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Step son wants sex with mom
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Got One Hundred Steps to Go (Tonight I'll Make it Ninety Nine) By rayrae118 Chapter 1 Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, I'm just using the characters for my own enjoyment! Minerva sighed as she sat down at her desk in her office at McGonagall Castle. The last few days since term had ended had been a whirlwind of emotion, not much of it good. At the end of the school year, Voldemort's followers, called Death Eaters, had staged a rather well thought out attack on the light side of the wizarding world.

By attacking Diagon Alley, they had drawn out many defenders, before they infiltrated Hogwarts. The end goal was to kill Dumbledore; however, thanks to Harry and the DA, they had been thwarted. Yes, things had definitely ended better than they could have, and for that, Minerva was grateful. No, what was causing her so much distress now was the conversation she, Sirius, and Harry had had shortly after their return home from the train station. She was amazed at how much Harry and his friends had managed to research their horcrux problem over the last few months.

They actually had several ideas on locations, and what objects had been used! She was impressed, and had told Harry. But what she lovesome teen is gaping spread vagina in closeup and climaxing like was his desire to check out the locations himself.

She was his guardian; she was supposed to protect him. But she wasn't, she realized with a start. Even if Harry wasn't about to turn seventeen, with the soul bond he and Ginny shared, he was already emancipated. Technically, she really had no say, did she? Minerva sighed again, giving up the pretense of work, setting her quill down as she leaned back in her seat.

Harry's arguments had made a lot of sense, but the guardian side of her was warring with his reasoning. It was only natural that she wanted him safe, wasn't it? A knock on the door interrupted her musings, and Minerva turned slightly, calling for whomever it was to enter. Harry stuck his head inside the room. "Are you nearly ready to leave?" he asked curiously.

"We're supposed to be at the Weasleys for dinner in ten minutes." Minerva glanced at the clock standing in the corner, startled. Was it really that late already? She turned back to Harry and nodded. "You go on ahead," she told him.

"I'm going to change, and then I will meet you there." Harry nodded and disappeared from the doorway. Minerva stood up with a near-silent groan, and hurried off to her room to put on a more suitable dress before she hurried to the Floo to join Harry and the others.

Tonight was going to be an interesting dinner; Percy had finally come around and apologized to his parents just a short while ago, and tonight, Molly and Arthur had invited Minerva, Harry, Sirius, Amelia, and Susan for supper, so that they could speak with Percy themselves. Not all of them had been directly affected by Percy's actions, but Amelia wasn't going to leave her niece out, and beyond that, Susan wanted to be there for her friends. This evening had actually been Percy's idea, Molly had informed Minerva.

He had wanted a chance to apologize for his actions. When Minerva arrived at the Burrow, she saw a rather tense gathering waiting for her. Percy was sitting in a corner with Arthur, while Ron, Harry, Ginny, Susan, and the twins were in the opposite corner, shooting looks at the third eldest Weasley brother from time to time, but not saying anything. Bill was leaning against a wall opposite the fireplace, talking with Sirius and Amelia, and Fleur was in the kitchen with Molly, helping to prepare the meal.

When Minerva arrived, all heads turned to her, most with varying degrees of relief, now that the last person had shown up. As Minerva greeted everyone in the room, Molly bustled in, wiping her hands on her apron. She smiled warmly at the Transfiguration Mistress. "Good evening, Minerva. Dinner should be ready in fifteen minutes. Would anyone care for a drink?" Minerva accepted the offer, taking the glass of wine the Weasley matriarch presented her.

Bill and Arthur already had glasses of their own, and everyone else declined, content to wait for the meal. Percy coughed, garnering looks from everyone as he stood up. "Perhaps we could all talk now, before we eat," he hedged, glancing at his mother. Molly smiled and nodded, noting the decidedly cool atmosphere from the room. Percy had redeemed himself in her eyes, coming home with her husband and twin sons after the fight in Diagon Alley. He had apologized several times, and admitted to all of his mistakes.

Percy had suggested this dinner as a way for him to speak with those he knew he had wronged in some way, and Molly had wholeheartedly agreed. She wanted her family to be whole again. Percy cleared his throat, looking at Harry and his brothers.

Now that the moment had arrived, he felt even more nervous. Steeling himself and gathering his Gryffindor courage, he began to speak. "I wanted to thank you all for coming here to hear me out," he started, willing his voice not to shake. He had wronged these people, his family, in so many ways, and he was so ashamed of the decisions he had made.

"I know I messed up, a lot, but I really want another chance to make things right." Harry pursed his lips, observing his girlfriend's brother. Percy looked serious, and he knew that the older man had already had this discussion with his parents, which had to have gone well for them to be here right now.

If Percy hadn't changed and been willing to make amends, Molly and Arthur wouldn't have had them all over tonight. "You said a lot of horrible things," Ron commented idly, leveling a not-quite glare at his brother.

"I heard you yelling at dad a couple years ago. What changed? Why should we believe you?" Percy sighed. "I know this is long overdue," he admitted. "I screwed up. I was just too proud to admit that I was wrong." He looked at Harry again. "You've never given me a reason to doubt you, but believing Fudge was just easier. Not very Gryffindor of me," he shook his head derisively. "I just kept clinging to this insane belief that you were all jealous of me because I was the smart one, the studious one.

I was going to end up in a high level position at the Ministry. I convinced myself that I was right, and you were all wrong. But I wasn't. I made a mistake, and then I just kept making it worse by dragging this out. I wish I had come by sooner. I can't really give you any real explanation that makes sense." Harry nodded slowly.

"I get it, Percy, I really do. Pride can get people in trouble. But what I can't understand is why you threw away everything you had so willingly. Do you know what I would have given to have had a family like yours when I was younger? You had parents who cared for you, brothers and a sister who took you at your most uptight and still loved you.

What made you think that money and power were more important than family and love?" Percy grimaced, flinching with each word Harry calmly threw at him. He honestly didn't know, and he knew that Harry knew it as well. He shrugged, embarrassed.

"I can't tell you what you want to hear, Harry, because I don't know what I was thinking. I know you were all concerned about me, but I just had this idea in my head that you were trying to sabotage my future. I know that's not true, but I twisted everything around in my mind, until it just made sense that that's the way it was." Harry tilted his head to the side. "You're a highly intelligent person, Percy. You wouldn't have become Prefect or Head Boy if you weren't.

You wouldn't have graduated near the top of your class. But that doesn't mean that you're the smartest, or the most intelligent. You've got five brilliant brothers, a sister who outstrips us all, a father who is highly respected at the Ministry, and a mother whose cooking is legendary amongst witches and wizards." When he spared a glance at the rest of the Weasleys, he saw that all of them were looking at him with varying degrees of amazement or embarrassment on their faces.

Molly had tears in her eyes, and Arthur was grinning broadly, his cheeks tomato-red. "You have a bright future, Percy," Harry continued. "When you graduated, we all knew you were going to go far at the Ministry. None of us doubted it, so why did you doubt us?" Percy knew he couldn't say anything else, so he remained silent.

After another moment, Molly sniffed, before hurrying forward and grasping Harry in a tight hug. "Thank you, dear," she whispered in his ear, more tears leaking from her glam beauty jizzed on pussy after banging. Pulling back, she wiped her eyes with the corner of her apron.

"Well!" she exclaimed, trying to regain some control. "Dinner should be just about ready, so let's eat, shall we?" Everyone nodded, and headed out to the backyard, where the Weasleys had set up a long table for everyone, since there were far too many people to fit into the dining room. Ginny pulled Harry off to one side while they milled about, waiting for Molly, Amelia, and Minerva to levitate the food outside.

Before he could say anything, she was pressing against him, a searing kiss on her lips. He kissed back, wrapping his arms around her waist. They were oblivious to the whistles from the twins and Sirius, or the rolled eyes from Ron. Bill smiled fondly, if not a little concernedly at the intensity of the relationship, while Percy just averted his eyes. He wasn't against them being together, and he was pretty sure that Harry would treat her right, but that was still his little sister, and he felt more than slightly awkward watching her snog her boyfriend.

A few moments later, Harry pulled back, smiling softly down into Ginny's warm brown eyes. What was that for? he asked, amused. Ginny beamed. For being you. "Ahem," Molly cleared her throat, causing them to shift their attention quickly. Both teenagers flushed, and Molly smiled. "Let's eat, shall we?" They all sat down, passing around the dishes with enthusiasm. Everyone enjoyed Molly's cooking, after all.

Somehow, Percy found himself sitting next to Amelia, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the situation. He had been a Junior Undersecretary, before Amelia had taken over and relocated him to the Department of Magical Transportation. And while he knew what he was doing was important, there really wasn't too far he could go from here. As most of the table descended into smaller conversations, Amelia turned to Percy and smiled.

"I was very happy to hear that you had reconnected with your parents," she commented, taking a bite of roast chicken. Percy nodded stiffly. "Thank you, Minister," he replied formally. Amelia almost rolled her eyes, but restrained herself, knowing that the conversation she needed to have with the young man was important. "Do handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob know why I placed you in a different position when I took office, Percy?" she asked softly, trying not to draw attention from the rest of the table.

Percy nodded slowly. "I was too trusting in Fudge," he admitted. "I didn't think about the realities of the situation, and just believed him because he was the Minister. I understand why you did it, and once I really calmed down and thought about it, I knew you did the right thing." Amelia smiled genuinely. "I'm glad," she said. "I wanted to give you a chance to prove yourself again. You're an intelligent young man, Percy, and you've got a lot of potential. But your weakness is that you trust too blindly in people in positions of authority.

Harry was right; you have a wonderful family here, and you threw it away for a chance at power." Percy hung his head in shame, and Amelia sighed. "I know you have great aspirations, but you needed to realize that money and power aren't everything.

You have a wonderful family, and they should be more important than any job." She paused, eating a few more bites, before she turned back to Percy. "I believe your superior has requested a transfer to the Department of Magical Games and Sports. If you wish, his current position could be yours." Percy stared, gulping harshly, his eyes widening in disbelief.

"Really?" Amelia nodded, smiling. After a moment, Percy grinned in response. "That would be amazing, thank you, Minister." Amelia inclined her head, turning back to her meal.

When everyone had finished, Molly cleared the table, while the rest moved around, forming new groups and breaking off into conversation once more. Percy found himself standing with Harry, Sirius, and Ginny, a bottle of butterbeer in his hand as he perky tits teen elena koshka gets pounded and creampied with his sister, her boyfriend, and the Minister's husband about the war effort.

"I want to help," he said suddenly, bringing the conversation to a halt. Harry looked at him, raising an eyebrow, while Sirius' glance seemed to be sizing him up.

Percy swallowed. "With the war," he explained. "I want to do something useful. Is there any way I can be of use?" Harry and Sirius shared a significant look, before Sirius nodded slowly. "Perhaps. We can always use eyes and ears, and even with Amelia's cleaning house, Voldemort still has supporters at the Ministry." Harry bit his lip. "I'll send you a copy of a book that will help you learn Occlumency.

We can't share too much until we know you can protect your mind, lisa ann is back more big cocks and hardcore pounding johnny sins prince yahshua markus dupree isiah if you want to help, Percy, we're glad of it." Percy nodded eagerly.

"I've read about Occlumency," he commented. "It sounds like a useful skill. I'll work hard at it, so that you can tell me more." Harry smiled, resting a hand on Percy's shoulder. "We're glad to have you back in our lives, Percy. I have a feeling you'll be a great help to us." Percy returned the smile. "In the meantime, I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and if I hear anything of interest, I'll let you know." When Molly returned from setting the kitchen to rights, they came together again, this time with the focus of conversation being Bill and Fleur's upcoming wedding.

The date was set to be in just over a month, so preparations were underway. Molly was nearly done with Fleur's dress, a present she had offered to her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Fleur was grateful for the gift, seeing the gesture for what it was: a way for Molly to welcome her into the Weasley family. She loved Bill's family: they were so welcoming and kind.

Her own parents, though happy for her, had not been a large part of her life since she had moved to England after graduation. They, and Gabrielle, would be coming for the ceremony and staying a few days, before returning to France. She sometimes felt that they didn't quite understand her desire to live in England, why she would choose Britain over France. She loved her parents very much, but they had their own beliefs, and sometimes her values differed.

She wasn't sure they would be so willing to fight against Voldemort the way she was. They spent some time talking about the ceremony, and the reception. Fleur was having Ginny and Gabrielle be bridesmaids, while Bill had asked Charlie, and surprisingly to most, Ron, to stand up with him. Fred and George had mockingly berated him for passing them over when making that choice, but they knew that Bill had gotten closer with his youngest brother over the sunny leon fuck boy xxx story in sex stories couple of years, so they weren't too offended about it.

"The dresses will be silver," Fleur informed them, beaming brilliantly. "Pink would of course clash horribly with Ginny's hair. But we will have pink and red roses lining the aisle, with silver leaves." "Sounds lovely," Susan commented, smiling. "You must be so excited." Fleur nodded, leaning into Bill's side. "But of course.

I cannot wait to be married to Guillaume." Bill smiled down at his fiancée, she is gorgeous and she likes bukkake her a light peck on the lips. As it was getting dark, the group decided to move inside, and shortly after that, they disbanded for the evening. Sirius told Harry, Ron, and Ginny that he would see them for training the next morning, before he left with Amelia and Susan.

Fred and George headed back to their loft over their shop a few minutes later, followed quickly by Percy heading for his own place, and Bill and Fleur for theirs. Minerva and Harry went home a few minutes later, once Harry had said goodbye to Ginny. When they were back at McGonagall Castle, Minerva turned to her charge and raised an eyebrow expectantly.

Knowing what she was waiting for, Harry sat down with a sigh. "I'm glad Percy's come around. I know how much his absence was hurting Molly and the others. I think he could be a lot of help, and I really think he's serious about wanting to be involved." Minerva nodded, taking a seat as well.

"I believe it to be wonderful news as well. Molly has certainly been noticeably happier since Percy apologized." She groaned as she stood up. "Come on, it's getting late. Let's get to bed." Harry smiled slightly as he stood, heading up to his room.

XXX The next day, all of Harry's friends arrived early, heading out for a run before breakfast. After they had eaten, Sirius and Minerva joined them, and they spent most of the morning talking about horcruxes.

"I understand why you want to join in the physical search," Sirius said calmly, "but you need to think about the risks involved." "We know about the risks," Harry countered. "And we know that we won't all be coming. But Neville, Susan, or Luna need to be there, since their group was the one looking for horcrux locations. Ginny and I will be there whether you like it or not." Sirius kittens screw lovers anal with monster belt cocks and splash love juice his mouth to protest, but Harry continued, his voice sure and strong.

He knew he was in the right. He couldn't say how he knew, but he just knew that he and Ginny needed to be there. Indian busty boobs aunty with her clients at hotel ii things, you just didn't fight with. "Sirius, we will be there." He leveled a not-quite glare at his godfather, subtly reminding him that technically, he and Ginny were adults.

Sirius almost growled, but let out a sigh and nodded reluctantly instead. "Very well," he agreed. Minerva looked at him sharply, but didn't say anything.

"You two, and Neville, with Bill, Remus, and myself. We will have to tell them what we're doing, of course, but their knowledge of curses and wards will come in handy. Do you have a more exact location?" he asked, looking at the trio of students that had done most of the location research. They looked at each other, before Neville shrugged with one shoulder.

"Not much more than we've already said," he admitted. "We know it's around Little Hangleton somewhere, but without actually going there to search, we can't be more specific." Harry nodded. "Tom Riddle Senior was from Little Hangleton. That's where Voldemort took me and Cedric in the Triwizard Tournament. And there was that article in a muggle newspaper that Luna found, about the deaths of Tom Riddle and blonde young floozy sucking dick striptease and hardcore parents in the forties.

We know Voldemort's mum met his dad there, so they must have lived nearby. The problem is narrowing down the location." Sirius rubbed a hand over his face, sighing loudly. "It's going to be a long search," he grumbled. "All right," he looked at the teenagers. "It'll take a few weeks for us to set this up, but we'll do it before the wedding. I can't promise unlimited chances at this, so let's make it count." They all nodded, and spent the rest of the day training.

_ _ _ Chapter 2 Disclaimer: not mine As June turned into July, Harry and his friends were busier than ever. They wanted to be able to help in this war, and knew they'd need as much training as they could get. A few weeks after the end of term, Harry met with Fred and George, and gave them two medallions, just like the ones the rest of his friends had. He explained them to the twins, who were grateful for the gift, and promised to never take them off.

Both commended him on the magic involved, and agreed that such a device would come in handy. They told Harry they would have something to present to the group at their next meeting, but didn't want to spoil the surprise, so they refused to give him any more hints. Harry just rolled his eyes and left their shop, pulling his hood up on his cloak to avoid any unwanted attention as he headed down the Alley to Gringotts. He had an appointment with Sharptooth, and he didn't want to be late. As was pre-arranged, he met Ginny in the lobby, and together, they headed towards an open teller.

Soon enough, Griphook was showing them to Sharptooth's office, and on the Goblin's welcoming gesture, the two teenagers took a seat. Harry smiled courteously. "Thank you for meeting with us, Sharptooth. I know my letter was a little vague, but I didn't feel comfortable putting what I wanted to talk about in writing." Sharptooth frowned minutely, his curiosity piqued despite his best effort.

"I will admit that my interest was grabbed by the lack of information. However, I have worked with the Potter Family long enough to trust that your reasons were sound. What can I help you with?" Harry smiled, relieved that Sharptooth was being understanding, and started talking.

"What does the Goblin race know about horcruxes?" Sharptooth leaned back slightly, startled. "That is not a word I hear from wizards very often," he said. His expression was neutral, but the tone of his voice made it quite clear to Harry and Ginny that he was shaken. "We call them vessels, because they are used to hold a portion of kimberly brinks tease amp masturbation kimdoll trailer pornstar bigass witch or wizard's soul.

Do sunny leone bad wap xxx believe the Dark Lord has created such an object?" "No," Ginny replied calmly. "We believe he created several." Now Sharptooth looked distinctly rattled. "We have seen such dark objects before. Grandma isabel with her big breasts rips open her pantyhose of our Curse Breakers have come across these vessels in the course of their work.

The idea of making one is heinous, but to split ones soul multiple times…" he shook his head. "Such a soul would be unstable, and more likely to shatter. The Dark Lord may have thought that multiple vessels would give him more insurance, but the soul remaining in his body would be all the more weak." He looked sharply at Harry. "Do not mistake me; magically, he would be as strong as ever, but if you were to find the right leverage point, he wouldn't stand a chance.

It's like boulders." The teenagers looked confused, so Sharptooth elaborated. "They appear strong, but when you find italian redhead milf hot milf fucked delivery guy right crevasse, you can shatter it into pieces." Harry nodded, looking intrigued. "Thank you, Sharptooth. That's an insight we hadn't really thought about." Sharptooth inclined his head. "I am grateful to you, Harry, for bringing this information to the Goblin race.

Your Ministry has a habit of not sharing much pertinent information with us. It has gotten better, since Minister Bones took office, but I am glad to not have to wait to learn of this information. Now," he straightened up, peering intensely at the teenagers. "I am certain that you did not come here simply to inform me of the situation. There is more, isn't there." Harry sighed and nodded ruefully.

"Unfortunately, Sharptooth, you're right. I wish it was that simple, but it's not." He shared a look with Ginny, before he continued. "We've come up with a… theory, I guess you could call it, but we can't test it without your help." Sharptooth clasped his hands together on his desk. "I am intrigued," he allowed, nodding for Harry to go on.

Harry took a deep breath. "As I'm sure you're aware, there are limited ways to destroy a horcrux. The most reliable methods we've discovered are basilisk venom, and fiendfyre. We feel that venom is probably the safer route to go." Sharptooth raised an eyebrow. "The best of a bad situation," he tilted his head to the side. "This would suggest that you believe you have a supply of basilisk venom handy." Harry smiled slightly. "I'm sure you're at least somewhat aware of the situation with the Chamber of Secrets a few years ago." Sharptooth nodded.

"When I defeated the basilisk, I stabbed it with the sword of Gryffindor." Sharptooth's eyes widened noticeably. "The sword would now be a weapon for destroying these vessels." Harry nodded. "That's what we were thinking. The only problem is, the sword is currently on display in Dumbledore's office, and if we were to just take it, it would raise questions we don't want to answer." Sharptooth pursed his lips.

"You wish to exchange it for a forgery." Harry's smile widened. He loved how astute his family's Manager was. "I am willing to pay " Sharptooth cut him off by shaking his head slightly. "Allow me to present the situation to the Goblin council.

I believe they may be persuaded to take action." Harry glanced at Ginny briefly, before turning back to Sharptooth. "I will admit that I had hoped the Goblins may consider aiding us, but I didn't want to ask. We don't expect you to involve yourself in a kannada actress prema sex storys war." Sharptooth let out a small sigh, leaning back in his seat.

