whispering to Joe are you?" "No, Emily. Joe is to busy right now plus he only has eyes for you." "That's right sweetheart, breaking eggs is a very exacting job requiring my full mom xxx and son and daughter, that bacon frying is driving me wild.

I didn't think I was hungry until you started doing that. Sarah, I'm finished with the juice do you need help?" "Yes, I always need you to help me." "Oh, god it's getting bad in here, Julie whispering, Sarah might as well wear a sign, and today is just the first day." "We haven't even seen the sun glinting from our steel abs and washboard stomachs.

Maybe we should warn 911 to have a unit standing by." "Ok, the fruit bowl is finished, put it on the non professional bitch gladly jumps on a hard as rock knob Ben. Who needs help?" "Put a cup of milk in those, a teaspoon of salt and one of black pepper. Sarah can you crumble the bacon on a napkin. Ok put the bacon grease in the measure cup we are going to do two at a time.

Give me one of those green peppers." "Why are you rubbing the pepper on the pans?" "You'll know when you taste it. Pour just enough to cover the bottom, that's good. Now do the other one. It won't take long, hurry! Now do like I do, some onion, bell pepper, bacon, ham, and the cheese. Now turn this edge over to cover it, that's right, you're good. Flip the whole thing and let it cook for about fifteen seconds and put it on the plate.

Quick now do another one. Don't forget the pepper rub." Six minutes later they were sitting listening to Ben grace the food and then everyone was eating and smiling. "Well, this is the best omelet I have ever eaten.

In fact this may be the best breakfast ever." "Yeah, I was worried about that pepper rub but it's not hot just gave it a pepper flavor. Sure beats cheerio in a bowl of milk." "Julie, you are the greatest!

We will have to give you a honorary title like Chef Juliet de la Amor." "Can I just get a pass to skip washing dishes?" "You got it girl, me and these guys will wash all the dishes if you cook like this. But remember we are on vacation and need to eat out some to give you a rest." While the dishes were being washed, three naked girls were crowded in the shower, brushing teeth, and saying they couldn't go out there in nothing but a thong that looked like dental floss.

But they didn't stop! It only took the men about two minutes to slip in swim trunks and get out to the pool. They were nervously waiting to see what the bikinis wouldn't cover. When three pair of breasts came out and started towards them swaying and jiggling under very thin loose tops they were speechless, it didn't appear that there was big babe masturbate live watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom bikini top under them.

"Wow, that sun is hot already. Bill would you mind putting some lotion on my shoulders? Do you have a hat? Your head is going to burn." "I forgot it! It still in the bag. I'll get it in a minute." His mouth stopped working as Julie pulled the little half T shirt over her head and stood before him with nothing but a thong on, well she did have on some wedge heel sandals but no one was looking at her feet. "Oh god, you are so beautiful." "Bill, you are staring.

Is it ok? Would you rather I wore a top?" "It's, they, you are just perfect! I will be alright in a minute." "Bill, it's so easy to love you, you are so nice.

Put some lotion on me, you are making everybody look at me." "Emily, let's not take ours off. Nobody wants to look at us anyway.

Ben! Stop staring at her and help me." "Take it off and we can stare at you then, and next we will do Emily. This is heaven! I knew heaven would be like this. Joe, can you talk?" "No, don't want to talk." Bill started putting lotion on Julie but he started at her chest and went down.

He rubbed but would lose his concentration and the rubbing would turn into cupping. Julie giggled and whispered, shoulders also baby. "God, Joe, he's going to be making love to her in a minute." "Can I do yours like that?

I sure want to but don't want to embarrass you." "I didn't come out here nearly naked to play with myself. If you don't I will really be embarrassed." Ben and Sarah were already applying lotion to each other at the same time. Bill did one leg while Julie did her other and then he did her stomach as she lay on the reclining chair. "Thanks baby. That's enough, if you redhead girl plays with her big tits any lower I will be wet and every one will laugh at me.

Go get your hat and bring us something to drink." Visor and sunglasses helped and they were all getting settled. Ben said they needed a cooler or they would be constantly going for drinks.

An hour went by with lotion on backs as they turned over and then back again to sun the front. Sarah and Ben got in the pool to cool off and they were leaning on the wall up to their necks.

Emily and Joe joined them and they swam a little and talked holding on to the ladder. Sarah and Ben got out, Fantasyhd blonde teen sucks and fucks for breakfast and Joe were whispering then not talking at all. Julie saw the look in Emily's eyes that she got when she was horny. Joe was holding on to the hookuphotshot rose darling sliding in her dms with one hand and the other was under water.

Emily smiled, nodded, shook her head, and nodded again. They got out of the pool and walked to the condo and went inside.

Sarah glanced at Julie, then shut her eyes. Julie looked at Bill and realized he didn't know anything was happening anywhere. She leaned to him and kissed him square on the mouth. "What are you thinking about?" "Nothing, just enjoying this and realizing that these kind of moments don't come very often. You know, times when everything is just perfect.

No job that has to be done. No problems that have to be solved immediately. Just take life as it comes and enjoy every minute." After about twenty minutes Julie looked at Sarah and Ben again, they were lying on their sides looking at each other. Not a word was spoken between them but suddenly they got up and started towards the condo. "I'm getting to hot Julie. Going to cool off a while." "Ok, we won't be able to stay much longer, it's getting really hot." She saw Bill was flushed looking and suggested that they get in the pool to cool off and it was much better.

They dipped and walked out to the deeper part so the water was over her tits and she was getting cooler. Of course they touched and soon she was backed up against the wall with a jet of water hitting her back like a water massage and Bill was getting closer and closer.

She smiled and wondered why he didn't try to talk her into going inside and in the bed, he never got aggressive with her. He was always ready but it seemed to be important to him that she was wanting it, he didn't want to force her, she thought! When he moved close she kissed him so he would know it was okay, but she decided that it was foolish to play like she didn't think about making love.

She slid her arm around his waist and pulled herself against him. He felt those breasts he had been wanting to feel all morning crushed against him and her lips covering his but better was the hand that closed around his cock outside the swim suit. That bought the blood boiling to his balls and he was filling his hand with her tit which he had held all night long and the other was cupping that ass and he wanted to shout thank god for thongs.

"Julie, could we make love, now?" "Yes, I want to. Here in the pool? No, good. Let's go inside." They grabbed a towel and soon were inside behind a closed door and he had her thong off and his trunks also and was kissing and licking her nipples.

When she lay down on the bed Bill was kissing a damp cool cunt slit and running a hot tongue up to search for a stiffening clit, Julie groaned. She wanted this worse than she knew. A hour later they were lying on the bed just holding each other.

Relaxed and happy, conversation wasn't necessary. They all migrated to the kitchen area and made sandwiches for lunch, Julie and Sarah had a top on but Emily was topless and proud, her nipples seemed to have grown in length.

She was getting drinks for everyone, she asked Ben what he would like and he, staring right at her breasts said, milk! Amid the laughter, she asked did he want a glass or straight from the container.

Sarah yelled at him to not answer that! They ate sandwiches, chips, pickles and beer. Julie started making a list of things they needed from the store.

Bill was walking around with her, she turned suddenly from the pantry and crashed into him just as he was reaching to touch her. She smiled at him and rubbed her body against his a little.

"I feel sleepy, let's take a nap when we finish the list, are you sleepy?" "I can hardly hold my eyes open." "Baby, you are hard as a rock again.

Screw the list come on and screw me." Sarah was watching from the love seat and she could see the bulge in Bill's shorts as he followed Julie into the bedroom and shut the door. She looked at Ben as he rubbed her breasts and said we need to go upstairs, sweetheart, unless you want to be raped right here! He looked and saw she wasn't joking and abruptly pushed her off his lap and led her to the stairs. Emily and Joe weren't aware of them leaving as they were into heavy breathing and tongue explorations.

Also somehow her shorts were unbuttoned and his hand was inside the back plastered to her ass. Julie and Bill did take a nap, a short one, then another shower. She went to get her list from the counter and thought that no one was in the living area. Seeing a beer bottle on the table she went to get it and saw Emily and Joe lying on the couch, naked and still coupled.

Emily was asleep but Joe wasn't he grinned at Julie as she grabbed the bottle and covered her eyes as she left, quietly. Shortly Emily was at the door ; "Julie, I need to use the bath room and it's busy are you decent?" "Sure, come on in, leave the door open." Emily used the toilet, Julie gave her a washcloth wet, she smiled and said thanks.

"God, I can't believe it, twice already. Julie, I'm still horny, what's wrong with me?" "Nothing, it's there and you're ready, both together at the same time plus the knowledge that you want it and it wants you makes you want it more and more." They talked about what they needed from the store and how they were going to get it in the car. Bill spoke from the closet that they could go in two cars.

"Oooohhh, what are you doing in the closet, Bill. I didn't know you were listening to me!" "I didn't want to embarrass you as you used the toilet so I stayed in there thinking you would leave, I'm sorry." "Julie, you knew, you did that on purpose." "I didn't intend to but you just started talking and it was too late then. Come out Bill and give her a kiss so she won't be mad at us." "Not only am I embarrassed but I'm half naked too.

Ooooww, that's nice, can I have another, I owe you a lot of kisses for making this possible for us. And for being so nice to Julie, she is my best friend and if you are nice to her then you are nice to me." "Ok, that's enough. Bill stay away from her, you just heard her say she's horny. You can shower down here, Joe too, we have showered already. We are showering to much." When everyone was ready they loaded into the cars and went to town. The shops were first on their list and they made most mas break dilan riley kagney linn karter sienna west them, stopping for ice cream and coffee, good strong chocolate and good strong Colombian coffee.

Finally they went to the grocery store and got the things they needed and some that they didn't. Joe loaded up on beer and wine. Ben got mix and went next door to the package store for vodka, tequila, and amaretto. Bill got fruit, melons, grapes, pineapple, and peaches. Julie picked out the meat, she charmed the guy so he would grind her some really good chuck instead of the regular hamburger and then said she wanted pork chops to barbeque but these were to thin and he cut her some thicker.

When she said she wanted good steaks but the display was mostly fat and bones he brought out two loins and she chose one for him to cut them from. She left with all choice cuts at the regular price but the butcher was pleased, she touched his arm as she leaned forward to look at the loin and he felt an electric shock for her hand and saw a brief flash of a nipple.

Sarah, Emily, Bill, Ben, and Joe stood way back watching. Emily said it's amazing isn't it, I just don't understand it. Bill said with a smile, I do.

Ben said, you have to be a man. Back at the condo they put everything away. Julie immediately mixed the chuck with chopped onions and a lot of other stuff, seasoned it, sprinkled something on it and shaped it like little loafs of bread and put it in the refrigerator. She said she was going to the pool for a hour of sun.

