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When I was growing up my father, Bill was always looking for ways to save money, while my mother spent it. Which had my father working all of the time to pay the bills, and as a result, he did not get to spend a lot time with me. My father finally had enough and my parents divorced when I was 14. Now my father has his own apartment and I spend every other weekend with him.

The apartment isn't very big, he doesn't have a lot of stuff and he says he doesn't need a lot, but I would call him frugal to put it politely. I believe that my mother had an effect on him. He pays alimony now, but he laughs and said it is a lot less than he was giving her before.

He still works a lot and spends time with me when he can. My father is a homebody, so we don't go out very often.

My name is Tammy by the way, I am a 16 year old, blue eye, blond, 5ft 8 tall, with 34DD breasts, I only weigh in at 120 pounds. I am just a normal size girl, I just happen to have big breasts, with big areolas and big nipples.

My breasts gets me a lot of attention and when I do not wear a bra, my nipples can be seen straining up against my shirt. My best friend Katie, who I go to school with, lives near my father, so she and I spend a lot of time together. Being teenagers we talk about boys and sex like all girls do. We are always looking for ways to express our sexuality, we just like to have fun. My other girlfriends and Katie talk about my father and how handsome he is.

I had never really thought about my father as being handsome until my friends started to tease me about him. When Katie is over, she wears her smallest outfits when my father is around and has even got me to wear more revealing clothes for him.

Katie is not a tall as me, a brunette, about 110 pounds, and has 32B breasts which are coned shaped and topped off with pink puffy nipples. Her nipples always seem to be hard and pressing through whatever top she is wearing. It is just fun for us to play around and tease my father. However, I found that I enjoy teasing my father and I believe he likes looking at me. But, I like to tease any man that I can.

My father's apartment complex has an indoor swimming pool where Katie and I spend a lot of time teasing him. We have left our bikini bottoms slide down so the crack of our ass was visible. We have pulled them up so we were showing a nice camel toe and we have let our bikini top slide over, to show our nipple.

When I am wearing my bikini top, the material is stretched tightly over my breasts. My large areolas peak out from behind my top on occasion. When there are other men or boys around, I do cover-up most of the time, although I don't know why. I like when men look at me. Katie sleeps over with me at my father's apartment sometimes. Katie teases me about going to sleep with my father, but she sleeps with me in my bed. Our talking about sex has led us to "experimenting" with each other. We both have a good time with one another and get a little carried away, we probably make more noise than we should at night.

We both have lost our cherry to the handle of beautiful chick licks cock previous to anal fuck hairbrush and have used other items to give us pleasure. Spring is on the way and my father asked me if I wanted to go somewhere warm for spring break this year.

He explained that wants to take his first vacation in years and wants me to come along. I was so happy, I gave him a hug and kissed his cheek and then asked if Katie can come along.

He said she could, but would need to buy her own airline ticket and to have her own spending money. I quickly called Katie and told her the news. Katie begged indian desi collegegirl fucking her juicy pussy in shower with dildo indiansexygfs com tube porn parents to go and they said yes, knowing that my father was taking us. My father made all of the reservations and kept where we were going a secret. Katie and I were betting it was going to be some cheap dump somewhere.

However, Katie and I were so excited to go anywhere, we did not care what the place was like, it would still be better than here at home. Spring break finally arrived, we left for the airport after picking up Katie. We checked in our luggage and boarded the plane. Katie and I were so excited, but then we had to sit at the gate for 2 hours while they worked on some maintenance issue. Once those problems were fixed, were finally on our way. When we landed, we had to wait a half hour for a gate to open up, do our late departure.

Once we got in the airport we were relieved that we finally made it and went to pick up our luggage. However, our bags never came. They made us wait for an hour while they checked for our bags.

With the bags still lost, they had us fill-out lost baggage claims forms. The airline told us when they got the luggage in, they would bring it to the hotel, although they were unsure when that might be. They suggested we should have it by tomorrow afternoon. We thought OK fine. By this time we were hungry and looked at a few restaurants in the airport. My father thought the prices were too expensive so we just got some fast food. We took a shuttle to the hotel, it was very late when we went to check in.

We wound up getting a room with 2 queen beds. My father said he had reserved 2 rooms and was sure the hotel had made a mistake, but nothing else was available, so we were stuck in the same room. By this time, we all have had enough of this day and just wanted it to be over.

The hotel gave us some complementary tooth brushes, combs and other bathroom items to hold us over till we got our bags and we went to the room. The room was big and nicely furnished so we began to relax and after talking it over, we decided that sharing a room should not be a problem. That is until we decide to get ready for bed.

Katie and I realized we did not sweets ass sweets cameltoe on volleyball tube porn anything to wear for bed. My father said "just wear your underwear. Wrap a towel around yourselves till you get in bed", which seemed reasonable. Katie had a sly grin on her face, I knew dirty redhead loves having her body used was planning something.

Katie and I went in the bathroom first. We took a shower together and made out a little, getting ourselves worked up. It was kind of exciting knowing my father was just on the other side of the door.

Then Katie suggested we leave our panties on the bathroom floor so my father would see them. This raised the excitement level for both of us. Neither of us had worn a bra that day.

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We thought it would be fun so we left the bathroom with just our towel over us. My father went in the bathroom and as soon as we came out. After he shut the door Katie pulled my towel off and Lana violet gets a big hard pecker chased her around the room till I got hers.

We fooled around for a while till we heard the shower stop and then we got in the bed. When my father came out of the bathroom, he was wearing his boxer-briefs and a t-shirt.

Katie asked him to throw our wet towels in on the bathroom floor. It was then I realized that I am stuck here in the bed, naked with my father in the room with nothing to wear in sight. I became nervous and very excited at the same time. Katie winked at me and I knew she had something else in mind. We all said good night and turned off the lights. However, as with any hotel, the lights outside lite up the room well enough to see everything.

Then I felt Katie slide over to me and she started to caress my breasts and kiss me. I tried to stop her, but any movement I made, also made a noise.

I knew my father could hear us and see us if he looked. I tried to lay still and keep quiet and then Katie moved her hand to my crotch. I clamped my legs together but Katie was able to rub my pussy and her other hand was squeezing my nipples.

I was so nervous and doing something so erotic with my father no more than 6 ft away was starting to get to me. I was becoming wet. Then I heard squishing sounds coming from my pussy and Katie's hand. I almost died when I though about my father hearing this. This was too much for me and I was on the verge of having an orgasm. I pulled my pillow over my head as I had an orgasm.

Katie, aware of what she did to me, finally removed her hand from my pussy. I began to relax again and removed the pillow from my head. Katie kissed me and then snuggled up to me. As I was laying there I could smell sex in the air and my face went red at the thought of my father smelling my scent. It took a while, but I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Sometime in the early morning I heard the bathroom door close, I lifted my head and saw that Katie was also awaken by the noise. I saw my father was not in his bed.

I was about to roll over when I realized that there were no covers over us. I whispered to Katie and then reached to pull up the covers. Katie stopped me and smiled.

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Katie said "just pretend you are asleep. He has already seen us." Again I got embarrassed at the thought of my father seeing me naked, but I liked him seeing me. Katie was already on her back and her nipples were hard. Katie whispered to me when my father comes out of the bathroom, roll over so he can see your breasts and pussy.

When she said that my nipples got hard and I felt a tingle in my pussy. I heard the toilet flush and the sink turn on and then off. I knew my father would be coming out soon. When I heard the door open, I took a deep breath. A few seconds later I rolled over. It was all I could do to keep still as I was so nervous. I heard my fathers footsteps beside our bed, then after a minute, he pulled the sheet up over us.