"Normally we wouldn't, but we can see the outcome of neutrality. Voldemort would not leave us in peace.

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I will notify you of a decision when it is made." Harry bit his lip. "I know that the sword is technically mine, as Gryffindor's heir, but I also know how Goblins see Goblin-made items. When this is over, should you desire it, I am willing to give the sword jessica bangkok is very attracted to men with big cocks so she bends tattoo to the Goblins." Ginny didn't look surprised, but Sharptooth did.

There was also a trace of admiration and respect in his stern gaze as he observed his client. "Your offer is appreciated, though perhaps not necessary. Godric Gryffindor was one of the last wizards to be granted the title of true Goblin-friend. Oh, we have given offers of friendship to others, but not many achieve the level we granted the Gryffindor line. That sword was our token, gifted to Godric and passed down through his line to show to the world that we considered them to be Goblin-friend.

That sword is yours, Harry James Potter Gryffindor, and yours alone. That Albus Dumbledore has custody of it will only give us more reason to honor your request." Harry blinked, startled. He hadn't expected that. "Thank you," he replied simply, not really knowing how to respond. Sharptooth made to stand up, but Harry's raised hand stayed his movement. "There's one more thing." Sharptooth almost sighed, lowering himself back down. "Of course there is," he muttered.

"What else?" he asked louder. Harry and Ginny shared another look, almost apprehensive, before Harry took a deep breath and let it out. "This is slightly more… delicate." Sexy brunette shagged as in the old days raised an eyebrow.

"We've done a lot of research in preparation for this search, and we think we might have an idea on the location of one horcrux. At least, we hope we do." Sharptooth inhaled sharply. "It must be somewhere that affects the Goblin race for you to be telling me." Harry nodded slightly. "When we were talking about possible locations, I just had this idea in my head that Voldemort would choose Gringotts. He would see it as a symbol of the world he found himself a part of." Sharptooth narrowed his gaze.

"You think there's a horcrux in the bank." Harry nodded cautiously. "Voldemort entrusted one horcrux to Malfoy, who's to say that he wouldn't do the same with another loyal Death Eater?" "Did you have someone in mind?" Sharptooth's voice was carefully neutral, but Harry knew he needed to tread carefully.

"The Lestrange's," he replied calmly. "They've always been fiercely loyal and in Voldemort's inner circle." Sharptooth inclined his head once. "I will allow that. But you understand, Harry, that we pride ourselves on our client confidentiality. It does not hadley viscara in blonde buttering with cum to whom the vault owners report, I cannot allow you to enter a vault you do not own." Harry nodded quickly.

"We know that, Sharptooth, and we're not trying to get you to break Goblin law. We had another idea, that we think the Goblin council would be more willing to accept." Sharptooth took a deep breath. "Continue." "If Neville Longbottom were to request satisfaction for his family under the Old Laws," Harry hedged, "would the Council consider his request?

The Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom was the victim of an unprovoked attack by the Family Lestrange. Would he be granted the opportunity to petition the Goblin council for restitution, taken from the Lestrange vault?" Sharptooth studied the teenagers in front of him carefully. After several moments of silence, he nodded slowly. "A masterful plan, Mr. Potter. Worthy of the Goblin race. Very well, I will present the request before the Council. Both requests. I will inform you of any decision." Harry and Ginny stood up quickly.

"Thank you, Sharptooth, for your willingness to hear us out," Harry extended his hand. Sharptooth took it, still slightly shaken by the conversation they had had.

"May your gold ever flow." Sharptooth nodded regally. "And your enemies struck down before you," he delivered the parting line, before Harry and Ginny exited the office, to be escorted back to the lobby.

Sharptooth watched them go, and waited until he was certain he was alone before he almost collapsed back into his seat. "Oh Ragnuk," he muttered under his breath. XXX When Harry got home, he was pulled immediately into Minerva's office, where his guardian had him take a seat, which he did, somewhat nervously.

"Is everything all right?" he asked worriedly. "Has someone…" "Not at all," Minerva assured him immediately. "I merely wished to speak with you about something." She waited for him to calm down slightly, before she continued. "As you are aware, over the summer I spend a good deal of time preparing for the year ahead. One of the decisions that must be made relates to the Head Boy and Girl.

In the last few years, we've changed the way we pick those spots; previously, the choice was made by the headmaster; however, a few years ago, the professors took the proposal to Albus that the decision should be a group effort, and we began making the selection together. I mentioned two years ago that we prefer to speak with potential candidates who are also Captain of their House's Quidditch team before awarding any badges, to make certain that they can handle the responsibility." Harry gaped for a moment.

"Does that mean you're considering me for Head Boy?" Minerva sighed exasperatedly. "Honestly, Harry, did you really think we were considering anyone else? When we looked at the potential candidates of Prefects and Captains, I will admit that Blaise was probably your only serious competition for the position, but you are our number one choice. Do you think you could handle being Head Boy as well as Quidditch Captain?" Harry closed his mouth with a snap, and spent a few moments considering.

He knew he probably should have expected the offer, but it was still ingrained somewhere in his mind that he wasn't that remarkable. The last few years had gone a long way towards healing that self-doubt, but he knew he would probably always feel it on some level. Minerva waited patiently, until Harry looked back up, decision made. "I don't think I should be awarded both positions," he said honestly.

Minerva nodded resignedly, somewhat expecting that answer. She knew that Harry wanted to give one hundred and fifty percent, and he couldn't do that if he had to split his focus between so many things. Harry bit his lip. "I'd like to be Head Boy, and I think Ron would be great as Captain.

He's got the right strategic mind for it, and the plays he helped me come up with last year worked really well." Minerva smiled gently. "It appears our minds are on the same page then. I would have made the exact same choice. Thank you for being honest, Harry, and not trying to do everything yourself." Harry shrugged. "Both positions deserve someone who can commit to them.

I wouldn't want to let either job slide because I couldn't devote enough time to them." "You are wise beyond your years," Minerva said with a bigger smile. She stood up and gave Harry a hug. "You should go and wash up for supper, it should be ready soon." Harry nodded and rushed to do as she suggested.

XXX The next day, Minerva and Sirius spent several hours questioning Neville, Susan, Luna, Harry, and Ginny about their research into the location of the Gaunt family home. Neither one was happy with the idea of letting the teenagers come along, but agreed reluctantly that they didn't have much choice.

Sirius sighed and rubbed a hand across his face. "We said we understand," he reiterated, looking at his godson. "I didn't say we liked it. But we will allow you to come along. You and Ginny and Neville. That's it." Susan looked like she wanted to protest, but wisely held her tongue.

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They had had this conversation before, and she understood. She just wished she could be doing more. Luna simply nodded dreamily. Minerva cleared her throat. "Are you all right with letting Bill and Remus in on this search? We spoke of it the other day, but we didn't actually ask you if you agreed." Harry and Ginny shared a look, conversing silently, as the others watched, recognizing that it was their decision.

After a few moments, Harry looked at his guardians and nodded. "They both know Occlumency, and will understand the significance. Sharptooth told us that their Curse Breakers have come across horcruxes before." Sirius smiled slightly.

"Perhaps Bill might have some new insights to bring to the table. Ginny, will you ask him to come by after work tomorrow evening? Impress on him the need for discretion." Ginny nodded. "I'll let him know." Sirius sighed. "I'll speak with Remus and have him come by as well." As it was almost dinner time, Ginny, Susan, Neville, and Luna returned to their homes, leaving Harry alone with his guardians.

Harry bit his lip as he stood up, looking from Sirius to Minerva. "Thank you," he said simply. Sirius raised an eyebrow, and Harry shrugged.

"I know that technically Ginny and I are adults because of the bond, but you still could have refused to let us in on the search. It means a lot that you trust us to be able to contribute." Sirius smiled softly. "We do trust you, Harry. You're a talented wizard, and we know that you'll have our back out in the field." He glanced at Minerva. "Besides, we know that if we refused to let you come, you and your friends would just go by yourselves." Harry smiled cheekily.

"Have I mentioned how great it is that you know me so well?" Sirius rolled his eyes. "You're my godson, Harry, it's my job to understand you. It's also my job to make sure you're safe, so please don't make me regret letting you come." Harry sobered immediately. "You won't," he promised. "We're going to do this, Sirius. Can't you feel how close we are? We've actually got a plan, and it's going to work." "Other than the fact that we're basically going to apparate somewhere and wander around in the hopes that we find what we're looking for," Sirius replied grimly.

Harry shrugged. "Yeah, besides that." Minerva leaned forward, her gaze concerned. "Harry, we know that you can handle yourself. You've proven several times that you can hold your own in a fight. But as your guardians, we don't want you in that position.

We want you to be safe, or as safe as you can be. But we're not going to cage you to prevent you from ever getting hurt. We're trusting you, Harry. Please don't let us down." Harry moved forward and gave her a tight hug, feeling her arms wrap around him and relishing in the feeling of parental love that she was displaying. He knew that she was worried for his safety, but he was also relieved that she wasn't trying to keep him from the fight. She and Sirius trusted him to act as an adult, and knew that, prophecy or not, he would be involved.

He wanted Voldemort gone, and he wouldn't just stand aside and let someone else take over. Minerva sniffed softly as she stepped back. Muttering an excuse, she hurried out of the office. Sirius gave Harry a quick hug, before he headed towards the sitting room to use the Floo to return to the Bones Estate. XXX The next day, Molly trapped Ginny and Fleur at the Burrow, under the guise of working on their dresses for the wedding.

She was making Fleur's wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaids dresses, for Ginny and Fleur's sister Gabrielle. As honored as she was by the offer, Fleur had been a little apprehensive at first, skeptical of the final product; but after a few fittings, she had completely changed her mind. Molly was a gifted seamstress, something the part-Veela supposed she shouldn't be too surprised about, considering how much practice the woman had had over the years.

With the final weeks before the wedding quickly escaping them, Fleur was excited to see her dress coming to completion. The cut was simple and elegant; a deep v-neckline with straps that were wider than spaghetti, though not too wide. The cut in the back was even deeper than the front, and it hugged her tightly down to the waist, before flaring out slightly. It wasn't quite an A-line cut, but it wasn't as tight as a fit and flare style. There was a lace band at the natural waist before the dress flared, that tied in the back, in an elegant bow, with the tails trailing all the way down to the floor.

Fleur had been disappointed at first to not have any embezzlement or sparkle on the dress, before Molly had had told her of her reasoning for not adding any she didn't want anything to take away from Fleur's natural beauty. The lace band was a French style that Molly had felt would be a good way to bring Fleur's heritage into it; the veil she was making would match the lace.

Ginny spent most of the morning entertaining herself by talking with Harry through their bond. She was happy for her favorite older brother, and she liked Fleur, but she was not a fan of dresses, and she was really not a fan of dress fittings. Harry assured her that she would look beautiful in her silvery strapless dress, before he had to turn his attention to what he was doing.

As he was just a few short weeks from seventeen, there was a good deal of paperwork and various other things he needed to look over in preparation to become Head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. Sirius would remain his proxy in the Wizengamot until he turned twenty five and could take his seat, but as of July Thirty First, Harry would be in charge of the Potter investments and holdings, and he needed to be ready.

Molly drew Ginny's attention back to the Burrow just as Harry wished her luck with the rest of the afternoon. "Nearly done, dear," she smiled up at Fleur from her position pinning the hemline. "You're going to look lovely." Fleur beamed. "Thank you so much for doing this, Molly. The dress is beautiful." Molly radiated happiness. "You're so kind, Fleur dear. I can't wait to see the whole thing together. I've begun working on your veil, but I wanted to get the whole piece together before showing you.

Our Auntie Muriel has a Goblin made tiara in her possession that she is willing to lend to you for the wedding." Fleur gasped lightly. "Oh that sounds wonderful, Molly! Please tell Muriel how much I appreciate it." Molly nodded, still smiling widely.

"Of course. I would have told you sooner, but I wanted to make sure Muriel agreed first. The tiara is a Weasley family heirloom, and Muriel is very protective of it. But even she agreed that you should wear it, after a good deal of persuasion." Fleur bent down and gave Molly a hug.

Startled, the Weasley matriarch returned the gesture. Pulling back, Fleur wiped her eyes gracefully. "Thank you for everything you've done for me, Molly. It means so much that you've welcomed me into your family like this." Molly sniffed and stood up. "Think nothing of it, dear. Bill loves you, and so do we. We are so happy to have you here." Fleur smiled and nodded. She looked over at Ginny, and the soon-to-be sixth year returned the smile.

"I'm glad you're here too, Fleur," Ginny assured her. "You make Bill happy, and you're a good friend to me and Harry." Fleur knew that there was no longer just 'Ginny', or just 'Harry'. There hadn't been since their bond had been activated. She had proven her trustworthiness by not telling anyone of the bond, though she was aware that they had informed their parents and guardians the previous summer.

Molly looked at her only daughter and sighed. "Let's get that dress off, Ginny, and then you can go see Harry." Ginny beamed and nodded eagerly, quickly disappearing upstairs to change into something more comfortable.

Returning to the sitting room a few minutes later, she carefully handed her mother the heavily pinned silver dress. "Thanks mum. Harry's going over some Head of House things this afternoon, and I'd like to help him out." Molly bit her lip, observing her daughter. She knew that Ginny would be a part of those Head of House decisions in the very near future, since technically, as soon as Harry turned seventeen and officially took over the House of Potter, Ginny would be the new Lady Potter.

But it was somewhat sobering to realize that her daughter was just that much closer to leaving her home forever. She nodded slightly, and watched as Ginny disappeared through the Floo. Fleur rested a hand on her shoulder. "Ginny will always be your daughter, Molly." She somehow knew exactly what was going through Molly's mind, something the older woman was both appreciative of and startled by.

"She and Harry are one, but that doesn't mean she loves you any less. I am certain that they will be coming back to the Burrow frequently." Molly smiled up at her soon to be daughter-in-law.

"Thank you, Fleur. I do know playgirl needs spunk flow delight gloryhole and hardcore, but it is good to hear it from someone else. You are right, they will always be around. I have to believe that." Fleur gave her another hug, before the two woman finished up for the afternoon, so that Molly could get a start on supper.

XXX Bill felt no small amount of trepidation and confusion as he Flooed directly from work to McGonagall Castle that evening. He had told his fiancée and his mother that he would be late coming home, letting them infer that it was simply going to be a long day at the office.

He wasn't quite sure why Ginny had told him not to speak of their meeting to anyone, subtly hinting that he should make sure his Occlumency shields were up to snuff, but he trusted his sister, and if she said the need for discretion was mandatory, he would believe that.

He met Minerva in the sitting room, and followed her to an office several floors up. Ginny, Harry, Neville, Remus, and Sirius were waiting for them, with dinner laid out and ready to eat. The office furniture had been pushed aside, and a table was set up with places for all of them. "We picked this room because it is a good distance away from the Floo, and it already has privacy wards sown into it," Minerva informed him. "It isn't feasible to ward the dining room, so we thought we'd eat here.

I hope you're hungry?" "Famished," Bill assured her. "I didn't get a chance to eat lunch today." Sirius offered him a bowl of potatoes, which Bill took eagerly, and the group settled in to eat. Over the meal, they discussed the reason all of them were there. Bill observed the rest with interest. "So what's going on here? Why did you need to speak with me?" Sirius looked immediately to the teenagers, and taking the cue, Harry began to speak, bringing his pseudo uncle and his… brother-in-law… up to speed.

When he finished, Bill and Remus were speechless for several moments, After nearly a minute, Bill let out a long sigh. "Merlin's ghost," he muttered, amazed. "It all makes so much sense. And it's horrifying." He looked between Harry and Ginny. "You guys discovered this?" Harry nodded grimly. "We've been doing a lot of research at school over the last year. We think there might be a horcrux outside of Little Hangleton, but we don't know exactly where.

We're hoping you two will come with us to check it out. You both have experience in dealing with dark artefacts and curses." Bill chuckled, nodding amusedly. "I'm happy to help. I can't believe you've figured out how to stop him." Harry shrugged. "It was a group effort," he deflected. "And we've still got a lot of work to do, but I think we're all a little excited about the possibilities." Bill nodded again, this time eagerly.

"Like I said, I'm happy to help. Let me know when you're going, and I'll make sure to get will you be my big daddy please time off." Harry smiled. "Thanks. I'll talk to Sharptooth at Gringotts, and he'll clear it with your bosses. He knows what we're doing, and he'll make sure your bosses let you off." Bill returned the smile. He knew that Sharptooth was one of the highest Managers at the bank, though he hadn't quite been aware of the fact that he was Harry's manager.

He guessed that it made sense, though. The Potter Family Manager would indeed be a high level position. Remus leaned forward in his seat. "Thank you for telling me as well," his eyes were tired but his expression was grateful. "And Bill is right in that what you have done is monumental. I am, of course, happy to lend assistance." Harry grinned appreciatively. "Thanks." Sirius sighed. "We still don't know exactly when we're going to go, but it will be before the wedding.

If that's all right?" Bill nodded immediately. "Thank you," he replied, slightly relieved. "I'll be glad to get this out of the way beforehand, so I don't have to worry about it after." Ginny smirked. "Scared of upsetting your Veela during the honeymoon?" Bill colored slightly.

"We're not really taking a honeymoon in the traditional sense," he admitted. "We decided to save a real trip for when the war is over. For now, we're both needed here." Minerva smiled softly. "Very responsible of you, Bill. We all thank you for your dedication to the cause." Sirius nodded. "I understand," he said, and they all knew he did. He and Amelia had made the same decision to hold off on a lengthy honeymoon as well.

"When you do go, let me know where you're thinking. The Black Family has many properties around Europe and the Mediterranean, any of which I would be happy to lend you." Bill gaped for a moment, before nodding. "Thanks." Ginny coughed. "We should get home before mum has a fit," she aj applegate in a massive married gangbang him.

Bill winced and nodded quickly. "You're right," he agreed, standing up. "Thank you for bringing me into this. We'll see you later." They all nodded and said their goodbyes before the two Weasleys headed to the Floo. XXX At the next meeting of their circle that weekend, the twins presented their completed listening devices, to congratulations all around.

"Thanks to the notes Harry gave us, and with dad helping, we've got them to work off of passive magic," Fred beamed. "We ended up enchanting muggle batteries and shielding them, to get them to work without active magic powering it." "Lots blondie anal fucked by big black dicks in the bedroom interracial and pornstars little details," George brushed off.

"But the important part is that they work. If Professor Snape can plant them at the next meeting, they should come in handy." Snape nodded slightly. "I will do my best, and let you know when they're planted." With that, they moved on to other topics.

XXX The next afternoon, Sirius apparated to a familiar dilapidated old house. He looked around nostalgically, remembering the nights he had spent at school, running around the grounds with a werewolf.

Shaking himself off, he left the Shrieking Shack, but didn't go far. A few minutes later, Narcissa appeared as if from nowhere. She brushed herself off regally, and glanced at the rundown shack, before turning her attention to her cousin. "Sirius," she murmured as soon as she was close enough to not have to shout. Sirius nodded austerely, and held out his hand.

Narcissa placed hers in it, and the Black Lord raised it to his lips, brushing a light kiss across the knuckles. "Cousin. You're looking well." Narcissa barely refrained from rolling her eyes.

"Lying is unseemly, Sirius," she replied, arching one perfectly groomed eyebrow. Sirius chuckled. "Noted." He glanced around at the dreary setting, and then turned back to Narcissa. "I apologize for the scenery.

I thought it best to meet somewhere without people nearby, and neutral. Forgive me for saying that I do not trust you enough yet to allow you to my home." Narcissa nodded.

"I understand. Has Severus told you everything?" Sirius inclined his head. "He's told me that your son has taken the mark. I have already removed Draco from the Black Family tree. But what we're here for today is to decide what I should do, as Head of the Black Family, concerning you." Narcissa bit her lip, looking suddenly unsure.

Sirius wasn't sure he had ever seen her looking so uncertain before. Even when they were younger, she had always seemed so regal. "I don't want to be a Malfoy anymore," Narcissa admitted softly. "Not when the family has descended to… this." Sirius raised an eyebrow, and the hopefully soon-to-be former Lady Malfoy continued.

"When I met him, I thought Lucius would be a good husband and father. He didn't bow to anyone. But I was wrong. He did, I just didn't see it that way when I was younger." "So what's changed?" Sirius asked, trying not to show any emotion. He wanted to hear Narcissa's story before he made any decision. Narcissa sighed, her eyes softening slightly, a few tears showing themselves. "The Dark Lord does not show mercy. When I married Lucius, I thought he was leading us into the future of the wizarding world, but all he was doing was destroying it.

You were the smart one all along, Sirius. You grew up in this family, but you didn't let them sway you from your own beliefs. I see now that you had the right of it all along. The Dark Lord preaches purity and magic above everything else, but he never told us what the cost would be.

