Slut self pleasures her taut cunt squirting and japanese

Slut self pleasures her taut cunt squirting and japanese
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It was just another summer day.

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The wife was away, probably screwing some man she had just met, and I was left at home to watch my thirteen year old daughter. I sighed as I watched my daughter jump over and over again into our pool, each time asking me if the splash she had made was bigger than the one before. I'm a forty-five year old history teacher at the local high school, so I spend the summers home with my daughter while my wife goes off on 'business trips'.

It's no secret that my wife has many, many affairs. We're only still married because of the money I have. I refuse to file for divorce, because I will lose all of the money that was entrusted to me.

My parents were rich, and when they passed a year ago, all of their money went right to me. We used a good portion of it to move into the house we live in now. It is gorgeous, but has a lot more space than we need. But my wife fell in love with it, so we bought it. Our backyard, is complete with an in ground pool, and sun bathing chairs, which is where I've found myself for the last few days with my daughter.

I looked over at my cell phone as it vibrated on the horny young honey screwed by old man next to my chair. My wife was calling me.

I rolled my eyes as I ignored the call and settled comfortably back into the chair. It had been a while since my wife and I had been intimate. She was too busy screwing everyone else, and I couldn't find it in myself to be sexually attracted to her anymore. Don't get me wrong, my wife is beautiful. But the thought of so many other man being with her, has ruined the sexual desire I used to have for her. "Daddy, watch this!" My daughter Lee yelled from the diving board.

I watched as she bounced once on the diving board before flinging herself into the pool. Her body plummeted to the bottom of the pool, and the water came splashing out, getting my legs wet. I laughed as she surfaced. "How was that splash?" She asked. "The best one yet!" I said. "You even got my ravishing playgirl audrey bitoni gets screwed hard brunette big tits wet!" Lee giggled as she surveyed the water that had splashed onto the concrete around the pool.

She nodded her head in approval as she pulled herself up the ladder and out of the pool. My breath caught in my throat as I watched my daughter.

She shook her head from side to side to rid her long brown hair of excess water. She turned to face me with a smile, but I couldn't meet her eyes. Her bathing suit has shifted to the side, exposing her left breast. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. Her young breast looked so nice, I just wanted to touch it. I quickly scolded myself for even thinking something like that, and blamed it on my lack of sexual intimacy that I have been experiencing lately. A breeze whipped past us and I watched as my daughter's nipple became hard!

I couldn't ignore the sudden tightness in my swim shorts, and quickly pulled a towel over my lap. What was wrong with me?

"Uh, honey," I said. "Yes daddy?" Lee asked, completely oblivious to her bathing suit malfunction. "Fix your top honey," I said. Lee looked down and her face flushed a deep red. "Oh shoot," She said. "I'm so sorry daddy, I didn't know." "No need to apologize," I said.

"Just be more careful." Lee nodded her head and walked away from me and back towards the pool. She swam around a little longer, completely forgetting about her attempts at jumping off the diving board. Soon the sun began to set, and Lee walked over to me. "Can I have that towel Daddy?" She asked. I nodded as I handed her the towel, and the two of us moved back into the house to relax some more.

A little after Lee went to bed, I lay awake in my bed. The vision of my daughter's breast kept returning to my mind no matter how hard I tried to stop breathtaking centerfold is presenting her gaped juicy honey pot in closeup spreading fingering, and soon I was experiencing another hard-on.

I couldn't stop myself from letting my hand move down to my erection and start stroking it. I knew it was wrong to get hard from the vision of my daughter's breast, but I couldn't help it. I hadn't been hard like this is ages, and it felt good to know I would get a release. I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee. As I made my way down the hallway, I heard something coming from Lee's room.

I was assuming she was having a bad dream, and walked over to her door. I pushed it open slightly and looked in. Lee was lying on her back, legs spread wide and I watched as she moved her fingers over her pussy again and again. I felt my cock getting hard. I couldn't look away as my daughter squirmed around her bed, soft sighs escaping her half parted lips. I watched as her finger ran over her clit and her hips bucked towards her fingers as she moaned.

I felt my cock leaking pre cum, and reached down to start jacking off. In the back of my mind, I knew how wrong this was, but right now all I wanted to do was cum with my little girl. Lee sighed again as her finger continued to glide over her swollen clit. Each time her finger hit the sensitive nub, her body would quiver and she would moan.

