Sexy girl gets her wet cunt drilled

Sexy girl gets her wet cunt drilled
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When I was 16 in the mid 1970s I used to watch after two girls (11 and 12) for a friend of my mom's. It would be on weekdays after football. I'd pick them up at their school, then drive them home and watch them until their mom got home three hours later. Since I was always hot and sweaty the mom told me I could use their shower every day.

It was a huge bathroom and I loved it. The thing is, the bathroom didn't have a lock on the door and the girls had a habit of walking right in and giggling as they looked at me naked.

I told them it was not cool to walk in on someone but they kept doing it. I even threatened to tell their mom but they still kept doing it. I, of course, would never have told their mom because I was afraid my ass would get in trouble for some reason.

After awhile I just let them have their fun. Soon they would just walk in and talk to me while I showered and dried off. At one point, I just figured why even bother getting dressed? So I would arrive at their home, shower and spend the next three hours naked with them.

The girls were good sports and never said a word to their mom. I think they liked it. We used to sit and watch TV together. One time the oldest, Hailey, started tickling me. I told her to stop it and then both of them got into it. Next thing you know we were wrestling around on the floor. The movement gave me an erection which the youngest noticed because it kept bumping against her. She pointed it out to her sister who looked at it wide eyed.

They asked why it did that and I just told them they would learn when they go older. I said if we sat back down and watched TV again, it would soon go away. we did but they never took their eyes off it. That of course made it impossible for me to relax and make it go away.

Hailey the reached out and touched it. I pulled her hand away and said she should not do that. She asked why and I said because it is something you only do when you are older. She nodded but looked like she was disappointed. The younger johnny sins vs emma butt, Steph, just looked at my erection while I talked to Hailey.

She then asked if she could touch it and I said no. It was almost time for their mom to come home so I stood up and told them I had to get dressed. Hailey shook her head and said no until I let her touch my erection. I noticed my penis was just a few inches from her face as she sat on the couch, so I stepped back a little.

I said I had kinky ebony stuffing her ass with a big one get dressed because if their mom caught me I would be in trouble and would never be able to babysit again. They didn't want that to happen so they said okay and I got dressed just as their mom walked in the door. I had quickly masterbated in thee bathroom a few moments before so my erection had thankfully gone away. I was afraid the entire time that one of the girls would walk in but they didn't.

The next day, it was same as always. Pick them up, shower and be naked. This time though, Hailey said again she wanted to touch my thing. I said no.

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Then she said if I didn't let her do it she would tell her mom I have been naked all this time. That sent a shock of fear through every inch of me. I said she wouldn't do that and she said yes she would. Steph said if Hailey didn't, she would because she wanted to touch it, too. I spent several minutes trying to talk them out of it but they were stubborn as hell. Finally, I saw no way out off it and had to agree.

They both smiled wide and reached for it. I grabbed their hands and said they could only do it for one minutes each and that was it. Never again. They reluctantly agreed. I lay on the sofa and put my arms behind my head. They sat on both sides of me. I said go ahead, but after one minute, I would make them stop. They both just sat there and stared at my penis, but didn't touch it. I asked what was wrong and they said they wanted to do it while it was longer so they had more to touch.

I said no, just do it and get it over with. Hailey looked at me and said it had to bee while it was longer or she would tell her mom. I let out a frustrated sigh and said fine. Then I started stroking it for aj applegate in i sure hope it fits few moments until it quickly got hard.

Both of them stared wide eyed at what just happened. They looked at my erection like it was magic. I told them to do it quickly or forget it. Hailey was the first to go. She took it in her small hand and moved it around. To my surprise, the feeling sent a shock through my system. Then Steph reached over and did the same. Again my entire body stiffened and an incredible feeling of pleasure filled every inch of me.

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It felt great. Then I remembered that it was two young girls doing ti and tried to take my mind off of the sensation. I looked up at the ceiling and thought about anything but the fact that two girls were playing with my boner.

But, that was all I could think about, especially when both of them had two hands on my shaft and were gently rubbing up and down and moving it all around to look at it. I closed my eyes, but that just made it worse.

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It just kept feeling better and better. Then, to my utter horror, I shot cum into the air. Both girls squealed and pulled their hands away. I had no idea I was that close to cumming. I opened my eyes and looked at both girls expecting them to be grossed out or as horrified as I was. To my surprise, they both had huge grins on their faces as they stared at my cum covered penis. They asked what just happened and I said that it's a long story and to forget it ever happened.

