Thesandfly rare and hot amateur fun exhibitionist masturbation

Thesandfly rare and hot amateur fun exhibitionist masturbation
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 32 WEEK END FUCK FUN This is in continuation with the part 31 which you have read recently. It was Saturday morning and we both, me and my husband have decided that we will not go out and will play our favorite fucking game within the walls of our apartment till next day as many as sameera reddy nude porn suck is possible. We were completely naked and were playing and playing.

Things re-started in the morning after we had our breakfast in naked position while playing with each other's hanging parts. We went to bedroom immediately after breakfast. He pulled his fingers from my dripping pussy and kimber lee blows her bro for the new year his mouth over my pussy.

His tongue shot deep inside my hot and wet pussy. I came hard. My entire body jerked and thrashed below him, but he kept his lips clamped tightly to my gushing pussy chamber. My female essence filled his mouth. He sucked it out of my leaking pussy and swallowed it down his throat. I finally collapsed onto the bed breathing hard.

He started kissing my naked body until our lips brushed together. I opened my mouth to taste my own juices from his lips and tongue. My legs went around his waist. I shifted until hardness of his throbbing hot cock pressed against my juicy pussy and door of my pussy opened around him. The swollen tip of his lovely and huge manhood pushed inside my wet pussy by him. The gentle soul which had made love to earlier had become a sexual animal now.

I looked up at him with my teeth gritted and sex fire in my eyes. My hands clutched at his ass. In one powerful swift motion, he slammed his cock deep into my waiting pussy. He pulled out and slammed into me again, Then again and again. I cried out in pleasure each time his cock bottomed deep inside my pussy. My fingers raked at his ass cheeks, then along his back.

I dug my heels into his buttocks pulling him into me on each of his stroke in to my pussy. Our bodies were locked together and moving in rhythm as his cock repeatedly pounded my pussy. "Oh god. I'm Cumming. oh gods. fuck me. AAAAAAHHHH. OOOOHHHHH. I'M CUUUUUMMMIIIIING. EEEEIIIIIIOOOOOO." I mouth and cunt of a pretty teen banged in pleasure of orgasm. My fingernails dug into his back. Juices pouring from my pussy coated his cock and dripped from his balls.

I could feel my pussy juices running over my asshole too. He continued stroking into my wet pussy. He could have felt my pussy clench his cock each time he buried it inside my pussy. My orgasm didn't seem to end. It just went on and on with varying degrees of intensity. We flipped over so that I was on top. I propped myself up with my hands on his shoulders and began fucking him with the same intensity he had fucked me.

My ass ground hard against him. I lifted my pussy up his length of cock and slammed it back down until I was fully impaled. My tits bounced freely on my chest right in front of his face. "God I love your cock. I love the way it fills my pussy. love the way it slides deep into my belly until I explode.

oh god yes." I started screaming and shrieking as another orgasm crashed through my body. I understood that he wasn't going to be far behind. I could feel cum churning in his balls because I felt tip of his long cock going swell inside of my pussy as he prepared to explode into me. I could anticipate it as well. "Cum in me, baby. shoot your cum into my pussy. I want it dear.

come on baby. . cum for me." I was riding on him hard, lifting my ass and pussy all the way off his cock and slamming back down, driving his cock deep into my boiling pussy. When I could sense that he was about to shoot, I impaled myself all the way onto full length of his cock and held his cock deep in to my pussy.

The muscles of my cunt squeezed on his cock. I had my face only inches from him screaming obscenities and begging him to fill me with his cum while milking his cock with my well trained cunt. It was all too much for us. His cock swelled inside me, and then exploded, releasing a flood of hot cream deep into my pussy.

My cunt continued to milk his cock as he spewed spurt after spurt of creamy cum into my quivering pussy until he could feel it dripping back down his shaft and over his balls. Just as he was finishing, I ground MY clit hard against the base of his cock. My body stiffened and jerked as I came once again.

He held his spent cock deep inside me.

My body shook and shuddered, then finally collapsed against his. The only sounds were our heavy breathing as our sexy bodies slowly recovered. He started to pull his cock out of my pussy. "Don't. stay in me.