I heard him lay down in his bed. I was so excited my pussy was wet. I felt Katie's hand move on the bed and she was touching my very hard nipple. I looked towards her and she mouthed to me "you loved that". I could only smile at her as we both drifted off to sleep again.

Later in the morning I heard the bathroom door again. This time Katie and I were covered. I looked at the clock and it was 9am, so I reached over to Katie and pinched her nipples to get her awake.

We started talking and my father came out of the bathroom, dressed. When he saw that we were awake, busty chick goes wild during hot sex told us to get up and meet him in the restaurant for breakfast. Then he left the room. Katie and I talked about this morning and we had a good laugh. We put on our dresses with no underwear at Katie's insistence, then went to meet my father in the cute chick has fun with a fat dick. My father already had a table.

He told us our luggage was still not found so he went to the hotel gift shop and got a pair of swim shorts for him and he got a hotel branded swim suit for us. He said "I know it may not be a swim suit you like, but they were inexpensive, one size fits all, and it is all they had. So for today, until we get our clothes, lets just make the best of it and just go relax on the beach." Katie and I both agreed it sounded like a plan.

My father had finished his food so he left for the room as Katie and I talked while we ate breakfast. As we were leaving, we asked the hostess about the beach. To our surprise, the hotel is on a nude beach. People can walk from their room to the beach nude. She also told us that voyeurs come to this beach to watch people have sex. Katie and I were flabbergasted, but also very excited.

She told us to talk to the beach attendant for the hotel and he can tell us about the amenities the hotel provides. She did say the hotel has complementary lounge chairs and towels for it's guests.

As we were walking to the hot babe with a big ass gets hammered, Katie and I were excited about spending time on the beach. We were especially excited about getting to see some cock on the beach.

In the room my father had already changed and told us to come down when we were ready, then left us to change. We opened up the swim suits and to our amazement, they were very small, g-string bikinis that tie together. They were made of a very thin white material with the hotel logo on the triangle for the top.

When I put it on, my large areolas were barely covered. Katie's long hard nipples were poking out. As we stood there looking at ourselves in the mirror, we were both wondering if we had enough nerve to wear such a suit. Katie and I began to talk. After rationalized that my father has already seen us naked this morning and it is a nude beach, so there are going to be people there having less on than us, and we do not know any of them nor will we ever see them again, we decide to just go for it, whatever happens, happens we told each other.

Once we made the decision, we were both getting excited and happy, but also very nervous. As the door to our room closed behind us, Katie and I held hands, we had to remind each other to relax and act confident. As we walked out of the hotel to the beach, we saw my father as he waved to us.

As we got closer to him and he saw our suits, his expression changed to that of shock and disbelief. Once we were beside him, he said he was sorry he did not know.

I told him, "look we know it is not your fault, Katie and I talked it over and we are only here for a few days, we don't know anyone here or will we see anyone here after we leave, we just want to have some fun so lets just have a good time. Whatever happens, happens, OK." My father said "OK", but kept apologizing that he did not know the swim suits were that revealing. I told him that since it is a nude beach others will be showing more than us.

His mouth then dropped open, and he asked what do you mean a nude beach. We told him about what the hostess said. We saw what I assumed was a beach attendant and I called him over. I asked him to tell us about the beach as it was our first time here. The attendant told us about nudity, about having sex on the beach, and nasty czech cutie gapes her narrow twat to the peculiar the voyeurs.

He told us that we can get food and drinks on the beach or here on the patio and be nude. We can walk girl with tattoo plays with pussy (more at webcam88 com tube porn the hotel nude, and then about an "Erotic Ball" tomorrow night at dinner where there is prize money for the best outfit.

We all listened intently and when he was done he asked us if we wanted him to get us setup with a spot on the beach. Katie said "yes that would be great." We followed him and he got lounge chairs and towels for us. As we sat down I asked him for some sun tan lotion. The 3 of us were looking at each other with a look of shock. When I looked at Katie, I saw her nipples poking out of her top, then looked at mine own poking out.

When I looked up, my father was looking at my beasts and then he said "sorry". I gave a little smile and told him it was OK. Katie broke the ice by saying to us "well we really don't need our luggage anymore do we", and then started laughing. I had to admit it was funny and also started to laugh, then my father finally joined in.

We all began to loosen up after that. After a while, Katie said to me "lets go check out the water" and we left my father at the chairs. As we walked to the water, Katie told me "look at your top." When I looked I saw my areolas were visible and my nipples were getting close to popping out. I adjusted my top and we walked in the water. It wasn't very warm but we swam for a bit and then started back to the chairs.

As we were walking back, I took a look at my top to make sure I was still covered up and noticed my suit was now see-through. I stopped and told Katie to look at herself and we both got embarrassed. Katie took my hand and said remember what we said, whatever happens, happens. We both took a deep breath and began to walk again and as we got closer, my father saw us and his mouth dropped open.

I told him "we know and it is OK, remember whatever happens, happens." We both laid down and we put lotion on ourselves and talked as we laid in the sun. My father laid back in his chair and began to relax, he did not really want to look at us. After about an hour in the sun I was getting hot again suggested we go in the water to cool off. This time we pulled my father with us. We all played around and swam for a bit. As I stood up from swimming, I happen to be facing my father, when he pointed to my top.

When I looked down, my breast was completely uncovered. I adjusted my top and then looked at my father and said I don't know why I even bother, you can see-through the top. I got a smile on my face and I was enjoying showing myself off. Katie jumped on my back and we both fell in the water, we played around for a while when I stood up again facing my father, I went to check my top and the string had broke loose and my top was falling off.

Katie laughed at me and my father had a smile on his face. This time I said I am not going to bother with it anymore and I pulled my top off. My father watched as my nipples got hard instantly, and I got embarrassed. Katie laughed at me, I said "oh you think that is funny" as I leaped towards her and grabbed her top pulling it off.

Katie's face turned red and her nipples got hard. Now I was laughing at her and my father had a bigger smile. I could see Katie was enjoying the attention. We played in the water for a while longer. When we were coming out of the water, I looked down to checked my bottoms as we walked. The little triangle had pulled together and was off to one side, my pussy was partly visible.

After I adjusted myself, I looked up and saw that my father had been watching me. I just smiled and told him that doesn't really help does it, it is still see-through. We got several looks from men and women as we walked back to our chairs. I have to admit it felt exhilarating being topless and basically bottomless.

I felt emboldened and confident as I walked now. Back at the chairs, I noticed that in the short time that we were sunning ourselves earlier, a tan line had developed where Katie's top had covered her breasts and mentioned it to her. We both laid on the chairs again sex stories desi village bhabhi sex I asked my father to put lotion on our backs.

Katie gave me a wink when she asked my father to do her first. I watched as she had him do her back and legs and then she asked him to do her butt. My father looked at me and I told him whatever happens, happens. He gave me a sly smile. Katie then took it up another notch, she asked my father to pull off the string, it didn't cover anything and she did not want a tan line from it.

He looked at me again and I shook my head up and down, letting him know I was OK with it. I watched as my father opened up the ties and pulled the string out between her ass cheeks, then lay the string on the chair. Katie opened up her legs further now. My father then put lotion on her butt. I could see him pull her ass cheeks apart as he spread the lotion and knew he could see her shaved pussy.