I got up and went to the bathroom muttering that I had to clean up. I was also feeling guilty as hell and picturing my ass being thrown in jail. In the sweet petite dakoda brookes and nicole ray I jumped in the shower and cleaned off quickly. The entire time I was angry at myself for ever letting the whole situation get crazy sexy blonde babe candy rides a kebab to orgasm far.

As I stepped out and grabbed a towel, both girls walked in. They asked why I showered again and I said I had to clean the white stuff off me because it would get sticky if I didn't. I asked if they would leave and they said they needed to clean up too because the white stuff was on their hands. They held their hands up and I saw they did have some cum on their fingers. That made it even worse. Two young girls had my cum all over their hands. I nodded at the sink and told them to wash themselves off right away.

Then I started drying myself with a towel. Next thing I knew I heard the shower water running. I turned and almost jumped through the roof when I saw that both girls were stark naked, their clothes in piles on the floor. I asked what the hell they were doing and they said they wanted to wash themselves off just like I did.

I said I meant for them to wash their hands in the sink. They shrugged, turned the shower off and went to the sink to wash up. I told them to dress but they said they needed to wash off first. So both girls stood at the sink, their bare butts staring at me as I stood naked behind them. I spotted all three of us naked in the mirror and had a panic attack, especially when I caught myself admiring how Hailey's body was really starting to develop nicely. I shook my head and ran out of the room.

I threw on my clothes and almost ran out the front door but I knew I couldn't leave them alone. A minute later both girls walked into the den still naked. I told them to put on some clothes but frisky stunner gets cumshot on her face sucking all the love juice said they liked being naked.

My eyes drifted to the brown pubic hair growing between her legs and I instantly looked away. The image of me in jail suddenly got stronger and stronger. I told them again to get dressed and they said no.

Hailey then asked why I was dressed. I said that we had done enough, in fact we had done too much, and I would no longer be naked at their house. I also said I could no longer be able to babysit them. They both looked upset and asked why.

I said I just couldn't Then I heard their mom's car pull up outside. I panicked and pushed them to towards their rooms telling them to dress quickly because their mom was home.

They ran a few feet, their little asses jiggling, but then they stopped. My eyes popped wide open and I asked why they were stopping. Hailey said that they would only get dressed if I promised to keep babysitting. I said I couldn't do that and both of them just walked into the den and sat down on the sofa, two naked little blackmailers.

I could feel the blood rushing to my face and briefly considered rushing out the back door. I heard the car door slam outside and pictured their mom walking in, seeing her two girls sitting nude on the couch, and putting a kife in my chest. I finally agreed that I would keep babysitting. They both smiled and high fived, but then Hailey said I had to agree to be naked, too. The sound of the keys in the lock made me yelp. I said okay, okay, okay, anything they wanted as long as they would just get some clothes on!

They both immediately jumped up and I watched their skinny little butts run down the hall. They vanished into their rooms and closed the doors just as their mom walked in. I almost passed out. I took a deep breath, smiled at their mom and asked how her day was. Luckily, she was exhausted and didn't even look at me. She said it had been a hell of a day (tell me about it, I thought) and that she just needed to change and lay down. She then handed me the babysitting cash and said she'd see me tomorrow.

I quickly ran out the door closing it behind me. The next day after taking the girls home, it got worse. This time as I was showering off they both walked in, stripped naked and insisted on joining me in the shower.

I was about to argue with them but Hailey said not to even try. The they stepped in. They had me over a barrel and they knew it. So did I. Funny thing is, since I knew there was nothing I could do about it, I finally just relaxed and enjoyed it. Before long we gradually started doing more and more things together.

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They jacked me off several times -- separately and together. Hailey soon started giving me blowjobs. And she was damn good at it. A real natural. Steph wanted to, too, but I said no. Hailey agreed with me. I suspect it was because she enjoyed doing something her sister couldn't. Hailey's body kept getting sweeter and sweeter. By 13 she had the body of a 16yo girl. One thing lead to another and one night while her sister was at a party I popped Hailey's cherry. After that, we banged ever chance we got.

We been staretd doing it in fornt of Steph.

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At that point I had shown her how to masterbate so she would do that while watching us. Steph started joining in on the sex, but I would never fuck her. She would do everything but that so we all had a great time. I stopped babysitting that year but the girls and I still got together when ever we could at my place or theirs. Somewhere along the way, Hailey and I fell in love. Cheesy, I know, but it happened. Today we are married and have two kids. She still looks fantastic, too.

Steph, who was married then divorced, still joins us in the shower and the bedroom some times. No penetration between her and I, but otherwise, anything goes. And I mean "anything". I am one lucky guy. ;)