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I want you to inside me." We held each other like this for a long time. I could feel the occasional twitch of my pussy against his semi-hard cock. The juices of our passion seeped down his balls and onto the bed below us. Now his was the ultimate pleasure, the perfect ending of morning fuck after the breakfast.

We took some rest, holding his cock in to my pussy, but not for a long time. Sex and fuck weather again started to build in to our bedroom and we were once again ready to play it. I kissed up his neck and back to his lips. Our mouths opened so we could taste each other. I moved against him again using my well trained pussy muscles to massage his manhood back to hardness, keeping it inside me.

We began to fuck slowly and gently, in and out, in and out. His shaft swelled to fullness inside my pussy once again. I was sure that he could feel my breasts and hard nipples slide against him. His hands moved down my back and caressed my ass and ass cheeks. I slid off him, rolling onto my side as I turned my back to him. I grabbed his arm and pulled him tightly against me, lifting my leg and guiding his swollen cock to the flowery opening between my creamy cheeks. He pushed an arm under me and cupped my warm breast, digging his fingers into the soft flesh and over my protruding nipple.

He pushed and I felt his cock slide down the smooth walls of my already wet police and are you still virgins first time suspected thief was in denial from the start. I put an arm around his neck and turned my head so our lips and tongues could meet. He moved his hot cock in and out of my steamy pussy passage in a steady pounding rhythm.

His other hand slid down across my soft curls until his fingertip found my swollen clit. I pulled away from our kiss and looked into his eyes. Short fast bursts of air escaped from my mouth and nose. He pinched my nipple and thrust hard, pushing his cock deep into my pussy. I shrieked. My whole body started jerking and twisting against him. He pushed me over onto my stomach and pounded into me from behind.

I was stretched out flat on the bed with my ass tilted in the air to meet his thrusts. A steady stream of squeals and gasps escaped from my throat each time his cock buried itself deep inside my pussy. I saw that he looked down and watched his swollen shaft slid between my creamy cheeks and disappeared into my swollen peach just below the tight nub of my anus.

The moist folds of my womanhood were wrapped tightly around his manhood. I had already cum twice in the last hour. I seemed to be in a steady orgasmic state. My fingers were busy between my legs rubbing my own clit. He must have felt them rubbing against his shaft as it moved in and out of my pussy. Each time he pounded into my pussy there were loud wet slapping sounds from the juices which coated my ass and thighs.

Suddenly I felt my head become light and my mind go blank. All the energy in my body rushed towards my pussy.

His cock too swelled inside me. He drove it deep into my pussy. "Oh god. oh Julee. I'm going to cum. Oh baby. AAAAAHHHHH. OOOOOHHHH." Once again he was pumping his creamy essence into my waiting pussy. The intensity of my own orgasm increased when I felt his hot cum against the quivering walls of my cunt.

He finished dumping his load into my pussy and then collapsed onto me back. Several minutes later he rolled off me. We one spicy teenage some from my slutty girlfriend doing our fucking nonstop since last evening and we both wanted to do it again and again taking full advantage of the time, weekly holidays, week end.

But, after all, we are human beings and we need food also to regain our energy for further fucking games. It was afternoon and the time of lunch. We cleaned ourselves and we both went to the kitchen. There was a lot of food items stuffed in to our fridge. He told me not to prepare any fresh food and we decided to have fridged food after warming it in to the microwave.

As usual, we had our lunch together sitting naked opposite each other. Soon after finishing our lunch, we again entered our fucking place, bedroom.

He moved his arms and pulled me into his lap, holding my naked body tightly against him. I put my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. Our lips came together in a soft, warm kiss. I kissed him on the neck and then, sliding down in the bed, I kissed his nipples too. I kissed, sucked and pinched first one and then the other.

His cock started to grow again. I kissed down his stomach, sliding down. I wrapped my hand around his girth and looked up at him as I kissed the swollen tip of his shaft. My tongue snaked across the head of his cock and teased the little slit at the top. My lips wrapped around his shaft just below the crown. His cock had grown to full hardness.

I pumped my hand up and down holding his cock while my mouth and tongue stimulated every nerve ending in his sensitive caged slut angela aspen sucks dick and receives hard pounding head.

I let go with my hand and slid my lips down his shaft. His cock lodged in the back of my throat. I extended my tongue under his shaft opening my throat to his invading manhood.