When Katie was done, my father came over to me, my pussy was already dripping and then I told him to do the same to me. This time, he untied my bottoms before ever doing my legs. When he worked on my legs, I felt his finger touch my shaved pussy and I took in big gulp of air. When I felt his hands on my butt and the sun hit my asshole, I almost had an orgasm. When he finished, I told him thank you, that was nice. I saw he had an erection straining against his shorts.

I laid there replaying in my mind what had just happen. My pussy was so wet, then I thought about when I get up, the crotch of my suit is going to be soaked. We laid there for a while and my father asked if we wanted anything to drink. He stopped an attendant, and told him our order. As my father talked to the attendant, I looked around and the attendant was standing at my feet, I realized he was looking at my pussy, which gave me another rush.

The attendant came back with the drinks and I heard him say "here you go miss." I looked up and he was waiting for Katie to take the drink. I waited to see what she was going to do.

She rolled over letting her bottoms on the chair. I looked over to my father and he was looking at Katie's crotch with a smile on his face. The attendant came to me next and I wanted to be naked and to show myself. I rolled over and sat up and left my knees fall wide open. I wanted to touch myself so badly, I have never been this horny before.

I was hoping that Katie would come over and eat me or even better, my father come over and fuck me. I wanted to have sex so badly, with anyone, right now, right here and I did not care who saw me. But I remained calm. As we had our drinks, we talked for a while. My father did not say charming looker displays big ass and gets anal hole fucked deepthroat asstomouth about us being totally naked and it looked like he was beginning to relax.

Katie gave me a wink and then said, "lets go in the water and cool off again", she got up leaving her bottoms on the chair. She put her hand out to me and I reached for it then she pulled me up. We were both naked for all to see. I could feel my juices running down my legs. I looked around and saw several men watching hammering of a shaved slit hardcore and creampie. I told my father to come on and I reach down to pull him up.

As I was pulling him, I saw his shorts were tented out, he was still hard. We all walked to the water and went in. Katie and I hung around my father. It got to be a game for Katie and I, which one could show off our pussy the most to my father. Katie did a hand stand and left her legs fall apart right in front of my father. Katie and I moved in to deeper water and got closer together.

Her hand went to my pussy, but she stopped just before I had an orgasm, she smiled at me and told me she is going to wait till we have an audience, then kissed me and pinched my nipples. I told her to please make it soon as I am so horny. I played with her pussy and pinched her nipples as we talked for a while. My father had seen us kissing and touching each other. We started for the shore with my father.

Both of us had hard nipples and our labia was opened. Katie and I were both very horny now, it was only a matter of time before one of us set the other off. At the chairs as we dried off, I again saw several people watching us, not only men but also some women. I was beginning to like the attention. I took a chance and started up a conversation with my father about some of the women on the beach.

I asked him who he liked the best and pointed out a few to him, talking about the size of their breasts, or the shape of their ass. Then I saw a couple having sex and pointed them out. Katie came over close to me and I felt her rub my pussy from behind as we watched the couple having sex. It was getting too much for me and I needed to make something happen. I asked my father if he heard any noises last night. He smiled slightly and said yes.

Then I said then you know about Katie and I. He said he has known for sometime now. I said then watch us. I turned to Katie and kissed her hard and I began playing with her breasts.

I looked at my father and watched him as I sucked on Katie's nipples. I pushed Katie on to the chair and we get in to a 69 and we ate out each other. I looked up and it dana and shannon have some kinky fun not only my father watching us, but a crowd began to form around us.

I was too horny to care. The two of us went at it for about an hour, licking, sucking, amateur pregnant woman with huge breasts enjoys intense pussy banging fingering each other.

After several orgasms we slowed down and I got off of Katie and we kissed. When I stood up I noticed how big the crowd was and Katie saw them for the first time and blushed. Most of the voyeurs were men and were hard and stroking themselves.

I saw a few shoot their load as Katie and I watched. The voyeurs began to wonder away since our show was over and I sat down with my father beside me.

I gave him a hug and kissed him and told him this was the best day ever. I then saw my father lick his lips and realized he was tasting Katie's juice's. Katie and I got up and went in the water to wash the sweat off of us. When we came back, my father had a big smile on his face.

This time Katie sat beside him and gave him a kiss and a hug and thanked him for taking us on this trip. I again watched as he licked his lips, this time he was tasting me. He told us come on, lets get some lunch. We left our stuff on the chairs and Katie and I stayed naked as we went to the patio for some lunch.

We had a lot of men watching us as we ate, and Katie and I enjoyed being watched. For the rest of the day we all hung out on the beach just basking in the sun.

As evening came we went inside. Walking through the hotel naked was different, but after being naked all day, it did not really bother Katie or I. In the room, my father said about getting a shower and we told him to go ahead and Katie winked at me.

My father closed the beautiful teen first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers door, and once we heard the shower running, Katie opened the door and walked in the shower with my father.

There was only a slight bit of resistance on his part in telling Katie she should not be doing that. I watched from around the corner as I saw Katie get on her knees and take his cock in her mouth. I did not want to be left out, so I entered the shower, unbeknownst to my father as his head was back enjoying Katie's blowjob.

I got on my knees and Katie moved aside as I began to suck my fathers cock. I looked up at him and when he looked down and saw me a look of ecstasy came over his face and he started cumming. Katie and I sucked all we could from him and then we all finished up in the shower, washing each other. I told my father we should go to a store to get some clothing for the Erotic Ball tomorrow night.

I found a mall nearby that has a Victoria Secret store. Lets go there and when we get back we can have dinner. My father with a smile on his face said "OK" as he kissed and hugged me. We all got dressed, which for Katie and I was just putting on our dress and sandals. At the mall we saw a Forever 21 store. Inside Katie and I were looking at summer dresses. My father went over to the dressing room area and sat down.

There was another man already busty angell summers likes hard dicks pornstar knockers. As we were picking out some dresses a girl came over and was looking at some of the same dresses we were looking at.

She was about our age. We began talking with her, her name is Cathy. She liked the short dresses but she was here with her father and was afraid he would say something if she tried on something too small as she nodded grandmother sleeping with her grand son to the chairs. We told her that our father is sitting with her father. It looks like they are talking to each other.

Katie asked Cathy "how much she is willing to show." Cathy told us she loves very small bikinis. Katie asked her "what about being naked?" Cathy said "I wouldn't mind being naked." We told Cathy we just spent all day at a nude beach with our father. I asked Cathy if she want to have some fun, maybe flash her father and maybe get him to see more of her.

Cathy got a wicked grin on her face and asked what should she do. We all picked out some dresses, a few too short. We made our way to the changing room and Katie and I said we should go first.

I put on a dress quickly and walked out, then twirled around and asked my father how it looked. I whispered in his ear to tell us how sexy we looked and we both are your daughters. Then it was Katie's turn, when she twirled around, everyone could see her ass and my father said she looked great in that dress. Cathy's father was enjoying the show. Cathy then came out in a longer dress. Her father looked interested so in front of him I told her that her dress was way too long for today's fashion.

I lifted up her dress so her panties became visible. Cathy's father did not say anything, but the expression on his face changed, he looked very interested. I told her to come with me as we went over to the dress rack again. Meanwhile Katie changed in to a shorter dress and her ass cheeks were visible, as she twirled around, most of her ass was visible.

I came back with Cathy and went into the changing room with her. We got her dressed in a shorter dress this time, but she still kept on her underwear. As she walked out and twirled around, I quickly changed in to a dress where half of my ass was uncovered and you could see my pussy. As I was walking out I could see Cathy still twirling and everyone could see her panties. Her father was watching her until he saw me. As I twirled around I made the comment that I believe this is too short to wear in public.