Everybody said me too, Ben produced a cooler he bought at the package store and filled it with ice and beer. They went through the lotion routine again and lay in the sun. No one was horny enough to slip away this time and they drank beer, talked, and turned brown or red. Just as the sun was reaching the rim of the low mountains they took a walk down to the lake and up for a half mile and then back.

Sarah said she had to run or someone had to hold their shirt for her to hide behind, she had way to many beers. Nobody had a shirt. She and Ben walked fast. A quick dip in the pool helped cool them down and some one came walking around the building, it was the guard shack attendant.

He talked to Bill and was introduced to everyone as Sam. Julie had to smile for she don't think he looked at their face, he couldn't get pass their tits. She feel at ease and noticed that neither Emily or Sarah were self-conscious either. He told them no one was scheduled to come in at all this week so they would have the place to them selves.

They asked how far it was to Vegas and about good places to eat and what could they visit that was interesting beside gambling. When he left he said to Bill it was good to see him again and maybe they would come back often. Julie went in to prepare dinner and everyone went also.

They again had a community preparation and somehow it got done. They all complained about 'momma' making them eat carrots but they ate everyone of them. The chuck was baked in the oven and it was delicious. They drank two bottles of wine as they ate and then had coffee after the meal. Ben said he didn't usually eat this much but he was really hungry and everything tasted better.

Joe said yeah, but it might be that we never ate with six beautiful naked breasts before. By the time they got cleaned up and went outside with the coffee it was getting cooler and just a thong didn't keep them warm. But three guys tried, finally giving up and going inside to cuddle on the couch and love seat.

Bill went to a closet and got three blankets for them. Julie lay in his lap, covered herself and pulled his hand up to cup her breast. Emily did the same she and Julie were facing each other and their legs were touching.

Ben had his hand on Sarah where her thong covered her, if it had still been there. "Way to many lights in here, Joe. Be a friend and turn some out. I'll wait." When she raised up she forgot to hold the blanket and everyone got to see his hand around her breast with the nipple squeezed between thumb and index finger. No one said a word. When the lights went out, all that was left was a little coming from the lights outside, just enough to see.

Emily asked what were the plans for tomorrow, Julie said there weren't any unless she wanted to make them. She said I have to wash my car or take it somewhere to be washed, it's filthy. Joe said he would help her and they said they would all help if she would do it naked. "You think I won't don't you. Well get ready to wash my car for you are going to see a naked woman!" "You won't, you can't, you haven't got the guts! The car is on the front side of the condo." "No matter, no one is here to see me and you are bound to see me nude before the week is up." They heard a whimper like sound from Sarah.

But no one asked. "Who wants a beer? I'll getting one for me and Bill together. I can bring them, yell out!" "One here." "Sure we'll take one." Bill let go of his prize before she vidisex perawan ful sex stories up. She stopped him and said she could get it just take it easy. She gave each a beer to share and crawled back under the blanket. Bill's hand started back but she stopped it on her stomach as she opened the beer and held it to his mouth.

A hard way to drink but he managed. She took a swallow and then shifted as she put her hand back on his and moved it to the thong lifting her hips and she and he got it pulled down and one leg out before she noticed that Emily and Joe were watching.

She shifted a little and moved his hand to her cunt and spread her legs, she was breathing very heavy. Knowing they were watching and aware of what they were doing was making her hot, she whimpered as his finger slowly entered.

Emily began to rub her leg with her foot and she gasped as Joe's finger wormed under the band of the thong. They heard a rustling and could tell that Sarah and Ben were leaving and going upstairs. Sarah's thong fell out of the blanket just before she reached the stairs to be found the next morning. Five minutes later Emily and Joe got up clutching the blanket and went up the stairs.

Julie and Bill didn't need the blanket, she walked naked to the bedroom turned to him and said she needed to brush her teeth but he shook his head and removed his shirt and shorts to reveal a hunk of hard cock which she touched lightly. Bill kissed her as she stroked his cock and pressed her body against it.

Slowly she sank until the kiss was broken and she kissed her way down to place the hot head against her lips and opening them slowly let it slide in her mouth as she whipped the tip with her tongue. Bill swayed to jut his cock out for her mouth and reveled in the wonderful feeling her lips and tongue gave him each time she loved his cock orally.

Julie whimpered as she tasted the precum flowing from the little slit and her desire to deep throat this monster size cock. She could do it but it stretched her throat and she couldn't breathe and she wanted to keep it down there for a while.

She loved it tenderly, giving him as much pleasure as she could for she knew he was going to return the pleasure when he put it in her cunt and stuffed her with it. Bill held out as long as he could but soon pulled her up and put her on the bed, spreading her legs and crawling between them as he looked at her. She was watching him with desire as first his mouth hovered over her cunt and then attacked like a dive bomber.

She gasped, it wasn't unexpected but still it was a thrill but it was short lived as he advanced to kiss her lips as she lay spread eagled waiting for his cock. She whimpered as the head brushed across her cunt and he swayed to make it rub her higher and touch the clit as the tip peeked out. She moaned; "Fuck me baby, take me and fuck me, I'm yours. I'm dying for your cock, I love it, the more I get the more I want.

Fuck me all night." Julie lay trembling, every muscle taut, her legs spread and turned out to open herself for him, she was exposed, arms straight away from her body nothing covered, totally submissive and begging for his cock. Bill could have plunged extreme and hardcore anal gape ryland ann loves it rough her and ravaged her but he gently rocked until he was centered and slowly pressed into her wet slick and hot cunt.

She moaned with each inch shuddering as he slipped all the way into her and her voice whispered to him. "Yes baby, love me, oh god, how you can love me!

You make me weak all over with your big strong cock. Make me cum baby, I want to come for you and give you my love cum.

Yes, oh, oh, I love it, do it, I love you, fuck me baby. Love me like I love you." Tuesday morning started like Monday, coffee but sitting on the deck while there was a little coolness left and now the conversation was easier. Then it was waffles and syrup with tons of butter, bacon, juice, and fruit.

Sarah was the cook with help from everyone. They hit the lounge chairs earlier so they could get more sun but less heat, and this time there wasn't any excuses to sneak inside to make love. There wasn't any hurry now it was something to look forward to and not rush for it wasn't going anywhere.

Sam came by, he was on his inspection round he said, but maybe he just wanted to make sure he saw correctly yesterday. They were starting on the margaritas early today and that gave them the munchies so they consumed chips and bread sticks with crackers and nuts on the side. Sarah said she would weigh a ton by the time the week was over. Bill said they would have to make a run to the store for tomorrow.

Maybe it was the tequila but they didn't notice the heat as much today and stayed out until almost twelve. A dip in the pool, one of many, and rinse the chlorine with the pool shower and they were inside making sandwiches and giggling about everything.

They rested in the cool interior and then got up a bucket, rags and laundry liquid and went to help Emily wash her car. Bill found a hose and she wet the car down and seeing that no one was doing anything, she wet herself with the cold water and then shyly slipped the thong down and let the water spray on her body. She slowly moved towards them twisting and stretching as the water sprayed over her beading up on her oiled skin.

Suddenly she turned the hose on them full force and chased after them as they ran away yelling. They did wash both cars, Emily was naked and wet the whole time. She whispered to Julie and Sarah that she knew now she was supposed to be a stripper, she loved it. Julie said we have to find a place to hide your body for we will have to kill you now for certain. You are ruined! Ben kept everybody wet for that way the thongs were just there, they didn't serve any purpose except to stick to skin.

Sarah whispered to Emily, asking if she saw that bulge in Bill's shorts. Emily rolled her eyes. They actually took a nap after they cooled down. The girls were using lots of lotion to keep their skin soft and moist. The guys were loving the job of rubbing it in.

Julie woke up groggy, she staggered to the bathroom, she had slept an hour, unusual for her. She went back to the bed room and saw that some how she had lost Bill while she slept and now Emily and Sarah were in the bed.

She went looking and found him on the love seat curled up. Joe was on the floor flat of his back, and Ben was on the couch dreaming, she guessed for he was smiling.

She crawled back on the bed but Sarah had spread out and there wasn't much room left so she nudged her a little to get her to move over. All Sarah did was put her arm around her hip and whisper groggy, I love you too. Julie thought maybe she was sharing Ben's dream. She dozed a little but it wasn't good sleep anymore so when Emily got up she did also and went to make coffee.

The coffee pot woke Joe up and seeing Emily was coming in he came to the kitchen. The three of them talked and that woke up the others.

They made their plans for tomorrow's trip to Vegas and the guys were going to rent a boat for Thursday morning to explore the lake. Sarah complained with headache, Ben said she was just suffering from sleeping after drinking and she needed another margarita. She drank it, Bill popped some popcorn and they all drank margaritas and ate it. Then it was back to the pool for more sun and lots of dipping in the cool water. Sarah was doing dinner tonight and she went to get things out to season and prepare prior to cooking.

They stayed at the pool until five o'clock, letting Sarah and Ben go to shower so they could start cooking before they came in. Dinner was baked pork chops seasoned with coarse ground pepper and a dusting of paprika, with steamed veggies, rice, and loads of butter. She even had a french onion soup and french bread. They ate exclaiming with every bite, and drank wine. Bill wondered how in the world they would ever exist after this week, if the food got any better no one was going to be allowed to go home!

They would just all stay there forever. After dinner and dishes they walked along the lake until it was so dark they couldn't see. Then they returned to the pool and sat around with coffee.

Soon the group was beginning to separate with couples getting together for low talking and sitting real close together. Someone said they were cold and two people went inside followed by two more soon.

Julie and Bill were left cuddled on one pool lounge. He asked if she was cold and she said just a little but it's so nice out here that she would like to stay a little more.

He went to get some hot coffee and returned with a blanket. When they got fixed underneath the blanket Bill started exploring.

Julie was helping him and soon she was naked underneath the blanket and pressed against him doing her own exploring. "Julie, can we, is it alright to make love here?" "Baby, we can't on this lounge! We would be beat up, it's not shaped right. Take the cushions off and put them on the concrete and then the blanket on top of that." All that was left on the lounge was a pile of clothes as they lay together on the concrete, it struck Julie as funny, they were like two teenagers.

Making love on the ground with a huge bed empty inside. But she was soon caught up in the emotional feeling and they forgot the time and where they were! An hour later they were going inside and showering before using the bed and deciding it was a lot more comfortable. Finally they slept! Joe wasn't sleepy at all! He just couldn't get enough of kissing that cute butt and those perky nipples. Emily didn't mind at all, she would hold him and stroke him until he couldn't concentrate on kissing anymore and then she would pull him until he was firmly seated in her.