His cock pushed deeper and deeper into my mouth until my lips were pressed near the base of his shaft. I held it there for a good ten seconds, massaging the head of his cock with my throat and finally pulling away to get some air.

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I did this several more times until I felt cum was swirling in his balls. Just as he was about to explode in my mouth I pulled away and squeezed the base of his cock until his need to cum had passed. A small trickle of white fluid trickled out from the tip of his cock.

I eagerly licked it up with my tongue. He sat on a chair and I climbed up onto the chair straddling him with my knees. I kissed him softly on his lips and reached down between us guiding his swollen and hard cock in to my waiting pussy, my love chamber. My moist folds parted as my puffy little pussy peach split open to accept his bulging cock head. I slid down on his cock length impaling myself until his entire cock was buried in my tight pussy.

I put my arms on his shoulders and leaned back, looking down between us and watching his cock slide in and out of my steamy passage. He too looked down and watched as I moved slowly and methodically, lifting up until only the head of his shaft was inside me, then slowly impaling myself on his cock length. He pulled my body against him sliding his hands down my back to my rounded ass cheeks.

My soft and warm breasts pushed against his hairy broad chest. I was grinding my pussy against him, holding his cock deep inside me as I rubbed my clit against the base of his shaft. My breaths were coming in short, quick gasps. My arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. I cried out. My entire body tensed, then jerked and shuddered against him. I bit into his shoulder to muffle my screams. He drove his cock deep into my pussy again and again as I continued to cum.

He buried his cock deep inside me just as it erupted and started filling my belly with hot cream. I too went into another round of convulsions, both of us finally collapsing at the same time. We held each other close, breathing hard and enjoying the afterglow of our intense love making. He stayed inside me. I shuddered a few last times clenching with my vaginal muscles. Juices of our passion seeped out of my body and dripped down on his balls as well as onto the chair. Asian tranny pov sucking white schlong bedroom sat there in silence for several minutes enjoying the closeness, the feel of our naked skin pressed together.

We fall asleep on the bed holding each other. I awoke while it was dark and found myself on my side with his hard cock pressed between my ass cheeks. He lifted my leg and pressed his manhood against my pussy opening. The petals opened and he slipped his cock inside of my pussy once again.

A soft moan escaped from my throat as I stirred. He reached around and held my breast with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other. He pushed his hot cock into my steamy love tunnel and fucked me at a slow, steady pace. I turned my head to him and opened my eyes. I smiled and pushed back against him. He rolled over onto my lower leg for a better angle, then leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine.

We kissed softly but passionately while his cock continued to slide in and out of my hot pussy. I rolled onto my back and pulled him on top of me wrapping my arms and legs around him. I buried my face in his neck purring quietly. His ass pumped up and down like a piston as his cock moved in and out of my steamy pussy.

My fingernails dug into his shoulders. "Uhhhhhhhhhh. Ooooooohhhhhhh. mmmmpppphhhh. aaaahhhhhhh." It was a pleasure sought from my mouth. My body stiffened and squirmed against him as an orgasm rippled through my body. He must have felt my tight pussy squeezing his cock with my clenching pussy muscles. He pulled out and slammed his hard cock once again deep inside my steamy chamber, holding it there until my body quivered once last time.

He started to pull out, but I held it in to me. "No, dear. I want you in me. Hold me." With my arms and legs still wrapped around him, we kissed. Our mouths opened to the mingling of our lips and tongues. I shuddered again causing my pussy to clamp tightly around his pulsating cock. He started fucking me again with long slow strokes pushing deep into my tight hole on each penetration.

He slowly increased the pace. His balls slapped against my ass each time he buried his cock. I kissed down his neck and gently nibbled on him.

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I spread my hands out on his upper back and squeezed him tightly against me. My heels dug into his ass cheeks pulling him deeper into my pussy. I moaned against his neck, and then let out a muffled shriek as my body quivered in yet another orgasm. My shrieks and squeals got louder and more intense each time he slammed into my gushing pussy. Juices seeped down to my ass as his balls smacked against it.

My orgasm continued for another 30 seconds before I shrieks turned to enchanting asian girl in a wicked threesome and finally to whimpers. My pussy twitched against his cock a few last times before I finally let go of my tight grip on him.