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I grunted as my cock throbbed. Lee was shaking now, her finger rubbing vigorously over her clit, and I knew she was about to cum. I stroked my cock faster, reaching down to rub my balls in my other hand, knowing what was coming next. Lee moaned again, this time louder than before as shivers over took her body.

Watching her cum was all it took for me to start spurting stream after stream of my own cum. The next morning, I awoke with vivid memories of the night before.

I could still see my little girl playing with her pussy until she came, and it didn't take long for my cock to be rock hard.

I was slightly irritated that the thought of my very own daughter was getting me hard, but I blamed it on the fact that I hadn't had any kind of sexual intimacy in a very long time, and the sight of this young beautiful girl was a really big tease. In my mind, that was okay. I got out of bed and walked quickly down the hallway and into the bathroom. Once I was finished, and I was no longer hard, I walked over to Lee's room. I knocked on the door before opening it. Lee was asleep.

I sat on the edge of her bed and shook her shoulder softly. "Lee, honey," I said. "Wake up." "Mmmm, Daddy I'm still sleepy." I felt my cock twitch as the words Mmmm and Daddy escaped her lips. I shook the thought from my head. "Come on baby girl," I said. "It's time for breakfast." Lee's eyes fluttered open and she yawned softly.

"Okay Daddy," She said. "I'll be down in a minute." I nodded my head, content with her answer, and left her room. I took a few deep breaths, making sure I was completely in control of what my cock was trying to do, and headed towards the kitchen.

I grabbed two bowls, a box of cereal, two spoons, and the container of milk from the fridge, and set them all on the table. I poured the cereal into both bowls and sat at the table to wait for Lee.

A few moments later she walked into the kitchen in her pajama shorts and a small tank top, and I poured milk into our cereal as we began to eat. "Daddy, can I go swimming after I eat." I smiled. "Of course you can," I said. Lee's face lit up.

"Thanks Daddy!" She said. Lee and I ate breakfast, talking amongst ourselves. The air conditioning kicked on, sending a gust of cool air over both our legs. I almost choked on my cereal as I watched Lee's nipples get hard underneath her tank top. My cock twitched involuntarily as they became harder. "Baby, why don't you get changed, and we'll meet out in the backyard and go swimming." Lee nodded.

"Okay Daddy," She said. Lee hopped up off her chair. She grabbed her cereal bowl and mine and put them in the sink before hugging me. I hugged her back and as she pulled away I felt my hand glide softly over one of her already hard nipples.

I watched Lee's body shiver and my cock sprang to life. Lee pulled away and took a step towards the stairs, but stopped shortly. "Daddy, what's wrong with your pants?" She asked. I looked down and noticed just how visible my hard on was. "Oh," I said. "Nothing, honey." "Daddy, are you okay?" She asked. "I'm fine honey, really, nothing is wrong." Lee took a step closer to me, unsure of what to do. "Daddy, you don't have to lie to me," She said. "If there's something wrong, you can tell me." "Baby, there is nothing for you to worry about," I said.

"I promise." "Okay Daddy," She said. She hugged me again, this time her hand grazed my erection. "Daddy!" She said. "Why is your lap hard?" "Lee, I think you should go get changed." "But Daddy-" "Lee!" I said, trying to make my voice sound serious, but the thought of her hand on my cock was not helping.

"No Daddy," She said. She was adamant to help with this problem she was convincing herself I sexy brunette lady gets fucked for cash in the pawnshop masturbation hardcore. Before I could blink, she grabbed my cock through my pants.

My cock throbbed. "Daddy, I don't think this is right," She said. "I've sat on punishteens daddy makes step daughter take a hard fuck punishment missionary lap a lot of times, and big toys make two hot babes happy has never been there." I know!

I wanted to yell. It's never happened before! "Baby, you need to move your hand," I said.

She looked confused and moved her hand down the length of my cock. Well, I did tell her to move her hand, but that's not what I had meant! However, it felt so good! "Daddy, please tell me what's wrong," She said. I wanted to scream. My daughter was convinced that there was something wrong, and she wasn't going to stop until it was fixed. "Honey, sometimes this happens to Daddy," I said, not sure of how I would explain this. "Well, how do you make it go away?" She asked.

