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Milf and old couple teen threesome bruce a messy old boy enjoys to sma
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A Photographers Dream bigtit babe in highheels dildoing her pussy Chapter 1 I answered the phone and instantly got a smile on my face when I heard Jenna's voice. Jenna was an acquaintance that I had met online and had gotten to know over time.

A real sweetheart and a body to die for, but she was involved so I never pushed anything. I always hoped I could get her to model for me some day, but so far no luck. Tom, I was checking to see if you were going to have any spare time at the studio in the next week or so? (Be still my heart!) I have some people that want some pics done, and I know that you would be the perfect person to do them.

(Damn.) They are exactly the type of people you love to work with, do you think you can do a shoot for them? Jenna knew I would not tell her no, so I told her sure, I had some time over the weekend, but the only thing was I had a student from the local university working with me right now. He was in the photography course there and was the son of a friend of mine. Jenna laughed and said that would be fine. I gave her the time for them to be there on Saturday morning, and after asking if I minded if she watched, (of course I said absolutely not, (Yea right!)) she told me they would see me then.

Well at least I only had to wait until tomorrow to see what she had set me up for. I had just bought a new digital camera and thought this would be a great time to check it out. I called Ryan and asked if he still planned on being at the studio tomorrow to which he said yes. I let him know we would be doing a shoot for a friend of mine and wanted to get set up and everything to go smoothly. Ryan asked what time I wanted him there and I said that 8am should be fine, as I had scheduled the shoot for 10.

Ryan said he would be there and ready to go so things were all set.

Chapter 2 I guess I should explain, I am a pretty versatile photographer, I do all the standard stuff, little kids, pets, family portraits etc., but I also had a very lucrative side line that I did not advertise, and that was personal photography, all very discreet and only for people that had been referred from previous clients. I had a special room that I used for those pics, one that was kept locked during the week. In there I had a queen size bed, with plenty of room to shoot all around it, nice and warm, all the convenience of a hotel and much more private.

Jenna had not said anything about what type of pics her friends wanted so I assumed it was just a friendly shoot. (Boy was I ever mistaken!) Ryan knew about the sideline of course he had helped on a couple of them. He was so flustered on the first one, it was comical. It was a xxx led is in horsh that I did pics for now and then so I asked if a student photographer could help with the shoot.

I knew that both liked to shock people with their behavior so I did not think it would be a problem. Sue was a 5'10"gorgeous redhead, DD's and a nice round ass, Jim was a good looking 6' man. Both were very outgoing to say the least, and thought it was funny when Sue walked in to the room and started stripping off her clothes and Ryan turned bright red and started stuttering. Ryan said later he couldn't believe how casual she was stripping in front of him and how beautiful she was.

Of course being 19 his cock almost tore its way out of his pants and he was afraid Jim would pound him. I don't think he lost his hard on the whole shoot. We had everything set up by 9:30 and took a little break while waiting on Jenna and her friends to arrive. The doorbell rang at about 9:45am and I went to answer the door. I opened the door and had the pleasure of seeing three beautiful women standing there, 2 blondes and my friend Jenna, a brunette.

My mouth must have dropped open, because Jenna watching me from behind the other two women started laughing. As the first blonde walked past me, I saw that she had the second blonde on a leash attached to a collar on her neck.

Once I had shut and locked the door, Jenna gave me a quick hug and introduced the other two ladies. The first was Kathy, and she was leading Wendy on her leash. I introduced Ryan when his mouth finally closed and playful latina cindy cruz invites him in for a bj we have a cup of coffee and they could tell me just what pics they wanted. Chapter 3 The ladies took off their coats and we set down to talk.

Ryan was extremely quiet, actually I don't think he could have spoken if he wanted to. Kathy had been wearing a long black leather Trench coat, and as she took it off the was wearing a sheer top showing off a very nice c/d cup set of tits being barely contained by a black leather bra.

This above a very tight black leather skirt holding a very nicely shaped ass not huge, but very well defined and plush, and high black leather boots and nicely shaped legs. Wendy was a short blonde, hot female cop xxx suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft a couple inches over 5' with a pretty face, and was wearing a short rabbit skin coat, a short black skirt almost like Kathy's, and shorter boots.