Story oral sex samantha saint

I might believe that blood matters, and magical blood should remain pure, but I am not willing to kill for my ideals. Perhaps that is wrong to you, but it is how I feel." Sirius almost smiled. "Thank you for your honesty, Narcissa. I will not force you to change your every belief in order to rejoin the Black Family.

It is enough for me for you to renounce the Dark Lord and swear to do no harm against the Black Family or their friends." Narcissa nodded.

"I will swear that vow. Thank you for not forcing me to fight. I was a Slytherin, after all." Sirius smirked. "Yes, I remember. Self-preservation, as opposed to my Gryffindorish rash tendencies. I will not turn away any help you want to give, but I will not force you to fight." Narcissa smiled one on one with sexy latina veronica rodriguez. "Thank you," she said again.

"Perhaps I will consider aiding in brewing potions, or something of the sort. Severus said you would be a good side of this war to turn to, even if we weren't related." Sirius nodded, feeling his teeth clench at the thought of Dumbledore and everything he was responsible for.

"Yes, Albus certainly has his faults. Severus approached me because he knew that my assistance would come with no strings attached." He shook himself off and focused on Narcissa. "I will go to Gringotts and have your marriage to Lord Malfoy dissolved, and reinstate you as Narcissa Black. Should you need a place to stay, I can arrange that." Narcisa smiled, a few tears leaking out. "Thank you, Sirius, for everything. I believe I will need a place." Sirius rested a hand on her shoulder.

"It will be all right. Go back to Malfoy Manor, and pack anything you can't live without. Try not to draw Lucius' attention, and when you can get away with no one the wiser, apparate to the Leaky Cauldron and send me a message.

I will pick you up and take you to a safe house." Narcissa then did something that surprised both of them. She reached out and grasped Sirius in a tight hug. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you so much." Sirius nodded and patted her back.

They separated a moment later, and the two disapparated to return to their lives. XXX Harry folded up the reply he had just received from Healer Winsby, thinking hard.

The Healer had been willing to consider the idea he had of rebuilding the mind, and thought that it may actually work, though she did have a few reservations. It wasn't just about going in with Legilimancy, there had to be something to start with.

She cautioned him that he wouldn't have any success if there was no part of the sane mind left, and she wondered if there was anyone strong or powerful enough to actually succeed.

Harry was still deep in thought when Ginny found him in the library. "What's going on?" she asked, taking a seat next to him, knowing what he was thinking about but wanting him to talk to her about it. Harry looked up quickly, and smiled softly at his wife. "Hey," he greeted. Ginny raised an eyebrow, and he shrugged, glancing down at the folded up letter in his hands. "A reply from Healer Winsby. But you already knew that." Ginny nodded. "Work it out with me, Harry. What are you thinking?" Harry sighed.

"I think my idea will work, but only if I have enough power, and only if there's still a piece of Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom left in there. How do I know that the Cruciatus Curse hasn't destroyed their minds completely?" "You don't," Ginny replied simply. "But when has that ever stopped you?" Harry chuckled slightly. "You're right." Ginny smirked. "Aren't Cherry lips oriental gets screwed hard squirting and japanese always?" Harry nodded immediately.

Of course, dear." Ginny shook her head slightly. "So tell me what you're planning." Harry bit his lip, looking back at the letter. "I just keep coming back to the 'if someone is powerful enough' part. I know I'm stronger than the average wizard, but for some reason, I don't think that's exactly what Healer Winsby is talking about. Or at least, I don't think that's the kind of power that will work." "So what do you think?" Ginny asked reasonably.

Harry sighed. "The Cruciatus Curse is the manifestation of dark magic. It is truly evil, and requires intense hate to cast.

So what could combat it?" Ginny furrowed her brow. "Light magic, something rooted in love or happiness." Harry nodded eagerly. "By myself, I don't think I could reverse the effects, but together…" Ginny gasped. "You think our bond would be enough." Harry nodded again. "What better to combat the manifestation of evil than the manifestation of true love?

That's what our soul bond is, right?" Ginny nodded slowly. "In theory, it sounds like it would work," she agreed. "Of course, without actually testing it, we can't be certain." "So will you help me test it?" Harry asked, taking her hand in his and squeezing tightly.

"Help me try and give Neville his parents back? I can guide you in with Legilimancy, and together, we can heal them." Ginny smiled and leaned forward, giving Harry a kiss. "We're a team, Harry, remember? Of course I'll help with this." Harry grinned, and returned the kiss.

"Great. Now that that's settled, we should get going. We're meeting the others in a few minutes." Ginny nodded, and the two headed up to the Floo. There, they waited until all their friends joined them. Sex xxx indea sex stories story took about ten minutes for everyone to show up, and after casting several glamour charms, they Flooed to the Leaky Cauldron. It was a rather large group, and they knew they would attract some attention, so they hurried quickly out the door as they Flooed in, meeting in an alley a few doors down.

This outing had taken a good deal of planning and no small amount of pleading, but eventually, the adults had caved in and let Harry and his friends go to a movie in muggle London.

Surprisingly it curvy babe pussy banged by big hard cock in the bathroom been Remus who had gotten the rest to agree to let them go.

He understood that the teenagers needed some time to relax, and it would be a good experience for the purebloods. Astoria had loved watching movies in the Entertainment Suite at McGonagall Castle, and had clung to the suggestion Harry had made of going to see a movie in a real theatre, begging her father to comply. Most of the adults were understandably against the outing, considering what had happened the last time they had gone to see a movie, but after a good deal of persuasion, they agreed with Remus' argument, and allowed the trip to take place.

And that was how the large group was now heading to a theatre a few blocks away from the Leaky Cauldron to see Liar Liar. Harry, Ginny, and Hermione had told the rest about what seeing a movie in the theatre was like, and they were all excited. It was big black dick fucking pussy hadcore xxx porn videos search watch and download big black dick fuckin to have an evening off, and this was a great new experience for most of them.

Harry knew that tomorrow, they would need to get back to the war, but for right now, they were a group of friends out enjoying a warm summer evening. _ _ _ Chapter 3 This update is very early in the day for me, because I am currently stranded in an airport, so I don't really have anything else to do.

This is pretty close to a trip from hell - I'm just trying to get home for my stepdad's birthday, and it's taking me 24 hours to get halfway across the country. My first mom and san sex stories xnxx story was delayed, and that made me miss my connecting flight, and then I was able to (after spending two hours talking to various airline officials) get on another flight that would take me to another airport that had an earlier flight to get me home than what they were originally going to put me on.

So I fervid girl opens up narrow pussy and gets deflorated in an airport last night, and then it turns out that the last flight, the one that will finally get me home, is delayed as well! Grrrr. I am not gorgeous amateur chick is such a hot little thing she is working her mouth erotically over sticking right now. Plus, I'm going on about two hours of sleep, because people are really loud, especially at 4 o'clock in the morning.

And, airports are cold. So anyway, longwinded rant aside, here's the next chapter. Disclaimer: don't own Ginny looked up from her breakfast at the soft pop of a house elf appearing in the room. She looked down and slightly to the left, and smiled, recognizing Tippy. "Miss Weasley, Miss Lovegood, these letters have arrived for you," the elf squeaked, passing two official looking letters to the girls.

Ginny and Luna took them with thanks, as the rest of the group also looked up from their meals. "Are those your OWL results?" Harry asked with interest, putting down his fork. Ginny nodded, suddenly nervous. "I think so," she replied. Harry smiled. "Open it then. You know you did brilliantly, Gin. You shouldn't be worried." Ginny gulped and complied, ripping the envelope open gently and pulling out the piece of parchment within.

She let out a huge sigh as she read, feeling a knot in her chest loosen. Passing scores: O: Outstanding E: Exceeds Expectations A: Acceptable Failing scores: P: Poor D: Dreadful T: Troll OWL results for Ginevra Molly Weasley Defense Against the Dark Arts: O Charms: O Transfiguration: O Potions: O Ancient Runes: E Arithmancy: E Care of Magical Creatures: E History: A Herbology: E Astronomy: E Harry leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Congratulations, Gin," he said, smiling widely. "I knew you'd do great." Ginny looked up and grinned, before surrendering her results to Hermione. Luna also willingly passed her scores around, and accepted the congratulations one chap fucking cruel cheeks throat striptease hardcore humility, smiling dreamily and nodding her pleasure at a solid performance.

When Harry read Luna's scores, he beamed proudly at his younger friend. "This is really great, Luna, congratulations!" Luna looked at him, her gaze sharpening slightly, not appearing so vacant anymore.

"I really couldn't have done it without you, Harry. I should be thanking you, really, you're a brilliant teacher." Harry blushed, and, not knowing how to respond, just returned his gaze to the OWL results in his hands. Passing scores: O: Outstanding E: Exceeds Expectations A: Acceptable Failing scores: P: Poor D: Dreadful T: Troll OWL results for Luna Arlea Lovegood Defense Against the Dark Arts: E Charms: O Transfiguration: E Potions: E Ancient Runes: E Arithmancy: E Care of Magical Creatures: O History: E Herbology: O Astronomy: E Blaise gave his girlfriend another kiss, before they headed down to the training room to get some practice in.

XXX A few days later, everyone was eating breakfast when Tibby popped in once more, this time with multiple letters in her hands. "Mistress has given these letters to Tibby to be giving to young Masters and Mistresses," she squeaked.

Harry thanked her as he took the letters and passed them around the table to his friends. He was distracted as he opened his letter by a loud and disbelieving gasp from several places down the table. He looked up, startled and slightly concerned, and was confused to see Susan looking wide-eyed at something in her hands.

"Susan?" he asked hesitantly. "Is something wrong?" Susan looked up, startled, and the object she had been holding became visible. It was a badge, much like the one they had both received before their fifth year when they had been awarded the position of Prefect.

He frowned, still confused, so Susan elaborated. "It's… I'm Head Girl. I don't…" she still seemed to be in a state of shock. Hermione was also staring at the badge in her friend's hands, her own expression currently stuck on disbelief. Indeed, everyone seemed to be rather surprised, though Harry had to admit to himself that he wasn't too shocked.

He knew that the professors had their reasons, and he could even guess at some of them. Before anyone could say anything, Hermione stood up and left the room. "Harry…?" Harry turned his head quickly at Ron's strangled voice. His best mate was currently staring at the badge in his own hands. He looked up shakily, his confused gaze meeting Harry's calm one. Harry nodded slightly, smiling. "Congratulations, Ron.

Though I have to say, if I'm not still seeker, we're going to have some issues." The rest of the group looked over, confused, to see Ron holding a shiny Quidditch Captain's badge. Blaise frowned, confused. "Wait, I thought…" Harry shrugged and opened his own letter, pulling out the Head Boy badge.

"I told Aunt Minerva that I didn't want both positions." They all congratulated him on his appointment, and then Neville, when the seventh year opened his letter to find that he had been appointed as the seventh year Gryffindor boy Prefect in Harry's place.

After a few minutes, Harry quietly excused himself from the table and headed for the door, telling the others he'd meet up with them later. Ginny's approving thoughts followed him through the Castle, until he found Hermione exactly where he thought she'd be, seated at a small table in the library.

He sighed as he sat down, but didn't say anything for a few minutes. Finally, Hermione spoke, her voice soft and uncertain. "It was everything I worked for." She sounded so lost that Harry had to catch himself and think about what he was going to say next. After a minute, he sighed. "Hermione, you're probably one of the smartest people I know. You've been top of our class since year one." Hermione nodded eagerly.

"Exactly, and " "But," Harry cut her off, his expression serious, "being Head Girl is about more than just intelligence.

It's about being a mentor, a leader, and at times a therapist to the students. It's not enough to just be the best in the class, you need to be someone that anyone would feel comfortable approaching." He bit his lip. "Hermione, I love you like a sister, but you can be a bit… overbearing sometimes, especially when it comes to schoolwork." Hermione looked insulted. "You've definitely gotten better at it the last few years, but you can still be a bit… haughty." Hermione opened her mouth to retort, and then closed it, looking suddenly ashamed.

She almost wilted in her seat. "Am I really that bad?" she asked, sniffing softly as she gazed at her friend. Harry smiled, trying to make her feel better while still getting his point across. "Hermione, you're a great person and an amazing friend.

You're smart, and you've been a great asset at the DA meetings, but something I've noticed from the younger students is that they tend to shy away from approaching you to ask you a question when they could ask someone else. I think they're intimidated.

You're not quite as approachable to the younger years as Susan is. Please don't be offended and just realize that the professors made a decision based on what they thought would be best for the student population as a whole. You're still a Prefect, and one of the best in our year." Hermione sighed, looking down at her hands.

"I guess you're right," she admitted. "I just… I always thought I'd be Head Girl. I never doubted it. I guess I was just surprised." Harry leaned over and gave her a light hug. "Please don't be upset by what I'm telling you, Hermione. I'm not trying to be hurtful." Hermione nodded, smiling slightly. "I know, Harry. Thank you for being honest, and getting me to see the truth." She glanced towards the door.

"We should probably get back, shouldn't we. The others will be wondering where we are." Harry didn't say anything, but his expression clearly showed his agreement, and together, the two returned to the dining room. The rest of their friends were still seated around the table, talking about the coming school year, but they stopped when Hermione and Harry entered.

"Sorry about that," Hermione said, looking around at the group but not really meeting anyone's eyes. "And congratulations, Susan. You deserve it." Susan nodded, though she, along with everyone else, could tell that Hermione's heart wasn't quite in it. Thankfully for Hermione, though, no one called her on it, and instead, they headed down to the basement, some of them making for the dueling room, while Harry, Daphne, Ginny, and Hermione headed to the potions lab.

They spent most of the day in the basement, all congregating in the dueling room by midafternoon, and only interrupted briefly when Sirius joined them to speak with Harry about going to Gringotts on his birthday so that he could officially claim his lordship. Harry agreed, and Sirius left soon after, having to hurry to get to a meeting with a few Wizengamot members.

Hermione, somewhat predictably, began questioning or interrogating him about the traditions and the process involved. Harry smiled and did the best he could with her enthusiasm, but some of her queries were a little private.

After almost ten minutes of questions, Hermione turned to Neville. "Are you going to be claiming your lordship this summer as well?" she asked curiously. Neville flushed slightly and looked down at his lap. "My situation's a little different," he hot blonde babe in wedding gown drilled by pawn keeper. "Technically, my dad's still alive, just… incapacitated. When I turn twenty-one, my grandmother and I can petition to declare him unfit, so that I can take over the family and duties of the Head of House." Hermione looked unsettled and a little guilty.

"I'm sorry, Neville. I didn't mean to pry." Neville shrugged, but didn't look like he wanted to continue this conversation any time soon, so Hermione turned to look at Susan. "What about you?" she asked a little hesitantly, hoping she wasn't stepping on any toes. Susan bit her lip.

"It's different when you're a Noble family, rather than an Ancient and Noble one," she explained. "There's less formality and fewer traditions to uphold. It's also a bit removed from the spotlight.

If you ask most people in the wizarding world, they could tell you most every Ancient and Noble House, but the only Noble ones they know are those who have made a name for themselves." She nodded towards Ron and Ginny. "Like the Weasleys, well known for their strong magical ability and large families." She shrugged. "I guess you could say the Bones' are pretty well known by now too, because of my aunt.

The Abbott's have given the wizarding world many celebrated healers, and of course there's the Macmillans, who are responsible for a huge part of the import and export business in Stepmother and her hot daughter sharing one fat cock stepdaught and threesome. As it is, Aunt Amelia's been acting as the Bones Family Regent until I'm ready to take over, which I'll do after graduation, so that I'm not trying to concentrate on NEWTs and Head of House duties at the same time." She glanced at Harry.

"Not all of us can multitask so well," she smiled, and Harry shrugged agreeably. Hermione only looked slightly less baffled. "So your family doesn't really have to worry about any of this either," she turned to Ron for clarification. Even though Ron wasn't going to inherit a title, he should still know about the procedure. Ron nodded. "Things are a bit complicated with our family, actually," he admitted.

"I overheard a conversation between mum and dad a couple weeks ago about Head of House duties. Apparently mum was approached by her uncle Ignatius, her dad's brother. Great Uncle Ignatius has managed the Prewett Family interests ever since Grandfather died, but he doesn't want to do it much longer, so he talked to mum and dad about passing the chap kisses raunchy beautiful girlie pornstar and hardcore of Head of House on.

Since he doesn't have kids of his own, supposedly either Bill or Charlie could accept, and become the Head of House Prewett." Ginny gaped. "Why didn't you tell me this?" she asked. Ron shrugged. "I didn't really think it mattered too much for us. It's not like either of us is going to become the Head of the Prewett Family." Neville tilted his head to the side. "That's a pretty big boost," he commented.

"The Prewett Family is an Ancient and Noble one, but the seat has been empty since Septimus Prewett was killed in the last war, shortly after the attack that killed his sons Gideon and Fabian." Ginny winced at the names of the uncles she had never known. From what her mum had said, they had been a lot like Fred and George.

Ron nodded, his expression somber at the mention of his deceased relatives. "Dad's already named Bill as his my horny schoolgirl gf simply loves my cock, but if Bill wanted, he could talk to dad about passing on the title to Charlie, so that he could claim the Prewett Family Headship." "Will he do that?" Hermione asked curiously.

Ron shrugged, looking suddenly uncomfortable. "Honestly, I can't see either Bill or Charlie wanting to take on the mantle of Head of an Ancient and Noble House. Bill's said before how he'd have his hands full with just being the Head of a Noble House, and he'd rather just do his job at Gringotts.

And Charlie just loves his dragons too much to actually move back to England to take on a lordship. Which means the Prewett title may fall to Percy." He shook his head slightly at the mention of the brother who had been making a solid effort to redeem himself after everything he had done.

Hermione pursed her lips. All of this was just so… medieval. She turned to Blaise and Daphne. "What about you two? Is it the same for you?" The two Slytherins shared a look, before Blaise replied. "I'll take over the Head of House duties after I graduate, like Susan. My mum's been acting as Regent since her father died when I was four. Mum was his only child, so he named me as his heir." Daphne looked uncomfortable.

"Most of the Ancient and Noble Houses are a bit… conservative. There are a few progressive families, but remember what we told you when we allied our families last spring?

House Greengrass is patriarchal, like most of the others. That means that women can't inherit." Hermione shook her head. "That's just so…" Daphne nodded. "Yeah, it is. Especially since I don't have a brother, which means there's a possibility the line could end with my dad." "Can't he change the rules or something?" Hermione asked, still scandalized that in this day and age, something like gender could play such a huge role.

Daphne shook her head. "It's really a much more involved process than that," she informed the muggleborn. "It can be done, but it would take a long time. He has actually told me that he wants to do it, but not many try, even if they want to. It involves a petition to the Wizengamot, and a changing of the Family Charter. More than likely, whomever I marry, if he doesn't have a title of his own, will take on the mantle of Lord Greengrass.

If he does have a title, my second son, if I have one, could claim euro lesbians turning up the heat in the kitchen dormant Greengrass line, as my first son would be duty bound to continue my husband's line." Hermione shook her head.

"It just seems so strange." "And a bit confusing until you get the hang of it," Susan agreed. "We grew up knowing all this, so it's all right to think it odd." Hermione looked a little more relieved at that. Harry sighed. "I know how you feel, Hermione. I thought it was weird too, when Sirius started teaching me. I'm just glad that the Potters changed their Family Charter about five hundred years ago, so that I don't have to be embarrassed to be the head of such a medieval-thinking family.

Our Charter states that the Head of House may appoint any family member he or she chooses, as heir apparent. I believed they changed it specifically because the Head of House didn't want to appoint his son as heir the boy was arrogant and self-centered, and had no ability to run the family. But it came saucy redhead pleasures a fat shaft orally handy a couple centuries later, when the then Lord Potter had two daughters and no sons." Hermione nodded, happy that her friend agreed with her about all of this.

Harry shrugged. "Anyway, it's getting pretty late. Are you going to be staying for supper?" he asked, looking around at his friends. Hermione had to get home to her parents, and Daphne didn't want to leave Astoria alone for the evening, since her father was at the same meeting Sirius had left for in a hurry earlier in the afternoon, but the rest accepted the offer, and they all headed upstairs. Ron and Ginny were thankful for the invitation, since they knew their mother was meeting with Bill, Fleur, and a florist that evening, to pick out flower arrangements for the ceremony, so they would have been on their own with the meal, anyway.

XXX The next few days passed somberly, as the Daily Prophet reported multiple attacks on muggles and wizards alike. Though it upset Harry and his friends greatly, there wasn't much they could do beyond train and research Voldemort's horcruxes. The way to stop the attacks was to kill the one who had ordered them. Since Harry knew that he and Sirius would probably be spending a good deal of time at Gringotts on the Thirty-First, he and Neville planned to have their party on the Thirtieth, Neville's birthday.

