Huge boobs milf and hot teen babe ffm threesome session stepmom and blowjob

Huge boobs milf and hot teen babe ffm threesome session stepmom and blowjob
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Fbailey story number 701 Mom Feels Up My Sister I was on my way to school when Mom stopped my sister for her inspection. It was nothing new. Mom had been checking Ingrid out every day for at least a year…usually in front of me. So I watched as Mom French kissed Ingrid, felt her breasts, and then ran her hand up under Ingrid's short skirt. I asked, "Do you have to do this every time that she leaves the house." Mom laughed and said, "Yes, unless you want to do it." Ingrid said, "I get to check Mom out when she leaves for a date but you can do that too." Mom said, "We were hoping that you would ask." Ingrid added, "You took long enough.

We were sure that you would say something when I turned thirteen last year, not when you turned thirteen today." Mom had me come closer to them. Then she explained about French kissing my sister to check her breath, feel her breasts to make sure that teen sex girl boy mo bra is doing its job, and feeling the crotch of her panties to see if it is wet.

Then I had to hook my finger in her leg opening and check her shaved area for stubble, her hole for excessive moisture, and her clit for sensitivity. Only then could I give my sister permission to leave the house. Of course I was rock hard by then. Mom reached down and cupped my crotch in her gentle hand as she said, "We can fix this for you right now so that you won't be late for school. I've been preparing Ingrid for this very day. She's ready. You fuck her, she douches afterwards, and then I drive you both to school." I was in a daze as Ingrid took me into her bedroom and stripped naked for me.

Mom didn't want her to take a chance on getting her clothes messy. I don't remember how I got naked or how my cock got inside her…all I remember was realizing how wonderful it felt to have my cock inside my sister. It felt so good that I started to cum and cum and then cum some more. My cock stayed hard so I left it in her. She smiled and we started to have sex again. It took longer and it felt even better. Mom giggled and said, "I'll call the school and tell them something so that you two can stay home and fuck all day long if you want too." I may have fucked my sister that first time, and I may have had sex with her the second time, but the third time we actually made love.

We moved as one, we enjoyed each other thoroughly, and we came together. Mom was standing in the doorway, chennai aunty sex story story looked sweet. The two of you make quite a nice couple." Ingrid said, "Thanks to you. It wouldn't have felt nearly as good without your help." I asked, "What did Mom do to you?" Ingrid giggled and said, "First off we have been sleeping together for a year.

We make love every night for at least an hour. We kiss, we lick, and we share her toys…especially her double-ended dildo. I love that big thing in my pussy. Mom has a smaller one that fits in our assholes rather nicely too. That way we both get double penetrated lana violet gets a big hard pecker asked, "You're into anal sex?" Mom laughed from the doorway and said, "Is she!

That girl loves things shoved up her ass." Ingrid added, "Only things that fit." Mom said, "Yeah! I shoved a bottle of A-1 Sauce up her butt and she liked the square feeling but my fist just made her holler." Ingrid replied, "But my hand is smaller and Mom likes it." I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

Mom and Ingrid having wild sex right down the hall from my bedroom and I never knew it. With a stern voice I said, "Mom, undress and get in bed with us." Surprisingly she did. Then I said, "I want to see you guys do it." With three loads of my cum in her pussy, Ingrid got on top and let it drip down into Mom's mouth. She looked like she was savoring it. Ingrid said, "This is a first. I'm the one that is usually getting some guys cum dripped into my mouth." Mom grabbed Ingrid's hips and lifted her head up until she was shoving her long tongue up into Ingrid's pussy hole and licking my cum out of her.

I started to hear sucking noises like when Mom slurps soup from a bowl. Ingrid started moaning, she closed her eyes and threw her head back, and then I could tell that she was having another orgasm given to her by Mom.

A minute later Ingrid said, "Thanks Mom, you really know what I like." Mom looked right at me and said, "I love the taste of your cum." Ingrid spun around on top of Mom and started French kissing her.

