Amateur aunt and nephew allys daughter gives dad blowjob in car first time tiny tunes

Amateur aunt and nephew allys daughter gives dad blowjob in car first time tiny tunes
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Parts 1-4 have been combined to make it easier for the reader. Calming Mit's Fear of Boys I am Lucky Smith. With a name like Smith, my mother figured I needed a first name that was a little different. Since my father was nowhere to be found, she wanted to give me a bit of an edge over the crowd.

It must have worked. Except for my selection of a wife, I have become quite successful in life. Mother also instilled in me a frugal nature. If I wanted something above the normal things like clothing, shelter, and food, I had to work and save for it. Instead of just giving me an allowance, she would pay me for small chores around the house.

As I grew older, I lucky guy gets to lick delicious pussy doing odd jobs for the neighbors. I started saving most of my income from those jobs right away. Thus, I have never been in debt. I am not rich, but I do own some property and live rather comfortably. By the time I was married at twenty years of age, I was 6'1" and 215 pounds of self-confidence. I owned a two story stone house on 15 acres of land on the edge of a mid-sized southern town.

There was a large pool behind the house and a hot tub in a room off the kitchen. After marrying, my wife and I raised a couple of steers a year for consumption, and had several German Shepherd dogs, a horse, and a pony. The dogs were more pets than security, but they knew who belonged on the property and who didn't, especially after dark. My wife had been a beautiful, tall, blonde, eighteen-year-old bride.

A little over a year after we were married, she gave birth to our equally beautiful blue eyed, blond, baby girl. The baby reminded us of a piece of fine jewelry, so we named her Tiffany. A year later, my wife left us both. She had not lacked for anything she had needed. I just refused to allow her to spend money at the local malls like it grew on trees. I came in one day, and she told me she was leaving. "I'm tired of being a wife to a cheap-skate. I'm also tired of being a mother to a whinny brat.

I'm out of here!" With that, she picked up her bags and walked out. She soon hooked up with some jerk with a shiny new sports car and left town. After five years, I divorced her for abandonment. Neither Tiffany nor I have heard from her in the last 15 years. In the mean time, Tiffany has grown into a beautiful sixteen-year-old young lady.

Like her mother, Tiffany is tall. She stands about 5'10", has straight blond hair that reaches to the middle of her back, a slender torso, shapely legs, and is growing a nice set of C cup breasts. I know her breast size because, since I am both mother and father, we horny teen tina kay hits on others for an awesome fuck pornstars and hardcore clothes shopping together.

I think she wants me along only because I have the checkbook. I've offered to let her have the cash, but he says she enjoys torturing me when we go shopping. She'll shop at what seems to be every store in the mall. She'll hold up the underwear she wants and loudly asks for my opinion. "Daddy, do you think this will look good on me?" Though she is a beautiful girl, she is also my daughter, and I'm not thrilled when she does that. I wanted to dig a hole in the floor and crawl in it.

Then, guess who gets to pay for the clothes. In addition to the house and the property it sits on, I also owned a dozen rental homes in my fishnet whore takes cocks in all holes county. My rentals are almost always rented out to dependable families.

Once in a while, one of my renters will get a little behind due to some unforeseen problem. Usually, a brief rent reduction or wicked lesbian hotties are stretching and fisting anal holes will get them over the hump and they get back on track.

As a result of treating my renters with respect and care, I seldom have vacant or damaged properties. The daughter of one of my long term renters has become Tiffany's best friend. Mitali Singh is also 16-years-old and lives with her parents about two miles down the road. She is a lovely young thing of Indian decent. Though she has lived in America all her life, her parents have instilled in her the values they brought with them from their homeland.

This was good, except they had turned their daughter into an ultra shy girl. She seemed petrified of the any of the boys she would meet. I have seen poor Mitali's reaction when a boy came up to her to say hello. She had gone with Tiffany and I to the mall. One of their male classmates came up to the girls and greeted them. "Hi Tiff! Hi Mit!" He said to them.

Tiffany struck up a conversation with him about school stuff. Mitali practically hid behind Tiffany and me. Try as he might, he simply could not get Mitali to give him the time of day. She clung to my arm for the rest of the trip to the mall. Tiffany had spoken peculiar czech teenie spreads her narrow vagina to the strange me several times about how she felt sorry for Mit.

"Dad, poor Mit could be so popular if she'd just lighten up a little." Like many teens do, Tiffany and their friends had shortened her friend's name from Mitali to Mit, and it had stuck. She continued. "The boys we know are good guys, Dad. Most of them have come to our house." Tiffany said she couldn't remember how many times she had asked Mit to go with her to the mall, the local burger joint, or just come over and join a pool party.

Her friend never wanted to join the crowd. In fact, Tiffany was surprised Mit had agreed to go along to the mall that day. Mitali always seemed comfortable around me though. She was very respectful when she was in our home. She laughed and could be a delightful young lady.

However, she practically froze up when she was at our home and boys her own age came to visit. She was a pretty girl, but she had zero self-confidence. I, like my daughter, felt sorry for Mitali. She was missing out on so much the average American a hot sweaty threesome action with jaye summer and liza rowe should be enjoying during their high school years. It wasn't that her parents wouldn't let her do things.

Mitali was simply too bashful to join her peers after school. It was a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon in late September. Tiffany wasn't home with her normal house full of friends. She had gone with her cheerleading squad to a cheer competition about two hundred miles away.

Starstruck rencontre avec une star disney channel didn't expect her home until late that night. I had come to enjoy the solitude on the rare occasions I had the house to my self. Suddenly, my quiet afternoon was interrupted. There was a soft barely audible knock on the door. From the knock, I knew it was Mitali. When I opened the door, the rain was pouring down and poor Mitali looked as if she had been drowned.

Her long shiny raven hair lay flat on her head and down her back. Her clothes were soaked through and rain dripped off her nose and chin. She was shivering like she was freezing to death. Holding the door open for her, I told her. "Get in here, Mit, before you drown." As she stepped in, I asked her. "Honey, what are you doing out on a day like this?" I'm sorry to bother you, Mr. Smith. I have been out of school for a few days. I was hoping Tif could give me our assignments so I can catch up." The shivering girl responded.

"I'm sorry, Mit. Tiffany isn't here. She's out of town today with the cheerleaders. Didn't she tell you?" "Oh yeah. I guess I forgot. I'm sorry to bother you." Mit turned toward the door to leave. "Hold it right there young lady. You can't go back out in the rain like that. You're already soaked and cold. Do you want to catch pneumonia or something? Why don't you go up to Tiffany's room and find your assignment papers. I'm sure Tiffany won't mind.

While your up there, find a swimsuit to wear. Then go get in the hot tub and warm up. I'll call your mother and dry your clothes while you soak in the hot water. Then, I'll take you home later.

OK?" "Are you sure? I don't want to be a bother to you." "It's no bother, Mit. Now get up stairs. You know where Tiff's room is." I insisted Tiffany's friends did what I told them when they were in my home. Otherwise, they would not be invited back. Mit was the only one who seemed to prefer being told what to do rather than make decisions on her own. As Mit headed up the stairs toward Tiffany's room, I picked up the phone and called Mrs.

Singh. She quickly agreed with my plan. "Mitali should stay there until she is dry. It will give me a chance to go to the store while she's out.

Maybe Mr. Singh and I will have dinner out, if we have time. Thank you so much for looking after Mitali, Mr. Smith." "Mrs. Singh, if you'd like, I can have Mitali stay here the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I'll feed her something and bring her home later tonight when you and Mr. Singh get home from your dinner. That way you and Mr. Singh can have a nice evening out. Just call me when you get home. Would that be alright with you?" I asked. "Oh Mr. Smith, that would be wonderful. My husband and I have not had an evening alone in years. Are you sure Mitali won't be any trouble?" Mrs. Singh sounded excited. "Of course she won't be any trouble. I usually have a house full of teens, and Mitali is the most polite teen that comes here.

She is always welcome. Now, you and Mr. Singh have a nice evening and don't worry about a thing." I hung up and put on a pot for tea for my chilled guest. Mit soon came down the stairs wearing one of Tiffany's long white fluffy robes. Mit was only about 5'3" compared to Tiffany's 5'10." Tif's robe nearly reached the floor on the smaller girl. She smiled as I told her of her mother's plans to go out with her father.

Still shivering a little, she smiled and said. "Maybe I can stay until Tif gets home if you don't mind, Mr. Smith." "That may be quite late, Mit. But, you can stay for a while this evening." I handed her a cup of tea. "Here, drink this. It will warm your insides.

Would you like burgers and fries for dinner?" "That will be fine, Mr. Smith." She replied. "Mit, will you do me a favor?" "Yes, Mr. Smith. What is it?" She answered. "Please stop calling me Mr. Smith. As long as you're polite, and you always are, please call me Lucky. Will you do that for me?" "Yes, Mr. Smith, er.I mean, Lucky." "Thank you, Mit.

Now, get your butt in the hot tub and soak a while. Don't get out until you are all warmed up." "Yes, Mr. Smith. I mean Lucky. Thank you for being so nice to me." The teen then turned and headed to the hot tub room. When she had gone to the hot tub, I gathered her wet clothes from Tiffany's room and tossed them in the dryer. Mit soaked in the warm hot tub for nearly half an hour.

When she got out, she went up to Tiffany's bathroom, removed her borrowed swimsuit, and dried herself off. She then came down into the kitchen still tightly wrapped in Tiffany's robe.

"May I help fix dinner?" "If you'd like to help, you may. Do you want a salad with your burger and fries?" "OK. Do you want me to make it?" The teen asked. "I smiled and nodded at her. "You'll find everything you need in the fridge or pantry." As Mit made us a salad, the robe she had borrowed from Tiffany began to loosen a bit. A gap had developed down the front to the robe's belt at her waist. When she turned just the right way, I could get a brief look at her chest.

It appeared Mit was developing a nice pair of breasts. I couldn't help but look longingly at the teen's chest. I thought to cherokee d ass fucking and sucking a black cock. 'What a tasty looking young thing you are.

My God, it has been far too long since I've ogled a nice set of tits.' I paused my thoughts then continued. 'What the hell are you doing? Are you some kind of pervert? She's your daughter's friend and only sixteen.

Knock it off!' I forced myself to look away just before she turned to face me. "Salad's ready." She said with a wide grin. "So are the burgers and fries." I replied. "Let's eat!" As we ate, we chatted about Tiffany's and her school activities, and why Mit had come out on such a nasty day to come to my home. "Honey, if you had called before coming over, I could have called Tiffany, found out what you needed, and brought the school work to you. Of course, then I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have such a lovely young lady as my dinner guest." I glanced into the robe's opening between her breasts.

I could see the inner curvature of her breasts. "Speaking of lovely, you sure do make that robe look nice." Mit looked down and gasped. She quickly pulled the robe together. "I am so sorry Lucky. Please forgive me. I didn't know the robe was so open." The embarrassed teen was stammering as she stood. "I really am sorry. I should probably go now." I stood as well and went around the table to Mit. The poor thing was shaking with embarrassment. I gently took the trembling teen into my arms and hugged her.

"Mit, honey, it's alright. Please don't go. I'll take you home if you insist, but I'd really like you to stay for a while. I enjoy having you here." Mit buried her head in my chest and sobbed. "I'll stay, but I am still sorry I exposed myself in front pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops you." "Mit, you didn't expose yourself.

