Huge dildo in their hands trying first lezzs sex pantyhose and lesbians

Huge dildo in their hands trying first lezzs sex pantyhose and lesbians
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Fbailey story number 557 The Motel Swimming Pool My parents own a motel in our small town and I am the lifeguard. At sixteen I am in charge in the pool area. The pool hours are posted and I have the key. Usually I get to check out a very nice variety of teenage girls and their sexy mothers.

I love my job because we have a fairly small water slide. Most of the girls loose their tops at least once letting me check out their tits. Of course wet bikini bottoms cling to firm asses like a second skin. However, what I like best is when a brother removes his sister's bikini and throws it up on my deck. I pick it up and hand it back to the girl telling each and every one that she has the finest set of breasts that I had seen that summer. I can say it with sincere honesty too. If I had seen their mother and liked what I had seen I might just dare the boy to try that with his mother.

Sometimes the two will work she want a double penetration and a cum shot to get their mother topless for me. One particular brother was about thirteen years old and his sister was about fifteen years old. They were alone in the pool at the time. He pulled both the ties across her back and the one around her neck and then tossed his sister's top clear up onto the fence.

I smiled at her as she struggled to drown her brother. She was so engrossed that she did not try to cover her breasts at all. Finally, after getting the revenge that she had wanted, she turned to me in waist deep water and asked me if I would please get her top for her. Again there was no attempt to cover up at all. I got her top, knelt down at the edge of the pool and asked her if I could help her put it on.

She smiled and walked right at me. I held it up to her bajpori xxx sari wala xxx story while she tied the one set of strings behind her back. When she grabbed a hold of the other set I sat back to watch. She tied them around her neck and then made quite a bit of effort putting her B-cup breasts back into her bikini top properly.

When she was done she asked me how she looked. I replied that she looked magnificent and even better topless. She smiled and said that I should see her bottomless some time. I told her that I got off duty at nine o'clock.

About twenty minutes later their mother joined them in the water. She was a very pretty lady with good size breasts in a bikini top that was smaller than the one that her daughter was wearing.

After swimming a few laps she went underwater to toss her wet hair like most girls do. When she came up her two children untied her top and her bottom and tossed both pieces at the fence again. She merely turned toward her children, told them to knock it off, and then turned toward me. She placed her hands on the edge of the pool and asked me to please retrieve her bikini before she drew too much attention.

I smiled and told her that she already had my attention, then I got the bikini and handed it to her. I knelt at the side of the pool and watched as she arranged her bottom on the concrete and then slipped it between her legs and tied the left side, she then tied the right side and adjusted it to fit the way that she wanted.

She was in creampie on sweethearts hot knockers hardcore blowjob hurry at all to cover her breasts from my view. She tied the top around her neck without covering her beasts. She then asked me if I had seen enough of her breasts and if she could put them away. I smiled and told her that I could never see enough of her breasts but that she could put them away if I could have a rain check.

She smiled at me and pulled the top down to cover her nipples before tying the string behind her back. After a long swim and some sun tanning she sent her children up to get dressed to go out to dinner. She spent a few more minutes with me talking about my rain check. She said that I could meet her near the vending machines about eleven o'clock if I still wanted to view her nude body some more. I assured her that I pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position more than just to view it.

She smiled and told me that she had been hoping that I would say that. I was waiting by the vending machines before eleven o'clock. She was fashionably late but well worth the wait. She was wearing her bikini from earlier but she had pushed the upper triangles together to form tiny teardrops that did not cover her areolas.

The bottom triangle had been pushed into her slit.

She asked me if knew of an empty room that we could use for a few hours. I held up a key to the room right next to the vending machines. We never rent out that room unless we have to, because of the noise all night long from falling soda cans and the ice machine. I opened the room up and allowed her to step inside.

I went in, closed the door, and turned on the lights. I made sure that the curtains were closed tightly and then turned toward her. She told me that her name was Stella and then she removed her bikini and got on the bed. I removed my clothes and walked to her. I reached out to fondle her breasts and play with her nipples.

She purred softly to let me know that she liked it, so I played with them some more. She sat there and let me enjoy myself, she was in no hurry, and neither was I. I gently pressed her backward onto the bed with her legs still dangling over the edge. I got between her legs.

She anticipated me fucking her right then but I didn't. Instead I leaned over to suck on her nipples for a while. I pressed on her pussy with my belly and felt the incredible heat boiling up out of her ravenous pussy. From her breasts I kissed my way down her tummy to her belly button, to her shaved pubic mound, and into her crack of life.

I easily found her clitoris, it was larger that I had run into in previously, it was super sensitive too. After giving her an oral orgasm I kissed my kelly just wants a dick in her ass back up her body inserting my cock inside her as I kissed her lips.

God, could she ever kiss?

Blond milf aaliyah love fucks by pervert stepbro on the bed was unlike anything that I had experienced before that.

My cock was being cooked in her pussy oven like a hotdog. I didn't mind at all. We settled into a nice slow stroke that ranged from the head of my cock kissing her clit to my balls trying to crawl inside her love tunnel with my cock.

I liked it a lot but she seemed to enjoy it even more. She thanked God for giving me to her, my parents for creating me, and me for being the best lover that she had ever had. I was pretty sure that a woman that beautiful had better men than me making love to her but I had to admit that I was certainly trying to please her. Besides I didn’t want her to get up and go back to her children after just one fuck.

I was in it for the long haul and was planning on maybe four. She still had two more holes and I just knew that I needed to get back in her pussy again. She cried out during that last orgasm as if I blown the top of her head off.

She confessed that she had seen her son tossing her daughter's top out of the pool and even heard me taunting them about doing the same thing to their mother. When she got in the pool she whispered to her children that it was okay and to make it look good.

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They sure did a good job. In exchange they were up in their room accessing the dirty movie channel. At ten dollars a movie my father would be pleased when they checked out. Stella stayed with me all night and left just after the sun came up. I got to use her other two holes but that pussy of hers was by far the best ever.

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To this very day I have never run into a pussy that hot and talented. They checked out before I cleaned the pool so I never did saw Stella or her daughter again. I always wonder what would have happened if I had fucked the daughter, I just might have married her.

My entire life would have changed and Stella would have become my mother-in-law. Now there is something to think about. The End The Motel Swimming Pool 557