Bigtit babe in highheels dildoing her pussy

Bigtit babe in highheels dildoing her pussy
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It was Christmas break and I was the bomb. I was a pre-med student with nothing but money and fame ahead me, a little cash to throw around, and all the time in the world.

The Stinson were throwing a Christmas pool party, (it can only happen in California), and I was looking for japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub tail. California can be a little cool in the winter, but once you get into the heated pool, it's a blast. Chicks were hanging out all over the place, literally.

And most of what was hanging out had hard nipples, due to the chill in the air. It was three days before Christmas and I was looking for my present. Then I saw her. She was one fine looking babe, rather naive and innocent, and looking for some fun. Well, I had a red Corvette and a cabin in the woods, just a few miles away. But more importantly, I had an angle.

It just hit me the day before while I was cruising highway 1. "Hey, lady, you are looking real good," I said as I handed her a drink. I knew what she had been drinking, because I sat back and watched her for a while.

"Tequila sunrise," I said as she looked the question at me. "Thanks," she said uncertainly. Come on, she couldn't be as young and innocent as she looked.

The Stinsons would never lead a virgin to the slaughter. "I was wondering if you could help me out?" I said casually. I took a sip of my drink and waited. "With what?" "I want to make a naked video Christmas card for my buds back home. I need a fine looking woman like you in it, to make them jealous. I mean, we are in California," I said, rolling my eyes.

"And they expect you to be dating an actress by now?" she asked laughing. "Or a Goddess," I nodded with my best smile. She broke out in a giggle like I had never heard before. Boy, maybe she really was as naive as she looked. I sure hoped so. "Ok," she said. She smiled a challenge at me. I took her home within minutes. "Wow, nice place," she said, looking around.

She was still dressed in her wet swimsuit, same as me. We were both chilly. I led her to the bedroom. It was a small cabin and I had the computer set up on the dresser in the bedroom. "What I want is to make a naked Christmas card," I said breathlessly. "Look, I have this program," I said, booting up the program. I had worked on it for a while yesterday. It showed our moving picture with the stationary words, "Wish You Were Here!" on the top, and "California 2002" on the bottom.

"Wow, cool," she said offhandedly. "I want to get a closeup of our faces on this one, then the Merry Christmas screen with a shot of us completely naked," I said in excitement. I could see that she liked the idea. The fact that she had chugged three tequila sunrises might have had something to do with it.

"Ok, she said, slipping out of her swimsuit. My cock was as hard as a rock before I could drop my own suit. She bazaar sex stories xxx sexy storys school teacher really fine. She had cute little baby tits with dark nipples, and a fine little shaved pussy between her legs.

I was in love. "Ok, head shot," I said, sitting close to her. She leaned her head against mine. I could smell flowers, probably her hair. I also smelled a spicy perfume that absolutely drove me crazy. "Hold perfectly still," I said, watching the timer on the screen. Suddenly the image stilled with our faces on it. "Oh, check that out!" I said in excitement.

"Perfect, just fucking perfect. She joined me at the screen and smiled. I typed up the next screen and pulled her back to the bed. We sat in the same pose, but this time the screen showed us side by side, completely naked. Again the timer started counting down from 10. I took a moment to sniff her hair, then looked straight ahead. I suddenly realized that the camera had shown me sniffing her.

She was smiling at me. "Ok, this is it," I whispered. The picture stilled again.

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Once again it was absolutely perfect. "Is that it?" she seemed disappointed. "Unless you want to have one with you giving me a blowjob," I said breathlessly. I was waiting for outrage, or possibly a slap. I had never been slapped before. I couldn't wait for the first time. But it seemed that the more outrageous I was, the better they liked it.

I don't know, maybe they just like it when you come to the point. She did. With a challenging look she sank down and took my cock into her mouth. Her tiny hand held it while she bobbed up and down. I couldn't believe it had worked! This baby sex goddess was actually going down on me and I sunny leone sex stories sexy xstory only met her an hour ago.

I moaned and ground my teeth together. She was good, damned good. This chick was not naive, she was sucking like a pro. "That's damned good," I gasped. Her warm lips were shooting fire through my cock, burning my balls, and heating up my ass. She was deep throating me like she'd been doing it her entire life. Her tongue was pressed against the side of my pecker, while her tight lips milked it. Her head was bobbing faster now. She wasn't going all the way down, but the increase in friction more that made up for it.

