Steamy sexy missionary style drilling for sexy beauty

Steamy sexy missionary style drilling for sexy beauty
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I wrote this story along time ago. I guess you can call it my fucked up fantasy. If you like it I'll write more. Let me know This story is written from both father and daughters perspective New BELLA Until last year my life was pretty normal.

Dad worked. Mum stayed home and me and my sister went to school. We lived in a nice house. All was pretty great. Then when I was 14 my mum died in a car accident. my sister was 6. Dad was a mess. We all were. He started drinking every night when he came home from work.

Which he never did when mum was alive. He never became abusive or angry so it was never really a problem. It's been almost a year since mum passed and although he still has his beers after work things are a lot better. Life seems to be getter easier. Every Friday night since before mum passed was our family movie night we still did it now.

My sister had fallen asleep on the floor in front of the tv. My dad and me were on the couch. We were watching some family comedy and in this scene the daughter jumped up in her dads knee and he was bouncing her. Dad and I both laughed. Both remembering how I used to do the same thing as well as my sister.

I'd throw a tantrum if dad had she loves a big meaty dick in her ass enough. "you were a feisty little kid Bella" dad chuckled.

I smiled and headed to the fridge for a coke. "grab us another beer will ya hot attractive babe massages weenie with lips dad called after me. I grabbed both the coke and beer from the fridge as headed back through to the lounge. I passed dad his beer and leant down to put my coke on the table as I did dad grabbed me under the arms and pulled me into his knee.

And started to bounce me. We were both laughing. As I bounced still laughing dads hand rubbed against the side of my boob. I think he noticed cos he quickly moved his hands down then did a really big bounce that nearly sent me flying off his lap.

My arms were flailing thinking I was about to hit the floor. Then dads hands gripped on my hips and pulled me back down right onto his lap. We were both laughing pretty hard now. Then I noticed dad was still moving me but instead of bouncing me on his knee he still had my hips and was moving me back and forth on his lap.

It was a pretty warm night I had on my little bed shorts and a cami. Through my shorts I could feel something hard rubbing between my legs. "um dad. What are you doing?" I asked quietly not quite understanding what was going on. "shhhh baby" dad whispered back. His hands started to grip harder on my hips. He was pushing me down on his lap now rubbing me back and forth on him.

Dads breathing started to come faster and harder. And through my thin shorts and undies I could feel him hard under me. "dad? let me hop up please." I almost pleaded. I didn't understand why he was doing this. Nothing like this had ever happened before. "ok ……hang on……baby……just wait……minute……ah……ah.&hellip.

Your such……a…good girl" he panted. I tried to riggle up and off him but harder and faster he went pushing me against him and I banged the busty brunette in the bum visual purr suasion lie part of my brain was telling me this was starting to feel good but this was my dad.

He shouldn't be doing this. I wanted to scream at him to stop but I kept looking at my sister on the floor. I didn't want to wake her I didn't want her to see this.

I didn't want this to happen to her. I just sat there quietly for what felt like forever feeling his dick push up and against my pussy which I knew was starting to get a bit wet. I hoped dad didn't noticed. I didn't want him to think this was ok. one final push and he pulled me back on him and just held me tighly moving me softly and slowly back and forth now.

I could feel the wetness coming through his shorts and mine own as well. Dads breathing started to slow down and he still wouldn't let go. I though I heard him start to cry. Then he pushed me off and jumped up without making eye contact.

And headed out of the lounge. Before he disappeared from view he turned back "can you get your sister into bed please. I think I may have drank a bit to much. Not feeling great. Night" he headed off again adjusting his shorts as he went. I was angry and sad and confused.

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I went and picked up my sister and carried her to bed. As I layed her down her little nightie came up a bit. She wasn't wearing knickers.

She didn't like to for bed But I made a mental note to tell her tomorro she should remember to put them on. I didn't know what was going in with dad but I knew I had to protect Christie. I grabbed some of her knickers from the draw and started to put them in her.

I got them just under her bum and was pulling the front up when she rolled over. My hand rubbed along the middle of her fanny. I gasped. Pulled back quickly fixed them. Then went straight to the bathroom to shower.

My pussy was still wet and I could still feel dads goo on my short. I jumped in a hot shower washed myself then headed back to my room for bed BILL Lying in bed that night. I felt sick at myself. How had that happened. My daughter for god sake. It was really innocent when I started bouncing her.

Then when she started to fall and I pulled her back her crouch rubbed on my cock. I should of stopped then. But after moving her on me a few times I couldn't stop. It felt amazing. All thoughts of her being my daughter vanished.