She did not move until Kathy told her to take off her coat and give it to Ryan. She removed the coat and was wearing a sheer top like the one Kathy had on, but she had no bra on, of course she really had no need for a bra, she had very small breasts, almost like a young girl just coming into puberty.

She did have nice nipples, which stood out very nicely against the sheer black lace. Her collar was like a black satin, and had a nice chrome chain that stood out very nicely against the black material. She was wearing small black patent leather boots that I can only describe as pixie boots.

Jenna as usual had her shorts, a t shirt and her flip flops, but even these did not detract from the fact that she was a very pretty and sexy lady in her own right.

I could tell Jenna was getting quite a charge out of Ryan's reaction to the two ladies she had brought to us. Kathy and Jenna sat down at the small table so we could discuss the photos that Kathy would like taken, almost as soon as Kathy sat, Wendy knelt down on the floor beside her unmoving and unspeaking. I sat down and Ryan without being asked went back and started setting up the "special" room in case it was needed.

Kathy said she wanted a full range of photos of her "little cum slut" so that she could pick out some for sale, and some for business cards. If at some point, she decided to be in the pics she would join, if not she would make sure her "cum slut" cooperated in every way needed.

As Kathy said this, I looked at Jenna and she was smiling like the cat that ate the canary. I after a workout candice dare is craving a fat hd only imagine what was about to happen in the next couple of hours. I suggested we start out with some standard poses for Wendy and go from there, so that was what we did. I posed her on a stool, standing, looking back over her shoulder, and kneeling, the standard poses.

Then I had her bend over and put her elbows on the stool and let her chin rest on her hands. This stretched out her legs and thighs and made her small ass very defined. Wendy definitely had a well-toned body, and if she had even b cup tits would have had a very balanced shape.

Bent over like that, it was very obvious that she had no underwear whatsoever.

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She had a natural gap between her legs, and her plump smoothly shaven mound glistened in the light of the flash against the black leather of the skirt. I asked Wendy to pull her shirt up so that it was just above her nipples, and reach up and run her fingers through her hair. She did not do it fast enough for Kathy apparently, because all of a sudden Kathy yelled "Slut didn't you hear what Tom said?

Get that shirt up over those tiny tits of yours." Wendy jerked like she had been smacked xxx sexsey storys full sex stories said Yes Mistress quickly pulling her shirt up the way I asked.

Ryan had been adjusting the light angles and all the other things a good assistant is supposed to do, and all the while hardly taking his eyes off of Wendy. Kathy had apparently noticed his interest too, because after I shot that shot she told Wendy to turn around and bend over and put her hands on her knees and look back at us between her legs.

Not satisfied, Kathy told her to spread her legs some more. This had the effect of her skirt riding up and her glistening pussy lips spreading open a little bit. Ryan let out a very low groan and just stared at Wendy's ass and pussy only a few feet away from his lusty gaze. Kathy chuckled and told Wendy to run her fingers over her pussy.

Wendy reached back and slowly stroked her glistening slit from her tight little puckered asshole, lightly between her shiny lips to her clit. I just kept snapping shots as Kathy directed Wendy to do the poses that she wanted. Chapter 4 I was sure Ryan would be running for the bathroom at any time as Kathy kept teasing him with Wendy's body, and watching Kathy's face as she did it, she was doing it deliberately.

On the last shot in front of the backdrop Kathy had Wendy pull her skirt up around her waist and lay on the floor. Pull your legs up she told herwider apart, now reach down and put two fingers in your sloppy pussy, and work it until I tell you to stop. I started shooting pictures of Wendy fingering her wet pussy from all different angles.

I had to admit, the close ups of Wendy's hot wet pussy were even starting to get to me a little bit. I could see her juices running between her fingers and down her hand and she pumped them in and out. Ryan was turning into a basket case watching her finger fucking her little pussy just a couple of feet from him. I looked over at Jenna and her gaze was locked between Wendy's legs, and she was slowly rocking back and forth from one side to the other. Kathy had been watching Ryan and the very prominent bulge in his pants.

She walked over to him and whispered something in his ear and he said something back to her. Kathy walked over to me and said I want Ryan to help in the pics but he says he can't because everyone knows him, can you keep his face out of the pictures?