My balls were tingling. But this is now how I wanted to end my day. I needed more, a hell of a lot more. "Let me go down on you," I gasped. For a moment I thought she didn't hear me, then she lifted her head and smiled again. She had a nice smile. She had better tits. I put an arm behind her back and pulled her forward.

I sucked her left breast first, then moved over to the right one. Damn it was good. She smelled, tasted, and felt good, all at the same time. Her breasts were baby soft and warm as hell. A slight smell of chlorine from the pool, mixed with a trace of sweat, and her own natural perfume. She smelled delicious.

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Her nipples were getting real hard. I sucked her right nipple, while reaching behind her and tweaking the left one with my fingers. She liked that. She arched her back and rubbed the back of my head. But while my mouth was on her breast, my eyes were on her pussy. I broke contact with her breast, pushed her down, grabbed her legs and pulled her up to my waiting mouth. She lay upside down and the blood was rushing to her head, but my mouth claimed her sweet pussy. I didn't think a pussy could look pretty, but her's did.

I mean come on, it's a gash between their legs, not a sculpture. But her's was cute. It was a dainty little pussy with tiny lips, shaved to it looked sexy as hell, and the tiny amount of hair she kept was barely noticeable.

Hell, it looked like a little girl's pussy.

I don't know if I should have been turned on by that, but I was. I went down on her with a moan of passion. And damned if it didn't taste as good as it looked. Only a trace of a fishy smell, a slight chlorine taste, but otherwise it was absolutely delicious. Young enough to be clean, with no aftertaste from those damned birth control pills, no diseases, and no infections.

It was 100 percent sweet and juicy. I really dove into that pussy. I was wishing that I could slide right down into it and pull it closed behind me. It was hard to imagine that this sweet bitch would be somebody's mother some day. But enough was enough.

She was getting close to an orgasm and my balls were aching like hell. I needed to fuck that tight little ass. "On your knees," I said, helping her into position. She was eager for it. She literally jumped into position.

She was on her hands and knees looking back at me. I took my cock in my hand and positioned the head at the entrance to her pussy.

With a blissful gasp I slid inside her. She cried out as I filled her. I held onto her tiny ass cheeks and slid easily in and out. She thrust naughty sweetheart raises her long girlfriend and homemade ass back to meet me. I was slapping her ass with my hips. My balls were swinging into her pussy and striking her clit.

She was moaning like a bitch in heat. I was too. "Yes," she whispered. Her ass was mashing against me. Her ass cheeks were all bent out of shape. Her tits swung beneath her like pendulums. I leaned forward and mashed them in my hands. She liked that. I twisted her nipples with the tips of my fingers, then straightened up again. She was really panting.

I was breathing harshly through my nose. Sweat was starting to drip off my forehead and into my eyes. I wiped it on the back of my hand. My knees were starting to get tired. As sweet as that ass was, I decided to lay on the bed and let her do me. It was easier for her to get an orgasm that way. Besides, she did all the work, and I was getting tired. I pulled out of her and fell to the bed beside her. By the time that I rolled over on my back, she was already straddling me.

She eased down on my cock, impaling herself with a cry of joy. I felt the same way. But I wished that she would have turned around toward me so I could have played with her tits. They were nice tits and fun to play with. Large D cups were always a treat, but once in a while I liked those baby tits.

Her's were almost perfect. "Oh fuck," she yelled with her head down. She bounced quickly now. Her orgasm was getting close. I held her with one hand on each side of her body. The way she was bouncing around, I was afraid she would break something. I had a big cock and I wouldn't take much to break that fucker in half. Suddenly she began to slide back and forth. That was fucking great! Nobody had ever done that before.

She was churning her butter, while I laid there only half stimulated. Yeah, she would come for sure. I could guarantee it. In fact, she was starting to make those orgasm sounds already. I began poking her from below to hurry my own orgasm. Dam, she was good. I watched her sexy body twist and turn on top of me, and suddenly I was shooting my cum up into her luscious pussy. I tried to hold her still on my sensitive pole, but nothing doing.

She was only concerned about her own orgasm. She twisted and turned on top of me, then finally sat limp. My cock was giving it's last few spasms and it finally relaxed inside her. We sat that way for several minutes before she bobbi starr is into hardcore bdsm pleasures off. I never did get her name.

The next girl was Gloria. She fell for the Christmas card thing too. She said she was an actress.

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Maybe she was. After all, it is California.