Sex lifs sex sex stories story

Sex lifs sex sex stories story
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The following is a true story, with just some of the details altered to protect the identity of those concerned, or help convey better the atmosphere and feelings at the time. I am a sub female, in my 20's at the time this occurred, and had experienced various BDSM acts with past boyfriends and knew I was heavily into bondage and its related activities. I was between relationships at the time, and had just got Internet access (those days of slow dial-up modems, etc.) which opened up a whole new world as I searched out kinky sites and started discussing my submissive fantasies.

I think this was my first meeting resulting from an Internet contact, perhaps a lesson there for some, although my main reason for posting this is that it describes an interesting method a pro-dom Mistress used to torture a sub couple, something that I've not seen elsewhere. I forget how we first met, perhaps a scene related chat-room, but I started exchanging e-mails with Julie, a pro-dom Mistress, she was similar age to myself, and into the BDSM lifestyle, earning her living by dom'ing sub guys, having her own home with a specially constructed "playroom", this filled my mind with ideas of her in a luxury house paid for by her subs.

While she earned her living as a dom, she also had a submissive side, which is how we first got chatting, although she admitted that she was rather large and overweight and didn't find it so easy to find a regular Master. We started to share ideas about our submissive fantasies. perhaps getting me to open up, revealing some of my more extreme ideas, which later as a Mistress she'd use against me. She was also Bi, and enjoyed having a girl tied-up whenever she could, and told me about her favourite experience as a dom Mistress.She had a sub married couple who had visited her occasionally, and her favourite scene was to tie them, naked, standing spread-eagled to opposite sides of her 4 poster bed, facing each other.

Then she would put pegs/clips on them, and tie cords to connect the pegs on one of them to the pegs on the other. Once prepared like this, she would then whip, tease and torment one of them.

Their partner was helpless and forced to watch, as their partner jerked about in the ropes, with their struggles pulling the cords, and hence the pegs clipped on their partner.

She said this was great fun for her, and she would slowly circle the bed picking on each victim in turn so that it wasn't long before they were both begging and pleading with her to stop. She loved the power this gave her as she made them accept her terms for release, and would release one of them at a time and either take them in a separate room to play with, or humiliate them in-front of their bound partner, it was just a pity that she only had this one sub couple to use it on.

By now our e-mails had progressed to chatting on the phone, and although we had never originally intended to meet, the idea developed about arranging a session with one of her regular clients.I would play the part of her captive slave girl, then when her male client arrived she would carry out the treatment on us. She already knew that several of her regular sub guys would love to do a joint scene with a sub female, and of course by now she had worked her fantasy on me that I was eager to experience it.

So eventually it was agreed. She arranged with one of her clients for this session, it would be his scene (he was paying for it) and I would play the part of an unwilling captive, forced in to being jointly tortured with him.

I was to arrive a little early, so that I would already be naked and locked in chains, then after he had arrived and had been tied-up I could be pulled in to the room as her captive. I think it must have been a Saturday, as I remember I had to arrive about mid-day. Her house was in a town I didn't know, and when I arrived I found it was in a fairly run down part of town, a bit of a disappointment from my earlier ideas of a Mistress in a luxury lifestyle. But worse was to come, when she opened the door I discovered that while a similar age to myself, she was immensely fat.there is no other way of putting it, she was very, very obese.

Her face may have been averagely attractive but overlooked by her immense size, and wearing a smock, so didn't appear particularly attractive. However at this late stage it seemed too offensive to turn and run, and I told myself it would only be for an hour, which I'd spend tied-up with a guy, who had been described as similar age to myself and reasonably good looking, so I wouldn't be directly involved with her, and went into the house.

Despite her looks, once we started chatting we seemed to get along well, and things quickly became friendly as we sat in her living room talking. After a while Julie offered to show me her house, but first I'd need to strip and as I took my clothes off she got some shackles ready for me. Soon I was naked, sex vedios teacher student in school classroom or teachers room she handcuffed my wrists together in front of me, then shackled my ankles together and strapped a neck collar with a short lead on to me.

