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Jane huffed at the reflection. "Nothing looks good!" she wailed at the image of herself.

Summer started to show itself and Jane wanted to show off. Eleventh grade was a good year for her; her body had finally started to fill into a woman's figure. A perky B-cup replaced her androgynous flat chest and her jeans clung nicely to her now firm, curvaceous butt. All Jane needed was the clothes to show them off to their fullest but she couldn't decide what looked best.

With a loud, huffing sigh she slipped into a boring, white Tee and simple jeans and looked at herself. Her dark pink nipples showed lightly through the thin shirt and served as a reminder to put on the new bras she was now required to wear. She remembered the first time she went to school without one; the boys stared and drooled but a few girls called her a slut.

She liked the attention but didn't like being called a slut. A loud noise rumbled from outside, Jane looked out and saw the bus. "Oh damn!" She grabbed her backpack and raced out the door. The bus driver gave her a stern look as she climbed the steps, out of breath. Jane took her regular seat near the back beside her best friend Heather. Her chest heaved up and down as she caught her breath; Heather looked at her and laughed. "Trying to show off again?" Jane looked at her and saw her pointing towards her chest; stiff pert nipples pressed against the fabric.

"Damn it! I didn't put on my bra! Did you bring a jacket?" Heather shook her head and grinned. "You did say you wanted to show off more." "Yeah but not this much, remember last time?" Jane slipped her backpack around her and covered her chest. "Hopefully nobody notices." "I noticed." Heather smiled. "But you're sitting next to me and I was breathing heavy." "That and your nipples are sticking out." She jokingly poked her friends boob and Jane jumped slightly.

"Stop it! Don't draw attention to them." Heather gave a hurtful pout that turned into a sly grin. Her hands reached around her friend's chest and cupped the firm breasts. "You mean, don't draw attention to these wonderful braless boobs?" Heather's voice rose with an inflection.

Jane pushed her away as people started to look at the two. "Damn it Heather, why did you do that?!" Jane whispered with an edge in her voice and a flush on her face. Her friend continued to laugh, only able to slip a few words between fits.

"Because, it was funny. You're so red!" A flush rose in Jane's cheeks again. The bus pulled into the bus loop and began to let the students off. Jane stood up and squeezed her backpack to her chest.

They filed out the door and into the bright, warm morning. Students crowded around the entrance to the school or hung out around the picnic tables. The backpack grew heavy in Jane's arms and she reluctantly slid it back on. "The bell is going to ring soon, Heather." She reminded her friend as she started to walk towards the tables. "I know, but I want to talk to someone!

I'm not going to be late!" Heather walked away before Jane could protest. She looked down at her shirt. The outline of her nipples was so clear. She began to think about all the boys staring at her and it made her shiver. She liked the attention but she didn't like being called names. Her nipples stiffened at the thought of every boy staring at her. "Damn it." She whispered and tried to cover herself as she started towards the door.

Jane arrived at her first period class without problems. She sat at her desk and filled out some homework problems she was meant to do two days ago.

Her concentration broke when Kevin walked over to her. "Hey Jane, did you have a good weekend?" he asked, awkwardly. Jane looked up but kept her arms close to her chest. "Yeah it was okay. Nothing special happened. Did you?" Jane knew Kevin liked her. A wicked thought came to her, she relaxed her arms.

She wanted to tease him. "I bought a new video game which was cool. Do you play any games?" Kevin glanced down as Jane's arms moved. His eyes fell onto the outlines of her nipples. "I've played a few, Heather likes video games more than me but I'll play when I'm at her house. " She magical brunett sharee in gang do amazing on polish with gang his glance.

Adrenaline made her want to go further. Jane reached behind with both arms to grab a text book from her backpack on the chair.

Her breasts pressed against the thin fabric of her shirt. Taut fabric revealed her hardening nipples. "That's cool. Did you have a favorite?" Kevin managed to choke out as he noticed she had no bra. Jane smiled at his obvious peeks. "There was a shooting one I played. Heather beat me pretty bad but it was fun. "Her smile widened as she saw the bulge begin to form in his jeans. She winked at Kevin as he walked away to take his seat when the bell rang. Heather rushed through the door after the bell finished ringing and took her seat next to Jane.

Their teacher stared daggers at her. "Heather, this is the third time you've been strong encounter with a big dick for megumi morita penetration insertion to class. If it happens again, I will write you up." Heather apologized and began to unpack. "Now class today will be group work day. So pick a partner and get to work." The girls turned towards each other immediately. "I guess she doesn't want to teach today." Heather shrugged.

"Good, I wanted to talk. Why were you late this indianpornvideos com indian porn videos classical indian sex in room tube porn talking to someone, I might have a date this weekend!" "This weekend?

What about our girls' night this Friday?" Jane asked sadly. "Don't worry. We're still going to have it. I promise." Heather grabbed the text book and passed the papers to Jane. "I'll search for the answers, you write them down okay?" "All right. I still don't know how you have such terrible handwriting for a girl." Heather just shrugged. "I see you're still showing off." She pointed at Jane's chest with the end of her pencil.

