Slut grabbed by the tits and black hammered

Slut grabbed by the tits and black hammered
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NOTE: This story contains bestiality and lucky guy gets to lick delicious pussy. If this does not set well with you, then DON'T READ IT. Teen Porn Stars I am a high school mathematics teacher while my wife is an English teacher. We both teach the ninth grade where the students are all about fifteen to sixteen years old.

They are freshmen and are the small fish in a very big pond. For some it is hard to adjust to it because just last year in junior high school they were the big fish in that very little pond.

My wife and I run a little porn studio in our basement too. It is for a very select clientele, the kind that like the girls young and they think that those legal eighteen-year-old models are just way too old for them. Recruiting willing young girls has not been a problem for us.

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My wife and I can adjust the grades of the girls that we think will cooperate with us. We like to call it 'applying pressure' instead of outright blackmail or coercion. Anyway a few weeks into the new school year my wife and I started picking out our likely subjects. We start lowering their grades and school rap sex 8 yer story comments about them trying harder.

Eventually we suggest that they get extra help and tell them that we are available. However whenever they ask us for our help we are always busy and put them off.

Finally when we are sure that they will cooperate fully we suggest a Saturday at our house to improve their grades. Those girls that we really want are then given an appointment. Mentally my wife and I did a psychological profile on each of our selected girls. We chose a fifteen-year-old named Francine as our porsche lynn dominates randy west target.

Francine was a very cute girl, kind of submissive, with a nice budding set of breasts. She actually looks younger than her age. She was perfect for our needs. We pressured her just enough so that she took us up on our Saturday offer. We asked her to report at eight o'clock in the morning so that we would have her all day long. That Saturday morning my wife and I woke up feeling very aroused. Francine was punctual. We started out by asking her a series of questions that we ask all of our girls.

Surprisingly Francine was far better than we had ever anticipated. Francine was so psychologically unstable that she would do anything that we asked of her.

Francine had lost her cherry to her younger brother at age thirteen. Then he bragged about it to their father and was then severely beaten and also fucked by him.

When her mother found out about it she called her a whore and told the men that they could have their way with her. In the past two years Francine learned to tolerate and then to actually enjoy getting fucked in all three of her holes. Her mother made her eat her pussy whenever she wanted her to.

Francine even became the dog's fuck toy. My wife and I actually felt sorry for her. So we openly told Francine that we would help her with her grades in exchange for some nude porn sessions. She actually got excited about it and admitted that she was a lot better fuck than she was a student and for passing grades in both mathematics and English she would do her best. We believed her.

As a formality we had her sign release forms and other paperwork knowing full well that she was a minor and that it wouldn't hold up in court. We asked Francine to undress and took her measurements and weight.

We measured her height, bust, waist, and hips. Measuring her breasts included above, below, and across the fullest part. Francine showed no sign of being modest at all even when I fingered her pussy and ass. We set up the first scene by asking her to use the toilet first then to give herself an enema, a douche, and then asked her to brush her teeth and to take a shower while we videotaped her.

Francine smiled and said that she would love too. We wrote the items on a large whiteboard for her in the order that we wanted. While Francine was getting dressed again to start our scene my wife made a few phone calls. Francine then waited for our signals. With the two of us using two cameras we could cover her every action and piece it together later.

Francine slowly undressed for the camera and then sat on the toilet with her legs spread wide. I stood back and got most of her torso while my wife got in close to see the yellow stream hit the pool in the bottom of the toilet. She even captured a good size turd as it splashed down too. As Francine wiped herself she showed the camera the brown stain on the toilet paper before dropping it in too. We both watched and filmed Francine as she filled the douche bag and screwed the enema nozzle onto the hose before turning and sticking it up her ass.

For the next couple of minutes Francine made sounds of pleasure as her bladder filled to the maximum. Then she just barely made it onto the toilet seat before her floodgates opened up. Francine decided to give herself a second enema.

We just smiled and watched the whole performance unfold again, this time with much cleaner water flowing into the toilet as she was squatting over it with her feet on the seat.

Next came the douche. Francine assumed the same position with her feet flat on the toilet seat then squatting down before inserting the douche nozzle and swishing it around in her teenage pussy. Francine kayla quinn drills her tongue on man ass for cum in mouth her teeth and then took a shower for us.

We took a short break and waited for her new fuck partners to arrive. It didn't take them very long since they had been pre-warned and then were called a while ago. Soon we were introducing Francine to her fellow film stars. Really no introduction was needed since the men were her history teacher, her gym teacher, and her homeroom teacher. The woman present was her librarian. Francine actually talked to them, asked them what they had in mind, and told her that her brother and father fuck all three of her holes and that she has to do everything that her mother wants her to do too.

She mentioned swallowing cum, drinking piss, eating shit, having things shoved into her pussy, and even being fucked by dogs. Her fellow film stars were very impressed with her. The librarian asked Francine about being fucked by dogs and got a very realistic idea of what it was like. Then lascivious lesbian lovers do pussy eating pornstars hardcore librarian asked us if we could get a hold of two big male dogs and put both her and Francine being canine bitches in the movie.

Sure we could! The three men asked her if they could all do her at once. They sure could and three times if they wanted too so that each man got to fill her with cum in all three of her holes.

My wife and I just smiled at one another, we knew that Francine had been the perfect choice. We called about the dogs and started to film one of the triple penetration scenes. Francine was so good that we considered using her in more of our little films. Watching Francine sit on one big cock, then bend over for another one to slip up her ass, and then to suck a third one into her throat was really something to see.

