She has a tight asshole but she doesnt quit

She has a tight asshole but she doesnt quit
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Continuing the story where I left off. ENJOY :) I had been fingering my hole on a daily basis because my itchy spot had started a craving deep inside me and the only way to satisfy it would be to poke and rub it repeating an endless cycle. My time alone with myself after my discovery of my itchy spot deep in my big round plump butt however was cut short because my mom told me i was going to visit my dad, Paul and that side of the family for the summer.

At 6:30 pm, off to Rankin, Illinois i went. Three and a half hours later south of chicago and with no nearby signs of civilization with a dramatic change of scenery going from blue skys skyscrapers and traffic, to a clear starry night on empty dirt roads and corn fields in a boring car ride with my dad and my brothers, we finally arrived at my dads house. He parked in the makeshift drive way on grass first time sex and deflation gravel in between his farm ranch and his old beatdown looking house.

I couldntve got out of that car faster, nearly trampling my younger brothers. "easy son, where are ya in such a hurry to git to?" my dad asked in his southern accent, "out of this car and into some fresh air." I responded.

He shook his head and and looked away. I grabbed my bags out of the trunk and followed my little brothers into the house, to be greeted by my step mother, Cherish in the kitchen. "Oh my gawd! you've gotten so big! you're growing up now and you look just like your mother!" Cherish said in a joyish tone. "how old are ya now boy?" she asked. "i just turned fourteen years old a month and a half ago." i replied in a sarcastic could she forget how old i was i thought to myself.

"i bet you got all the girls chasing after that cute face of yours, do you have a girlfriend now?" i grinned sheepishly, little did she or my dad know that ive secretly been fantasizing about bigger boys and there big hard cocks.

it definitly wasnt girls or what was between there legs. "haha, no way!

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girls have cooties!" i winked at my youngest brother laughing who was at that stage were girls are not important to him yet. For a split second i wondered if any of my brothers had a craving for big hard cocks like i had. Probably not i figured they all grew up with a male figure in the house so they were probably unaffected by the same sex organ.

Suddenly an image of a big throbbing cock that belonged to Tommy Richards (the biggest boy in my grade) flashed in my head. My hole started twitching.

I had been over due for some alone time with my big butt. "well i need to take a hot bath, where are the bathrooms around this place?" I asked. "upstairs, turn down the hall on your right and its the first door in front of you." my brother Chris said. So i grabbed my bags and headed straight up the stairs into the bathroom for some much needed some butt hole stuffing pleasure time. ==================================================================================+ "Paul, where do you want me to put these muzzles?

aint enough room in the ranch storage." Leroy asked. "jus put'em up stairs in the closet by ma room. i'll go through em tomarrow when i git a chance." Paul replied. Obediently, the oversized black man went. Leroy was Pauls best and only ranch hand.

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Standing at 6'3 and 240 lbs, the 43 year old Leroy was built like a tank and chisled out of stone. Hulking size, and bulging muscles he never got tired of work and was always loyal to Paul. He looked out for Pauls family like his own.

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Leroy was thankful for having a good boss and Paul was equally happy to have Leroy as his ranch hand. Leroy went up stairs with the two muzzles. His big leg muslces contracting like a machine as he went up the stairs.

When leroy got to the landing at the top, he heard moaning of what sounded like a young girl, and it was coming from the bathroom. Leroy dropped the muzzles and slowly crept to the door, that was cracked open, he peered in.

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*SQUISH* *SQUISH* *SLAP* "uh.mmm.yea, yea stuff it in me!.please.please, i need it buried deep in my fat butt!" the young boy moaned. Leroy's eyes widened as he could not believe what he was seeing. A young hairless boy, on his back with his thick hairless legs spread wide, the young boy was fingering and rubbing his butt hole like his life depended on it.

Leroy had never seen anything like it. It must have been Pauls boy that he mentioned would be coming up to visit that was staying here, he thought. Leroys cock started to lengthen and surge while all the sperm in his black ball sack began to stirr.

Never had Leroy a desire for young children or young boys for that matter until now. Adding to the fact that he hadnt fucked his wife in months because of her menopause His cock had never been as hard as it was at this very moment, he had never desired to bury it anything as much as he had now.

He wanted to stuff his black cock up that little sluts fat butt and thats all that mattered. He was going to breed this boy worse then he had ever wanted to bred anything. He wanted to squirt his sticky sperm into that greedy hole and thats all that mattered, he didnt care about his wife, his kids or working for Paul, just stuffing that young fat plump butt like god himself asked him to. "yes, yes yes fuck me, fuck me make me your slut!" the young boy moaned while burying his finger deep in his hole.

Just hearing the slut moan almost made Leroy cum as he slowly rubbed his throbbing 8 inch black cock through his jeans. "Not now," Leroy thought to himself, "save it for when the time comes." Leroy resisted the urge to push open the door and plow the young girly boy's brains out, he walked back to the closet and put the muzzles back.

*SQUISH* *SLAP* *SLAP* *SQUISH, SQUISH* "bury that fat cock in me, make me feel busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors yes! im your dirty slut! make me your bitch!" the boy moaned in a girly voice.

little did the fat assed boy know there was a horny gorilla who just chose him as his mate. Leroy walked down the stairs and back into the kitchen.

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=================================================================================== PART 3 COMING SOON :)