Masaj xxx puzzy storys sex stories

Masaj xxx puzzy storys sex stories
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After hot blow-job I've given to Ben, we straightened ourselves and went home. I managed to sneak in my room past my family, changed my stained shorts and underwear and went back to my usual routine as I would in any other late afternoon. But, as I would do my chores every so often my mind would remind me of what happened that day.

As picture of me holding my friend's cocks would pop into my attention, my member would react so I was pretty much having hard-on all the time. I went to bed a bit sooner than usual hoping that sleep would give my mind some peace. Morning came and I woke up, immediately reminding myself about yesterday's events.

I checked my watch and was surprised to see that it was only few minutes past seven. There I was laying in my bed, ebony banged till she cracks tori taylor interracial and pornstars unusually early for me when I was free from school, with my morning wood not so much caused by full blather (and it was full) as it was caused by my over thinking about last day's events.

My sister was still asleep, so I took the opportunity and crept out of bed, making my way to the bathroom to relieve myself, take a shower and do the rest of my morning routine. As I left our room, house sounded strangely silent. Usually, my parents would be in dining area, drinking coffee, talking, with radio playing in the background. Yet, on that morning silence was the only thing I noticed. "Even better" I thought to myself "at least I can stop pressing my boner to hide it".

My dick was a bit sore from pressure bladder was making. As I walked in the bathroom, I closed and locked the door, striped down from my sleeping shorts and sweatshirt. Naked, I stood over the toilet and released my bladder, pointing my hard dick to the proper direction with my right hand.

It took me few seconds to overcome resistance that hardened cock gave to the pressuring fluid, but as my urine started to flow I finally felt some much needed release.

After last drops of piss leaked, I stepped into shower, set the water and started to wash myself. Streams of water on my back really felt good, yet I immediately started to soap myself. As my soapy hand rubbed over my still hard dick, familiar feeling in lower belly took over and, before you know, here I was jerking myself. I did it in very fast motions, trying to relieve myself as fast as I could. I thought about Ben's dick in my mouth, me humping his hip, all three of us in the woods by the river … and that was it I felt rush of sperm from my balls to my cock and out in tailor shop aunty lasiban sex open … I began to squirt upward and crazy idea struck me.

I opened my mouth and pointed spasming cock up to it. Next string of cum landed under my chin but third rope of cum was a bull's-eye right inside my mouth hitting my upper palate.

Two spurts that followed were inadequate in speed to reach my mouth and they landed on my chest and belly. I closed my mouth, rolling my own cum over my tongue … it was viscous, salty with just a touch of bitterness.

As I swallowed it, my mind concluded that Ben's spunk just tasted better. With that, my dick finally started to deflate. I finished my bath, and went out to dry myself. As I rubbed towel all over my body, I watched my reflection in big mirror covering better part of the wall over the sink.

I was stocky, but not too much and, I have to say, my butt looked sexy. Round, bubbly, bulging proudly at the end of my back … I lightly smacked myself on my left butt cheek, with big grin on my face. I pulled my sleeping shorts back and exited bathroom. Kitchen was my next stop, as I wanted something to eat for breakfast. Milke boobs sucking milk for machine sister was already there, making coffee. "Good morning. I made scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

Would you like some coffee too?" she asked not looking at me. "Yes, with milk if it's not too much to ask" I said with a grin. "You will be fixing your own coffee, I'm just boiling it." I sat at the table, and soon after plate with steaming pile of scrambled eggs and fresh toast landed in front of me followed by cup of coffee, black of course.

It was odd that my sister fixed me scrambled eggs in the first place, but who was I to disagree with this sudden act of kindness. I stood up, took milk from the fridge and poured some into my coffee. As I sat back to eat, my sister spoke "Hey, what have you dreamed about last night? You tossed and turned, sometimes moaned but I'd say it wasn't any of your usual nightmares … you remember what was in your dreams?" Truth to be told, I usually didn't remembered my dreams in the morning, unless they were nightmares … and that was my perfect excuse "no, I really don't remember.

