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Lovesome cutie spreads spread slit and loses virginity
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So here I am. Waiting for a new crop of Soldiers to show up for their first day of Basic Training. This is one of my favorite times of the training cycle, when I get to see the look of fear and dismay in the eyes of cocky young Men and Women as they realize that their new Drill Sergeants are not going to be the little push over bitches that their parents were. I do a few stretches and drink some water cause it is about to be a long day. Standing 6'2" and being 220lbs I can be quite an imposing figure.

The bulk of my weight is in my shoulders, arms, and on my back. Hitting the gym and staying in shape is an important xxx story 2019 dise gril of my life.

It has to be just so I can keep up with all these young punk ass 17-19 year olds that are trying to join my Army.

That's right, most of us Drill Sgts consider it "my" Army and we are more than willing to boot amateur couple get caught on webcam at night anyone on their ass that doesn't cut it.

It was a hot day in August and my battle buddy DS (Drill Sgts) and I were milling around waiting for the cattle cars to show up. There is a feeling in the air like before a ball game.

Anticipation, excitement, and a little bit of nerves all wound up into one ball. Then we add a little bit of rage into that ball and hurl it into the unsuspecting Soldiers whose lives are about to change. As I'm waiting for them I reflect on my past Soldiers. The ones that came to Basic prepared and the ones that were clueless. Usually I could tell right off the bat who was gonna make it and who would be wussin' out in a few days.

Once in awhile one will surprise you but they are almost all the same, just with different names. One surprising thing that I found out during my first cycle is how the Females react to you.

First of all, most of them already have a thing for guys in uniform and wearing the big Round Brown Smokey the Bear Hat adds a little fear and some arousal to the picture. Also, many of the Female Soldiers are drawn to Alpha type males that are found in your typical DS. At first they are terrified of us just like everyone cerita porn aku sama pembantu. Then, as the days and weeks go by they start to gauge our moods and begin to try and be a little flirty with us.

At first I didn't notice the flirting. I just corrected them in how they talked to me by making them do some pushups or would yell at them a bit about how they should know the correct thing to do by now.

It really hit home with me that this one good looking female was flirting when I made her and her battle buddy get down in the front leaning rest, or push up position if you prefer. She tossed her head back and I could hear her neck crack as she started to loosen up her arm and shoulder muscles. "Get the fuck down NOW princess!" I screamed in her face. Damn…you would think that she would know by now to move with a sense of purpose.

I could hear her battle buddy start to tell her to move her ass under her breath. I kinda smiled cause there is nothing like a little pressure from a battle buddy to help you do the right thing. I've already had my eye on this girl.

It was hard to tell how long her hair is since it is always up in a tight bun but I can tell that it is a cumblast horny milf handjob big boobs and bigboobs blonde and looks like it changes color with the summer sun.

Her eyes are a light blue and she always seems to have this sarcastic look on her face. A smile that says she can chew anyone up and spit them out…or get them to do whatever she wants. You can also tell that she knows when someone is watching her. Her hips will sway just a little bit more and it seems like she pushes off with her legs more putting an emphasis on her ass.

I love it when women put on a little show while walking, acting like they are oblivious but ensuring that their enticing ass is properly displayed. Before she (I'll call her Smith) could even do one proper push up she arched her back and had her hips in the air. Now, I'm a man. A single man with no life social life and it can be tough not to look at a woman when I have the chance.

Her PT shorts tightened up over her hips and her PT shirt came untucked, giving me a glimpse of what most men love. Beautiful skin with a small lower back tattoo. "Hey Private, you haven't done one damn pushup yet and you are already in the resting position. How in the hell are you ever gonna pass your PT test?!? HUH? How about you get your hips down and in the correct starting position before we start attempting some pushups?

Ya think you can do that for me princess?" Smith just inhaled a bit and lowered her hips. I was a little upset I lost my view but I got a good look at that sweet round ass as it was bent over. Nothing wrong with looking, right?

"I know you heard me talking to you Princess! You really think that you can ignore me? I'm gonna assume that sense you are not responding to me that you are telling me to go fuck myself, am I right?!?" "No Drill Sgt! I would never tell you that!" She is already out of breath at this point just from trying to hold the proper push up position. Damn kids these days!

They don't have an ounce of physical strength or mental stamina! "Then let's try playing a game called Respond to a Drill Sgt when they talk to you, OK??" This got the proper response from both of the Soldiers. "Yes Force momsson xxx sex vidioes Sgt!!" "Down, UP!" My voice is booming as I call off the cadence.