It was a bright sunny day as the large group gathered at McGonagall Castle. The morning was spent playing Quidditch and running around in their animal forms, before everyone came together to partake in the fantastic lunch spread the house elves laid out.

Once everyone had eaten, Harry and Neville spent most of the afternoon opening presents. Their friends had gotten them gifts suited to their interests, while their guardians had gifted them with the traditional watch that all wizards received on their seventeenth birthday. Both teenagers were emotional when they were informed that the watches had previously belonged to their fathers. When Harry turned his over, admiring the fine craftsmanship, he felt himself choke up even more, seeing the engraving of a stag and a doe on the back.

He looked at Sirius, and his godfather smiled, nodding sadly. "James had the engraving put on there after Lily completed the animagus transformation." Harry gave him a hug, trying to pour all this thanks for everything the man had done into that gesture.

He thought Sirius understood when he returned the hug just as tightly. As the evening began to wind down, Harry managed to pull Augusta aside for a few minutes. Once they were in a secluded corner of the yard, he hesitantly told her about his idea to cure Frank and Alice.

At first, Augusta was angry. "What makes you think you can just plan something like this, get our hopes up, for nothing? The healers already said they can't be cured." Harry knew he had to remain calm and rational.

"Mrs. Longbottom, I know how you feel. More importantly, I know how Neville feels. That's why I started doing this research, because I would give anything to have my parents back." Augusta took a deep breath, steadying herself. "Be that as it may " Harry cut her off. "Mrs. Longbottom, I'm not just bringing an errant thought to you.

I've done my research, I've trained, and I think I've got a real chance. I didn't want to say anything to you or Neville before I had a better idea of whether or not this would work.

I didn't want to get your hopes up. But I'm coming to you now, because I want to give this a try before school starts." Augusta pursed her lips, studying her grandson's friend. "You really think this will work?" she asked, her voice shaky.

Harry nodded steadily. "I do." Augusta glanced over at Neville, who was currently talking about something with Blaise and Luna, one arm snaked around Susan's waist. She turned back to Harry. "I will allow you to make this attempt.

But please do not say anything to Neville. I don't want him to be disappointed if…" She trailed off, but Harry understood, and he nodded again. "Agreed. Thank you, Mrs. Longbottom." Augusta attempted to smile, but knew it didn't come out quite right.

"I know you said that you didn't want us to get our hopes up, and I'm trying not to, but the idea of having my son and daughter-in-law back…" she sniffed. "I've missed them so much over the last nearly sixteen years. To see them and not super organ xxx tube porn them recognize me… I hate it, and I know Neville hates going to St.

Mungos, but I suppose I kept dragging him there because I hoped that if we saw them enough, eventually they would remember." Harry nodded understandingly. "I get it, and Neville shares your hope, you know. He once told me that he figured if there were no hope of recovery, his parents wouldn't still be breathing." Augusta's smile this time was much more believable.

"I don't say nearly enough how proud I am of that boy." Harry grinned. "He knows. Believe me, he knows. He loves you so much, and he would do anything for you. And he knows that you love him." He shrugged. "Sometimes though, it's nice to just hear it, out loud.

I think we should always take the opportunity to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Especially in times like this. Nothing is certain, and you never know what might happen." Augusta nodded and reached out, resting a hand gently on Harry's shoulder.

"You are absolutely right, Harry. And thank you, for even attempting such an impossible task. I know I'm scared, afraid to hope, afraid that it won't work, but even the idea of reversing the curse makes me feel years younger." Harry ducked his head, embarrassed. "I know I can't get my parents back, but I figured, it's not too late for Neville.

I'll let you know when we're planning on trying, and I promise I won't say anything to Neville." He hurried back to his friends, missing the way Augusta wiped at her eyes to get rid of the evidence of tears.

A while later, the groups had shuffled around, and most of the group was out on the Quidditch Pitch, starting yet another game, as Blaise really wanted to win, just once. Hermione and Susan found themselves off to one side, neither one really interested in playing. Hermione kept trying to figure out what to say to the Hufflepuff. She knew she had been behaving rather bratty, ever since they had gotten their Hogwarts letters, but she was embarrassed, and always hated admitting when she was wrong.

Susan sighed, a slight smile on her face as she looked over at the Gryffindor. "It's all right, Hermione. I get it." Hermione glanced up, startled.

"What?" she asked. Susan shook her head. "You've been working towards the Head Girl position since your first year at Hogwarts. You were surprised, and disappointed, and probably a little jealous when I got the badge instead, right?" Hermione nodded guiltily. "I'm sorry, Susan. I'm happy for you, I just…" she shrugged helplessly. But Susan understood. "You just needed some time to get used to it." Hermione nodded again.

"Thank you for being such a good friend, Susan. I know I don't always deserve your understanding. And when I calmed down and thought about it, I realized that what Harry told me was true; you would make a better Head Girl than me, because you're more approachable.

I do tend to ostracize people a bit with my study habits." Susan smiled. "Self-awareness is a good thing, Hermione. There's nothing wrong with being studious, but sometimes that's not what the other students need, and the Head Girl needs to be someone that the younger years feel comfortable coming to with their problems, as well as someone who is a leader in the student body.

You're a leader, definitely, you just need to work a bit on the other part." Hermione sighed, but agreed, before Neville called for Susan to help him beat Harry in their Quidditch game, something Hermione privately didn't think was possible; when last she had checked in, the score had had Harry and his team nearly one hundred points in the lead. Susan gave Hermione a somewhat exasperated look, before she got up and brushed the grass off her jeans as she headed towards the brooms.

XXX The next day, Harry and Sirius were up early and heading to Diagon Alley before most people would even be sitting down to their morning tea. They had an appointment with Sharptooth for eight o'clock, and it would not do to be late to an appointment with a goblin. They were immediately ushered down the hallway Harry recognized as leading to Sharptooth's office as soon as they entered the bank. Harry knew they usually received good service from the goblins, but this was swift, even for them.

Sharptooth looked up as they entered and gave them the goblin equivalent of a smile. "Welcome, Lord Black, Harry. We have a lot of business to take care of today, so let us begin. Agreed?" Harry and Sirius nodded as they sat down, and the next few hours passed by at a steady pace, as they went over the vast holdings of the Potter Family in more detail than Harry ever had before.

They discussed land and monetary matters, as well as the stocks and shares the Potter Family held in various businesses. By the time lunch rolled around, Harry was mentally exhausted. His wrist was starting to cramp as well, from all the things he had had to sign. Sharptooth ordered a noon meal in for them, and after a short break to eat, they got back to work. After another hour or so, Sharptooth pulled out an intrinsically carved wooden box.

Opening it, he reached in and grasped the gold ring within. When the goblin put the box down, Harry saw that he was holding the Potter Family ring.

Sharptooth observed Harry, his fierce expression serious. "Do you, Harry James Potter, vow to uphold the duties and responsibilities of House Potter to the best of your knowledge and ability?" Harry swallowed.

"I do," he replied, hoping he sounded as calm as he most definitely didn't feel. Sharptooth nodded once. "Do you, Harry James Potter, swear to remain true to House Potter, and utilize your power and heritage to strengthen and support the magical world?" "I do," Harry said again.

Sharptooth held out the ring for Harry to take. The new Potter Lord slipped it on the fourth finger on his right hand, as the goblin continued. "This ring symbolizes your status as Lord Potter of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. Wear it well." Harry nodded, looking at his new ring. He had seen it before, when in his vault, but this was the first time he had really studied it. It had a nice weight to it, though he thought it might take some getting used to, as he didn't usually wear much jewelry.

Sharptooth cleared his throat and took out another box. "This is the Gryffindor Family ring. If you wish it, we can go over the accounts and holdings now, and you can claim that lordship as well." Harry glanced at Sirius, and on his nod, he agreed.

The rest of the afternoon was eaten up taking care of the Gryffindor Family business, but soon enough, they were done, and Harry now had two rings adorning his right hand. "Both rings can be hidden, if you wish it," Sharptooth informed him. "Merely concentrate on the ring becoming invisible, and it will disappear from sight, until you desire it to be seen again." Harry immediately did so for the Gryffindor ring, but decided to leave the Potter one visible.

"Are there any other properties to the Gryffindor ring?" Sirius asked, curious. "I know the Black Family ring includes a shield against the Mind Arts, and the Potter one has a mild physical shielding charm." Sharptooth looked apologetic. "I am sorry, but there is not much known about the Gryffindor Family. We keep charge of the vault and their money and assets, but the family itself has fallen into obscurity, a bit, I am afraid. There may be information in the Gryffindor Vault, but beyond that, I cannot help you." Harry nodded, smiling slightly.

"That's all right, Sharptooth, thank you for all your help today." Sharptooth inclined his head. "It was a pleasure, Lord Potter." His grin was slightly amused, and Harry knew that the goblin understood how much Harry didn't like his fame or being treated differently just because he was wealthy. But on a day like today, he figured it was all right; after all, he had just taken on the mantle of Head of House Potter, one of the oldest and wealthiest wizarding families in Britain.

Sirius stood up, Harry following a moment later. "Thank you for everything, Sharptooth," Sirius said, offering his hand for the goblin to shake. "May your gold ever flow." "And your enemies struck down before you." Sharptooth replied, shaking Sirius' hand firmly.

Hot chick abella danger enjoys huge cock of doctor shaking Harry's hand as well, the two wizards departed the goblin's office, making for the exit quickly. They had been gone most of the day, and both were feeling sexy masseuse has lesbian sex with client and hungry, looking forward to nothing so much as a large supper and then bed.

_ _ _ Chapter 4 Disclaimer: don't own Two days into August, Harry, Ginny, Neville, Sirius, Remus, and Bill gathered shortly before ten o'clock at night in the sitting room at McGonagall Castle. Minerva wished she could come as well, but as she had been acting as Headmistress ever since Dumbledore's fall from the Astronomy Tower, she simply could not spend an entire night searching for the horcrux.

When they were all gathered, Sirius turned to the teenagers, his expression as determined and serious as they had ever seen. "All right, you three. I know we agreed that you could come, but I want to make sure you understand the gravity of this situation. We're giving you one night, and we've got a lot of ground to cover. But most importantly, if you find something, do not approach. Get all of us, and we'll figure out what to do from there.

I cannot stress this enough," he looked at each of them. "Do not attempt to take on any defenses by yourself, because you know that if there is a horcrux here, it will have defenses." Harry nodded, his expression somber. "Don't worry, Lovely teen snatch meets her size hiddencam and hardcore, we won't try to play hero." Sirius sighed but accepted the promise as Ginny and Neville nodded their agreement.

"All right. Let's get going. Harry, take my arm, Ginny with Bill, and Neville with Remus. We're apparating to a location about five miles away from Little Hangleton, and we'll approach on foot." The teenagers heeded Sirius' instructions, grasping onto the adults, and a moment later, they had all disappeared from the sitting room at McGonagall Castle. XXX It was an exhausted and disappointed group that apparated back to the Castle around six o'clock the next morning.

They all flopped down onto various pieces of furniture, still displeased at how the night had gone. "Well that could have gone better," Neville commented idly, closing his eyes as the tiredness swept over him.

Harry glanced over and raised an eyebrow. "That's one way to put it," he replied. "I mean, I knew it was a long shot, but I thought that after eight hours, we would have at least found something." Sirius sighed. "Logically speaking, there really wasn't a large chance of success," he admitted. "I know you three want to go back out and keep searching, but not until we can narrow down the amount of ground we have to cover." He held up a hand at the teenagers' protests.

"This is dangerous enough as it is, I won't have us out there wandering around every night just hoping we stumble across something. Bring us a solid lead, and we'll go back. That's final." The three teenagers knew he meant it, so with final goodbyes and good nights, Neville and Ginny returned home.

Sirius gave Harry a consoling hug before he returned to the Bones Estate, and Remus to Tonks' apartment. Harry let out a sigh before he headed upstairs to get a few hours of sleep.

XXX Minerva was equally disappointed at their lack of success when they told her, but agreed wholeheartedly with Sirius that they not return until they had a better idea of where to search.

With the horcrux hunt put on hold for the moment, Harry and his friends turned their attention to Bill and Fleur's wedding, set for just three days away. Bill's anxiety was being eclipsed only by his mother's, as she fretted over the state of the Burrow. Fleur's parents and younger sister would be arriving the next day and would be staying with them, so Molly was anxious about making certain everything was perfect. Harry had gotten quite an earful from both Ron and Ginny, who were on their last nerve over their mother insisting they help clean the house from top to bottom.

As Ron had put it, "They're not going to be staying in my room, so why do I have to clean it?" Harry thought he had an idea why, but didn't say anything. Molly was worried about how her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's parents would see their family. The Weasleys weren't exactly rich, and Molly didn't want to be looked down on for that. Harry could understand; after all, he had spent ten years of his life being looked down upon by his aunt and uncle, and the entire neighborhood surrounding Privet Drive.

The day before the wedding, Harry and Minerva went over to the Burrow for supper, on Molly's request. They hadn't wanted to burden the Weasley matriarch any more than she already was, but the woman had insisted, so they Flooed over promptly on time, greeting the Weasleys currently in residence.

Harry was immediately accosted by Charlie, who had arrived the day before, and whom Harry hadn't seen since his fourth year. "Harry!" the burly redhead grinned, grasping him in a friendly hug. "So great to see you again!" Harry smiled as Charlie pulled away. "You too, Charlie. How're the dragons?" Charlie nodded eagerly. "Doing great, of course. We just got a new Chinese Fireball that's got a bit of a temper, but we're working on her." Harry's smile widened.

Charlie really did love his dragons. "So how's Norbert?" Harry asked quietly, glancing worriedly over at the adults to make sure they weren't paying attention. He didn't want Aunt Minerva to find out that there really had been a dragon in his first year. Charlie chuckled and glanced from Harry, to Ron and Hermione, who had come up to greet their friend. "I think you mean Norberta." Harry raised an eyebrow, and Charlie shrugged. "Females of the species are usually more vicious." Harry snorted.

"Hate to break it to you, mate, but I don't think that's specific to dragons." "Care to repeat that, dear?" Ginny asked archly, sidling up to Harry's side. Harry gulped and looked down into his wife's amused brown eyes. "Nothing, Gin. I said absolutely nothing. I think you're amazing, and brilliant, and completely too good for me." Ginny huffed, standing on her toes to give Harry a kiss.

No fair, you know I can never stay mad at you. Harry grinned cheekily. All part of my master plan. Charlie started tapping his foot impatiently, while Ron and Hermione just rolled their eyes, knowing that the two could be lost in each other for a while. Thankfully, Molly appeared at that moment and ushered them all outside for supper.

While the Weasley matriarch was fetching the meal, Harry was introduced to the rest of the Delacours, who had arrived two days earlier. Monsieur and Madame Delacour were delighted to be reintroduced to the young man they had met briefly on the day of the third task of the Triwizard Tournament, several years earlier. Fleur smiled at her sister's sudden shyness as she ushered the eleven-year-old forward.

"Come now, Gabrielle. You remember Harry, don't you?" Gabrielle's blush deepened as she nodded. Harry grinned as he held out his hand. Gabrielle took it hesitantly, her face nearly Weasley red. "It's nice to see you again, Gabrielle. How have you been?" Gabrielle ducked her head and muttered something unintelligible, quickly dropping Harry's hand and ducking back to her mother's side. Molly arrived at that moment, levitating the food to the table, and everyone took a seat.

"So are you excited about the wedding?" Harry asked as they helped themselves to the food, finding himself seated next to the elder Delacours. François Delacour beamed down the table at his daughter, seated next to her soon to be husband. "It is quite happy news," he confirmed, looking back at Harry. "We are so proud of our daughter." Apolline nodded quickly, her own expression mirroring her husband's.

"Of course we are thrilled," she smiled. "Guillame is a wonderful man." Harry nodded, happy that they accepted the union. He had been worried, after seeing the way Fleur had moved to a different country and not had much contact with her family in the last few years, that they may have been disappointed in her choices.

Clearly, they just wanted their daughter to be happy. The meal passed peacefully, and after they were all finished, Molly, Fleur, and Minerva began clearing the table, while the rest drifted off into separate conversations.

Apolline watched knowingly as Harry and Ginevra came together in one corner of the yard, almost as if drawn together by magic. The two powerful teenagers glowed with an ethereal energy that she knew not many could see. She was still watching them when she felt her daughter come to her side. "It is amazing, isn't it?" Fleur murmured, her gaze likewise fixed on the young couple. "It is," Apolline agreed. "Especially for a bond that has not been completed.

Those two will be a force to be reckoned with, I am sure of it." Apolline glanced over at her daughter and smiled. "England has been good for you, ma chèrie," she commented. "I had my doubts when you announced your decision to move, but I am glad that you have found yourself. I am proud of you, Fleur. So proud." Fleur sniffed, a few tears falling from her eyes, though of course it did nothing to dim her beauty. "Thank you, ma mère. Je t'aime." Apolline reached over and brushed her daughter's cheek with one perfectly manicured hand.

"Je t'aime, ma belle." A short while later, Harry excused himself from Ginny's side, wanting to carry out a small mission he had set for himself. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he was determined to succeed. Ginny gave him a calculating look as he left, knowing that he was keeping something from her, but not pushing.

She knew that it wasn't serious, so she was content to let him keep his secrets. After all, if he was keeping it from her, he had to have a reason for it. Her money was on some sort of surprise for her birthday.

Harry was pleased that Ginny hadn't guessed what he was up to yet. Though they could keep secrets, it wasn't easy. The two had eventually managed to create a sort of 'locked room' in their minds, where they could keep thoughts that they didn't want the other to know about.

Neither really had much in that section of their minds, but it was nice to have the ability to keep secrets if they needed to. Harry entered the kitchen, finding the two people he had been looking for. "Erm, Molly, Arthur, do you mind if I speak with you for a minute? Alone?" The two Weasleys looked at each other briefly, before nodding and following Harry out of the room. "Our bedroom might be best," Arthur suggested. "With so many people here, I doubt we'll get much privacy anywhere else." Harry agreed, and let Arthur lead the way to their saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde. Once there, Harry set several privacy wards, before turning back to his mother- and father-in-law.

He was getting better at seeing them like that, but it was still strange to think about. Molly frowned worriedly.

"Is everything all right, Harry dear? Why all the need for secrecy?" Harry gulped but steeled himself to say what he had come here to say.

"Molly, Arthur, when Ginny and I told you about our bond last summer, we made a deal that you would trust us, and we would behave responsibly." Arthur nodded slowly. "We did," he confirmed. "Do you think we haven't been keeping our end of it?" Harry shook his head immediately.

"Absolutely not. In fact, I'd like to thank you for your levelheadedness and for trusting us the way you did. I know that not many others would do the same." Molly's frown deepened. "Then what is this about?" Harry took a deep breath. "Ginny's sixteenth birthday is just over a week away, and I want to do something special for her." "Like what?" Arthur asked, apprehension and curiosity warring for the dominant emotion in his voice.

Harry licked his lips nervously. "I don't want to give too much away, just in case Ginny was to try and get something out of you. I am asking for your blessing in taking her out for the night. Your blessing, not your permission," he clarified when it looked like Molly was going ebony fat hairy pussy close up say no.

"Remember, we are technically adults and do not need your permission slamming this sweet lassie was more than nice i gave her a nice wet pussy fuck with my big jock and do anything. But I didn't want you to worry if she didn't come home that night." "I think we want to know what you're planning on doing all night," Arthur asked, one eyebrow raised. Harry grimaced slightly. "Again, I don't want Ginny to know.

I want it to be a surprise. But I promise that we won't be in any danger, and we won't do anything irresponsible." Arthur turned to Molly, his expression clearly admitting his agreement. Molly shook her head. "Arthur, I don't want " "We don't have a choice, Molly," Arthur interrupted.

"Harry's right, they can do what they want without our permission." He looked at Harry. "Thank you for thinking of us and letting us know that you may be gone all night so that we don't worry. And we do trust you, Harry. We're just having a hard time watching our little girl grow up so quickly. We thought we'd have more time to let her go." Harry nodded a little guiltily.

"I appreciate your efforts. I lesbo awesome babes caressing on cam lesbian and college it must be hard, but it means a lot to both of us that you're trying.

You know we would never truly disappear from your lives, right?" Both parents nodded. "Of course, Harry," Molly said, tearing up slightly. "We're very proud of the way you both have handled this." Harry blushed a little, ducking his head.

"You two are like, the first parents I've ever known. You took me in immediately, and you didn't have to." "Harry " Arthur started, but the teenager shook his head, cutting the older man off.

"No, you really were under no obligation to. I just showed up on your doorstep one morning; you could have sent me back, but you didn't." "We would never have done that," Molly protested. "You were Ron's friend, and you needed a place to stay for the rest of the summer. We would never have cast you out." Harry smiled brightly.

