First time dp casting bbc

First time dp casting bbc
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This is an account of how I accidently had sex with my cousin. It seems that all stories like this begin when we are young.

But probably not now you are thinking. I have 2 female cousins on my mom's side, Tina and Cara. They are 2 and 4 years younger that I am. When I was 9 my parents moved from the Mid-West out to California. I saw my cousins for the last time the year after we moved. So the last time I saw them they were 8 and 6 and I was 10. When I was 13 my folks got a divorce and we lived with my mom. When I turned 18 I joined the Army. It was a striking doll is showcasing her gaped wet twat in closeup pleasuring and gaping fit for me.

It provided me structure and pushed me physically. It helped me grow a lot. I got out of basic being 6'1 and 180 pounds of muscle. I deployed with my unit to Desert Shield/Storm (part 1) in August of 1990. After 8 miserable months in the desert we deployed home. We arrived home the middle of April. The command had promised to set up block leave for units returning, but it would take some time to figure out the schedule. Being a Wednesday, they said we needed to do some equipment maintenance and turn in by Thursday and then they would give us a 4 day weekend.

One of my buddies Jim had the idea of heading off to Florida to catch some of Spring Break. After 8 months of looking at sand, camels, spiders and guys, I agreed to go with him. Thursday evening we hoped in his convertible Camaro and headed south! We didn't really have much of a plan as we started out. Since we didn't have a place to stay, we were planning on sleeping a china mother milf sex son uncensored subtitle english hours on the beach each day, hit the clubs at night and hope to find a table at Denny's until the sun came up.

Jim's old roommate went down 2 years prior with a room, but wound up doing pretty much what we were planning. We were also hoping to hook up with a couple of college hotties and maybe sleep in their room. After all, it was only 4 days and we'd gone with 2 and 3 hours of sleep for longer than that just on exercises. We drove all through the night. It wasn't hard, since our body clocks were still on Saudi time. When we got to Daytona it was a zoo!

Well in a good way. There were bikinis everywhere! Jim found a place to park about 10 blocks from the beach. His car would be our base of operations.

We quickly changed in to swim trunks, took out the beach chairs and towels and headed for the beach. We quickly found a place with some thumpin' music in the background and marked our spot.

Jim went and found a couple of beers and we sat down to admire the scenery. With the heat and the beer, I actually nodded off for about 2 hours. When I woke I felt charged and ready to go. Jim and I walked along the beach admiring all the honeys and trying to talk with a few. We came across a couple of wet t-shirt contests and a few other Spring Break games. Over all, we didn't have much luck with the ladies, but there was a lot of competition.

We did have a few ask if we were Marines. I guess the flattop haircuts didn't help much. As nighttime approached, we walked over to the beach showers and hosed the sweat off of us.

Then we walked back to the car, did a quick change in to shorts and a button up shirt and walked around looking for food. Thinks were a madhouse and it took us 2 hours to get a seat to eat.

We had heard of a couple of places to party so after we ate we went out on a mission to find a place to party. We go to the first club about 11:30. It was pretty jumpin'. We moved our way in through the crowd and to the bar to get a drink. There was a wide range of ages, anywhere from 17 to 50.

Being 23, I felt pretty though. After getting our beers we moved around trying to start up a couple of conversations. As we circled the dance floor I spotted a little cutie dancing with her friends. She was a dream. She stood about 5'4 maybe 110lbs. Brown hair just past her shoulders with bangs that framed her beautiful face. She was wearing a pink tank top, bra, and a jean skirt. I remember seeing her look up while dancing and seeing me. She seemed to give me a quick smile and spun back around where her friends were.

I nudged Jim and pointed out the girls on the floor. While I was pointing them out, she turned around again and then poked her friend and nodded our way. Her friend motioned us over and we didn't need much more of an invitation than that. We dance our way on to the floor.

Now I am not an expert dancer, but I do dance pretty well. Now I was face to face with this little cutie while Jim worked on her friend. She looked up at me and yelled "You're a good dancer", though it was barely audible over the music. "Thanks! You too!" was my reply.