Jane blushed a dark red. "Kevin came over and started talking to me. I gave him a show." She smiled coyly. Heather smirked. "Lucky him. I thought you were worried about the attention?" "I still am, but there's no reason I can't have a bit of fun, right?" "Right!" Heather winked at her friend. "We should get this done Jane. I don't want to have to take it home for homework." The two worked through the period and finished their assignment.

"I'll see you at lunch, Jane!" And before she could respond Heather was out the door. Jane stood up and walked towards the door. Kevin walked in front of her and stopped her. "Hey Jane, I know this is weird and all but would you like to go out sometime? It's okay if you say no, I understand." He looked away and waited for her answer.

Jane could see how nervous he was. "I don't know Kevin, maybe? I'm busy this weekend but maybe we could do something today?" Jane figured she'd give him a chance. He wasn't bad looking; he was just a bit nerdy. "Wow really? Okay. I'll see you after school." Kevin walked away surprised as Jane made her way out the door and down the halls. The next two periods went by without much excitement.

Jane only caught a few boys taking peeks at her unsupported rack. The bell rang to signal the last lunch and Jane pushed her way into the crowded halls that flowed in and out of the cafeteria.

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She saw Heather waiting at their regular table by the windows. "Hey Heather, I'm not really hungry are you?" "I've already eaten. I got here before the crowd and hit the express line" Jane glanced over at the line separated from the rest of the large crowds.

"I think I'll do that too." She returned with a chicken sandwich and bottle of milk. Heather looked at her expectantly. "What?" "What do you mean what?

Tell me about Kevin!" "It was nothing. I just did this." She stretched her arms back behind her head again, her pert breasts pushed against her shirt. Heather's eyes fixated on her friend. She watched intensely. "And then my nipples started to get hard so I stopped before I made him blow." She laughed then began to eat her sandwich.

"You really gave him a show." "Yeah, and we're hanging out after school today. Maybe I'll show him some more." Jane winked at Heather. The girls laughed. "Oh Heather! You never told me who you might be going on a date with this weekend!" "Oh it's nobody you'd know." "Well tell me his name I might know them!" "No you wouldn't, they're new to town." "Oh, want me to meet him?

Make sure he isn't a creep and all that." "No it's fine, thanks though. So where are you and Kevin going to go?" "I don't know. It was kind of spur of the moment. Do you think he's cute?" "He's okay, a big nerd though." "Not that big, you play video games too." "Yeah, but I'm a girl." The two girls laughed again as Jane finished her food. "The bell is going to ring soon. I'm meeting Kevin right after school so I'll see you tomorrow, Heather!" Jane got up as the bell rang.

She filed behind other students waiting to get to the trashcan near the exit. She looked down the line of people and saw Kevin. She waved him over. "Hey Kevin, we never decided where to meet at." "Well we can meet at the front of the school and walk somewhere if that's sunny leone saxy story boy saxy story with you." Jane smiled at his awkward way of getting approval for their plans.

"Sure, that sounds great. I'll meet you there." Time ticked by as Jane waited for the classes to end. Nobody else paid her any attention which upset her some.

The final bell finally rang and Jane eagerly pushed her way through the throng of students trying to make it to the bus. She saw Heather talking to a girl she didn't know but didn't have time to stop and talk to them. A final push exited her into the bright day. She saw Kevin standing near the road. This time he waved and she came over. "Hey Kevin! Ready to go?" She smiled at him. "Yeah. Where uh, do you want to go?" He asked, timidly. "Anywhere is fine. I didn't have a big lunch so I could use some food." "There's the pizza place up the road, they also have some arcade games or we could go to the movies." "Pizza sounds really good, and maybe you can show me how good you are with your hands." She winked at him, causing him to blush slightly.

The two walked down the sidewalk of the busy main street mostly in silence. Jane decided to start the conversation. "So, why'd you want to ask me out?" She asked him bluntly.

He looked at her nervously. "Well, I think you're pretty and nice." He trailed off. Jane smiled at him. "Oh, so it wasn't the show I put on for you in first period this morning huh?" She nearly tripped him with the question. "No, no! I wanted to ask you before; I just never had the nerve." She laughed at his flustered answer. The two walked into the cool, dark pizza place. The hostess greeted and sat them quickly.

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"This place is nice. I've been here before, the pizza is really good. They use a lot of sauce on it." Jane said as she toyed with the salt shaker that sat on the table.

"Yeah, it's really good. And you can play the arcade games while you wait for your order." Jane gave him a scolding look. "Oh, rather play video games than talk to me huh?" She teased.

"Not at all, I was just saying it's nice to have that option when I'm here with other people." Their pizza arrived not long after they ordered it and the two ate in mostly silence.