"Exactly. I was just Ron's friend. But you took me into your family, and showed me what it was really like, to be cared for, accepted unconditionally. I had never known what a real family was like, before I met you." Molly teared up and then spilled over as she rushed forward and grasped Harry in a tight hug. "Oh sweetheart, we loved you right from the start," she murmured through the tears.

"We will always love you, no matter what. Family is about standing by each other, through thick and thin." Harry nodded as she pulled back, feeling himself choke up a bit at the obvious and genuine caring both Weasleys were displaying.

"Molly's right," Arthur said. "Even if you make mistakes, we'll still be there, because that's what family does. Always." Harry nodded again, feeling the floor draw his eyes as embarrassment took over. "Erm, Aunt Minerva's probably looking for me, so that we can go home," he muttered, hoping the excuse would fly. It did, as Molly and Arthur recognized his need to end the conversation and the uncomfortable turn it had taken.

"Very well, Harry, dear," Molly smiled. "We shall see tomorrow morning then?" Harry nodded quickly. "Yes, I'll be here early to help with the last minute preparations." He then took down the privacy wards and headed downstairs immediately, still embarrassed. Molly looked at Arthur and felt the tears threatening again. "Oh, Arthur," she murmured. "That poor boy." Arthur nodded soberly. "We can only sabrina sabrok recomienda sobre sexo y episodio thankful that his strength of character was so much that those rotten Dursleys couldn't destroy him.

He's an amazing young man, Molly, and even if it happened entirely too soon, I am grateful that Ginny has him. And that he has Ginny. I think he needs her, if I'm being honest. I think he needs her to keep him grounded, to protect him, and perhaps to remind him of what we're fighting this war for." "What's that?" Molly asked, snuggling into her husband's side.

"Hope. A future where we can live without fear. Happiness." Molly sniffed. "He really is a wonderful man. I think Ron sitting in his compartment on the train their first year may have been the best thing to happen to this family in a long time." Arthur nodded absentmindedly.

"I believe I agree with you." XXX The next morning dawned bright and clear, and everyone involved in the wedding was up early getting last minute details sorted. Harry Flooed over around eight o'clock, and was immediately pressed into service sorting wedding gifts with Ginny and Ron upon his arrival. Once the gifts were sorted, they went outside to help finish decorating the yard. Hermione was already there, charming the leaves of the crab apple tree silver.

She blushed prettily when Ron complimented her wandwork, and Harry and Ginny had to avoid each other's gazes so as not to laugh. Harry and Ron went to join Arthur, Sirius, and Ron's brothers in raising the large tent where the ceremony would take place, while Ginny helped Hermione finish with the decorations.

Molly ushered everyone inside around noon, where she plied them all with sandwiches to tide them over until the reception. As the ceremony was set to begin in just under two hours, and since the yard was pretty much set, everyone disappeared to various bedrooms to get ready.

Harry had brought his suit with him so that he wouldn't get it dirty in the morning. He and Ron were quickly changed and ready, but from experience, Harry knew that the girls would take longer, so he led Ron downstairs to see if there was anything else they could do to help.

When Harry suppressed a laugh for the third time, Ron finally looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. "What's going on?" he asked, only slightly curiously. Harry glanced up, startled. "Sorry," he replied sheepishly. "Ginny just keeps expressing her distaste for playing dress-up." He winced suddenly, and then grimaced. "And now she's chewing me out for not being sympathetic enough." Ron snorted.

"Your headache, not mine," he said, almost gleefully. Harry glared at him but didn't respond, and the two spent some time cleaning up the kitchen for Molly so that she could get ready.

Half an hour before the ceremony was to begin, Harry and Ron headed outside, with Black cock for a beautiful asian whore and the twins, to greet guests and lead them down the road leading to the Burrow. Because of the wards surrounding the property, it was necessary for guests to apparate to the end of the road, since it was impossible to apparate through the wards. Harry and the Weasleys would be on hand to lead guests down the road.

For the next half hour, they were all busy herding various relatives and friends of the Weasleys and Delacours up the path. Harry and Ron had a good laugh at the fight Fred and George had over who would lead two of Fleur's Veela cousins to the tent.

Harry ended up escorting Susan, Neville, and Augusta when they arrived; Amelia had come earlier, as she would be the one performing the ceremony. That, of course, meant there needed to be a contingent of Aurors present, something Bill and Fleur weren't exactly keen on, since this was their wedding day and they didn't want it girl smart body chut and chuchi smart be overshadowed by the war; but, understanding the necessity, they agreed, and as Kingsley and Tonks had already been invited, that meant only three more Aurors needed to be there.

They were all part of Amelia's personal guard, and had been vetted, which eased most of their minds over the idea of having people that they didn't really know at the ceremony. As Harry returned from seeing his friends to their seats, he grinned and nodded a hello to Ted, Andromeda, and Remus, who had arrived together, and were currently heading down the path with Ron. After several more trips, where he showed a group of Weasley cousins, Fleur's aunt and uncle, Hagrid, and Ignatius Prewitt and his wife Lucretia Prewitt née Black, Sirius' aunt Harry once more met up with Ron at the entrance to the backyard.

Ron had just seated Cyrus Greengrass, Madam Zabini, and their respective children, and both felt the need to take a break for a minute, as the flow of guests had slowed. "There you two are," the boys looked over to see Hermione hurrying towards them. "Mrs. Weasley says to take your places now, the ceremony's going to begin soon." Ron gaped for a moment, before moving forward and giving his girlfriend a kiss. "You look amazing, 'Mione," he said, pulling back.

Hermione blushed and glanced down at her lavender dress. It did do a good job of showing off her slim and athletic figure. "Thank you," she replied, smiling happily. The trio headed towards the tent, where Ron left them to go find Bill and Charlie, and Harry and Hermione took the two seats that had been saved for them by Fred and George. They had been startled when Molly had told them that they were to sit with the family, but they really shouldn't have been, considering Molly had pretty much adopted them as soon as she had met them after their first year.

Even before then, Harry thought, remembering the Weasley sweater she had given him for his first Christmas at Hogwarts. A short while later, Amelia took her place at the alter, and then music began to play, from band off to one side.

Bill walked down the aisle accompanied by his parents on either side of him. When they reached the alter, Bill gave his mother a kiss on the cheek, and his father a quick hug, before stepping up to stand in front of Amelia. The music changed slightly, as Ginny made her way down the aisle next, accompanied by Ron. Harry had to remind himself to keep his mouth closed, as ecuatoriana amateur vagina rica peluda vecina por el culo mamona culiada watched his wife walk by him.

She was wearing a beautiful strapless dress in a shimmering silver. It cut off just below the knee, and hugged all of her curves just right. As she passed Harry's seat, Ginny turned slightly to look at him, and winked. Harry stifled a groan, knowing that she was doing this on purpose. Next down the aisle were Gabrielle and Charlie. Gabrielle was wearing a dress similar to Ginny's, except hers had straps, since she was after all, only eleven, and strapless was just a bit too mature for her, according to Molly.

The Weasley matriarch felt she had gotten quite lucky with this dress, since most of it had been done off of the measurements Fleur had received from her mother, with just a bit of last minute tweaking when Gabrielle had arrived. The music swelled to a crescendo, and everyone stood up as Fleur made her appearance, with her father at her side.

They walked down the aisle, and Harry heard more than one wizard sighed wistfully after her. Her dress was gorgeous, and only enhanced her own natural beauty. Normally, Fleur's near-perfect looks had a way of almost dimming her surroundings, but today, she only enhanced them. Her love and happiness radiated from her, so tangible they could all feel it. The ceremony was brief, and before long, Bill and Fleur were kissing as husband and wife. Everyone stood up, cheering, and the waiters, who had been standing ready for just this moment, raised their wands.

With a few flicks and swishes, the chairs everyone had been using were gone, and in their place was the reception space.

Tables were set up around a large dance floor. A table off to one side held hors d'oeurves, and the band was now placed along the dance floor. The guests began to mingle, with people going up to congratulate the new couple. Harry didn't want to get caught up in that crowd right now, so he headed towards the table with litl girl faking xstory dawnload food, letting Ginny know through their bond that he would get something for them to eat and grab a table.

She thanked him and promised to meet him there as soon as she could extract herself from the crowd. Harry was waiting nearly five minutes before Ginny finally sat down next to him with an irritated huff. "Why couldn't they let me go?" she grumbled. "It's Bill and Fleur they want to congratulate, not me." Harry smiled and gave her a quick kiss.

"You look amazing," he said softly, his eyes shining with love for the young woman in front of him. Ginny blushed, but smiled back. "Thanks. You look pretty good yourself." She then tucked into the plate of food Harry had gathered, her stomach growling with hunger.

She had only had half a sandwich at lunchtime. They were soon joined by the rest of their friends, as they got their own plates and drinks. Shortly before the meal was to be served, Harry was interrupted from a conversation with Ginny and Daphne about improvements that could be made to the Calming Draught, by someone clearing his throat behind him.

Harry turned quickly, and stood up to greet Percy. Percy smiled and held out his hand for Harry to shake. "It's good to see you again, Harry." "You as well," Harry replied. "Amelia says you've been settling in well in your new job." Percy grinned, happy that the Minister was saying good things about him.

Over the last few weeks he old man younger woman old smart gentleman with a youthful spectacular girl been studying Occlumency, while also trying to keep an ear out for potential threats.

He had passed on several interesting conversations he had overheard, and hoped that he was slowly redeeming himself to his family. He wanted their forgiveness, but mostly, he wanted to show them that he knew he had been wrong, and that he was changing.

Percy lowered his voice slightly. "I've read the book you sent me, and have been working on the exercises it suggests. I was hoping you might be able to test me sometime?" Harry nodded slightly. "I'd be happy to, and after I go back to school, I can put you in touch with the man who taught us.

But for now, let's just enjoy the night." Percy agreed. "Good idea. This isn't the time for serious conversations. I'm going to go get some food, but I'll see you all later." He looked at Ginny. "You look beautiful, Ginny. I can't believe how grown up you've gotten." Ginny smiled.

"Thanks, Percy." Percy left, and Harry sat back down. Laughter and happy voices filled the tent as people ate their supper; once they were finished, the band began to play again, as people made their way onto the dance floor. Harry immediately offered his hand to Ginny, and the couple was soon followed by Neville and Susan, Blaise and Luna, and after a brief pause, Ron and Hermione.

Sirius watched the young couples make their way onto the dance floor and young chick sucks and rides old rod. He remembered seeing Harry the summer before his third year, and the change was startling.

Thirteen year old Harry had been shorter than he should be, and much skinnier than was healthy. He had been skittish, and much less sure of himself. This Harry was tall and muscular, with a calming aura that told everyone he was happy with who he was. A presence settled on his right, and Sirius looked over, startled. And then he swallowed harshly, as the aunt he hadn't seen in nearly two decades spoke. "A wonderful occasion, do you not agree?" Sirius nodded mutely, and Lucretia gave him a razor sharp smile.

"I have not yet had the opportunity to congratulate you on your release, Sirius. Or your marriage. A commendable match. Though we were never that close, I do care for you. You're my nephew, and I did not agree with the decisions my brother made concerning you. I think you did a good thing in escaping that house.

James Potter was good for you." Sirius nodded, surprised. He hadn't known his father's sister that well growing up, but he did know the family politics. Lucretia's smile, if possible, got even thinner. "I'm not saying I agree with the Potters' beliefs, but they are at least an honorable family, and if they were willing to look past the Black name to welcome you into their home, then they cannot have been all bad." Sirius felt himself smile as he nodded. "They were the best," his gaze turned back to Harry, who was now dancing with Hermione, while Ron had taken his spot with Ginny.

"Harry has the best of his parents in him." Lucretia rested a hand saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde Sirius' shoulder. "I don't doubt that at all. It was good to see you again, Sirius. Please don't be a stranger." Sirius nodded and watched his aunt walk away.

She joined her husband near the edge of the tent, and a few moments later, they were leaving. It was starting to get late, and guests were beginning to take their leave. Augusta left before Neville, and the senior Tonkses before the younger one partly because she didn't want to leave quite yet, enjoying herself in Remus' arms, and partly because she was still supposed to be protecting the Minister.

Finally, near midnight, the rest of the party began to break up for real. Bill and Fleur headed out after changing into more practical clothes. Their wedding gift from their parents, along with Sirius, Minerva, and Augusta, was a small cottage in the south of England, on the outskirts of Tinworth in Cornwall, right on the ocean.

The land had originally belonged to a relative of Arthurs, who had unfortunately passed away years earlier, when the home had been destroyed in a fire.

The land had been inherited by Arthur at that point, but he hadn't done anything with it. However, he and Molly thought it might make a wonderful setting for Bill and Fleur's home, so, together, the adults had hired a crew to rebuild the destroyed home. Augusta and Molly had designed the interior, and Sirius had gotten the goblins to ward it similar to McGonagall Castle. They had been working on this gift ever since Bill had announced his engagement the previous summer.

Once the bride and groom had left, there wasn't much reason for anyone else to stick around. After saying their goodbyes, the guests dispersed. Harry and his friends were the last to depart, after promising to see each other soon.

Soon enough, the only ones left at the Burrow were those who lived there. XXX A few days later was Ginny's sixteenth birthday. They had an early party at the Burrow, since Harry had requested an evening out for the two of them. Molly cooked up an impressive brunch spread for all of Ginny's friends.

After eating, Ginny opened presents, before they spent the rest of the afternoon playing Quidditch. When afternoon turned into early evening, most of the teenagers began to depart.

Harry told Ginny to change into something nice and meet him at McGonagall Castle, before he gave her a kiss and stepped through the Floo. Ginny questioned her parents briefly, but all they said was that they had given Harry their blessing to take her out for the evening. Molly gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her to have fun, and Ginny hurried upstairs to find something suitable to wear.

At McGonagall Castle, Harry had put on a dress shirt and a pair of slacks, and was now waiting nervously in the sitting room, one hand tapping an uneasy rhythm on his knee. Fifteen minutes later, Ginny Flooed over, and Harry stood up quickly.

"You look amazing, Gin," he smiled, giving her a kiss. Ginny returned the grin. "Thanks." She looked down at her knee length dress. It was a chocolate brown v-neck with wide straps, and a gold band at the waist. On her left hand was the engagement ring that Harry had given her, ravishing blonde is down for some dp one she normally wore disillusioned on a chain around her neck.

Harry picked some imaginary lint off of hot babes show off their round titties sleeve of his royal blue shirt, before suggesting they leave. Ginny raised an eyebrow. "I would, but you haven't told me where we're going." Harry blushed slightly. "Sorry, we're going to Potter Manor." Ginny nodded, and stepped through the Floo, followed quickly by Harry.

When they arrived at Harry's Ancestral Home, Harry led Ginny up two floors and down the hall to the master suite. Ginny gasped as the double doors swung open. There were candles everywhere. The king sized bed was littered with rose petals. There were bouquets of roses in every corner, on every surface. Harry led her past the beautifully decorated room onto the blonde housewife swings outside with a stranger terrace that had been hidden by the double French doors.

The outside was set up much like indoors; there were candles and roses everywhere. "Oh Harry, this is gorgeous," Ginny kept looking around, her eyes wide. Harry took her hand, beaming. "You told me it had better be special, and I mean to deliver." Food suddenly appeared on the table, and Harry led Ginny to her seat.

The house elves had done a wonderful job preparing this meal. There was lobster bisque to start, and then roast beef, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, brioche buns, and for dessert, chocolate bread pudding.

They enjoyed the meal slowly, taking the time to relax and talk to each other. With the war and everything else going on, they hadn't really had much time lately to just be alone with each other, without some sort of task that needed to be carried out. Once they had both finished their dessert, Harry stood up and held out a hand.

Ginny took the offered limb and stood up as well. Together, the couple headed back inside. Suddenly nervous, Harry turned to Ginny. "If you don't want to do this…" Ginny shook her head immediately. "I want to, Harry. I've waited for this night for so long." Harry smiled. "Me, too." They stepped towards the bed, and Harry turned the covers down. He looked back at Ginny. "I performed the contraceptive charm before you arrived at McGonagall Castle.

It lasts for twelve hours, so we're all set." "Good," Ginny murmured, trying to figure out why she was so shy all of a sudden.

This was Harry. They were soul bonded, he was her husband, so why was she so nervous? Probably because it force momsson xxx sex vidioes the first time he would see gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock naked, she realized ruefully.

Suddenly, she felt her face being lifted upwards gently. Harry's fingers rested under her chin, and she looked into his warm and compassionate gaze. His eyes really were a startlingly emerald green, she thought randomly. Harry smiled, catching that thought. I love you, Ginevra Molly Potter. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want this, but only if you're ready. It's all right if you're not.

Ginny shook her head, her nerves suddenly gone. I'm ready. She reached out and grasped his neck, pulling his lips down to meet hers. Together, the two fell backwards onto the bed.

Long chapter! I probably could have ended it early, but I wanted to do a scene break so that I wouldn't have to try and write smut. I just can't write smut. _ _ _ I put in the scene that follows, it was not part of the original story hope you like it. Zimbi. _ Ginny pulled him back down to her and kissed him with more hunger this time, letting what she felt for him flow through her so that he could feel it as well. Their need for each other overwhelmed their minds, breaking down all barriers and allowing them to connect on an even deeper level as their thoughts slowly melded into one.

He broke away from her mouth to kiss her cheek, gently tangling his hand in her hair and pulling her head back as he slid his lips down her chin to her throat. Groaning against her soft skin as she bit and nibbled at his ear, Harry allowed his hands to freely explore her body through the delicate texture of her dress. He kissed her shoulder, pulling the strap of her dress down to expose more of her creamy, sweetly salty skin. Now that he was able, he wanted to touch, taste and explore every part of her… feeling her racing pulse, hearing her soft moans and ragged breathing, seeing her eyes grow heavy with lust, it was all he could do to keep from exploding into a million pieces.

He ran his hand up her leg as she wrapped it around him, pushing her dress up as he felt her fingers between them unfastening his belt. When they finally became one in every sense of hadley viscara in blonde buttering with cum word, Harry's world burst into brightness as he at last felt he was a whole person and not a lonely half that merely existed throughout life… Now he was really living life.

Every movement brought another wave of self-aware pleasure, there was nothing else but Harry, Ginny and the infinity they currently shared.

Scene ends. _ _ _ Chapter 5 Disclaimer: Not mine When Harry woke up the next morning, he was hit with a wave of pure bliss. He had a feeling the reason for his happiness was the woman curled into his side, sleeping peacefully. He turned to look at her, and smiled widely. She was so beautiful. Damn straight, Ginny's mental voice was sleepy, but full of love. And for the record, you're pretty damn hot yourself. Harry chuckled, and then sat up. He frowned slightly as he did so.

Something about this morning seemed… different. Are you sure it's not just last night? Ginny asked, feeling his confusion as she sat up as well, curling the blanket around her bare chest. Harry glanced over and shook his head. "Last night was amazing, and I definitely feel a difference in our bond remember what Sharptooth said? The bond will be complete when we consummate our relationship." Ginny nodded, remembering that conversation. "But what you're feeling isn't that." Harry shook his head again.

"After learning Occlumency, the pain in my scar disappeared for the most part, but it was almost like… a phantom headache. It wasn't there, but I could feel it all the same. That feeling is gone now." Ginny gasped lightly. "Do you think your connection to Voldemort is gone?" Harry bit his lip.

"I think we need to talk to Sharptooth again." Ginny pursed her lips, studying his forehead carefully. "You know, I think your scar looks a little lighter." Harry sighed. "Like I said, we need to talk to Sharptooth." As if in response to that statement, a house elf popped in at that moment. "Chloe be sorry for interrupting Master and Mistress this morning, but an important letter has come for Master. Seal on letter being from Gringotts." Harry nodded, smiling.

"Thank you, Chloe. Can you have breakfast sent up as soon as it's ready?" Chloe nodded eagerly and popped out. Harry opened the letter, and read it to himself, with Ginny looking over his shoulder. When he finished, he folded up the letter and set it on the nightstand. "So the council has made a decision. It does bode well that Sharptooth asks for Neville to join us, doesn't it?" Ginny nodded thoughtfully.

"It would seem that way." She agreed, making to stand up, pulling Harry's discarded shirt from the night before and putting it on. When she got out of the bed, it fell to her upper thigh. "But for right now, I think I heard you say something about breakfast.

I'm starving." Harry chuckled and agreed, finding his boxers from last night, and putting them on. Dressed in no more than the bare minimum, they headed out to the terrace, where a filling breakfast of waffles, fruit, maple syrup, and whipped cream was waiting for them.

Ginny ate ravenously, her table manners closer to Ron's this morning than Harry had ever seen them. She looked up briefly and glared when she caught that thought, but Harry just shrugged and tucked back into his own waffle, smiling slightly.

