Bawdy cleft is served at the kitchen counter smalltits hardcore

Bawdy cleft is served at the kitchen counter smalltits hardcore
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I was 14 years old, riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob with the usual appetite for sex, any sex as long as I got it long and hard!

I had been surfing the web for about a year and had looked at all kinds of porno until I had decided I would be bi-sexual, after all, I wanted kids and I fancy young, old and hairy men! So anyway, 14 years old, normal in all proportions, I had glasses, brown messy hair and blue eyes.perfectly average in every way.

Now, the story!!! * * * My school's science teacher had just left and we were due for a new one, it was a windy Monday morning, and first lesson it was Science, my favourite lesson. Remember how I told you I was perfectly average? In science I was a genius, top of the class (I didn't show off in class or anything, I had self respect!). I looked a mess as I entered the classroom but I didn't care much. I sat down on the crappy science stools (they hurt like hell!) and got out a pen.

About two or three minutes later, the door opened and in came our new science teacher. He was a man for once and he looked warily at us for a few moments before sitting down. It was strange, but I could have sworn he looked at me a little longer than anyone else (probably because I looked strangely like Harry Potter) . He did the usual stuff, got our names and marked us down on the electronic register, (ooohh, how posh!

I saw it coming!) and handed us out a test. A test! Jesus! We hadn't had a test in like a million years, why now!?

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I had decided to hate Stuart (I am a gooood detective aren't I?) for giving us that test, but I couldn't blame him as the test shit up the stoners in the back row! Anyway, he moved us all around, and there I was, in the middle of the front row staring right at him -coincidence I think not! I almost got 100 black eyes in the next few weeks as all the swots kept putting their hands up and either waking me up from a good nap or asking me for answers as they put their hands up, the twats!

But the weirdest thing was the fact that he (Cardwell) kept looking at me when he thought I wasn't looking. Mr.Cardwell, was thin (not stick thin, but thin) and tall, he always wore a shirt, with a cool tie (it wasn't done up properly) and trowsers. To tell the truth he was one hot, fit guy, and I wanted to rip off his shirt, tie and trowsers, and give him the beast blow job ever! But, fantasies allowed, that would never happen.or so I thought.

(By the way,the classroom was like this) [ ----------------- ] big juggs teen girl whitney westsate rides a huge hard cock ( Mr.Cardwell was on the bottom, as that was his desk, and I was in the [ ] middle of the next row up) [ ------------------ ] [ ] ------------------ ======== I was staying after school with Mr.Cardwell as I had detention.

The room was really quiet as there was only me and him there and I couldn't help but move around, as the stools were that crap. So there he was, his rugged face smirking dirtily (it turned me on so much I could barely breathe!) at his laptop.

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In class, when we were doing work, he always had his laptop on his desk, I had never realised it before, but there was a camera in the lid.

Unknowingly, I was being watched while watching him!! He had to leave the room to go to the toilet or something and as I watched him go I swore I saw his hot ass clench! I wasn't really a nosy person, but I had always wanted to see what he was doing on his laptop, so I looked around on his computer.

Quite quickly I found what I had been looking for, pictures of me and a few other boys, though there were far more of me for some reason.

I then realised what he had been doing. He had been looking at pictures of me and got a hard-on! That's why he went to the toilet!

Dirty whore! In my head, something clicked, and a darker self came and took over. I was going to blackmail him and hopefully have lots of dirty fun! He came back sunny leone saxy story boy saxy story the classroom, his big, red hands rubbing as if he was happy or something.

He then saw me. I was sat at his desk with the laptop pointed toward him. "So.What dirty thoughts have you been having.about me?",I gave him a re-assuring smile. "I won't tell anyone, I promise, after all, I've been thinking about you too." "You-you have?" He started to move toward me.

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Oh god did his voice turn me on! "So what do you wanna do about it? You stud." "Umm uhhh" he began to rub his pants and then chest. I had seen enough porno on the web to know what to do next, after all, I had just blown his 'sex-files' so to speak.

He was off-guard in short. "Sit down on your chair.sir" I whispered the sir bit. I knew that later, he would be dominating me, but what the hell, give it a go! "Oh god, oh god! I always wondered.I always wanted. Oh god!" I smiled as he sat down, and I crawled under his desk. Straight away, he unzipped his pants and shoved his rock of a cock in my mouth. His dick was so huge it barely fit in my mouth!

It was at least 9 inches and was soo thick! I could still taste the pre-cum on his dick and I put the tip of my tongue in it and out of it. I sucked and blew his head off, niblling here and there. "Fuck yeah!!" He began to groan and I had to stop to tell him we would get caught, so he stopped. Instead he began to fondle my head, finally grabbing the back of it and fucking my mouth.

HARD. I grabbed his hips, my tongue licking anywere it could, and by the rythm of his fucking, he was about to cum! With one last push, he squirted a huge load in my mouth and I began to gag. I stood up and gave him the best ever kiss, my tongue probing his mouth, cum mingling. "Oh shit. I never.oh James." I gave him a wink and said, "Anytime hot-stuff.See you tomorrow.sir" "Wait, time. I'm in charge! And you're gonna wish you had never done this!" "Till next time." And with that I left leaving him both happy and wary.

Me? I was just wondering when next-time would be. TO BE CONTINUED.

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