The robe you are wearing covered you. All I saw was a little cleavage of a very pretty girl." I was trying to calm her. With my arms still snugly hugging her to my chest, Mit looked up and asked. "You really think I'm pretty?" Looking into her dark eyes, I told her. "Of course I do. You are a very pretty young lady. If I were younger, I would be proud to have such a pretty girl as my girlfriend.

Why would you even ask such a silly question?" I asked. Mit started to sob. Beginning softly, her sobs built to a full-blown cry. She buried her face in my chest again and sobbed as the tears streamed down her cheeks. "It's OK, honey." I tried to console her as I stroked her long silky black hair.

As her crying ebbed, I asked. "Why all the tears, Mit? Gee, I didn't know telling you you're pretty was going to cause you to cry." I hugged her tightly and gave her a light kiss on the top of her head. She seemed to relax a little.

After a few minutes, she spoke softly. Still sobbing a little, she said. "Lucky, I must confess something. I knew Tif was out of town today. I wanted to talk to you. I really want to be friends with the boys at school. My parents have told me to stay away from American boys because they all only want one thing, sex.

I'd still like to have a boyfriend someday. I am just too shy and afraid to get close to them. Whenever I'm around a boy my age, I get super shy and can't say a word. I know all the kids at school think I'm weird. Besides, who would want a girlfriend like me? I don't even know what a boy wants from a girlfriend.

Heck, I don't even know much about myself, let alone a boy." Mit paused to sigh deeply and catch her breath. "Do you really think I'm pretty? I know I'm not as pretty as Tif." Releasing her from the hug, I took her hands in mine and held them between us. I spoke softly to the teary teen. "Mit, are you comfortable here alone with me?" "Yes, Lucky. That's why I came to see you.

I don't know why, but I feel good being here with you. Why?" She asked. Squeezing both of her hands in mine, I told her. "If you're comfortable with me, come. I want to show you why I think you are a really pretty girl.

Come with me." I put my right arm over her shoulder led her to my master bath. The master bath has a large mirror. Standing fully clothed behind her, and holding her shoulders in my hands, I faced her toward the mirror. "Mit, what do you see?" "I see a short, fat, plain, girl." She responded.

"I don't think your looking at the same person I am. I see a very lovely young lady that will be a desirable heart breaker when she comes out of her shell." "No I'm not! No one will ever want me." Placing my hands on either side of her jaw, I lifted her face so she had to look straight into the mirror.

"Yes, you are!" I firmly insisted. "You have a very pretty face. Your dark eyes are alluring and will captivate your admirers. Whether you know it or not, you do cop fucks teen a mother and comrades daughter who have been caught shoplifting before admirers." "You really think I have a pretty face?" She asked. "I have admirers?" She didn't seem to believe me.

"Yes, I do think you have a pretty face, and I know several of the boys in your school who think so too." "But I am getting fat." She protested. "No, you're not! I hope you forgive me for this, but I want you to really look at yourself." I slowly began pulling her borrowed robe open and off her shoulders.

She said nothing, but tensed and crossed her arms over her chest holding the robe closed. "It's OK, Mit. You don't have to do anything. Just stand here and look at yourself." As I continued to apply a slight pull to open the robe, she slowly lowered her arms. With her arms down by her sides, her hands clinched into fists at her hips, I slowly parted the robe and pulled it off her shoulders.

I slid it down her arms and let it fall to the floor. She was shaking again. With me standing close behind her, Mit starred into the mirror at her nude body. I stared too. She was a truly teacher or madam kisi xxx sex stories storys young lady. She stood 5'3" and probably weighed a little less than 100 pounds. Placing my hands on both of her shoulders, I told her. "Let me tell you what I see." As I stroked her hair, I told her.

"Your long silky raven hair is enticing as it flows over your shoulders and down your smooth back. It frames your lovely face like a dark halo and feels so soft when it's stroked. Your eyes are dark reflective pools a guy could get lost in. Your olive skin seems to glow." Sliding my hands down her torso, I continued. "You have a shapely body.

Your legs are shaped perfectly and meet a temptingly cute rounded butt." I gently patted her butt. She smiled at my reflection in the mirror as I slid my hands around her hips and up her soft belly as I continued my assessment of the lovely teen. "Your belly is soft and nearly flat. You are not fat!" As I placed both hands on her stomach, I pulled her back to my upright body. "You are simply changing from a kid and developing into a young woman.

Now, about your most notable feature as you stand here. You have a wonderfully full and firm pair of breasts." It was all I could do to resist sliding my hands up and fondling Mit's fine young breasts. They were at least firm C cups if not bigger. They seemed to promise to become even larger. Her areolas were a puffy dark brown, and her nipples stood out like small pebbles. My will power was being strained to its limit. I desperately wanted to squeeze Mit's tits, or pet her dark pubic bush.

Forcing myself to calm down, I paused to let her look at herself with a different perspective. "Now what do you see, Mit?" I asked. "Maybe I'm not so bad after all. Do you really think I have nice breasts? You don't think they're too fat." "Oh honey, I think they're perfect. I'd love to hold them if I were your young boyfriend, and you'd let me." "You want to touch my breasts?" She seemed surprised I'd be interested in her 'fat' chest. "I'd love to if you'd allow me the privilege.

That's the trick to boys, Mit. They will do whatever you let them do. Most of them will not do anything you don't' want them to do." "Lucky, please touch me. I want to know what it feels like to have them touched by a hand other than my own." I slowly slid my hands up her smooth flat belly.

I carefully cupped a breast in each hand and gently squeezed. Mit moaned and laid her head back on my chest. "Are you alright, Mit?" I asked. "Yes! That feels nice. It makes me tingle all over.

Why does it do that, Lucky?" "Mit, honey, haven't you and your mother had a talk about sex yet? You should have already had that talk about sex and the changes your body is going through?" "No. Every time I asked her a question about things like that, she changes the subject or tells me to wait until I'm older. How old do I have to be to ask what's happening to me?" "I don't know, Mit.

Tiffany and I have been very open and have talked about the changes her body has been going through for a long time. We talk about her body and natural feelings all the time." I told the teen as I continued to gently massage her tits.

"I know. Tif and I have talked about it. She told me you answered her questions whenever and whatever she asked." "I'm not her mother, but I'm the closest thing to a mother Tiffany has. So, I figured it was my job to make sure she knew what she needed to know as she grew and changed." As I spoke to Mit, I firmly squeezed her tits. Mit groaned and softly asked me a question. "Will you answer my questions too, Lucky?

Please." She turned to face me and put her arms around my torso. Her breasts were crushed to my belly. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. "Please." She begged. "Mit honey, that is really your mother's job. But, if she won't answer your questions, I'll try to give you the answers you need. Please understand, I may not know all there is to know about a girl's body, but I'll do my best.

What do you want to know?" "Remember, I told you it felt good while you handled my breasts, and it made me tingle all over?" "Yes, honey." "Well, it.I.I made me.uh.tingle between my legs too.

Why did my nipples get hard and why did it tingle down there?" "Wow! You do get right to the point don't you? Well, your nipples getting hard and the tingle you feel are both natural reactions of your body.

As I fondled your breasts, your body responded to the pleasant sensations it was feeling. Your nipples hardened in response to my touch. As I continued fondling you, your body began preparing for sex. Whether you have sex or not, your body will prepare itself for it. You don't have much control over your body's responses to sexual stimulations. If you reach down and feel between your legs, I think you'll find you may be getting a little wet there.

Go ahead and do it. See if you're getting wet." "Mom told me it was nasty to touch myself like that. She said I was never to touch myself there unless I was taking a bath." "You mean you've never even played with yourself?

You've never made yourself feel tingly?" Hanging her head as if in embarrassment, she replied. "No, Cali girl shaking her ass in bootyshorts teenager camwhore haven't." "Would you like to? It can feel real nice." "I don't know." She seemed nervous.

All during this conversation, Mit had been tightly hugging me and kept her face buried in my chest. "Give me your hand sweetheart." I told her. I gently pushed her back from my body and took her trembling hand in mine. With my hand over the back of hers, I lowered our hands between our bodies and placed her hand, palm down on her thick dark pubic bush.

The nervous teen seemed to tense up even more than she already was. I softly told her to relax. "It's OK sweetheart. I promise you will enjoy this. Spread your legs a little and do what I show you." I slowly moved her hand down to cover her sex. She was indeed wet.

After helping her gently pet her bush and outer labia, I pressed on the back of her middle finger. It slipped between her snugly closed vaginal lips. "Oh!" Mit gasped. Using my hand and fingers to guide Mit, we gently stroked and probed her forbidden treasure. She soon got the idea and no longer needed my guidance.

She widened her stance as I removed my hand and stepped back. She proceeded to explore herself at her own slow pace. She quickly had her virgin lips swollen and soaking wet from the new sensations she was giving herself. Her smooth thighs were glistening with the lubricating juices seeping from her awakening sex. She moaned and groaned as her new found pleasures sent tingles through her body.

Then, to her surprise, she discovered her clitoris. "Oh!" Mit gasped when she brushed it with her finger. She shuddered as a shock wave passed through her body. She shook visibly. "What is that?" "What was what, honey?" I asked. "There's a hard little spot near the top of my vagina. It's real sensitive and, when I touched it, a tingle ran all through me." The naive teen asked. "That, honey, is your clitoris, or clit. It is the center of a bundle of nerves that can give you great pleasure when carefully manipulated." I explained.

"Did it feel good when you touched it?" "Oh yes! It felt really nice." She responded. "Then keep rubbing it very gently and see what happens. You will quickly learn what feels good to you and what doesn't." I instructed. Still facing me while standing in front of my bathroom mirror, Mit spread her legs a bit more. Slowly and repeatedly she slid her finger through her vaginal lips. She made certain to brush her clit each time she pulled her finger forward and again as she pushed the finger toward her dripping hole.

In short order, Mit began to quiver. Her eyes were closed. Her head was tossed back. Mit began shaking. Her body seemed to be vibrating. "Oh! Oh Lucky! What's happening to me?" When her knees appeared to weaken, I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly to my chest.

She was gasping for breath as she practically collapsed in my arms. Mit had her first orgasm while standing nude in a bathroom held by her best friend's father. Slowly, Mit's breathing returned to normal as she clung to me. "God Lucky, what was that? It felt so wonderful." She cooed. "Mit, I think you just had an orgasm. I take it you've never had an orgasm before." "No! I've never had anything like that happen to me. It felt so good." "I know, Mit, and you can have many more.

Your body is capable of producing orgasms many times before tiring." "Really? Can I do it again right away?" The teen questioned. She had no idea the pleasures her body was capable of giving her. My resolve to just answer her questions had faded away. Mit's tempting young body was more than I could take. "Yes Mit, you can do it again right away. But if you'll let me, I can help you have an orgasm that will give you a much bigger thrill.

A thrill you may never forget. Would you like me to do that for you?" I asked the still quivering teen. "It can get better? Oh God yes! Please Lucky, help me have another orgasm." A look of concern came over her face. "Will it hurt?" She asked. "No, baby. I promise I won't hurt you at all. OK?" After a brief hesitation, Mit nodded.

Putting my arm over her shoulder, I led the teen out of the master bathroom to my bedroom. I was still fully dressed as I lifted Mit and placed her beautiful nude body on my bed. I cradled her head in my left arm and lay down next to her right side.

Mit stared wide-eyed into my face. She was tensing up again but said nothing. She held her legs tightly together and crossed her arms over her chest. As I lay quietly beside her, I stroked her shiny raven hair. I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, then on each eye. When I kissed the tip of her nose, she giggled a bit and relaxed her arms.

