Perky tits teen elena koshka gets pounded and creampied

Perky tits teen elena koshka gets pounded and creampied
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After a long four years, the night of the prom was here. Everybody in my class was going with their dates. Lucky me, I had my girl. Her name was Samantha Myers. She was the most beautiful girl Mom and son sexfull story had ever seen. Most guys in my school went after the cheerleader bitch with the giant tits and big ass.

But not me. Sam was the kind of girl who was shy on the outside, but had a wild and crazy part to her. She was fairly short, a 5'4" to my 5'10". She had nice, long, skinny legs. She had a tiny waist and small breasts. She wasn't flat chested, but she was pretty damn near it. Her eyes were as green as a forest, and just as beautiful as one. They were absolutely breathtaking to look into.

Her hair was as black as midnight and had a straight flow all the way to the middle of her back. Most of the time she used it to cover one of her eyes.

She looked so damn hot when she did that. Now about me. My name is Jacob Feldman. You already know my height. I am the star pitcher for our high school baseball team. I am a beefy dude, with large arms and great abs. Just like Samantha, I have green eyes and black hair. Except, my eyes are more of a dark green. I have short hair that I usually spike up. I am a very handsome guy.

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Most people are still confused why I am dating Samantha and not some cheerleader. The reason for that is I am not your average jock. I am in honors classes, have straight A's, and I am in the drama club. Most of the jocks tailor shop aunty lasiban sex my school spend their time blowing off homework, drinking, smoking, and having sex.

I didn't want to be a part of that, so I waited for the right girl to come into my life. I met Samantha while after school one day during my junior year. I was staying after, helping kids with their homework, and she came up to me with some math she needed help on. I had seen her before in school, but I had never really talked to her. I helped her with math for about an hour, and then we just talked. I found out we had a lot in common. She thought I was your average jerk jock, but she started to like me when we talked.

After about an hour of talking, I told her I had to go home. Before I left, she asked me for my number. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and drove home. At about 7 o'clock that same night, I got a text from her. We talked straight from 7 to 10, and found out we had so much in common.

We both loved the Harry Potter books, our favorite subject in school was social studies, we both loved 80's movies and music, the list goes on forever.

We started to hang out for about a month after that. We were thick as theives, the two of us. We hung out so much people automatically started to think we were dating. And so, after knowing each other for two months, we started going out. A lot of people take one look at Sam and accuse her of being a slut because of how she dresses and how she looks.

But, on one summer night, I found out they were all wrong. She told me she was actually a virgin and didn't want to have sex until she met someone she really cared about. That very same night, we both lost our virginity. We were at her house when she told me. Her parents were gone for the night, leaving just the two of us. We started making out, and pretty soon we were in nothing but our underwear. I broke our kiss to ask her if she was sure she was ready. When she handed me a condom, I knew she was.

I already knew how to put on a condom from our health class at school. I got in on very quickly and brought my dick to her little shaved pussy. I started going very slowly into her as to not hurt her. Once I was fully in, I layed still for a moment so she could get comfortable with the feeling. Once she told me to start, I started to pull out slowly. I then started to go back in, and repeated this process, slowly speeding each of my thrusts up.

She let out small moans of pleasure as I slowly humped her. The feeling of having sex for the first time was amazing. I took her bra off to look at her boobs. They were just tiny things, but they were beautiful. I started squeezing and grabbing her boobs as I thrusted in and out of her.

I played with her nipples until they became rock hard. From the sounds of her moans, I knew she loved it when I played with her boobs. I was billy wood actress xxx storys inside of her a short time before I came.

Her virgin pussy was so tight it made me shoot way more of my load than I thought I would. Thank God for the condom she had. I pulled out of her slowly, not wanting to hurt her.

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I made sure to throw the condom away in a way her parents wouldn't find out. We then layed in her bed, naked, and made out until we heard her parents car pull in the driveway.

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We quickly got dressed and back to doing two raunchy blondes share a bbc interracial big tits. As time went on, we had sex a lot more. We learned a lot about each other's bodies and got better and better at having sex. We dated straight though senior year. Soon, the prom was near. I had never seen her dress, so I didn't know what to expect. I myself was looking fly with a black suit and black shirt. I had my hair nice and neat, flowing off to the left.

I had rented a limo for this night, so I was prepared. When I got to her house, I ran up the steps and knocked on the door. Her father opened the door and invited me in. He told me she was upstairs and he called her down.

I looked up the staris, and what I saw I will never forget. She was wearing a dark red dress. It didn't cover her shoulders, and showed a little cleavage. It hugged her slender body down until her waist. She was wearing lipstick that matched her dress and a little eye make-up. Her hair wasn't straight anymore. She went with a curl that came around the right side of her face and down her chest. She looked so stunning that I stared at her with my jaw on the floor as she came down the stairs.

I brought her outside and she got super excited when she saw the limo. She kicked one leg up, gave a little squeal, and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled, linked her arm with mine, and walked her down the stairs. I opened the door for her to go in, and I went in after her. We then drove to the prom. We slow danced the whole prom, our eyes never leaving each other's. Occaisonally, they would play a loud fast song.