We all went back in the changing area. I went in with Cathy again and this time when she pulled off her dress, I had her remove her underwear. Cathy was a very pretty girl with full round breasts. She put on another dress just a short as the last one. I walked out with her and as she twirled in front of her father, I saw the expression on his face change and I knew he saw her pussy and ass, but he did not say anything and looked like he was enjoying himself.

I walked over to her and talked about her dress while she stood in front of her father. I pulled up her dress so her pussy was completely visible to everyone as I talked about the hem and the length. I then said she wants to leave some of the top and bottom buttons open and unbuttoned them for her. Now most of her breasts were also visible. Katie came out in a dress, way to short for her so that her ass and pussy were visible. I suggest to Cathy she should try on this dress, that the color was more to her skin tone.

We walked towards the changing area and quickly swapped dresses. I only let her button one button in the center and I did the same to my dress and we walked out together.

Cathy's pussy and ass were visible as well as most of her breasts. Once we were in front of her father, I told her no she looked better in this dress, does she want to switch again.

When she said yes, I just took off the dress right there and handed it to her. Cathy was stunned, but realized what I wanted her to do and took off her dress as she looked at her father and we swapped.

Cathy slowly put on the dress, but did not bother to do any buttons and I did the same. We talked for a while as Katie got another dress and changed in front of everyone. I took off my dress and walked in to the changing room and got the one I liked and put it on as I walked out. We all got the dresses we wanted. Just long enough to barely cover our ass. We told Cathy and her father that we were going to Victoria Secret next and asked if they wanted to join us.

My father invited Cathy's father and he said yes. We got our clothes and paid the cashier, then wore our new dresses out of the store. Our father's followed us up the escalator and I am sure had a good view as we made our way to the store.

We told Cathy and her father why we were going there and suggested that Cathy and her father join us tomorrow night. Cathy thought it would be fun and got her father to agree. We tried on a bunch of outfits and some very sexy underwear, all of the time modeling everything for our fathers.

We also came out completely nude several times, much to the chagrin of one of the store clerks. We all decide on our outfits and then put on our dresses. Next we went to a shoe store. There were some young men working and we made sure they had plenty of chances to look up our dresses as they fitted us with high heels. We wore our new heels out. As we were walking out my father invited Cathy and her father to dinner with us.

They accepted which worked out for us as they had a car since they were locals and took us back to the hotel. After dinner we wanted to go for a walk so my father and Cathy's father waited as we took everything to our room. Once there we all stripped. Our fathers were surprised to see us come back naked. As we walked on the beach our fathers talked and us girls talked.

I asked Cathy if she ever had sex with a girl and she said no, but she was not against it. I asked her if she ever had sex in front of others and again she said no. I told her what we did today and I could tell she was intrigued.

It was a little cool out and all of us had hard nipples. When we got back to the hotel and had plenty of lighting, I made a point of squeezing Cathy's nipples in front of her father and mentioned how hard they were. I then leaned in and sucked on one, while Katie took the other in her mouth. I watched Cathy's father as I started to rub Cathy's pussy. Cathy let out a moan.

She was enjoying what we were doing to her and she became very wet. I pulled my wet hand from Cathy's pussy and stuck my fingers in her mouth and she sucked on them. I saw her father lick his lips. I put my hand on her pussy again and got my fingers coated with Cathy's juices. I then offered my hand to her father and he sucked on my fingers. I knew that Cathy could take over now and have fun with her father.

We said "lets go up to the room for Cathy's clothes" and Cathy said she would get them tomorrow. She wanted to stay naked.

We watched them go to the parking garage together, Cathy completely nude, arm in arm with her father. We went to our room and got ready for bed. We all showered together, but this time, I told my father he was not going to get a blowjob tonight.

I told him I wanted a big load of cum for tomorrow when you fuck me in front of a crowd on the beach, then gave him a kiss. He had a surprised look on his face which turned in to a big smile, he was hard already.

We all kissed each other good night, but this time we all slept in the same bed. This morning when we got up, Katie and I didn't even bother to dress. My father put on his shorts, he wanted to cover his already hard cock.

We ate breakfast on the patio and just as we were finishing up Cathy and her father arrived, she came running over to us and gave us all a kiss and a hug, she was so bubbly and happy and then told us that when they got home last night, she had sex with her father till early in the morning. Her father was in a good mood, although a little tired. What I didn't notice yesterday was her labia was opened up like a butterfly.

When I mentioned it to Cathy, she told me she is so excited for what is about to happen today, she can't help it. We got the attendant to arrange a place for us on the beach. As soon as we were settled, Cathy asked if we can have sex, she could not wait any longer, she was too excited.

Both Katie and I said OK, what do you want us to do. Cathy pushed me back on the lounge chair and began sucking my nipples.

She then moved to my pussy and started to eat me. I saw Katie get behind Cathy and begin to eat her. I could feel Cathy moaning in to my pussy. I looked around and we were already drawing a crowd.

I was on the verge of having an orgasm when Cathy pulled up my legs and put my feet on the chair. My pussy and asshole was exposed to everyone watching. Then I felt Cathy's tongue on my asshole. Cathy then licked from my asshole to my pussy. Then she stopped. Cathy and Katie looked around and saw all of the people watching us.

Cathy asked Katie to lay on the lounge chair and Cathy got on her in a 69 position and they began to eat each other. I went over to my father and kissed him while I rubbed his cock through his shorts. He was hard and I told him it is time for him to fuck me as I opened his shorts and pulled them down. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth as I looked up at him.

I then moved over to Cathy's father and pulled down his shorts and sucked his cock. I told girl lets black guy lick her fanny father to get behind me and fuck me while I pulled Cathy's father in front of me and sucked his cock.

I felt my father enter me from behind and soon he was giving me a good fucking. I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy while Cathy's father's balls were hitting my chin.

Then I felt a finger on my asshole and it slowly entered me. I never had anything in my ass before and it felt good. I then felt fingers rubbing my clit. Oh god I never had so much pleasure before and I felt the biggest orgasm of my life coming on and grunted and moaned as it hit me.

My pussy began to spasm, and my father shot several streams of cum in me. It was a felling I will never forget.

Then Cathy's father shot his load down my throat, I could not swallow it all and some leaked out of my mouth. Both my father and Cathy's father stopped fucking me and stood still with their cocks in me. Soon their shrinking cocks fell out of me and I was just about to lay down, when I felt a tongue on my pussy licking up the cum that was leaking out. I looked back and it was Katie. When I looked forward again, Cathy was there and started to lick her fathers cum off my face and kiss me while she played with my nipples.

I had several more orgasms and then I laid down on the lounge chair. I looked behind me and there was a huge crowd watching us, but now they were beginning to leave. As I looked around, I saw my father now naked and laying on the chair. I rested for a while and then us girls got up and walked to the water, where we cleaned up and swam for a tricky agent stylish cutie who loves cock. Katie and Cathy were kidding me on being such a slut, having 2 cocks at the same time.

I told them if there was another around I would of have had that one too. The feeling of 2 cocks in you is unbelievable. Both Katie and Cathy said in that case our fathers need to rest up, they have 2 girls to fuck before the day is over.

We went back and laid in the sun till lunch, just talking and relaxing. After we ate, us girls went for a walk on the beach. We saw several couples having sex and watched a few of them.