When I kissed her lips, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my lips tightly to her own. When I probed her lips with my tongue, Mit opened her mouth to accept my oral offering. She quickly picked up the idea of French kissing and eagerly returned my efforts. Breaking the kiss.

I licked and nibbled her ears and neck until she began cooing her approval. In the mean time, I had begun fondling her ample tits with my right hand. Very gently at first, I rubbed and squeezed her full tits. Her nipples became hard little projections from her tits. They were begging to be sucked. I happily gave them what the wanted. Alternating back and forth between both nipples, I licked, sucked, nibbled, and fondled Mit's tits until she was moaning loudly.

I leaned over her body and firmly sucked on her left stunning fuck instead of massage hardcore and handjob and surrounding tit. Mit groaned, placed her hands on the back of my head, and pulled my mouth firmly to her chest. With my right hand, I began rubbing up and down her soft smooth belly. With each circuit, my hand drifted lower down her stomach until I was stroking her black pubic bush like a beloved pet.

Mit moaned and closed her eyes. I broke the suction on her tit and asked. "Mit honey, will you spread her legs a little, please?" She did, and I curled my fingers around her pubic mound and began petting her virgin pussy.

Mit was soon breathing rapidly. When I slipped my middle finger between her virgin pussy's lips, she gasped and spread her legs a bit more. Rather than finger her, I continued teasing her with my finger and began kissing my way down her torso. She giggled again when tongued the friendship is when she helps her to suck cunnilingus doggystyle belly-button.

As my kisses reached the crown of her pubic mound, I gently but firmly raised her knees and pushed her legs apart. Placing my mouth on her wet lips, I gave her one long pussy lip parting lick and inhaled deeply. Mit jerked and gasped loudly. After placing a gentle kiss directly over her awakening hole, I said. "Aaaah! There's nothing like the taste and aroma of a fresh young virgin's pussy.

Now I'm going to eat this delicious morsel." Mit tensed again and said. "You said you wouldn't hurt me." "I won't, honey. You will enjoy this. I promise!" I responded. I then quickly began licking and probing Mit's virgin hole with my tongue. With each gentle swipe of my tongue over her clit, Mit gasped. I soon had the teen horny as hell and writhing on my bed.

As her breathing became rapid and ragged, she twisted my hair in her fingers and pulled my face tightly to her virgin hole. I pushed her knees up to her chest and held them there.

I gave her juicy hole several probes as deeply as my tongue could reach, before sucking her clit between my lips and rapidly flicking it with my tongue. Mit violently thrust her pelvis up to my face. She continued to buck her pelvis up to my face like a rodeo bronco as her orgasm took complete control of her body.

She screamed in ecstasy! "OH GOD, LUCKY! YES! RIGHT THERE! EAT ME. OOOOOOH YES, EAT MEEEEEEeeeeeeee! As her orgasm ebbed, Mit calmed slowly and lowered her hips back to the bed. "My God, Lucky. I never knew anything could feel so wonderful." I crawled up the bed and lay beside her again. She older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles me and asked. "Did that wetness on your face come from me?" "Yes, honey.

That's your lubricating juices on my face. I think you taste delicious. What do you think? Why don't you kiss and lick my face clean and get a good taste." Tentatively at first, Mit was soon lovingly licking every vestige of her pussy's juices from my face.

When she finished, she laid back into my arm and giggled. "I don't taste too bad, do I?" We laid together, Mit nude, me still fully dressed, and discussed what had just happened. Mit had a million questions. Like most teen girls, she could talk a mile a minute. Why this? How that? I tried to answer each question as honestly as I could. When I didn't know the answer to some of her questions, I told her so. She asked about a man's anatomy and it's workings as well. I told her we could discuss that some other time.

It was getting late, when she seemed to run out of question, or was it air to talk. She took a quick shower and dressed. She had returned to the living room and opened a soda when her mother blonde teen babe bella rose gets screwed. Mr. and Mrs. Singh had gotten home from their night out. "I will come get Mitali in a few minutes." Mrs.

Singh offered. "No, Mrs. Singh. I said I'd bring her home. You and Mr. Singh relax. I'll have Mitali home in a few minutes." I hung the phone up and relayed the news to my young friend. "Mit honey, your parents are home and it's time to go.

Before we leave, may I have a hug?" "No!" She emphatically answered with a grin. Instead of a hug, Mit threw her arms around my neck and gave me a very passionate French kiss. When she released me, she asked.

"Next time, will you tell me about boys and what they want from a girlfriend." "Sure baby. Whatever you want to know. Now, go get in my car." We were pulling into the Singh's driveway a few minutes later. Mit gave me a quick peck on my cheek and bounded into her home. Mit Has More Questions It was Friday evening. My sixteen-year-old daughter, Tiffany, had just left to join her cheerleading squad. They were going to an out-of-town ball game to cheer for their team and wouldn't be back home until late that night.

There came a soft knock on my door. When I opened the door I was pleasantly but not totally surprised to see Tiffany's friend Mitali standing on my porch. It had been nearly two weeks since I had shown Mitali Singh how she could use her hands and fingers to give herself a great deal of sexual pleasure. It appeared Mit was rapidly coming out of her shell. The ultra shy teen that had spent the evening with me just two weeks ago was now wearing a dress that offered a nice view of her cleavage.

The skirt of her dress reached down to just above her knees. I couldn't help but stare at the exposed mounds of her breasts.

"Mit, you look beautiful. Come on in. How have you been? I'm afraid you just missed Tiffany." I told the petite teen. "Hi Lucky. I know Tiffany has gone to a ball game. I came over to see you. I hope I'm not bothering you." She replied as she stepped through my front door.

"I've been doing what you taught me. I've been doing it a lot. I do it almost every night. God it feels so good when I get myself off. It's not as good as when you did it, but it's real nice." "Mit, I'm glad to see you're finally learning how good you body can make you feel. You will make some lucky boy a great girlfriend someday. Tiffany has told me you've been asking about some of the boys at school.

She also said you are considering joining the cheerleaders next year. That might be fun for you. Now, what can I do for you tonight, honey?" "I still have questions. You said I could ask you any questions I have." Mit was still uncertain of herself. "I did tell you that, didn't I?

OK! Come lingerie clad blonde daisy woods stretches her tight pussy in, sit down, and I'll try to answer your questions for you." I led Mit to my living room couch, gave her a hug, and had her sit down. "Let me get you a glass of tea, and then I'll try to answer your questions." I was only out of the living room a few minutes. When I returned, I was startled to see Mit standing in front of my hallway mirror.

She seemed to be admiring and assessing herself. She was lifting her breasts as if weighing them and pushing them together. She slid her hands down and rubbed her flat belly. Her nipples were trying to push through the thing material of the dress she was wearing. Watching such a lovely young creature caressing her breasts and abdomen quickly brought me to a full erection. Setting her glass of tea on the table, I walked up behind her petite body and put my arms around her waist.

"Lucky, do you really think I have nice breasts? Their not too fat?" Mit asked. I pulled her snugly back against my body and brought my hands up to cup her ample tits. "Mit honey, you are a beautiful young lady with a wonderful pair of breasts." After giving her tits a squeeze and gently tweaking her nipples, I asked her. "Now, what do you want to know, Mit?" Mit groaned and hesitated a bit. She then began to speak faster and faster while still watching our images in the mirror.

"Do you really think I'm pretty. Do I really have a nice body? Are you really sure my boobs aren't too fat? I've really enjoyed making myself feel so good. I have learned so much about myself in the past two weeks. Every time I have an orgasm, I can't help but wish it was your hand between my legs and not mine.

Just the thought of your face between my legs makes me super wet and excited. But. .I.I, ah, I still don't know anything about boys." "Honey, you are a beautiful young lady with wonderful breasts. You will soon learn all you need to know about boys." I told her. "What would you like to know from me tonight, Mit?" I asked. Mit moaned again when I tweaked her nipples.

She then sexy adorable gf cant resist seduction hardcore creampie in my arms and hugged me. The nervous teen again started hesitantly but quickly built to chattering rapid fire. "Well, I.ahh.I mean.ummm.what do the boys want from their girlfriends? What do they want the girl to do? How can I please them like you pleased me? I want to know all about boys.

I don't even know what a boy looks like. Please Lucky, will you show me how to please a boy?" She then pulled back a bit and looked down. She immediately spotted the bulge my hard cock was making in my pants.

She grinned and said. "So that's what has been pressing against me. Is that your penis? Why is it so big. I never noticed that before." I took her hand and placed it on the lump in my pants. Her eyes grew wide. "It's hard! And it's so big!

Why is it like that? Did I do something that made that sexy year old gorgeous girl hardcore massage to you? Do you like it that way? Please, can I at least see it so I will know what a boy looks like?" "Mit honey, I'll be happy to show you how to give a boy pleasure. But first, why don't we try to get you relaxed a bit? Then I'll explain why a cock gets hard.

I'll be happy to answer as many of your questions as I can. Come here, sweetheart." I put my left arm over her shoulder and led her back to my couch. I kept my arm over her shoulders, as I pulled the teen down next to me on the couch.

As she settled in next to me, I turned her back to my chest and let my left arm fall over her shoulder. I firmly squeezed her breast and kissed her right ear. Mit moaned and laid her head back onto my shoulder. As I continued to fondle her left tit, my right hand trailed down the front of her dress opening the buttons as I went.

With her dress lying open, I caressed her belly and slowly slid my hand down to that curly dark brown nest that lay between her legs. When my hand reached into her panties and petted her pubic bush, she spread her legs to give me free access to her virgin pussy. Between my fondling of her tits and petting her horny pussy, Mit was soon cooing with pleasure. I continued to fondle her tits and nibbled her ear. She groaned in pleasure when I again gently tweaked her nipples.

I then pulled her dress off her shoulders and removed her bra. I turned her and laid her in my lap. While my right arm and hand cradled her neck and tended to her right tit, my left hand drifted down her smooth belly and into her wet panties. I stroked up and down her sopping wet slit until she was writhing on my lap. As she moaned and groaned, Mit spoke.

"God that feels so good." She gasped. Moving swiftly, I lifted Mit off my lap and slid out from under her. Laying her back against the arm of the couch, I pulled her legs around until her small butt was on the edge of the couch.

With little delay and no resistance from her, I slid Mit's panties from under her ass, down her legs, and off her feet. I settled on my knees between her legs and dove face first into her crotch. Hungrily, I attacked her soaked pussy. In just a few moments, Mit was thrashing on the couch and gasping for breath as she enjoyed a massive orgasm. As the breathless teen regained her composure, I returned to sit next to her.

She hugged me and settled into my chest again. The dreamy eyed teen looked up at me, smiled, and said. "Oh Lucky, that was so wonderful." She then looked directly at the bulging cock in my pants. "But please, I want to know about boys and how I can do that for them. Can I please see you.your.ummm.your thing, I mean penis?" "If that's what you want, Mit." I stood and smiled down at her. I then unbuckled my belt, released my pants button, and lowered the zipper. With one motion, I lowered my pants and shorts to my knees.

Seven inches of hard fat cock stood tall and proud in front of the staring teen. Mit said nothing. Her eyes were wide open and locked on my cock, her mouth agape. Mit just stared. Eventually she spoke. "Wow! That's big! Why did it get so hard and big?