It was all about that feeling. Amazing. Bliss. Then she asked me to stop. How stupid was I to think she wouldn't realize what I was doing.

I kept going harder and harder until I felt my cum exploded in my shorts. But worst of all even then I couldn't bring myself o let her go I kept going I kept rubbing until that initial feeling started to fade and I fully realized what I was doing. Then I freaked out. Jumping up so quick I nearly knocked Bella to the floor. Half way down the hall I tenement Christie asleep in the floor. I started to go back to move her when realized she didn't wear underwear to bed.

I couldn't trust myself right now. I told Bella to move her big mom vs boy dirty boxing cum wrestling went staright I bed hoping to forget it happened. But lying here now remembering the whole thing my cock was hard again. I pulled my blanket back and started to rub it slowly. Doing everything in my power to not think of Bella.

My beautiful Bella. She was nearly 15 and filling out so nice. And ahhhh what is wrong with me. I got up and jumped in a cold shower. After a few minute in there I felt better.

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I should go apologies to bells. Explain that I didn't mean for it to happen. But really how do you explain this. I had to try I put a towel around me doctor checkup beautiful patient for sex head towards her room. Her door was open a little like always. She was face down on her bed.

Sleeping deeply. Her shorts had ridden up and I could see her mound. Feeling my cock get hard again I knew I had to get out of there. BELLA I woke up next morning and layed in bed for nearly an hour. I didn't want to face dad. Finally knowing I couldn't put it off any longer. I chucked my dressing gown on and padded down stairs.

Dad and Christie were up and the table. Dad didn't look at me but mumbled a morning darl. Christie was overly chatty this morning which was fine with me. She climbed up on dads knee to read the comics in the newspaper with him. Which she did everyday. Then when they finished she asked him to bounce her.

My head snapped up to look at dad and dad stared directly at me. He bounced her on the end of his knee slowly staring at me the entire time.

"faster daddy. Higher daddy." she squealed. "um nah darling I think that's enough. Why don't you go girls go play." dad replied as he put her down and headed out of the kitchen.

"c'mon sweetie" I said "let's go. I'll push you on the swing " She smiled and ran outside I headed out after her. While I was pushing Christie on the swings she started asking questions "how come daddy wouldn't bounce xxx story 2019 dise gril higher" she began " I don't know princess.

Maybe he had things he had to get done today" "but he bounced you high last night. And for longer" she pouted. That got my attention. "um how did you know dad was bouncing me last night " I asked not really wanting the answer.

"I wasn't asleep. I could see you in the glass at the bottom off the tv. And daddy even gave you a big hug afterwards." she said almost shyly "then you carried me to bed and put knickers on me" That reminded me " yes I did.

From now on you need to wear knickers sweetie your getting bigger and big girls were knickers. BILL sitting back in my room again I couldn't get the look on Bella's face out of my head. Christie had already told me that morning that she was watching me bounce Bella on my knee the night before. I didn't know what to say. We were just playing I told her. The fact was I still couldn't believe I had done it but I couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt either.

I had been in my room over an hour. Christie had a play date today and I had heard Rachel come pick her up 10 or so minutes ago. Which got me thinking about how it was just me and Bella in the house.

Which in turn made my dick hard so I fighting every urge to not touch it and will it away. She is my daughter. I can never let that happen again. Then another part of my brain piped up. It's not like I actually had sex with my daughter. Technically I hadn't done anything illegal.

Really at 14 no matter how close to 15 she was she shouldn't have really known what it was. I knew I was grasping at straws now. But what if she Started asking questions. I knew these excuses weren't going to sound as good as they did in my head if I had to say them out loud. I looked out my window.

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Bella was pulling off her sundress and hoping in the spa. In bikinis that girl looked like a women. Without thinking my hand went to my cock and I started to stroke it watching her get comfortable and relax in there. Once I blew my load everywhere might I add I started thinking again. As long as I never actually touched her naked body what harm could I do. It's not like I'm going to let anything happen again but just in case.

I headed back down stairs. Opened milf sarah vandella blowjob her stepsons large rod fridge knocked back 3 beers quickly then cracked a forth and headed outside with it towards the spa. Bella had her arms resting on the side of the spa her head on them and her eyes closed.

I stripped off my tshirt and slid in the other side of the spa. She hadn't noticed me. So I sat there watching her. After I minute or so I realized her knees were up on the ledge where you sit she was facing out of the spa. I moved around careful not to let her know I was there. Until I was almost right next to her. Then I looked down into the water trying to work out why she was sitting like that. Her knees were spread apart and her tummy was almost up against the wall of the spa.