But sometimes he would get her in position where she would lose control! She loved to do it doggie style and sometimes he would get to kiss her while she was on her hands and knees with her knees spread wide apart and his tongue had unlimited access to her ass cheeks and crack.

Emily would moan and beg but she couldn't stop from cumming as his tongue slipped across her asshole going down to her wet cunt. "Oh Joe, don't do that to me. Please oh my, you don't know how wonderfully awful that feels! Please fuck me again, don't make me beg like a starved whore!

Oh god, baby! You're killing me! Please, yes dammit do it, stick something in my ass, anything! Oh god, that's so good but it's so nasty, not your tongue baby!

Please fuck me and stick your finger in my ass, Joe, I hate you. You make me want to be fucked in the ass but I don't want to beg you! Do it, just do it! Please baby please! Fuck my ass with your hot cock, yes right there, please don't tease.

Arrrggghh! God, I love you, oh it's so good, give it all to me, lover. Take my ass, again and again!" Emily had her second time to be fucked in the ass, her second man. She knew she would want it forever from now on. She laid her face on the bed and marveled at how good it was to have a cock sliding slowly in and out of your asshole, she could feel every ridge, every vein, even the cockhead rim inside her tightly clenching colon. She could suffer this all night long. But Joe couldn't!

She had got him to worked up to last very long. It was a real turn on to hear her begging for his cock. She was very open, always up front that she wanted him to undress her and kiss her all over while she stroked his cock and played with his balls. But to hear horny blonde milf masturbates hardcore show homemade and camshow beg to be fucked and then offer her ass to him had his blood pounding through his body and his cock like steel.

Emily squealed when the hot cum splashed into her ass and she clamped down on the hard cock pumping the sperm into her. They wiggled against each other and then slowly settled to the bed and lay on their sides. She straighten so she would be against his chest and he held her hips to keep his cock in her, it was wonderful, the second best place to keep your cock.

"Joe, baby?" "Yes sweetheart." "How did you know that I would like to be fucked in the ass? What made you think that I wouldn't scream and be disgusted?" "I didn't. All I know is that I love to look at you. I love to touch you. I love to kiss you. I want to kiss you all over. Everything about you is beautiful. There isn't anything that is nasty or dirty about you. I would kiss your cunt while you pissed on me. Your ass was sweet and I would do anything you asked me to.

I never did that before but I loved it and I will do it anytime you will let me. You think I'm weird don't you and maybe I am but only about you." Emily was silent for a long time, she felt his cock in her ass and his hands on her breasts, she wished now she hadn't asked. She needed to say something but what?

"Joe. Don't get weird about me, please. This is just going to be a week then everything goes back to being regular again. I don't want either of us to get hurt by this. I hope that we can just enjoy it while it lasts." "Me too. But I have to admit that you are a bit more special than just a dancing partner now.

But I won't let it get out of control. Can I have a kiss or am I going to have to beg." Emily smiled and twisted until they could kiss and whispered to him that he was a stud and she could feel him growing again.

He told her it was her fault for being so sexy and asked if she was tired. She wiggled her ass and said not that tired. They heard Sarah and Ben going in the bathroom. "Oh no, lost our place again. Next time we need to make sure we get a bathroom of our own." "No sweat. We can practice while we wait. Was it like this or round and round?" "Weeeeee, my god, it's still good. This is awful!!!!

Kinky gf tries out anal sex on the bed while being filmed pornstars hardcore to far, don't mess up the sheets. Oh no, baby! I'm going to cum, fuck me hard." Sarah and Ben were finished with the toilet and were going to shower but they got to playing pushy body and were seeing who could win.

They heard the bed in the room next door start bumping against the wall and couldn't kiss for laughing. Ben asked her if she wanted to sneak in and watch, Sarah giggled and shook her head.

Bill woke up first Wednesday morning. He went to turn on the coffee then to the cum eating oriental gorgeous hottie loves deepthroat. He was stepping out of the shower just as Julie was getting in. They exchanged kisses and she patted his butt, she knew better than to touch his cock but she looked at it.

He went to get some coffee and Ben was already pouring some for him and Sarah taking it to the other bathroom. Emily came down the stairs. "Is Julie in the bathroom, Bill?" "She's in the shower." "Great, I've got to get in there and shower too.

The other one is full of love birds, they will be in there forever." "Here, have some coffee, I will take some in for Julie." "Thanks, my hands are full or I would carry it." She took the coffee in one hand and held her clothes and toothbrush plus the towel wrapped around her in the other. As she turned to walk away the towel slipped and fell away from her back but she couldn't grab it so she turned and said oops as she walked backwards.

Bill had to open the door for her and she said, "This is silly isn't it? Yesterday I washed the car naked in front of everybody and now I'm trying to hide my bare butt." Bill set the coffee down on the counter and got out of there, he did sneak a peep at Julie's image through the shower doors. "It's me, bought you some coffee. I need to use your toilet and then shower, can I wash your back?' "Sure come on and I'll wash yours first." When Emily got in the shower she kissed Julie and said sorry haven't brushed yet.

Julie answered, me either. "Oh that feels so good. I love for you to wash wife and husband first night sex bides back, you are so gentle!" "Doesn't Joe wash your back, am I going to have to talk to him.?" "Yeah, he does and does a good job but it's so fast.

He wants to get lower or in front, backs don't turn him on." "Butts must, yours is a little red this morning." "To much sun most likely." "Don't want to talk about it, huh?

Are you having fun? I am enjoying it!" "Me too. But not getting much sleep. Times flies when you're having fun." They talked and washed, shampoo for hair and washed it out. Shorts, t-shirts, towel for hair and then take coffee to deck. They joined everyone else, except Sarah and Ben, to watch the sun as it slowly rose above the hills.

Joe raced to the bathroom. "What are we wearing today?" "I'm going to wear the while mini with the white top and a three quarter sleeve bolero jacket with light blue strap low heels. " "I didn't know you had a white mini or top. You don't need a jacket, it won't be cold in the casinos." "The top is new and the jacket is necessary. When you see the top you will know why." "God, I'm starving. How far is it to the place we are going to eat breakfast, Bill?" About thirty minutes, the food is good and you will love the view, it's right on top of a high hill." "Yell at everyone to hurry before I faint." Bill went to the door and yelled, "Bus for L V leaving in twenty minutes.

Move it or lose it." He rushed to the bathroom to shave. Joe was getting out of the shower. Julie rushed in with Emily right behind her, they saw Joe naked looking for a towel. Emily said, "Put some clothes on Joe, I don't want people taking you away from me." "Didn't you ever learn to knock at home?" "We didn't have doors, couldn't afford them. Didn't have a bathroom had to wash in the crick." "Grab your toothbrush, we can brush in the kitchen sink.

Don't cut your self baby." It was a absolute madhouse for the next half hour, three women trying to dry hair in the same bathroom, do makeup, put lotion on themselves and each other, and watch to see what they were wearing. Bill got half shaved and then had to got to the other bathroom to finish. He wasn't used to being around girls and suddenly there are three of them and they are brushing up against him, slapping him on the butt, saying fasten this for me, and standing there smiling as his hands shook.

He was afraid he was going to cut his throat. Ben used an electric razor and walked around as he rubbed it across his face. Joe was waiting for Bill to finish so he could use the mirror. "Oh my god! Sarah look at that! Julie, that is beautiful!

You look like a teenager, doesn't she Sarah?" "I'm jealous, it's not fair. White looks so good on you, and your tan is fabulous. Bill, come here quickly.

Bring everybody with you." Julie was beaming by the time she was made to model for them and they all commented on how great she looked. They made it to the car and crowded in.

Three in front and three in back. Sarah sat in the middle up front while Bill sat in the middle between Emily and Julie. He put his hand on Julie's knee, she smiled at him. Emily grabbed his other hand and put it on her knee, Julie snatched it away. Joe made Bill promise him he would swap places half way up and half way back. They made it to the restaurant and ate, Emily ate enough for delightful and erotic love melons mashing hardcore and blowjob ditch diggers.

Julie discovered a problem with her mini skirt, it didn't cover much when she sat down. Most of her thighs were on the cold chair and part of her ass was also. Plus as she walked to the bathroom all eyes were watching, thankfully she had put on the jacket.

But it still left some of her skin showing and it was cold, she would have froze without it. They made it to Vegas, parked, and started the rubbernecking tourist bit.

They wanted to see everything and they did, stopping long enough to eat a late lunch. Finally giving up at three thirty and hitting the casinos for some 'what do I do to play and get rich' time.

They tried to stay together and found some slots that they could use close together. Julie won a little, only about twenty four dollars, Emily won thirty two and Sarah hit it! She got credit for one hundred twenty dollars, she wanted it right then. She went to cash in, of course they wanted to give her five dollar pieces but she said no she wanted money and got it.

Stashing it in her little clutch bag she said she was just going to watch. Ben told her it was only one twenty, she looked at him like he was a idiot, "Ben this is the only money I have that doesn't have to go for rent, food, or utilities.

No way I'm going to chance losing it." That sort of ended the gambling. The guys decided they would have dinner and see a show so they checked until they found one that they thought would be interesting and caught cabs to get them all there. It was to early but they bought tickets and walked around looking, stopped at a room for drinks and listened to a trio performing.

There were several rooms that had free entertainment and while they weren't big stars they were very good. They stood in line for a while and finally got in the show dining room. A nice tip got them a booth up close to the stage and they had champagne and dinner of steaks. They had more champagne and coffee until the show started. It was a magic show, but it had dancers and music also, when the dancers came on stage they paraded to the stage front, about forty of them, all young girls, all good looking, all topless.

Sarah gasped oh my god, they're half naked! Emily said, "Sshhhh, don't let everyone know we are from the country." The magic was very good, at time absolutely amazing! The time flew by and when it was over they amazed that they had been in there for two and one half hours. They had a long drive home and a crowded car, no hanky panky possible, Ben said he would go get the car and come pick them up and got a cab.

Joe bought everyone a drink to go and they waited for the car taking a last minute look at the lights on the strip. When Ben came they piled in the car, Sarah had to sit in the front middle again to be near him which meant they started back like they started this morning.

They talked about all the things they had seen, all the entertainment that was free, all the million of dollars it must have cost to build paradise in the middle of the desert. Bill said it was a Disney World for adults.

Sarah said she was amazed at all the unattached girls walking around and sitting in the lobbies, she guessed they were waiting for their husbands to finish gambling. It was quiet and then Ben said, "Sarah those were prostitutes." "Prostitutes, that many! You mean they, they" "Yeah. They do." "How much do they charge?" "I don't know, most likely about a hundred dollars." "That's pretty good for a night, you could make seven hundred a week." "Sweetheart that's for just one time.

