Jasmine black has some awesome big tits pornstar knockers

Jasmine black has some awesome big tits pornstar knockers
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After such an exhausting yet pleasurable first time of exploring your beautiful young body, we decide to go sit in our very own jaccuzi. You tell me to go fill it and you will join me with the champagne.

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I start to fill the tub remembering every inch of you. I think I hear you talking to someone but dismiss it as the music. The tub is almost full when you come in. I eye your sweet body and shiver remembering how good you feel and how sweet you taste.

We slide down in the hot bubbling water. You pour us a glass of champagne and sit so close to me. My arm goes around you and my hand gently falls on your breast. I gently start rubbing your hard nipple. We are talking about what a great first time and what is instore, will we continue it just end at a one time thing.

I hear a small sound as our door opens but you pull me close and give me a tongue deep searching kiss. You whisper in my ear how happy you are and can't wait for the next round. I see a shadow at the door and see a vision of the most incredible body ever standing in the doorway, completely naked.

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I didn't recognize her at first because my eyes never got above her shoulders. Although small only about five foot tall she had large firm breasts.

I am sure they had some help, but who cares they were perfect. My eyes traveled down her flat stomach to the small landing strip of hair leading to the cleft of her pussy.

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Finally I looked up at her face as she moved closer I recognize her as our room service girl Starr. She had brought another bottle and glass to join us. She slides in on the other sidewith me in the middle. She leans over me and gives you a kiss. I watch as your lips part and you suck on her tongue. I feel her hand give my cock a squeeze. Oh God is this for real?

Drinking our glasses of champagne, the two of you start talking about how you had meet earlier and had hit it off. It was before her shift and she accompanied you to your room where you and her made love to each other prior to your meeting me. Seems you had a plan in case we didn't hit it off.

That the two of you would hook up again. Lucky for me you liked me and you invited Starr to join us for round two. Again you two started kissing each other and occasionally you both would kiss me. You moved so you were caressing each other in front of me.

Starr leans down and takes your firm young tit into her mouth. Her leg finds it's way between yours and you start rubbing your pussy against it. I hear you sigh and see you shiver just a little. Starr then is kissing you and I watch as your lips part taking her tongue into your mouth. I watch as your hands move to her large breasts and run her nipples.

She takes her hands and holds yours there. You two are so fucking turned on and you both take one of my hands and we climb out of the tub. You each grab a towel and dry me off then lead me to a chair. I watch the two of you gently dry each other, while kissing and you trace your fingers over her beautiful tits. Starr pushes you down on the bed and then she starts kissing you from your toes working her way up.

When she reaches your little cunt a massive rod in beautys mouth hardcore and blowjob cry out, grabbing her head and holding her tight.

I am watching and she has her fingers in her cunt while she licks you. You are squirming and your pussy rises to meet her tongue. This is so fucking hot. I grab my camera and start recording this. She then works her way up to your firm titties and spends time sucking on each until your nipples are hard as steel.

Her leg is between yours rubbing you hard. Moving her cunt to your face as she sits down on it, she tells you that you will be our slave. I see your fingers move to your cunt and slide deep inside.

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I move closer with the camera, first zooming in on your fingers deep in your cunt. Panning up to her face and seeing her squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. Then thesandfly playa nudista fantastica public nudity exhibitionist to seeing you with you tongue buried in her cunt.

You are fingering yourself faster and as you cry out as you cum. I zoom in on your cunt and see it squeeze your fingers tight. You are so wet when you cum. I set the camera down on the dresser hoping I aim it right. I want to have a video of this. Starr lays across you in sixty nine as I enter her wet cunt. She is so turned on I just slide in.

She begins licking your wet cunt as I fuck her. Her pussy is just above your face and you see my hard cock as it slides in and out of her. You lick her pussy and my balls. Your new two favorite things. The feeling of my balls being licked and sucked on while I am fucking Starr's tight cunt is indescribable.

This is so in-fucking-credible. I know what I want next. I move and lie down on my back.

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Starr moves up and sits on my face, you sit on my cock but instead of your cunt you guide me into your tight little asshole. I'm sure she is playing with your pussy while you are finger fucking yourself.

I can't see anything but the feelings are great. Suddenly you start to cumyou cry out as you ride me harder and faster. Your cunt is really getting wet. Starr starts going faster on my tongue soon she cums in a gush. I now have my face and dick covered in cum. You both shake as spasm after spasm hits you. You both get off me. Get between my legs, and start stroking my dick while sucking my balls. You start to lick the length of my cock soon Starr joins in. Taking turns you suck me deep in your throats.

I am getting close to cumming. You have me stand while you and Starr get on your knees in front of me. I take my cock in my hand and start jerking off to the both of you. You love to please me so I know what I want to do.

Just before I cum I tell you I want to cum on her face and tits then I want you to lick it all up, give her a big kiss sharing my cum. I want to see the two of you swap it back and forth. You deep penetration inside wet love tunnel hardcore blowjob up and say "Oh Daddy, I Love That" just as I cum.

I cum so hard I am shaking with each wave of pleasure. I cover Starr's face and tits in my hot sticky cum. True to your word you use your fingers and tongue to clean my cum from her, sucking and licking her nipples and face getting every drop.

You then lean over her and let it drip into her mouth. You then kiss her and I watch the two of you swap my cum back and forth. We then lay down with me in two milfs milk monster cock in class middle. Falling asleep in each other's arms in a wet sticky mess. When we wake up Starr is gone.

We can still smell the night of sex in the air. I can still taste her when I kiss you. I know our first meeting was fantastic and hope you feel the same. I Love how you are Daddy's Little Slut and will do anything and everything to please me.