"One, Drill Sgt!" Both Soldiers respond in perfect unison. "Down, UP!" "Two, Drill Sgt!" Of course one comes up quicker than the other and now they are slightly off. Can't even get this shit right! This goes on till about count ten.

At that point they start sounding weaker and their pushups are not quite up to standard. They are definetly not sounding off properly or at the same time. Smith's and Jones' hips are back in the air and I start to move behind them enjoying the view of their sweet round ass. Smith has a rounder ass and it's very nice, but Jones. Lord help me Jones looks like she is the athletic one of the two. Thicker thighs and a tighter ass telling me that she played soccer, volleyball, or maybe both.

Before Beauteous chick has sex with lad pornstar hardcore could tell them to begin their next pushup I catch a glimpse of her Smith's face as she catches me looking at her ass. I swear I see a small smile and she wiggles her hips back and forth, just slightly. Just enough for me to see but you wouldn't be able to tell from a distance.

What the fuck does she think she is doing, I wonder to myself. Trying to distract me or get me into trouble? "Hey Princess! On your Goddamn feet! Now! Both of you!" I have to get them up at this point. It could kill my career if someone saw me eye fucking these two fine girls as they are bent over and one is wiggling her ass at me. "Yes Drill Sgt!" At this point I lean towards her face to make sure that the volume of my voice will sufficiently scare the hell outta her.

"Next time I tell you to do a fucking pushup it does not entail all that hippy dippy shit that you were trying to do! It looked like you were having a fucking seizure out there! Helen Keller could tell that your pushup form is absolute garbage. So, from now on we are going to play other more painful games instead of doing pushups.

You understand me Princess?!?!" While I'm yelling I'm looking her up and down to make sure that she is standing in the correct position (parade rest which means head and eyes straight forward, chest out, shoulders back, hands in the small of the back with the back of one hand in the palm of the other and feet shoulder width apart) and to keep myself from getting closer and closer to her face.

As I'm looking her up and down I swear to God I see her nipples harden. No big deal right? WRONG! These female Soldiers are given Army issue bras and sports bras that are pretty thick and meant to keep everything in, secure, and out of sight.

After all they are here to get trained, not to find a fucking boyfriend or husband, right? Good Christ, I said to myself. She must have a set of tits on her if I can see the nipples this clearly!

It can be hard to tell how big a Soldier's tits are since they are wearing those bras. Unless they are really stacked/blessed they almost all look like an athletic A cup or maybe a small B.

I looked up at her face and saw that same smile again but this time her cheeks got a little rosy as well. Not from the heat, her face was already flushed from that and it was a difference when her cheeks colored. Busted again and this time I could definitely tell that she liked it.

"I asked you a fucking question&hellip." This time I went to a quiet whisper which is pretty effective after a bout of yelling. "I understand Drill Sgt! It won't happen again!" Smith's smile disappeared, probably because she knew that I was enjoying what I saw but she didn't get the reaction out of me that she gets from most guys.

At least that was my thinking. I'm sure they guys from her school or her teachers would just about do anything when they saw her acting this way. Stupid little cunt, I have a job to do and I'll be damned if you keep me from training you right! "Fucking right it won't or I'll send your sweet ass back home with a Burger King application." At this point I forget where I am and am leaning closer as I talk to her…instead of yelling.

I hear her battle buddy (Jones) giggle a bit. What the hell? SHIT! I just told her she had a sweet ass!!

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My face colors a bit from embarrassment but they can't tell if it's that or anger. I need to start watching what I say instead of just being on auto-pilot around these jokers! "Now get the fuck outta my sight!" The both promptly responded, "Yes Drill Sgt!" before running to the classroom to catch up with the rest of their platoons.

Damn, I really have to watch what I say. Looking around I realize that there is no one in the area that could have heard me. At least I don't think anyone did. And besides, a Drill Sgt has a slip of the tongue all the time. No big deal…right? I look up to see that they are going into the classroom. Of course they are running like they are supposed to (if a Soldier isn't running then they are not properly motivated and us Drill Sgts have a way of finding the motivation) and I'm taking my time.

Don't judge me! Getting home every night at 2200 and getting up every morning at 0300 will wear anyone out! Anyway, as I'm looking up I see Smith look back at me and just as she is going in the door our eyes lock and she does one of my favorite things, bites he lower lip and then she is gone, into the classroom. Fuck. That does it for me. Insta hardon! I gotta go up to my office and relax for a bit. Put my feet up and calm down, maybe stroke one off if I have the time.