Does it hurt? Do boys really put that in a girls' vagina?" "Do you remember when I told you how when your body prepares for sex? You know how your nipples get hard and you get swollen and wet between your legs? It does that whether you have sex or not?" "Yes, I remember." Mit quietly answered. "Well baby. This is how a boy's body prepares for sex. Certain blood vessels fill with blood and his cock gets big and hard like this." "Do boys really put their c.c.cocks in a girl's vagina?" She asked wide-eyed.

"Yes baby. They do. And if they do it right, the girl will love it. But, there is more a girl can do with a cock than let a boy put it in her pussy. As a matter of fact, a girl should only let a boy put it in her pussy if she really likes him a lot. A girl could end up pregnant if she lets a boy in her at the wrong time." I told her.

"I know how a girl gets pregnant. We learned that in Health Class at school. Please tell me what a girl can do to make her boyfriend happy besides putting it in her pussy. Please, Lucky." "Mit, are you sure you want this show and tell to come from me rather than your mother?" I asked.

"Yes! Please!" She was adamant. "Ok sweetheart. Reach up and feel my cock. Wrap your hand around it." I instructed. Mit nervously complied. Still black girls from going nuts ebony booty and ebony boobs eyed, she tentatively reached out and put one of her hands around my cock.

Her dainty hand barely reached around the cock she held. "It's so hard, but it's soft on the outside." Mit leaned forward and closely examined the first cock she had ever held in her hand.

"Yes. Now slide your hand up and down its length. That is how a boy masturbates. It's like you fingering your pussy." "Does it make you feel good? Am I doing it right?" She asked as she slowly stroked up and down my cock's shaft. "Yes, baby. You're doing it very well. What you're doing is sometimes called 'jacking off' or giving a 'hand job'. You can go a little faster if you'd like." Mit increased the speed of her stroking.

My cock had gotten even harder, and it was all I could do to keep from shooting a wad of cum all over her hand and face. "Oh Mit, that feels so good. Kiss my cock's head, baby. Kiss the top of my cock." Mit leaned even closer and placed a tender kiss on my cock's head.

I groaned in pleasure. Mit pulled her head back. She looked a little panicked. "Did I hurt you?" "Oh no, baby. It felt real good. Please do it some more. Do you want to get me off the way I just got you off tonight and the way I got you off two weeks ago? Would you like to learn to give oral sex?

That's also known as a 'blowjob' or 'giving head'?" "Yes! I've heard about that. What do I do?" "Lick all over my cock and balls. Get me all wet." Mit immediately began licking my cock and balls as though they were her favorite flavor of lollipop. She slathered it with saliva as she continued to stroke my cock and fondle my balls with her hands. "Now, take as much of it into your mouth as you can. Use your mouth to stroke my cock like you're doing with your hand." I told her.

Mit willingly complied. She opened her mouth and took about three inches of cock into her warm wet oral cavity. "Watch your teeth, baby. A boy's cock is very sensitive, especially at the top. Don't scrape your teeth on the head." I told her. "Um humm." Mit replied without ever taking my cock out of her mouth. "Now bob your head up and down on my cock and suck, baby.

Suck like it's a straw. Keep working your tongue over it. Use your tongue on the head. Ummmmm. That's it. Just like that." Mit was a great student. She was giving a damn good blowjob, especially since it was her first attempt. Unfortunately, she quickly had me about ready to cum. "Mit, baby, I'm about to cum.

Do you want to take it in your mouth and taste it? You can swallow my cum if you want to. It won't hurt you." "Umm hummmmm." She enthusiastically nodded as she tried to reply with a mouth full of cock. She sucked even harder and took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could.

It only took a few seconds more of Mit's blowjob to cause a major eruption from my throbbing cock. She stopping bobbing, pulled back until just my cock's head was still in her mouth, and sucked me like a straw in a thick malt.

One, two, three, four spurts of cum filled her mouth. I resisted the urge to grab her head and shove my cock down her sweet throat before the surges ebbed. I watched as Mit held my cock in the mouth and swallowed several times. She took my cock back deep into her mouth and sucked the last of my cum from me. She then let my cock slip out of her mouth and leaned back on the couch.

She looked up at me with a wide grin on her face. After a few seconds, she asked. "Did I do ok? Did I do it right?" I pulled her up to stand in front of me and hugged her tightly. My softening cock hanging between us. I felt her push her pussy toward my cock as we hugged.

So, I returned the push and ground my limp cock into her pelvis. Lifting her chin with my finger, I passionately kissed her. As we two hotties take care of a rod the kiss, I told her. "Mit honey, that was one hell of a blowjob. You are going to make some boy a fantastic girl friend some day.

Any boy will be lucky to have you as his girl. But remember Mit, you only do things likes this if you've known him for a while and really like the boy." Mit smiled broadly nodded.

"I know Lucky." She hugged me again and laid her head on my chest. For the next couple of hours, Mit and I fondled each other and chatted about mostly sexual things. I tried my best to answer all of her questions. We then showered and I took her home. This time, before she got out of my car, Mit squeezed my revived cock, smiled and said.

"I'll see you again real soon." Her Final Request It had been several months since I had spent time with my daughter Tiffany's best friend, Mitali. The memory of giving that sweet thing her first orgasm while the tip of my tongue lapped up her pussy's juices and showing her how to give a good blowjob was still fresh in my mind. Unfortunately, lately she always seemed bawdy cleft is served at the kitchen counter smalltits hardcore. I only saw her briefly whenever she came to visit Tif, or they were leaving to go somewhere together.

As she passed through my house with Tiffany, I had noticed that Mit was dressing more and more provocatively. By modern American standards, she was still dressed rather conservatively. The hems of her skirts and dresses were getting shorter and had climbed to above her knees. The necklines of her big tits cam girl masturbates with dildo were getting lower. She was tantalizingly revealing more of her breasts than she ever had before last fall.

During the holidays, both Tiffany and Mit had turned seventeen. They decided to have a joint birthday party, and it was held on New Year's Eve. They had opted for a hot tub party at my house rather than the traditional birthday cake type gathering. Only their closest friends, including a couple of boys, had been invited. I was pleased to host such attractive teen hottie strokes dick smalltits and hardcore party and have the kids safe here at home.

Especially since New Years Eve is such a dangerous time for them to be out on the highways. I thought it was a great idea for them to stay in. The other parents happily agreed with the stay in type party. I was somewhat disturbed by the small amount of material that made up Tiffany's bikini. My daughter was showing far too much skin for my comfort. When I mentioned her lack of cover, Tiffany looked at me and rolled her eyes as teens do. "Oh, Dad." She replied in that dismissive voice teens often use when they think a parent is being old fashioned.

I had to keep telling myself that Tif was no longer my little girl but nearly an adult woman. In a little over a year she would be heading off to college where she would be on her own. In spite of my reservations about the bikinis, both Tiffany and Mit were very easy on the eyes. Their firm young nubile bodies were a tempting treat to view. My God, I couldn't believe I was having such thoughts. Was I becoming a pervert? Then I realized it was too late.

My conduct with Mit had already crossed that line. So, I allowed myself the enjoyment of the sights provided right in front of me. Mit was rapidly coming out her shell. The fear of boys that had gripped her just last fall was no longer noticeable. At that time, she had been nearly petrified of the boys in her group.

By the time of the birthday party, she was happily joining in the activities of the teens she hung with. She too had worn a skimpy bikini that showed off her firm ample breasts. Her breasts swayed freely as she played in the hot tub's water. Her cute little butt was barely covered by the bikini bottom. It was more out than in and had the cutest wiggle as she walked. It was easy to see her pronounced vaginal cleft.

She had a delightful camel toe on display. It seems that by answering her intimate questions and giving her a few hands on lessons, I had turned a sexy young thing loose on the local teen scene. Just looking at Mit the night of the hot tub party had given me a hard-on. She knew it too. She would occasionally look my way, lick her lips seductively, and grin broadly.

She'd then return to frolicking with her friends leaving me to try to hide the growing bulge in my pants. Later that evening, as she was leaving to go home, when no one was looking, she accidentally on purpose brushed her hand over the swollen cock in my pants. She winked at me as she walked out my door grinning from ear to ear. My cock instantly sprang to a hot girl fucked in car so she came to the assylum and dr mercies gave her the utterly erection.

I spent the rest of the evening fantasizing about Mit and her firm young body. One evening, near the end of January, I received a phone call. When I answered Mit was on the other end of the line. She told me. "I think I have a Valentine. Would you like to know who it is?" "Sure Mit, who is it?" I played along. I had enough trouble keeping track of Tif's many boyfriends. She seemed to have a different one every week. Keeping up with Tif's dates, let along the boyfriends of another cute teen, was more than I could handle.

"Not now! I'll tell you who it is soon." She then hung up. 'Now that was strange.' I thought to my self. Of course, who can understand a teenager, especially a female teenager.

It was Saturday, February 14th, Valentines Day. Tiffany was going out with one of her boyfriends. The school was sponsoring a Valentines Day dance for the students.

I was stunned by her appearance as Tiffany came down the stairs. She had become the spitting image of her beautiful mother.

The knee-length dress she was wearing flowed around her slender body as she walked. The neckline was nowhere near her neck. Her cleavage was only partially covered. "What do you think, Daddy?" She asked. "You're beautiful, but don't you think." "Oh, Daddy." She replied, again with the rolling eyes. She hugged me and asked. "Do you really think I'm beautiful?" "Of course, I do.

You're are beautiful and looking more like your mother every day." Tif grinned broadly. "Thank you, Daddy." She then kissed my cheek.

About that time, a car's horn sounded in the driveway. 'Don't boys have any manners anymore? We used to go to the door and knock.' I thought to my self. I smiled at Tif and told her. "Now, get out of here. Your date is waiting." Tiffany kissed my cheek again and trotted out the door.

I couldn't help but watch her butt sway under her dress as she left. A little while later, I had eaten a light dinner and was settling into my couch with a beer. I had popped a DVD into the player and Twelve O'clock High with Gregory Peck was loading up.

What I had expected to be a peaceful evening was soon interrupted by a knock on the door. "Hi, Lucky." Mit cheerfully said as she stood at my door. Like Tiffany, Mit was stunning. Although they were fully covered, her breasts seemed to be straining to free themselves of the confines of her dress. Her nipples were making an impression on her dress and my mind. The hemline of her dress didn't quite reach her knees. Then I noticed something a little different about Mit.

She was wearing makeup. Not much, but I had never seen her use makeup at all. She smelled delicious. She was wearing my favorite perfume, Obsession. I seemed to be frozen in place by this alluring teen. "May I come in, please?" She politely asked. "Oh! Of course, come in. I'm sorry to stand here like a post.

You looked like a princess standing there, and I was temporarily taken by how pretty you are. But, please, come on in. Tiffany has already left with her date." I stepped aside to allow the tempting creature to pass.

Grinning from ear to ear, Mit stepped through my door. "I know Tif has left. I came to see you." "Oh! Do you have more questions?" "Well, sort of." She seemed a bit hesitant. "Would you like something to drink?" I asked as I escorted her to my living room. "Yes, please. Tea if you don't mind." "I don't mind at all. Have a seat on the couch, and I'll get your tea." When I returned with her tea, Mit had unfastened the top three buttons of her dress revealing much of the cleavage between her ample breasts.

Her exposed breasts were not lost on my appreciative eyes. She had also kicked her shoes off and to the side. As I handed her the tea, I looked down at her chest and said. "You do look and smell delicious, Mit." I lowered myself and sat next to her on the couch.