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At one exhibition, several guys were jerking off and Katie went over to a guy and gave him a hand job and let him cum on her tits. Then another guy came over and she did the same for him. A line somehow formed and she did them all. Katie's tits we covered in cum till she jacked them all off. Cathy and I suggested that she do the cum sunyleon sex stories porn bf xxx but Katie went in to the water and cleaned herself off.

We watched another 2 couples having sex before we started back. On the way back, Cathy saw an older man and quickly turned away from him and stopped behind me. She told us that was one of her teachers from school. We talked for a bit then Katie said "come over when I motion for you." Katie walked over to him and after she talk with the man a bit, she laid down beside him and started to give him a hand job.

Katie then motioned for us. Cathy and I walked over and as we got close, Cathy took a picture of him with her phone. Cathy had a wicked smile on her face as she said "Hello Mr.

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Willis". Mr. Willis looked shocked as he tried to remove Katie's hand from his cock. Cathy told him "it is OK, I am not going to say anything, left my friend finish." Katie began stroking his cock again as Cathy said, "Do you like looking at my tits and my pussy" as she showed herself to him.

Then Cathy said "maybe this will help you", as Cathy began to suck on my nipples and then lowered herself and sucked my pussy. This left Cathy with her ass pointed at Mr. Willis.

A minute later, Cathy turned towards Mr. Willis and said "you still did not cum yet." Cathy then straddled Mr Willis and hunched down. Katie knew what Cathy was going to do and aimed Mr Willis's cock as Cathy sank down on it. Cathy took Mr. Willis's hands and put them on her breasts. Cathy then began to ride Mr.

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Willis grunted as he came in Cathy. Cathy leaned forward and kissed Mr. Willis and told him "this is our little secret OK, never black guy and boy sex com anyone know or bother me about it or I will have to send out the pictures that I have of you, OK Mr.

Willis." Mr. Willis smiled and said "Anything you want". Cathy said "I don't want anything but for you to keep this a secret." You have always been one of my favorite teachers and think of it as my way of saying thank you. As Cathy stood up, Mr. Willis's cock pulled out of her. We all walked away and Cathy told us she had not thought about seeing anybody she knew on the beach, but that was kind of fun and began to laugh.

Cathy said "Mr. Willis shot a lot of cum in her, it is leaking out." We all stopped and looked at the cum dripping out of Cathy's pussy. Then Cathy said, "but I am going to do the cum walk." We all began to laugh.

As we were walking, we saw a couple having sex and a crowd had formed, so we went over to watch. It was an older, big lady with a huge set of breasts and she was being fucked by one guy and as she was sucking off another.

Several of the voyeurs were jacking-off. I was feeling left out of the cum walk so I suggested to Katie that we let the voyeurs jerk-off on us. Katie said "OK". All of us got down and soon we all had a line of guys waiting to cum on us.

Till we were finished, we had cum all over us. When we looked at each other, we were a mess and had to laugh at one another. We began walking again and as we walked the dried cum would pull our skin which felt weird. We thought people would notice the cum on us, but for as much as we had all over us, nobody really noticed.

We all went in the water and cleaned up, which took a while, then continued walking. We got back to our chairs and our fathers.

Both Cathy and Katie told them that they wanted to be fucked while giving the other one a blow job. Both fathers had a smile on their face and acted like it was going to be a chore. I told everyone I needed to use the gorgeous chick is peeing and pleasuring smooth cunt, so I excused myself and took the room key.

I walked in to the hotel naked of course, where I saw the hostess from the restaurant. A very pretty 20 something blond girl with a nice butt, and average size breasts.

When she saw me, I said hello to her and we began to talk. She told me her name was Alice and asked if I was having fun. I told her "yes, it was the most fun that I ever had." Alice said, she has heard about my fun. I said "excuse me". Alice went on to say, "No I didn't mean for it to sound like that, it is just we have been hearing stories about you and your two friends and it sounds like you are having a good time".

Alice was very nervous now and said she had just finished working and has to be going. I got the impression she was a little jealous, so I stopped Alice and began talking to her again.

Alice admitted that working here she always wondered what it would be like to go nude on the beach, but being seen by all of her co-workers and her bosses, she thought that would be too embarrassing. I told her I had those thoughts just yesterday. When you thinking about it, you got this notion in your head that makes it worse than it really is. I told Alice "if she wanted to try, I was will help her out.

It is easier in a group with support." Alice said "I will think about it." Alice asked if I was going to the ball tonight? Alice explained she is coming back to work the ball tonight and they wear a little maids uniform as part of the hotel staff.

But they have been told that after dinner, they have the option to wear less if we want, but need to wear the apron at a minimum while working, it is up to each person to decide. Alice said, she had worked the last two ball events, and has never seen one of the servers get undressed before.

We said good-bye and I went to the room. While on the toilet, I looked up on my phone about anal sex. After finishing my business, and getting cleaned up I went back to the beach. There was a crowd around our chairs and I saw Katie being fucked by Cathy's father and giving a blowjob to my father.

When Cathy's father had finished, I went over and ate the cum out of her pussy. Still being curious about ass, I licked Katie's. When I pushed my finger in Katie's ass, that gave Katie quite a surprise, so I didn't go any further.

The rest of the afternoon, we all just laid about and rested in the sun. Later, we all got ready for the ball in our room. The girls were the ones who dressed erotic, our fathers just wore slacks and a shirt. Katie, with her dark complexion wore all white, from head to toe. A white choker, a shelf-bra that left her long nipples hang out over the edge, a garter belt holding up her thigh-high stockings, a little thong, then white high heels.

Cathy wore something different that what she bought yesterday. She was in a long black dress that was held up with two straps over her shoulders, but she had shredded it from the top to the bottom in about 1 inch strips with no underwear.

As she moved the strands would flow away from her body and when she stopped, they fell back in to place and cover her. With my pale skin, I wore black. A cutie lovenia lux fingers her holes with dildo to hold my large breasts, a garter belt holding up my transparent black thigh-high stockings, a black g-string with a transparent crotch with a little white bow over my pussy, and a pair of black heels.

We were all excited as we walked to the ball. Once inside there was a band playing and people dancing. Some of the women wore transparent dresses, others full length dresses with the sides slit, a lot of them wore something similar to Katie and myself. I saw Alice in her maid outfit. The dress was short and she was wearing a pair of ruffled panties. She was showing a little cleavage. After dinner they had the contest for the most erotic women.

Even though the three of us did not win anything, we still had fun. They declared the rest of the night for fun and dancing. After a while most of the women took off their clothes and were dancing naked, except for their heels. As we danced, everyone was groping or getting groped. Alice and another girl were dancing about as they cleaned up, so I went over to talk with her, Alice still was wearing her complete uniform. Alice told me that most of the other staff left for the evening, just a couple of them remained.

I asked Alice "Have you thought anymore about getting naked?" The other girl, Jenny immediately said "do it" to Alice. Alice was still unsure but told Jenny, "I will take off my panties if you do, we will still have our dress to cover us." Alice and Jenny talked a little and then with some hesitation, Jenny told Alice, "you have to go first." Alice suggest they go to the locker room so we can leave their panties there. Off the two went and were back in a few minutes.

They were a bit stiff in their movement now, not wanting admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade dress to come up to expose themselves. They went about cleaning up and I would watch them on occasion. They seemed to be getting more conformable as they worked. I saw them bent over a few times.

I saw something fake agent bangs pierced pussy asian babe from Jenny's pussy as she bent over but I could not make out what it was. I then saw two other girls from the staff go over to talk with Alice and Jenny.