She looked me over and seemed very pleased with the result before leading me on a short tour of her home. As we talked about her BDSM lifestyle, I had shown a specially interest in a darker more sordid type of ownership she'd developed with one or two special subs, this was a deeper relationship, outside her professional activities, where her ownership was something much more real, taking control of their private lives and having a hold over them to the point where, as she said, she could "really fuck up their lives" if she wished.

By now she was showing me her special playroom, converted into a dark, windowless dungeon, all the walls painted black, and just a few small red lights to see by. I was told that it was completely sound proof, and I could see that it had been fitted with a double door with plenty of sound and light insulation around the door, that it was easy for me to imagine the isolation as she told me she had kept some of her special advanced slaves sealed in there for a whole weekend or even longer, although she regretted not having an extraction fan fitted, as it became quite smelly after a few days.

Unfortunately I didn't get much time to look at all the equipment in there, but one thing I did notice was a very unusual bondage chair that I just had to ask about as there was clearly more to it than just a bondage chair. She briefly showed me some additional pieces for the chair while explaining some of its features that made it something I'd never seen before, or since, and she could see how interested I was to learn more, or experience it, but she said we didn't have time just now.

Then I was shown her bedroom, which was where today's action would take place. There were fitted wardrobes all along one side of the room with mirrored doors, so that her bound victims could see themselves, plus the base of her cordless-phone by her bedside table, as she often laid on the bed while doing SM phone chats.

She had a large 4 poster bed, which had its thin white translucent curtains closed, giving the appearance from a distance like some gigantic white box. As we drew back the drapes and secured them to the corner posts, I could see it was a fairly modern design with a white metal frame and not the heavy wooden thing I had imagined, but also that it had been extensively altered with additional struts to make it rigid with various pulleys and binding points bolted to the frame. So while first appearance had been like some virginal brides fantasy for her wedding night, it now hot mom big tits fucking itself to be an item of torture that would trap its victim holding them helpless and secure.

As we pushed the bed into the centre of the room, positioning it in front of the mirrored wardrobe doors, Mistress told me of how sometimes she'd have a naked slave girl tied spread-eagled on the bed with the drapes closed then bring in some unsuspecting guy and watch his reaction as he started to make out what teen banging in fake taxi for free ride behind the curtains.

Then we returned back to the living room. Up till now our conversations had all been very friendly and chatty, with no sense of Mistress/slave, but more like two girls talking about our ideas and fun. Julie told me that the client would arrive soon, and that once he was here I would have to play the part of her unwilling captive, so I should struggle, fight, shout, scream, beg, plead, and do anything to try and escape.that was what the client wanted.

She knew that I hated the idea of just "acting" sub, and that I needed to feel things to be real, but assured me that once in scene she could be a real bitch, so there would be no need for me to "act" as it would quickly become quite real.

With that she took a leather strap and passed it around my elbows, pulling them behind me, then tightened it slightly to bring my elbows together jenna licks out alexas pussy while she lies back in veronicas lap she released one of my hands and further tightened the belt.

With my elbows now locked in place like this she removed the handcuffs completely and strapped some heavy leather wrist cuffs on me, which I heard being locked in place with small padlocks.

Next she had a small length of chain which she used to join my cuffs together behind me. Finally she took another long thin leather strap and passed this around my waist, fastening it at my front, then released the strap around my elbows. I had to admire the ease with which she had rebound my wrists without me ever being free to stop her.

I could feel the atmosphere starting to change, as she had become more confident and assertive with me, then she lead me into the kitchen and attached my lead to a heavy ring set high up in the wall, well out of reach from my bound hands. Julie lightly ran her fingers over me, telling me what a great slave girl I'd be for her, as I was told that I'd now passed the point of no return and it was too late to change my mind as she was now my "Mistress !" and would keep me there as long as she wished, then left sex xxx story xxx pa to return to the living room as we waited for the client to arrive.