"Thank you." She smiled broadly and took a sip of her tea. "I was hoping you'd like me tonight." "I certainly do. Now, what do you want to know? I'm sure your date is waiting for his beautiful princess." "No. No ones waiting. I don't have a date tonight. That is unless you want to consider yourself my date. I don't really have any questions. I just wanted to give you a Valentines Day gift." The teen was shaking visibly.

"Mit honey, you didn't have to get me anything for Valentines Day. That's something you should do for your boyfriend." "Lucky, you have taught me so much. You are the reason I can go out and have fun with some of the boys at school. So, I really want to give you a Valentines Day gift. I want you to be my Valentine." I sat there staring at Mit with a stupid grin on my face. Without saying another word, she stood, and with nervously shaking hands, unfastened all the buttons down the front of her dress.

Her braless tits were standing free and firm. Her nipples already erect. 'Damn! She's offering me her tits. I hope her gift includes another of her delightful blowjobs.' "Yummy! Mit you are looking very delicious as always. You smell delicious too." She then pushed the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor at her feet. She kicked it to the side where her shoes were sitting.

She not only hadn't worn a bra, but she had no panties either. This delicious looking teen was nervously standing naked before my very appreciative eyes. Then I noticed a new little twist.

She had shaved her pubic bush. Her pussy was a bald as a baby's butt. This tempting girl must have remembered my saying at some time how I preferred shaved pussies. I stood and took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. "Mit, you don't have to be nervous. I'd love to fondle and eat you again. And, if you'd like to give me a blowjob, that would be a wonderful gift." "No, Lucky!

You don't understand. I want to do all that, but that's not my Valentines Day gift for you." "Oh! Well, what else is there for you to give me?" I must have been getting stupid in my old age.

Old compared to this sweet teen in my arms. Mit looked down at my crotch and the hard cock held in my pants. She took a deep breath and looked up into my eyes. "Lucky, since you've taught me so much, I want to give you all of me. Lucky, I want you to make love to me. I want you to be my first lover. That's what I want to give you for Valentines Day.

I want to give you my virginity." I stood staring into Mit's eyes. I couldn't believe what this young beauty had just offered me. Though she was still shaking a little, she smiled and laid her head on my chest. When I didn't respond immediately, she looked up at me and said. "Really Lucky, I want to give myself to you. Please don't tell me you don't want me.

I've thought about this ever since my last visit with you. I want you to give me another lesson. I want you to show me what my body can do.

Please Lucky. Make love to me." Mit then laid her head back on my chest and hugged me tightly. I returned the hug and gently kissed her forehead. "Mit honey, I don't know about this. You're so young. Are you sure you really want to do this?

You should really give yourself to some young man you love." Without lifting her head, she whispered. "I am, Lucky. I am. I love you." "You know it will hurt, don't you?" "Yes! I know it might hurt. I've talked to some of the other girls at school.

Some of them said it hurt a lot. Some of them said it didn't hurt them much bondage anal squirt and teaching russian teens to xxx holly hendrix has some fun with her all. Yes! I really want us to do this. Please Lucky. You do want me, don't you?" She reached between us and squeezed my stiff cock. "This tells me you want me." She then began rubbing my cock through my pants.

She had learned her lessons far too well. That did it. I was hooked. As she stroked up and down my manhood, I was convince. How could I turn down this beautiful nude girl standing in my arms? I just couldn't turn down such a tempting offer from this girl who was begging me to take her most precious gift. I again kissed her forehead and agreed. "Alright Mit, if you want to give me your sweet cherry, I'll accept your gift. But I don't have any condoms. What if you get pregnant?" Mit immediately began unbuttoning my shirt and said.

"I won't! I've gotten the pill from the nurse at school. I've been on the pill for several months now." "OK baby, but not here, Mit." She looked at me then grinned.

I picked the petite girl up and cradled her in my arms. I carried her to my bedroom. I placed Mit gently on the bed, stripped naked, and crawled into bed next to her. Slowly, I rolled over to face the nervous teen and she rolled to face me. The kiss that followed was one of the most passionate I have ever experienced.

Our tongues dueled and explored each other mouths. Shortly, she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me on top of her willing body. She had spread her legs. My hips and legs naturally fell between her legs. My cock's head was brushing against her already wet pussy. "I'm yours, Lucky. Please be mine." She cooed as she lifted her pelvis to take my cock into her self. "Not yet, princess. I want this to be really special for you like it will be for me." I then pushed down her body and my cock pulled away from her inviting hole.

She groaned in disappointment. She quickly cheered up when I began kissing and licking all over her luscious body. I nibble my way from her ears, across her collarbone, and down to her tits. "Ummmmm." I moaned appreciatively. Mit had placed Obsession in the cleavage between her tits. I suckled and nipped at her nipples until she was moaning and rocking her grosse salope elle a envie de baiser avec un chien french amateur back and forth on the pillow.

I kissed my way down her belly. I teased her belly button with my tongue. She giggled and spread her legs as wide as she could. She knew where I was going and was giving me unrestricted access to her juicy pussy. I took full advantage and dove face first into her offering. I kissed, licked, and probed her tasty wet hole until she was writhing on my bed. It was only a matter of a minute or so before Mit grabbed my head by my hair and tightly pulled my mouth to her horny hole.

I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked it rapidly with my tongue. "OH GOD! YES!" Mit cried out as her orgasm took over her body. I thought she was about to pull my hair out as she crushed my face into her pussy. As her orgasm subsided, I resumed eating her soaked pussy.

Again, she began writhing as another orgasm approached. She groaned with disappointment when I pulled my mouth away from her crotch. I crawled up her body and kissed her lips with loving tenderness. My cock again had found it's way to her offered opening. Mit looked into my eyes. "Take me, Lucky. I'm yours." I pressed my cock forward and gently entered Mit's virgin pussy.

Her extreme wetness made my cock's entrance into her folds easy. Her pussy's lips spread to accept the invader at its gate.

Her outer lips, followed by her inner lips, accepted the invasion without complaint. Slowly, I pressed on. I quickly met with the resistance of her hymen. Mit gave a little gasp as my cock's head pushed on her maidenhead's membrane.

That barrier had guarded her inner chamber for over seventeen years. She hugged me tightly and said. "I'm yours. Go ahead." I took several shallow strokes in the entrance of Mit's virgin pussy. She continued to produce more than enough lubricant to ease my passage. Then, hugging her tightly and kissing her tenderly, I pulled my cock back until only the head remained inside her unexplored love tunnel.

With one swift thrust, I pushed my cock past her hymen and into her depths. With that one thrust, Mit's cherry was popped and her virginity swept away. Mit gasped and tensed. She then hugged me tightly and groaned from the pain of losing her cherry. I lay still with my cock buried in her hole for some time. I could feel her pussy's walls trying to adjust to the presence of its first invading cock. I asked Mit. "Are you OK honey?" "Yes!

It didn't hurt all that much. It was just a little sting. I'll be fine. Please Lucky, don't stop now." I didn't. I started with slow shallow strokes in and out of Mit's tender flesh. I slowly added speed and depth to my thrusts. After just a little while she began rocking her pelvis in acceptance of my thrust. Mit was soon returning my thrusts with forceful thrusts of her own.

She had wrapped her legs around mine and used the leverage to add power to her efforts. She was soon groaning again. She was building toward another orgasm. As she seemed about to let go, I grabbed her knees and pushed them up to her chest. That move tilted her pelvis and allowed me to drive my cock as deep into her hungry hole as I possibly could. With each thrust, I bumped into her cervix. She grunted each time my cock bumped her cervix. As her orgasm took her again, I slammed my cock hard against her cervix and bathed it with a load of cum.

She moaned each time I drove into her cervix and a spurt of cum erupted from my cock. As I pounded my black teen zoey gets elected after a hot sex cock deep into her hungry cunt, Mit yelled out.

"OH GOD, LUCKY! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! I'M.CUM.ING! FUCK ME HARDER! YEEESSSSSSS! Oh Lucky! Oh my God!" As her orgasm faded, she lowered her legs and her breathing slowly returned to normal. Occasionally Mit's body would twitch and her pussy would squeeze my cock as she relaxed. Mit hugged me tightly and breathlessly whispered into my ear. "Lucky, that was wonderful. I love you." When she got herself together, she continued. "Lucky, I'm sorry about the language.

I shouldn't have said things like that. Forgive me, please." I grinned at her and said. "Honey, there's nothing to forgive. You simply expressed what you were feeling. After all, you were getting fucked, so, what's wrong with telling me you wanted to be fucked harder?

You can use any language you want here in the bedroom." I gave her a few more slow but deep strokes into her devirginated cunt. "Ummmmmmm. That's so nice. I'm so happy you're my Valentine." She giggled. "I know that's superstitious nonsense, but I did so want this to happen tonight." We cuddled for some time, when she reached down and found my cock had regained it strength.

"Oh my. You're hard again. Do you think we could do it again?" "Sure Princess. I'd love to." I told her as I hugged her tightly to my chest.

"Why don't you get on top this time?" Mit looked at me like she didn't understand. "Just straddle my hips and sit on my cock." Mit giggled. "Oh. OK." She straddled my hips and slowly lowered herself. She guided my reawakened cock into her hungry hole. Her horny pussy was still dripping with her left over juices and my cum from our previous fucking. As she settled on my cock, she wiggled her pussy back and forth. She moaned and closed her eyes. "Now, raise and lower yourself on my cock.

You can control how deep you take it and how fast you go. In the mean time, I'll enjoy playing with your gorgeous tits." I told her. I reached up and squeezed both of her tits. As Mit began sliding up and down my cock, she moaned. "Ummmmmm. I like this. I think I like it a lot. I think I want you to fuck me as often as possible." Mit then began to ride me faster and faster.

She was soon slamming her horny cunt down on my cock as hard as she could. Then, without warning, she shoved my cock deep into her hole, quivered, and yelled. "I'M CUMING AGAIN!" I grabbed her hips, rammed up into her tight cunt, and fed her hungry hole its second load of cum.

She then fell forward onto my chest gasping for breath. "My God, that was wonderful. Thank you for being my Raunchy tori gets slammed in a gangbang pornstars brunette lay on my chest with my cock soaking in her satisfied pussy.

We soon drifted off to sleep in that position. We woke a little before midnight. Mit had rolled off and was cuddle up beside me. We showered and dressed before I took Mit home.

She kissed me passionately and made me a promise. "Tonight will not be the last time we get together. I think I want a lot more of that. I'm sore but I feel so happy." Mit Has Gotten Her Answers My daughter Tiffany doesn't understand why her best friend, Mitali Singh, no longer attends their high school ball games on Friday nights.

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time. Tiff's friend Mit has become my lover. Tiff usually leaves the house to join the other cheerleaders around six P.M. Mit arrives shortly thereafter. I occasionally take the beautiful teen out for a nice dinner. Most of the time, we simply hang out together. Several months ago, on Valentine's Day, Mit surprised me with the gift of her virginity.

Since then she has become much a more self-confident young woman. She is much more comfortable with her luscious body than when she first asked me to answer a few questions about her sexuality. She no longer fears interacting with the boys her own age and is happy to be nude around me. Even if we just sit and watch a movie on TV, we are frequently in the nude. Most of the time, before the evening is over, we end up in my bedroom fucking like rabbits.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to keep up with the libido of this horny teenaged girl. All the sexual activities between Mit and I have been kept quiet. Though sixteen is the age of consent where we live, Mit and I didn't have sex until well after she had turned seventeen. Still, if the knowledge of our love affair got out, there would be too many complications. My daughter Tiffany would freak out at the thought of her father sleeping with her best friend.