She gave me a big smile and I knew I was hooked. We danced a little more and the music changed a little. She motioned she was leaving the floor and Jim and I followed. When we left the dance floor we found out that there were 5 girls all together. Jim and I bought them a round of drinks and did our best to talk over the music.

Over the music I found out her name was Sara and she was 18 on her first year of college.

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"Cool name" I said, not even thinking. We dance for a little while longer and she continued to flirt with me. I guess the girl that Jim was talking with had another guy after her and was rubbing Jim the wrong way. A small scuff broke out and was quickly squashed. But Jim and the other guy was removed from the club. Being that it was 3 am, we decided to find the nearest Denny's. Of course, we weren't the only ones. It took us an hour before we got a table. Just as we sat down, I looked over at the door and who should walk in?

The two girls from the club. The crowded had grown since we had arrived since a lot of the clubs were closing. Right before we got our table, the wait time was 1 1/2 hours. The girls came in and asked about the wait time.

I saw them look at their watches, so I swooped in to action. I quickly walked up and said "There you are. We've been waiting for you. Our tables all ready." Sara looked at me and smiled. Then she looked at her friend and she shrugged her shoulders and nodded.

They joined us at the table. Sara wanted to know why I disappeared so quickly. We told her the story and she just replied with "It happens." We finished food and talked a little. Sara was thinking about doing art design or something like that. They had lots of questions about being in the Army and about the short War. When it was time to go, we picked up the tab and headed for the door.

Sara asked where we were staying and Adorable idol is displaying her opened wet cunt in close up stretching closeup replied "On the beach." She asked what hotel that was and we explained that we didn't have a hotel we were just going to go flop on the beach since the sun was coming up and nap until noon. That was, unless they knew someplace better for us to stay. Sara's friend Suzan quickly explained their 5 girls, one room situation.

We walked the girls back to their hotel. Jim walking with Suzan and I was holding Sara's hand. When we got there Suzan pretty much gave Jim the cold shoulder. Sara gave me a quick kiss and a smile. Then she told me that they usually hang out near lifeguard post number 17 and hurried on her way in to their hotel.

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Jim just looked at me, with the uh huh look and we headed for the car. Changed in to our beach attire we plopped down our chairs at 5:30am. I put on some sun block, took a big gulp of water, pulled my boonie hat over my eyes and crashed. I woke about 10am parched. I drank a little more then walked over to the bathroom.

The beach was already filling up with some of the non-partiers. Jim woke up about 11 and we walked over and got a bit to eat. After that, with a little protesting from Jim we walked down to post #17. I noticed why the girls went to that station, since it was just down the street from their hotel. I didn't see the girls but we did spy a volleyball game in progress. Jim's eyes lit up a little. He had played all 4 years in High School as well as beach volleyball all summer.

I am pretty mediocre at volleyball, but I never give up trying. Jim talked our school girls sex mia khalifa on to a 4 on 4 game. It was a lot of fun. We probably played for about an hour when one of the players on the other team had to leave.

I volunteered to sit out for a couple of games. When I left the court I noticed Sara and her friends. Sara was lying back resting on her elbows. She gave me a quick wave and a smile. I motioned to Jim that I was going to go say hi.

Jim pretty much just motioned me off as he was in to his game. I walked over and sat down next to Sara. "You looked pretty rested for someone that slept on the beach" she commented. "I've slept in worse than a beach" I retorted.

"I'll bet you have" she chuckled back. "You look amazing, by the way." I said as I took in her body in her bikini. She had a natural figure, not toned and hard like she worked out, but soft and naturally fit. "Looking pretty hot yourself" she said with a smile and a wag of her foot. "You were doing pretty well over there" she stated, motioning to the volleyball game. "I'm just an amateur. Jim's the pro that makes me look good." "You look pretty good on your own" she replied.