I went over to see what's up. Alice introduced me to the others. The two new girls said to me if it is fun being naked, why am I still dressed. I pulled off my bra and panties, then asked them if that is better. They did not have anything to say now. Alice and Jenny said it is kind of nice not wearing any panties, it is a lot cooler and more comfortable.

This was getting the attention of the other two girls. After a while, I asked the 2 girls to take off their panties. Alice and Jenny egged them on and they both agreed and walked to the locker room and came back fairly quickly. Alice pulled up the girl's dresses so see if they had indeed removed their panties. When Alice did that both girls squealed and then pulled up Alice and Jenny's dress in a playful way.

Alice took it in stride, Jenny was embarrassed and pulled her dress down quickly. Alice said we would of shown you if you would of asked and Alice pulled up her dress and turned around for everyone to see.

As we were talking another women came over to us and said "I see you girls are getting ready to join in the fun, good for you." She introduced herself to me. Her name is Karen, she is the manager of the event. Karen looked to be in her late thirties and had a good body, wearing a dress and heels.

Alice asked Karen, "so you don't mind if we strip down?" Karen said "no, the outfit was designed so you can just wear the apron, that is why it is transparent." Alice then asked Karen "are you going to get naked?" Karen said "I had not really thought about it." Alice replied "oh".

Karen said "if you think you might get in trouble being naked I assure you that is not the case. So I tell you what, I will get naked to show you that it is OK." Karen pulled off her clothes there in front of us, then Karen said "OK now you" looking at the four girls. I wasn't sure if the girls had made the decision to get naked yet, but now that their manager was naked and telling them to go ahead, I don't believe they wanted to disappoint her.

Jenny came over to me and asked if she could talk to me, privately. The other girls started to undress. Jenny and I walked over to the side. Jenny told me she was embarrassed about getting naked and I said "at first you may be, but you will get use to it." Jenny then told me that she has large labia and it hangs down quite a bit. She told me that when she was in high school, the girls saw her in the gym shower, they had nickname her dumbo.

Because her lips looked like big elephant ears flapping around. She has always embarrassed about them ever since. I asked her if I can see them. She nodded her head and I bent down and lifted up her skirt. Oh my god, I had to keep myself from gasping. I looked up at Jenny and asked if I can touch them. Again she nodded yes, but said they are really sensitive. When I touched them, Jenny left out a moan. Just hanging down by themselves they were about 2 inches long, when I pulled on then, they stretched out another inch and a half.

Jenny, said when she gets excited, they get a little bigger, almost like having your nipple get hard. I gave her a small pinch and Jenny moaned and said, please don't do, if I am excited as I am now, I can have an orgasm. I stood up and said, Jenny you should be proud of your pussy. Look at me I have these large breasts and huge areolas, and some pretty big nipples and I like showing them off and I know men love looking at them.

Then see my friend Katie over there, look at her cone shaped breasts with her puffy long nipples. She is not hiding them. Jenny, if you feel uncomfortable about being naked, I understand.

But tonight it is fairly dark in here and almost everyone else is latino lover armani shaves young babes pussy before giving her a good fuck, so it would be the prefect time for you to get naked and become comfortable with yourself. The one thing that being naked has helped me with the most is my confidence and I think that will help you also.

Jenny smiled at me and thanked me. We walked back to the others where Jenny got undressed. Karen told them that once they finish cleaning up that last table, to go around the room and get everything picked up that you can. After that, go ahead and clock-out and then they can join in the fun and dance if they want, or they can go home, we can get the rest tomorrow. Karen picked up all of the clothes and took them to the locker room. All of them were a little nervous at first but after a while, they went about their business as usual.

No one really paid any attention to them, except for the bus boys who were working with them. I went back to dancing. A while latter, Alice and Jenny came over to me, now completely naked and told me they were finished working. I grabbed them and we began to dance around. Soon they were getting groped and both of them had hard nipples. I took the opportunity to touch Alice's breasts, she really did not seem to mind and soon she did the same to me and then Jenny joined in.

We all kissed each other. We saw a few people having sex and then I saw Cathy with my father and hers. I pulled Alice and Jenny over to watch.

I had one on each side of me and was rubbing their ass and then made my way to their pussy. Jenny lips were amazing the way I could run my fingers over her pussy lips and how rubbery they felt.

Once I had them hot enough, I pulled them to a table and had them lay on it beside each other. I would rub one pussy with my hand and eat the other, then switch.

Alice and Jenny were playing with each other's breasts and kissing. After I had given both of them an orgasm. I pulled them up and kissed them. We danced for a while and it was getting hot in the room, so I asked Jenny and Alice if they wanted to go for a walk.

We walked down the beach holding hands, occasionally letting the water hit our feet. I still had on my stockings. Other than the waves, the beach was quiet and we talked about everything. In a way it was very romantic. Every once in a while we would kiss each other. When we got back to the hotel, Alice kissed me and told me she wanted to go down on me for her first taste of pussy and had me lie on a lounge chair.

She kissed her way to my pussy. Jenny began to suck on my breasts. Alice began to finger me to an orgasm as she licked and nibbled on my clit. Once my orgasm subsided, Alice came up and kissed me and then kissed Jenny.

Jenny asked me if I ever had someone eat my ass. I said no but was looking forward to trying that. Jenny said she tried an on old boyfriend once and wants to try my ass. I told her to go for it. Jenny had me get on all fours and then rubbed her hand over my ass.

Jenny leaned in a started to lick me from my pussy to my asshole. She then started to push her tongue in my hole. I never felt a sensation like that before. I felt Jenny's finger probing my hole and then her finger entered me while she licked. After a while of her finger pulling me open, I felt another finger in me. Alice was watching Jenny and then I saw Jenny and Alice kiss. Jenny went back to my ass and was finger me.

When Jenny removed her fingers, I felt her tongue deep inside of me. I heard Alice asked if she could try and Jenny moved to the side and Alice took over.

Jenny came up to me and kissed me. It was a different taste then pussy, but was not objectionable. I asked Jenny to bend over and let me eat her ass. As I went, Jenny would tell me what to do. Jenny was a lot looser than me, she told me she likes to be fucked in the ass. Soon I had 2 fingers in her ass and when I licked her my tongue was in a far as I could get it. Alice had given me an orgasm from just eating my ass and I gave Jenny an orgasm finger her ass and pussy.

As we all pulled apart, we kissed each other. I pulled off my stockings and garter belt and left them on the chair.

Then we walked back in to the dinning area. The party was winding down so we all decide to call it a night. After we all kissed and hugged each other, we went our separate ways. Cathy and her father came up to our room for their clothes. We said good-by to them as they can not come back tomorrow, I was sad that we were not see them tomorrow.

It was late morning, when we got awake. After laying in bed and talking all about what happen last night, we ordered breakfast from room service.

When it was delivered, it was one of the girls that got naked last night with Alice. I talked with her a bit and she said she enjoyed getting naked last night. She pulled up her skirt to show us that she is not wearing panties today.

While eating breakfast we discussed what to do today. We still did not get our luggage. My father said "I want to do something different, I want to get some exercise after just laying around for the last 2 days." When Katie and I looked at him, he said "I know sex is hot fitness massage brooklyn chase. I asked my father if he wanted to play golf. He got a smile on his face and said "yes, he has not done that for the longest time." Then he asked what about you two.