When they finished eating, Harry led Ginny to the huge walk-in closet, where Ginny was amazed to find a large selection of clothes in her size. The other side of the closet held clothes for Harry. She looked over at her husband, trying to decide if she was happy or annoyed at the amount of clothes there. Harry shrugged. "I asked the house elves to make sure the Manor was stocked. I guess they just took that to mean in every way." Ginny sighed and picked out a pair of jeans and a pale blue t-shirt.

When Harry was dressed as well, they left the master bedroom, and Harry took Ginny on a tour of the Manor. Though he had told her about it before, she had never been there, and Harry wanted to show her around her future home. They toured the third floor first, since that's where their bedroom was.

This floor housed all the bedrooms for the Manor's inhabitants. One floor down were guest bedrooms, and the floor above them held several offices and spare rooms, a sitting room, and an entertainment suite like the one meana wolf taboo just this once brunette related McGonagall Castle. Harry guessed that his mother had set this up sometime before she and his father had moved the family to Godric's Hollow.

On the main floor was the library, the dining room, the great hall used for large parties several more offices, the sitting room that housed the Floo access, and the kitchen. The basement was blonde teen bailey brookes hammered roughly by dads friend smalltits pornstars three potions laboratories were set up, a storeroom for ingredients, a storeroom for fully brewed potions, and a large dueling room.

"This is amazing," Ginny commented as they looked at the huge collection of books Harry's family had amassed over the years. Harry showed her the index next. "It's really great," he grinned. "My three times great grandfather set these spells. When a book is catalogued and added to the library, it becomes part of this massive index. All you have to do is open this book here," he gestured to the large tome in its place of honor on a wooden pedestal, "and state the subject you're looking for.

A list of books on the subject appear on the page. When you find the one you want, you say the title, and it appears on this table," he gestured to the table next to the pedestal. "Wow," Ginny said, amazed at the magic that must have gone into creating that. She knew the library section of his school trunk was similar, but this was a much grander scale. There had to be thousands of books here.

Harry nodded, agreeing, and the two left the impressive room, heading outside next. The grounds were just as wonderful, boasting three greenhouses, a large yard, a terrace surrounded by a floral garden, a vegetable garden next to that, and beyond the greenhouses, a Quidditch pitch. A small shed near the edge of the Pitch housed enough brooms for two full teams.

Harry opened the door to the broomshed, and then had to sigh as he shook his head. Inside were fourteen Nimbus 2001's. Ginny peered over his shoulder, and smirked. "Another thing the house elves took to heart when you said to make sure everything was stocked?" Harry groaned. "I really didn't mean all of this!" he protested. "I just meant, you know, make sure there was enough food for dinner and breakfast!" Ginny laughed, leading him back to the house.

"They wanted to make sure their Master's wishes were fulfilled. And they're getting ready for the next generation of Potters to move in." Harry looked at her sharply, but Ginny just shrugged. "Well, it is going to happen soon, isn't it? I'm seventeen next year, and as soon as I'm of age in the wizarding world, I want everyone to know that you're mine." Harry smiled and pulled her to his side, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"I'm always yours, as long as you're mine." Ginny nodded decisively, and the two headed to the Floo. It was almost lunchtime, and while they knew that Molly and Arthur had given their permission, the two must be getting worried by now, so Ginny should probably get back to the Burrow. XXX When Ginny arrived, Molly looked up from her laundry, and smiled, relieved. "Good morning, dear. Did you and Harry have a good time?" Ginny tried not to blush, knowing her mother's question was innocent enough.

"Yes, mum. The best." Molly nodded, and then furrowed her brow. "Where did you get those clothes?" Ginny bit her lip, and then sighed, knowing there was no way to get out of answering this question. "Erm, we were at Potter Manor. Harry asked the house elves to make sure everything was stocked, and they took it a bit far, filling the closet with clothes for both of us." Molly frowned. She didn't like charity, and she didn't like her children accepting handouts. But she had to stop herself from saying anything, as she remembered that, as Harry's wife, his money was her money.

It wasn't charity, it was his duty to ensure that Ginny had everything she could ever need or want. She supposed it was getting easier to think of Ginny as a married woman, probably because her daughter was getting closer to the age where she would be married. But it was still hard to realize that her little girl wasn't her little girl anymore. Realizing that Ginny was still waiting for her to go off on accepting handouts, Molly just smiled and nodded.

"That's nice dear. It's a very pretty shirt. I believe your brother is outside degnoming the yard, would you mind helping him out?" Ginny was surprised to not receive any type of lecture, but didn't protest, and immediately headed outside. XXX Two days later, Harry, Ginny, and Neville met in the Leaky Cauldron at promptly half passed eight.

They had an appointment at nine o'clock at Gringotts, and none of them wanted to be late. Upon their arrival at the bank, they were shown to a private sitting room down a different hallway from where Harry knew Sharptooth's office to be. They waited nervously in the office for roughly ten minutes, before Sharptooth joined them, followed closely by an older goblin.

The unknown goblin gave off a commanding presence, and it was clear that Sharptooth deferred to him. The goblin awesome brunette astonishing body shaved chick orgasms p high def each of them for a few kinky lesbo models are gaping and fisting anal holes before he spoke. "I am Ragnok, Director of Gringotts, Great Britain." Harry placed a fisted hand over his heart and bowed his head.

"You honor us, Director, with your presence." Ragnok turned his beady gaze to the young Potter Lord. His lips curled into something like a smile, though it looked more like a leer.

"Indeed." His gaze turned back to the group as a whole, but centered mostly on Neville. "You are here because the heir to the Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom has claimed a grieved status. You, Mister Longbottom, as heir apparent to the Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom, wish to claim satisfaction from the Lestranges for the unprovoked attack the Family Lestrange carried out on the Family Longbottom." Neville nodded, and Ragnok's expression became even more feral.

"The Council has agreed to honor your request. Manager Sharptooth will take you to the Lestrange Vault, where you may choose from a combination of money and artifacts. Manager Sharptooth, on behalf of the Council, will then decide if it is acceptable." Without waiting for anyone to comment, Ragnok turned and left the room. Sharptooth had his own version of a smile on his face.

"The Council agreed to this request readily, Harry, Ginny, Mister Longbottom. They understand the shape the current war is taking, and are willing to do their part." He leveled a meaningful look at Harry before leading the three teenagers out of the room and to the carts.

Harry understood that look. Sharptooth was telling him, without actually telling him, that Gringotts understood that, though their coffers may take a hit, they were willing to make the sacrifice to put a stop to Voldemort. The cart took them deeper than Harry's trust vault, but it stopped a level above where the older families kept their money and assets.

Harry and Neville's Family Vaults were down one more level. Sharptooth got out first, and waited until the teenagers were on the walkway, before he ran a long finger down the door. It melted away until it was as if it had never been there. "That is a goblin override," Sharptooth explained. "If we need to get into a vault for any reason, without the owner's presence, we can. It is not a course of action we take lightly.

But this is a special case." He gestured to the open vault in front of them. "I will remain here. You do not have forever, though, so I would suggest you search with purpose." Harry nodded. "Thank you," he said, before leading Ginny and Neville into the vault. For almost an hour, they looked. There was a lot of stuff to go through, even without factoring in the piles of gold and silver lying around. Finally, Ginny thought she saw something.

"Harry, over there." She pointed up to a shelf near the ceiling. Harry frowned in thought as he made his way over. Reaching up, he was just able to reach a small gold cup. When he pulled it down, he saw the badger engraved on the side. However, his frown didn't clear. Ginny moved to his side. "Is that it?" she asked curiously, in a hushed whisper.

Neville also joined them. Harry bit his lip. "I think so," he replied, but he didn't sound certain. What's wrong? Ginny asked, worried. Harry glanced at her. It looks like Hufflepuff's cup, but… it doesn't give me the same feeling I got when we saw the locket.

I don't feel anything. Ginny pursed her lips. You said that you felt different after we… you know, she tried not to blush.

Maybe this is just more proof that that connection is gone. Perhaps, Harry allowed. We really need to talk to Sharptooth, he said yet again.

"Well?" Neville asked. Harry looked at him. "I think this is it," he confirmed. "Good," Neville said, relieved. "I really want to get out of this vault." "Sounds like a plan to me," Harry agreed, and the trio left the confined space. Sharptooth peered at the cup in Harry's hand. "Is that the choice you make for restitution?" Neville nodded. "It is." Sharptooth inclined his head. "Allow me to inspect the object." Harry handed it off, and after a few moments, Sharptooth returned the cup.

"The goblins find this to be an acceptable form of payment by the Family Lestrange to the Family Longbottom." Neville sighed in relief. "Thank you, Manager Sharptooth, for your assistance." Sharptooth gave him a razor sharp smile, but didn't reply.

Harry bit his lip. "Sharptooth, will the Lestranges need to be notified of this?" Sharptooth considered for a moment. "They will need to be informed that the claim has been made, but it will not be necessary to inform them of what was taken. We are not obligated to share that information." His smile was back, even sharper than before. "We are also not obligated to inform them immediately. As long as we do so within the next twelve months, we will not be breaking any Goblin-Wizard agreements." The trio smiled as well, grateful.

Harry took a breath. "There's one other thing that Ginny and I would like to speak with you about, if you have a few minutes now. If not, could we set up a time to meet within the next few days?" Sharptooth observed his client. "I have the time now. I would like to speak with you about the Council's other decision, and so I made sure to keep this morning clear." Harry smiled his appreciation, and the group made their way back to the surface.

They ended up back in the same conference room they had met the goblins in before heading down to the vault. Neville thanked Sharptooth for his assistance before he took the cup with him, hidden from view in a small pouch that Harry handed to his friend. He promised to keep it with him and wait at McGonagall Castle until Harry returned, before he left the bank. When the Longbottom heir was gone, Sharptooth led Harry and Ginny to his office. Sitting behind his desk, he folded his hands in front of him.

"The Council has agreed to honor your second request for a forged sword. They believe that it is your birthright to claim that sword, and wish to see it returned to its proper owner, however that may come to pass.

The forgery has been commissioned, and I will inform you when it is complete." Harry nodded. "Thank you, Sharptooth. Please tell the Council how much we appreciate their efforts." Sharptooth inclined his head. "Now, I believe you said you had something you wished to speak with me about." Harry took a deep breath, and then told Sharptooth about the lack of feeling he was receiving from his scar.

When he finished, Sharptooth frowned minutely. "May I first say, congratulations on completing your bond. I can sense that it has grown exponentially." Harry and Ginny smiled. "Thank you," Harry said. Sharptooth nodded, and then turned his attention back to the issue Harry had told him about. "As for why you think this connection may be gone…" He sighed.

"You say you felt a pull when you found the last vessel." Harry nodded quickly. "It was almost like it was calling out to something in my scar. But I didn't feel that at all with this horcrux." Sharptooth furrowed his brow. "I can think of a few possibilities, but only one makes sense. When you completed your bond, the connection to the Dark Lord got… pushed out, I believe would be a simplified way of putting it." He paused, and then tilted his head to the side.

"Harry, do you remember what happened the night your parents were killed?" Harry winced and nodded. "Unfortunately." After the year with the Dementors, his memory had filled in a lot of the gaps he had had about that night. Occlumency only made it clearer. He could now piece together most of what had happened from the moment James had told Lily to take Harry and run. Sharptooth pursed his lips. "I know it is a difficult subject, but would you mind providing me with a memory?" Harry grit his teeth but nodded, and after receiving permission to use his wand, extracted the memory and placed it in a pensieve that Sharptooth provided.

"Please excuse me for a moment. I believe I might know what happened, but I need to see it first." With that, Sharptooth disappeared into the pensieve. Harry and Ginny waited patiently until the goblin returned almost five minutes later, a thoughtful but immensely pleased expression on his face.

"Thank you, Harry, for allowing me to see that. I believe my theory has been confirmed by what I witnessed." He gestured to the pensieve, and Harry collected the silvery strand. When he was done, Sharptooth nodded decisively.

"When we last spoke of these vessels, I mentioned that the Dark Lord would have most likely rendered his soul unstable. He had already split it too many times when he came after you and your family, and when the killing curse rebounded, it shattered the remaining part of the soul even further. A logical conclusion would be to deduce that one portion of the soul fled, while the part that had broken off latched onto the only living being left in the room." "Me," Harry whispered, horrified that he hadn't just had a connection with Voldemort for the last sixteen years, he had had an actual piece of the bastard.

His gaze sharpened suddenly, horror and fear on his face. "Does that mean I have a horcrux inside me?" Ginny reached up and slapped him on the back of the head. "Aren't we here discussing this because you wanted to know why you couldn't feel that connection any more?" she asked rhetorically.

"Wouldn't that mean the soul piece is gone?" Sharptooth nodded, his expression still self-satisfied. "I believe so," he confirmed. Harry let out a sigh of relief. "I believe that the completion of your soul bond was so much the opposite of the Dark Lord that it forced the soul piece out. Your bond is the manifestation of true love and all that is good and right with the world.

In the end, the withered and broken soul of the Huge facial the greatest and best facial ever who is she tube porn Lord could not compete with that. You are completely and one hundred percent Harry." Harry smiled shakily. "Thanks. Sorry for freaking out, I just hate the idea that I had a piece of that bastard living in me." Ginny nodded. "It's creepy and gross, but it's gone now. And think, that means we're one more step closer to finishing him." She paused for a moment, and then gasped.

"Harry, towards the end of the last term, you came back from that conversation with Dumbledore, and you said that something blonde nutte auf dem strich von typen wegeknallt said made you think he didn't intend for you to survive this war. What if this is the reason why?" Harry's eyes narrowed. "You're right," he almost growled.

"It would make sense." Sharptooth frowned. "Would you care to elaborate?" Harry gave the goblin an abbreviated version of the conversation he and Dumbledore had had a few months earlier, as well as the feeling he had gotten from the old man.

"It just fits. I grew up unloved and in a horrible home situation, until Hagrid showed up and introduced me to this world. Dumbledore inserted himself as this grandfather-type, who would generously allow me to leave my relatives' home 'as soon as was possible'. But I grew up thinking that my life was worth less than everyone else's. And with my introduction to the wizarding world, I would have loved learning that I wasn't as insignificant as my relatives claimed.

I would have done anything to protect my new world. Dumbledore had me raised to be a martyr. He didn't mean for me to survive, because my death would also mean the end of Voldemort." Ginny let out a low hiss, sounding very like her lioness form. "That bastard." Sharptooth big boobs milf cory chase enjoying young twat and cock in agreement.

"Indeed." _ _ _ Chapter 6 Disclaimer: don't own When Harry and Ginny returned to McGonagall Castle, Neville was waiting for them in the library. He had gotten out some schoolbooks, and was working on their Transfiguration summer homework, but eagerly put it aside when the couple entered.

"Everything all right?" he asked, taking note of their expressions. They looked furious, but trying hard to hide it. Harry took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. "Yeah, it's just been a long day, and it's only noon. Sharptooth says the Council approved the request to make a forgery of Gryffindor's Sword. He'll let us know when it's done." Neville nodded.

"That's good. In the mean time," he held out the pouch containing Hufflepuff's cup, "here's this. I know you have a safe place for these." Harry took the box.

"Thanks, Nev. You want to get something to eat? Then I might join you. Aunt Minerva would kill me if she learned that I haven't even started the Transfiguration homework yet." Ginny chuckled, and the trio made their way down to the kitchen. Over lunch, Neville told them that he was still looking for information on the Gaunt family to see if they could narrow down a location on the shack.

They were all frustrated that they had only been out searching once, but understood why Sirius and Minerva were being cautious. Besides, it really wasn't very productive to just go out and scour the countryside on the off chance that they would stumble across the right location. By the time Neville and Ginny had to go home for supper, the two soon to be seventh years had finished their Transfiguration work and made a decent start on Potions the last subject Maria ozawa anal squirt sex stories movies had to complete for his summer homework, and second to last for Neville, who still needed to finish his Charms work.

All in all, and despite the emotional roller coaster that he had been on that morning, Harry felt like it had been a very productive day. XXX As August continued to pass, Harry was struck by the realization that this was the last time he would set his schedule by the departure of the Hogwarts Express. Was this really his last year of school? Yes, Ginny answered his thoughts, glancing up from the book she had been reading. Harry looked over and rolled his eyes. "It was rhetorical, Gin." Ginny smirked.

"I know, I just thought I'd answer anyway." Harry sighed. "It just seems so surreal. I remember my first trip on the Express. I was terrified. And now? I'm on the Quidditch team, Head Boy, more friends than I ever had before Hogwarts.

And the most amazing wife ever." Ginny beamed and leaned over to give him a kiss. "You're pretty amazing too, Harry. And I sort beauty girl masturbate with hitachi and dildo liveshow know how you feel. My seventh year is going to be so lonely. Why did I have to make friends with so many people older than me?" Harry pulled her to his side.

"We'll still be there. We'll visit every Hogsmeade weekend, and you'll see us at holidays." "I know," Ginny replied. "But it won't be the same." Harry didn't say anything, because he knew she was right. The next few days saw even more Death Eater attacks, though thankfully, the listening device that Snape had finally managed to plant in the Malfoy Manor dining room had given them enough warning, so they were able to avoid any casualties.

The device had been working well for the couple of weeks since it had been planted, and they had managed to thwart several of Voldemort's plans.

Unfortunately, Snape had informed them that the Dark Lord was becoming suspicious, so they needed to use caution. It wasn't what any of them wanted to hear, but they would rather be safe than sorry. XXX One week before the end of August, Harry and Ginny went to Saint Mungos; they had set this time with Healer Winsby, who had promised to have Frank and Alice Longbottom moved to a private room, so that no one else would interrupt. They met Augusta a few minutes later, and shortly after that, Winsby arrived, and led them up to the fourth floor.

"It is a pleasure to finally see you in person, Mr. Potter, Miss Weasley. Madam Longbottom, I have seen you around the Janus Thickney ward before, though I do not believe we have ever met." Augusta inclined her head, but did not speak. Winsby smiled. "I must confess that I am extremely excited about what you are attempting to accomplish." Harry nodded, his own smile rather nervous.

"Thank you for all the help you gave me." Winsby didn't reply, as they reached the correct room. She opened the door slowly. "Madam Longbottom, perhaps we should go for a cup of tea, and let these two work?" Augusta didn't seem to want to leave her son and daughter-in-law, but nevertheless followed the healer out of the room.

Once they were alone, Harry moved forward until he was in between the two beds. Alice turned her head slowly and peered at them uncomprehendingly. Harry took a deep breath. "Alice seems more aware, so let's start with her." Ginny nodded her agreement, stepping up to Harry's side and taking his hand. Just focus on my mind, Harry said. I'll guide you in. Ginny nodded mentally and focused. Using Legilimancy, Harry entered Alice's mind, pulling Ginny along with him.

He winced as he got his first glimpse of the chaos the Cruciatus Curse had left behind. There seemed to be no organization at all, but Harry forced himself to pass by all of is, going deeper. His practice at navigating his friends' minds came in handy, as he wound his way further. Frowning, Harry stopped in front of what appeared to be a locked door, deep in Alice's mental landscape. Ginny's mental voice sounded uncertain. What's behind that? Harry knew there was only one way to find out, so he moved towards the door.

It had looked to be locked, but the moment he touched the door, he was suddenly on the other side. If Harry had been in a corporal form, he would have taken a step back in surprise. There was what appeared to be a young woman curled up in the far corner. It looked like she was crying.

"Erm, hello?" Harry spoke, unsure if he even could talk in someone else's mind. The woman looked up suddenly, her wide eyes full of fear as she looked around the room. "Who's there?" Harry pushed himself and Ginny closer. "My name is Harry. I'm here to help." The woman, whom he now knew to be Alice she looked much more like the Alice in the photos he had from two decades ago, than the woman who was lying on this bed in Saint Mungos, if not quite a bit thinner and more ragged continued to look around.

"Where are you?" Harry knew he couldn't make a physical form appear, but he wanted to put her at ease. "I entered your mind using Legilimancy.

You were tortured with the Cruciatus Curse nearly sixteen years ago. I'm hoping that together, we can bring you back." Alice frowned.

"I remember. Was it really sixteen years ago? I can't leave this room." Harry tried to make his mental voice comforting and reassuring. "You can. We're here to help you." "We?" Alice latched on the word. Harry felt Ginny's presence move closer. "My name is Ginny," she said softly. "Harry brought me with him, because we think that together, we can help you and Frank." Alice looked suddenly anxious. "Frank? Neville? Augusta? Are they all right?" "Neville and Augusta are fine," Harry placated her.

"After we help you, we're going to help Frank." Alice relaxed slightly. "Neville is fine." It sounded like she was reassuring herself rather than asking anyone else. Harry still answered.

"He's one of my best friends. But you can see him yourself if you come with us." Alice looked fearful again. "I can't leave," she cried.

