Amateur lesbian 4 tube porn

Amateur lesbian 4 tube porn
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This is the first part of a longer story. If you like it, tell me and I'll continue with the next installments! The later parts of the story will include underage sex (not just gay, by the way!). I'm Tom. My mum and dad died in a car crash when I was 14. We lived on a farm, in the middle of the UK countryside, miles from anywhere. They left me brunette with big tits gets turned out on hacked web camera farm (and loads of money), but because I was so young when they died I couldn't live there alone.

So I was shipped around care homes, until I turned 18, and was allowed to live by myself. I returned to the farm on my 18th birthday, and after nearly 4 years abandoned, the buildings were not in the best shape. But what could I do alone, on a farm with no animals left? Then, it hit me.

Kids would love running around in the countryside, and their parents probably wouldn't mind a break! I would set up the farm as an activity centre for kids. I dedicated 2 years of my life to restoring the farm. I split the farmhouse into 4 bedrooms, with two double beds in each. I got the bathroom extended into the garage on the side of the building. One end of the bathroom was left open, to be used as an open shower area.

Three shower heads cam out of the ceiling above the space. The outbuildings, now empty, were left as they were, apart from two large barns close to the house. I had a swimming pool built in one and the other was transformed into a large living/playing area, with sofas, games, a big TV, some video games and an adventure area.

I marked out a football pitch and bought some goalposts. The site wasn't anything special, but it was good enough. I registered as a business, did all the paperwork, blah, blah, blah… I got a website set up, and I hired a young local kid called Jamal.

He was a 16-year-old black boy from the local village. He had just left school and wanted a job, so I offered him one. We set up an office downstairs, with a desk and a PC. There's something I haven't told about me yet. I was sex crazy. I first had sex when I was 15, in one of the care homes.

It was a boys-only one, and we were always horny, so we turned to each other for help. I didn't think I lesbian pussy fucked with cucumber on casting gay, because I liked looking at girls, at I got off to them all the time, but being an orphan, living in care homes, it was difficult to meet and get to know people. I soon realised that I was bisexual. The day before our first guests were due to arrive, I had just finished cleaning my car.

Jamal was cleaning the bedrooms. I headed back inside to the office. As I approached the closed door, I heard the clicking of the PC mouse. Jamal must have finished cleaning. I pushed open the door. Jamal was sitting in a chair, his eyes closed. He had one hand on the mouse and the other wrapped around his huge erection!

I felt my own dick starting to grow. I didn't say anything. Then, he opened his eyes and looked straight at me. He quickly turned off the screen and covered his boner. "It's fine. Everyone does it," I said, walking closer to him.

I turned on the screen, and was greeted by a screen full of gay porn. "Are you gay or bi?" I asked him. "Bi," he replied. "Well guess what? I am too." I quickly undressed, revealing a light-skinned, toned body.

My 7 inch cock stood proudly from between my legs, but it was small compared to his. He looked up at me. I asked him how big his cock was, and he told me it was 11 inches long. I never knew a guy so chick rose monroe gets her pussy licked and bonked could be so big!

And it was thick too! "I want you in my ass, but it needs some lube first," I said, dropping to my knees.

I tickled the chocolate head with my tongue, and he put a hand on my head. He slowly pushed my head further and further down his shaft. I fought the gag reflex as it hit the back of my throat, and I let saliva coat the length of it. He thrust his hips into my face a few times, before lifting my head up.

"Ready, boss?" he asked, with a grin on his face. I got onto his lap facing him, and lined my tight asshole up with the bulbous head of his tool. I lowered myself onto him, slowly impaling myself. I groaned in a mixture of agony and pleasure, and his cock disappeared inside of me. "I want your cum kinky lesbian beauties get orgasm of intense pussy licking my mouth," I whispered into his ear, and began to ride him.

He groaned loudly. Suddenly, he pushed me off of him and onto the floor. He jumped up and aimed his cock at my face, while he jerked himself off.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide. I felt stream after stream of his cum hit my face and fill my mouth. He squirted some much I thought I was going to drown. After at least 10 shots, I opened my eyes. Drips of his man goo covered his piss slit, so I licked them off. My mouth was filled with cum, so I swallowed the salty sperm in one gulp.

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Jamal finger-fed the cum on my face, until I had swallowed what felt like gallons of his beautifully tasting jizz. "You like that?" Jamal asked.

"Hell yeah!" "I've got one more thing for you," he said.

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"Open your mouth." I did as he said and his now soft penis started spewing piss all over my face. The bitter liquid hit my tongue and, although it tasted horrible, it really turned me on! He finished and I swallowed what I had in my mouth. "But you haven't cum yet," Jamal said.

He jerked me off to an explosive climax, and he swallowed all of my sperm. "We are doing this again and again," I told him as we cleaned ourselves up. "But we will have to be careful. We won't be alone," he replied. "This place will be filled with horny teenagers." "I know…" I said with a grin.