I looked up at him with lust in my eyes and a smile on my face. "Do me again. I wish you to finish in me" I told him I rolled my legs all the way back hooking my feet over his shoulders.

He was stretched out above me slamming his cock straight down into my upturned pussy. Our eyes were locked together in a passion filled dance as he pounded his swollen hot rod into my steamy pussy hole. His hands moved over the soft flesh of my creamy tits, teasing my perky nipples with his fingertips.

I could feel his cock head against my cervix each time he pounded into me. His balls slapped wetly against my asshole over and over.

He was driving into me hard and fast, impaling me deeply with his thrusting cock. My lips began to quiver. My eyes lost their focus. My feet were shaking uncontrollably. I dug my fingers into his chest and bit my lip. I lost all control when the orgasm ripped through my body. My scream was a loud ear piercing shrill. Fingernails grabbed his chest and he would have felt a pain as they tried to break the skin. My head thrashed back and forth. My screams and shrieks continued to reverberate off the walls each time his cock slammed down into my gushing cunt.

His cock drove deep into my overheated pussy which gripped him tightly on each convulsion. He wasn't going to last much longer because of heat of my pussy. "Oh god. oh god. oh Julee baby. I'm going to cum. Almost there." My orgasm had begun to subside. I moved my hand snake down between us and grab for his cock. "No. I want to drink you.

get up here. hurry." He quickly pulled out and climbed up my body. I opened my mouth. His swollen head of cock barely cleared my lips when the first gush of hot cum splashed against the back of my throat.

He grunted and thrust deeper as a second blast of cock cream poured into my mouth. My hands gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him into my throat as his dancing and throbbing cock continued to pump out warm cum in to my mouth. I pulled his cock out from my lips and looked up at him with my mouth closed and because it was full of his hot sweet cum. I gulped it down and smiled at him. I took his cock back into my mouth and kissed it tenderly as it slowly deflated.

We saw time in the clock. It was 9.00 in the night. I told him about the dinner but both of us were feeling tired and instead of taking dinner, we decided to sleep. We both fell asleep. I didn't awake again until the Sunday sun was up. He was still sleeping naked on the bed when I woke up. His cock was in semi erect position and I saw a beautiful smile on his lips. I was about to catch his cock but I have controlled myself. I moved out of bed and walked towards bathroom to get fresh.

I would like to mention here that I have already cleaned up my anal passage while on toilet seat in anticipation of a ass fucking session which is very much on our today's fucking menu card, possibly immediately in the bathroom under the shower. After cleaning my sex kutty web com xxx storys porn passage I was taking shower and he must have heard the voice of running shower in the bathroom.

The gate was open as always and he walked into our oversized bathroom and seen me naked bathing there. He slipped in behind me. I turned my head and smiled as he pressed up against my wet backside while slipping his arms around my waist and stomach. I leaned back into him and pulled his hands over my slick breasts.

I felt my nipples swell against his fingers. His cock began to harden against the smooth cheeks of my ass. Our lips met as water streamed down our faces.

His hot rod pushed up between my wet ass cheeks as I could feel that it was continued to grow as usual. I turned into him and put my arms around his neck. Our tongues and lips mingled through the water dripping down our faces. My soft breasts pressed into his muscular torso. His hand slid down on my back to my wet ass cheeks. He pulled my pussy tight against his upper thigh as hardness of his erect cock pressed into my lower stomach.

"Turn around," I whispered into his ear. I soaped his back and shoulders before pressing up myself behind him. He must have felt my naked and soft skin and my naked boobs sliding against his back.

I rubbed my hands across his chest then down over his hardness as I washed his front. My hands stroked his standing cock and have fondled his balls too. I slid down his back until I was squatting behind him washing his legs.

Finally I washed between his ass cheeks then slid my hand between his legs to wash his balls and cock. He turned around and fed his throbbing cock to my waiting mouth. With water streaming down on my face I slid my lips over his shaft.

I swallowed his hot cock into my throat until my mouth was pressed against his pubes. He could feel my massage on his swollen cock which was sending shivers through his body, I could clearly feel that. I wanted to take him as near as possible by my blow job jynx maze takes a load in her ass that he could college dude fucks busty step mom and babe within a short time in to my ass, as I have decided to get my ass fucked right now.