We said we will go along and just watch and keep him company. I said lets go down and ask the concierge about a place to go. My father put on his shorts and a shirt, while Katie and I stayed naked. Once we talked with the concierge, we found out my father does not have enough of the equipment he needs to play golf, as they have a dress code and he needs his own clubs. The concierge suggested we go to a sports center where there is an 18 hole miniature golf course, baseball batting cages, bowling and other games to play.

So we decided to go there for a while. We went back to our room where Katie and I put on our short dresses and sandals, and then we left. At the sports center we played miniature golf and had several people watching us. As Katie and I bent over to putt, our ass was exposed, but we didn't care. We had a go in the batting cages and my father liked that, Katie delighting slit with sexy toy hardcore and bondage I each got a hit, that was more than we expected.

Then we went bowling. Again we had some men watching us from behind and again we didn't care. We all ended up having a lot of fun. When we got back to the hotel, we all stripped and walked to the beach for a swim.

After playing in the water for a while, we took a walk on the beach. Back at the hotel we got some lounge chairs and laid down to relax. After a while I heard someone say "Hi Tammy", when I looked up it was Alice and Jenny, both in street clothes.

Jenny said "we hoped we would find you here". I asked them "what's up". Alice looked to Jenny then said "we wanted to thank you for last night. We had so much fun." I told them "it was my pleasure, I had fun too." Jenny asked "if they can join us and hang out for a while." I said "you sure can". They both looked around and then started taking off their clothes. Both of them had a big smile on their face. Jenny still looked a little nervous and I asked her why.

Once Jenny was naked, she pointed to her pussy lips, they were engorged and opened. Jenny told me "last night in the dark it wasn't too bad, but now during the day everyone would see them, it will be embarrassing." I had Jenny come over to me and I began to play with her pussy. When Jenny sat down her face was red. I told Jenny she should enjoy the attention they get her. I saw the beach attendant walking by and asked him for 2 more chairs. He then noticed Alice and Jenny and smiled.

When he came back, the attendant looked at them and said "enjoy yourselves, Alice and Jenny." Both girls giggled and then Alice said, "well in a few minutes everyone will be coming out here." Jenny although smiling said "this is going to be really embarrassing." I asked what she meant. "Anytime now, our coworkers will be walking by to get a good look at us." Alice said "Jenny and I were talking this morning, Jenny gets off being embarrassed, so she will be fine." Just then, Jenny's face turned red.

Looking at Jenny, her nipples were hard, I asked her "would you like me to suck on them?" Jenny was enjoying the attention. One of the wait staff came by with some drinks and said "I thought you might like something to drink on the house." He lingered a little longer when handing the drinks to Alice and Jenny. As he was standing there, I said to Jenny but loud enough so everyone could hear, "your so horny your pussy is dripping already." Jenny's face turned a bright red as everyone looked hot vixen luna star takes intense anal pounding pornstars hardcore her pussy with her large labia.

The waiter left with a big smile on his face. Katie said "oh this is going to be fun." Another one of the male staff came over with more drinks for everyone. This time I could not resist and I asked him, "do you like Jenny's pussy?" Then as he watched, I opened up her legs and reached down and began to rub her pussy and pulled open her labia, Jenny's face turned red with embarrassment.

Her pussy was soaking wet. The waiter left us and Jenny was still embarrassed for the movement. I asked Jenny "what would be the most embarrassing thing she could think of happening to you?" After Jenny thought about it for a minute, Jenny said "being made to spread wide open while someone fingers me in my ass and pussy to an orgasm, while my co-workers were watching." I told her I will see what I can do as her faced turned red with embarrassment.

We all hung out for a while and I was getting thirsty so I went over the patio for a drink. As I was there, I saw Karen whom I met last night. We began talking about last night and she told me that she had forgot how much fun it was to be naked and she was glad that some of the girls got to loosen up.

I told her about Alice and Jenny out on the beach with us now. I then told Karen, about Jenny's embarrassment and I wanted to help her out. Karen told me she could get a few of the staff as the hotel is not busy at this time.

We made a plan and I returned to the chairs. I sat with Jenny and began to kiss her and play with her breasts. Jenny was getting hotter and that is what I wanted. I then had Jenny get on all fours as I began to lick and suck her pussy, asshole, and those glorious lips. Jenny had her head down on the chair, now moaning. We started to get some voyeurs as I kept on sucking. Jenny's pussy was dripping wet so I started to eat her ass and inserted my fingers.

I had her all loosened up and kept her feeling good. When I saw Karen and four co-workers come up behind me. I knew it was time. I stood off to the side while I spread out Jenny's ass and pussy.

I then pulled open her labia showing everyone how big it was. I then began to nibble on her labia and her clit.

Jenny was moaning in to the chair. I didn't think she could take much more so I told Jenny to turn over. When she rolled over I stood in front of her so she could not see the others.

I opened up Jenny's labia, then licked, suck and chewed on her pussy. I then thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy and asshole. I was kneeling behind Jenny so everyone could see and as planned Karen and the other co-workers in unison said "go Jenny". Jenny opened her eyes and saw her co-workers watching, her face turned bright red and I felt her stiffen up as I again fingered her pussy and asshole. I felt the contractions as Jenny had a huge orgasm there in front of her co-workers.

As Jenny screamed to her orgasm, her co-workers clapped for her sex balk sex stories xxxx com cheered her on. Alice, seeing what was happening, came over and sucked on Jenny's nipples. Alice then straddled Jenny's face and rubbed her pussy and asshole over Jenny's mouth and then moved to the side.

As Jenny's began to regain her dignity, Karen came over to her and took her hand and told her she gave a wonderful show. Jenny laid on the chair for a while as all of the voyeurs walked away looking for the next show. Jenny pulled me over to her and kissed me and thanked me. I laid down with her for a while as we took in the sun.

I told Jenny whenever she bends over, only bend at your waist. Jenny asked why. When you do that those wonderful lips of yours are completely visible to anyone standing behind you. I kissed Jenny some more and then we got up and walked in the water to cool off and clean up. For the rest of the day, Jenny had a big smile on her face, and I did not see her turn red with embarrassment again.

As it was getting late, Alice and Jenny asked if we wanted to go out for sushi. We all thought it would be a good idea and then I told Alice and Jenny about how we wear our short dresses out.

Alice and Jenny thought that would be fun, but neither of them had that type of clothes with them. We all decide to get ready in our room. Alice and Jenny were going to wear whatever they could find and we would go to the mall before dinner to get them some new dresses.

Once in our room, we also decide we need to get my father a new shirt at least for the trip home, his only shirt was getting ripe. After we all got cleaned up, Katie and I put on our short dresses and we wore our heels. Alice tried on my other dress, but is was too big for her. Jenny, being taller, tried it on and it was short but too big around her waist. Jenny said she could wear it until we got something at the mall.

Alice then tried on Katie's other dress and it was tight around her body. Alice, left several of the buttons open and her breasts were practically spilling out and barely closed around her waist, as she walked her pussy would be visible. Both Alice and Jenny laughed at the way they were dressed, but neither of them cared they were showing so much.

We all walked to Alice's car, and left for the mall. As we were walking in the mall, I told Jenny that her dress was so short, her labia was dangling out the bottom and began laughing. Jenny thought I was kidding her until Alice told Jenny I was not kidding. Jenny took it in stride and said it is OK with her. Once inside we saw a men's store first, so the four of us girls accompanied my father in the store.

There were two male clerks whose eyes just about popped out when they saw us. We were the only people in the store. Us four girls just for fun, looked at everything and would bend over and do anything we could do to expose ourselves to the men.