Hell, they'll be in that class for another 30 minutes and there are 5 other Drill Sgts in there. They are just doing a power point class on Army History and Esprit De Corps.

I love class room days because not every Drill Sgt has to be there all the time. I'll be good for a little while. Class is over with and I'm bullshitting with a couple buddies after dinner chow when I see Smith fervid nympho blows dick in pov and gets slim crack fucked Jones a note.

I love catching Soldiers passing notes! They can't even write properly, the notes are usually in "txt" speak with lols, idk thrown in there. They were in formation outside and supposed to be at the position of attention. Every little thing is noticed. What the hell? It's like she was deliberately waiting to make sure I would see either that or she is really fucking dumb! I hear my buddies calling after me as I go running toward the Soldiers. I love catching Soldiers doing the wrong thing and fucking them up for it!

"Go get'em battle! They said you ain't shit and they can do what they want while in formation!!" Now, they didn't verbally come out and say that but by doing the wrong thing in formation is just the same.

They have been here for awhile now and know the standard. I jump behind her and start screaming in her ear at the same time. A little bit of spittle flying from my mouth and my Brown Round touching her hair a bit. "What in the fucking fuck is wrong with you Smith? What position are you supposed to be at?!?" "Attention, Drill Sgt." Her voice is actually trembling a bit, she may have realized that she has busty hot young girl recorded in webcam up too much for one day.

It's pretty easy to get kicked out of Basic Training but one thing that is worse than that is being recycled. That means if you fuck up too much but we think you can still be a Soldier we restart you to day zero. It could be the day before graduation but we will send your ass back 10 weeks to start over with a new bunch of Drill Sgts and new Soldiers as your battle buddies.

That was one thing I dreaded when I was a private in basic and I'm sure that it's at the front of their minds as well. "Tell ya what knucklehead. We are about to go back to the barracks and do some more training. It's gonna be good training. Lots of physical things that'll ensure you and your battle buddies don't get too fat from this delicious Army chow that you just ate. I'll take this and get both of you later" I grab the note out of Jones' hand and start heading back to where my buddies were.

They are just laughing a bit. I do the same thing when I see them yelling at someone. It is always comical to see another person going off like that. I don't even think anything of the note as I put it in my pocket. "Yes Drill Sgt" from Jones and I could have sworn I also heard a "Looking forward to it" in a hushed whisper and coy little voice.

I let it slide cause I didn't want it to come out that I said she had a sweet ass, even though she does. Up in my office a couple hours later I poke my head outside the door and see a couple Soldiers sweeping and attempting to use a mop the floor. "Richardson! Go find Smith and tell her to report to my office like two fucking minutes ago!" That means tell her to hurry the fuck up.

I'm not gonna worry about Jones right now, I just want to get one at a time alone. "Yes Drill Sgt!" I go back to my office and review what transpired that day so far. I honestly cannot remember what we did for training that day. It was a lot of the boring classroom stuff and I've had visions of Smith bent over in my mind. It's been a couple months since I've gotten any ass from a local girl at the bar just outside of post. Honestly you stay to busy to even think of it but after seeing Smith in action that is the only fuck in the bus group sex on my mind right now.

Is she really wanting me?

If she was sexually active (a high probability) before she got here then she has got to be a little horny by now. I mean, they have been here for about 7 weeks now and I'm sure that she hasn't had a good dicking since she has been here. Soldiers can be pretty sneaky and hook up if they really want to but if someone catches them then they are getting booted out. As I'm thinking about how nice it would be to have her lips around my cock I remember the note that is in my pocket.

Lord knows what is on it. Soldiers will right any and everything down as they are bored and just trying to get away with shit. It's a list of all the Drill Sgts and the order that they (Smith and Jones) would like to fuck them in. Not only that, but I'm at the top! Well, tied with the hot Female Drill Sgt buddy of mine and that is just fine with me. Now I have it in my head that Smith and Jones have probably made out a bit and at least fingered each other while in the privacy of a bathroom stall.

This pretty much made up my mind. I'm gonna fuck her right now. Or at least put some serious effort into it! Knock, knock, knock. "Drill Sgt, Pvt Smith requests permission to enter!" That brought me back to the present and I felt a little surge of excitement. Of course that surge went straight to my thick cock! "Get the fuck in here Smith!" She runs in, looks around and goes to parade rest before I can say anything. She isn't even in there for 2 seconds before I see her nipples harden again and a small smile form on her face.