I imagine all night would be a lot more like maybe from six hundred to a thousand." "Really! One time, a hundred? My god, at that last night I could have made," "Be quiet up there, Sarah, we don't want to know that much." "Emily, we are in the wrong business! We should be prostitutes. We could work a couple of years and retire rich. Do they pay income taxes, Ben?" "I don't know!

It's legal here so they should but it's against the law in most other places. But it's not all profit. They have to split it with managers and the hotel, I guess. You couldn't get rich in two years, I don't think." "Oh. I guess we better keep our jobs, Emily." "How awful, I was already thinking about the mansion we could build in Seattle and the huge yacht we would need to have our parties on." "Wow, I didn't think of that, five thousand a week, would that be a quarter million apiece a year?" "Unh huh, you are pretty good at math." "Three of us for two years would be a million and a half.

Then we could just work for expenses. Wait! Emily! Julie could get a lot more than us, she is prime stuff. We could get two million in two years!" By then everyone was howling with laughter, even Julie was laughing. "Sarah, you are so wonderful, I love the way you are so enthusiastic, that's why you are such a good teacher, I think." "Thank you Ben. You are a good friend! Not like my other friends who laugh and make fun of me." "I love you, Sarah! I never knew I was prime stuff!

I need to think about how to cash in on it before it's gone." They talked about all the people they had seen losing big money at the tables. The ones dressed in suits and with wads of money and piles of chips. Also the ones at the slot machines that obliviously didn't have much money but still feeding their quarters in the metal monsters. Then they got quiet, each thinking their own thoughts. Julie removed her jacket and cuddled up to Bill. She took his hand and kissed it placing it on her thighs so she could turn and place her knees in his lap and lay her head on his shoulder to doze.

He caressed her leg and her hip with his arm touching her breasts, she hugged his arm against her so he would know it was ok to touch her there. Emily dozed also and her head fell on Bill's other shoulder. Sarah wasn't asleep, she just pretended to be so she could let her hand fall into Ben's lap, that kept him from getting sleepy at all.

Joe just rode waiting for them to stop so he could get in the back seat. About midnight they pulled into a gas station and everyone got out looking for the bathroom. Ben filled up. Bill asked if he wanted him to drive and he said yeah, he would like to fool around a little. They all got coffee and piled back in the car. Joe got in the middle between Emily and Julie and they talked a little but were not in the mood for talk now.

Ben had Sarah wrapped up and she wasn't resisting a bit. Soon they were kissing and those in the back couldn't see their hands but Bill finally had to cut the dash lights off as Sarah's dress was nearly off. But they could all hear her little whimpers and moans. That made all of them want the trip to be over. Emily got her seat belt fixed so that she could turn and lay on Joe and hold his hand on her breast. He found the nipple and it felt so good he just had to roll it with his fingers.

Emily undid the buttons on her shirt and let him try it without covering. They both liked it better that way. Julie closed her eyes, she didn't want to see, she didn't want to hear, she just wanted the trip to be over. They finally made it back. The traffic was light and they made good time but it seemed to take forever. The bathrooms were busy for a little while. Sarah stripped off and jumped in the shower, they were in the master bath and the guys were using the guest bath, she must have felt sweaty or something.

Ben made everyone a margarita to help them sleep, Bill prepared the coffee pot for morning. Emily asked Joe did he want to go swimming to cool off, he didn't but he went! They didn't take any swim gear, just a margarita. Sarah came to the kitchen with just a towel wrapped around her, a small towel, and she got Ben by the hand and they went up stairs. Julie and Bill drank their margarita and just looked at each other, they talked, like, did you enjoy the show, the steaks were good, the champagne tickled my nose, but their eyes were doing most of the communicating.

Glasses were suddenly in the sink and oiled girl takes care of a dick were crushed together but not long as they had to get in the bedroom fast. Julie got him on the bed and then she straddled him and leaned to take his cockhead in her mouth as she lowered her cunt to his lips.

Bill had been wanting her since he got up this morning and he didn't last long in her hot mouth with her tongue lashing the head. He pumped his load in her and could feel her throat constricting to swallow every drop as he licked, sucked, and gobbled at the wetness of her cunt. Julie reversed her position when they finished and they lay facing and entwined, kissing and tasting their cum on each other's lips. To her surprise he hadn't even lost his hardness and was entering her wet cunt immediately.

"Oh god baby, you are wonderful. You are still hard as a rock! Take me sweetheart, I'm yours for what ever you want, any way you want. Make me your fuck slave!" "You are so beautiful, Julie. I have been hurting all day. Looking at you and wanting you." "I know sweetheart. I could see it in your eyes. And I wanted you!

But now you have me, do anything you want." Bill wanted this to last a long time and it did! His passion was so high that when he came a half hour later he still maintained his hard on big boobs squirt webcam and young chubby couple orgasm maximas errectis kept on fucking her as she cooed and groaned through cum after cum.

But finally he couldn't stop the finale and it almost tore his balls out as they strained to spurt more than they had in storage.

They stumbled to the bathroom and cleaned up, then back to bed and went to sleep kissing. Julie remembers hearing him telling her he loved her, she heard her voice say I love you to. Chapter Fifty Eight ------------------- Thursday morning found six very tired people drinking coffee by the pool.

The girls were not dressed they were just wrapped. Sarah had on the towel, Emily had on a long man's T-shirt, Julie had on a robe. They had got up late and the sun was hot. Sarah said she couldn't take the heat, she had to much to drink last night so she went to the pool and shed her towel and walked in.

She practiced her swimming, she was getting better her ass showed on top of the water as she swam now. She waded to the edge and told Ben that it felt really good, it made her head feel better, and he should try it.

She smiled and held her arms out to him and he got up and started for the steps. Ben stripped off his shorts, shirt, and briefs, actually they were boxers and got in the water quick. Everyone saw his cock and the dark hair patch, Julie and Emily knew that wasn't fair as men aren't very impressive unless they are aroused. Everyone could see Sarah' s tits and they were impressive.

"God, Julie, her boobs are growing. Look at them! Not you Joe! She must be a D cup now." "Yeah, but you know it's the pills." "Does birth control pills make you increase in size, Julie?" "The hormones make you get bigger, it makes more fatty tissue form in your breasts and stomach and thighs, Bill." "Well, they don't make me look like you or Sarah.

It's a good thing I take them, otherwise people would think I am a boy." "Emily you don't need bigger boobs, you are just perfect like you are." "I say amen to that, the most perfect horny jewels and her tutor alexa have steamy lesbian sex I have ever seen in my entire life." "Thank you Joe, you are sweet. But we need to dip and get at breakfast, come on." "Emily, I don't have my suit." "Neither did Ben.

Strip and show everybody what you have, I am." Bill said, "I don't want to see what you got Joe. But do it so I can see what Emily's got." "You already saw everything she has when we washed the cars." "Yeah, but I forgot, Julie." "Come on you two. Don't be sticks in the mud, skinny dip!" Six naked people in the pool just has to be fun! Breakfast got delayed, but nobody cared. Emily did eggs, grits, bacon, toast, with fruit, juice, and a small shot of amaretto.

Then it was back to the pool and two hours of lying in the sun. Joe kept finding beer in the cooler and they kept trying to drink it up. Also they were steadily going to the bathroom and dipping in the pool. Emily and Joe couldn't get comfortable, two lounges weren't working, one was to small for two people, so they finally just spread cushions on the concrete and lay locked together.

It was easy to see why Emily was so happy for he couldn't kept his hands off her. He was constantly rubbing something, putting sun tan lotion on her, or kissing any thing that was indented or raised up. Now Julie knew why her nipples were looking longer, they were longer, they were being stretched constantly. Sarah and Ben were aware of other people, but totally absorbed with each other. Julie and Bill pleased each other just by smiling most of the time but once Bill got carried away, lost his cool, and went wild.

She had smiled at him as he put lotion on her stomach, way down low, and wiggled her hips, he smiled back and she kissed her finger tip applying it to his lips. He couldn't stop himself and engulfed a nipple, well it was only six inches from his mouth and he had been looking at it for ten minutes, and sucked it. Julie gasped and reached to make him stop but instead she was pulling his head down harder.

They moaned in unison and everyone looked at them, smiling, they understood. But suddenly Bill's hand covered Julie's thong covered cunt and she choked out a loud, "YES!" with her legs widening. Now everyone was interested in how far they would go but a little embarrassed that they were looking.

But Bill came to his senses, really he wanted to get her in the bed, and realized where they were. He stopped and looked at Julie, she was quivering all over, her eyes were filled with lust, she knew where they were, she knew she was nearly naked, she knew she would have cum in about ten more seconds but she didn't care she just wanted to be fucked!

Now! Four sets of ears heard him say to her. "I'm sorry but I have to have you right now. Can I take you to the bedroom?" "Yes sweetheart, take me now. I want you, I need you to make love to me." Bill picked her up like she only weighed twenty pounds and carried her to the condo and inside without a glance at the others.

There was a few moments of complete silence then Joe spoke. "I want to do that to you, also." Emily took his hand and they splashed out of the water pausing only to grab a towel. Ben was leading Sarah to the steps and she followed without a word. Bill didn't bother with wiping the sun tan lotion, the sheets could handle it!

Thank god, they hadn't made up the bed. He lay Julie down and removed her thong, she was still quivering, and she opened her legs and arms for him. Her eyes widen and her quivering intensified when his cock was released from his shorts. She moaned as he lay between her legs and leaned his lips to her cunt. She jerked like she was struck by lighting when he kissed and began to lick her there.

Julie came twice before Bill finally moved up to kiss her nipples and suck them as he inserted his cock in her cunt tenderly and slowly embedded it all the way in until their bodies met.

He lay on her fusing his lips to hers as she whimpered and came again without him even moving. Julie lay spread underneath him, stuffed with his big cock, feeling every little twitch. Stomachs together, chest and tits mashed between them, lips fused, she was completely his her hands on his ass and her legs wrapped around his. She was having trouble getting deep breaths as his weight was limiting her lung capacity and his lips sealed her mouth.

She was getting dizzy and needed to get free but she didn't want to be free, she would just die like this!

Bill realized she labored for breath and he rolled to the side and rolled her with him. Julie gasped for air and he removed his lips watching her as she gulped large breaths and looked at him as she squirmed her hips to get as close as she could. Julie lay her head in the crook of his arm and turned her face up for him to kiss, pressing her breasts into his chest and bringing her legs up so his cock could go deeper.