We finally got my father a new shirt which we had him wear out. We went to the women's store next and even though we just wanted a dress for Alice and Jenny, we all ended up trying on clothing that was way to small or too short. A couple of women in the store gave us some dirty looks till we were done. Jenny picked out a dress that was just long enough to keep her labia from showing.

We left the store and talked as we went down the escalator. When we reached the bottom a guy was coming and was staring at us. As he got closer, he said "Jenny?" This caught Jenny's attention and she said "Brad", then said to everyone, "this is my brother, Brad" There was a moment of awkwardness. My father was well behind us, so he was not involved.

Jenny then said "these are my friends" and introduced all of us. Brad had a big smile on his face, seeing four barely covered girls. I asked Brad how he likes his sister's dress and had Jenny turn around for him. Jenny's face turned red with embarrassment even though she was not showing anything. I looked around the mall and nobody else was nearby. Jenny was unsure of what to say or do, so I thought I would have some fun with Jenny.

I wanted to soften Brad up first though. I said this is Alice, she just bought this dress, how do you like it. As she was facing Brad, I told Alice I think you have too many buttons done up.

I reached in front of her dress and undid all except one button, then as my hand fell away, I pulled open her dress so Brad could see a glimpse of her pussy.

We all giggled a bit when I did that. I thought, OK my turn. I asked Brad what he thinks about my dress and I said "oh I have to many buttons done on my dress also." I unbuttoned them all and opened up my dress completely showing him my breasts and pussy, I left my dress open.

Now for my main target. I looked around and no one was near us yet. I asked Brad how he likes his sister's dress since you did not say anything earlier. I reached out and unbuttoned her dress and pulled it open. Brad had a surprised look on his face, as Jenny's face turned red. I got behind Jenny and pulled her dress to the sides and then said "Jenny show him your big pussy lips" as I pulled her legs apart and reached down and pulled her labia and pinched them.

I then felt Jenny tense up and she had an orgasm and moaned out loud. I said to Brad, "Jenny just had an orgasm here in front of you." I then pulled her dress close and said to Brad. "I am sure she would like to do that again sometime and maybe even more if you can keep it a secret. Can you keep a secret Brad?" Brad smiled and said "I will not tell anyone." As I fixed my dress I said "OK we have to be going, we will see you later, Brad." As we walked away Newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering stood there dumbfounded.

Once we got further away slut self pleasures her taut cunt squirting and japanese girls began to laugh and giggle.

My father finally caught up with us. Jenny was still excited that she had an orgasm in front of her brother. We made it to the restaurant and it was one of those places where you sit on the floor. We all sat cross-legged and we all had our pussies exposed. We did get good service from the wait staff. Back at the hotel, us girls wanted to go for a walk so we all stripped in our room, then went for a walk on the beach. We played in the water for a while, but it was cold at night. Both Alice and Jenny had to work tomorrow morning so we went back to our room for their clothes.

They both left naked and said they would get dressed later. Jenny told us she may have another orgasm in front of her brother when she got home. I reminded them that tomorrow afternoon we leave. We all kissed and hugged each other and then they left. We all slept well that night and awoke late morning in the morning. We ordered room service. When it arrived, we were surprise to see Alice and Jenny just wearing their transparent aprons. They told us that Karen had asked them if they want to wait on tables naked, on the patio and beach.

Karen had arrange a raise for them and thought it would be good for business. When we saw your order we got Karen to allow us to bring up your food. We talked for a bit and then they left. We checked with the airlines and they still did not find our luggage.

My father had them change the delivery address to his apartment. Then we made plans for the shuttle bus. After we ate, we went to the beach, all of us naked this time.

We laid around for a while and watched Alice and Jenny, they were busy serving people, so it seems like being naked was a good idea. I talked with my father and Katie and told them that I want to be fucked in the ass but I think that Katie should be first. I asked Katie if she was up for it and she just smiled and said she was just waiting for someone. My father was all smiles. I had Katie get down on all fours and I began to eat her pussy and get her wet.

My father watched and soon voyeurs were showing up. I worked a finger in to Katie's ass and soon my tongue would reach in as far as I could go. I began opening her up with another finger. Katie was beginning to moan. I motioned for my father to come over and I sucked his cock, making him nice and wet. I spit on Katie's ass and then guided my father's cock to her asshole.

I had him push in. He slowly entered Katie's ass. I had my father back away and I sucked his cock and then lick Katie's ass to make her wet again. I then had my father reinsert his cock. This time he was able to enter her completely. Once Katie got use to his size, my father began to fuck her ass.

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Katie's began with a low groan and screamed as she had an orgasm. My father then grunted as he came in her ass. Katie again screamed as she had another orgasm. My father leaned against Katie's ass with his cock still in her. After a minute he pulled out his cock and I sucked it clean and then began to eat the cum from Katie's ass. As Katie flexed her hole more cum would come out and I ate it all.

I licked Katie's ass and pussy one last time as Katie laid down. I looked around and the voyeurs were jerking-off.

I felt dirty and wanted more so I sat on the sand and said loud enough for everyone to hear, to cum on me. I became surrounded by voyeurs who were coming on every part of my body and I was rubbing the cum around my body. It was about an hour latter till the voyeurs had stop coming on me. I was completely covered in cum and I liked it. Katie came over to me and helped me up and we went in the water to clean up. When we got back to the chairs I kissed Katie and we said I guess that was a fitting ending for our vacation.

My father with a smile on his face agreed. We went over to the patio where Jenny waited on us. As we were taking with Jenny, her brother Brad showed up. Jenny was surprised to see him, but did not try to cover up. Jenny said she had forgot that she told Granny licking her lovers asshole cock sucking and hairy pussy to come by today so he could see Katie and I naked.

Jenny luxurious euro club hot initiation for new blonde members "I forgot I told him, with my new job today." I offered Brad a seat and we watched as he checked us and his sister out. Katie and I made sure he had a good look at us and we let him feel us up. Brad was hard and I reached out and grabbed his cock through his shorts.

I rubbed his cock until he came with Jenny standing right beside him. My father said we have to be going and we gave Jenny and Alice our last hug and kisses. In our room we got a shower and picked up our few items and put them in a bag we got from the hotel. Katie and I put on our sandals and carried our dresses down to the lobby. We want to wait till the last minute to get dressed. When the shuttle bus arrived we walked out to it and then put on our dresses and went to the airport. In the airport we would "accidentally" show ourselves when we could.

When we got back to our home airport, we checked for our luggage and found it. My father never put a name tag on them and the airline tag had been damaged. We dropped off Katie at her house and I reminded her about her short dress. She smiled and said it might just be her father and brother at home, who knows what might happen. When my father and I got home, I told him lets go for a swim.

After he stripped off his clothes, I gave him his robe and put on mine also. He asked me what about our swimsuits. I told him that this time of night no one is usually there and it would be so boring otherwise.

I left my robe open and was only going to close it if I ran in to someone. When we got in the water I went over to my father and we kissed and hugged each other. I told him he was the best father ever and that was the best vacation ever. I then said "I have a lot of friends who think you are handsome, is there anyone you would like to fuck?" as I began to laugh. We had a nice time in the pool before returning to the apartment. I don't sleep in my room anymore, I always sleep with my father now.

My father told me he wants to go on another vacation this summer. But this time, we are only going to take what we can carry, no real need for any clothes is there. My father said "Why don't you pick where we go this time." I can't wait!