I completely lose it. Sexy ladies flash boobs for some money just assumes that she has me right where she wants me! Of course she does, but Smith isn't the one in charge. She sure is hell isn't going to wrap me around her little finger. I'm gonna fuck her but it'll be on my terms and my way!

"Smith! What in the fuck is wrong with you? You think I'm here for your entertainment? That you can wind me around your finger like that little bitch of dad that you have? That I won't destroy your soul if you keep fucking up the way you have been?." As I'm screaming in her face I see the smile drop from her face.

Not going as you thought it would is it bitch? I circle around her like a shark moving around its prey. As I get behind her I keep mom and sun xx x com in her ear about how she'll never amount to anything and I let my crotch press up against her hands that are folded in the small of her back. My hard cock twitches and she can definitely feel it.

A few things happen at once.

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Her fingers start grabbing at my hard cock, her hips rock back, and my hands reach around and squeeze her hard nipples. "Is this what you want little slut?" I whisper in her ear and bite her ear lobe just a little bit. She is breathing heavily "God yes…" "Yes what you little bitch?" Xxx com girl dudu nunu stay in charge. "Yes Drill Sgt." Her hands have moved off my cock at this point and she is grinding that tight ass against me while I keep rubbing her nipples.

Pulling back from her I hear a small moan of disappointment but that doesn't last long. I quickly rip her PT shorts down to her ankles. I slowly stand up and lick her ass through her panties and catch a faint wiff of her sweat mixed with her musky pussy smell. I glance up and get a good look at the sexy little sluts tattoo.

It's small and centered perfectly between those two little dimples above her hips and a few inches on either side of her spine. It's a pair of craps dice showing a side with six pips and the other dice showing nine. Never seen dice with nine pips but&hellip.I got nasty lucianna takes two old dicks one in mouth one in doggie pussyfucking lickingpussy and enjoyed the implication.

Next to the dice are 3 lucky number 7's just like on a slot wheel. What a little slut! After taking in her body from her ass on down I stand up running my hands under her shirt and cupping her beautiful size C tits.

As she starts moaning I take off her PT shirt with one hand and keep rubbing her nipples. Her body is thrumming with excitement and the need for my cock. Throwing her shirt to the side I put my hands on her hips and follow up by kicking her feet apart while bending her over.

She gasps and shudders at the same time. "Stay just like, Princess" smacking her ass I step back and admire my handiwork. She is leaned over looking like the number (lucky number) 7 from the side. Wearing the white cotton granny panties the Army issues does nothing to detract from her sexy body. Instinctively she arches her back and pushes her hips out making the fabric tighten up on her swollen pussy lips.

I can see her panties start to darken as her juices are flowing. Putting one hand on her shoulder to keep her down I move her panties aside and start to rub her slit very hard, rough, and fast. Let's see how long it takes to get this slut off! I barely started stroking her clit when I felt her pussy start to convulse and her breathing became ragged. "Oh God yes!! Fuck my pussy&hellip.please!!" She starts to get louder&hellip."Shut up bitch! You want to get us caught and in trouble?" SMACK!

SMACK! I'm spanking her ass as hard as I can which turns out to be louder than she is moaning but I don't care at this point. "Do whatever you want&hellip.but please just don't stop&hellip.oh fuck!!" Now she is earnestly cumming. Squirting on my hand, her panties and all over my floor. What a horny little slut! Before she can come down off her climax I'm spinning her around, putting her on her knees and dropping my ACU trousers. She helps with my belt, looks up at my face and bites her lower lip.

I almost blew my load in my boxers but held onto it! Resting my hands on the back of her head I start to fuck her mouth…slowly at first. Smith doesn't need much help but it's more about letting her know who is in charge. Me motherfucker! I'm running this shit! Pinching her nose with my fingers makes her gasp pretty hard and gives me access deeper into her blonde milf in love with black guy. I can feel her start to gag as I begin throat fucking her "C'mon princess, be a good little slut and take it for me".

All I hear is her moaning her assent as I start to earnestly throat fuck her. Her teen gets dick how she like it are scraping on my cock and everytime I push in I can feel her gag and I fucking love it! I'm pulled out of my trance like state to her slapping my thighs while her face starts to turn a deep shade of red. I'm choking the bitch!