Mit's traditional Indian parents would be extremely upset to know that there little girl was making love on a regular basis with an older man. Never mind the fact that the older man was also their landlord. In spite of these, and other possible complications, Mit and I had become passionate lovers. When our affair had been going on for about ten months, Mit and Tiff were about to turn eighteen. I was planning a huge birthday party for them and their friends. One Friday night Mit and I were watching a movie on TV.

I was gently fondling Mit's tits. She was rubbing my leg just below my balls. Then it hit me! I had to tell her.

Excitedly, I said. "Mit, Honey." She looked up at me with her dark brown eyes and answered. "What, Lucky?" I let her tit go and lifted her face to look at me. "Mit Honey, I really love you." I then moved in and tenderly kissed her waiting lips. "Oh, Lucky." Tears were starting to form in the corner of her eyes. She threw her arms around my neck and nearly strangled me with her hug. "Honey, don't cry. It isn't that bad." I chuckled and kissed the tears from her eyes.

"Oh I know. It's just that I've been waiting to hear you say that for months. I love you too. I fell in love with you that Valentines night when we first made love." We hugged tightly and cuddled until Mit said. "Lucky, I want you so bad. Take me to bed before I burst." "Your wish is my command sweetheart." I then scooped Mit up into my arms and carried her to my bed. She nibbled and kissed my ear and neck as we went.

Once there, I gently laid her down and crawled in beside her. She immediately wrapped her hand around my turgid cock. "Lucky, lay back. I've got something I want to show you." She then turned and laid her head on my lower stomach facing my dripping cock. Mit and I have given each other oral sex many times. She always explodes in orgasm when I eat her pussy. She says she loves giving me head, and is getting better and better at it.

She usually swallows every drop of the cum I feed her. Tonight would be a bit different. "I've been practicing on a toy I bought on line. I hope you like it." She told me. She then engulfed about half of my seven-inch cock into her mouth. It wasn't long before her talented mouth had me rapidly approaching a climax.

"Baby. I'm going to cum soon." I always warn her before shooting a load into her mouth. "Um hummm." Mit replied without taking my cock from her mouth. She seemed to suck even harder. Then, just as I started to cum, Mit pushed down hard and took my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from my cock and straight down her gullet to her belly.

Her swallowing motion seemed to suck out every drop of cum I had left in my balls. I expected her to pull back to catch her breath after swallowing my cum, but no.

Mit was calmly breathing through her nose while her tongue swabbed the base of my cock. As I moaned with pleasure, I told her. "My God, Baby. That was fantastic. No one has ever deep-throated me like that. I think I may just have to keep you around." Mit pulled her mouth off my softening cock and giggled. She kissed my cock's head and said. "So, you liked that?" "Yes, Honey! I liked it so much I want to return the favor. Now get up here." Mit turned in the bed and lay beside me.

I then kissed my way down her body until I reached her shaved pussy. She spread her legs widely in anticipation of me lying between them. Her pussy's juices were freely flowing as they usually did. With little hesitation I dove face first to her pussy. I hungrily probed her hole with my tongue and lapped up her juices.

As she began thrusting her pelvis up to my face, I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked it over and over with my tongue. Mit cried out and began rapidly thrusting her cunt up to my face as her orgasm washed over her body.

I continued eating her sweet pussy until she let her butt drop down to the bed. She was sweating and breathing hard. I didn't stop eating her horny hole. I wanted to give her a new thrill like she had given me. As I continued to gently lap at her pussy, she started building to another orgasm. Just as she was about to fall over the crest of beastiality girl fucks black guy with xxx shot again, I pushed her knees up to her shoulders.

I used my thumb to pet her clit. As she exploded in orgasm again, I quickly removed my tongue from her pussy and drove it as deeply as I could into her tight virgin asshole. "OH MY GOD! MY ASS! YES! OH FUCK YES!" Mit screamed. She reached down and pressed my face tightly to her ass. I continued to tongue her asshole until her climax passed and she collapsed onto the bed. Her legs fell to my sides and she was gasping for air. "No more, Lucky. Please, no more for now." She said through her gasping breath.

I crawled up beside Mit. We cuddle while telling each other how much we loved one another. We soon dozed off to sleep. "Dad, I'm home!" Tiff called from the front door as she came in from her date after the game. She then burst into my bedroom.

"Dad, I had a great ti. Oh! Sorry, Dad. I didn't know you had company." Mit then awoke and rolled over as Tiffany apologized. DAD! MIT! WHAT THE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Tiff then slammed the bedroom door and stormed off. Poor Mit had the look of a deer in the headlights of an approaching sex kitten eva lovia shows off her amazing booty smalltits pornstars. She looked up at me with her mouth agape.

Tears had started falling. "Mit Honey. Though the timing isn't perfect, we knew this could happen one day. Let's not panic. Let's give Tiff some time to stew over what she's seen. I love you and we'll go talk with her together. You and I both know she's upset now, but she will be fine.

I'm still her father, you're still her friend, and we're both of legal age. Now, let's grab a quick shower. You can put on my spare robe. We'll go to the living room together to speak with her." We both put on robes after our shower. I put my arm over Mit's shoulder and led her to the big boob blonde teen strip and granny blowjob glasses first time fucking is not a game room.

Tiffany was sitting on the couch pretending to watch TV. Her arms were tightly crossed over her chest and her legs were crossed at the knees. Her face looked angry. As Mit and I walked into the living room, Tiff stared at us but said nothing. "Tiffany, Mit and I would like to talk with you." I began. "What's to say? I just saw my father and my best friend in bed together. Dad, I understand you've been alone for a long time, but did you have to do it with my best friend Mit?

And Mit, with all the boys that like you, why did you have to screw my father?" Tiffany then began to sob. "Tiffany, I know you remember how uptight and shy Mit used to be." I started. Tiffany nodded in agreement. "Mit said you had told her many times how you and I talked, and I answered all your questions as you grew into a young lady." Tiffany nodded again.

"Well, one night she came to me with the same questions. You know I couldn't turn her away, especially when her tears started flowing. Over the next couple of months I answered her questions and even demonstrated a few things. Over the past year or so we became closer. So close that tonight we finally admitted we loved each other. I don't know where all this will lead, but I want it to continue for as long as possible.

I want her near me as much as possible." Tiffany said nothing, but she lowered her crossed arms and her face softened a bit. Mit then spoke. "Tiff, you know I wouldn't hurt you for the world. I envied the way you talked about your Dad and how well the two of you got along. When you told me how he always tried to answer your questions I knew I had to ask him my questions. My Mom and Dad would never discuss the things I wanted to talk about.

At first Lucky, er, your Dad, filled in for my Mom. Then I fell in love with him. I couldn't help it, Tiff. I hope you'll forgive me and we can stay friends." I then told Tiffany I needed to take Mit home. "We can continue this conversation when I get back, if you'd like." Tiffany nodded. When I had to stop for a traffic light, I pulled Mit to me and passionately kissed her.

"Mit Honey, nothing has changed. I still love you and want you to visit as often as you can. We can work everything out with Tiffany." step bros big boner suck deep throat by jayden black light turned green, I tweaked Mit's left nipple, and drove on.

We soon arrived at her home. She was grinning from ear to ear as I pulled into her drive. She kissed my cheek and practically bounded to her door. When I returned home, the conversation between Tiffany and I was brief. She apologized for being so dramatic after seeing Mit and me in bed together. "Dad, you have every right to have a girlfriend after all these years.

I just never suspected that girlfriend would be Mit. I promise not to barge into your room again, and I won't say anything to anyone about this." "That's fine Tiffany. You know I love you and I always will.

However, Mit can give me things you can not. Now, I'm tired and am going to bed." Tiffany giggled. As she walked by me, she said. "I'll bet she does give you more than I can. That's why you're tired. Keeping up with a teen can be tough on an old man." I swatted her butt as she passed.

"I'm not as old as old vhs video tube porn think kid. Now get before I paddle your butt for that smart remark." Tiffany giggled again and trotted up the stairs to her bedroom. Over the next several months, Tiffany and Mit seemed to become even closer friends. Their combined eighteenth birthday party was held on New Years Eve. It happened to be a Saturday night. I had hired a small local band to play for the party. The volume and that stuff they called music practically drove me nuts.

I firmly refused several requests to serve alcohol. There was no way I wanted a bunch of drinking teens on my hands. The house and hot tub were overrun with teenagers. Mit was approached by several different boys and asked to dance. She politely rejected them all. Each time she rejected a boy, she would give me a look that kept my cock semi hard all night.

It was after midnight when their guests left. Both Tiffany and Mit saw them out the door. Soon only Tiffany, Mit, and I were left in a house that was in need of a serious cleaning. "Tiffany would you mind taking Mit home tonight? I'll start cleaning up this mess." I asked. My sweet daughter replied. "Are you kidding me? You take your girlfriend home. Besides, you might want to go parking somewhere." She then giggled and began picking up some of the empty plates and cups.

"Besides that, I am not leaving until I've spent some time alone with my boyfriend." Mit grinned slyly and headed to my bedroom. What could I do? Hot sex with my big boobs girlfriend hardcore and fingered happily followed Mit as she opened my room's door, wiggled her butt, and began stripping.

My beautiful eighteen-year-old girlfriend was soon nude on my bed with her open arms beckoning to me. I stripped and joined her on the bed. She quickly began stroking my cock until it was fully erect. Then for the first time, Mit laid in top of me in the sixty-nine position. Her wet pussy was mere inches from my face. She took my cock into her mouth and lowered her juicy pussy to my lips.

Mit had become very adept at giving head and thoroughly enjoyed it when I ate her pussy. So, as Mit swallowed my cock, I pulled her hips down and devoured her horny young pussy. The teen was soon in the midst of major orgasm as I lapped her pussy and sucked her clit. As Mit came down from her orgasm, she lazily licked my cock. She then seemed to pussy piercings rule because they give your masturbation toys a second wind.

The agile girl turned around and straddled my hips. Mit grabbed my cock, lined it up with her horny hole, and sat down with a groan. She was soon rapidly bouncing on my cock as its head repeatedly bumped into her cervix. It didn't take long for her to cause my cock to erupt deep in her core. Just as my cock began bathing her cervix in cum, Mit drove her pussy down to take all of my cock she could get. Mit was exhausted. The birthday party and then her little private party with me had worn her out.

It had been quite a night for me too. As she came down from her climax, Mit lay on my chest to relax. We both dozed off. It was after two A.M. when Tiffany softly knocked on my door. Mit woke with a start. She nearly panicked when she realized how late it was. "My God, my parents will kill me! I've got to go! Now!" She jumped out of bed and quickly dressed.

"Mit Honey, don't you think you should shower first?" I asked. "No time! Please take me home, Lucky." "OK Baby. Just let me get dressed first." We were out the door in less than five minutes. All the lights were out when I dropped Mit off at her home. A quick kiss and she was gone. A little after eight A.M.

Sunday morning there was a loud knock on my front door. 'Who could that be this early on New Years Day?' I grumbled to my self as I groggily stumbled to the door. As I opened the door, Mit leapt into my arms. She had been crying and looked like she was near panic. "What's the matter, Honey?" It can't be all that bad. Tell me all about it, and I'll see what I can do to help." Through her sobs, Mit told me why she was upset. "I went right to bed when I got home last night. I knew I needed a shower, but I figured I'd take one when I got up.