Was I that restless?" She really never complained about my sleeping before, and when I'd wake up from a nightmare she'd come to my bed, hugging and calming me back to sleep. "You were … but, tossing and turning apart your moans were funny … it sounded like you dreamed of sex. And as long as I watched, you had a boner" she said looking at me in anticipation. "Now that you say it like that, I wish I do remember … but, honestly, I don't" - I replied with noticeable blush on my face, lowering my head to the plate in front of me.

Luckily, our conversation ended with that, but somehow I knew she won't let it end with that. But, I lied. As soon as she mentioned my moans and hard dick, I remembered what I was dreaming about. My dreams were of me having sex with Ben and George … and I mean sex not just mutual jacking off. In my dream I was sucking one while other would fuck me in the ass … then they would switch places … then they both would suck me dry … then it was all over again with each one of my best friends being fucked and sucked by other two of us … it was no wonder she said what she said!

My eyes were pinned down to my plate, but I doctor xxx movies in hospital rolling back the dream in my mind, and was chewing same bite of food for about five minutes or more. "Johnny boy, you are my brother but you're such a poor liar" my sister said with a grin she was actually amused by my torment.

"Luckily for you, I don't have time right now … although I'm very interested to know who turned on my little brother so much. Anyway, I have to go and will not be back until evening.

Dad and mom are already at uncles, and I'm also going there now we'll be helping uncle to paint his entire house so you'll be staying here, taking care of things." She said all of that and went out of the kitchen.

Soon after, she was shouting from the front door on her way out "I'm going. Mom made some stew, it's in the fridge. Don't make a mess and do not leave house. We'll come back late." "OK, got it … now leave." I yelled back, but she was already gone. I finished my breakfast, cleaned the dishes, changed and went outside to finish my morning chores.

We had few animals, some chickens and two pigs, that needed feeding and cleaning. Outside, in the shed I found dad's overalls and thought to myself let's lose my shorts and just dress overalls. That way my favorite cotton shorts I was wearing will be safe to wear after my feeding and cleaning is over. I changed and started to work. It took me over half an hour to finish, and since sun was already starting to heat up summer air, I was sweaty and smelly. Well, nothing that quick shower won't fix, I thought.

So, with overall undressed I was now but naked. Next to our shed, my father built outdoor shower basically big plastic barrel on wooden stand with some pipe and shower head attached. Yet, for entire summer we'd use it and it was really great. Barrel was painted black, so in the afternoon water in it was really hot. Really great thing about it was that water stayed pleasantly warmish through the night all the way to the next morning, so even if sun wasn't yet that hot one could use that shower to rinse down dirt and sweat from working outside.

This time I wasn't in a hurry and when water started to flow over my naked body, I was determined to make it last and enjoy the feeling. And I did … my hands caressed all over my body, smearing soap. Somehow, this wasn't sexual as my morning shower was, and my dick was limp. Even stayed that way after soaping and some rubbing … well, Fervid nympho is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet crack did came just over an hour ago, but still … I was teenage boy in the middle of puberty and it was kind of strange to me that my member refused to react.

I went on with rubbing and started to soap my ass. My soapy hand went into my butt crack and as I did so my dick came back to life. Oh, there we were I thought to myself. I pushed my fingers deeper until I reached my ass hole. Sudden warmth flowed from my anus all over my body and my cock reached its full hardness in no time. I was thinking about George while touching my ass how he groped and squeezed my but back in the woods.

My middle finger circled over wrinkled skin of my asshole, sending jolts of electricity to the rest of my body. "You do like to play with your ass, don't you" it was George's voice, but I was in haze and was thinking that was my imagination running so wild that I hear his voice in my head. And with that, my middle finger went inside my ass. As it did, I moaned in ecstasy. "Can I be of any help back there" I heard George's voice, this time right behind me.

OH MY GOD, HE WAS ACTUALLY THERE!!! I turned around and he was standing behind me, just outside of shower stream, grinning and looking at me. "Are you insane? I almost had a heart attack, you prick" I shouted and splashed some water on his face. "Hahahahahaha" he was laughing "easy dude, no need to soak me because you don't pay attention to your surroundings.

Although, considering what you were doing I cannot blame you" he stepped back just few steps, checking my naked body repeatedly from my shoulders to my toes and back. "How long you were standing there?" I asked. "Long enough to enjoy the show" he said. "Come on, finish your shower and let's hang out" In innocent chick stretches spread pussy and gets deflorated amateur babe minute or two, I was clean so I turned water off and went out of the shower stall.

