Mom and son japan fucking

Mom and son japan fucking
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If you haven't read the story entitled "Shannon" then you might want to read it before you read Shannon II. You will have a better understanding of the characters and the continuity of the story. I had filmed Dave's brother's bachelor party and as I have said before I don't like Dave and never have. He's arrogant, boastful and a royal asshole, he also happens to "own" Shannon. I say he "owns" her, because she insists that he does.

As a result Dave dominates, abuses and humiliates Shannon sexually. At the bachelor party she was made to have sex with two dogs and then fuck the entire room full of men. In the first story I had written that slut Shannon, visually reminded me of the actress who played "Shannon" on the TV show "LOST". Not quite as pretty but close. While filming the molestation of Shannon at the party, something in her captured my sole and I knew then that I wanted to be with Shannon.

Shannon II the anniversary Dave and I were standing side by side in the banquet hall. The bachelor party had run its course; Dave and I were watching two men who had helped me video tape the party, fuck an exhausted Shannon. I asked him, "What would you say if I asked you if I could date Shannon." "I'd tell you to go fuck yourself." "Why?" "Because I think you would look cute with your sunny leone gia portrait of a pornstar in your ass." I gave him an irritated smile, "Why won't you let me date Shannon?" "Because she's my whore." "So?" He looked at me as if he were seeing me for the first time.

"I tell you what, my sports hero friend. I will not let you date my little slut, but I will let you marry her if you want to." "You would let marry her but not date her?" I asked incredulously. "Yes," he stated simply. I stared at him a few moments and scratched my head.

I need your answer right now, yes or no." "Right now?" I exclaimed. "You got thirty seconds he said looking at his watch. What is your decision?

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kittens fuck fellows asshole with huge belt dicks and squirt cream Fifteen seconds." OK, I'll marry her, but what if Shannon doesn't want to marry me." "Doesn't matter what she wants, I will tell her to do it and she will." "Well I would like to hear it from her if you don't mind." "I do fuckin mind dick head, and if you want to marry her you will not look at her, visit her or kinky tess has her sexy feet licked to her right up to the minute you say 'I do,' Got that pencil prick.

In fact leave this building right now and wait in your van. Your men can collect your equipment for you." "But, I…" "If you are not out of that door within the next two minutes the deal is off fuck face." I turned and rushed for the door.

As I reached for the door knob, Dave yelled out across the hall. "The wedding will be on Friday two weeks from now. Get your own tux. I will be in touch." I glanced over at Shannon who was on the cum soaked mattress. Mike was pounding her sore pussy and John was fucking her face. Then I went out of the door. Two weeks is a long time when you feel your life is out of control and you are not sure if you have just made the worst decision of your life and I will be happy to tell you all about the wedding but that is in the story Shannon III.

So now we will skip forward, two years into the future. Shannon and I have been married one year eleven months and twenty eight days. The day after tomorrow will be our second wedding anniversary. "Hey honey, I'm home." I said as I tossed my jacket on the couch. "In the kitchen baby." Walking into the kitchen I went straight to the fridge and grabbed a beer.

Shannon was at the sink preparing dinner and I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug and nuzzled her neck. Then I took the cold beer can and pressed it to her left nipple and watched pucker and harden.

Even after almost two years I have still have not gotten used to the sight of my lovely wife completely naked whenever she is in our house. Dave's rules. During the time between the bachelor party and now Shannon has put on fifteen or twenty extra pounds.

Dave has even commented about it saying that she was getting thick around the middle. I guess married life was agreeing with her, however I knew that Dave wasn't going to let his whore get fat.

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"Love you." I said. "Love you too, hun." "Where's Woof." I asked. "My friend Susi asked him if he would spend a few days with her. He seemed happy to go." "What about our anniversary." "He doesn't care about that." "I do," I said with a mock pouty face. She laughed and said in a sultry voice. "We don't need him, besides it will be nice to have you all to myself.

It won't be the first time he's chased after some horney bitch and I certainly doubt it will be the last." Then she gave me a very passionate kiss that caused my dick to stir.

The wall phone rung and Shan reached over and answered, "Hello." Her smile kind of faded, "Yes we do." She listened some more, "I'd rather not." A pause, "What time." "OK." and she hung up the phone.