This morning, Mom came into my room yelling at me. She was mad because I got home so late last night. She stood next to my bed as I got up. She looked at me funny then said I looked and smelled like a whore. Dad then came in. He shoplifter zoe parker gets banged by the lp officer he smelled the sex on me too.

He said he would not allow a whore to stay in his home. He said if I wanted to be a whore I should get out. Lucky, what am I going to do?" I took the frightened teen into my arms and hugged her tightly. "It'll be OK, Honey. Did you think I wouldn't take you in? You will stay here until your parents settle down. As a matter of fact, I'll have a little talk with them in a couple of days.

They'll need that time to calm down. Now, come on in and sit down. I'll make us some tea." "TIFFANY!" I called out to rouse my daughter.

A few minutes later, Tiffany came dragging down the stairs. "Mit, what are you doing here so early?" "Oh Tiff, it's terrible." Mit began telling her friend what had happened at her home. She was just finishing her story when I returned with three cups of hot tea.

Tiffany sat next to her friend consoling her. "Dad, why can't Mit stay here?" She asked. Then to Mit, she said. "Of course you will stay here. Why would you need to go anywhere else? Right, Dad?" "Of course she will.

I've already told her that." I replied. Tiffany then asked a very pertinent question. "Dad, will she be staying with me, with you, or in our spare bedroom." We all laughed at the question.

Then we decided that to keep up appearances, Mit would horny slut in fishnets deep throats huge cock and rubs her cunt stay in our spare room. "You will be expected to stay in that room at least once a week. I'll need to rest now and then you know." I added with a grin. Both Tiffany and Mit jumped up and hugged me. Most of that day was spent lounging in the hot tub and watching bowl games on TV. That evening I called the Singhs.

Without asking for their permission, I politely informed them their daughter would be staying with Tiffany and me.

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I told them she would be safe and continue to attend school. I would come by in a while to pick up her books and whatever else they thought she might need. They had very little to say in response. Later that evening, I went to Mit's parent's home to retrieve her things.

The Singhs were polite but undeterred in their decision to oust their daughter. Monday morning the girls were up and dressed before I stirred. Since New Years Day had been on Sunday, the girls were still out of school Monday.

We decided to use the day constructively. We went shopping! At least the girls thought it was constructive to go to the mall. They wanted to get Mit whatever she needed and had to leave behind when her parents threw her out. It was easier for me to give the girls my debit card and let them do there own shopping. Tiffany and Mit promised to not do too much damage to my card. Rebuilding a wardrobe thai girl athena take turns sucking dick a teenager is time consuming.

It took nearly all afternoon for drunk maid rape in sleeping girls to complete their shopping. I know they hit every store in the mall, some of them twice. I was pleasantly surprised when the girls finally returned with my receipts.

They had kept their word not to go nuts with my card. In the mean time I had done a little shopping of my own. After we left the mall, I took my girls to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Shopping followed by steak and lobster is guaranteed to perk up even the saddest teenaged girl. It worked very well. It was well after dark when we finally got home. Tiffany and Mit ran upstairs to unpack their treasures from the mall. Tiffany had bought very little, but Mit was loaded down. After a while I called them down. I had them sit in the living room and served them each a glass of red wine.

Hey, they're eighteen and one glass of wine wouldn't hurt them. We chatted for some time about what the future would hold for all of us. Tiffany was excited that she would be heading off to college in the fall. Mit was unsure if she even wanted to go to college. The look of shock was evident on the girl's faces when I spoke about what I wanted in my future. I stood in front of Mit and kneeled on one knee.

Mit's eyes were wide open and her mouth agape. Tiffany's mouth was also hanging open. I couldn't help but laugh. I gently reached out and pushed up on both chins. "Close your mouths girls. You never know when a fly will drop by and zip into that open hole." I then reached into my pants pocket and pulled out a small jewelry box.

Opening it brought a gasp from Tiffany. The single diamond was surrounded by a bunch of small rubies. Mit just stared. "Mit Honey, it all started with the answers to a few of your questions.

Over the past couple of years, we have answered most of those questions and have grown much closer together. We have come to love each other.

So, with Tiff sitting here as a witness, I now want to ask you a question. If you will have me Mit, I would like your consent to make you my bride? Will you marry me?" Tears began freely flowing down Mit's cheeks. She was trying to say something but the words didn't want to come out. Tiffany was crying too, but she reached out and shook her friend's shoulder. "Mit, say something." The shake worked. Mit shouted. "YES! YES! YES! I'LL MARRY YOU.

The petite girl then flew off the couch and leapt into my arms. "I love you so much. Yes, I'll marry you." I then slid the engagement ring on Mit's left ring finger. Tiffany stood and joined the family hug. Then she stood back with a funny look on her face.

"It just struck me. My step-mom will not only be my age but my best friend too. Dad, you are one lucky dog. I love you too. I love both of you. Mit, we'll have so much fun planning your wedding." "Girls, first things first! Mit, you must first graduate from high school. Then, if you want, we can get married in June." "Yes, Lucky. I promise I'll graduate before we get married." Tiffany and Mit then began chattering a mile a minute about the upcoming wedding they had to plan.

They were already figuring out the guest list as they walk toward the stairway. Abruptly, Mit stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "Oh!" She cried out. She turned and ran back to me. She practically threw herself at me again.

She leapt up, wrapped her arms around my neck with her feet dangling off the floor, and kissed me passionately. "I hardcore fucking between busty milf and big cock vid you so much. I'll make you a good wife." Before I could say a word she let go of my neck and ran back to Tiff.

Up the stairs they went chattering all the way. I didn't see them again until they were getting ready for school the next morning. Tiffany kissed my cheek and said. "Good job, Dad. I've never seen anyone as happy as Mit is right now.

I'll see you later, Dad." Mit then came and tenderly kissed my lips. "I'm sorry Tiff and I got busy last night. I'll make it up to you tonight." She then squeezed the bulge in my pants before bounding out the front door. Later that afternoon, I drove over to the Singh's home.

I explained to them that I was going to marry their daughter in June after she graduated from high school.

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"She is an adult at this time, and we love each other very much. It was me you smelled on her Sunday morning. I realize it is customary in you home country that a dowery is paid to the groom by the brides family.

However, this is America, and if you approve of our marriage, I will make a dowery to you of one years rent. After that, we can discuss reducing your rent on a permanent basis. I know this comes as a shock to you. Rest assured I will take very good care of your daughter. Give my offer some thought. Regardless of your decision, Mit and I will be getting married in June.

However, I want my bride to have her family supporting her in this marriage. Let me know what you decide." Two days later, just after the girls had gotten home from school, Mr. and Mrs. Singh came to my home. They presented Tiffany and me with small gifts. They then gave Mit a large box. It contained a sari made from bright red silk accented with gold. It was a traditional Indian wedding garment.

Mr. Singh then spoke. "I wish to offer our apologies to you and your daughter, Mr. Smith. We also wish to apologize to our daughter, Mitali. We should not have reacted so badly when she came home from your home so late. We would be honored to have the opportunity to participate in the planning of your wedding.

We gratefully accept your generous offer as a reverse dowry." "Mr. and Mrs. Singh, welcome to our home. Your gifts are graciously accepted as is your apology to Tiff and me. From the smile on her face, I think Mitali also accepts your apology." Mit nodded enthusiastically. "I know how difficult it is to apologize to your child. Just coming here took a lot of courage. Please stay for dinner and we can let the girls fill you in on the plans they have made thus far.

Mr. Singh, you and I have the best part of this. All we have to do is show up at the appointed hour, smile, and write a few checks. The ladies will take care of most of the details." Mr. Singh and I shook hands while the women all hugged.

Mit and her mother were crying like babies. I had Tiffany thaw two more steaks in the microwave then add them to those ready for the grill. Dinner went well and the Singhs left a daughter happy to have her family back. The next few months went by very quickly. The girls were busy planning the wedding. The Singhs paid as much as they could, but we all knew they were of limited means. I considered it a bargain to pay most of the bills for the privilege of acquiring such a beautiful young bride.

The fateful day early in June finally arrived. Oh, there was a small intervening event. Both girls graduated from high school. Tiffany was at the top of her class. Mit wasn't far behind. Ah, but back to the wedding. Mit was gorgeous in her red sari.

It wrapped around her over one shoulder and off the other. It nearly reached the floor. Her matching slippers were only visible when she walked. Her long dark silky hair had been piled high on her head with curly strands falling down each side of her face. Her light application of make-up was impeccable. As I saw her escorted down the aisle toward me by her father, I had to think of something other than my beautiful bride to avoid getting an erection then and there. Her dark brown eyes sparkled.

Her smile lit up the room for me as her father placed her hand in mine. The ceremony itself took just a few minutes. It was with great pride that I turned with my new wife to face those who had attended the wedding. No man could have been happier or prouder as we were presented to our guests. We had rented the largest room in town for the reception. The room was packed full of our family, friends, classmates, and associates.

We had a great time with all of our friends wishing Mit and I well. As the evening wore on, substantial quantities of food and alcohol disappeared. Even Mit and I got a little tipsy. Tiffany was the exception and only had a couple glasses of wine. It was getting late. Mit and I were dancing what would be our last dance of the evening. She kissed my ear then whispered. "I'm not wearing any underwear and I am already dripping wet for you. Take me home, please." I then spoke to our remaining guests.

"Mit and I want to thank you all for coming to help celebrate this special day with us. We want to especially thank my daughter Tiffany for all of her hard work in planning this day. We hope you've had a good time tonight.

We will be leaving for home soon. Our honeymoon will begin tomorrow. Well, part of it will probably start tonight." Mit blushed and the crowd laughed. "Tiffany will be driving us home tonight, so the limo will be available to any who need it. Thank you again and good night." Mit and I then worked our way out to Tiffany's car.

In just a little while, we were at home. As we entered the living room, Tiffany kissed us both and said. "Dad, I hope you and Mit have a long and happy life together. You both deserve it. Mit, welcome to the family. Please try not to kill my Dad tonight. I love you both. Good night." Tiffany and Mit giggled as Tiff disappeared up the stairs and into her room.

I then led my new wife to our bedroom. Once inside I cracked open a bottle of wine I had put on ice earlier in the evening. Mit and I toasted each other and again expressed our love for one another. Mit's eyes seemed to twinkle. She then stood in front of me and pulled an end of her sari out from a fold in the rest of the silk material. She pulled it off her shoulder, and handed the end to me.

With a giggle she said. "It's time to unwrap your wedding present." Mit then began to slowly twirl. As she turned, her sari came away from her body. Her full tits and their hard nipples were quickly exposed. Eventually, there was a pile of silk at our feet and Mit stood nude before me.

Her whispered message had been accurate. Her bald pubic mound and upper thighs glistened with her pussy's lubricating juices. Mit stepped over to the bed, sat on its edge, and spread her legs. Her freshly shaved pussy was swollen with excitement and soaking wet.

She stretched out her arms inviting me to come to her. I quickly stripped and stepped between her legs. My cock naturally fell between her tits. Mit pressed her tits together and captured my cock in her deep cleavage. Slowly at first, I began thrusting my cock back and forth between Mit's tits. Each time I pushed my cock up between her tits, Mit kissed and licked its head. As I thrust my cock faster, Mit bowed her head, opened her mouth, and took its head into her mouth.

"Baby, I'm about to cum." I warned her. "Um hummmm." Mit answered. She then squeezed her tits even tighter around my cock. She began sucking the head of my cock like it was a straw in a thick shake. Her mouth was soon filling with spurt after spurt of hot cum. My darling young wife never spilled a drop and swallowed it all.

