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Teena shanal hot sex fucking vodeos
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The incident that changed my life for every Part 3 Ana and I were getting along marvelously. If I wasn't on duty at the base, I was at her house. We were very close to having guest arrive for the summer and we were about ready. Being about ready meant we had more time to play our little games. I would eat her out and she would pass out.

Then when she would join me in this world, she would try to guess where my last load went. As I say, we enjoyed life. One evening, after my balls were drained and her lips had dried cum all over them, and we were relaxing in bed, she said.

"John. As close as we are to having people here that are expecting breakfast each morning, and a lite lunch each day, I usually have someone to come in and help me with the cooking.

I know you now realize I can't cook. My husband always took me out for dinner, or we had delivery. I wanted to talk with you about the person I usually hire." "Dear Ana. Anyone you want is ok with me." She said "well there is something else. We have never spoken anything about either of us being monogamous in our love life." "Well, that is true, but when would we be able to have sex with anyone else?

I suppose you could be having sex while I am at the base, but I don't think you are. Why do you bring this up" "Dear John. You have been a God send to me. You have awaken my sexual desires that have been dormant all my life and have made me a real woman. I thank you for that. You have made me a 'cum slut' and I am happy. I am beginning to have one problem. I see how much you like eating out my pussy. You two horny guys ass toy sexy mei amasakis tight little ass so happy and are always licking your lips.

You moan when I moan.

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You seem to enjoy making me moan. I love kissing you when you have my pussy juice on your lips. My problem is, I want to experience that. I want to eat pussy." I was shocked at hearing Ana say that. I had never thought of that, but I could see where it is coming from. I never thought anything bad about lesbians. I know how good pussy taste, so why shouldn't they also enjoy. "What do you have in mind?" wife fetish poor tiny latina teenager gina valentina is really not having a superb, the young girl that helps me out in the summer has spoken a little of her experiences with lesbianism.

I don't know how I would approach her, but I would love to eat her pussy, but I don't want you to be upset." My mind was swirling. I loved my sex with Ana, but to think that I may be able to see Ana make out with a young woman. Wow. I was excited. "Let's go for it Ana" As the day for Melee's arrival approached, Ana and I both were very apprehensive.

How do we get her to allow Ana to have her way with Melee's pussy? The door bell rang. Ana went to answer with a smile on her face and bounce in her steps. It was Melee. When I saw her, my jaw fell open. There stood the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

A very petite Asian with all the Asian features. She couldn't be 5 feet tall. Very small breast, long black hair. She looked as if she just stepped out of the pages of a magazine for models. Looking at her build, a brick shit house came to mind. I thought there is no way Ana is going to get between her legs. I was introduced to Melee and I was still dumbfounded.

I could hardly form a sentence because of the beauty standing before me. I was overwhelmed. Both Ana and Melee kind of ignored me and went into the kitchen and were chatting away. I thought I should leave them to themselves and go about with my chores. My thoughts were on work until dinner time. Melee had cooked a meal, and again I was dumbfounded. I sat and ate and had to wonder how this evening was going to go. Ana and Melee were chatting away about what had been going on since they last had been together.

Ana had brought out the Balintine and pouring ale for all. Melee said that Ana was looking very good and seemed to have a new outlook on life.

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Ana paused in her talk. She kind of lowered her head. "Melee. A lot has changed this past year. I do have a new outlook on life. It is all because of John. You see, Melee, John and I have became lovers." It was Melee's turn to pause. "OK". Ana went on. "I haven't been interested in sex most of my life.

Now I am. John and I have experienced about all two people can do. What ever you can think of, we have done it, love it, and continue to do it. There is only one thing I can't do. John loves to lick my pussy all the time. I know he loves it and I can't experiences what he does. I'm not asking you to do this, but if you feel so inclined, I would love to suck your pussy dry. Please don't be angry or disappointed with me, or feel pressured. What ever you decide, I would still love to have you help me through the summer.