It was only about 10 minutes later when I heard a knock at the front door, and her go and greet him. Although I couldn't see them from the kitchen, I heard her take him into the living room, where she took his money then ordered him to strip, them put some shackles on him before leading him upstairs. Once upstairs I couldn't hear so much, but after a short while I clearly heard the sounds of a whip being used followed by loud muffled screams from the guy as he was whipped.

I think she'd left the bedroom door open deliberately so I'd hear, as I could hear the guy whimpering and occasionally her shouting at him so my mind would wondering what she was doing to him. The thoughts going through my mind were starting to making me feel both sexy yet also a slight fear of what I had let myself in for, which made me licking in threesomes julia ann molly mae gia paige celeste star aj applegate kimmy granger bree dan at my cuffed wrists and pull on my neck leash secured to the ring, assuring me that I could not escape.

I continued listening to these sounds, imagining what might be happening, for about 20 minutes, before the Mistress came downstairs to collect me. She had brought a riding crop and ball gag with her, and as she came towards me it seemed her whole persona had changed as she grabbed hold of me and strapped the gag in to my mouth. Once gagged she gave me a few hard strokes with the ridding crop, which came as a bit of a shock to me, as I thought I was only acting the part for her client's benefit and while I knew I would be whipped in front of him didn't see why she was whipping me now.

But she was like a different woman to the one I'd met earlier, now a sadistic Mistress as she grabbed hold of me, telling me how I was hers now and that perhaps she'd play with me a bit more after the client had left, as she gave me a couple more strokes of the whip and smiled at the effect her sudden change had made on me.

Undoing my lead from the wall, she then lead me upstairs, but part way up the stairs I remembered her having told me to resist her so I sudden gave a jerk on my lead refusing to go further. I immediately received a few more heavy strokes from her crop, and quickly realized it had been very stupid of me to resist her.

When we reached the top of the stairs I could see into her bedroom, and the guy standing spread-eagled at the side of her bed. He had his back to me but looked very fit, and had been very tightly spread, as I noticed his heels where raised off of the floor where he'd been tightly pulled up and spread out.

Standing on tiptoe he looked almost suspended there, and across his backside where various red marks from his whipping. But just outside the door the Mistress decided to teach me again who was the boss as she started to whip me again, hammering of a shaved slit hardcore and creampie I jumped about at the end of her lead desperately trying to dodge each stroke.

She was yelling at me that I was her captive slut and she'd do what ever she liked with me, as I made muffled screams as her whip landed on me, and making it clear that she wouldn't stop my beating until I agreed to go in the room with her.

Of course the guy could hear all this happening in the open doorway behind him, as she continued her beating of me until I was making muffled agreements to go in the room and let her do what ever she liked to me.

I was then dragged into the bedroom, and we stopped as we past a bed post on the opposite side so she could secure one of my ankle cuffs there, then releasing my ankle chains, spread my legs, pulling my other foot to the bed post at the other end and cuffing it there as I struggled to keep my balance. I was now standing opposite the guy, he was slim build, looked quite fit, brown hair, about my age and probably not that bad looking, although difficult to tell as his face was distorted by the large ball gag, and having saliva dribbling down his face and on to his chest.

I could see his cock and balls had already been tied up, his balls partially covered by a leather parachute which had some heavy looking weights hanging from it.

While I was looking at him, Mistress undid the chain to one of my wrist cuffs and pulled my wrist out then up and fixing it to a rope hanging from the top corner of the 4-poster bed-frame. Thinking I could now move my other arm by pulling the wrist cuff chain out of my waist belt, I tried to move it and discovered what she'd done. The slim belt around my waist had been threaded through one of the chain links used to fix my cuffs together, so my other wrist was still trapped behind me.

Annoyed at this discovery I struggled as if trying to free the wrist behind me, and at one moment I glared across at Mistress and for a moment caught her eye as I remember her secret was to only ever release one limb at a time, rebinding it before releasing another so she was always in full control.

My reaction must have been a pleasant sight to the guy opposite watching me, confirming that I was indeed her helpless captive to do as she wished with. As once she had secured one wrist she gave me a quick stroke with the whip just to emphasis my vulnerability to her whip at all times. She then did the same with my other wrist so that I now stood spread-eagled facing the guy, then removed the thin belt from me. Next Mistress went to each post at the side of me and started pulling down on ropes from the pulleys, stretching my arms up and out towards the top corners of her 4 poster bed.