I was loving the flirtation going on, but after playing was in need of a drink. "I'm kind of thirsty, want to come get a drink?" I asked.

She agreed and we headed up to one of the stores to get a large bottle of water. Make that 2 bottles of water. "So, what are your plans for today?" I asked. "I don't know." She replied. "I guess lying in the sun until my friends are ready to leave, unless I find something better to do." With that she moved in toward me and gave me a very hot kiss. Just her being that close started blood flow to my crotch. "Oh, I could think of something better to do." I murmured.

"Yeah?" she said in her playful tone. "Definitely!" I replied. We kissed again. When our lips parted she gave me a wide eyed grin and said, "I know of a room that's empty for the next couple of hours." "Lead the way". I responded. With that she took me by the hand and led me up the street to her hotel. She removed a bracelet from her wrist that was holding the key and unlocked her door. The room was a pretty big mess. There were 2 unmade queen beds, 1 unmade folding bed.

Suit cases and clothes were all over, along with towels. I had to laugh. "Nice room." "Hey, what do you want, a barracks?" she said as she poked me in the stomach. "Nope, just you!" I insisted and gave her another kiss. I was really wanting to start something but I needed to do something first.

"Be right back" I told her and moved in to the bathroom. I took a quick piss and returned to the room. Sara was laying on one of the bed, propped up on her elbows. With her finger she gestured me to come here. I quickly moved to her and leaned in cheating on my wife with nicole bexley a kiss.

Our kiss quickly lowered us on to the bed together where we caressed and kissed. Sara removed my shirt and I quickly undid her bikini top. Her breasts were amazing!

They were small but firm with the sexiest nipples I had ever seen. I quickly moved my head down to suck on one of these wanders. Her hands caressed the short hair on my head. It felt wonderful! She pulled my head up and kissed me again. Then I laid her back and removed her bottoms. My cock sprang to attention as I admired her tan lines, drawing me in to her dark brown mound of trimmed hair.

I watched as she looked at me with a finger in her mouth and a smile on her face. I lowered myself and started at her knee, slowly kissing my way up her thigh. She did a little squiggle and got herself comfortable. I heard her gasp and her back arch slightly as my tongue reached out and parted the hair hiding her moist slit. I continued my exploration as her hands pulled me in to her heaven. I licked, and sucked, parted and played.

I slid my finger within her moistness, allowed it to curve up and retract. I found a very explosive spot with her walls. When I applied a small amount of pressure with my finger she screamed in pleasure. Her hands gripped my head and her body convulsed. I continued to lick and play with her spot until her body was almost doubled over in muscle spasms.

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"Stop, stop. please. I need a break" she panted. I released my prey and she quickly grabbed my face and kissed me. Her lips and tongue wanting to devour me in a kiss. When she stopped, she looked at me up and down, and then realized I still had my swim trunks on, tore at the opening.

I tried to help her but she pushed me back on the bed. She was a crazed woman, bent on her conquest. She pulled down my pants and threw them across the floor. Sara eyes the erect member that was now exposed. With a smile and a laugh she took my tool in her hand and began to stroke.

Then hottie using dildo to anal masturbation on webcam licked it and took it deep within her mouth. I laid my head back and moaned. It had been nearly 10 months since I had been with anyone. I was in pure heaven. Sara continued to suck on me, stroke me up and down. I felt pleasure building then she expertly let it subside.

I knew I had to have her. "Where are my pants" I asked.

"She stopped long enough to look at me and ask, " Why?" "I have a (I couldn't get the words to say condom) you know." "Do you trust me?" she posed.

"I guess, why." Before I could finish my question she moved up, positioned herself over me and impaled herself on my shaft. We both let out a groan of delight. As she sank on to me, her head flew back in pleasure, my hands grabbed her hips.

She then dropped her hands down over me and sank her head. I lifted my lips to meet hers as she slid up and down on me. I gripped her hips and followed along with her hips. Then I moved them up and cupped and squeezed those magnificent breasts. Her hips raised and lowered, rocked back and forth. We were both moaning and moving, but I wanted to have the control.

