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Mom and aunty fucking young boy
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The trip was long and we were tired in fact so tired that we were on each others nerves for this and that really over nothing at all. It was late and we were hungry. Finally we reached a location with a couple of restaurants but we were not sure if they were still open.

Anyways we pulled off the interstate with hopes that we could steal a bite as there were still a few hours before we reached home and it was nearly 10:00 pm. Lucky for us, there was a well known restaurant at this exit. We pulled in and my man got out of the car then he raced around to let me out. We hugged and said our courtesy 'I love you and I'm sorry' chant. In comforting arms we walked to the door and he opened it for me, he is the most perfect gentleman. Then it hit us.

Oh my word, the odor inside was breath taking consumed with such a strong stench of bleach. We looked at each other and agreed that at least we knew the place was clean so we entered. The waitress that met us at the door sat us in her station. I noticed that the mop was out and the floor was still wet. Odd thing was the floor was still sticky and the smell of bleach just got worse and worse the longer we sat in the booth.

Charlie went to the restroom and I glanced over the buffet only to learn that the food in the trays looked as if they had been sitting out for hours with a sheet of caking reminisce covering the drying food over the dishes. When Charlie returned we both had that look on our faces and agreed we would leave. Long story short there was another dining facility next door, neither of our favorites, but it was still open and we knew the food would be fresh.

We ate while enjoying each others company discussing the joys and frustrations of our trip. As Charlie paid I snook off to the restroom before leaving the facility to get back on the road. In the restroom I sat on the paper lined toilet thinking about how horny I was as the pee filtered past my clit. So I slid my shorts off along with my thong setting the damp thong in my lap. With my eyes closed I pulled off a bit of toilet paper to wipe away the pee and dry nika noire scene it starts with a kiss clean.

Still sitting on the toilet, I slid my shorts back up my smooth legs. I stood up tucked the panties snuggly into my hand and slid my hand into my pocket. Feeling all giddy and horny, my plan was growing by the minute. After placing my panties into my pocket, I quickly washed my hands with soapy warm water as my thoughts lingered on what Charlie's reaction would be when he found out that I didn't have my panties on any longer.

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I slid the panties back snug into the palm of my hand buried deep in my pocket. I found Charlie looking around the shop waiting for me. We walked out hand in hand to the car. Charlie opened the door for me and I pushed him against the cold metal then reached up to kiss him.

Next I took the panties that were snug and secure in my hand, already damp from my arousal, and put them in his hand. Silly man, out of his shock, he asked me what they were. When he realized they were the panties I just had on he put them to his nose and smelt my sweet nectar then pulled me blonde teen pierced tits dolls came over to soiree and celebrate closer to him for a tighter hug and even sweeter much deeper kiss.

His voice gleamed with arousal that sent him from a limber loving man to a wild uncontrollable beast. He could not get in the car fast enough. As you could image the drive was even harder as we both knew it was going to take a few hours until we reached home. Just one more state line to cross! When we got in the car he was so hard that he had a difficult time adjusting himself in my favorite jeans of his.

I was gloating with great honor watching his reaction knowing that the tease inside me had won that battle. He reached over pulled my head to his roughly and he kissed me hard and with such passion.

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His tongue engulfed the full of my mouth nearly choking me making my already damp pussy soaking wet, so wet that my pussy fluid slithered down past my pussy lips and into my shorts. Charlie started the car and we were soon back on the interstate.

My mind still engulfed with sexual needs that could not be satisfied quickly enough just drove me over the edge.

My hips rolled and grinded against the seat wishing that Charlie was buried between my pussy lips eating to his hearts content. I reached for my back pack with only two things in it, a satin pale purple corset top with black mesh around the back and a cross that adorned my cleavage along with the matching thong and my favorite mini vibrator.

Unknown to Charlie I slipped out the thong, slipped my shorts off in the car as he drove then pulled up the thong until it was snug against my dark furred pussy. I pulled my t-shirt and bra off catching his attention quickly then covering up with the corset.