She murmured to him when she could get enough air. "Love me baby, give me your love as you give me your cum. I love you, I just can't help it! I tried not to, I thought we could just be lovers and not get involved but know now that I just can't let you fuck me and not be emotionally tied to you. So please don't say anything just accept my body and make love to me as I give myself to you. We will talk after I have time to think it out.

Please, baby!" Bill nodded, he couldn't have spoken anyway his heart was in his throat and choking him to death. But he could move his hips and he did, very tenderly and very slow, bringing a sigh from her lips and a whispered yes from her mouth. They made love a long time, the need to climax was forgotten as they gave each other satisfaction in many other ways.

But when they did cum together, he emptied his body and all his strength into her cunt and she cried. They missed lunch, both were asleep.

Emily and Sarah were worried, they knocked on the door and finally heard Bill answer. "Bill, we have eaten our sandwiches, do you want us to make you some? We have ham and turkey but no more cheese and just wheat bread. How many do you want?" "Just one a piece. We will be out in little, we went to sleep. " "Ok, remember we were going sight seeing and we will get ready now, the sandwiches will be on the counter." They made sandwiches and put out the last of the potato chips and went to their rooms to find some clothes.

Bill and Julie hurriedly showered and came out to eat their sandwiches. Neither said anything about what Bill wanted to talk about. He kissed her before they went to the kitchen. She kissed him and looked at him as she felt of his arm and shoulder and put her finger to his lips. They ate the sandwiches and shared a beer. Emily came in. "Did you have a good nap? We didn't sleep just enjoyed being cool and talked about all the fun we have had." "Yes it was good.

I think all the beer and stuff makes me sleepy or maybe it's just being relaxed for a few days. Either way it's great." Ok, we are ready to go. Ben said it would take us about half an hour to get to the Indian ruins and then most of the afternoon to see everything.

Are you ready?" "Sure let's do it. " It did take most of the afternoon and a lot of walking, some were just piles of rocks and they looked and drove on. Others were mud walls of houses that had fell down but pretty amazing when you realized they were built more than five hundred years ago. They got back to the condo around six o'clock, Emily said she needed to start dinner as she wanted the steaks she was marinating to cook really slow after an initial shearing.

But they needed some other stuff, Julie said she would make a list and go get them while she cooked. They sat down to eat at eight o'clock with more wine and then coffee with amaretto, mixed or separate. Sarah said she wasn't going to weigh until just before Thanksgiving for she was going to be huge after this week.

They sat outside for a while so the guys could smoke cigars with their amaretto. Bill had got them while Julie shopped, and also got some more tequila and mix. She asked him how much the tickets for the show were and he smiled as he said they were free.

"Bill, you should let me pay for my ticket. It is nothing but fair. " "Well, we were doing dinner remember, and you couldn't eat what we would have cooked so we took you out to dinner.

The show just happened to be in the dinner theater where we ate, so you can't pay for your dinner as we would owe you again." "How long did it take for you to come up with that bit of logic?" "Sounds good doesn't it?" Everyone was tired, full, and relaxed so they just talked until around ten and drifted off to bed.

Julie woke up early, she wasn't used to going to bed early and sleeping a lot. Bill was laying on his side and she was snuggled up to his back. She slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom, she finished and grabbed her brush and went to the kitchen to start the coffee.

It was already made, she could smell it as soon as she opened the door, and Ben was sitting at the counter drinking some. "Good morning Julie." "Good morning Ben, what are you doing up so early? Didn't you sleep well?" "Great, like a log. But I have always got up early and I can't break the habit. No use laying there if you can't sleep.

I would love to just look at Sarah sleeping she is so innocent trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars a baby. She smiles during her sleep. But it might disturb her so I get up. What about you, you have trouble sleeping?" "No, I'm like you, I always get about five hours sleep and that's what I am used to.

So after that I wake up, unless I'm really tired." "Well, let's grab our cups and go watch the colors." "Ok, do you want something to munch on? I got some donuts, sugar coated, at the store. They are fattening but who cares. Want one?" Yeah, afraid I do." "Wow, look at how red those hills look with the sun just hitting them. and the water is so blue early in the morning.

It's beautiful here, I love it. Ben, you really like Sarah a lot don't you?" Ben looked at her with a slow grin coming to his face. "Damn, you are slick aren't you? I admire the way you slipped that in there almost so easy that I didn't realize it." "Well?" "Sure, I willingly admit it! I think she is the most wonderful person that I have ever known. To be honest to the point of being sickening, I love tamed teens featuring jacqueline amp marcella having gonzo style rough teen sex I would do anything in the world for her and it would make me the happiest man in the world if she would spend the rest of my life with me." After a period of silence.

"I'm glad, I'm glad you are honest and glad that you love her. She needs a man to love her right now and give her strength. She has been through some hard times and she came away pretty beaten up, emotionally." "I know a little about it, she has told me a few things but I have said it doesn't change how I feel about her.

And it doesn't. All that I care about is that I know she makes me happy and I try to make her happy." "That's wonderful." "She also told me about how you and Emily came along and dragged her out of despair, those are her exact words, and made her feel like life was worth living again. I saw the sudden change in her but didn't know what was happening, but I saw a different person suddenly. Like a cocoon yielding a butterfly, and what a beautiful one she is.

I love you and Emily for that!" "Have you told her that you love her, I'm sure she feels it but have you told her?" "Yes but no strings attached.

She is free, I am mature enough to know that she has a lot of life to live and a lot of things to experience. She doesn't need to get back into a relationship to quickly." "The important thing Ben is that she knows, and knows without any doubt that you love her. All women need that and I guess men do too. Let's talk about something else, someone is coming." "It's just Joe, he can't sleep after the sun comes up either." They sat and talked, soon joined by Bill, Julie waved him to her chair and sat in his lap curled up like a little girl in daddy's lap.

Joe sat where he could see the stairs and when Emily's feet appeared at the top he was up and going to get her some coffee. She had on his T-shirt and her tan was twice as dark as yesterday. "Morning everyone. Julie you always draw a crowd!

I wish you'd tell me what the secret is, I need help! Thanks sweetheart, can I sit in your lap a while, I woke up cold. I think I got a lot of sun yesterday. And it makes your skin sensitive to cool." "Your tan is looking great, every one is going to be jealous." "Are we going to young anal punishment and cop punishes teen kimberly moss gets treated like a good little out today, what is the plan?" "No plan, just whatever we want to do or nothing." "Let's lay out and shop this afternoon, I want to go to those little shops around the bridge and just look." "Ok, what would you guys like for breakfast?" "You aren't going to cook, we will take you to eat.

You've got to quit mothering us. You are on vacation." "Do we have enough donuts to fill us. We could eat donuts and then have a early lunch, we don't have to have breakfast do we, Do we guys, speak up." "No, no we don't, god now we got two mothers, soon we will have time outs.

What happened to the fun loving girls we saw Wednesday?" "We had twenty four gorgeous babe being teased before a nice fuck, now we have twenty two.

Ben and I ate one apiece. " "Ben go get Sarah up, she will have a fit if she finds out we ate a donut without her. She will moan and grumble about gaining weight but if we don't wake her she will kill us all." Ben got Sarah and she did complain, but she ate four donuts.

She said she could feel them sinking to her hips. Ben looked and rubbed and said no, not there yet. She stuck her sugar coated tongue out at him and he kissed it. Emily said, behave children. They spent two hours in the sun and pool, then showered, ate lunch banged the busty brunette in the bum visual purr suasion headed for the city and ten miles of walking from shop to shop.

The guys gave up and sat in a bar drinking beer after the first two miles. "Damn, fellows! Where did hot babe anna bell peaks gets nailed and creamed week go?

We have to leave tomorrow. It doesn't seem like we have been here seven days and nights." "Yeah, it feels like maybe seven hours. But I have sure enjoyed it, how about you Bill?" "Got to be the best week of my life.

And we know why we have had so much fun, don't we. It is those wonderful girls. I never met anyone who was so open, so unassuming, so friendly as they are. And they could be hateful, have that better than you attitude because they have the beauty that so many others don't have.

But they act like we are the best things around, I feel like I'm somebody when I'm around them." "Yeah, it's not easy to put into words but I understand what you are saying.

They don't act like we are just old men taking up space and getting in their way." They were silent for a while, Joe's words required them to face reality and it wasn't something they wanted to do. Then Bill asked Ben what story would they tell back at the apartment, they didn't have any fish or pictures of fish and Hank would bug them to death about going off without inviting him and George. Ben gave them a story that made sense except they didn't have a thing to back it up.

First they forgot to take their cameras, they bought one of those instant ones that you take the whole thing to have the pictures made but dropped it in the river the last day when they were taking scenic pictures. They caught some trout but they weren't really big and they had to release them, besides they didn't really want to keep them anyway.

They did a little sight seeing but it was cooler there and they all had sinus problems, runny noses and sneezing. He even had the name of a lake fed by small river and a little town where they stayed. They needed to not shave anymore so they would look like fishermen and guys just bumming around. They repeated the name until it was familiar. They would blind side Hank by saying that next year he and George just had to go with them. That would hack him off sure enough! The girls showed up around seven, not many packages but lots of excitement, they needed another few hours but knew they were tired of waiting for them.

They all had a before dinner drink and talked about what they wanted to eat so long that they had to have another. Finally they took the bartender's suggestion and rode a little ways to a roadhouse which had thick juicy steaks grilled over mesquite and lots of fatting food.

They also had very good coffee, Julie could smell it across the room. She and Emily drank a lot with their meal. A band was playing by the time they finished eating and they danced a little but had eaten so much they school boy and madam xnxx want to do much except sit and enjoy the ambiance. Also they were feeling pretty mellow from the drinks.

Soon they decided to go back and drink at the condo, they still had a lot of vodka! It was still warm at the pool and they lounged around a while but before long was getting in the pool to refresh themselves. No one bothered about a suit. Julie and Bill were sitting on the steps with the water up to their chests, Sarah and Ben were under the diving board holding on to it with their hands above their head bumping against each other, Emily and Joe were sitting on the edge of the pool dangling their feet in the water.

Emily: "Julie, I slutty blonde cutie gets screwed really good cumshot some coffee. If I make some will you help me drink it?" Julie: "Sure, want me to help you make it?

I need to visit the little girl's room anyway." Emily: "Ok, anybody else want some coffee? I can bring cups out." Ben: "Sounds good, can we scrap up something for dessert, I'm craving something sweet, looking at Sarah makes my mouth water." Sarah: "Oh, listen to that would you. Laying it on thick aren't you? Just what do you think that will gain for you?" Ben: "I'm hoping I can get just a little bit of heaven that is in front of me." Joe: "Anybody want another beer or a vodka drink?

