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Asian webcam girls filipinawebcams live masterbate pussy
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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Pandora was a population of mythical alien creatures .They were the original inhabitants of the planet pluto. But they received a curse from their gods for trying to conquer the universe .The curse was that the females of the race was completely wiped out .These alien creatures were shape shifters and can turn into anything.

Their king was cronos who lost his hope in the survival of their race. THE HOPE A burning space craft bolted across the sky and crashed into pluto. The human race from earth for their last venture was pluto. Two able astronauts captain Kiki and Melissa where in the shuttle. Melissa successfully ejected the seat but Kiki was cramped in the shuttle .The shuttle smashed into a swamp.Kiki made her way out of the crashed shuttle she was surprised to find that she was able to breath without her mask.

Kiki was sweaty and the mud in the swamp made her suit heavy. She took of her suit her sweat on her lips and breasts glistened then she set for searching her mate melissa. MELISSA THE CAPTIVE Melissa slowly opened her eyes and was trying to make out where she was ,She saw a massive scorpion within a flash it transformed into a Humanoid creature .The creature spoke in a gruff voice "I am Cronos king of Pandora and what are you". Hearing that a shock radiated through her spine.

Melissa dared to speak a word. Then Cronos ordered his army general Mack to disarm her. Mack immediately rushed towards her and started to feel her latex suit.

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"I got no weapons" said melissa and she added that not to touch her. Cronos eyes grew red and he signaled something. Immediately Mack started to rip off the clothes. Resistance was impossible.

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zap.crak.there came off her bra and panties. Melissa stood stripped the cold air made her perfect cup tits hard and she hid her pussy with her hands. Cronos grabbed her and examined her breasts and her holes. Cronos Said " hail it is a female the gods have shown pity on us .hurray! Melissa rudely said " no god sent me and get your fuckin hands off me".

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Cronos gazed into her eyes. Mack immediately raised one of melissa's arm and struck her armpit with a hot rod. This turned melissa docile. Cronos grunted that " if u don't cooperate you will experience all forms of pain.

Cronos ordered Mack to start with the tests immediately to check whether she was compatible for their reproduction. Melissa was immediately dragged into a dungeon by two hefty guards. CLEANSING MELISSA Some kind of vessel with some fluid content was brought. First melissa was blind folded then bent over and a green dildo was inserted into her Pussy. She was asked to squat and open her ass hole.

Melissa opened wide her glory hole and melissa felt horney. Mack then put his hand into the vessel and drew up a three headed snake like creature. But melissa was still unaware as she was blindfoldedas the creature was brought near her ,the sounds made her nervous.

Mack said "this is a green viper and it will clean up your bowels without harm". Just then Melissa felt something nearing her ass hole. Within seconds one head of the snake plunged deep into her ass hole.

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Melissa had a whimper . The second head aggressively tried to force into the hole and was successful. Within five minutes the creature disappeared into her ass hole.

Melissa's pleasure slowly turned into pain. Mack commented ," Do you feel good ."Melissa was thrown into spasms and she see the skin over her tummy moving,her anal canal was expanded .

The creature was feeding on her feces. There was so much movement in her tummy which made her vomit. Pain and pleasure forced tears of orgasms. In the mean time the guards and general mack were tasting her body parts with their slimmy drippy tongues which melissa had to neglect. After an hour the snakes came to rest ,melissa was again asked to squat and expel the creature.

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After a dozen of screams and orgasms ,she expelled the creature. Melissa with a sigh of relief collapsed to the floor. Her ass was fully red and twitching.

Mack gave a grin .Melissa was left alone for some time. Cronos walked in melissa didn't bother. Cronos caught her hair and lifted her up in the air. Cronos asked her " are there any more like u ? don't ever cheat me human ". Melissa was in a painful situation and had no time to think ,her tits were bouncing up and down .Within seconds she confested that her captain Kiki had accompanied her and she added that she was cramped in their shuttle.

Melissa was dropped she fell on her knees. Cronos commanded Mack to send some soldiers to look for Kiki and he added that before continuing with the test ,teach melissa some respect. Cronos hurried away and mack gazed at Melissa .After a while melissa could hear the screeching sound of a metallic frame dragged towards her by the guards. Melissa looked at it helplessly thinking what perils await her . .TO BE CONTINUED.