I adjusted my snow white breasts inside the cups to show off my natural cleavage. He begged me to play with myself. But I was only enticed enough to tease him, encourage him to beg for more. Charlie kept adjusting his cock. I could only imagine how hard he was at this point.

I wanted to get fucked but with him driving in this stop and go traffic it just was not an option. My hand slid between his legs and I teasingly asked him what he wanted knowing full well what was on his mind. Ignoring his response, I leaned back against the door shifting my legs offering him a view of my pussy with one leg behind the drivers seat and the other across his lap under the steering wheel.

Again he begged me to play with myself. He wanted to watch. His focus clearly not fully on the road but instead was on my womanly prowess that eluded him. The traffic was crawling due to the construction zone, cone after cone my anxiousness for Charlie to fuck me just grew deeper and harder driving me to points of no return.

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As the big rigs scooted past us I wondered how much they could see through the darkness of the night. I have heard stories from truckers I knew but never thought of myself being the focus of one of these tirades floating from truck stop to truck stop. To tell the truth, it turned me on even more. I could smell my sweet essence filling the car as my focus returned back to Charlie. Over my plump breasts my hand slid down the silkiness of the corset that kissed the length of my torso.

The hint of lace at the bottom warned me that flesh was just beyond the reaches waiting to be caressed. I pulled up the edge of the corset showing off to Charlie what I wanted him to take. My small feminine hands slithered further down until they found the g-string hugging the dark fur around my mound. Fingers slipped in under the silky pale purple panel finding my slit, the opening to my cave ~ Charlie's home.

I pushed a finger in between my damp lips sliding over my pulsing throbbing clit down to the opening where I pulled my juices up for a quick tease of a taste. I pulled my fingers out of my g-string carful not to rub the blazers xxx squirt he story off then drew my finger to my nose and smelled the sweetness. I offered to Charlie the chance to smell my nectar but instead he tricked me.

He smelled briefly then sucked my fingers into his mouth wrapping his hungry tongue around them. I felt the vibrations of his moans as he swallowed each savory taste sliding down his throat. He allowed me to pop my finger out of his mouth, not that he had much choice with his driving. Teasingly I made him tell me again what he wanted. "Come on Sam" he begged "play with your clit for me. Show me your nipples, show me your clit. I want to see your drenched pussy." "No" I replied to him, "I can't do that, here" knowing full well I had every intention on fulfilling his hungry desires to watch me in public.

No longer paying attention to his pleas, I slid my fingers back under my g-string gliding them along my slit. First one along the ridge of the middle, then two along the outer lips, then three one along the middle ridge and each down the length of my lips until finally my fingers slipped between my hungry swollen moist lips.

The tenderness of my touch tickled erotically awakening the senses in my clit even more brining me deeper into Charlie's fantasy.

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The pulses began to extrude against my begging fingers. Looking up at Charlie I saw his eyes fixed on the panel covering my hand working my pussy moving up and down as my fingers worked their magic completely hidden from him. He wanted to see, I knew he did but he was not going to do a thing as he was so turned on by my actions he could not think straight by this time but knew that he had to at minimum focus on the road so we would not wreck.

I realized that all he could see was the shiny silky material over my hand pushing up and down and rubbing about. He wanted in, he wanted to see and he wanted to touch. I pulled the silky material to the side so he could see where my fingers disappeared to inside my g-string out of his sight. Charlie's heart must have skipped a beat as he jumped in his seat with pure brunette gets her eye shot with cum for a moment forgetting about his driving.

"Play for me Sam, I want to see you play with yourself. I want the truckers to see you play for me," pleaded Charlie. Wanting to please and pleasure him I played harder, rubbing more intently. I closed my eyes as my mind got lost in his arousal lightly moaning with pleasure. I did not think slender brunette floozy has her pussy hammered could hear me but I knew his arousal drew me into him.

His satisfaction was and always is mine. The stop and go traffic allowed me to play for him longer and more eagerly. My fingers slid in and out slow and seductively. I pulled my fingers out of my drenched pussy and the slickness strung from my fingers to my thumb. My musky sexual aroma filled the confines of the small rental car.