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She wanted a taste of my cum too. After watching them make love for a while I took Ingrid's place on top of Mom. Mom smiled at me, then she looked at Ingrid and said, "You'll get a good taste of his cum soon enough." I took that as my invitation to fuck Mom and cum in her. After watching them make love I was in an urgent need to cum so there were no niceties. I shoved it into her, I thrusted it around a lot, and then I came in my own mother.

Soon enough, Mom was over Ingrid's face and I could see my cum dripping down into my sister's mouth. Mom was just grinning at me the whole time. Ingrid said, "Boy you do taste good. I can't wait until you cum in my mouth." I hadn't thought of that hole…I was still thinking about anal sex with both of them. However, after cumming four times I was pretty sure that it would be a while.

The three of us moved into Mom's bed and fell asleep. We woke up about two o'clock in the afternoon and had lunch. Mom told me that I was the man of the house and that both of them were there to give me sex whenever I wanted it, however I wanted it, and wherever I wanted it.

When she got the chance, Ingrid whispered in my ear, "You should fuck Mom in the men's room at the mall. You know the one near the food court. The handicap stall is where she usually takes her pickups." Questioningly I asked, "Pickups?" Ingrid giggled and said, "That's where Mom goes on Saturday afternoons to get fucked. She likes to let a new man fuck her every week. Then I get to taste them." Astounded I asked, "Mom really lets strangers fuck her?

Doesn't she know about sexually transmitted diseases?" Just then Mom said, "I don't care. I need cock and I like to please a lot of men…exactly fifty-two a year, one every Saturday." Ingrid added, "In the handicap stall. Right Mom?" Mom smiled and said, "Right." The rest of the week was great.

I got to have sex with them anytime that I wanted and I got to check them for bras, panties, and razor stubble whenever they left the house. That first Saturday Mom asked me to inspect her. She was going to the mall to let some lucky guy fuck her. Ingrid and I finally had the house to our selves for a couple of hours.

We made love and cuddled until Mom came home. Then she stripped and squatted down over Ingrid's face. As she dripped she told Ingrid all about the man who's cum she was swallowing. He was about sixty and Mom had to suck him hard. That took a long time according to her. But eventually she got him hard and got him inside her pussy. She told us that she had to do big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed of the work but she did get him off.

Then Mom told us that she met the man's wife afterwards and that she thanked Mom for taking care of her husband. The woman had gone through menopause and her pussy had dried up…she no longer enjoyed sex. So Mom gave the old man a mercy fuck. Mom said, "In fact they are coming over this evening. I'll get the old man hard again and fuck him while you and your sister work on his wife.

She will need a lot of foreplay and Ingrid is just the girl to do it. If she doesn't get wet enough then Ingrid knows where I keep the lubricant. I want you to fuck her good…several times if you can…they are prepared to spend the night and most of tomorrow if necessary. They said that they can miss church for something this serious." I was not allowed to have sex with either of them. We ate dinner and waited for their arrival. The old man looked very old, like someone's great grandfather, certainly older than lesbians tribbing at bus stop in public real age.

His wife on the other hand looked younger than her real age. She had what Mom called salt and pepper hair, mostly gray. He had already had sex with Mom so he wasn't doing anything new.

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However, she was very nervous. Mom took the husband into Ingrid's bedroom so that Ingrid and I could take Maude into Mom's bedroom. Ingrid kissed Maude first and she responded, then I kissed Maude. When I kissed her though she really responded, especially when I squeezed her boob and patted her pussy.

She was wearing a dress that came down to her knees but I had reached up under it to cup her panty-covered pussy. I slipped my finger into her leg opening and rubbed her hairy pussy.

I was looking forward to seeing it. I had trouble getting my finger into her hole so I went up to her clit. Now, that she liked.

Her knees opened, she cooed into my mouth, and then she sagged to the bed. I pushed her back and kept kissing her and playing with her boobs. Ingrid helped her out of her dress. I rolled her toward me and Ingrid unhooked Maude's bra.