"Well, I uh, I rub it…" God what an awful explanation. "Like this?" She asked as she moved her hand back up the length of my shaft and down again. "Oh god yes," I said without thinking. Lee smiled, seemingly happy that she was 'helping' me.

She continued to rub my hard cock up and down through my basketball shorts. I was leaking pre cum now, and I felt that at any moment I was going to cum. "Baby, pull down Daddy's shorts," I said. Lee did as I asked, and my cock sprang out from underneath them. Lee's blue eyes went wide as she looked at my hard cock. She looked like she wanted to ask a question, but instead she put her hand back on it and continued to jerk me off. I pushed my shorts down a little more. "Daddy what are those?" She asked as she let a finger trail over my balls.

"Those are Daddy's balls," I said, completely forgetting all subtlety. "Do they hurt too Daddy?" She asked. I wanted to tell her nothing she was doing was hurting me, however my mind was in a completely different place right now. I nodded. "Should I rub them too?" She asked. I nodded again. "But very softly honey." Lee nodded, a look of determination on her face. She continued to stroke my cock with her tiny hand and slowly, and very unsurely, she moved her other hand down to my balls and began to rub them softly.

I moaned as Lee unknowingly continued to jerk me off. The site of my daughter stroking my cock was, for an unknown reason, making my cock swell even more, and without warning, I began to spurt stream after stream of cum. It went everywhere. It covered Lee's hand, landed on my shirt, on my balls, on Lee's tank top, and one large glob of my cum landed on my daughter's lip. I watched as she absent-mindedly licked her lips. "Daddy I'm so sorry!" She said, looking at the mess.

"Did I hurt you?" I tried to control my breathing. "No baby, you did great," I said. "I feel so much better." Lee smiled. "Okay, good," She said. "But what's all this stuff." How to explain this? "Well, that's what happens when Daddy feels better." I said. "It's my… happiness." Lee grinned. "Well it tastes good!" She said. My cock spit out one last pathetic stream at the sound of her words.

"Well now that you feel better Daddy, I'll go get changed and we'll go swimming!" That night, a thunderstorm hit pretty bad. As long as I can remember, Lee had been terrified of thunder and lightning. She was curled up on the other side of my bed and she was sleeping pretty soundly as of right now. I rolled over onto my side to face her as I felt myself getting tired. "Daddy," Lee's said quietly, scaring me slightly because I thought she was sleeping.

"Yeah, honey?" "Can I cuddle with you?" She asked. "This storm is scary." "Of course you can hon," I said. Lee scooted closer to me so that her back was flush against my chest. Soon I heard her snoring softly and smiled, knowing she was comfortably asleep. Every now and then, through her sleep, she was snuggle closer to big titted milf wants cumshot over her large boobs, accidently rubbing her ass against my cock.

Needless to say, it didn't take long before I had another hard on. Now I was stuck. Lee's body was flush against mine, and if I moved I would surely wake her, however this hard on wasn't going to go away anytime soon. Lee snuggled against me again, this time her shorts slid slightly down her ass, exposing the top of her ass crack to me. My cock twitched at the sight. I was going to move Lee, and if she woke up I would simply tell her I was going to use the bathroom.

I rolled her onto her stomach, and quickly regretted the idea. As I rolled her, my cock slipped through the front of my boxers, and was settled comfortable on my daughter's ass.

I was already leaking pre cum and I watched as it dripped onto the top of her ass crack. I lost control at the precise moment. I slid her shorts down so that they were just below the cheeks of her ass, and I slid my cock between them.

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The feeling of being between her ass cheeks was phenomenal! I moved slightly, letting my pre cum lube my cock. Soon enough, it was easy for my cock to move up and down between her cheeks. I had to control myself, I couldn't afford her waking up. I moved as slowly as I could, overly enjoying the feeling of my cock in my daughters crack. I felt my orgasm building and before I could figure out where I was going to cum, my cock began throbbing as I came all over my daughter's back and ass.

"Fuck," I said as I hurried to move off her.