George never left me, and as I glanced at his face, I found out that he was watching me all the time, especially my butt and cock. "Maybe he's OK with all that happened" I thought to myself. I just jumped in my cotton shorts, leaving water on my body. "It's already hot, so why bother drying" I commented. "So, what was it that you want to do?

And I should say, I have the house to myself. Rest of my family went to my uncle's to help with paint job on his entire house, so they will be out until the evening. Want to come inside?" "Yeah, OK.

Why not" George said, and so we went back in house. As we sat down in the living room I turned TV on. Some nature show was on, so I let it play. George and I sat down on the couch, and I was first to talk.

"George, how are you doing? You stormed from Ben and me yesterday, leaving us worried and confused." "I know. But, I had to I was really lost at that moment. Now it is all OK" he said with smile. "Good to hear.

S babe returns the favour john fantasy be really sad if I lost your friendship … And I am sorry for making you feel that way. I wasn't thinking, just acted. But, to be honest, you didn't object either …" I watched his face while talking. He was serious, yet not mad or anything.

"Yeah … I know it must have been strange … but, I needed some time to sort things out. And to be honest, I thought I'm about to cry that is why I run away.

But more I thought about our fun more it seemed OK. I can tell you this I liked it, all of it. It felt far better than any of my solo jerks, even more because all three of us were in it together." He was talking fast and, as he did, his body relaxed and his face went from serious back to cheerful George I knew. He looked as if big weight was lifted from his shoulders. "John, I am sorry if I made you and Ben angry or worried or whatever … but, I just needed some time alone.

And thank you for saying what busty cougar milf rimming and pussylicking stepmom lesbian said back there on the trail it was really something that I needed to hear … you know, about being friends no matter what." "You need to thank Ben too" I said.

"Already did, last night" said George grinning. "Why do I have the feeling that you're not telling me everything" I asked. "Because you're not letting me … if you'd shut up for a moment and let me speak, I'll tell you … well, I went to Ben to explain myself.

He listened and, as you can imagine, turned it to joke right away. He just can't be serious … or it was his way to cope with my weird acting. Anyway, we started to talk about what happened back at the river and … you know … we got hard-ons. euro teen outdoor and cute strip tease hd the booty drop point km outside base

He then told me what you did to him after I run from you guys." He looked at me, now with clear lust on his face, with his hand rubbing his hardening dick through fabric of his shorts. "Oh, George, I am so relieved. I cannot help being what I am, and as you've said yourself I do like boys as much as I like girls.

I'd hate to lose you as a friend over something that I can't control. And, to be honest, I like you … as a boy, that is." "I know and that is OK.

I kind of like you too … your ass in particular, but after Ben told me how he felt while you gave him a blow job … well, this says it all" said George standing up and pulling his shorts down along with his underwear in one smooth move. His dick, fully hard, sprung in front of his lean, muscular body.

"Oh George, you're so fucking hot …" I said licking my lips. "Come on Johnny, some help with this would be nice" he said slowly stroking his big, hard, uncut cock.

I leaned back on couch and said "come here, let me suck it" He mounted me kneeling on the couch, and his hard dick ended up in front of my face. I took it in my hand it was greatest feeling ever. His soft and hot skin with all that hardness bellow sent shivers down my back and straight to my pelvis.

And he was huge my fist covered barely half of his shaft. I jerked his uncut cock few times, slut self pleasures her taut cunt squirting and japanese his foreskin back and forward over his glans. "Mhmmm … that feels good" he moaned. I watched his piss slit as drop of clear precum appeared.

I stuck out my tongue, scooping precum with its tip. "Yesss … take it, take my cock … suck it … make me cum in your mouth John." George was clearly on fire. Well, what could I do but to comply after all, I wanted to suck him. I wanted to make him feel great so he'd be my lover. Slowly, with my mouth wide open, I impaled my face on his throbbing member. Only one third of its lengths went into my mouth when tip of his cock head hit my tonsils.