That can't be right I thought to myself. That'd mean the jet was hitting her in the … oh now I got it. She had her pussy up against the jet. If I watched carefully I could see her moving up and down a little bit. I watched for a fair while before i noticed my hand was once again on my rock hard cock. Stroking softly watching. I finished my beer which had completely gone to me head and stood up careful not to disturb her I moved in behind her and just let the end of my hard cock which wax out of my shorts push into the back off her bikini bottoms.

But with what she was doing as well as the spa she didn't feel it. So I pushed I little harder. Still nothing. One more I thought but as I pushed she must have started to cum herself cos she bucked back away from the jet causing my cock to slid in between her legs pushing right up into her pussy and her hand as she was still under her bikini bottoms to the side where the jet has been pleasuring her a moment ago.

She gasped and started to try and fix it and turn around. That part of my brain that had been causing the problems took over and I pushed her hand away and grabbed the bikini bottoms myself reefing then back to the side. I put my other had on the top of her legs and started pumping into her.

The jets had turned off by now and I could see her looking down into the water at my cock pushing through to the front of her legs every time I pushed in. Bella tightened her legs as much as see could to stop me but it only made it feel better. Like I was fucking a real virgin pussy not just pounding the gap. She was yelling at me now "DAD NO. DAD STOP." I couldn't speaking I just kept going.

Faster and faster. But she was getting louder and louder. I pushed the bottom for the jets hoping it would drown out the noise. As they started up I felt her stiffin. Ha I thought the webcam teen bubble ass abused p one is still pointing in the same place. She started to buck like crazy making it feel better still.

"DAAAAAADDDDD STOP oh STOP Oh oh oooooo PLEASE. SO WRONG." I could just hear her over the jet. Now at this moment I don't know what happened. But I leant in real close to her ear and moved my hand to her slit rubbing from hole to clit. She was so wet even in the water I could feel that. "your very wet Bella baby. Doesn't seem like you want me to stop" I stated rubbing her clit fast. Stood up more pulling her legs back towards me and thrust her even closer to the jet.

She bucked around like crazy I don'tknow if she was trying to get md off her or get herself off but it felt amazing "oh yea baby… keep doing that for daddy. Such I good girl for daddy. Mmmmmmmm" I didn't let up my grip on he'd and hot chick barbie sins gets fucked and creamed kept pumping that gap and rubbing circles hard and fast around her pussy. She let out the sexiest moan I've heard in my life and collapsed no longer fighting me.

I still had a bit to go so I moved my fingers from her clip and both hands gripped onto those hips. As I pumped harder and harder I heard he'd start to cry.

That was when I brain went FUCK WHAT HAVE I DONE AGAIN but the cum started to flow and the poor Bella princess was forced to feel me doing this to her again. When I'd finished and lent back. Bella still didn't move. After a few minutes she lifted her red puffy eyes up to meet mine and quietly asked if she could please messy some interracial sex group sex and amateur to her room now.

I tried to sound as much like a living dad as I could knowing that if she didn't hate me after last night she dd now. "yea baby of course. And Bella" she turned back " I'm um sorry " She shook her head softly and started to cry again. She stood up out of the spa and fixed her bikinis bottoms but now before I seen her pussy. BELLA Once inside I ran to my room. As soon as the door closed I started crying again.

Not only because of what dad had done which was still so wrong confusing but because this time I really enjoyed it and I felt stupid for doing tha in the spa when I knew he was somewhere in the house. I hadn't meant to do it but as I at into the spa I felt the jet pass over my pussy. I moved it back.

It felt great. But still I wanted a boyfriend to rub me like that not my dad. So I was angrier at him even more. First for doing it and secondly for making me enjoy something that wasn't right. I heard the back door close.

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Then the fridge open. Then I counted 6 beers being opened in the next few minutes. He must have been sculling them. The the fridge closed and I heard him walking towards me room. I jumped under my blankets still in my bikinis still wet and pretended to be asleep hoping he was infact going to continue past my room to his own. But he paused outside my door and knocked softy. I didn't answer. Didn't even open my eyes. I couldn't look at him right now let alone talk to him.

"Bella" he began walking towards my bed. I didnt answer just kept pretending to sleep. Big man smile girl sex felt the bed move tender japanese chicks enjoy being screwed long and hard he sat on the edge. I didn't move at all. He reached up and stroked the side of my face. I was afraid to breathe. "Bella baby I'm so so sorry. I don't know what happened last night or today.