Shit! "Go easy Drill Sgt!" Smith tells me between sobs and coughs. "Listen my little slut princess, I'll go as easy or as hard as I want. You've been playing games with me all fucking day and now you are getting what you want. Is that a fucking problem?

"No Drill Sgt…this is exactly what I want". "Good, now you're gonna do exactly what I tell you to do!" And with that I put my cock back in her mouth but decide to ease up a bit on her throat. I'd hate to have her pass out on me! I want more fun! Two minutes of her tongue playing with my cock and I can't stand it anymore. Holding her head in both hands I keep her head still, not going much deeper but keeping her from coming off it.

"Fucking little slut bitch you better swallow it all…" and more nonsensical things are being said as I start to cum in her mouth. She does a pretty good job of swallowing it and only gagged a little bit. Pulling my cock mom and teen wants big horny cock I move her head even lower and she starts licking my nuts a bit…gently and easily while I try and get my breath back.

"You ready for round two Princess?" "Yes Drill Sgt. I'm more then ready…" and she bites her lip again. FUCK! At this point I have her stand straight up and cross her ankles right over left.

Then I have her bend over as far as she can. This opens her hips up and leaves me in complete control…she is very off balance and must rely on my holding her hips while I fuck her. One of my favorite super hot teen multi orgasm. Grabbing her hips I slip myself deep in her pussy and it is one of the tightest pussies I've ever had…exactly what I imagined a pussy straight out of high school would feel like!

As soon as I was balls deep I felt her grip my shaft tighter and she started moaning again followed by another display of squirting! Fuck she has been primed for this for awhile! "Calm down bitch! I haven't even properly fucked you yet!" SMACK SMACK!! I smack her ass more as I start to really fuck the hell out of her. Watching my cock move in and out of her I realize that I'm not going to last very long.

It's a miracle that I'm hard again so soon as it is! Everytime I pull in and come out I pay attention to her little asshole and notice how it moves…it seems to open up just a little bit. Hell, this girl has been assfucked before! With that thought I spit on her asshole "Oh shit" I hear her moan as I start to wiggle my thumb inside of her booty.

Yep, her ass let my thumb in pretty easily but it was still pretty tight! The thought of assfucking her pushed me over the edge again. "Uhhhh GOD!!" I scream while I bury my cock as far as it can go. She starts to fall over and catches herself with my desk as I blow my load deep in her pussy.

I keep a grip with one hand on her left hip and my right thumb still in her ass. I slowly regain my senses as I stand there trying to catch my breath. Pulling my thumb out of her ass I smack her cheeks one more time as I pull my semi-hard cock out and stand there.

Standing up, Smith turns around and looks at me, rubbing her pussy gently and slowly while she tries to catch her breath. Dropping to her knees she takes me in her mouth one more time&hellip.slowly moving her tongue around the shaft a few times and getting all her delicious cream off me. "Stand the fuck up Smith". She stands and just stares at me with a slightly glazed yet satisfied look in her eyes.

"What are we gonna do about this now, huh?" Demanding an answer and looking straight at her just to see what she'll do or say. She doesn't disappoint! She goes to parade rest, feet shoulder width apart, hands in the small of her back head and eyes straight forward and her beautiful naked chest pushed out a bit. "Well Drill Sgt, I think coming to Basic Training is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!" I smile at her to take the sting out of my tone of voice "Don't get cute with me Princess or next time I'll fuck your ass!" She wiggled her hips a bit, smiled, bit her lip and said "Yes Drill Sgt&hellip." ******** The squealing of brakes brings me back to the present and I realize that I've drifted off while thinking about Smith and Jones, the females from last cycle that I had a lot of fun with.

Watching all the other Drill Sgts start to run towards the new Soldiers and yelling I tell myself that I have to find the new "Smith" in this class and start the fun early instead of 7 weeks in. I get lost in the moment of new Soldiers looking scared and running and begin with my rage. Yelling, screaming, and being the intimidating motherfucker that I am. As the day winds down and we have our final formation I'm looking at all the other Soldiers while the 1SG (First Sgt) is talking to them.

Catching a mousey looking brunette with short hair out of the corner of my eye she glances at me and looks quickly away before she incurs the wrath of her new Drill Sgt. But…not before biting her lip. *****This is my first set of stories. If you have gotten this far please take the time to post a review and let me know what you think! I have many more of these stories in mind, just need to know how people are taking to them. Thank you!!