I stopped once I was off the bed, to listen, and sure enough she was still snoring softly. How she has slept through that Maria ozawa anal squirt sex stories movies have no idea. I hurried to grab a towel from the hall closet and began to clean off my daughter's back and ass, I carefully pushed her shorts back up and laid back down, before falling asleep. The next morning Lee and I were lying out back by the pool under the warm sun.

"Daddy," She said. "Yeah hon?" I asked. "Can I ask you a question?" "Honey you can ask me anything," I said. Truth be told, I was planning on having a little conversation of my own with my daughter about how her helping Daddy feel better had to be kept a secret.

"A couple of nights ago, something happened." My mind flashed to the site of my baby girl playing with her pussy, but she couldn't be asking about that. "What happened sweet heart?" "Well," She said, taking a deep breath.

"I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but my underwear kept riding up! And I kept moving them, but when I would roll over and try to get comfy they would ride up again, and sometimes it would feel good." My daughter stopped as she blushed.

My cock was getting hard at the thought of what this story was leading to. She was explaining to me the events that led up to what I saw the other night. I couldn't believe it. "It's okay baby, keep going." Lee took another deep breath.

"So, uhm, I just took my underwear off all together. And then I was thinking about how it felt good a couple of times when my undies were touching me, and I was wondering why.

So I started touching myself down there," She paused to point down to her pussy. "And at first, I didn't really feel anything good, and then I would move my fingers over one spot Daddy, and it felt so nice!

So I kept doing it, and it was getting really wet, and then something happened…" She paused to look up at me. I was trying to cover my hard on.

"My whole body felt really good Daddy, and I thought I peed… But when I checked my blankets after, I didn't pee, but whatever happened it felt soooo good." "Well honey," I said. "There is nothing wrong with what you did." "Really Daddy?" She asked. I nodded. "Really baby girl." She smiled. "Well, I don't really know much about it… So Daddy, I was wondering if you could teach me." My eyes went wide and my cock oozed a big glob of pre cum.

"Honey, I don't think that's a good idea." "But Daddy, please?" She begged. I sighed, there was no way I could teach her how to masturbate.

"I'll think about it," I said. Lee squealed. "You're the best daddy ever!" She said. "Oh, Lee," I said. She looked back at me.

"Remember when you helped Daddy yesterday?" I asked. Lee nodded. "Yes Daddy," She said. "Well, if Mommy or anyone else found out, they wouldn't be very happy." "Why not Daddy?" She asked.

"Well honey, Daddy would get into a lot of trouble." Lee frowned. "Don't worry daddy, I won't tell anyone. I don't want you to get into trouble." Lee ran off into the pool and began her cannon ball jumps again. I now had a massive boner, and felt a dip in the cool water would do me some good, so I did just that. I walked over to the shallow end of the pool and sat down on one of the bottom steps.

The water came up to my chest, and it felt nice. However, it did not get rid of my boner. Lee saw me sitting in the pool and swam in my direction. She sat on my lap before I had a chance to stop her. "Daddy, you're hard again," She said. My cock twitched. She hadn't meant it in a dirty way, remember, she thought it was a problem, like I was sick or something. I didn't respond. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the other stairs.

I was waiting for Lee to swim away, but amateur guys in dutch hooker sex adventures, I felt her small hand move beneath my bathing suit and grab a hold of my cock. She pumped her little fist, faster than last time, up and down up and down. I moaned, and Lee giggled. "Am I helping Daddy?" She asked. "God baby, you're helping so much," I said, once again without thinking.

I watched Lee push my bathing suit down, and move her hand back to my shaft while the other one moved to my balls.

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I watched my bathing suit float away. "Tony?" My head shot in the direction of the back door. My wife was home.

"Sue!" I said, louder than I wanted. "You're home early." Lee never stopped pumping my cock. "Yeah," She said. She slid the back door open. "What are you two doing?" She asked. I bit back a moan, as lee starting pumping my cock faster. "I'm teaching her how to float," I said. I watched my wife, two fantastic looking babes in a threesome onto the back deck. Lee gripped my cock tighter as she jerked me off, and started to massage my balls a little more, and that was all it took for me to spurt my seed up into the water.

"Okay," Sue said. "Well I'm going to go to sleep. I worked hard all weekend." I was still cumming as my wife walked away. Watch out for part 2. :)