Originally I had though I'd just be some eye-candy for the client, with him receiving most of the treatment, and me more of a prop to his fantasy scene, so hadn't expect to be pulled as taught as he was, so it came as something of a shock, and I made muffled protests as I was pulled and fixed as tightly stretched as he was, although I'm sure he enjoyed the look bobbi starr is into hardcore bdsm pleasures fear on my face as I now hung there opposite him.

Mistress then paused and took a few moments to walk perfect round tits russian hot babe on webcam p one the bed while verbally mocking both of us, making threats while we could only just stare at each other's helpless exposed body knowing that we would both be tortured. Mistress came up behind me and started massaging my breasts, then playing with my nipples then fingering my pussy while taunting him about how helpless, exposed, and available I he'd like to fuck me.telling him that she could just as easily have tied me laying spread-eagled on the bed then release him and let him do whatever he liked to me.

Making me look at his swelling cock and taunting me to imagine being spread on the bed like that with his cock pumping inside of me, which at that moment had me thinking just how much I would love that to happen.he looked a nice guy, and the thought of him on top of me, fucking me like that definitely appealed to me. The reaction of his cock to her mocking suggestions made it clear he wanted that to, and Mistress just teased us both, knowing how sexually turned on we were and how much we'd much rather just fuck each other, but instead she had us hung up like two pieces of meat for her to play with.

Mistress then moved around and started rubbing her hands over the guy, pointing out the rope leash tied around his cock that made it hers, the weights pulling his stretched balls down, and I remember wondering what must it be like to be a guy, to have a cock and does it feel to have a cock, often soft and limp, then swell up and straining in bondage like that.what does it feel like to have balls.constantly exposed, availably to be tied, to have clips or weights hanging from them?

She teased him about how he'd like to put his cock inside me, making him look at my helpless body before him, while making me feel I was just a captive cunt, hers to give to whoever she choose. This taunting continued until she went to a drawer and came back holding various clips, pegs, cords, etc. Then she got on the bed and worked our bodies as she attached them to us. I think she first sucked my nipples, which were already hard, before attaching nipple clamps on them, then working on my pussy, started to clip some pegs to my pussy lips.

Next she turned to him, I think she removed the weight from his balls before attaching some pegs to his cock and balls, then moving up his chest, squeezed the flesh about his nipples before pegging them.

Next she started to connect our clips/pegs together with some lengths of string: two strings connected the clips on my nipples to the pegs on his, other strings connected the pegs clipped on my pussy to the ones on his cock and balls.

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The strings pulled our clips/pegs slightly towards each other, but the strings weren't taught, and had plenty of slack in them. Finally she went and returned with some weights, which she hung from the middle of each string, and now the method of torture became clear. If we both hung perfectly still, then we just had the pain of the clips gently pulled by the weighted string, but any movement one of us made, would cause the weights to bounce up and down, tugging at our clips.

Mistress then got a long riding crop, and standing at one end of the bed, poked the weights with the crop, as she explained that next she was going to walk around us, whipping us each in turn.

Any movement ether of us made would only add more pain to both of us.We would be forced to watch each other suffer and feel them squirming gorgeous chick is peeing and pleasuring smooth cunt the tugs on our clips. She then started to slowly walk around us, as we both hung there fearing the first stoke.

She circled us a few times before delivering her first few strokes to his backside. There was the sound of the whip land, these were hard, heavy strokes, followed by his body jerking in two horny babes with the curves in all the right places get together and start fucking and sharing t ropes and sounds of his loud, but muffled and gagged screams, then an instant later the pain as the weights suddenly gave a heavy tug on all my clips, and I was also screaming into my gag.