When those came on, Sam would start grinding up on me. She had never done it before, but I liked it. While we were slow dancing to one song, however, she started biting her lip and looking down. They then played a fast song, and she started grinding up on me. I knew that she was horny because she was grinding very intensely against my bulge.

I could feel my dick getting harder and harder in my pants. I finally decided I need to fuck her now. So, I grabbed her hand and we snuck away to the locker rooms unnoticed. After making sure nobody was going to get into the room, we started making out very heavily. I ran my hands around her waist and back and hair. I then layed her down on one of the benches and made out with her even harder. I moved my hands up from her lower stomach to her tits. At first I just brushed them with my fingertips, but then I started grabbing them harder and harder.

She ran her hands down to my belt and took it off. She then pulled my pants down and started grabbing my cock. I knew she wanted more than just young milf and mom a fucking family affair it, so I stood up and she got down on her knees.

She pulled my boxers off and I kicked my pants and boxers away. She then took my 7 inch cock in her hands and started jerking me off until I had a raging hard on.

She then started to suck me. I grabbed her head as she bobbed up and down on my hard cock. She made sucking noises and started to go faster and faster. The feeling was so amazing, but this obviously was not my first blowjob. I held my cum in as long as I could, but soon I started cumming in her mouth. To help us increase our knowledge on sex, we watched a ton of Internet porn. After watching all that porn, she swallowed all of my cum like a pro. While she was swallowing my cum, I took the rest of my clothes off.

When she swallowed it all, she stood up and turned around. I unzipped foxy teenage babe rides a fat pole blonde and cream dress and took it off. Under it she was wearing a red bra and black panties.

She looked insanely hot. I layed her on the bench and got in between her legs. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I undid her bra and threw it on the ground. I started squeezinge tits and nipple as she moaned loudly. I put my mouth to one of her tits and sucked on johnny sins vs emma butt nipple.

When I got done sucking her nipple, I went on to her other one. She moaned out in pleasure and slow fack seky xxx nagiria her back up.

As I sucked her nipples, I brought one of my hands down to her panties. I rubbed her little pussy on top of her panties.

I could feel her little tight pussy start to get wet and she started moaning loudly. I stopped sucking her nipple and lowered myself down to her pussy. I slowly took her panties off and saw her beautiful, tight, shaved, wet pussy. I brought my mouth to her pussy and started to like her. She moaned very loudly and kept moving her hips. I brought my hands up and started playing with her tits and nipples while I ate her out.

She loved every second of it. After only a couple of seconds, she started cumming. She screamed in pleasure as she came. I then stood up and dragged her to the edge of the bench. I grabbed my hard cock and brought it to her pussy.

I then shoved my cock into her very fast. She yelled out in pleasure as I started to thrust in and out of her, fucking her tight pussy with lightning speed. I rubbed her clit as I fucked her and she started moaning and screaming and yelling, "Oh fuck!

Oh fuck! Harder Jacob, harder! Fuck me Jacob, fuck me! Right there! Right fucking there! Oh God, yes! FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY JACOB!

FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY!" Her tiny tits bounced up and done with each of my thrusts. I stopped rubbing her clit and brought my hands up to her tits. I squeezed her little tits and fucked her at the same time. I pulled my cock out of her and she flipped over on the bench. I grabbed her ass and started to fuck her from behind. She screamed out as I fucked her tiny ass. Her ass jiggled with each thrust of my hard cock. She kept on yelling, "Oh my God Jacob!

Fuck my little ass! Squeeze it! Harder! Fuck me harder! Oh God yes!" I kept on thrusting in and out of her tight pussy. The sound of her moans mixed with the smack of my skin on her ass filled the locker room. I pulled out of her and she got up off the bench. I pushed her up against the wall and lifted her leg up. She grabbed my cock with her hand and brought me to her pussy. I thrusted into her and started to fuck her against the wall. She buried her head into my shoulder and moaned out as I put my hands against the wall and slammed her pussy as hard and as fast as I could.

I felt my balls start to tingle and I knew I was about to cum. I knew I had to pull out because I didn't have a condom. I started moaning loudly, hinting that I was about to cum. I started speeding up my thrusts to finish faster. I held in my cum for as long as I could, but soon I had to pull out. I pulled out while moaning and she dropped down to her knees. She started jerking me off hard and fast.

I started saying, "Oh shit. Oh shit baby. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum all over you. OH FUCK!" I yelled out as I shot cum all over her face. I kept pumping the white semen all over her beautiful face. She had her eyes closed as the cum covered her face. After a solid ten seconds of cumming, my cock finally ran out.

Samantha was covered in cum.

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She started wiping it off with her fingers and swallowing it. Once we both got cleaned up, we got dressed and headed back to the prom. We were able to sneak back in without anybody noticing us. After the prom, I brought her back home. The wild hot sex we had in that locker room would forever remain our dirty little secret.