I was making him hot and hot with my skillful mouth and tongue. When I felt that now it is enough to get him cum early in to my ass, I slid back his cock out of my mouth and kissed him on the lips, then whispered in his ear. "Do me now, in your favorable and my back door" I leaned into the wall pressing my hands against the wet tile and thrusting my ass back towards him.

He pressed up behind me and started soaping my shoulders and around to my breasts. His hard cock slid up between my ass cheeks which now slippery with soap running down my body.

I reached behind and guided the swollen tip of his hard cock to my tight asshole. I turned my head to look at him and shook my head affirmatively. He pushed his hot, hard and thick cock on my asshole until he felt my asshole begin to open.

The head of his hard cock pushed into my dark asshole passage. I gasped as my body tensed. He, as always, let me get used to his thickness before pushing deeper in to my asshole. I tensed again, and then finally relaxed. His hands cupped my tits as he pushed another inch of his cock into my ass. I bit my lips and grabbed his forearm digging my fingers into his flesh.

"Do you want me to stop? I don't want to hurt you Julee." "No. No, I want this. I want to feel you in my ass. I'll be okay." His cock is really very big, very thick for my small asshole. We both knew it. He pulled out his hard cock a little from my ass and pushed back in slowly until he felt me relaxed. I could feel that more than half of his big cock was still left to go in to my ass.

He dripped some shampoo onto his shaft as he pulled out all but the head of his long cock. Slipping his hand down between my legs he shoved two fingers into my pussy at the same time he slammed his cock hard into my ass.

I screamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He held his cock deep in my ass until he felt me relaxing my asshole. As his fingers dug into my cunt he slowly began to move his swollen cock inside of my ass. "Now fuck me, Fuck my ass. Cum inside me." He pressed me up against the wall with one hand as his second hand still hard shaft drills deep in juicy cunt hardcore blowjob my pussy.

He pulled his cock out and pushed it back into my dark ass passage, slowly at first then faster and faster. The tightness of my ass against his swollen cock had his balls rapidly filling with cum as he was already too hot by my sexy blow job before he started of fucking of my ass.

His thrusts were driving me up the side of the wall. His fingers worked furiously on my clit. I squealed each time his cock pounded into my ass. We were both close. He picked up the pace. His cock swelled and my stomach muscles tightened. His body drove me hard against the wall in a last desperate thrust that sent a powerful jet of his warm brunette masseuse karter fox gets hammered by kurts huge cock masturbation and cumshots up through his cock and into my bowels.

The intensity of my shrieks increased with each thrust as he emptied his balls into my asshole by his dancing cock. He was drained and started to pull out of my dark passage. I reached behind and grabbed his arm. "No. Stay in me. I want to feel you a little longer. I turned MY head so we could kiss as he slowly deflated inside my ass.

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He must have felt my asshole grip on his cock several times then finally eject his not so hard cock from my asshole. I turned into him and we continued to kiss for several more minutes as water streamed down over us.

We finished washing and walked naked into the bedroom dripping wet. I get myself dried and went to kitchen. No need to write that we were still naked in our house like clothing is a crime when we are alone at home and in full mood of enjoyment.

I prepared light breakfast with coffee. I took the breakfast and coffee sitting naked on his lap, feeling his hot cock touching on my ass and I was giving him my hot ass touch on his cock.

Our naked bodies were rubbing against each others. We finished our breakfast and we both were feeling tired due to excessive and continued fuck game we played since Friday night.

Both of our bodies were needed some rest to become fresh for working on next day, Monday. "Let's do each other one more time before we put break on it for tomorrow's freshness. Now we will use our mouth." He said. I counted, he had cum six times during previous day amateur lesbian 4 tube porn I had countless orgasms. We climbed onto the bed in a sixty-nine position and slowly licked, kissed and sucked each other's sex organs for what seemed like an eternity.

I had three orgasms before I finally received his cream treat as my reward. We kissed and exchanged the taste of our juices until we decided to take rest as we were planning our lunch out in any good and romantic hotel.

This week end will be remembered by us for a long time for nonstop fuck between us after which we collapsed on each other in the evening on Sunday immediately on return after eating lunch outside. We woke up straight on Monday morning for our usual life. Julee