Mistress burst out laughing at the sight of the scene, mocking us would be lovers, now being tortured, and adding to each others torture. There was no hiding her genuine sadistic enjoyment, being amused by our joint suffering. She continued circling us, and now it was my turn as I felt the whip cut into me. There was no mercy shown to me, each stroke was equally as hard as his, burning deep into my backside and the sudden bolt of pain that went through me causing my involuntary jerks followed a moment later from the pain of the clips on the front of me, which in a strange way helped to counter the pain from the whip.

So this continued, as she walked around us. Sometimes our struggles would cause a clip to fall off, but Mistress was usually quick to reattach it. Having the clips put on wasn't the worst part, as they would be clipped on a reasonable fold of skin, nipple, etc. But as big bood xxx sex stories story struggled the clips would gradual start to get tugged off, sometimes leaving them with just the tiniest piece of skin still trapped in their jaws, then the pain was unbearable and the victim would struggle desperate to get the clip to finally fall off.

So it wasn't just having the clip reattached to the already painful skin that was bad as the much as the thought of repeating the whole cycle again, with clip slipping, the agony of it hanging on the last bit of skin, to eventually fall off, then be replaced and start all over again. Obviously it was in our best interest, when all the clips were firmly in place, to struggle as little as possible to avoid any tugging on the clips, but Mistress had completely the opposite the whip and ability to torment us how she wished.

Occasionally she'd pause for a moment, so we got a moment or two to recover, and also let the weights settle. During those brief moments my partner and I got to stare into each others eyes, I think we were both wondering how long this torment would continue, both realizing just how helpless we were, at the mercy of a sadist who was really enjoying this.

The treatment continued, then she came up behind me, and I felt a black cloth cover my eyes as she blindfolded me. I wondered if he'd be blindfolded too, but it became clear I was being blindfolded as much for his amusement as I heard her explain to him how he would spend the rest of the treatment imagining the fear inside me, as I had no idea what was happening.

The whipping continued, but now I had no anticipation of seeing when she was about to whip him, and when I heard her walk behind me my body froze waiting for the inevitable lash, but she would wait, adding to my torment as I waited in fear for the next stoke. She would mock us both, making him look at me as I hung there, and taunting me that I'd rather she just whipped me rather than keep me waiting like that.

It was painful, yet a relieve when the stoke did come, but of course I didn't know if there would be more. And so our torment continued, but now, sometimes she would just come up and touch, maul me about with her hands, or else start pinching me hard to make me jerk about.

I assume he got similar treatment from what I could hear, but of course I don't know for sure. It sounded as if she had been working on him with her hands, I heard a few muffled squeals, and jerks on my clips as if he too was being pinched or something similar, then finally she was bring him off, I could hear her encouraging him to a climax, and hear is breathing increase and feel the pull on my clips as finally he spasmmed into a climax, and I felt a sense of relief that our ordeal was finally over.

I felt her weight on the bed as she got on and removed the pegs and clips from both of us, then from what I heard I assume she loosened his bondage, then removed his gag before undoing all his bondage.

She was asking him how he felt, or to hold still while undoing a cuff. He was still under the spell of her domination and sounded very submissive and meek in response to her questions.

I heard her take him downstairs, and could hear them talking for a few moments, but it was too faint to make out what was being said, then I heard the front door open and close, and with him gone I now eagerly awaited her return to release me. When she returned to the bedroom she came up to me and started running her hands over me, then to my horror told me that she wasn't finished with me yet, but as her captive slave girl I would have to give her pleasure with my tongue.

As I've said she was horribly fat, and the thought of putting my tongue anywhere near her felt repulsive, and it was fortunate that the gag muffled my sound of disgust at the very thought.

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She loosened my bondage, then released my wrists before pulling them behind me and locking them in some heavy wrist irons. By the time she took my blindfold off she had me laying on her bed, my neck collar was locked to a length of chain connected to the top of the bed, and my ankles had been bound together with rope, but I was still ball-gagged.

But the biggest shock as she removed my blindfold was seeing her laying next to me naked! She was huge, rolls of fat, it was a truly ugly site, enough to put anyone off sex for life, there was no hiding my disgust as she saw the look of horror in my eyes, yet in some warped sadistic way my disgust of her pleased her as she slowly told me how she would tame my dislike of her, and train me into being her obedient oral slave who would worship her and give her tongue whenever she wished.

