Persuasion is getting fucked by a bbc licking choking

Persuasion is getting fucked by a bbc licking choking
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I would like to start of by saying this is a fictional vampire- human romance story If you dont like it please dont post hateful comments just leave. This is my first story I hope you enjoy ^_^ Collin was almost positive he was the only Gay vampire alive in the world.

Now don't get it wrong, He slept with humans all the time but he wanted a long term companion. He also only liked red heads. Which was difficult in a city crowded with brunettes. He himself had short choppy black hair and a muscular build. He stood at 6'2 and women went crazy over him. Of course that would be different if people knew he was a vampire. But who believed in that type of shit anymore?.

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He was walking down the street it was a silent night kind of chilly out which would explain why no one was around. He no longer had an interest in the world back in the 1800;s in paris people parties and fucked like wild animals and got drunk.

Those where the days he longed for. Deciding he was full of blood and had no more use of the night he walked home hands in the pockets of his jeans. He Looked at his simple small house and smiled at it. This vampire wasn't into castles. It was then he noticed something wrong. The door was open a smidge and he could smell a human.

He growled a bit and crept in the door hearing movement upstairs. He was silent as he walked up the stairs and peered in his bedroom door to see a boy 15. maybe 16 looking through his drawers.

He grinned a robber. He loved robbers bad people made the best meals. Of course the boy hadn't expected attractive doll is showcasing her opened tight vagina in closeup stretching rubbing man to burst through the door. Collin grabbed him and slapped him hard " so you like breaking into people's houses huh " well now the boy was scared.

Collin grabbed him and shook him and the boy did what anyone would do in this situation he kicked Collin right in the balls. So he wanted to play rough.

Pretending to be hurt he let the boy go and watched him scatter downstairs. Jamie let out a cry as he saw the man standing by the front door.

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" What the hell" he looked up the stairs and back and the male was standing right in front of him. He picked Jamie up by his collor and looked him in the eyes " please.please don't hurt me i'm poor I needed the money " collin rolled his eyes " nice try kid " he snarled leaning closer his breath hitting the young boys face and Collin struggled " please I'll do anything just let me go " anything ?

he said anything right ? Collin grinned and nodded " alright but I do have to teach you a lesson about this little boy " he vampire grinned sadistically. this boy was actually pretty cute. He was very small and short and blonde with blue eyes.

His arms where hairless and he guessed the rest of him was too.

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Walking over to the couch he sat down pulling Jamie over his lap " wait wha." Collin pulled down his pants fast and slapped his ass hard making Jamie yelp "cry and i'll hurt you " Jamie closed his mouth shut tight and Collin began slapping his ass once.

twice. a third time 8 more times after that.

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He grinned looking down at him and he rubbed his red ass cheeks softly feeling the boys erection pressing against his leg " you naughty boy your hard ? tsk tsk" Jamie was going to speak but he was spanked again and he couldn't help but moan softly, He didn't know this man was this was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him.

He was crying but he doubted the man even noticed Collin leaned down and began kissing his ass softly his skin felt so soft and warm he loved it. He began licking his cheeks hearing the boys protests to stop they where weak words.

He continued spreading his cheeks he looked at his beautiful little pucker and he licked his lips contently moving he threw the boy on his couch on his stomach with his ass in the air. He spread his head agian and began licking his hole hearing the sweet little moans of his blonde toy " oh.oh lord !

" Jamie purred gripping the couch hard as the tongue lapped his asshole Collin loved his little whimpers and moans he shoved his tongue deep inside him thrusting his tongue in and out of the boy pulling his tongue away he un buttoned his jeans sliding them down fast.

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" turn around " collin snarled and Jamie spun gasping at his cock it was so beautiful about inches it was long and thick and it looked clean and soft and he amateur teen gets fucked on real homemade fully erect too. jamie looked up at Collin his asshole wet and his tiny cock throbbing. Collin snarled lightly " suck it " he commanded Jamie nodded and took the shaft in his hands rubbing it hearing a moan coming from older male and he began licking it while sucking on the head " mmmmm that's good but it's not enough " He opened the boys mouth shoving his cock in his mouth.

Jamie began gagging and he kept going " puke or bite and you die" Jamie nodded trying not to choke on the giant load and began sucking on him hard Collin began thrusting his hips fucking the boys face mmmmmmm fuck yes kid you have a great mouth " Jamie blushed and continued to choke on the cock his jaw getting a bit sore from the load.

Collin soon pulled away and Jamie was panting licking his lips " mmm why did you stop " Jamie asked wiping his mouth and Collin grinned " you like my dick in your mouth ?" he couldn't help but laugh at the way Jamie nodded like a kid who was offered a lollypop.

He began rubbing his tip against the boys lips watching him kiss his cock and Jerk it slowly.

Pulling away again the lusty foxy sweetie pleases pussy and gets licked and pounded in pov whimpered and reached for his cock again and collin slapped his hand turning him back around.

His cock was nicely lubricated licking the boys small hole again he pressed his head against his entrance and Jamie sat up a bit putting his hand on Collins mouth " i've only had sex once " he admitted " a year ago" Collin shrugged and Jamie looked a bit frightened. Collin shoved deep in the boy and Jamie let out a loud scream collapsing on the couch. collin moved his hips slowly letting the boy get use to a cock in his ass. He felt him loosen and he began going harder pounding his hole holding onto his skinny little hips he fucked him hard hearing Jamie crying out loudly almost screaming with pleasure.

God this was so fucking hot. Pulling out Jamie stared at him in horror " no put it back in !!!!" he shouted and Collin dove right back in and pulled out and thrust in again making Jamie wither around in pleasure " what's your name kid " Collin asked and Jamie moaned" j.

jamie " he gasped and Collin nodded pulled out rolling the boy on his back he laid on him using his elbows for support and he began fucking the tiny male again going hard and fast making the boy cry and moan loud as ever MM MM MMM MMM MMM MM FUCK HARDER MMMMMMM AHHH AH AH AH MMMMMMMM FUCK NNNN IM COMMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jamie cried out arching his back and boot camp bffs enjoying a lucky cock fucking of the girls came hard.

The vampire thrust five more times and he came letting out 4 ropes of hot cum deep in the boy and he pulled away. Jamie panted hard looking at him Collin sat up his cock still rock hard and Jamie admired it. Collin held out his hand and Jamie grabbed it standing up walking with him to the bathroom and they got in the shower Jamie couldn't take it. Collins cock was teasing him he felt himself getting hard and he whimpered Collin chuckled He picked the boy up feeling Jamie wrap his legs around his waist and he slid back in him moaning softly.

Jamie wrapped his arms around his neck and moaned as his back hit the cold shower tile. " whats your name " Jamie asked and Collin looked at him and he thrust hard inside the moaning boy " collin " he pressed him harder against the wall and began pounding him again Jamie's dick rubbing against his stomach Collin leaned close and bit the boys neck. Jamie yelped but moaned contently as the male bit him.

It wasn't long before they came again and Collin knew he couldn't kick the boy out. He helped dry him off and walked up to his room noticing the sun he quickly shut his blinds and crawled in bed with the boy " when can I go home ?" when I say you can " Jamie woke up seeing stars outside the window. He looked at the clock 5 shit he hated winter. The vampire was leaning against the door watching him and they made eye contact.

Jamie felt his heart hammer inside his chest he looked so hot in the light his neck hurt a bit. They must have really gotten rough " I guess this is the start of something exciting " Jamie said cocking his head to the side and he watched collin smile So if you like it I will add a part two but comment if you want more