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As I removed her bra Ingrid removed her big granny panties. I watched her big boobs slide off her chest and snuggle under her armpits next to her ribs.

They were massive but they had flattened out like cooked eggs. I looked down at her very hairy pussy. Ingrid was just starting to munch on it. Ingrid had placed Maude's knees over her shoulders. I heard the older woman moan as she enjoyed what my sister was doing to her.

I lifted a big saggy boob up to my mouth and started to suck on her nipple. Maude said, "No one has ever gone down on me before." Ingrid repeated, "Never." Maude said, "No never. My pussy has not been fucked in over fifty years either." I asked, "Why?" Maude sighed, took in a deep breath, and slowly let it out.

"Well it's a long story. Are you sure that you want to hear it?" My sister and I both said, yes. Maude said, "My father sold me to my husband when I was fifteen years old and a virgin. He was thirty years old at the time and we were married immediately. He raped me several times a day for the first week and then he told me that he wanted to fuck my ass.

I said no but that didn't stop him. He had me on my belly and was trying to push his big cock into my tightly clinched asshole when I squirmed, flipped over, and crushed one of his nuts with my knee. The doctors had to remove it. The next day I was placed in a whorehouse as a two-bit whore. For the price of a quarter, a mere twenty-five cents a guy could fuck my pussy. The men that couldn't afford a real whore got to fuck me.

The madam made me service fifty men a day. She kept the money and gave me some food, let me take a bath, and then I got a few hours sleep before it started all over again the next day. After a few days they all looked alike. They were dirty, pervert driver fucks sexy amateur babe for taxi fare blowjob shaved smelled bad, and they all needed a good shave.

Their breath was foul and the madam made me suck all of their cocks before and after sex.

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It was gross and I threw up a few times. Thirty-nine days later my husband came back to get me. He waited until forty-three men had fucked me and then he came in to get me.

He took me out of there and right to a tattoo artist. The guy shaved my pussy mound, tattooed one-nine-four-five on it, and then he fucked me. Nineteen-forty-five was my birth year but it was also the number of men that had fucked my pussy in my first seven weeks of marriage.

No one has fucked my pussy since then and I'll be sixty-six in a few months." Ingrid said, "You're kidding." Maude said, "Shave my pussy if you don't believe me." I said, "Later! Right now I want that pussy of yours.

If you haven't had a cock in there in fifty years I want mine in there." She smiled, lifted her legs up, and let me in. Ingrid had moistened it nicely. I had to force my cock into her but not so much so that I hurt her. She acted more like a virgin than my sister had. Maude hugged me, she kissed me, and she whispered sweet nothings in my ear. She told me how nice it felt mari likes to get fucked by hard how much she loved me.

Between her and my sister I got hard three more times that night. In the morning I had just finished fucking Maude when Mom knocked and came in. She looked scared. Mom said, "Maude I have some bad news to tell you. Your husband died in bed with me sometime this morning. I just found him like that." Maude gave me a big hug, kissed me, and asked, "Did he die with a hard-on?" Mom said, "No!

He couldn't get it hard. He told me that the men's room at the mall was the first time that he had fucked a woman in over fifty years." Maude laughed and said, "That fucking liar. He might not have fucked a woman's pussy big tits wifey craving for a big cock suck amp fuck fifty years but that son of a bitch fucked my ass any time that he wanted too, including five days ago." Ingrid said, "Shouldn't we call the police?" Maude said, "Yes, but first you three need to get cleaned up and dressed.

I'll just put on a robe. We can leave him alone." Well the police were called, an ambulance took him away, and we all gave statements that Maude and her husband had spent the night and that when Mom called them to breakfast he was dead. Maude became a very wealthy woman. She never had children…because of all of the anal sex.

She lived to a ripe old age…ninety-seven. When I turned eighteen, I married her, and we had several good years together. Of course I inherited everything when she died in bed with me…peacefully…and very happy. The End Mom Feels Up My Sister 701