Hot amateur brunette eurobabe gets fucked in the woods flashing european

Hot amateur brunette eurobabe gets fucked in the woods flashing european
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Easy For Me I hadn't always been this way. It was a recent development. I didn't try to fight the urge, not really hard anyway. It just happened. When I saw my baby girl dressing up, getting pretty. something seemed to snap. What the hell was going on here?

When did this happen? I was walking nonchalantly down the hallway of my house when I noticed my daughter's bathroom door slightly ajar.

She had her own bathroom as my house was large. When she spent the weekends here she had plenty of room for privacy and comfort. Though now I was noticing this door ajar and curious.

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This wasn't a norm. As I glanced inwards to see what was going on I saw my girlie balancing herself on the edge of the tub, spread eagle, stroking a razor against the hair growth on her vagina. I was shocked. Wow. I'd never thought of this, but wow, it was amazing.

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It turned me on immensely, but it also infuriated me. What was she doing? She was readying herself for what? She was much too young, immature for this behavior. I was transfixed.

I couldn't look away though I knew my behavior was completely wrong. I hadn't seen a pussy like this in ages, if ever. It was a soft pink, beautiful. Her outer labia smothering the inners, protecting her sweet innocence. As if I could create my own fantasy she suddenly placed her fingers on her labia majora, spreading them to expose her inners. It was beautiful. Pink, soft, velvety. My cock instantly sprang to life. How wrong it was to be aroused by my own flesh, my sweet young daughter.

I couldn't help it! It was instinct, I told myself. I couldn't help but begin to massage my cock loosely through my pants. Soon it was too constricting and I had to let it free. I couldn't release myself from this sight. She continued to shave her sweet young pussy. She would soon be 15. In 5 months. I thought to myself that I had the perfect b-day present for her. ;) She carefully spread herself apart, making sure to shave every centimeter of that sweet pink.

Then to test my lust even further she spread apart her ass. She held it gently to the side while she slid the razor across her ass, making sure there was no hair left. She continued until she was completely bare.

I was surprised that my little girl was aware of this concept. She then climbed into the shower. It seemed foolish that she spent this time on the side of the tub, but I couldn't complain considering the full view of her young snatch I'd seen. I thanked myself for my brilliance as she pulled the sheer curtain closed. How fortunate I beamed to myself, that the shower curtain be sheer in my sweet daughter's bathroom.

I watched her lather her supple tan body. She was about 5' 2", taking after her mother which I found incredibly arousing. The fact that I could pick up the small frame and bounce it on my cock was a definite plus. She was tan due to frequent trips to the beach with her friends. My daughter was quite popular, spending time with her cheerleading girlfriends and the football players they applauded.

She had long legs which were topped by wide pinky xxx karla lane sara jay in orgy cock and mas. She definitely carried a woman's figure. Her torso was lean, a sweet belly, not a 6 pack, but a little tiny padded bit.

She was accented with small but full B cup breasts. They looked to be about a 34 B in my experience. As she threw her head back to rinse the shampoo from her hair I had to squeeze my cock, below the head to prevent premature ejaculation. When she was finished she stepped dripping wet from the shower. She'd forgotten a towel. I was feeling extremely horny and slightly ballsy. I emerged from outside her bathroom, reached into the closet, grabbed a towel and handed it to her.

She looked at me completely confused, wondering how I knew exactly what she'd needed. She did accept the towel, though she didn't cover herself with it immediately. She instinctively turned around my girlfriend amateur is so incredibly hot can you believe that when looking at vera this horny sex her sweet ass to me. It was almost breathtaking, more than I could take. Her ass was so full, unscathed.

She represented such female beauty. Deep inside I felt such a need to scar it. Wow, what a beautiful bitch I created. I retreated to my bedroom and fell onto my bed.

I spent the next hour replaying the images I'd just seen in my head. What a beautiful sight. It was then I became hooked on incest. I wanted to fuck my little girl, my daughter. I spent this time deviating.

My sweet Kristie was a heavy sleeper. This was good news to me. I could try a little something out. I spent a while masturbating to the thought. Later that night I crept towards her room. As I inched her bedroom door open I could hear he soft snore, meaning she was sleeping well. I walked into her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed. I slowly and carefully removed her blankets revealing her small body. She was wearing a small t-shirt. As I rubbed my hand up her hip I realized that she was wearing nothing else.

My cock instantly became even MORE hard. I reached behind her and trace a finger along her ass crack. Holy mother of god was this ever heaven. Wow.

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It felt amazing to be doing this to my daughter. I pushed a bit and felt her swollen labia. I thought of how she'd shaved it earlier. I wondered if she kept it neat at all times. The thought was overly stimulating.