I can do that no problem and as long as he is willing no problem with me. Kathy told Wendy to stop and get on her knees with her profile to us. She asked Ryan to stand in front to her and had Wendy get his cock out of his pants. That was a chore as Ryan was hard as a rock and looked like he might blow his wad right then. It looked like the boy had a respectable 7" or a little more, and it was throbbing.

Kathy told Wendy to hold his cock head in her mouth but she better not make him cum yet. I started shooting as Kathy had Wendy slowly slide Ryan's cock into her paula shy and kari licking pussy by the pool. Kathy yelled "stop" and I thought Ryan was going to cry. Kathy walked over to Ryan and moved him behind Wendy. Wendy tilted her head back and Kathy told Ryan to push his cock slowly into Wendy's mouth and don't stop until he could feel her breath on his ass.

Ryan looked at Wendy and then first time blooded vagina fucking image me, and I nodded. He put the tip of his cock on Wendy's lips and as she parted them he started sliding his cock forward. I was snapping away as his cock went further and further into the little blondes mouth. Ryan groaned as his cock hit the back of Wendy's throat and he grabbed her jaw as he shoved forward and buried his cock in her throat.

I was amazed Wendy took it all and did not choke or gag, obviously this was not the first cock to be where Ryan's was. I could see Ryan's cock move in Wendy's throat as he moved it back out. Kathy told him that if he came, pull out and shoot onto Wendy's face and in her mouth. Ryan shoved his cock down her throat again and quickly pulled it out grabbing his cock and pointing it at Wendy's upturned face.

Ryan groaned as the first large shot of his white cum hit Wendy right on her forehead sliding down towards her eyes, the second hit her nose and the third hit her dead center in her still open mouth, Ryan still pounding on his stiff cock managed to get one more shot in Wendy's mouth before stopping and staring at Wendy's cum splattered face. Clean him off Kathy yelled and Wendy took Ryan's still quivering cock into her mouth and cleaned every last drop from it.

Jenna had moved next to me as I was shooting the end of Wendy's throat fuck, and Ryan blowing hot cum all over her face and I could see she was flushed and breathing harder than normal. I could also see her large nipples poking out the front of her shirt. She was really getting in the photo shoot also.

Chapter 5 Kathy asked about the other room I had mentioned and I led the little group back to my private shooting area. She told Wendy to get the rest of her clothes off and get on the bed We spent the next fifteen minutes or so doing solo shots of Kathy's little cum slut as she loved to call Wendy, it seemed it was a constant reminder that Wendy was nothing more than a piece of meat lp officer drilling raven reigns pussy from behind Kathy to be used any way, or by anyone Kathy chose.

Ryan had stuffed his cock back in his pants, but you could still see the bulge there, Kathy asked him if he would like to fuck Wendy Ryan said he would if she did not mind.

That really pissed Kathy off, "it doesn't matter what she wants", Kathy was almost yelling, "I decide what that worthless little cunt wants".

Kathy calmed down and looked at Ryan and told him to get his clothes off and get on the bed. Kathy told Wendy to take good care of Ryan and make him happy but don't you dare cum you little slut. Wendy bent down and took Ryan's cock into her mouth and started slowly moving her head up and down on his hard shaft Ryan let out a large moan as Wendy shoved her mouth down until Ryan slid into her throat again.

Ryan reached down and put his hands on Wendy's head and started thrusting his hips, fucking deep into Wendy's throat. Wendy had to forcefully pull back off Ryan's cock to get a breath: Ryan didn't realize he wasn't giving her time to get a breath as he was sawing his swollen cock back and forth in Wendy's throat. Ryan released Wendy's head and she moved so she was straddling Ryan's cock.

Ryan was watching with great anticipation as Wendy slowly lowered her tight little body towards his cock. Ryan thrust upwards, pushing the head of his cock into Wendy's pussy, meeting her dropping body with his upward thrusting cock. Wendy gasped as on his last thrust she felt Ryan's cock hitting her cervix, trying to get still further inside her small body. I had set the new camera on the tripod, and had also turned on the video camera when we had come into the room.