No matter how hard they forced themselves into her Francine never uttered any sound other than that of pure pleasure. That little teenager had six orgasms before all three of the men had one each. As soon as they pulled out of her Francine asked them how soon they could do that again. They just laughed and told her to relax. After all this was an all day event. Why be in a hurry? Francine asked the librarian if she wanted to fool around and then asked if she should clean herself out again.

The librarian looked at the three men and smiled. Then she told Francine that she had eaten their cum before on many occasions and that it was okay to just get started. Francine was a natural born lesbian as well as a natural born whore. She took the librarian to new heights of oral pleasure that she hadn't even dreamt of before.

I had filmed the librarian on several other occasions but I had never house vark man fak new her cum that often or go into convulsions from constant multiple orgasms until she passed out.

Francine just sat up and smiled at the camera afterwards. That was all that it took to start round two of the triple penetration squad each in a different hole this time. My wife got up close to Francine's mouth while I got close into her cunt and asshole.

I stayed right on the taint meat and watched as those two big cocks fucked her real well. In case you don't know what taint meat is, it taint her cunt and it taint her asshole. It's that tiny bridge of blonde milf sasha sean sucking fucking big dick blowjob and bigtits that you poke sometimes while trying to get it in her cunt but when you hit it she gets pissed off at you because she thinks you're trying to shove it up her ass.

After that triple the dogs arrived. Francine and the librarian got in position and the rest of us watched them getting fucked very well.

What the girls didn't know is that the handler brought six dogs with him. They were both going to let one fuck them in each of their three holes. We knew that Francine would not mind in the least however we were not so sure about the librarian.

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The cunt fuck went well and she even allowed the doggy butt fuck but we decided to tie the librarian down and force her to let that last dog fuck her throat. Francine even tied her down for us on her back with her head bent over the edge of the platform and then helped that dog get his cock into her mouth before voluntarily sucking on her own doggy cock. The trainer had saved the two biggest dogs for this. I was photographing the librarian while my wife photographed Francine. None of us could believe how long that dog's cock really was.

I estimated that when he rammed his balls into the librarian's nose that he was fucking in past her heart. When that dog finally came and pulled his cock out I noticed that she did not even need to lick her lips. Neither did Francine. As expected that started round three of Francine's triple penetration. Just before the last teacher cum in her mouth the librarian asked her not to swallow it and Francine didn't.

Then we watched as the librarian asked Francine to spit his cum into her mouth so that she could swallow it. Francine did just that and then we watched the librarian eat Francine's cunt dry and then suck every drop that she could out of Francine's asshole. Incredible! Simply incredible! We had never seen the librarian this turned on before. The very last scene filmed was of Francine on her hands and knees with me fucking her pussy from behind and forcing her face into my wife's cunt while she satisfied both of us at the same time.

We had performed this scene many times before with other girls but Francine brought us both to new highs. She was a natural porn star too! As we relaxed afterwards and drank some wine and beer Francine said that she would give anything to do this again and often. We had the very same thoughts. Then Francine told us about the brutal beating that she had waiting for her when she got home.

Her father had told her not to come to our house for extra training under any circumstance what so ever. The six of us listened, asked her questions, and then came to the same conclusion. We wanted Francine to be under our control and out of her father's reach.

So we invited the County Sheriff to come over. We didn't even bother to get dress because he was our xxx porn chut chatnewala story customer.

After the County Sheriff listened to Francine's story japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub told her to stay here for the night with us while he took care of the mater personally.

He also asked us if we would be willing to take her in. Yes we would be. The next day the Sheriff came by to fuck Francine as part of his payment. Afterwards he explained what had gone down the day before.

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The Sheriff had gotten the District Attorney and the Chief Judge to issue warrants for the arrest of Francine's father, mother, and brother along with ten other relatives that Francine had told him about that had repeatedly molested her against her wishes. Saturday evening several police cars converged on each family and took the people into custody. One family at a time was given the riot act.

There was no good cop and bad cop routine because there was no good cop at all. They were all immediately put on probation just as if they had pleaded guilty in a court of law and told never to talk to Francine or be seen anywhere near her again. Otherwise they would never see the light of day again. It was strongly suggested that they move out of the state too. All that is except for Francine's father, mother, and brother.

The Sheriff himself had taken care of them. First he simply burst into their home through every door without warning with a dozen Deputies.

Once things were well under control and each one was in handcuffs the Sheriff released his Deputies and stayed there alone. He found the stash of things that Francine had told him about and placed ball gages in everyone's mouth.

He set up the video camera that I had loaned him then got to work. Francine's mother was first. She was told to strip naked and sit back down. The Sheriff forced a beer bottle up her pussy without any concern for her welfare.

After that she confessed to everything that the Sheriff asked her about. She was gagged again and then the father was ramming of a tight euro anal hole hardcore and blowjob to strip naked. The Sheriff used a staple gun to attach his ball sack to the wooden chair he was sitting in. He too cooperated fully and told the Sheriff everything that he wanted to hear plus a lot more.

It seems that Francine's father had molested almost every female in his family and in his neighborhood too. The brother was last and tried desperately to confess before his balls were stapled to his chair but the Sheriff did it anyway. He confessed to everything that he had ever done to his sister.

As a final act of revenge the Sheriff had the wife bite both her husband's and her son's cocks until she drew blood. He made her chew on their cocks until he was satisfied. In exchange they got to bite her breast leaving deep teeth marks. Upon being released from their handcuffs they were given just fifteen minutes to pack their stuff, get in their car, and get to hell out of this state.

They were told never to come back, try to contact Francine, and not to report this incident to anyone for fear of that tape being released and a warrant being issued for their arrest. Just before leaving our house the Sheriff told us to take Francine home to retrieve any possessions that she might want. He told Francine to show us all of the sex and bondage equipment. He suggested that we help ourselves to anything that we wanted before it all gets thrown out.

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