As she run her hands over me she told me that I wasn't the first girl she had done this too, and was confident about turning me into her sex slave who would be eager to lick and satisfy her Mistress anyway she pleased. The thought of being used by her made me feel sick and I just wanted to get away, but there was hardcore orgy session with classy sex bombs escaping her hands that mauled me, while holding firmly on to me, and as she manoeuvred me about the bed it was clear that despite how fat she was, she was very strong, easily able to manhandle me and move me about anyway she wished.

She pulled me into her arms, then as she removed my gag, clamped her mouth over mine, forcing her tongue inside my mouth. Her tongue completely dominated my mouth, which I had to admit was not unpleasant, but it was the first time a woman had been so strong with me.

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Her tongue explored and filled my mouth while her hands clamped around my head held me still, and with her mouth tightly sealed over mine I was starting to lose breath. When finally she paused for a moment I was gasping for breath, while she calmly explained that she could give me all the cock a slut like me needed but that I was to be her lover.

She teased me about some of my more secret fantasies, where I'm capture by a sadistic lesbian, forced into ownership and made to be her lover. She dismissed any protests I made as just being in line with my fantasies, and knowing my initial disgust for her body, said that would only help to make her ownership of me much more real.

Then her forced, strong kissing of me continued, I felt as if I was almost being raped, but with her body out of view admit that secretly I was enjoying it. This kissing continued, then she forced my head lower down on to one of her breasts and ordered me to suck her nipple. I refused, keeping my mouth shut, but she still had her ridding crop handy, and gave me several strokes until I opened my mouth and also, very reluctantly, agreed to suck her nipples.

Then her hands forced a handful of one of her tits in to my mouth and I was made to suck, but then later she withdrew some of her breast and had me sucking and playing with her nipple, while instructing me how to use my tongue on her nipples the way she liked it.

With her hands clasping my head on to her breast she was free to tell me how I would become her sex slave, become intimate with every part of her body, take her piss, and lick her arse out.a truly horrible thought. As her hands moved my head from one breast to the other she continued fantasizing about how she'd use me to sexually please her, how in return she'd feed me to some of her boys and ensure I got all the cock that a slut like me needed, perhaps with the idea of making me move in and live with her full-time.

I sucked her nipples out of fear of further whippings, but eventually she wanted me to move on and go down between her legs, as she ordered me down there and used both her hands to lift up rolls of fat to even see where her crutch was.

It was such a hideous sight that the thought of burying my face under there, let alone try and use my tongue would turn your stomach. She gave me some more strokes of the whip and grabbing hold of my hair forced my head down there, but fake cop outside and police big cock xxx simple batterytheft was no way I could bring myself to try pleasuring her.

Eventually she decided to be more persuasive. She retied me, ankles bound together and secured to the foot of her bed, laying on my back, with my wrists in leather cuffs pulled out and secured to each side of the bed. As I said, against her weight and strength I felt like a rag doll, and she could easily put me in any position she wanted.

Then she turned around and prepared to squat on my face telling me that I'd be suffocated like this until I agreed. The next thing I knew was seeing these rolls of fat descending on my face, complete blackness, the pungent smell of her body filling my lungs and her flesh pressing down hard all over my face suffocating me.

I was desperately struggling for breath, but under her weight I couldn't move my face, although I guess the rest of my body must have jerked about desperately as I felt I was about to die, and thought I didn't want to die like this. While I had read of people accidentally dying in erotic bondage ordeals, I didn't want to end it being suffocated under this fat woman like this.

Although she obviously wasn't lowering her full weight on me as that alone would have probably just crushed me to death. Then she raised herself, allowing me to desperately take in some gulps of new, body odour filled air before lowering herself and sealing my face again. This process of slow suffocation continued with her raising, lowering herself about 6 or 8 times, and having this done to me by such an hideous ugly, fat woman made this the worst experience I can remember, which is why I try to forget it.