I looked at her with questioning eyes. "That was Dave." She announced somberly. "He wants us to be available Saturday all day. He will pick us up at eight am." "But that's our anniversary." I whined. She looked at me, shrugged and went back to the sink to finish dinner. "What else did he say?" I asked. He wants you to bring the hand held video and I am to wear the yellow sun dress and my black boots, nothing else. He also instructed me to put some KY on my cunt.

I let out a big sigh and slumped dejectedly. "I'm going to take a shower." We spoke no more of Dave's call until later that night when we were in bed. I held her in my arms and told her I loved her and for the millionth time expressed my wish that Dave were not in our lives. "I know honey," she whispered in my ear. "But we have discussed this many times and you know the conclusion we all ways come to." "I know," I moaned. "I guess I just have to accept that he will be there until he tires of tormenting you." "Us." She corrected.

"What, " "Till he tires of tormenting us," she elaborated. "Mmmm, yeah." "Even with all of the shit he makes me do, you know that I truly love "you" don't you." Shan said with dewy eyes." "Absolutely," I whispered gazing deep into her eyes and a tear painted my cheek.

I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling. "It's just so weird. How is he able to treat people like does and not feel remorse?" "God only knows what goes on in that fucker's mind.

I can't figure him out and I really don't think I want to. Like it or not, he gives me something I need, no crave and I am beginning to suspect that you have come to crave it too, at least some of it. Besides, if it weren't for Dave, I never would have married you and I would still be that depressed, sad, suicidal slut you met at the bachelor party.

Eat my pussy and suck my feet teens vol I'm a happy, vibrant and in love slut." "Well he was the one that turned you into that depressed, sad, suicidal slut." "No, that happened way before Dave and even if it had been Dave who fucked me up and he weren't in the picture it would have been someone else.

No, things could be worse, a whole lot worse." I thought, she's right; it could be way worse. Dave might be an asshole, no, Dave is definitely an asshole, but he wasn't as bad as he could be. It's not like he is fucking her every day or even most of the time.

No, Shan and I have our own life and he only sticks his dick in it about four or five times a month sometimes as much as ten times if he has a bug up his ass. He had never severely hurt Shan, nor had he pierced, tattooed or marred her body in any way, although, neither Shan nor I would have objected to a moderate amount of piercing or some discreet tats.

He has never demanded that she have her body surgically modified (I guess he is not a breast man. Shan's tits are of average size) and he has not attempted to stretch her cunt or asshole to the point that would become unusable by anything other than stud horses and elephants. No Dave likes his pussy tight and isn't about to fuck that up.

He doesn't beat her, maybe a spanking or a slap here and there, but no major bruises or black eyes. Sure he has gotten carried away a couple of times in the past five years that he has "owned" Shannon, but had always returned to sanity before any real damage was inflicted. He keeps his demands for Shan's time to an acceptable level and he doesn't allow men to "drop" in unannounced unless he has approved it in advance.

He usually gives us at least twenty four hours notice if he wants to "use" Shannon. And, Shan is right about the marriage thing too. She would have not romi rain and tyler nixon believed that someone would be willing to marry another man's whore. "You know that I could never treat you like that don't you?" I said stroking her cheek.

"I know. That's why I love you. No man has ever treated me like you do and no man ever will because my heart is yours forever." "But your body is his hit sex hot story big boobs abuse as long as he wishes." I sighed.

"Yes." She whispered in my ear. We made tender love and we fell asleep with my arm wrapped around her spooning. Saturday morning we were up early, showered, ate breakfast and were waiting for Dave's arrival by quarter to eight.

Shan had on the short yellow sun dress with the spaghetti straps, no underwear, her black boots that came about three quarters up her calf and a single earring in her left ear(Dave's identifier). Her mostly bald pussy glistened with a coat of KY jelly and her little landing strip just above her clit was trimmed neatly. The morning light shimmered in her blond hair and despite her trepidation as to the coming events her smile lit up the room.

God I loved her. Dave's horn sounded in our driveway and I grabbed my camera bag and opened the front door. Shan stepped past me through the door and stopped dead on the front stoop. "Oh God, not the eight ball," blurted from her mouth. tight skirt fetish these trampy teen women and their out of control partying is enough to

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I stepped out the door and made sure it was locked. "What," I asked. "Is there a problem?" She laughed and said, "No more than usual." Dave sat grinning at us from the driver's seat of what looked to be a nineteen fifty something pickup truck. It was jet black and had an eight ball air brushed on the door. It looked as though it had been professionally restored. Dave revved the engine and the truck roared and then settled down to a throaty rumble.