I had two other cameras in the room at strategic points and hooked to remote releases, so that with the new camera, I could actually take 3 different shots every time I hit the remote shutter release. I had cleared taking the video with Kathy when I explained how the cameras were set up and how the remote took the different shots. Kathy was watching Wendy bouncing up and down on Ryan's cock and I noticed her hand sliding down the front of her tight skirt. I could see her fingers hitting the front of the skirt as she was sliding them on her playsome legal age teenager gives a blow. Jenna again was standing next to me, watching as I would hit the remote so all that was happening on the bed was recorded.

I noticed Jenna's breathing getting a little faster, and saw she was staring as Ryan pumped his cock into Wendy's bald pussy, her juices making both of them glisten. Jenna leaned against me as we were standing there, so naturally I put a supporting arm around her. (I am not a stupid man after all) I kept shooting the photos and pulled Jenna around in front of me so she could see better from that angle. From this position, Jenna got her first view of Kathy fingering herself as she watched Ryan and Wendy fucking on the bed.

Jenna slowly leaned back against me as she was turning her gaze back and forth between Ryan and Wendy fucking on the bed, and Kathy standing not 4 feet away very obviously now fingering her pussy. In spite of all the beautiful distractions, I had so far been able to keep on hitting the remote and putting this all on film as it were. I felt Jenna shift her arm and smiled as she shifted her feet also.

Her hand was slowly sliding into her karlee grey and xander corvus also. I heard her moan as I assumed her finger made its first contact with her clit. Her hips started moving slowly and seemed to be keeping the same rhythm as her hand, and Kathy's hand. Jenna's moaning was a little louder now, and I slowly slipped my hand under her shirt and up her ribs causing her to jump a little as I obviously tickled her some.

Ryan picked this time to flip Wendy over on her back and grabbed her legs bending them clear back against her shoulders. Wendy did not seem to mind though as she had a faraway look in her eyes as Ryan kept slamming his cock into her willing cunt. Kathy seeing the look on Wendy's face, made us all jump as she yelled "don't you dare cum you little cunt" at Wendy, snapping Wendy back to reality.

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Jenna and I had both froze when Kathy yelled, but I don't think Ryan even heard Kathy, he just kept pistoning his cock in and out of the little blonde pussy under him. Jenna started rubbing her pussy again, and was breathing even harder as she heard Wendy grunt each time the head of Ryan's cock slam into her cervix, trying to get even further into Wendy's body than he already was.

Jenna was relaxed against me again as I kept snapping pictures of Ryan furiously fucking Wendy's pussy, we could see her pussy lips being stretched out as he pulled out of her, and see them disappear back inside her and hear her moan as he thrust deep inside her again.

My hand touched the bottom of Jenna's large breast and I heard her give a little gasp as I cupped her heavy tit in my hand and started rolling her distended nipple between my thumb and finger. I looked over at Kathy and she was smiling big bood xxx sex stories story she saw my hand moving inside Jenna's shirt.

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Ryan let out a loud groan getting our attention as he pulled out of Wendy and grabbed his cock. He started pumping it and began shooting his cum once again. His first jet of hot cum shot between Wendy's legs and on her chest where her tits would have been if she had any, some of it hitting one of Wendy's nipple, and from there, he worked down each jet hitting lower until the last splashed off Wendy's clit dripping down into her still gaping pussy.

Kathy let out a groan and stood very still her hand not moving in her pussy, but Jenna, having started after everyone else did not have the chance to cum. I slowly took my hand off of Jenna's breast and from under her shirt, as I had to pretend I had all this under control and see what other pics Kathy wanted.

Chapter 6 Ryan lay on the bed almost in a daze, he had had a sexy older woman try to fuck him to death and she had done it at the command of another sexy older woman, and lustful hottie apolonia lapiedra gets her pussy eaten done it in front of his dad's friend, and a woman who seemed to be friends of them all. The guys all joked in class school boy and madam xnxx shoots like this, but he knew he could not tell anyone, and even if he did, who would believe him!

The bright side of being Ryan's age was how fast these young guys could recover. Kathy had told me what she wanted next, it was no surprise to me when she took off her clothes and lay down beside Ryan. Kathy called Wendy over to her and simply pointed to her pussy.

Wendy dutifully knelt between her legs and started licking her pussy for her. This caught Ryan's complete attention as he had never seen two women together, and he never thought it would happen while he was lying naked beside them.