No answer now, but John and I usually start getting naked right after dinner. Leave if you wish or stay and watch." There was another pause in the conversation. I was wondering how Ana would feel about getting naked in from of her old friend. Maybe it was the ale, but Ana got finger and sex toy barrage on oriental up and started disrobing.

I was right behind her. Melee stayed in her chair with a look of surprise on her face. As Ana removed her panties, I saw Melee stare at Ana's hairy bush.

Besides lots of it, it was also grey. Then her eyes turned to me as my drawers came down. My pecker wasn't hard yet but she looked it all over. Ana was in my lap again with a mouthful of beer. Again with the great sloppy kisses, beer running down our bodies, offer and acceptance of her droopy tits with the hard nipples. I still love rubbing beer in Ana's pussy and a finger working in and out of the dark cavern. I think the fact that Melee was watching made Ana get hotter quicker.

She was off my lap and getting the mat for the table. She was up in a flash. She had used the long neck of her quart bottle In her pussy enough, that she could shove all the neck in.

She did and filled her puss with the ale. She grabbed my hair and pulled me down. As soon as my mouth was there, she gushed more than I could drink, but I was trying.

I covered her pussy as well as I could with my mouth and started sucking and licking. I have found Ana loves to have my tongue give her asshole a little massage while eating her. Lick her asshole, go in her cunt hole, nibble on her clit. She is bouncing all over the mat. I knew tonight it wasn't going to take her long. My finger in two fantastic looking babes in a threesome ass was all it took.

She let out the howl and fell back on the pad. Eyes rolled back into her head. I knew it would be 5 to 10 minutes before she would be back with us. I raised my head with Ana's cunt juices and ale covering my face. I had forgotten Melee, and when I saw her she shocked me back to reality.

"Every time Ana climaxes, she passes out. She will be gone for about 5 to 10 minutes.

I thought I should explain. She loves my cum and she receives it in all 3 holes. She dearly love my dick in her ass and she loves cum in her mouth, but she doesn't enjoy my screwing her puss. She says it hurts sometime, so she prefers me to screw her cunt while she is out. I think my dick is ready." Melee stood and looked as I moved my dick all around Ana's pussy lips.

As I slowly entered, Melee wasn't missing a thing. As my dick was all the way in, I gave a sigh and shut my eyes I was on top of the world. The whole evening had made me over excited. I was ready to fuck. I started a fast pace and I was doing a lot of grunting. It didn't take long until I could feel my balls saying, "John, get ready. We are ready to do our thing." Then there it went.

My asshole was puckering every time I shot a load. It seemed to cum and cum and cum. When my dick started shrinking, I started to ease out.

As I stood there with a wet deflated cock, I could see my load starting to ooze out of Ana. My, it was a huge load. Melee's eyes were wide. "How long until Ana will wake up?" "Just a few minutes." She shoved me out of the way and went straight to Ana's hairy, dripping pussy. She sure surprised me.

I could hear her sucking like she was afraid she would miss some of my load. As her head went up and down her slit, her fingers started in and out of blonde teen babe bella rose gets screwed beer and cum soaked pussy.

As she just about had Ana sucked dry, Ana began to respond. Her hands went down between her legs to grab my hair, but it wasn't me. She jerked her head up and looked to see what was going on. When she saw Melee, her smile was two foot wide. She lowered her head, grabbed the hair and rubbed her pussy all over the face between her legs. After the scream, she passed out again. Melee raised her wet face and looked at me through blinking brown eyes.

"That was good. Your cum taste good. When you going to cum again?" "Normally my next cum will go in Ana's asshole. She loves a good ass fuck. She wants that when she awakens after I suck her off.

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She loves it with just my cock in her ass banging away. Her ass muscles with grab my cock and milk it until the last drop. Then she will be gone again." She looks at me with those big beautiful brown eyes and says, "can I suck your cum out of Ana's asshole when you finish?" Oh my.

I have died and gone to heaven. I'm going to have to shut this down and come back latter. I need to go get my dildo and have a little fun before I can write more. Tell me you like it.