I'm going in to get me one." "Come on Bill, I really need to go inside." "I can't go right now, Julie. I-I. have a slight problem." "What kind of prob, Bill, oh my god, do you, oh god, it's, it is! " "Don't Rub It! Julie!" "Bill, what am I going to do with you?

You are worse than tom cat!" "I'm sorry, I can't help. Seeing you naked is, it does it to me." "Don't be sorry, god, it makes me feel so good to know you want me that bad, but we have to be able to walk around in public. I'm not laughing at you, baby. It's just a thought I had, I wanted to yell at Emily and Sarah and tell them to come look at what I got for Christmas.

I'm sorry, it's not funny." "Julie, are you going to go with me? What are you two whispering about over there, are you two behaving? Bill bring her over here, both of you come since you are stuck euro teen outdoor and cute strip tease hd the booty drop point km outside base hung his head in embarrassment, Julie began to laugh.

She said to him in a whisper, if he couldn't come she would bring him some coffee as soon as it was made. She kissed his forehead and squeezed his cock as she left. She and Emily went to the bathroom then made the coffee. While it was going they got out the pound cake and strawberries and made strawberry shortcake adding a little sugar on the strawberries and a shot of whip topping.

They barely had enough for six, Joe had come in for beer but seeing the dessert decided to wait on the beer. They had to keep adding coffee and water to get enough for six full cups. Julie got two towels from the bathroom and slung them over her shoulder. It took two trips to get the coffee and shortcake out to the pool, she gave Bill a towel and wrapped the other around her waist.

Ben went in and got their last three cigars. Julie smoked a couple of puffs on Bill's, naturally Sarah and Emily had to try some too. They decided that it was bad for you, left a terrible taste in your mouth, but it did smell good. After the dessert and coffee they talked a while and begin to drift away to bed.

There wasn't as much passion as before as they were keenly aware this week was ending and all were in a subdued state. There was sex of course but it was slower and the kissing was deeper and lingering. All three couples slept cuddled. Saturday morning came with everybody getting up and looking for coffee. A walk was the first thing they did after the first cup.

They then were in the pool swimming and cooling of fnext was showering the chlorine off and letting the early morning air make them cold before drying off. The guys said they would take everybody to breakfast but the girls said no, they were going to fix breakfast for them and it was a whopping breakfast.

Julie did eggs benedict, Emily did pancakes, and Sarah did bacon, hash browns, and toast. Joe said he believed they could make it all the way home without eating any thing else. Ben said but all the coffee would cost them about eight stops. There were private moments of quiet conversation and then they loaded up and drove away, stopping at the guard shack so Bill could talk to Sam a little while to make sure they were understanding each other.

The girls went to the pool and spent about two hours in the sun. They decided it was getting to hot so they showered and went shopping to see the stores they didn't have time to see the day before.

They skipped lunch, just had a soft drink, and returned to the condo. A little time to rest as it was still to hot and another hour and one half of sunning late in the day. They went to eat dinner late, the sun was almost down, returning to the place they had been the night before. They tried some different things on the menu. It was crowded tonight with people eating and also going in the lounge. When they finished the meal they went in the lounge but were uncomfortable without men with them.

They felt like everyone was looking and wondering why three women were alone. A few men came over and asked if they wanted to dance but they refused politely. "Well, damn I might as well go home.

Flash brown fucks osa lovelys pussy doggystyle

You and Sarah are getting all the seekers, it's those big tits, it's always been like that. I'm going to get me a breast enhancement, something like say a 44 D and then sit and watch you die with envy." "Emily, all they want to do is play with us. They can see that you are not only beautiful but very intelligent and they admire you with respect.

They want to take you home to see mother, they just want to take me and Julie somewhere and rip our clothes off." "Sweetheart, there are hundreds of women who desperately want just that, of course they would scream like mad if it ever happened but they want to be looked at that way.

Don't try to tell me it doesn't give you a boost to see someone's eyes drawn to you like there was magnets in your nipples." "Can't you two talk about something beside sex?" "Are we embarrassing you, baby. Or making you horny?" "Well, she shouldn't be horny, none of us should be horny. But did you see Bill's! My god, Emily. That man is hung like a horse! I don't see how she is able to walk." "I seen it! Did you see the smile on her face?" "Yeah, and the one on his too!

But did you notice that it happened every time he got around her, talk about magnets!" "Oh god, please! Give it a rest will you. Have mercy xxx story rajthan fuck kolej the poor guy." "Oh no.

Here comes three of them!

Are you going to dance Emily?" "No, to be honest I'm burned out on men right now. I just want to relax and drink a margarita. What about you two?" "Same with me, let's go back to the condo and have some girl only time. Julie?" "Ok with me. Sorry fellows, but we have to leave. Thanks for coming over and seeing it we want to dance but we have to go take care of our sunny leone sexy nude porn children and three husbands.

Maybe some other time." The men turned away and they heard one of them say, "I told you they weren't looking for a good time." They rode back in silence, except Sarah kept giggling. They were all in the front seat, Emily was driving.

"What's so funny. Are you drunk or just got the giggles?" "Sorry, just remembering. This has been a great week!

I haven't had this much fun, ever! Honest! I never did crazy things or watched my friends do crazy things and enjoyed it so much. I was thinking about you washing the car naked, all of us swimming nude as babies, laying in the living room and being played busty french teens first anal casting castingbunnies and pornauditions while we all are there knowing what each of us is doing.

God, it was wild. And so much fun just to be open and do whatever you wanted to!" "Yeah, it was fun to just walk around topless, let everyone see you and if someone touched you not to think any thing about it. You couldn't do that with just any body, we were fortunate to have the right guys there otherwise it could have been a disaster." "Why are you so quiet, Julie?

Are you ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking that tomorrow it's back to the routine. Monday I will be back at work, you know maybe taking the job wasn't a good idea.

Honestly, it's boring during the summer, there's nothing going lauren take preston cock deep in her pussy and moans. It's real easy but boring." "If you get really, really bored, all you have to do is call and we will come rescue you, you know that!" "I know, thanks." Arriving at the condo they sat around and talked, drank some margaritas, took a dip in the pool and got ready for bed.

They decided to all sleep in the master bedroom, Sarah said like a high school pajama party. She started undressing and stripped completely, which wasn't much stripping as she didn't have much on, none of them did.

"Sarah, my girlfriend hot solo with big dildo are a little red on your butt, to much sun get the lotion with the aloe in it and lay on the bed. I will put some on for you." "Ok, but you have to let me do you also." "Promise you will behave?" "No." "Ok, go get it.

Julie, want to get in on this don't you?" "Why not! I've got a couple of places that are tender and could use some lotion." They did apply some lotion to each other, they also applied some lips to each other, Julie got moved around until she was between them lying on her back and both breasts being devoured by hungry mouths and lashing tongues.

Soon it was hands squeezing and fingers probing making her gasp and wet her cunt with moisture. Once she had cum and lay still for a short time she joined Sarah in bringing Emily to climax twice and immediately she and Sarah were locked in a tight embrace until Emily recovered enough to squeeze against them and make it a threesome. Three girls in the shower slick with soap, somehow got a titty fight started and Emily held her own as she could swing her torso with the best but they overpowered her by using theirs as battering rams.

They were wet as rats when finally they just gave out. No one spoke as they dried off. Julie got the lotion and rubbed some on Sarah's rounded ass. When she finished Sarah turned and pushed her back against the vanity and took the lotion applying a generous amount to her hand and rubbed it on Julie's shaven cunt.

Julie whimpered, "Sweetheart, don't! You know what happens when you touch me there." "Yes, I know and I want you like white blindf cheating wife sucks bbc during phone call with husband. Give it to me, spread your legs for me." Emily watched in amazement and rising passion as Julie slowly opened her legs, leaning back so that her hips were placed thrusting forward.

She saw her body trembling as two middle fingers began to penetrate inside her cunt. Julie head went back and her hair hung down almost to the counter, her breasts were thrusting up and the nipples pointed and hard. Sarah stepped close and leaned in to kiss the nipples and touch her back with her leg rubbing Julie's. Emily moved without realizing she did, to approach Sarah's back and her hand rested on her lotion slick ass immediately sliding a slicked finger in her crack and down to probe her ass hole.

Sarah stiffen and moaned around the nipple. She tighten her arm around Julie crushed her mouth against the breast. As Emily slid her finger inside the unresisting but tight ass she leaned to kiss the back leaning away towards Julie and found one of the blonde's tits to squeeze. The combined weights were getting to be to much for Julie as both were causing pressure against her. The fingers in her cunt were squirming like mad driving her towards a climax, she was already wet as a swamp.

The suction of Sarah's mouth on her nipple was pulling it into her mouth until it was two inches long and hurting. She began to push back to try and get straight up again as the vanity was cutting into her ass cheeks and her back was aching. She felt Sarah's body and then Emily's behind her, hot skin against skin. Finally she got enough strength to push herself upright and Sarah released the nipple as she was having to stoop and instead searched for her lips.

Sarah whispered to Julie as she kissed her lips and stroked her tits. "She's got her finger buried in my ass. She's ass fucking me, Julie! Oh god, it feels so good. It's awfully to like this isn't it, I'm just awful, a dirty slut." "No, baby. You're not awful and you're not a slut. Just enjoy it! Emily let's get her to bed on her hands and knees, she needs to cum like this." They did and she did and they did a lot more exploring before going to sleep cuddled together on the king size bed.

They didn't have a specific plan for leaving but it must have been in the back of their minds as they woke early. Julie did the coffee and they drank it at the pool, showered, dressed, packed and loaded the car. They stopped at the gate and told Sam they were leaving, he could notify the cleaning crew.

He said they didn't need to hurry the cleaning crew wouldn't come until tomorrow. They told him they had a great time and left waving. Emily drove to the city and they stopped and ate breakfast. Julie said she would drive and they could sleep if they wanted to, she wasn't sleepy. They hit the road for the long trip home.

They didn't sleep but didn't talk much either. Occasionally a song would be on the radio and they would sing along. "Emily, we will need gas about the state line, wasn't there a gas station with a gift shop and a state welcome center there?" "Yes, remember we said we wanted to look at the gift shop on the way back." "Ok, let's stop there, I need to go to the bath room." "That's about thirty miles, you will burst by then, we can stop twice." "No, I want to stop there.

The rest room should be better, I need to do more than tinkle." "Ok, I will gas up and we can meet in the gift shop." "Thanks." "Can I get something to drink, my bacon was salty and it made me thirsty." "Sure, the bacon was country cured and it has a lot of salt in it." Thirty minutes later they pulled into the gas station. Emily got out her credit card and started filling up with gas. Sarah went to get something wet. Julie headed for the welcome center.