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Again, my gag reflex kicked in and I had to back off a bit. He was definitely bigger than Ben, but I was resolved to give him full treatment. I tried one more time, making swallowing movements with back of my throat trying to relax as much as I could. I pushed forward, but my throat was not willing to budge. Again gag reflex kicked in and it was hard to control it, so I had to work with what I could take in.

I started slowly to pull my head back and off of his dick until only top of his head was between my lips.

Than I'd return his cock in my mouth, twirling my tongue beneath it and around as much as I could. George was breathing heavy and started to buck his hips forward, effectively face fucking me.

"Ohhhhh my sweet God … Mhmmmm &hellip. This is sooooo gooood … Ahhhhhh" he was clearly in ecstasy. I landed my left hand on his ass, while foundling his heavy balls with my right. "Yes, squeeze my ass I like that" he grunted. I groped and squeezed hard, smacking his butt cheek every so often.

His fucking moves speed up, but I wanted more of him in my mouth. So, I tried again I pushed my head forward and he pushed his hips also. And his cock hidden camera catches blonde masturbating in her tanning bed passed into my throat really fast, before my gag reflex took over. I pushed my head a little more all the way until my lips rested on the base of his hard dick.

He was all the way in my mouth and throat. I grabbed his ass with both my hands, keeping him from moving. I needed him to be still to accommodate to his full length.

"Arhghhhh … I'm about to come … John, I need to" said George buckling back his hips. As I kept my hands on his ass, I was controlling how far he will pull back. He tried to pull out his cock all the way but I didn't let him. All he could do were small back and forth movements. So he tried to speed up, yet as he would do so, I felt nauseous.

I had to pull myself of hid dick or my breakfast would be flying out of my stomach. So I pulled back, letting his cock leave my throat but I kept it in my mouth. I started to bob my head and twirled my tongue all over his cock head.

Then I applied a little bit of suction. That was it for George. With my both hands now on his ass, I felt his butt cheeks contract, his hips made sudden jerk forward but luckily my tongue prevented him from entering my throat. He didn't mind though he started to shake and first spurt of cum entered my mouth … boy, was he full he squirted only two spurts of cum and my mouth was already flooded.

I gulped and swallowed as fast as I could, but river of his boy juice spurting from his cock was too much. Some of it leaked from corner of my mouth down my chin. He orgasmed long, even after sperm stopped coming out of his dick he still twitched and groaned.

I still lightly sucked on his cock, not moving my tongue. I thought, his dick head was surly sore from such an intense orgasm. Eventually, he calmed down and started to relax with his, now slowly softening big butt milf gets tasted handjob ass still in my mouth.

Entire time I was sucking George I kept my eyes closed so, I opened them and looked up. George was looking back at me, with his dick still my mouth. His eyes were glassy. He smiled as he looked down at me and looked happy.

I pulled back my head, letting his semi-hard cock fall out of my mouth. He slumped beside me, still breathing heavy. I slowly rubbed my hard dick through my shorts and looked at George. "Fuck me … this was unreal … I had no idea …" he mumbled "John . you … that was the best thing ever" sincerity in his voice was kind of sexy "You have some skill man you took my entire cock into your mouth, all seven inches of it" "Hmmmm, you measured it without me.

For that I'd have to punish you no more blow jobs for you until you redeem yourself" I said jokingly. "I measured myself before yesterday. Come on, you did it too, haven't you" he said. "No, I did not. I kind of don't want to disappoint myself as I am so smaller than you or Ben. Speaking of it, you're bigger than Ben. And I should know as I sucked you both." Now we both laughed, but all of the sudden George said something that I'd remember for my entire life.

"You are smaller and that can be a very good thing." "How so" I asked. "Well, I can easily give you a blow-job without gagging as I saw you gagged with mine" "You're certainly welcome to try it now" I said taking off my shorts. He looked at my hard member, lying on my lower belly, with precum hot jynx maze gives her office mate a nice hot fuck from its piss slit.

"Don't mind if I do" was all he said as he knelled between my legs. He took my dick in one hand, while cupping my balls in other one.

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My cut dick was already overstimulated, so his hand sent waves of pleasure through my body. He lightly jerked me and I closed my eyes enjoying every sense he was giving me. Eyes still closed, I felt warmth and wetness engulfing my cock head.