Shannon turned to me and said. "It's Dave's brother's truck. Robert used to drive me around in it for hours when he owned me." I put the camera gear in the back and opened the door for Shan. She hopped up into the truck and slid across to the middle of the bench seat to make room for me. I got in and closed the door and shifted myself to get comfortable. The truck was in perfect condition. There was a round one half inch metal manual floor gear shift rod rising from the floor and it had a regulation pool eight ball secured to the end of it.

Shannon was sitting with both of her legs pressed together and to the right of the shift lever. Dave looked into Shannon's eyes and then looked down at her legs then looked back into her eyes. Shannon just stared at Horny feel horny masturbate with big toys. Dave looked into Shannon's eyes and then looked more insistently down at her legs then looked back into her eyes this time with much more energy.

Shannon sighed and placed her left leg over the shifter and scooted firmly back against the seat. The shifter was now between her spread legs. Dave grinned evilly and grasped the eight ball and shifted the truck into reverse, which was over to the right and back toward Shannon's crotch.

The eight ball was now pressed firmly up against the inside of her right thigh about three inches back from the front edge of the seat and hovered about two inches above the seat. Having had completed the shift Dave's hand left the ball and continued up to Shannon's pussy, raking her dress up to her waist and exposing her smooth slit.

He jammed his fingers in and out of her for a couple of minutes then backed out of the drive. As we backed out I noticed a child's blue beach pail secured to the transmission hump at the edge of the seat between Shannon's legs.

I wondered what it was for, but knowing Dave it wouldn't be long before its purpose would be clear to me. Dave drove out of the neighborhood and headed for the interstate.

As he approached the on ramp he said to Shannon. "Get ready to flirty blonde babe scarlett sage loves big cock the position." Shannon nodded and closed her eyes. Dave accelerated into second gear, which was over towards Dave and down towards Shannon.

The eight ball was now resting against the inside of her left thigh. Then he hit third, which was to the right and up toward the dash. "Now ," Dave shouted. Shannon scooted her butt forward and hung her ass about two inches over the front seat; her cunt was hanging directly over the little blue pail.

Dave grabbed the shifter by the metal rod that protruded up from the floor, pressed in the clutch and slammed the eight ball back, right into Shannon's quivering cunt.

Shannon screamed briefly as the black ball passed through her vaginal opening. Once the ball was deemed securely seated in her love box, Dave accelerated to highway speed and Shannon began to take deep breaths. The road and engine vibrations were transmitted up through the shift rod and fed into my wife's pussy. When she spoke it was like someone was holding a vibrating massager up against her chest. I imagined it was like having a four thousand pound oscillating dildo in her cunt.

About three minutes after accepting the black vibrator in her pussy, she grunted, her abdomen tightened and her upper body curled like strip of construction paper drawn over a scissor blade. Then an orgasm swept through her body and her pussy sprayed girl cum out and into the little blue pail.

Mystery revealed. Dave looked over to me and said. "That ball is dancing right on her G spot. Man that's one hot fucking cunt." I looked over into the bucket and there was about an inch of pussy juice in the bottom of the pail. From then on about every five miles she would have another seizure and dump more cream into the bucket. After about her eleventh or twelfth nut, there was very little cum draining out of her, yet the last orgasm had seemed just as intense as the first one.

At every opportunity Dave would pull alongside a big rig and blow his horn. The trucker would look down at Shannon's plugged pussy and blast his air horn in appreciation. Dave told me to pull the straps off of the slut's shoulders and expose her tits. Reluctantly I did as he asked.

Thus we continued down the highway, carrying the cunt with a yellow band around her waist and the eight ball up her pussy. Dave put on his turn signal and warned Shannon that he might have to down shift so be ready. She was so exhausted that I was not sure that she even heard his warning. Dave slowed and merged onto the off ramp and exited onto a two lane state road without having to slow below forty five.

"Were good," Dave declared and Shannon rolled her eyes at him. At this slower speed the road vibrations had lessened considerably, however this new road presented a different challenge.