"Oh Baby, that was wonderful." I sighed. Mit giggled and replied. "Honey, it's only the beginning." She then scooted to the middle of the bed and patted the bed next to her. I practically leapt to her side. We cuddled and petted for a little while to rebuild my reserves. Slowly I began kissing and licking my way down her tempting body. I spent considerable time nibbling, licking, and sucking on her tit flesh and hard nipples.

As she moaned her approval, I worked my way down her smooth flat belly. I greedily lapped up as much of her juices as I could. My tongue licked and probed her horny hole until she was near an orgasm. With no warning, I sucked her clit between my lips and shoved two fingers deep into her cunt. I found and massaged her G-spot while flicking my tongue over the head of her clit.

Mit exploded in orgasm. "OH MY GOD! YES, HONEY! EAT MY PUSSY. OH GOD, SUCK MY CLIT. AUGGGGG!" Her pussy excreted so much of her lubricating juices that a large wet spot had developed on the bed beneath her butt.

As her orgasm ebbed, I continued to lap up all the juices I could. She was soon building to another climax. This time, as she neared her release, I pushed her knees up to her shoulders and rolled her clit on my tongue. Just as she exploded again, I slid down and drove my tongue deep into tight asshole. "OH FUCK, LUCKY!

YES! EAT MY ASS! EAT MEEEEEeeeee!" Mit collapsed onto the bed. Her legs fell to my sides. "Enough for a little while. Let me rest for just a few minutes." My teen bride begged. Crawling up beside her, I cradled her in my arm. She slowly and gently stroked my cock while I fondled her tits.

After resting for a few minutes, Mit told me. "Husband, it's time for you to take my cherry." "But Baby, I took your cherry nearly a year and a half ago." I reminded her. Without a word, Mit rolled over and got up on her hands and knees. She wiggled her butt and said. "Not this one. I want to give my husband all of me. My virgin ass is yours too. Please Lucky, take my ass." "But Honey, it will hurt you.

I don't want to hurt you." "Don't be silly. It hurt when you took my first cherry. So, why shouldn't it hurt to take my ass the first time?" She wiggled her butt and again said. "Honey, I silent asian teen got punished with a dick of justice to give you my ass. Please fuck my ass." "OK Baby. If that's what you want. Let me go get some lotion to help me enter your ass without hurting you too much." I practically ran to the bathroom and returned with some lotion that would ease my cock's entry into Mit's ass.

When I returned, Mit was still bent over with her ass in the air pointing at me. It was such a cute little butt with its tight asshole. She had lowered her shoulders to the bed and was swaying back and forth while fingering her own pussy. I climbed up behind her and patted her ass cheeks. I spread them and kissed her tightly puckered asshole. I then rubbed and teased her ass as I applied a generous coating of the lotion.

Mit was enjoying the sensations she was getting. She was swaying her ass back and forth and moaning softly. Finally, I heavily coated my cock with the lotion. When I put my cock's head to Mit's asshole, I asked her again.

"Baby, are you sure about this?" "Yes Honey. I want you to take my ass cherry." She replied. "OK Baby. If you're sure." I took hold of her hips and pulled backwards as I thrust my cock forward. My cock's head popped past her sphincter.

Mit gasped and I withdrew from her tight hole. "No, no! Go on! Fuck my ass! You're my husband and I want to give you my last cherry. Please fuck my ass. Fill my ass with the wonderful cock of yours.

Fill my ass with cum. Give it to me now." Mit begged. Without any further warning, I pulled sharply back on her hips and thrust my cock forward. My cock's head speared past her sphincter and deep into her bowels.

"AIIIIIEEeeeee!" She gasped and cried out. My entry had hurt her, but Mit didn't try to pull away. As I had with her virgin pussy, I held still while Mit's ass got accustomed to the invader in its depths. Mit's ass was the tightest and hottest place I've ever put my cock. With slow shallow withdrawals and forward thrusts, I began fucking my wife's ass. In a short time, Mit began returning my thrusts.

She was soon fingering her pussy. Using a tight grip on her hips, I began driving my cock deep into her bowels. I realized we were both quickly approaching a climax. "Baby, I'm about to cum." I gasped. "Me too! Fuck my ass hard. My ass is yours. Take it! OH GOD, I'M GOING TO CUM NOOOOWWW! GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK MY ASS! FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM! AAAHHHGGG!" Gripping her hips even tighter, I repeatedly and rapidly slammed my cock deep into her tight asshole. Within a few seconds after her orgasm, I shot several wads of cum deep into her bowels.

We both collapsed on the bed at the same time. I was lying on top of Mit's back. With her legs and hips flat on the bed, my still hard cock was tightly wedged in Mit's ass. Eventually, my cock softened and I slipped it out of her asshole.

Mit groaned as I pulled free. She rolled over and faced me. Her smiling face seemed to be glowing with satisfaction. "Are you alright, Honey?" I asked.

"I'm wonderful. My ass will be a little sore, but I'll be good by morning. I think we'll have to do that again sometime." She then giggled and said. "Now my husband has taken all my holes and popped all the cherries I have to give." She then moaned and scooted up as close to me as she could get.

We cuddled until falling sound asleep. About mid morning, Tiffany softly knocked on our door. I pulled the sheet over Mit and me and called out. "Come on in, Tiffany." "Dad, Mit, you probably ought to be getting up soon.

You don't want to miss your flight. Or would you rather stay in bed and wear each other out?" Mit giggled. "I think we did that last night." "Yeah, I figured as much. We really should put some more insulation on your bedroom walls if you guys are going to be so vocal when making love." Mit visibly blushed. As Tiffany left to make us breakfast, Mit and I hit the shower. An hour and a half later Tiffany dropped us of at the airport. A little more than ten hours later, Mit and I landed in Honolulu.

We spent the next two weeks soaking up the sun during the day and making love every night. By the time we boarded the plane for the return flight home, we were both worn out. Mit finally admitted her pussy and ass were sore and needed a rest. My ego wouldn't let me admit that I too needed the rest.

Over the next couple of months Mit and I acted like a pair of teenagers who had just discovered a new toy. Sex! I guess one of us was in character and just being herself. What's that say about a man nearing forty? One day in late July Mit came to me with another question. She seemed troubled and wasn't sure she wanted to ask her question. 'Does this girl ever run out of questions?' I thought.

I hugged her and said. "Honey, what is it? Don't you know by now that you can ask me anything?" She nodded and began to speak. "Lucky, I love you so much. I want to give you something special, but I need your OK. I need your help too." "Mit Honey, you have already given me all I could hope for. What is it you need my check out nubile ebony girl tiffany taner to do?" I asked.

"I want to stop my birth control pills. I want to give you a son. Please, let me give you a son." I pulled her to me, kissed her forehead, and said to her. "My love, if you want to have a baby, I want one too. However, how can you be certain it will be a son? Maybe you'll have a daughter." "Our first baby wouldn't dare be a girl. If it is a girl, we can love her all the same. But I'll sure try to give you a son.

You've been surrounded by girls all your adult life. You need a son." I chuckled at Mit's determination to have a boy. "OK Sweetheart, let's have a baby. Do you want to start practicing now?" I asked with spitroasted bigtit babe receives facial european big tits wide grin. "Oh Lucky. You know it takes a month or so for the birth control pills to stop working." "OK!

Come with me." I led her by the hand to the bathroom. I handed her the pills and watched as she flushed them down the toilet.

Mit jumped up and tightly hugged my neck. "I love you so much, and I promise I'll try to give you a son." She then let go of my neck and dropped to the floor. "I've got to go tell Tif." "OK Baby." I swatted her cute little butt as she trotted out of the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I heard Tiffany screaming for joy. She and Mit came running down the stairs and practically tackled me. "Dad, you're going to have a baby? What will you name him? Can I baby-sit? I know I'll be a good sister." "Whoa girls. I think you two have gotten ahead of yourselves.

Open the xxx story katrinakaif sex

We just threw out Mit's pills a few minutes ago. And what if it's a girl?" I asked. "It wouldn't dare. Dad, when Mit sets her sights on something she usually gets it. She got you didn't she? She told me she was going to marry you shortly after I saw you guys in bed. So, when my stepmother and best friend tells me she's going to have your son, I believe brunette teen blowjob handjob sucking big cock. You probably should too, Dad." Mit was rapidly nodding her agreement as Tiffany spoke.

"OK girls. I give up. I guess I'm about to have a son. By the way, I have no idea how to answer all your other questions. It seems that answering questions is what brought us all here in the first place." My girls then bounded off to Tiffany's room to begin planning the baby's nursery.

At the end of August, Mit and I took Tiffany to her college dorm. She'd only be a couple of hours away, but it was the first time either of us had been apart. I'm not sure who was more stressed over the separation, Tiffany or me. Regardless, Tiffany stayed at college and did very well during her first semester. She came home for the holidays and found things had changed a bit.

Well, not exactly things. Mit had changed. She was a little bit thicker around the middle. She was only about three months along but proudly showed her small baby-bump to anyone who wanted to see. Thus far, Mit was a very happy mother to be.

She frequently talked with her son growing in her belly about the wonderful life he was about to enter. Mit's parents were happy for her as well. I decided that since they would be my child's grandparents, a change needed to be made in their rental agreement. When they came to Christmas dinner, I presented them with a new rental contract for their home. The new rental contract gave the Singhs free rent for as long as they wanted to stay in the home. "We want you to be close so you can see and help with your grandchild as often as possible.

If you decide to move, please return the house keys to me. Otherwise, it is yours to live in for as long as you want to stay there." The Singhs happily accepted and signed the new contracts. They also promised to be as involved as possible in their grandchild's life. The girls celebrated their nineteenth birthday quietly at home. I served steak, lobster, and red wine.

Mit limited herself to two small glasses of wine. "Lucky Jr. doesn't need to start drinking already." Mit giggled. Tiffany returned to school after New Years. Before leaving she made Mit promise to not have her brother until she returned. Needless to say, the love making between Mit and me had taken on a much gentler style since Mit's pregnancy became known. We still played very frequently, but we avoided any overly athletic activities.

As the baby expanded her belly, Mit began preferring the doggie position more and more. That position allowed us to still enjoy each other and not squash the baby, which would cause Mit pain. As Winter turned to Spring and Spring into early Summer, Mit's belly continued to swell. When she was offered the opportunity to have an ultrasound Mit turned it down. "I already know I'm having a son.

Why should I need a machine to confirm it?" God I love this girl. Tiffany called weekly for an update from Mit. Her college classes ended at the end of May. Two weeks later, Mit went into labor. It broke my heart to see my beautiful wife in pain during labor. Mit stayed strong and soon made an announced to her doctors.

"I am ready to have my son now!" Up until that point, Tiff was the only one who actually believed Mit when she said she webcam teen getting off with her new sextoys going to have a boy. About twenty minutes after entering the delivery room, Mit was back in her room cradling our baby. She then handed me our son, Lucky Jr. I bent over and softly kissed my bride. "Thank you darling. I will never doubt you again." Mit returned the kiss, smiled up at me, and said.

"Thank you for loving me and letting me give you your son. You can pick the sex of the next one. I'd like to have several more." Tiffany, who was sitting near arab big dick and man fuck hardcore my big black threesome other side of Mit's bed, smiled broadly.

"Are you ready for a larger family, Dad?" It looks like life was going to be good for Tiffany, Mit, and me. It promised to also be a busy one for a long time to come.