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I opened my eyes and saw George taking my cock in his mouth. Sensation was phenomenal now I know why both Ben and George were so delighted. It was whole new experience that I could not compare with anything else I did on my own. His tongue wiggling around my glans combined with just right amount of suction he was making, made my body shake.

Then he started to lover his head down, taking my entire length into his mouth. As his lips rested at the base of my cock, tip of my glans hit something in his throat. He pulled back, coughing … "Shit man, I was sure I can take it all in my mouth. I guess you're bigger than I thought …" he said slowly jerking my cock with his hand.

I smiled and he lowered his mouth on swallowing cock again. This time he started to bob his head right away, being careful not to let my dickhead hit the back of his throat. At the same time his hand fondled and squeezed my balls, from time to time massaging my perineum. In response, my hips started to move making me now face fuck him as he before did me. Our rhythm synced in no time, and feeling was unbelievable. Then his finger found my ass hole and I jerked my hips making my dick hit his tonsils again.

Yet, he did not backed up he actually started swallowing and I felt his throat massaging my cock head.

"Aahhmmmm" I moaned "this feels so good &hellip. I feel your throat George … it drives me crazy … I'm close" He just school boy and madam xnxx up his movements and his finger pressed my anal opening harder. My sphincter caved in allowing him to enter my ass. As he did, my balls exploded sending message to my brain that much needed emptying was urgently needed.

"George, I'll cum … here … arrgghhhhhh" was all I was able to say before my body stiffened, my balls retracted and orgasm overwhelmed me. I squirted first string of sperm deep in Georges throat, making him choke. Sudden counter pressure only added to my orgasm George was lightly coughing but was not going to let my cock out of his mouth. "Aaahhhhhhhh &hellip." I groaned. Sperm squirted out of me as if I hadn't had orgasm just hours ago.

I think that whole five strong squirts came out of my cock into George's mouth before my orgasm subsided. I jerked, my hips nailed to his face burying my entire dick in his mouth. He managed to overcome his coughing but volume of my load was too much for him. It seeped out of his mouth on my pubes. And then, he managed to swallow my spunk still sucking my dick.

His story oral sex samantha saint lightly moved over my dickhead, giving me few extra shivers.

George sucked my dick for few more seconds and then he stood up, leaning forward for my face. He planted his lips on mine and I immediately pushed my tongue into his mouth, searching for remains of my boy juice incredibly hot russian punk girl loves rough sex his mouth.

He fought me with his tongue … it was very passionate kissing.

George was first to break that kiss saying "You came like a horse. Was my sucking that good?" "I really don't have anything to compare to but yes, it was best orgasm of my life … and by far." I replied contentedly.

"I'm glad, because you rocked my bones before. And John" George said looking mom and son different position in my eyes "I loved every second of it.

If that means I'm gay, so be it … this feels so good to me that I really don't care." "I'm glad you liked it because I'd like to do so much more with you … and with Ben . I mean all three of us at once" I said looking back at his eyes. "Good, because Ben and I wondered will you be willing to try stuff with both of us.

As two of us talked last night, and as he described how you gave him blow job we got really worked up … so, we started to jack off. At first each of us was jacking himself but as his telling went on, we somehow started to jack each other off and I realized that we miss you." George said all of that in single breath of air "I just said how good it would be to have sex with John and both of us creamed instantaneously." "Nice … so, you and Ben …" "Yes.

We talked after … you know … he was really sweet. He honestly thinks he's gay. Maybe I'm too … we'll see. Being as it is, I am OK with it, with us … doing stuff … sex that is" now he was feeling little bit awkward, to say at least, and it showed. "George, it's OK … you can be honest and open with me.

You don't have to feel awkwardness. Whatever we say to each other will stay between us. I won't tell even Ben if you ask me not to. And I'd like you to do the same for me. Being able to talk openly and to fully trust someone is very important, now more than before.

I need to hear what you have to say about this." "I was thinking exactly the same I trust you, and you are more mature than Ben or I. So, if you'll be here for me I promise the same for you. Does that make us lovers or something?" he asked looking at me. "If you want to call it that I'd be very happy" I replied. "Now, what should we do?" Instead of talking in reply, he moved close to me and started to kiss me again. George, my lover …