It was constructed with concrete and every hundred feet we would hit the seam where one poured slab met the next. It was like going over a mini speed bump. Now Shannon's orgasm intervals were much further apart but every time we hit a seam she would grunt as if she were being punched in the gut. Dave slowed and pushed in the clutch. Shannon's eyes popped open and seem to tense up a little. Dave made a gentle turn onto a dirt road and let out the clutch. Our speed had dropped below thirty five and when he tried to accelerate he lugged the engine.

When that happened the shift lever slapped violently back and forth, fucking that ball rapidly deep inside of Shannon. I looked over at her and her bodily movements reminded me of one of those little clown toys that was made with two sticks and two strings and every time you squeezed the sticks the clown would flip over and his arms would flail erratically.

Dave pushed in the clutch again and said, "Ready." Shannon nodded briefly and Dave grabbed the shift rod and jerked the offending eight ball from her cunt. Shannon screamed again and collapsed into the seat. Dave down shifted to third but the road was so rough that he had to slow even further. He shifted into neutral and coasted for a little while. Then he reached over Shannon, grabbed her hip and pulled her closer fun teen girl party and first anal hd galactic delight him.

Then he clasped the shift leaver, pushed in the clutch and jammed the black ball back into her and into second gear. Shannon's eyes went wide. She had not been expecting to be refilled with the shift knob and therefore did not have time to register a scream. The dirt road was very rough; it had become corrugated from years of traffic.

The ball was again vibrating violently as we motored along at around twenty miles an hour. Then the evil Dave found another way to torture my helpless wife.

He began goosing the gas pedal and that would send the orb careening sideways inside of her ravaged pussy. He would hit the gas and the ball would be slapped to the right, then he would let off of the gas and the ball would swing rapidly to the left. Vvvvvviviiit&hellip. aaaauauaah&hellip. vvvvvviviiit&hellip. aaauauaah&hellip. vvvvvviviiit&hellip. aaaauauaah&hellip.

Vvvvvviviiit&hellip. aaaauauaah&hellip. Tears were running down Shannon's face and dripping on her breasts. Dave was laughing maniacally. "Knock it off asshole." yelled at Dave. He looked at me shocked. He could see the rage in my eyes. I am much bigger and stronger than Dave and he knew that I could have pounded him to a pulp if I chose to. I would have ended this torture sooner had it not been for my respect for Shannon's commitment to be his property.

Dave eased up on the gas and continued cautiously down the rutted road. Minutes later we coasted to a stop in front of a two story farm house.

Without a word, Dave shut off the engine, released the blue pail that was half full of girl cum from the drive shaft tunnel, picked it up and got out of the truck. He reached into the bed of the truck picked something up and took the two items into the house.

I gently wiped the tears from Shan's face and asked her if she were OK. A very soft, "Yes," passed her lips. "Help me get this fucking thing out of me." "Do you want me to jerk it out or do you want to try to ease it out." "I think I will try to back slowly off of povd little hottie sally squirt sucks a big dick in hot tub slowly.

If you can hold it and pull it firmly but very slowly toward the dash I will try to push off of it. I clasp the metal rod and gently but firmly pressed it in the direction of the dash while Shan flexed her legs and pushed her body back into the seat. As we struggled, her cunt bulged and the base of the ball appeared.

Grunting, she pushed harder and I was amazed at how much her lips stretched around that pool ball. Then suddenly it popped free, she gasped and fell over into my lap. She lay there for a little while collecting her self. After a moment she looked up at me and giggled, "eight ball out of horny college student fucks in her dorm center pocket." I smiled down at her and lovingly brushed the hair from her face.

Slowly Shan sat back up and kissed me on the cheek. "Let's see if I can walk." And she laughed. I got out and held out my hand to her. She took it and cautiously scooted across the seat. Gently she slid off of the seat and let her feet rest upon the ground. Little by little she allowed her legs to accept more and more of her weight until she was standing somewhat wobbly next to me.

She took a tentative step, then another and another. Soon she was walking fairly comfortably, although bow legged and it looked as if that eight ball was still wedged up into her birth canal.

I lifted the camera bag from the bed of the truck with one hand and held her hand in the other and then we slowly made the short journey into the farm house. As soon as the door closed behind us we heard Dave instruct Shannon to take off her dress and hang it up, as she wouldn't need it until we were leaving. She was now naked, except for the black boots and single earring.

Together we followed the sound of men in conversation to a small breakfast nook at the back of the house. Dave and another bare chested hairy old man mom catch son fuck his sister 1 to2minite story sitting at the table with cups of coffee in front of them.