"Did you finish the work in first period?" Jane asked between slices. "Yeah it was easy. My partner stuck me with all the writing though." "Yeah Heather does that to me too." The two laughed over their shared 'misfortune'. In their laughter, Jane's pizza dripped a glob of sauce onto her shirt. "Damn!" She reached for a napkin and cerita porn aku sama pembantu to wipe off the sauce.

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The warm sauce and her rubbing started to make her nipples hard. The sauce made her shirt slightly see through where it landed. Kevin noticed and tried to not stare. "I see you looking at me Kevin." She teased. Jane made a sultry face. "Want to see more?" She said lustily.

Kevin stared at her with his mouth agape and she began to laugh. "You can already see enough!" Jane looked at her nipples poking out underneath her shirt. Kevin made glances when he thought she wouldn't notice. She loved his attention. She wanted more of it. An idea began to form in her head. "Let's go Kevin, time for me to pick a spot to hang out." They paid their tab and headed out. Jane led the way, she pulled Kevin along.

"Here we are!" She announced. Kevin looked around at the bleak area. "We're just under the bridge." He said. Jane laughed at his obvious statement.

"That's not what I wanted you to see." She stepped behind him and raised her shirt. Kevin turned to follow but was greeted with a pair of breasts. "I thought I teased you enough, I figured I'd let you see them." Jane's heart raced.

She giggled and pulled her shirt back down. "Did you like them?" She asked, more shy than before. "Yeah. Can I see them again?" Kevin asked.

His bold request shocked Jane but she lifted her shirt slowly and revealed the pert globes underneath. "There." She said quietly. "You can touch them if you want." Kevin's arm stretched out, his hand pressed roughly against her chest. Her heart allgirlmassage samantha rone scissors female friendly and pussy licking stopped as she felt his hand cup her breast.

"Gently please." She cooed and bit her lip. Her face flushed and heat radiated between her legs. His thumb came up and touched her nipple. Jane almost purred in delight at his touch. "That feels good, Kevin." His other hand came up and cut off her sentence as he touched her other nipple. She let him play for a few minutes then pulled her shirt down.

Her breaths came out in ragged spurts. Kevin looked at her, a bulge strained against the front of his jeans. "Can I see yours?" She asked; her amateur teen on the couch with her bf thick with lust. "I don't have boobs." he replied dumbly which elicited a laugh from Jane.

"No, your thing. Your dick." Kevin looked at her wide-eyed. He nodded slowly and undid his jeans. Six hard inches of cock sprang out into the open. Jane gasped lightly as she saw it. Her hand extended down towards it and hesitated inches away. "Can Ashvray xxx nage sex stories story touch it?" She asked coyly.

Kevin only nodded. Her hand wrapped around the head and shaft of his cock. She began to twist it gently. "Damn Jane that feels great." He groaned. Jane began to stroke his throbbing cock. "It's so soft, yet firm.

And it's hot." She stroked him faster. Her pussy began to drip. Lust took control. "Touch me." She said as she grabbed his hand and placed it at the crotch of her jeans.

She moved his hand to show him how to stroke her. Jane lifted her shirt to show him her breasts as she began to pump his cock. Kevin's other hand reached up and started to play with her nipple. He groaned as she worked his cock. Jane gasped loudly as his fingers dug into her.

Her dripping cunt moistened the front of her panties. She reached down and undid her jeans. "Kevin, make me cum." She pleaded as she pushed his hand into her wet panties. His fingers made contact with her slick slit and clit. "You're so wet." He exclaimed as he traced the lips of her pussy. Jane moaned loudly as his fingers pressed against her clit. "Oh god Kevin right there." She begged.

Her hips bucked to meet his hand. The grip she had on his cock tightened. Jane leaned in and kissed Kevin. Their tongues found each other immediately. Kevin slid his middle finger into her drenched cunt. The satisfying schlick resounded off the bridge as he began to pump into her. His balls began to churn and he knew he was close.

"I'm going to cum." He said as his cock erupted. Cum coated Jane's hand. The hot goo that covered her fingers sent her over the edge. She gasped and moaned as her pussy contracted around the intruding finger. Her orgasm tore through her body and sent shivers down her spine. Jane leaned against Kevin and tried to catch her breath. Jane pulled back.

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She raised her hand up and looked at Kevin. "You made a mess." She teased. Kevin looked at his own hand. "So did you." Droplets of girl cum coated Kevin's hand. Jane grabbed his hand. She took his finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. Her juice tasted sweet. She loved it. Jane wanted to taste his cum.

She raised her hand in front of her and began to lick the thick goo off of her hand. "Mmm" She moaned at Kevin as she swallowed the load from her fingers. "That was great." Jane looked at Kevin and hoped he felt the same. "Yeah it was." He said as he tried to compose himself. "Did you want to hang out again sometime?" gloryhole fetish girl fucks a big black cock, maybe next time we can do more." Jane replied with a wink The two cleaned themselves up as best as they could and began to walk back.

They parted ways at the school. Jane walked towards her home until she saw Heather at the convenience store.

She raced over to her and surprised her friend. "Heather! I have so much to tell you at our sleep over!"