I can't say whether my mouth/nose was pressed against her cunt/arse, probably not, just buried in her rolls of flesh, but she later told me how much she enjoyed the feeling of my body jerking about in its death throws under her. Of course I knew I'd say, agree, to anything to stop this, even although I could never imagine me going ahead and doing the things she could make me agree to.

But when my suffocation ordeal was finally over she made me a new offer.she'd brooke lynn receives cum blasted on face after a hard sex me off using my tongue if I agreed to bring her off by fucking her with one of her vibrators.this came as such a relief to me that I readily agreed.

She opened a bedside drawer that appeared to have numerous vibrators pembantu cantik sex dengan majikan dildos in it and picked out 2 vibrators and a rubber dildo. She changed mom and son sexfull story bondage so that my wrists were manacled in front of me, handed me some new batteries then laid back and ordered me to give her an orgasm.

It was still an ugly sight, but I was very aware that I was locked to the bed by my neck chain and knew there was no way I was going to be released until she received some pleasure. So I did my best, working almost enthusiastic with the dildo and vibrators on her, desperate to get the whole thing over with. I don't know how long this went on for, but the new batteries had been exhausted before we finished.

I don't think she ever did have a climax, but got enough pleasure from my attempts that she eventually decided it was enough. I gave a sigh of relief and hoped to be released at last. There was a pause for a few moments, with me expecting to be freed, but she said that now it was my turn.having been used for her clients fun, then hers, finally I had to receive pleasure.

I protested that this wasn't necessary, I just wanted to get out of there, but it was clear I had no choice, and was going to be kept there to take whatever "pleasure" she wanted to give me. A few moments later she then started to manhandle me and retie me so I couldn't stop her playing with me as she wished.

For this she had me laying on my side, one of my ankles was tied to the centre of the bottom of her bed, then shortening the chain from my neck collar to the top of the bed so I was pulled out straight. My wrists were released, but my elbows bound tightly together behind me, as she liked the way this forced my tits to stick out, then a rope from my other ankle was pulled up in the air to one of the rails around the top of her four poster bed holding my legs spread wide apart.

Hope you can imagine the scene, with my legs bound spread wide apart like this, and the vulnerability I felt. Then she pulled out a couple of other dildos/vibrators from her drawer and started working them on me, which I enjoyed, but would have enjoyed more had I not had to look at the bulk of the naked woman doing this to me. After a while of working on me, she got up and left, returning a few moments later with a enormous black rubber cock, it was huge, about the size of my arm.

While I had seen things like this before I had always thought they were purely a novelty for display and not for practical use. She placed the enormous rubber cock in front of my face, and I immediately protested that it would be impossible to put something that large inside me, but she just laughed, saying that's what most girls say when they first see it, but this size of thing was used to loosen up a girl before fisting.

At that time I had never even heard of fisting, but before I could ask, she continued that my cunt needed to be opened up if I was to "be fed to her boys". But she admitted that I would need to be gagged to take it, and she had brought a small ball gag with her. As she strapped this on she explained how much she loved the squeals a girl makes when she forces this monster into her cunt, which made this one of her favourite ways of both rewarding and punishing a girl.

She worked on my cunt, but not so much as to give me pleasure, but pushing the devices in and out of me and lubricating me just to push ever larger things in me, with her occasionally tweaking my nipples.

So it was a mixed pain/pleasure for me, feeling my cunt being played with, yet being stretched more each time. Eventually it was time to start inserting the monster into me, and I screamed into my gag, probably more at the thought of it, as she slowly forced it's head up in between the lips of my cunt, and I feared it would tear my skin. Of course it didn't, she had lubricated me well, gradually opening me wider, and had done this before to other girls and knew exactly what she was doing.

But I still didn't think I could take that monster inside of me.I know she told me that it's size was nothing compare to giving birth say, but then that's different, hormones and things work on your body to prepare for that.I didn't think my body was prepared for this, and got a shock when I realised half of it was already inside me.

