Horny blonde girl enjoy riding the hard cock camfree and sucking

Horny blonde girl enjoy riding the hard cock camfree and sucking
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The day started like any other.

It was a warm afternoon and my sister Jen and I were hanging out around the house bored as usual. I'm 16 and my sister is 14. She has long brown hair, small perky breasts and a great ass that was very firm.

It was a nice enough day so we thought we would take a swim. I went to room, changed and went to Jen's room to get her. As I went to the door I noticed her door was open a white blindf cheating wife sucks bbc during phone call with husband. Being a young teenager I hoped to maybe catch a glimpse of my sexy sister in some sort of nakedness.

To my delight I got more than I ever dreamed. As I peered through the door I saw my sister on the phone talking to one of her friends. To my delight she stood there in a very cute pair of blue polka dotted panties and matching bra. The fabric clung tight to her body and really gave me a great view of the great curves of her ass and the outline of her young cunt. As she she tcontinued talking she began to undo her bra which gave me a great view of her youn pert tits.

They breasts were smaller, maybe about a handful, but the nipples were erect and stood out perfectly from her luscious mounds. It was at this point that I felt the urge to jerk off.

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I decided to slip a hand down my trunks and give myself a little satisfaction while I enjoyed the show. As I slowly stroked myself my sister really got me going when she pulled down her panties with one hand still talking on the phone.

As she pulled them down she bent over and gave me the perfect view of that tight ass. It was perfect. Not a blemish on it. It was then that she turned around and I got my first view of her virgin pussy. It was gorgeous. Softly line with a tuft of brown pubic hair the lips were were tight and I could see the curves and folds perfectly. It was just too much for me and I blew my load right there in the doorway of her room. I must have let out a grunt because Jen looked up at the doorway.

I ran just before she got to the door. I'd hoped she didn't see me. Boy was I wrong I went out and got into the pool and just kinda splashed around waiting for Jen to show up. After a few minutes Jen came out wearing a green bikini that really left little to the imagination. She got in and we swam around for about 15 to mins.

before she shyly said, "I know you were watching me undress." I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. "I saw your cum in my doorway so I know you were there" she said matter of factly. I was so embarassed.

"I'm sorry Jen I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't help myself. Your just so hot I just had to see you naked." "You think I'm hot?" blushed Jen.

"I didn't know you felt that way." She swam over to me and gave me a hug. Not exactly what I was expecting but to have my sister close to me made me feel much better about the whol situation. It was then that I felt Jen's hand down my trunks stroking my now hardening cock. "It's only fair ." she said. I didn't know what to do so I just went a long with what she did. Jen had her hand down my trunks and was stroking cock really well.

Her hand stroked the shaft as well as lightly squeezing my balls. This led to a few grunts of satisfaction from me. As she stroked I let my hands roam the very nubile body of my young sister. First I cupped her young ass. It was just as firm as I had hoped it would be. Jen had responded to my moaning at the sensual touches I made. It was then friki cachonda le gusta jugar con sus juguetes I decided to take things further and unclasped her bikini top and revealed her perky breats to my own hungry eyes.

Her tits looked even better up close. I stared at them hungrily.

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My lustful nature taking over I lowered my head and took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked firmly causing my sister to gasp at the pleasure she was feeling. She stroked harder as I sucked her nipples and squeezed and caressed her ass. It was then that she said something I thought I'd never hear from her. " Eat me. I want you to eat your sister's pussy!" I was stopped in my tracks.

I didn't know what to do. But before I could say a word Jen hopped up onto the deck's edge and lifted her ass up and peeled her bikini bottoms off leaving her young vigin twat visible for my eyes to see. Her pussy was wet from the water but I could definently see that her juices were flowing and my sister was extremely horny.

Seeing all this I just let instinct take over and bureied my face in her hole letting my tongue probe every crevice and fold of her inside. It was the greatest feeling of busty hot lingerie babe loving hard fuck life. Her pussy tasted so sweet it was like the nectar of the gods. I was in ectasy. Jen was equally excited and she grunted, moaned and ground her tight little pussy against my tongue as she rumbled towards an orgasm.

It was too much longer when I felt her muscles tighten up as she let out a high pitched moan as her juices cerita porn aku sama pembantu my face as she blew her orgasm all over my face. As she calmed down I gently licked her pussy clean and massaged her breasts as she lay on the deck in sexual bliss. I climbed out of the pool and laid next to my sister holding her close as she recovered from her orgasm.

After a few minutes she turned to me and smiled. " Now its yourn turn!." she grinned. With that she pulled down my shorts revealing my still hard cock. She looked at it intently strking and feeling it in her hands before very gently lowering her head and taking my head into her sweet little mouth. The warmth of her tongue was intoxicating.

Her tongue probed my head and shaft very slowly as if feeling out just exactly what she was up against. It was then that i began to slowly buck my hips pushing more of my cock into her mouth with every thrust.

It was then that she began to pick up the pace and piston up and down on my cock sending my over thedge. AS she went faster and faster I let out a grunt and exploded down the throat of my sweet little sister. It was a lot of cum and she gaaged a little bit and small bit oozed out the side of her mouth. It was quite possibly the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. She laid down next to me and snuggled up in the warm afternnon sun.

WE laid there cocntent in our sexual bliss for a good half an hour before either of us sspoke. "That was amazing!" Jen gushed. I just smiled and kissed my sister on the forehead. She just giggled and then said in a very husky voice, "I want your cock in me. I want you to take my virginity and fill me with your cum." With that she went back to my cock and droppped her head back onto my semi hard cock.

After a minute or so I was rock hard again and she stopped sucking and got on all fours in front of me and said, "Take me now." I went into overdrive. I positioned my cock in front of her waiting pussy. With her ass in the air placed my hands there and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her extremly tight pussy. I started to push in and when I got to her hymen I warned it it might hurt.

She just smiled and I pushed forward. As I pushed through Jen let out a small whine but it didn't stop her from grinding her twat farther down my cock. AS I knew she was Beauties sharing one pecker girlfriend and homemade I began to quicken my speed and whores roundass jizzed pornstars and big butt soon fucking sister at a piston like place I got lost in the moment.

It was awesome watching her tight ass ripple as I I slammed against her pubic bone. After a good fifteen minutes of piton like fucking I could feel Jen's pussy clamp down on my cock like a vise. "I'm gonna cum soon!" says Jen as she slams her pussy into me. It was too much for me to hold on. AS I felt her cumming I flooded her pussy with my seed. Spurt after spurt it came out as I slammed her pussy for the last few strokes. When we were done I collapsed on top of my sister exhausted from out simultanious orgasms.

We just laid there for a good hour just being close to each other.

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Then after a long kiss and embrace from my sister we went inside to clean up before our parents got home. "Thanks Adam" says Jen. If you ever want to do this again just let me know and if you want to watch me change all you have to do is come in I don't mind. It turns me on>" With another kiss and a playful slap on her naked ass she ran off to clean up and get changed before our parents came home for dinner.