Extreme double fucking big dildos pussy and anal

Extreme double fucking big dildos pussy and anal
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Peaches and Cream If you're wondering why I called this story Peaches and Cream. Have you ever met a girl that had the complexion of peaches and Cream, and a body to match? That I found out later. I was eighteen years old, and a senior in high school. We lived on honey sucks bald hard dong pornstar hardcore farm in the country. One day a new family moved into a farm down the road, about a mile from our farm.

Our bus driver lived down the road the other way, so that meant I was the first one on in the morningsand the last one off at night. Oh how I hated to ride the bus that far in hot weather. We could pull the windows down for air, but it didn't help that much.

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The bus picked me up the next morning as usual, I was curious whether the new family had any kids going to school. As the driver moved down the road, I saw one person standing by their driveway. The bus stopped, he opened the door, and the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, came into the bus. My heart stopped, and I'm sure my mouth fell open. She smiled at me, and I smiled back, then she sat in the seat across from me. I'm sure she noticed Family sex mom and dad was staring at her, I couldn't help myself.

I was trying to figure out how old she might be. Some place in the neighborhood of sixteen to eighteen, I'm thinking. Her breasts were about thirty six -d Her waist was about 24, and her hips was about thirty two or three. What ever it was it looked good to me. I was wondering whether to try and make conversation with her or not. She was so pretty, she may not talk to me. "What's your name?" I asked, "my name is Jim." She looked at me and smiled, "It's Sally," she said, "what grade are you in Jim?" "I'm a senior this year," he told her.

"How about that, I'm a senior to," she said, "this is my first day." "I know," Jim saidhe was so tongue tied, he could hardly get the words out, all he could think about was what she would look like with her clothes off. The rest of the trip was silent, I would give her an occasional look, but she was intent on some book she was reading.

All through class I couldn't get my mind off her. I would find myself wondering. Came time to go home, I walked to the bus, and she was right behind me getting on.

I went to my usual seat and sat down. I looked at her and smiled, "would you like to sit with me?" I asked. "Sure," she said.

I got up and let her sit on the inside seat, when we sat back down our legs touched, I didn't try to move and neither did she. I got a heart on so large, I thought it was going to bust out of my pants. "Well how did you like your first day of school?" I asked.

"Ohit was fine," she said, not saying much more. What made it nice, we were the last ones off, so I had a little more time with her. We came to her house, "I'll see you in the morning," I told her.

She smiled and said, "okay," as she got off the bus.

The bus pulled up in front of my house, and I got off and went inside, my mother always greats me at the door," how was school today?" she would ask.

"Oh it was great Mom, did you know we have some new neighbors down the road, and they've got a daughter that's a senior this year. And she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." "wow, she must be something the way you are acting about her." "Yeah, her complexion is like peaches and cream, I've never seen any one like that." "Well, I hope I get to meet her one of these days." "I hope so to Mom." "Jimmy would you like to go get the mail?" "Well no not really Mom, but I'll go." Our mail boxes were about a half mile down the road, there were three or four mailboxes clustered together.

That way the mailman didn't have to run up and down the road. As I was walking to the mailbox, I saw Sally walking from her driveway. "Hi Sally, you going after the mail to?" "Yeah, I guess it's going to be one secretary suck cock boss and cum doggystyle cristall gloss my jobs since we're out here on the farm." She reached up to open the mailbox, "I said here let me help male slave in pierced chastity Our hands met on the mail box, we both let them linger for a moment.

The feel of her hand made my body shiver. This went on for several days, and one day we were after the mail, and I was holding her hand at her side, and when we turned, her breasts were against my chest, we both looked at one another, and we kissed, and when I leaned against her to kiss, she brought my hand around in front of her, rubbing it against her pussy.

I could feel the lips of her pussy against my hand. My cock sprang up, I don't know if she could feel it or not, but I could hardly breath I was so hot. "well I guess I had better go," she said. I didn't know what to say, "I'm going camping this weekend," I told her.

"That sounds like fun, where are you going camping?" "Just back in our woods, I do that sometimes. I just take my tent back there, and camp out all by myself. I like the stillness of the woods, and the wildlife." "What time do you go back?" She asked "Oh, I usually go back some time on sat morning, and stay till sun. afternoon, why do you ask?" "Oh no reason, just curious." she said, then she walked back to her house.

Sat. morning I got my camping gear together as usual, and loaded up my four wheel drive, and drove to my favorite spot where I always set up camp. I got my tent set up, and about noon I started my fire to cook some lunch. I thought I heard a twig snap, turned around to look, and there she was, standing there smiling at me. She had on a flowing thin summer dress, the kind that if the wind hits it, it will fly up around her neck.

"Sally, what are you doing out here?" "I thought I would come out here and see your camp," she said smiling. "Sure come up by the fire, I'll find something for you to sit on." And when she turnedshe fell. Her dress flue up around her hips. I looked, and all I saw was those beautiful legs and hips, and her pussy, that's right her pussy, she didn't have any pants on.

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She just laid there, not offering to cover herself, so I stared at what I was seeing. My cock started getting hard. Finally I reached down to help her up, and when I got her up, she put her arms around my neck kissing me all over my face, rubbing her pussy against my stiff cock, and hunching against me.

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"Oh Jimmy, I want you to put your cock in me, I've wanted that for days, I think I love you," she murmured. I took her inside my tent, and we both undressed, exploring each body.

We were kneeling on our knees, I was playing with her breasts, I could feel them harden under my touch. I could feel her soft lips getting more pliable as I kissed her. She rubbing her hand's all over me. "Jimmy I have never seen a mans cock before may I look?" She took it in her hand, and rubbed her fingers up and down my stiff cock.

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"Oh that looks so big, will it hurt when you put it in?" she asked. "I don't know Sally, I've never done it before." I run my hand down that beautiful body, then on down to her pussy. I run my fingers up and down the lips of her pussy, and she starts to squirm, her breathing got heavy, then she lays down on the blanket, pulling at my cock. Put it in Jimmy, you don't have to worry about getting me pregnant I'm on the pill, I have to take it to keep my periods regular.

She opens her legs for me to enter, I see that beautiful hole begging for me to enter. I take my cock and rub it up and down he lips of her pussy so it would be easer for me to enter. She is so hot her body is thrashing below me.

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I slid the head of my cock inside her pussy lips, she moans. "Oh Jimmy, slid it in," she begs. I work my cock in slowly, forcing the walls of her vagina open as I go. She starts to hump up against my cock, wanting me to shove it in deeper and harder, 'Harder Jimmy harder," she yelled, I could feel her uterus sucking and pulling at my cock as I went deeper.

Then she let go with an orgasm, then another one, "Oh Jimmy harder," she cry's out. So I start pounding as hard as I can, I start to feel my sperm building in my cock, and I give her one more hard push, and shoot my seed at the bottom of her uterus.

She squeezes my neck with her arms, and quivers one more time, "Jimmy ,I'm doing it again," she whispers in his ear, "hold me Jimmy hold me," They lay still not uncoupling. "Just lay still Jimmy, don't take it out, it feels so good." He can feel the warmth of his sperm and her wetness around his cock, and then she slowly starts working her pussy up and down his cock, and soon it was rock hard again.

Jimmy just let her keep working her pussy up and down on his cock. Then he couldn't stand it any longer, he started pumping against her pussy. He could feel his balls banging against her butt, slap, slap.

Then they both shot their load together. Then Jimmy rolled off her, and laid on his back, with his flaccid cock laying on his stomach. She raises up on one elbow, then reaches over and feels his cock. "That's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, but it's the only one I've ever seen." she says, then she leans over and kisses the head of his cock.

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