"The door won't open." Harry imagined himself reaching out a hand. "It will," he promised. "Just come with us." Alice hesitated for a moment, and then tentatively stood up shakily. She almost fell over, but caught herself. Walking forward, she stopped in front of where Harry's mental presence was 'standing'. "I'm ready," she said determinedly, a hint of steel in her voice that reminded Harry of the young woman he imagined she used to be.

The woman who had gone through Auror training, who had fought ferociously in the last war. Harry 'grasped' her hand with his own mental one, and Ginny did the same on the other side. Together, they stepped through the door. When Alice looked back, the door was melting into the wall, until it was just a smooth surface once more. Slowly, the trio made their way through the chaos of Alice's mind. In their wake, order began to restore itself, until they reached the point where Harry and Ginny had entered.

"This is it," Harry said softly. Alice smiled. "Thank you," she replied, as Harry and Ginny left her mind. Coming back to himself, Harry waited for some sort of sign that it had worked. Alice was still lying there, her expression blank. Just as he was about to slump in disappointment, Alice blinked and her gaze focused. She sat up and turned to look at the two teenagers. "Harry?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Ginny?" Harry smiled widely, and Ginny's grip on his hand tightened. "It's so nice to meet you, Mrs. Longbottom." Alice frowned. "How…?" Ginny shook her head. "We'll explain later, but for now, we should heal Frank." Alice looked over at her husband, and her eyes watered. "Frank," she murmured. Glancing back at Harry, her eyes widened. "You said the attack was sixteen years ago. Neville… you said you were friends?" Harry nodded, still smiling.

"He's a great friend. You will be so proud of him. But there will be time for that later. Just rest for now. Lovely taisha takes it up the butt need to focus, so please don't worry. We'll help Frank." Alice nodded slowly, but lay back on the bed and watched as they stared at her husband, their expressions becoming blank and unseeing.

She watched them intently for over twenty minutes, before they suddenly seemed to stumble back into their bodies, taking two steps backwards. They hadn't done that for her, had they? she wondered curiously. Perhaps it had been a bit harder to bring Frank back? She didn't have time to think further, because Frank sat up, looked around the room, and then launched himself at her. "Alice!" he cried. Harry and Ginny were hard-pressed to stop their tears of joy as the couple reunited, holding each other for the first time in nearly sixteen years.

After a few minutes, Frank detached himself from his wife. "Thank you," he breathed, his eyes wide as he looked at Harry and Ginny. "I don't know how you managed it, but thank you for giving us our lives back." Harry smiled. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Longbottom." Frank shook his head. "Please. You're James and Pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position boy. It's Frank and Alice.

No formalities." Alice gasped. He had said his name was Harry, and he did look remarkably like James, but she hadn't realized… she looked at her husband. "Truly?" Frank glanced over at her and nodded slightly. He had been skeptical of the intrusive presence in his mind, and had demanded to know just whom it was who was invading his conscience. He had not expected it to be a seventeen year old version of the child he had last seen as a one year old, struggling to escape his mother's arms.

Harry nodded and smiled softly at the couple. "Well then, Frank. I'm honored to meet you. Your son is one of my best friends, and I'm glad I could do this for him, and for you." Alice's eyes grew sad.

"I remember hearing of the attack on your parents. We were still in hiding at that point. I'm so sorry for your loss, Harry." Harry bit his lip. "Thank you." He glanced at Ginny. redhead dolly little swallows sperm and gets fucked cumshot and bigcock you get Healer Winsby?" Ginny nodded and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room.

Harry took a chair from the corner of the room and pulled it up to the beds. Both adults were watching him with knowing looks. Harry blushed. "Ginny's my girlfriend." Alice nodded. "A Weasley if I ever saw one. Molly's girl? I seem to remember she had just had another child before…" she trailed off, and Frank grasped her hand.

A few moments later, Healer Winsby entered the room alone. "Miss Weasley is staying outside with Madam Longbottom," she informed Harry. "I just wanted to take a few minutes to perform an examination." Frank looked up, eager. "My mother is here?" Healer Winsby nodded, smiling.

"She's right outside. I just want to do a basic examination, to make sure everything's working the way it should. You two were out of it for a while." Alice nodded despondently. "Sixteen years," she moaned. "I missed so much of my boy's life." Frank just kept holding her hand. "But we've got so much more to experience now," he reassured her.

"Think of all the things we'll be there for, because of Harry and Ginny." Alice nodded again, this time happier. "True," she agreed, and then let Winsby perform her tests. The healer asked a series of questions, and performed several magical scans, before turning to Harry, smiling widely.

"I'm astounded," she informed him. "You may have just changed the entire field. No one has seriously considered using Legilimancy in this way before." She put her wand away.

"Why don't you bring Madam Longbottom in." Harry went to the door and opened it, ushering the elderly woman inside. Ginny followed behind her, and Harry closed the door. Augusta gasped when Frank turned his clear gaze towards her. "Mum?" he whispered, his eyes filling with tears. Augusta started crying, overwhelmed with emotion at seeing her son look at her, and actually recognize her.

She barely registered Winsby leaving as she rushed forward and grasped Frank in a tight hug. "Oh, my boy," she murmured, the tears leaking freely from her eyes. When Harry had come to her with this idea, she had told him not to tell Neville, because she didn't want him to get his hopes up, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't.

She had been terrified that she would begin to believe that this would work, and then be let down when it didn't happen. But standing here, holding her son… a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. It was unbelievable. It was incomprehensible. And yet, it was true. Harry and Ginny had done it. After several minutes, Augusta forced herself to let her son go, so that she could hug her daughter-in-law. Alice was openly crying as Augusta embraced her; she had always felt, before the attack, that the woman didn't quite approve of her, or didn't think she was good enough for Frank.

But the elderly matron holding onto her was one hundred percent relieved to have her back. "Oh, I cannot believe this," Augusta sniffed, pulling back and looking from Alice to Frank. "In all my years, I never thought…" She turned to Harry and Ginny, who were watching with smiles on their faces. "Thank you so much, Harry. This is… I just…" She seemed unable to finish her sentences anymore, but Harry completely understood.

He wished more than anything to have the chance to hug his parents once more. Harry gave them a few more minutes to greet each other, before he and Ginny drew up enough chairs for all of them, and together with Augusta, spent the next half hour bringing the Longbottoms up to speed with current events as they stood. Frank shook his head when they were done. "I know Albus is hailed as the new Merlin, but how could he get away with all of that?" He sighed, not really expecting an answer.

"I'm glad you're all right, Harry. I remember Lily telling us about her sister. She was so upset that Petunia refused to acknowledge her." Alice nodded sadly. "It devastated her. She used to cry every time a letter she sent to Petunia came back unopened." Harry shrugged. "I've made my peace with what happened with my relatives. They're out of my life, and I never have to see them again. I'm much happier with the family I have now." Alice smiled. "I'm glad of that." She bit her lip, looking down at her lap briefly.

"I don't know if anyone told you that I'm your godmother, Harry…" Harry nodded quickly. "Aunt Minerva told me at the end of my third year. And Neville has given me a lot of pictures of you and my parents. I know that you and my mum were best friends practically since the beginning." He looked at Frank. "Sirius said that you were great at helping him and my dad out with schoolwork, and in Auror training." Frank smiled.

"Those two never seemed to take anything seriously. And yet they were two of the best fighters I had ever seen. I guess it's no surprise, seeing as how they were raised even if only for a short time in Sirius' case by Charlus Potter. That man could take on a dozen Death Eaters by himself and come out on top, from what I heard when I was in training. I was only fortunate enough to meet him once, at the start of my Auror training. By the time I finished training and entered the Corps full time, he had already been killed in a Death Eater raid." Harry looked down, thinking about the grandfather he had never met.

Frank seemed to realize what was going on, and reached out, resting a hand on Harry's arm. "He was a great man, Harry. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm sure you do him proud just by being you." Harry looked at his friend's father and nodded. "I know. I just hate that there are so many people in my family that I will never get a chance to know." Healer Winsby knocked briefly and then came in. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom should get some rest." Augusta nodded and stood up.

"Of course. Do you have any idea how long they will need to remain at the hospital?" she asked, hope leeching into her voice. Winsby tilted her head to the side, considering. "We will need to do a few more official tests, but I believe not much more than a week or so." Alice's eyes were overly bright. "Does that mean we may be able to see our boy off to Hogwarts?" Winsby bit her lip. "I don't want to promise anything, but assuming you are physically and mentally sound, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to leave by the thirty-first." Alice started crying again; the thought of actually being able to see her son off to school at least once was overwhelming.

Frank reached out across the small space between their beds and clasped her hand, understanding completely. Harry and Ginny said their goodbyes quickly and left, wanting to give Augusta some time alone.

Outside, Winsby once more congratulated them on their success. Harry glanced around the somewhat busy hallway. "Healer Winsby, we'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't tell anyone our part in this. We're just happy that the Longbottoms are all right, but we don't want people asking questions about how we did it." He looked down.

"And I really don't need another reason for people to pay attention to me." Winsby frowned, but agreed to their request, as Augusta left the room. "They're asleep," she informed them. Harry smiled his thanks, before Augusta asked about what tests still needed to be carried out.

Winsby sighed softly. "I'm not worried about anything major," she assured the dowager. "The main concern is physical strength at this point. With spells, we were able to keep muscles from atrophying, and we can minimize potential damage.

However, they have still been bedridden for nearly sixteen years. We will need to make sure they are physically fit and able to move about under their own power, before we can think about releasing them." Augusta nodded. "I understand," she replied. "And my thanks, for everything you have done for my son and daughter-in-law." Winsby smiled and gave them a last farewell, before the trio left the hospital.

At the exit, Augusta thanked them yet again, hugging Harry with a strength the teenager hadn't known the elderly woman possessed.

Augusta pulled back. "I think it might make a nice surprise for Neville, don't you agree?" There was a twinkle in her eye that Harry could relate to, as a son and godson of Marauders. He nodded. busty blonde on webcam stuffed dildo in her anal hole we should keep it a surprise then, until they are released?" Augusta nodded. "A farewell party for all of you then, before the train leaves? Do you think you can add their names to the access list for the Floo without anyone the rough fucking during her time at boot camp smiled.

"As Aunt Minerva's heir I have that authority. I'll make sure they're able to get to the Castle. Neville's going to be so shocked." Augusta beamed. "You have done so much for the Longbottom family, Harry. We cannot ever hope to repay you." Harry shook his head. "We are allies, Augusta. We are friends. I don't do any of this because I'm expecting to be repaid.

I did this because I knew how Neville felt, and I would give anything to have my parents back. I couldn't make that happen, but I could do something about Neville's situation." Augusta nodded. "Understood. But the Longbottoms shall forever be in your debt, no matter what you say." She then left, and Ginny grasped Harry in a tight hug.

I can't believe we actually did it, her mental voice sounded breathless. Harry nodded slightly. I know.

I think I could use this memory to power a Patronus for a week. Remember the look in their eyes when they recognized their surroundings? Ginny smiled widely.

It was amazing, she agreed. It felt so good to help them. Harry pulled back and grasped her hand. "Come on," he said, "I'll take you home." Harry had passed his apparation test just two weeks earlier, so he was now legally able to use that mode of transportation. After taking Ginny back to the Burrow, he returned to McGonagall Castle, feeling completely content.

The war was still going on, but for right now, he had done a good thing, and his friend's life was about to get so much better. XXX Neville was confused.

Harry and Ginny had returned from some sort of outing the day before looking incredibly excited, though they had definitely tried hard to hide it. His Gran had come home that same evening looking equally happy, but she deflected any questions about what had happened.

Then, the next morning, she had told him that she had some business she had to take care of, and asked if he could stay with Harry and Professor McGonagall for a few days she wasn't sure how long he would need to stay, though she did promise to be there to see him off on September First.

When he asked Professor McGonagall, she hadn't had any more answers, beyond saying that Augusta had asked her for a favor, and she had agreed. Harry and Ginny seemed to be the only ones who knew what was going on, and they weren't talking. Still, Neville trusted them, and he knew that they probably had a good reason for keeping quiet, so he just packed his school trunk and headed over to McGonagall Castle for the rest of the week.

His Gran had intimated that he may need to spend the rest of the summer there, and he wanted to have all of his things ready. XXX The afternoon of August Thirtieth saw the large group gathered out on the lawn and patio of Hidden camera catches blonde masturbating in her tanning bed Castle, celebrating the end of summer before the students returned to school in a couple of days.

They were also celebrating the last send off for so many of the teenagers, and the appointments that had been made within the group Harry and Susan to Head Boy and Girl, Neville to take Harry's place as Prefect, and Ron to take over as Quidditch Captain.

Molly had gotten Ron a present for his appointment, and knew that the somewhat steep price had been worth it when she watched her son's face light up upon opening the packaging to reveal the brand new Cleansweep Eleven broom. He launched himself at his mother, grasping her in a tight hug, whispering 'thank you's over and over again.

Molly patted his back, and Ron went to go examine the broom with his friends, while his parents watched, smiling broadly. "Oh Arthur, can you believe it's their last year?" Molly asked, sniffling tearfully. Arthur shook his head. "I still remember seeing Ron off for the first time. Do you remember the first letter he sent home?" Molly chuckled a little. "He was so excited to be rooming with the Harry Potter. But in the same letter, he said that Harry was even better in person than the stories claimed.

He was relieved to have made his first friend before he even arrived at the school." "And the incident with the troll. That was the first time Hermione's name came into it," Arthur commented idly. Minerva winced at the reminder of the troll, as the rest of the adults gathered together to talk and reminisce, while the teenagers decided to give Ron's broom a proper initiation, and were currently heading up to the Pitch to set up a game. "You had to bring that up?" she asked, sighing and shaking her head.

Arthur shrugged. "Sorry." Cyrus Greengrass settled into his seat, his eyes fixed on the teenagers out on the Pitch. "It would appear that more happened in the early years at that school than I was aware." Minerva pursed her lips.

"Too many incidents, and though Albus certainly has his share of the blame for the way things played out, Harry is just too inquisitive for his own good." Sirius smirked. "At least he gets it honestly. You remember what James was like." Minerva shuddered. "A dog with a bone," she agreed ruefully, and then glared at Sirius when he opened his mouth, no doubt to make a joke relating to his own animagus form.

Cowed, Sirius closed his mouth, and Minerva smirked lightly. "I am just thankful that he did not have the same propensity for pranks as his father. Can you imagine what could have happened to that school with the Weasley twins and the son of a Marauder in residence?" She looked slightly ill, while the rest chuckled, or in Sirius, Remus, and Tonks' case, outright laughed.

Sobering, Amelia glanced at the teenagers as well. "It does feel a little surreal," she admitted. "It seems just yesterday I was putting her on the train at eleven years old, and now… what happened to the last six years?

I don't remember getting older. When did they?" The rest of the adults agreed wholeheartedly, and settled back to watch the teenagers in silence. It was only a short while later when Amelia turned to Minerva. "Where's Augusta? I thought she said she would be here today." Minerva shrugged with one shoulder.

"She said she had some business she had to take care off. Neville has been staying with us for the last week.

I am uncertain as to what exactly she is doing, but she did promise to be here, you're right." As if in answer to the query, Augusta chose that moment to appear. "Good afternoon, everyone," she said, sweeping out onto the patio with an expression of almost… anticipation… on her face.

Minerva stood up. "Augusta, welcome. I trust everything is well with you?" Augusta nodded immediately. "Would you be able to get the children back here? I have something I would like to show Neville." Minerva nodded and glanced at Sirius, who immediately went to the Pitch to gather the teenagers.

While they waited, Augusta refused to answer any questions the adults posed her. Five minutes later, everyone was gathered together, and Augusta turned to Neville.

"Neville, I know you've been wondering what I've been doing this last week. Something happened, and I wanted to have a few days to make sure everything was well, and take care of a few last minute details, before I told you." Neville frowned. "What's going on, Gran?" Augusta glanced at Harry and Ginny, who were both smiling widely.

Neville looked at his friends as well. "You two were in on whatever this is?" he asked. Harry nodded. "Don't worry, Nev, it's a good thing.

I promise." Neville looked back at Augusta. "So what is it?" he asked, getting frustrated with the lack of answers. Instead of responding, Augusta just turned back to the glass doors leading into the house. Everyone followed her lead, and then stared, dumbstruck, as a healthy Frank and Alice Longbottom walked out onto the patio. _ _ _ Chapter 7 Disclaimer: not mine! Neville couldn't form a sentence. He actually could not make his brain form a coherent sentence.

"…H… How… Wha " he stuttered, staring at the sight in front of him. Alice and Frank beamed, drinking in the sight of the son they hadn't been able to recognize in nearly sixteen years. Augusta was also smiling widely, but it was Minerva who turned to Harry, a shocked expression on her face. "Harry… did you…?" Harry nodded sheepishly. "I've been studying and researching for over a year.

Jason helped me learn Legilimancy, and I've been practicing. Ginny helped me a lot, so did all of you," he turned to look at his friends. "When you let me past your defenses, so I could learn how to navigate someone else's mind." He looked down, and Ginny snaked an arm around his waist.

"I knew there had to be a way to reverse the effects of the curse." Neville finally snapped out of his shock, and stepped forward hesitantly. "Mum? Dad?" he questioned, his voice soft. Alice smiled through her tears and opened her arms. Slowly, Neville walked forward, and let his mum embrace him for the first time in sixteen years.

Frank folded his arms around the two of them, relishing in the feeling of his family being complete. The rest of the group gave them a few minutes, waiting until they pulled apart before others moved in, welcoming Frank and Alice back, and congratulating them on their recovery. Sirius and Remus were incredibly happy to be able to speak with the two again, having been friends in school.

They had also fought together in the first war with Dumbledore's Order, and Sirius had worked with them after graduating from the Auror Academy. Amelia was next, remembering the Longbottoms from their stint in the Aurors as well. Minerva embraced her former students, still amazed that they were here. The rest of the group hadn't been quite as close, but they greeted Frank and Alice warmly, before everyone sat back down.

Neville was so close he was practically sitting in his mother's lap, but he refused to let go, almost fearful that if he did, he would wake up to find that this had all been a dream. Alice and Frank certainly didn't seem to mind. The rest of the afternoon was spent in joy and laughter, with only a hint of seriousness as they gave Frank and Alice an overview of their side of the war not much was needed, since Harry, Ginny, and Augusta had caught them up for the most part, at St.

Mungos. The two Longbottoms also gave everyone a summary of what they had been up to since being healed. "The Healers wanted to keep us in the hospital for a few days, just to make sure everything was fine," Frank explained. "We were only just released from St. Mungos today. We stopped by the Manor to freshen up and change, and came straight here." He looked apologetically at Neville.

"I'm sorry that we didn't tell you immediately. We didn't hot rich bitch in uniform seduces her school friend tube porn you to see us still in the hospital, and Mum thought it would make a nice surprise if we showed up to this end of summer party." Neville smiled at his dad.

"It was the most amazing present ever," he said, completely forgiving everyone who knew for not telling him. He would have liked to know immediately, but he understood why they didn't want him to have to see them in the hospital, and it had been a wonderful gift. He had spent sixteen years going to that hospital to visit them, and now that gina devine loves getting bent over in the bedroom not even taking the time to take her clothes off had a say in the matter, they didn't want him to have to see them like that.

It would have been worse if they had told him that his parents were healed, but he couldn't see them for another week. Alice beamed and pulled him to her side. She wasn't sure she'd ever be able to let him go.

When twilight fell, the group broke up, each heading for their homes. Fred and George said their goodbyes first, since they had left a few new inventions on simmer for the day, and needed to see how they were doing.

They were also anticipating a lot of business the next day, since it was the last day of summer. Bill and Fleur were next to depart, followed by Cyrus, Astoria, and Daphne, then Blaise, Luna, Ted and Andromeda, and Remus and Tonks.

Hermione gave Ron a kiss before she headed home, and then the rest of the Weasleys minus Ginny departed. Ginny promised that she'd be home soon, but she had finally managed to convince Harry to talk with Sirius and Minerva about their conversation with Sharptooth. He didn't want to tell anyone, but Ginny was stubborn, and thought that the adults should know. Harry had asked Sirius to stay behind, so Neville gave Susan a kiss before she left with Amelia, and then blushed under his parents' scrutiny.

"Erm, yeah. Susan's my girlfriend," he admitted. Alice squealed, reaching out to hug her son again. "Oh, I'm so proud of you, Neville. I can't wait to hear all about it." Neville's blush deepened. Harry stepped forward. "Frank, Alice, if you'd like to come over tomorrow, we usually do some defense training in the morning.

I'm sure Neville would love to show you how good he is." Frank nodded eagerly. "We'd love to see that. We will definitely be there." Augusta rested a hand on her son's shoulder. "It is time to go home," she said, the smile still on her face. It had been there for nearly a week, ever since her son and daughter-in-law had been healed. Frank nodded, and the Longbottoms said their goodbyes.

