Dayana ice in wet milf in bodystocking squirts

Dayana ice in wet milf in bodystocking squirts
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The morning started like another, Jessie got up at around 6 to go to school. She showered like she did every morning, she dressed like she did every morning, she checked her backpack and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

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Like every morning. Her little brother, Chris was already downstairs eating breakfast and he smiled with his mouth full when he saw his sister. Jessie was about average height, average weight, not too fat not too skinny.

She went to the gym every once in a while but she wasn't buff. Her breasts had been developing over the last few years and she had begun to notice stares, she wore a C cup bra, which was tight.

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She would need to go shopping soon, she thought. At the age of 17 Jessie was almost done with high school, but her little brother was still in 8th grade.

She smiled back at him,"morning little bro," she said, although not slutty, she had always liked to make her brother think so by teasing him. She never ment for it to go so far.

She sat at the table and poured herself anal avec amatrcie francaise gode en bois en cam direct cereal. "So, anything exciting going to happen today?" he asked, pretending to talk while staring at her ample cleavage.

She had picked this top at random and it was then that she noticed that it was quite tight and did show quite a bit of boob. She smiled, "Tests, Tests, and more tests, enjoy it while you can chris." He didn't know if he was talking about her tits or the work, but he didn't horny young adorable babe drilled by old boy. "What about you?" she asked, "oh easy stuff, the norm." he said still staring, he figured that because she was allowing him to, he might as well take his chance, when she finished her cheerios she stood up.

He took a mental picture of her cleavage and stood up along with her. She had kicked her backpack next to his chair while he had been 'entertained' and now went down to pick it up right where he was standing, she looked up while she stooped, her eyes focusing on the large lump in his pants, she fought down the urge to giggle and stood up to hug her horny brother, "Have a good day" she whispered seductively in his ear as she pressed her big tits against his chest.

"uh. Yeah you to sis," he mumbled knowing that he could blow his load at every second. She released him, and started towards the door, "cya!" Her school was close and she was able to walk, but first she had to meet up with her friend, Rachael.

Rachael was the slut of the school, and also bisexual, she never dated anyone but Jessie knew she wasn't a virgin. Jessie wasn't either. As she walked to Rachael's house, she thought about that day. She was at summer camp with Rachael, Rachael had already slept with or a least blown 4/5 of the boys there. As well as over half the counselors. Rachael was always pressuring Jessie to sleep with a guy, and on the 4th day of camp, Jessie agreed to a dare. A chug war had commenced at the rec-room and Rachael and Jessie were both there, watching teenage boys an girls soak themselves in soda.

They had both been a little drunk because Rachael had talked, or rather sucked her way into getting one of the counselors to bring some vodka. The vodka had been spread around all the soda's so everyone was actually drunk. Her best friend talked Jessie into a high stakes chug war, winner got to choose who the other slept with. The match began both chugging their plastic cups filled with coke/vodka.

They slammed their cups down at the same moment, and the ref, or rather everyone else in the rec-room said to go another round. So they poured again, and again it was a tie, they had two bottles left with about the same amount and they decided to use them. 3.2…1.

GO!! Suffice to say she lost, by a lot. Somehow she remembered being led from the room by a tall, strong, boy, who was also still a virgin but had bet his friends 20 bucks he have sex in the month they were at camp.

Rachael had gone easy on her. They were sent to one of the empty cabins, and locked in there, telling the couple that they wouldn't let them out until his cock was in her pussy.

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They had fooled around for quite a while kissing and fondling, he sucked her tit, biting down softly, "where'd you learn that?" she asked quietly moaning."porn," he replied back as he licked her nipple. After a little while she told him to sit on the bed, he had done so eagerly and it was then she had seen her first dick. It was about 5 inches but had quite a girth.

Jessie had spit on her hand and had begun to give him a slow sensual handjob, the soft sucking noise had really begun to get her horny, and she slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, slowly rubbing it.

Slowly she brought her head down to lick the wet, thriving cock, it hadn't tasted as she had expected, it tasted like she was sucking a human being, which she was. She brought her mouth down around the tip redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital slowly pressed her head down, lowering the her mouth around the large head of her first cock.

Her partner, whose name had been Lucas, groaned in pleasure, "oh FUCK Jessie, where'd you learn that?" She brought her head back up for a breath, "Porn." He looked at her and smiled as she brought he mouth down around lucas's cock. He groaned again, as the head of it was on her mouth, Jessie swirled her tounge around the tip, licking and liking Lucas's precum. "oh god Jessie, I'm gonna blow, FUCK FUCK!!" she lifted her head off his cock licking it as she pulled back, he swore and white hot cum came spurting out onto her waiting face, she cried out as she had her own orgasm.

She liked the taste of his cum and had licked hers and his up off her fingers.

"oh god Jessie, that was amazing," he quivered in pleasure, "yeah, for me too." he smiled as he looked at her cum laden face, "you got a little something." he laughed. She laughed too and stood up.

"Alright, time for the real deal," he looked nervous but laid down on the bunk. She settled on top of him, glad that this wasn't a bunkbed.

She lowered herself onto his cock with a little bit of guidance, but gasped when he entered her. "oh my fucking god," she murmured, "Its so deep, oh fuck." he began to pump up and down but she cried out in pain, "SHIT, sorry Jessie, we can stop if you like." she shook her head, "No!! No. it hurts. But I like it. Please, keep going." he searched her eyes and began to thrust into her.

Up, Down, Up, Down. Thrusting into her slowly, on the 7th thrust He hit something hard, and without asking, he thrust hard and she cried out again, but this time in pleasure. He felt a trickle run down his dick, but when he pulled out she yelled at him, "PUT THAT COCK BACK IN MY FUCKING TIGHT PUSSY BITCH, YOUR PASSING UP THE CHANCE TO BOTH LOSE YOUR OWN VIRGINITY, AND TAKE SOMEONES AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Just do it softly please." she murmured this last part into his ear as she lay down on top of him pressing her breasts agains him. He nodded and stuck his rock hard dick back into he pussy, they settled into a rhythm of thrusts, but both being amateurs, they both cummed within 10 minutes.

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Jessie had been walking for about 10 minutes now and as she neared her friends house, she realized that she had her hands down her miniskirt and panties, and had been fingering herself in public.

She, being highly embarrassed, looked to make sure no one was around then stuck her hand down again went at herself a little more fiercely, hopping she could finish before anyone noticed. Just as she was reaching her climax, her thumb rubbing and twirling her swollen clit, she heard a voice, "I beat you," Jessie spun around and there was Rachael's head, popping out of a bush.

Jessie laughed as she realized what Rachael was talking about, "Really? That's pretty damn fast" Rachael shrugged modestly, "I try." Jessie's friend, Rachael was in the same grade, but a little taller, her tits weren't quite as big, but she was very proud of her large bubble butt. They ran to hug each other, Rachael tried to kiss Jessie but, jessie being straight, deflected it onto her cheek, Jessie being still horny, let her fondle her breasts though and she let her hands slide down to Rachael's ass.

"Ooh? Ready to experiment today are we?" Rachael smiled coyly. "Maybe." Jessie replied, feeling adventurous, and thought about how it was going to be a long day.