I put my hands around and rolled on to her back. For a moment I was on one hand ashlynn brooke office porn with boss my knees fucking her while she was suspended under me.

Then we dropped to the mattress. I thrusted in to her while kissing her neck and lips. Then I moved her legs, trying to position my rigid shaft toward that spot my finger had found. I already knew I wasn't going to last long. As I finally found the spot and to the rhythm going, she reacted!

Her moans became screams, her legs clinched, her nails dug in. As she tore in to my back, I felt her muscles contract around my cock and it drove me past the edge. I released pery teats slut wants to be fucked japanese hardcore felt like gallons of cum in to her heavenly pussy. As the waves subsided, I dropped to the bed sweating profusely. "God that was great!" Sara panted out.

"Yes you were!" I responded. We lay next to each other for a few more minutes, and then Sara got up and went to the bathroom. I retrieved my water bottle and drank. When she returned she came over and laid down over me and kissed. I was happy for my youthfulness as I felt a regrowth happening. Sara must have felt it too as she looked down and then took it in her hand.

Slowly stroking it she said, "Is this round 2?" I rolled her over and started kissing. There wasn't any foreplay this time.

My cock quickly slid in to her cum soaked pussy. She tried to gain the top position again, but I countered and wound up standing as she rode in my arms. Then I dropped her back to the bed and rolled her on all fours. I entered her from behind and fuck her until she was tearing at the sheets.

We both came again and I fell in a sweaty mess again. After we took a little time to recover, we decided we should probably head back as her friends would probably start leaving the beach soon. As I was getting dressed, Sara saw the cut along my back she had done. She apologized, and I told her it would be something to remember her by. We kissed again and finished getting dressed. As we got to the beach we were right in time for her friends to want to start getting ready for the evening.

Sara told me she wanted to get my address so she could write me and maybe get together sometime. I asked her where they were going to be and she told me. I told her we'd exchange information tonight. With that she left with her friends. I walked over and found Jim who was hanging out with a couple of hotties he'd met while playing. "Hey stud, about time you got back" he joked. He introduced me to his new friends Janice and Stacey. We found out they were going to be at the same club as Sara and her friends.

We arranged to meet them there about 11 and took off to get ready. Sure enough about 11:15 we met up with Jim's friends. We hung out at the club and danced and had some drinks. I never did see Sara though. At the end of the night, it was pretty obvious that Jim and Janice were on their way to hooking up, so I asked Stacey if she wanted to get something to eat.

She looked at her friend and agreed. Even though Stacey and I weren't in to each other we had a nice time talking over breakfast. At about 5:30 I walked her back to her hotel and said goodnight. I returned to the car, got my stuff and went to the beach.

About 10 Jim came along. He had slept in their smoking hot girlfriends are sharing their lovers loaded cocks just for fun and was all ready to go.

Unfortunately we had to head back to post as we wanted to make sure we were there before Monday night. About 4 we packed up the Camaro and pointed the wheels north. What a great weekend. This could have been the end of the story, but it wasn't. That Christmas, my mother had made plans to visit with her relatives. My sister and I agreed to meet her at our aunt's house, since they have a mini apartment in their basement.

I was the last to arrive, since I drove up. I was greeted by my aunt, said Hi to my uncle and mom and sister. We went in to the front room and was introduced to oldest cousin Tina. Then my aunt said "And here comes your other cousin Cara." I turned to be face to face with the same girl I met in Florida.

Recognition and surprise registered across both of our faces. We gave each other a hug and said how it was nice meet again after so long.

There were a lot of things running through my head as well as some fond memories stirring my groin. Then it hit me. Over the music I thought she said petite busty blonde banged in casting hardcore european name was Sara, but I bet she actually said Cara.

We all sat down to talk in the living room for a while and I could see Sara smiling and looking at me out of the corner of her eye. This was going to be a fun holiday. But that's a story for another time.