I looked up and saw the rig next to us; the driver could only creep along like the rest of us. Unable to tell if the driver was a man or a woman the pretentious thoughts egged me to play harder. At last we crossed the final state line and only minutes before we arrived home.

Pouting inside I slowly covered up slipping my t-shirt back over my head and pulled the shorts back up my legs taking time to play as my hands guided the denim across the length of my smooth legs. It was 2:00 AM and Charlie made it known to me that he was not done with me. Although we were both exhausted from the long drive and a week without touching each others hungry bodies there was no way either of our nymphomaniac tendencies would escape us for another night without a quick fuck.

We pulled in past the gates, parked the car, grabbed the suitcases and scurried into the house. Along the stucco'd exterior walls our minds and hands groped at each others sweaty tired bodies. I slid the key into the hole telling him that I expected him to slide his key into my keyhole. He wrapped his arms around me from behind reaching for my breasts still snug in their captive corset and he squeezed them roughly. At that moment I knew his animal instincts would take me soon. The bags dropped and we left them behind in the door way and clothes sprung from the front door to the bedroom door.

To the bed without persuasion we went. I crawled up onto the bed in a stance giving him full view of the string that was kissing the insides of my ass cheeks. I slid my hand under me to my pussy sliding my fingers along the g-string.

Through the mirror his proud stature was at full attention for me. He was hooked and I knew it. Charlie did not realize that I had slipped the vibrator into the confines of my cleavage hidden behind the silkiness of the corset behind the cross.

"Come here Charlie," I said with my most sensual tone as I dropped the vibrator next to my leg on the bed. He came to me, placed his hands on my hips pulled me into his groin slapping our bare flesh together.

The sound filled the room with pure ecstasy. Charlie wasted no time, the second thrust he pushed into me quick and hard. I grunted at his presence. Breathlessly I could barely get the words out, "Fuck me Charlie, fuck me hard, fuck me like you own me, take me! Make me yours, make me your slut, make me your bitch!" Charlie's ravaging hungry beast devoured the petals that surrounded my sopping wet aromatic pussy.

He ripped the g-string off my hips in his eager animalistic hungry state. His thrusts where harder and deeper, sophie and brandy have some naughty fun pushed his way in past all barriers. My pussy gulped every inch he was splitting my pussy with. He reached around grabbing and yanking at my breasts. Instinctively responding without a thought my bodily pleas begged for him to be beat my starving pussy even harder.

I yelped in pain and desire. "You want me bitch? Tell me how bad you want me … tell me you want to take all my cum! Tell me slut!" Charlie demanded as his hands moved away from my breasts grabbing handfuls of my long wavy locks pulling my head back towards him. "Oh GAWD … you … feel so fuckin' … good.

Fuck me … harder … make me cum … for you, make me cum … with you!" I managed to get out in a whispered desperate tone between each forceful thrust his cock was imposing on my throbbing pussy. To my surprise he had found and grabbed the vibrator that was lying on the bed next to my calf without my knowing it. I was so involved with Charlie's fucking that I did not even know he turned it on.

He slid it between my rose petals and held it against my pulsating clit pushing its thumping head out past its hood. My hips rocked harder back into Charlie. Back and forth we rocked in sync with each other's savaged beast. No longer in control, my juices began flowing out in waves in rhythm with Charlie's pounding against my pussy and ass.

He pushed his thumb into my ass and that was all it took. My body no longer mine, but instead his toy, I suddenly became his rag doll without warning.

Floods of fluids spilled from my pussy out past my clit squirting relentlessly. "Cum NOW Charlie! Cum for me NOW!" I begged and pleaded. "I NEED to feel you cum, I need to feel your hot milky cum squirting deep inside my pussy." "You want me to cum for you bitch?

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Huh? You feel that? Take it like the slut that you are! Feel me fill you!" demanded Charlie like a true owner of his ragdoll. We both reached hard quick orgasms, not sure if it was from our not being able to touch each other or from all my teasing.

Either way our fuck session was so intense I could only beg for more.