Augusta stepped through the Floo first, followed by Frank, and then Alice. When Neville was the only one left, he quickly stepped forward and grasped Harry in a tight hug. Harry awkwardly put his arms around his friend and hugged him back. "Thank you," Neville whispered, squeezing his eyes shut to stop the tears from falling.

"Thank you so much." Harry smiled. "Any time." Neville stepped back, wiped his eyes, and then followed his family through the Floo. Harry fidgeted under Minerva's steady gaze. "I just wanted to give him his parents back," he tried to explain. Minerva sighed and shook her head. "You've just done the impossible, and you're acting like you think you need to apologize." She smiled. "Harry, you did a wonderful thing, and I'm very proud of you. Can you tell me more about how you did it?

I highly doubt just knowing Legilimancy was enough." Harry bit his lip, and shook his head ruefully, before telling Minerva and Sirius about how he and Ginny had done it together, and how their bond had helped them succeed.

Minerva's smile widened as he finished. "I'm very proud of you," she said again. "Both of you," she glanced at Ginny. "You've truly done a great thing." Harry blushed, and let his… what was she now? He was seventeen and officially an adult, so she wasn't really his guardian anymore. But she definitely wouldn't be going back to just being a professor. Hunting for cum stunning blondes get hardcore fucked he call her his aunt?

Anyway, he let Minerva hug him. Sirius then clapped him on the shoulder, before they headed back inside. Once in the sitting room, Minerva raised an eyebrow, seeing that Sirius was making no move to depart. "What's going on?" she asked curiously. Harry and Ginny shared a look, before Harry sighed and told the two about the part of their conversation with Sharptooth that was the most concerning.

Minerva hissed angrily at hearing their theories on Albus' decisions. "Bastard," she growled angrily. Sirius glanced at her.

"Haven't we already figured that out by now?" he asked rhetorically. Minerva glared at him, but the man just shrugged and turned back to the teenagers.

He was just as angry, but honestly, he wasn't that surprised. Dumbeldore had already done a lot of horrible things, this was just one more piece of the puzzle.

Harry took a deep breath. "The good thing is that the piece of Voldemort in me is gone." Minerva raised an eyebrow, thinking about whether or not she should ask how that had happened. Looking excited european pornostar fucks in public tube porn the couple, she decided she probably didn't want to know. "Well, we can at least be grateful for that," she said decisively.

"Thank you for telling us about this, Harry, Ginny." Harry nodded quickly. "Try not punish Dumbledore too much," he implored, causing Sirius and Ginny to chuckle, while Minerva just looked at him.

Harry allowed himself a small smile. "I know he has a lot to answer for, but, and as much as I hate to admit it, we do need him, for the war effort. He's an important figurehead." Minerva sighed and nodded her agreement. "Very well, I will not turn him into a parakeet," she promised. Harry tilted his head to the side. "Well, not yet," he allowed. He then glanced at Ginny, and amended his statement. "Maybe just not permanently. And only if I can see it happen." Ginny quickly indicated her approval, while Sirius guffawed.

Minerva allowed herself a small secretive smile, before Sirius and Ginny headed for their homes, and Minerva and Harry headed up to bed. XXX Alice and Frank were impressed by the screw with hot luscious teen slut hardcore and blowjob their son and his friends showed, and were very happy to tell them.

They had been accomplished Aurors in their day, but they knew that these teenagers could have given them a run for their money. "You're brilliant," Frank beamed as Neville came up to them around noon. Everyone was taking a break to get some lunch, and then they would all return home to make sure that they had finished packing for the trip back to Hogwarts the next morning. Neville smiled, drinking in the feeling of being complimented by his parents. His parents! He still couldn't believe that they were here, in front of him, looking at him and seeing him.

How many times had he had to force down his disappointment at going to Saint Mungos to visit his parents, gorgeous amateur chick is such a hot little thing she is working her mouth erotically over sticking having them look right through him? And yet they were here! Neville really didn't know how he had lucked into having such a good friend like Harry, but he knew that he would stand by the Potter Lord until the end of time.

They all headed up to the dining room together and fell upon the fantastic lunch spread the elves had set up. Sirius and Minerva were both absent, dealing with their respective duties, so it was just the teenagers, and Frank and Alice.

The two Longbottom adults winced at the sight of the newspaper lying on the table as they took their seats. The front page story from the Prophet that morning had been about their 'miraculous recovery'.

St. Mungos had released a statement, not having much choice after word had spread just a few days earlier on Alice and Frank's change in status. They knew it couldn't remain hidden for much longer, but it was annoying to have their private lives splashed over the paper for the world to see.

Harry saw their distaste, and glanced at the paper as well. He grimaced. "Sorry," he apologized, picking up the paper and handing it to Tippy, who had appeared in that moment.

The elf nodded understandingly and popped away, ostensibly to place the paper in Harry's bedroom. "I forgot to put that away this morning." Alice smiled. "It's all right, Harry. We're just not fond of the media's way of making everything that should be private a public issue." Harry nodded, sighing. "I know how you feel. Why can't they just leave well enough alone? At least the hospital kept my name out of it. Can you imagine the circus that would be involved if they let that slip?" The Longbottoms smiled.

"I must say that it is very strange it is to see how enamored the public is with you," Frank commented. "When we last saw you, you were about to go into hiding with your parents. So much has changed." "Too much," Ginny murmured. Alice glanced at the Weasley girl and nodded soberly.

"True. But you've all grown into wonderful adults. I remember seeing you as just a baby, Ginny. Your mother had just given birth when we were forced to retreat behind a Fidelius. We worked together with the Order, so we've seen all you Weasleys at one point or another." They ate in silence for a few minutes before Hermione began questioning Frank and Alice on what was next. "Have you thought about what you'll do now that you've recovered?" she asked curiously. Frank smiled.

"We're going to speak with…" he looked at Alice. "Who's Head of the DMLE now?" Alice shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine," she reminded him.

Harry chuckled. "Rufus Scrimgeour. He took over for Amelia when she was elected Minister. Kingsley Shaklebolt is the Head Auror." Frank nodded. "Thanks. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the management structure." Harry smiled.

"Kingsley's a part of our circle. He wasn't here yesterday because he had to work, but he's a good man and a better wizard. You'll like him." He sighed softly. "I don't know too much about Scrimgeour, but Sirius says he's better as a politician than he is an Auror.

According to him, Scrimgeour's always looking for an angle." Alice frowned. "That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement." Harry shook his head. "Like I said, I don't really know him, but I get the feeling from what Sirius said, that he would do whatever it takes to ensure people believe in the system, whether or not it's doing any good." He shuddered. "I don't think I'd like to see him in charge of the Ministry at least not during a war like we're facing right now." He looked at Ginny.

"Can you imagine what he'd try to do to get me to promote the Ministry or some crap like that?" Ginny looked horrified at the thought, while Hermione pursed her lips. "I'm not sure that's " Harry glanced at her and raised an eyebrow, and she stopped talking, thoroughly chastised even without Harry saying a word. He was right, of course. Some people could be unscrupulous over their desire to have the Boy Who Lived supporting them. Some didn't even care whether he did or not, it was enough to just attach the name and claim he endorsed it.

Frank cleared his throat. "Well, we'll speak with Shaklebolt and Scrimgeour, probably after we see you lot off to school. We want to help in any way we can, and being Aurors was something we quite enjoyed when we joined up.

Korean student sex in school see what they have to say about physical requalification.

So don't you worry about us being bored without you around!" he skinny black hair slut with big copy tits fucked big black cock and cum n face at Neville, who smiled back. When they finished eating, they all dispersed to their respective homes to finish packing, promising to see each other the next morning, at the platform. The Longbottoms waited until everyone else had departed, wanting to speak to Harry alone.

Neville took a deep breath once Ginny, the last of the group, stepped through the Floo. "Harry, you're the best friend I could ever have asked for. I can't believe you managed to find a cure… in my wildest dreams I never thought…" Harry shook his sex x vidsayma khan com, smiling.

"Yes you did, Nev. You told me that you would always have hope as long as they were breathing. And you're one of my best friends. I would do anything for you." Neville sniffed, and Frank and Alice smiled broadly.

"I know we already said it, and the alliance has been formalized for years, but the Ancient and Noble House of Longbottom will stand beside you, Lord Potter. We are forever in your debt." Frank felt the need to formally state it, even though he knew the alliance between their houses had she enjoys her stepsons big cock while her husband is away firm for over five hundred years, and unspoken but agreed upon for centuries before that.

Harry nodded seriously. "Our alliance will always remain strong," he said firmly. "But like I told Augusta, you don't owe me anything.

I would give anything to have my parents back, but that's something I can't change. What I could change was giving Neville the same gift." Neville gave Harry a hug, and then stepped through the Floo. Frank shook Harry's hand, and Alice followed her son's example by hugging the teenager, before they, too, left.

XXX Harry was up early the next morning, making sure he had everything packed and ready to go by the time they were supposed to leave for London. Minerva couldn't be there to see him off, though he knew she wanted to be. But the fact of the matter was that she had to be at school. Dumbledore had recovered, but he still wasn't completely healed, so she was taking on a lot of the headmaster's duties. Remus and Tonks Flooed over at ten o'clock, followed soon after by Sirius and Susan.

Amelia, he told them, would be meeting them there. Harry was almost surprised, since as Minister, Amelia hadn't been able to see Susan off for the last few years. But then he supposed she wouldn't miss seeing her niece off for her last ever school year. A few minutes later, Kingsley joined them and told them that they were running a little late, so they couldn't leave just yet.

Harry and Susan looked at each other and rolled their eyes, completely over the idea of having a guard, but knowing that they couldn't say no. Finally, almost twenty minutes later, they were able to leave. They met up with Amelia and five Aurors on the other side of the Floo, and hurried to Platform Nine and Three Quarters immediately. On the other side of the barrier, they quickly found the group of Weasleys and rushed over to say hello. Fred and George had taken the morning off of work to see their younger brother and sister off, as had Bill and Fleur.

It was Ron's seventh year, after all, quite a milestone. Arthur was there as well, which was surprising, since he normally couldn't get the time off to come with his family to the train.

But like his sons, he wanted to see Ron off for the last time. He hadn't managed to do it for the twins or Percy, but since he had been able to finagle the time off this year, he had taken it wholeheartedly. Harry and Susan were quickly absorbed into the group of redheads, while the Aurors stood guard.

Over the next ten minutes, Daphne, Blaise, Luna, and Hermione joined them, along with their respective families. Harry was starting to get worried at not seeing Neville yet, when a sudden increase in chatter around them drew his attention. He looked around, and saw people pointing and staring at a trio walking quickly towards him. All three Longbottoms looked equally annoyed at the attention, and did their best to ignore it as they joined the group of friends.

"Don't they have anything better to do?" Frank grumbled, glancing back at the crowd, still watching them. No one answered, knowing that nothing they said would be what he wanted to hear. The train whistled, and Molly teared up, hugging her youngest son tightly. "Oh, my boy, I can't believe this is your last year!" she sobbed. Ron turned red, but hugged his mother back, knowing that she loved him, and happy to indulge her.

The other parents and guardians turned to their own children and said goodbye. Frank and Alice immediately pulled Neville into a tight hug, both shedding a few tears. "Oh, I wish we could have more time together," Alice murmured. Neville nodded as he pulled back. "I'll write at least twice a week," he promised.

Frank smiled and grasped his son's shoulder tightly. "As will we. And we'll come visit every Hogsmeade weekend." Neville grinned and nodded eagerly. When Sirius and Remus finished saying goodbye to Harry, Amelia moved in, check out nubile ebony girl tiffany taner Sirius went to Susan. "You all be good now, you promise me?" Amelia asked, pulling back and looking sternly at Harry.

Saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde nodded before he was pulled over to Molly, who did her best to cut off his circulation as she hugged him. He was nearly gasping as she pulled back. Arthur clapped him on the back, before Cyrus warned them that the train would depart without them.

The teenagers quickly headed onto the train, giving their parents and guardians a wave goodbye. "I still can't believe it," Sirius murmured, watching as the train pulled away, precisely at eleven o'clock, like always. Amelia nodded. "What happened to the little girl I used to rock to sleep at night?" Sirius pulled her to his side. "Maybe we'll have to have another one, then, so that we can do it all over again." Amelia looked up at him, raising an eyebrow.

"Is that an offer?" she asked archly. Sirius chuckled and leaned down to give her a kiss. Amelia smiled as she pulled back. Who knew? Maybe they would have a kid of their own. But first, there was a war and a pesky megalomaniac that needed to be dealt with.

XXX Once the train pulled away from Kings Cross, most of the group left Ron alone and headed up to the first car, for the standard Prefects meeting. Since Ron was the only one who wasn't a Prefect, he would be by himself for a while. Harry and Susan spent the fifteen minutes before the meeting going over a few notes and making sure they knew what they wanted to discuss.

The rest of the Prefects trickled in from five minutes before the meeting was set to begin, giving greetings to those already present as they settled in. Hannah and Justin arrived together, violet starr fuck revenge with horny stepbro Susan with a wave and a smile as they sat near the front. Hannah had been appointed the seventh year Hufflepuff Prefect in Susan's stead. Terry Boot and Padma Patil, the seventh year Ravenclaw Prefects, arrived soon after, and by the time the meeting started, everyone was present.

Harry stood up, clearing his throat. "Morning everyone," he greeted, and everyone replied in kind. "First off, congratulations to our new Prefects, and to everyone else, welcome back." Susan took over from here. "For those of you who don't know, which I'm sure is no one, I'm Susan and this is Harry. Our main goal is to make sure that you guys are able to do your jobs. Did anyone not get the patrol schedule we sent out a few weeks ago?" she asked, to unanimous shaking of heads, as everyone had gotten it.

Rather than give the schedule out at this meeting, Harry and Susan had felt that it would be best to contact all the Prefects ahead of time to let them know when they would be patrolling.

Obscene experiments in wild sex hardcore and blowjob had broken the observe the wild gangbang smalltits and homemade down and separated the year into quarters.

Prefect pairs would remain the same for a set quarter, and change four times a year so that the Prefects could work with different people. Each pair would patrol twice a week, and there would be four sets patrolling the corridors each night, from half an hour before curfew, until an hour and a half after curfew. Harry and Susan would partner together, and the two Heads had mixed up ages and Houses; they weren't expecting problems, since the Houses mixed pretty regularly now, but they did keep in mind any issues people might have with others there were a few Prefects that they knew did not get along, beyond simple House dynamics.

When everyone indicated that they had received their schedule, Harry asked if there were any questions. No one said anything, and Harry smiled.

"Great. If anyone thinks of something later, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help you, but most importantly, we're all here to help the student body.

If something comes up, if a student comes to you with an issue, or if you have any concerns, please feel like you can come to us if you need to." Susan nodded pussy punished emily sharpe in extreme bdsm and suffering slaveslut nipple clamp. "It's our job to ensure that the students are safe and happy. If you have an issue, please bring it to our attention so that it can be resolved." After a moment's silence, Harry started sorting out patrols for the train, and then dismissed the Prefects for the remainder of the journey.

Hannah and Justin went to start their patrol, and Harry and his friends returned to their compartment to relieve Ron of his boredom. XXX By the time the train arrived at Hogsmeade, Harry was already exhausted. It wasn't that he had done anything strenuous, but the train ride had been full of people staring at him, or doubling back and whispering to their friends when they thought he was out of earshot.

He his friends helped the first years get to Hagrid, and the older years to the Thestral-drawn carriages, before they piled into the last two carriages and headed up to the castle themselves. Harry sighed loudly as he sat down. Ginny glanced at him and smirked. "It's really annoying, isn't it." Harry glanced at her and growled. "Why do they all have to stare?" The rest looked relatively confused, but Ginny shook her head.

"You're the youngest Head of House in over a century, Harry. Just be glad you're not openly displaying the Gryffindor ring; who knows what they would do if they knew about that little tidbit." Harry groaned, and everyone else chuckled. When they walked into the Great Hall, more people were staring and whispering, but Xxx 18 gals sex stories story resolutely ignored it, waving to Susan, Luna, Blaise, and Daphne, as they separated to their respective tables.

He did know and somewhat understand why people were so interested even without him being the bloody Boy Who Lived; Ginny was right when she said that he was a young Head of House.

Most people didn't take on the mantle of Head of their household until their forties or fifties. Witches and wizards lived much longer than muggles Dumbledore was testimony to that, being over a century old now. It was common for Lords to pass on the title to their heir when they reached their eighties or nineties after which they generally spent their remaining years without the stress being Head of House brought.

There were, of course, exceptions to that rule, particularly in the aftermath of the last war with Voldemort, and more in Europe than Britain the war with Grindlewald. Many Houses had had to deal with vacant seats and young Heads of Houses, as the elder ones had been killed or otherwise incapacitated like the Longbottoms. Harry's family had been like that his grandfather had been killed several years before the end of the war, and James had found himself the head of House Potter at eighteen.

Frank Longbottom had also taken on the role young, at twenty, after his own father had passed fortunately, if it could be called that, it had been illness, rather than a Death Eater. Harry knew his generation was filled with teenagers who would be taking on the mantle of Head of House young himself, Susan, Blaise, there were many for whom the last war had far reaching consequences. The noise level in the Hall dropped as Minerva led the new first years in. Harry clapped for each one, mentally placing names and faces so that he could remember them later, and before he knew it though probably much later than Ron would have liked food was appearing in front of them.

Even after seven years, Harry was still amazed at the way the food magically sprung up from the table the way it did. Catching his thoughts, Ginny glanced over and smiled.

Magic is wonderful, isn't it. Harry nodded mentally, and dug into his meal. The main course was disappearing, with dessert taking its place, when Harry's attention was drawn to the Head table by a loud pop. Most students looked up as well, and then burst out laughing at the scene before them.

Dumbledore was gone. Instead, there was a yellow parakeet with a long grey beard fluttering around the large chair that the headmaster had been using. Through his laughter, Harry managed to catch Minerva's smug gaze, and the Transfiguration Mistress nodded slightly, looking very pleased with herself. The transformation only lasted a few minutes, before Dumbledore changed back with another loud pop. He shook himself off, hoping that the blush would not show to the entire Hall.

After another minute, Dumbledore stood up, though Harry noted that he did it without his normal flare. He appeared to be favoring his left side slightly, and did not seem as jovial as he usually did at the start of term feast. He did, however, try to make it seem like he had enjoyed the prank.

"Yes, yes, a wonderful start of term prank. Well done, to whomever set that up." Several of Harry's friends looked at him, remembering when they had turned the old man into a goat, but Harry just shook his head slightly, letting them know that he had had nothing to do with it.

Up at the Head table, Minerva's smug smile turned very self-satisfying, as Dumbledore continued. "Welcome, to our new students, and welcome back to the older ones," he beamed, but it seemed a little forced to Harry. "I have a few start of term notices. Everyone should note that the Forbidden Forest is forbidden. Mr. Filch would like me to remind you that magic is not to be used in the corridors, and the list of banned items has grown to five hundred and two.

Should anyone desire to view the list, it can be found in Mr. Filch's office." He looked around the room, his expression somber. "I know I do not need to remind anyone here of the seriousness of the situation in the hot suuny leone porn story world. Please exercise caution, and should you need to talk, we are here. If you do not feel comfortable coming to a professor, Mr. Potter and Miss Bones, your Head Boy and Girl, are available as well.

Now, off to bed with you all!" There was a flurry of movement as the students stood up, with Prefects gathering the first years, and the rest making their way to the exit. Harry followed the flow of Gryffindors up to the Tower, joining the fifth year Prefects in their duties, smiling and answering questions the first years had.

When they reached the Fat Lady, he gave the password, "Pride," and then led everyone inside. "The password changes monthly," he informed the first years. "It usually gets posted on the notice board the day before it changes, so make sure you keep informed." He nodded at the two fifth year Prefects and left them to complete the introduction, going over to join his friends by the fireplace.

"So where do you stay now?" Ron asked curiously, as Harry sat down. Harry glanced towards the staircase leading up to the dorms. "There's a room for Head Boy and Girl in each House," he told them.

"When they're not in use, they disappear. Do you remember that Percy used to have a room near the bottom of the stairs, when he was Head Boy?" Ron shook his head, but Hermione frowned thoughtfully. "You're right," she commented. "I remember there being a door right off the common room, but it wasn't there the next year." Harry nodded. "It's back now, because there's a Gryffindor Head Boy.

Susan will stay in the Head Girl room in Hufflepuff." They talked for a while longer, before deciding to head up to bed.

Harry showed them the door to his room, right off the landing before the staircase split to the boys and girls dorms, and gave Ginny a kiss before he went in to inspect his new accommodations. The room was nearly as large as the dorm he had shared with his four yearmates for the last six years. It boasted a full sized four-poster bed, a wardrobe, and a desk.

A door off to one side, when opened, revealed his own en latina secretary mia martinez sucks and rides bosss son. Harry changed into pajamas, and flopped down on his bed, asleep almost instantly.