Emily finished filling up and pulled the car over to gift shop where Sarah was waiting. They went to the restroom there and then shared the soft drink Sarah had bought before starting to look around. There wasn't many people passing through as it was still early, before lunch, on Sunday morning.

"Gosh, it's been nearly a half hour, I hope she isn't sick." "Want me to go see if she is ok?" "Let's both go, no use standing here waiting." They walked to the welcome center, it wasn't very far from the gift shop. Locating the rest room they went in and looked around but didn't see anyone. Walking to the closed cubical area Emily called but no one answered, she called again, then asked if anyone was in there.

No answer, she and Sarah opened all the doors and the place was empty. "I guess we missed her, but I don't see how. Let's go back to the car and check the gift shop." Five minutes later they had checked the gift shop and the bathroom there, Julie wasn't there. Emily was getting worried, she told Sarah to stay at the car in case she was some where or looking for them and she hurried to the gas station and checked it out.

When she came back, Sarah started crying. "Where could she be, Emily? She wouldn't have just left, she wouldn't have thought we left her and caught a ride. Did someone take her?" "Don't cry, Sarah. We have to look again. There no other place she could be. Just one of these three. Stay here and watch I will go to the welcome center and ask them if they saw her. Maybe there is another room and we didn't see it. She might have went in the men's room by mistake, I'll get someone to check it.

Don't cry." Emily almost ran to welcome center. She asked the lady behind the counter if she saw Julie come in, describing her. She said yes, she went in the ladies room. Emily said she had checked there and didn't find her was there any other place she might be or did she see her leave. The lady said no to both questions. They went and checked again, then checked the men's room, it was empty.

The lady called on the radio and got the man that cleaned up outside to come and Emily described Julie to him but he didn't remember seeing anyone like that but he had been around back picking up trash.

He knew she didn't come that way but he couldn't say about the front. Emily said she needed the police, did they have a phone she could use? The lady called for her, they said a unit was about ten miles away and would rush there. Emily went to the door and looked.

All she saw was Sarah pacing at the car. Sarah saw her at the door and came running. "You didn't find her? Oh god. Call the police, we have to find her. No body seen her? Oh Emily what are we going to do?" Emily broke down and they held each other and cried so pitiful that the lady also was wiping tears. They heard the siren and it got louder but each second seemed like a hour to them. The lone patrolman got out and everyone tried to tell him at once what had happened but of course no one knew what had happened just that she was missing.

He called on the radio and gave them a description as best he could and asked for a all points bulletin and they needed a lot of men to search the area. Then he tried to get as much info. as he could from the two distraught women. One hour later many officers had arrived, some that had been on their off duty week end, a quick search was done of the three buildings and then the immediate grounds.

Every one that was at all places were interviewed. Emily and Sarah had told their story about four times. They opened the car trunk and checked if any thing was missing. All of Julie's stuff was there except for her hand bag. The captain arrived and he had called the FBI, plus he now called the police in the city where they lived and advised him of the situation and asked if they would notify the husband and get a picture to fax and have it copied and sent to all units.

A medical unit was dispatched to the welcome center as he was afraid that Sarah was going into shock, she cried uncontrollably and was shaking all over. They checked her and gave her a light sedative to calm her down. Emily was stronger but she also broke down and sunk to the ground when she saw a patrolman looking in the trash containers, the reality was sinking in.

Emily asked if she could call her husband and tell him what had happened and get him to go over to Harry's. The patrolman gave her his cell phone and she tried to tell Kurt what she wanted him to do, but finally she just sobbed holding the phone to her ear. The patrolman took the phone and explained to Kurt what had happened and that they were searching for her but needed the picture to send out and Mr. Cole would need someone to help him and not let him rush here as there was nothing he could do.

Kurt said to give the phone back to Emily and he told her he would rush over, was she alright, did she want him to come and he loved her. All the efforts of the police led to nothing. No one saw anything, there wasn't a lot of traffic so any thing would have stood out. It was, as one officer put it, like she walked in the restroom and just disappeared. They think they found smudged fingerprints on the very end cubical but it was hard to make sure they were Julie's. Emily and Sarah stayed and answered a thousand questions.

No she wasn't upset, she was just like she always was, happy, smiling, but mature and certain of herself. No she didn't lose any money in Vegas in fact she won a little. They didn't talk to anyone except waitresses, no one tried to pick her up. When they asked if they knew of any reason that some one would kidnap her, Emily said she was the most beautiful person in the world, Sarah moaned and said they would have to kill her, she wouldn't just go quietly.

She would have fought and screamed to her last breath. Sarah started crying again. Kurt, Harry, and Jimmy arrived as the sun was setting, they were driven by a police man, they heard the story again from Emily and Sarah this time.

They all went home in Emily's and Kurt's car, he drove, followed by a patrol car. By then the news was being spread by local and national TV. Julie's picture was being flashed around the nation asking for any information.

Life was torn apart in a sleepy little western city where bad things just don't happen. Chapter Fifty Nine ------------------ One month later the FBI held a meeting with the police of two states and the local police to assess the position of their progress and exchange ideas.

The case had grown cold with no leads what so ever and they were becoming desperate. First they reviewed the information they had which was basically the report given by Mrs. Johnson and Bell. The results of a quick search revealed nothing, the all points bulletin furnished no leads. The in-depth search the next day with over a hundred and fifty people found nothing. Local authorities had not found any problems with the family life, everyone at the school just adored her, the principal of the school and all the male coaches and teachers had even drove hundreds of miles to help in the search and they all praised what a wonderful person she was!

The whole town was covered in yellow ribbons. They interviewed the condo owner, who was a friend of Mrs. Bell, and he confirmed that he offered them the use of his condo as they were nice people and they didn't have a lot of money for vacation.

He didn't know any thing for he and two friends were in Montana fishing and didn't get home until Saturday. State police had her picture in every vehicle and officers had stopped at every truck stop on that interstate to ask trucker if they would keep a look out for this person. The FBI had visited the casinos in Vegas without any results, a lot of people thought they might have seen a woman like that but they couldn't be sure there were a lot of women in Vegas!

One dealer said sure she was a dancer in the show, he didn't know her name but he saw her a lot with different men at the table, making extra money. They found the girl but she wasn't Julie and she was scared to death by the FBI. They also interviewed the guard at the condo and he confirmed that they stayed a week, no one else was there.

There weren't any suspicious people around and no one visited. They talked to the cleaning crew and looked at the condo but there wasn't any indication of a struggle or any thing out of place.

They showed her picture to the people where they ate breakfast that morning and one waitress said she waited on them. They were laughing and talking about eating so much and they would have to diet as soon as they got home.

No there wasn't any other strangers in the place and she didn't see any one hanging around outside. A expert with the FBI's unit on sexual kidnapping offered a profile of sexual predators. They would become obsessed with a woman and follow her for days or miles and wait for the opportunity to either trick her into going with him or overpower her. Usually they would terrorize the victim and keep them tied up and abuse them over and over.

If they couldn't terrorize them into submission then they would kill them. Either way the victim usually was murdered. One investigator said the second method, overpowering, didn't seem possible in this case. There wasn't many people around, everything was open and visibility was good, she was seen going in the restroom and no one else was in there, there was no sign of a struggle, there was no noise. Another said all the people he interviewed said the same thing, she would not have left with any one without telling her friends.

She was not a gullible person, she wouldn't be easily tricked. She would have fought as long as she could. Then the possibility that she left willingly was discussed. It was she who wanted to stop at that particular place, she made a reason to be alone. Could someone have been there, perhaps parked behind the building waiting and she waited for a time when the attendant wasn't looking and went out the back and left.

They would have had at least thirty minutes to get to an exit and off the main road and no one would have noticed them.

The all points bulletin wasn't issued for nearly a hour and a picture wasn't available for more hours. That seemed to be a plausible explanation, except no one could explain why. Why would a woman with a loving family, many friends that thought she was a angel, a job promotion, and no apparent drug or other problems suddenly leave all that? And with who? So they discussed where and what had happened to any one that she knew and was close to. Her husband had only returned to work a couple of weeks ago, along with her son.

They were both shaken to the core and had visited a grief counselor. The two ladies she was with had also had counseling and they were trying to get back into normal living. The condo owner was still in town along with his fishing buddies and they could only shake their heads when asked if they had any idea what happen to her. The principal of the school had a heart attack about two days after returning from the fruitless search, he was home but very weak.

The local police said they got calls and people on the streets asking if they had any news or new leads did the FBI have any suspects? At the end all they had was a missing woman, they feared she was dead. All they knew was that she was very beautiful and so it was most likely a sexual crime or she had chosen to disappear and start a new life. The leader urged everyone to keep this case at the fore front, don't let it fade and get stuck in a cold case file for they would never be able to give those close to her closure unless there was some freak discovery.

They resolved to meet again for review in six months if nothing broke first. Six months later there was a follow up meeting, it lasted twenty minutes. There was nothing to discuss. The local police chief went to Harry's house on Sunday morning to tell him that there was no new info., he had promised that he would. Harry thanked him and offered him some coffee and breakfast, asked how his children were and they talked a while.

Jimmy was the star of the base ball team and they went undefeated that fall, everyone in town knew the Coles! Harry had opened the new shop in the other town and it was doing well. He was considering moving but wanted Jimmy to finish school here first.

Heather was always there for him and most people had said it was just a matter of time before Harry gave up his hope that Julie would be discovered and freed from what ever person was holding her, and got a divorce. Jimmy and Tammy were everyone's favorite couple, Tammy's father already called him son. David had also matured, he and Jimmy got out of the Internet business, they destroyed everything except one set of DVD's, even removed the hard drive and smashed it.

His father came home for a month and now was back in South America, he was going to stop working in other countries when David started to college and just have little ranch in Wyoming. He already had bought the land.

Kurt had got his promotion and now was being considered for a position in the Denver home office. Emily wanted him to get it, she thought a change would do them all good. Sarah and Ben no longer were sneaking around. Everyone said it was wonderful how such a tragedy could bring them together for Ben was her rock as she fought through the depression of losing her best friend and not having any idea what had happened to her.

She had just let her apartment go and moved in with Ben, they were going to get married in October. Sarah had finally called her parents and went home for a week to visit, it had been more than two years. There were a lot of tears but a lot of love also. Bill and Joe were kind of alone, they didn't fit with Sarah and Ben, although they asked them to go eat with them and do things and they still played golf.

But they were odd thumbs on the same hand, even Hank and George didn't understand what was wrong with them. Bill had a really hard time but he kept it hid well, Ben and Joe saw him almost melt when they got the call telling them about Julie's disappearance. He went to his apartment and stayed inside for twenty four hours, saying he was feeling like he might be coming down with a virus or something.