Kathy smiled at him as he watched Wendy's tongue disappear between Kathy's smooth swollen pussy lips. Ryan felt his cock twitch and then felt Kathy's hand close around it. Kathy leaned over and took the head of Ryan's cock into her hot mouth, Ryan felt Kathy's tongue lapping and teasing the sensitive lucie clines tight pussy railed balls deep underneath and behind the head of it. It did not take long until Ryan had another rod of steel in Kathy's talented mouth.

Kathy took her mouth from Ryan's cock and pulled it in the direction of her chest. She helped Ryan straddle her chest without kicking Wendy in the face as she continued eating out Kathy's very wet pussy. Kathy took the bottle of lube from beside her on the bed and spread it liberally between her two large mounds. She pulled Ryan's cock between her tits and then held both large warm globes around Ryan's cock.

He did not need any instruction as he started pumping his cock back and forth between her sexy girl flashes her boobs and screwed mounds. Kathy leaned forward, and every couple of strokes, she would suck Ryan's cock head into her mouth for a second.

I was trying to concentrate and keep the remote going, but it was unbelievable how hot a scene this was, Kathy on her back getting her big tits fucked by Ryan, and Wendy still between Kathy's legs sucking on her juicy pussy and fingering her own pussy which was up in the air at the bottom of the bed.

Just when I thought I had it all under semblance of control Jenna moved back in front of me to have a better view, her breathing was already speeding up, and who could blame her with what we were watching. She leaned back against e like before, and I felt her arm move as her hand once again went down her shorts to her pussy.

I felt her body twitch as I pictured her finger encountering her swollen clit. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as I felt her hand start to move. I slid my hand under shirt once again and had no resistance as I cupped her large warm tit in my hand.

Jenna shifter her hips back against me as I teased her nipples and fondled those luscious mounds that I had lusted after in my best fantasies. Jenna had a wonderful hourglass figure, with gracefully shaped soft hips which felt like heaven pressed up against the front of me.

You have no idea how hard it was to keep working the remote and doing my job while heaven was literally knocking at my front door. The only distraction other than having to take pictures was Kathy yelling at Wendy that she better not cum until given permission. That came from Kathy between groans as she was feeling like she was going to explode between the young stud still pumping her tits, and periodically pinching her swollen nipples, and her personal slut eating her pussy.

I couldn't resist leaning over and kissing Jenna's neck, nibbling on her ears and working my way around to the other side of her neck and other ear. Jenna at this point was rubbing her ass up and down on my swelling cock. I slid my hand down from her tits, over her soft stomach and slid my hand into the band of her shorts.

I slid my hand under hers and down into heaven. My finger grazed her swollen clit as I slid it in between the soft lips of her cleanly shaved pussy.

I wanted to feel her heat, feel the way she moved and clasp my fingers with her pussy muscles as I slipped them in and out of her, listening to her moan as she ground against me as I fingered her closer to the orgasm she had been cheated out of before.

I felt Jenna's hands come between us as she pulled the back of her shorts down the cheeks of her ass and come back to find the button and zipper of my jeans. She unzipped my zipper and unbuttoned them and pulled then and my boxers down and gasped as my swollen cock sprang forward right between those lovely cheeks I had been lusting after. Jenna opened her legs a little and pushed back against me, trapping my cock between her legs and against her swollen pussy lips and started rocking back and forth.

I knew that if she kept this up, there was no way I would be able to keep from shooting my load. Kathy screamed and her back arched in the air as a tremendous orgasm burst through her body, her legs shaking and quivering as she held Ryan suspended locked hard between her tits. Ryan Started cumming and shot his load all over Kathy's face which caused Kathy to start another orgasm.

Just as Kathy started her orgasm, I felt Jenna tilt her pelvis a little and the next time she thrust back against me she started her own orgasm as I kept circling her clit with my finger. I felt my cock hit Frist time fucking vedifree download cervix as she shoved herself deep on my cock and I exploded inside her as I felt her hot cunt sucking every drop of cum I had inside her, flooding the lovely lady I had lusted after.

I held Jenna up, supporting us both as we looked at the bed. The only unsatisfied person in the room, Poor little Wendy was laying on the bed by herself, Kathy finally moaned, "Wendy you can cum now" we watched as the little blonde cum slut furiously fingered herself to her own orgasm.