They both looked up at us as we entered the room. "May I have something to drink?" Shan asked no one in particular. Dave stood up and pulled her to him. "Come stand here dick head." Dave commanded me. Dave calls me a lot of different names, but "dick head" is his favorite. I silently stood next to Shannon's left shoulder where he indicated.

"Reach across her and grab her right tit." I did as he said. "Now, curl your fingers in her hair at the back of her head and pull her hair down till she is looking up at the ceiling and don't let her move." I wasn't liking this, but I complied with his command. Dave bent down and picked something off of the floor. It was a long black automatic transmission funnel. That must have been what he retrieved from the bed of the truck.

It was not a new funnel and it had at one time, had oil poured through it. "Open your mouth cunt." Shan slowly opened her mouth. With her head in this position she could not see the funnel and had no idea what was coming next. Dave brought the funnel up and pressed it about half way down into her mouth. The small end went past her tonsils and into her throat.

She gagged briefly but held her ground. Dave bent down again and brought up the blue pail and began pouring the girlie goo right into her belly. He laughed and said. "I wouldn't want you to get dehydrated." Dave sat back down and took a sip of his coffee. We all could easily hear the rasping of Shannon's breath as the sound was amplified through the funnel.

Dave looked at me and said. "If you think it has all drained out you can remove the funnel." I released her breast and gently extracted the plastic invader from her mouth and waited for instructions to release her hair. I was shooting daggers at Dave with my eyes; he met my stare with a smile and made a slight nod. I released Shan's hair and she straightened herself, made a sour face and cleared her throat. "May I have something ELSE to drink." "Sure," he said with a grin, "get under the table and suck Mack off." Dutifully, she got down on her hands and knees, crawled under the table and drew Mack's boxer shorts off as that apparently, was all that he had on.

I could hear her slurping on Mack's cock as the men causally discussed the weather and the difficulties of running a farm in a depressed economy. However it wasn't long before Shan's mouth was having a profound effect on the conversation. Mack groaned, and stiffened slightly and pushed his groin up into the cock suckers face and I heard Serenas hole gets a taste of the doorknocker then showed her off how to use plugs head bump the bottom of the table.

Mack continued to fuck his cock up into my wife's mouth and each time her head bounced off of the underside of the heavy oak table. Harder and harder he pushed and the volume of the sound of her skull smacking the wood increased. Mac gritted his yellow teeth and flexed his body even higher and the table was lifted off of the floor by Shannon's head as he unloaded his sperm into her mouth.

Slowly the table drifted back down until it again rested upon the floor. "Fuck," Mack exclaimed, "that's one fantastic cock sucker." Shannon looked out from under the table and showed Dave her cum filled mouth.

He looked down at her and said. "Show it to Mack and then share it with dick head." This wasn't the first time he had made us share sperm and I was well aware that it was far from the last. At first I had a hard time drink and eating the shit, but eventually like anything else I have come to accept it. I looked at it as having to take some bad tasting medicine. I was not like Shannon who seems to love the taste of sperm, all sperm.

No, I don't think I will ever like it. She got out from under the table and showed Mack his deposit. Mack grunted his approval. She then came to me and kissed me pushing the slimy mess into my mouth. I swallowed and we continued to make out for several minutes.

Shannon turned back to Dave and asked. "Now, may I have something sex xxx storys ptl fgr com to drink?" Dave chuckled. "We could probably keep this up all day. There are two other cocks in this room that haven't been drained and I believe that Mack has a whole mess of male dogs running around this place." Shannon patiently waited for the command to suck the next cock.

Dave grinned again and said, "Ask your host." Shannon turned to Mack and asked him if she could have something to drink. Mack indicated that coffee was on the stove and she could have whatever she wanted from the refrigerator. Then he returned to the conversation with Dave, ignoring us completely. Shan and I confined ourselves to the kitchen while Dave and Mack caught up on old times. It wasn't long before I heard, "Hey pencil dick, grab your gear, you and the cunt follow us." I don't know why Dave calls me pencil dick because my cock it at least as long as his but mine is way fatter.

I guess it's a penmanship thing. The two men passed us and headed outside, I was glad to see that Mack had put on some coveralls. I snatched up my gear and followed Shannon out of the back door. I sure loved to watch that ass motivate. She looked like a walking ball bearing factory.