More so today. I'm so sorry baby." I felt like I was going to cry but I couldn't let him know I was awake. "it's just I've been so lonely since your mum and your becoming such a beautiful young lady and when u were ony knee I got abit carried away. And well u know I'm sorry and today in the sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage. Well that was kinda your fault too. " I wanted to yell at him then but I kept still just listening "you have no idea baby how that looked.

I do understand the young girls might do those things but maybe you should have waited until you were alone." he was rubbing down my arm as he spoke now. I was still acting asleep. "It was amazing to watch princess. Don't get me wrong but do u see how what happened after was really your own fault.

Seemed to me you may have wanted it a bit really" I couldn't believe this man. How could he say that. He thought i was asleep why was he still in here talking. His hand moved from my arm and I felt a shift in the bed. I though he was leaving. I kept my eyes closed. Waiting to hear his retreat before I opened them.

But after he stood all he did was pull my blankets back to just below my pussy and sit back down. His words were slurring abit more now. Moving his handing to much stomach he rubbed up until his fingers would graze the bottom on my boobs then down to the top of my bikini bottoms. "you see baby. You flash this body around then do things like that to your pussy in the spa.

How do you expect daddy to react" He pulled my bikini top up so it was under my neck and my tits were on show. I wanted to scream. But now I was frozen. Part scared part thrilled. Rubbing my nipples between his fingers he continued. "wow baby look at these perky boobies. You must have been very tired." His hand didn't move from my tit but his other hand trailed down my tummy towards my sides where the bikinis bottoms tied up.

He pulled one loose then the other then pulled them out. I heard them land on the floor on the other side of my room. "oh baby girl look at the sexy fuck hole." I had never heard my dad say anything like that before. It shocked me. I felt his finger trail in between my pussy lips. "and my baby is wet for daddy too. Super pretty yearold brunette amirah european creampie baby you smell so good.

I felt him breathe in close to my pussy. It excited me and disgusted me at the same time. "can daddy give his baby a little kiss" I tensed then felt his lips brush against my pussy lips. "and you taste soooo good. " Now I was dripping wet. Still I wanted this to stop. He quickly sat up and pulled the blankets back up. Then started to shake me.

"wake up baby. Wake up" I didnt know what to do. I oils pretend to wake up maybe he would just say sorry and leave. I slowly started to open my eyes acting all groggy. Like I had in fact been sleeping. "oh dad. Um sorry I fell asleep." he just started r a long time.

BILL I was drunk I could admit that. My brain telling me to pull up the blanket and wake her do she could get dressed. Don't ask me why but I started to try and shake her awake. "wake up baby. Wake up" Her eyes started open she looked groggy and half asleep. Last minute I relized I had left her top around her neck and he bottoms off completely.

Shit I though to myself. "oh dad" she started "sorry I fell asleep" She didn't seem surprised about her batters being how they were. I didn't know where I was going with this but suddenly I felt angry and couldn't control the words tumbling out of my mouth "what exactly do u think you were doing in the spa young lady." Now she looked shocked but I think I was to.

I didn't understand the anger I was feeling and deep down I knew it was me who had done the wrong thing in the spa. "um I um I dunno daddy I just… but you um well you" she was stumbling over her words now not knowing what to say.

I ripped the blanket back as shoved my fingers into her pussy and grabbed a it "your all wet like a little slut Bella. Sluttly Bella. Is that what you are?" I all but screamed at her while grabbing at her pussy quite aggressively.

"no dad I… dad stop… dad that hurts" She was crying. But I couldn't care at the moment. I just couldn't stop myself "think you can do it better do ya?

Well do ya slut?" I grabbed her hand and shoved it onto her pussy where mind had been. "well c'mon slut show your daddy how it's done" She tried pulling it away but I pushed her finger between her lips and rubbed it hard against her.

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The harder she tried to pull away the harder I pushed it in. "dad why are you doing this, stop please daddy stop" She hadn't called me daddy in years. That should have been the point I walked away. Waking up to myself but instead it had the opposite reaction.

I wanted her more. Hearing her say daddy made me want to pound that pussy. I pushed my knee between her legs forcing them open wider. She fought it but I was bigger and stronger that her. I still had her own hand going wild on the pussy so I moved my thumb to her clot and rubbed. She never let up crying or asking me to stop but I did hear a moan or two in there as well. Her pussy was dripping wet now and I decided to try a finger up her. As soo as I pushed it in she screamed "oh so my little slut is a virgin after all is she" I laughed and pushed harder further inside her.

I kept going in and out in and out until I realized she was now pushing into it. Her eyes were closed and I no longer needed to force her hand.

She was rubbing her pussy herself