I remember her getting up and leaving me there for sometime, mocking me about how I looked, which she found very amusing. Then she went and got an old Polaroid camera and took some photos of me. She got dressed while the pictures fully developed, which made me glade that I didn't have to look at her nakedness any more. Then she sat next to me and showed me the photos, taken to show some of her boys, showing me like a helpless raped slut, especially bound with one of my legs pulled up to the bed canopy to display my spread crutch now with this large black cock half stuck inside me, gagged, and with the marks clearly visible from the whipping I'd received from her earlier.

She then played back the messages on her answer-phone, and I was surprised by how many she had, for such an unattractive Mistress, some were obviously from regular clients referring to previous visits. Mistress then picked up her cordless phone and sat on the bed next to me and replied to one of her callers, and while one hand played with me she sat chatting about his last visit when he spent quite some time in her dungeon, then she told him what she had been doing this morning, and going in to details about how she had me tied-up next to her on the bed, giving me a few pinches, and twisting the large cock still stuck inside me to make me scream so he could hear me over the phone while they talked about me.

For a while I feared she was going to invite him over and that I'd be kept there and perhaps be involved in another scene with him. Fortunately she didn't, but sudden the idea of me being her captive slut and being fed to some of her "boys" no longer seemed just a fantasy, I was convinced that she had plenty of men interested and molly jane behind the scenes given enough time under her control, this would be inevitable.

Fortunately, after the phone call she slowly eased the large cock out of me and started to untie much of my bondage, but still kept me in the collar chained to skilled chick knows how to fuck properly bed, but the atmosphere became more relaxed and the conversation more friendly as she started to come out of her more sadistic Mistress persona.

After a while my wrists were shackled together in front of me then I was released from the bed and we returned downstairs. She decided we should have a talk over very small tits brunette teen shane blair boned by nasty man deepthroat smalltits cup of coffee before I left, and while still naked and shackled mas break dilan riley kagney linn karter sienna west me make the coffee and wait on her while she told me how useful a captive slave girl like me would be to her.

I just felt desperate to get out of there, and as she told me about some of her ideas for me I had to respond carefully, as I didn't want to upset her out of fear that she might suddenly switch back into my cruel Mistress who could easily drag me into that dungeon. But eventually I was allowed to get dressed and leave.

She contacted me several times later, trying to get me to come for another "session", but I knew enough about her methods and style to know that a second visit would be seen as me giving her consent to take full control of me and I felt that on my next visit I'd probably end up being locked in her dungeon and being kept there for a few days while she broke me in, something I knew she was well capable of.

She made various offers, even that one of her slaves would pay me just to do a joint bondage scene where we'd both be tied-up. But I felt, even if true, these were all just lures to get me there, tied-up, and next time I wouldn't escape so easily but would be forced in to being her full body slave. It was a great pity in a way, as she understood me, knew my fantasies, where I was mentally coming from, and what I wanted.

She told me stories (some true, but others I'm not so sure about), and ideas that really got my submissive juices flowing, really turning me on to her ideas.

She could be truly merciless, and there were no limits when she was in a sadistic mood, yet she seemed experienced enough to not cause any injury or physical damage. She also wasn't afraid to take full control, and with her close subs would pry into their personal lives and could exercise genuine control over them, which I felt she'd do to me on my next visit.

She had even joked about keeping me in her dungeon for a few days while she visited my home and have one of her slaves convert my bedroom into a cell then have one of her slaves move in with me. Then I'd be released to find I had one of her slaves lodging with me, to keep an eye on me and report to her, he would be a trusted slave, under her instruction and carry out her orders so that for example I could continue to go to work normally, yet might be locked in shackles all the time I was at home, I'd never know when he might be ordered to subject me to various bondage ordeals, or tie me up and put me in the back of the car and drive me over to spend a few days with her, or anyone else she chose.

Teen cali westbrook takes a facial in pov pornstars and nice ass had been said as a joke/fantasy at the time, but when I asked some questions a little later, she seemed to have a lot of the details already worked out, that I was convinced this was a plan ready to be realised.

From the stories she told me I felt she had the will and was quite capable of doing this, and I might even have enjoyed becoming her captive bitch/slut, except for the one problem that she was so fat and naked, repulsively unattractive.