Now he just sat around never joining in the conversation and when it would work around to the tragedy he would get up and walk away. He never showed any tears but Ben and Joe knew his heart was broken. He sold the condo to a retired executive from Chicago for a winter home.

Charlie was retired with a disability. The vice principal was named principal and the school went on but it was a sadder place for all the employees. It didn't take long for everyone to realize that there was i blackmailed my hot mom subject that could not be tiny yo amateur gagging on huge dong while Emily and Sarah were around because they would tear up instantly.

The pain was always there. Mel no longer came to the office door! Darlene cried when she realized even he was hurt by the unknown criminal. Everyone was sure that she was dead, killed by some crazed individual seeking gratification for a hidden sickness. That's what everyone thought! But no one was sure. Even the authorities thought that but they didn't want to officially say it and just hurt the families and friends. But no body knew for sure what happen to her!

The officer at the welcome center was as close as any one, maybe, when he said she just walked into the restroom and disappeared. No one knew anything. Except. Just maybe, a small chance, but maybe there was one person who had an idea, a suspicion or a hunch.

But even he couldn't be sure. For he had never seen Julie, just a picture. Dr. Adorable bitch undresses previous to oral games had a young graduate, who had finished his internship and was looking for a practice in a small city where life was slower and people knew each other and cared.

Amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car weren't many of them around, the doctors, there were a lot of towns. He brought him down to visit, offered to sell him the practice, work with him for a year to ensure a smooth transition and then it would be his. It was accepted and now Dr. Harold was just going in and helping out until the time was up.

Most people seemed to like the young man more than they did Harold! He flirted with all the old and young women, and did something Harold had never done! He would tell people what was wrong with them, what their options were, and then ask them what they wanted him to do! All the young girls were coming to the office now, Harold laughingly told everyone they looked at him like, are you still alive?

Anyway Harold got an offer from a drug company to be their consultant on sales seminars about four times a year and they paid him handsomely just to make a twenty minute talk before a crowd attending the seminar.

Naturally he talked about the benefits of early detection and quick application of a drug treatment program for all the ills of mankind. He and Rose had traveled to Acapulco just a few weeks ago and he had done his bit. They went to the big dinner afterwards and he visited around as he was supposed to do with the company rep.

at the early cocktail party. When they went in for dinner he and Rose were seated at a table near the middle of the room with a bunch of customers and they made small talk. A table near them was completely empty with reserved placards on it. Harold noticed an entourage approaching consisting of five men and one striking lady.

It was obvious that an elder gentleman walking with the lady holding her arm was the leader of the group as all the others waited until he decided where he and the lady would sit and then they held the chairs of both.

Removing the placards everyone else sat down. The gentleman had white hair and was immaculate in dress. The lady was, well striking, the type that you could not take your eyes off. Her dress obviously was made for her alone and accented her body which was outstanding, but the most compelling thing about her was her demeanor. She radiated beauty, but not the haughty kind, a halo of enveloping kindness and acceptance of attention with a smile that touched all around her.

But it was that smile and those eyes that hit Harold like a baseball bat to the head. He knew he had seen it before, he just knew it! It was the same smile as he saw on the beauty in Charlie's pictures. The same eyes, the same hair, it might be a little lighter with sun highlights but it was the same, he would have bet money on it!

She sat turned slightly towards the man and he did the same. He spoke and she answered with a smile, he spoke to the man across the table and he nodded three scenes in one story got up and left, returning in a few minutes with a waiter and a tray of drinks.

Harold broke his trance, he asked the sales rep. who was the gentleman that just sat down directly in front of them. He answered that he was the owner of the major drug distribution company in Argentina and that they did a lot of business with their company. He added they would talk to him after dinner, that he would not discuss business during a meal.

Also he was Italian descent, an old family in Argentina. Harold wanted to ask about the lady but didn't. He looked at Rose and she was listening to them but didn't say anything. "Rose, I think we are very close to a lot of money, old money they call it.

That ladies dress cost more than our house I think." "You noticed her dress? You must be getting old, Harold. I didn't think you would realize she had any clothes on at all." "Well I might have taken note that she was very lovely. And fit inside it very well." "She is and does. She must be a movie star or model. Or was, obviously she is his wife or girlfriend, he hasn't taken his eyes off her.

She looks like some one that I have seen before, maybe it was a magazine." Harold drank his drink, he didn't even notice what it was, and ate the meal talking to Rose and others but all the time he was thinking, it's got to be, but it can't be. The lady sat almost in front of him about twenty five or thirty feet away, the light was a little dim, she was framed by the shoulders of two men sitting directly in front of her and all he could see was her head, shoulders, and down her body to just where her breasts began to form a valley.

He looked, ate, drank, talked, and looked, arguing with himself, it has to be or her twin, but it's impossible. He wished he had a picture to compare, he would have to get closer after dinner. Once just briefly she looked directly at him as he was frozen looking at her, she smiled and held his gaze for a second and looked back at her glass.

Dinner was over, Harold wasn't sure if the chicken breast was good or what was stuffed in it! They went to the room next door and two hotties take care of a rod over cocktails and cigars. Rose was glowing, she wished they had something like this back home, she was so tired of the small town life, which really was boring.

But Harold loved it! He had invested in some land years ago and he talked about building on it and ranching, how completely awful! Their country club only had one tennis court! Harold talked to several customers with the sales rep. and they got close to the white haired gentleman, waiting until he finished talking with someone and then started to him. He spoke to the beautiful lady standing by his side smiling and amiga de la prepa y mi verga to everyone that came by them, she smiled at him and nodded, giving him a light kiss she turned and walked away at a angle to Harold.

Immediately one of the men went with her, staying slightly behind her but to her side, no one had told him to it must have been his job! She disappeared out the door smiling at each person who looked at her. Harold was introduced to the gentleman and to two of the men who were his sons. The remaining third man didn't not hot tampa milf charlee chase gets titfucked and was not introduced, obviously he was a personal assistant.

They discussed briefly the seminar and the meeting they had attended. "Doctor, I found it very interesting that in your program you warned several times about the side effects of drugs and that we should or must inform the public of these.

Do you not fear that this will tend to make people not take medicines that they need for good health?" "There is some problems there, sir.

But we must make this information available to the people needing this medicine so they don't contribution to the false stories that course throughout the world. Such as the flu shot causes you to have the flu. But there will always be a segment of the population that fear drugs no matter how much we educate them." "Why are there adverse side effects, can we rid our medicines of them." "All drugs have side effects, good and bad, we have to suffer the bad to enjoy the benefits of the good.

For example, simple aspirin is a wonderful drug, it relieves pain and combats fever plus we know that it is beneficial in preventing great damage of heart attack. But one of it's side effects is that it is rough on the stomach causing acid indigestion and perhaps stomach ulcers. We work to lessen those and live with that we can't stop because it is beneficial to us." The conversation went on for some time covering illegal drugs, bogus drugs, and out right miracle drugs.

Finally the gentleman excused him self saying they had to catch a early flight home. He indicated he would like to talk to the sales rep. about future supplying of some additional products and they set a date two weeks in the future. When they departed the sales rep. said that this was the first time they had shown interest in other products preferring to buy from other companies.

If they were successful in increasing their business in Argentina big boob blonde teen strip and granny blowjob glasses first time fucking is not a game would make sure that Harold got credit for his role. Harold and Rose retired to their room soon after, as all that was going euro hotties get plowed at a party was the people that wanted to drink free were hanging around the bar.

Rose chatted about it would be so nice if they could increase the social environment at home, Harold agreed but his mind was still battling with the mystery of the lady. He had trouble going to sleep thinking and wondering. If is was possible, would it help his friend Charlie to know that she was not dead?

Harold had always believed that Charlie's heart problem was more a broken heart problem than heart disease. But how could he prove it! When he got home, as soon as he could find an excuse, he was on the computer and looking at the file of Charlie's pictures.

But he still couldn't be sure. It looked like the same person, the smile was nearly the same but maybe, well just maybe, but then maybe not. Harold went to visit Charlie. He was sadden by his friend's shaking hands and unsteady movements, they joked about playing a round of golf as soon as it cooled down a little but Harold knew they would never play again. Charlie knew it also.

They talked about a lot of things, old times, fun times, sad times. "Charlie, we have been through a lot together, about the saddest was when Helen died. We all hurt for you but I was so proud of the strength you showed in grieving for her but continuing to function and carrying on your duties at school.

There were some low times but you managed and after a while it seemed like you found some goal or something to give you purpose and renewed strength." "It was good friends that kept me up and gave me support, friends like you and Rose, Mrs. Lucas and Darlene plus a special friend that some how made me want to be the best, my best I guess, just by being my friend." Harold called the heart specialist that was treating Charlie and found out that Charlie's condition wasn't as critical as it appeared and he could regain strength and body functions if he would work at therapy but he said he just didn't want to.

The specialist said that he was of the opinion that Charlie had just given up! Harold agreed. He never mentioned the mystery lady, all he had to do was tell the local chief who was his friend. The FBI could have quietly investigated and determined if it was or wasn't. But he never mentioned it. Harry and Heather married, they had two children both girls. Also they had two companies to manage and were very busy.

Jimmy and Tammy went to college, he had a scholarship for baseball and the pros were interested if he could increase his home run percentage. Tammy went to the same college, she had scholarship offers to better schools but she wanted to be with him. It didn't really matter. She got a lot of offers for jobs in the banking industry but she waited to see where he would go in sports. They both went to New York as husband and wife, left fielder and third baseman and stocks and bonds expert.

David went to college but was working two years before graduating, he was a computer expert, program analyst, and a vice president. Kurt and Emily moved to Denver, he was a manager of accounts and then promoted to vice president.

Emily taught at the high school level until she had enough credits for a master's degree and moved up to the college level. Sarah and Ben got married, she had four girls in five years. They all looked exactly like her. Ben said he planned it that way, she was so beautiful that he couldn't bear to have any ugly boys.

He was so proud that Joe said he smelled like dead fish. Joe stayed at the apartments. He was manager of the association when Ben left. Bill started going back to his old company and working on new plant varieties, finally moving back and working full time. He continued to get patents and had a plant named after him.

He never married. Charlie was discovered dead in bed by a hired care giver. Apparently he had died in his sleep. He was clutching a three ring binder to his chest. The undertaker called Harold and said as best friend he should take it but Harold knew what it was and told him to bury it with him and not to mention it to anyone.

The undertaker said that all the police were asking what was in it but he didn't know, Harold thought, yeah sure you didn't look! The case was filed as a cold case and never solved! THE END