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Andy san dimas in one fuck over the nurses cunt
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Annie Loves Her Daddy, Part-2 But things really changed when Annie turned thirteen. In fact it was a Saturday night, soon after your 13th birthday. Your mom was away for the day visiting your ill grandfather. Leaving us alone, as she had done many times in the past. Now after that initial episode for your 12th birthday, we continued to having our special moments alone together. In fact with affection, we secretly coded your bath time 'D.D.A.' (Daddy-Daughter-Alone) time.

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Especially when you were pissed off at your mom. That's when you'd sometimes whisper to me, "I'll be glad, so glad Daddy. When we can have another D.D.A. Because she's making me sick, and I need your special touch." But that Saturday became extremely special for us. It took my thoughts to a taboo sexual level beyond my imagination.

Actually after we were alone that afternoon, I really looked forward to our upcoming D.D.A. that night. When your mom kissed us both and was off to grandpa's again. We ordered a pizza and coke, and then cuddled up on the sofa for a couple of movies.

You in one of my long tee-shirts and panties. Me in athletic trunks and silk shirt. Sorry. But I could help not toy with your thigh.

At 9P I squeezed your hip and said, "Princess! Its time to go to bed. So run your bath and call me when its time to wash your back." Smiling, you bounced up and gave me the traditional peck on the lips, with a happy "OK Daddy!" After you left, I made sure that all the lights were off and the doors were locked. Figuring to bathe right after you, I went to my room and undressed. After I had put my clothes in the hamper, I heard, "DADDY! I'M READY!!" Riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob putting on a robe to cover up my nakedness, I joined you.

When I arrived, you greeted me with a big smile. "Here Daddy!" you said, while handing me your washcloth and soap. Kneeling beside the tub, I began my pleasant chore of washing your back. That's when I washed your lower back, I couldn't help but love the sight of the split in your ass cheeks.

Sydney cole and cassandra cain horny threeway on the couch can bet that I gave special attention to bathing my baby's cute little butt. When I was finished with your back, I offered the washcloth back to you. Instead of taking it from my hand, you just sat there with a quiet smile on your face. Then after a brief moment, you took my hand and put it on your chest. "Look Daddy. That's not fat anymore. I'm growing boobs. Do you like em'?" Feeling my cock growing with each second that passed, I said "Yeah Princess.

They are coming along just fine." After stealing a quick caress of your growing tits, I stood up. However when I did this, my hard cock sprang out of my robe, exposing my naked erection to you.

When I tried to put my dick back inside my robe you smiled. "That's OK Daddy! You've seen me naked a whole bunch of times, and I've seen you too!" Losing all semblance of fatherhood at that point, I said "When you are ready to get out of the tub, let me know, and I'll dry you off." You replied, "I'm finished now Daddy! So I guess you can dry me off now. That is.

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If you want to." So without answering, I helped your wet, naked bod, out of the tub. As I began drying you off, I saw your legs trembling. So I quickly completed drying off your back and sat you down on a nearby chair.

That's when I took what semblance of nerve I could muster, and removed my robe. Leaving us both now naked to each others view.

As I knelt down in front of you, I couldn't help but take the time to do a close up of your naked pussy and blossoming boobs. Breathing a sexy aroma emitted from your tiny pussy, I could have dove my face between your thighs right there and then. Especially with one of your hands resting on my shoulder pulling me in close to you. A thought of devouring your innocence, like no good father should ever do, seriously crossed my mind.

But instead with my cock at sex with boss playmates daughters girlcompeer xxx nina north fucks the pool man attention. I simply did the best I could and dried you off. Once you were dry, and I'd wiped myself off, we put our robes back on.

You said "Daddy. Mom won't be back until tomorrow at noon. So. So can I sleep in your bed tonight? You can put the TV on. And you know how fast I fall asleep. I'll be good, I promise!" I replied, "Sure Annie! I guess it'll be OK. But like our D.D.A.'s We'll keep this to ourselves too! Now go get a nightshirt and panties to sleep in!" You whined, "Can't I just wear one of your tee-shirts Dad?" I quipped back "Yeah! But I still want you to wear panties young lady!" After I tossed you a shirt, you with reluctance, removed your robe and slipped the shirt over you body.

Then leaving, you went to your room to fetch your panties. When you returned, you pull the shirt up and said, "See Daddy! Are you happy now?" Looking at your thighs and old tattered panty, I was confused at what was getting into you. Or I thought, was all of this only in my mind. You obviously had found the oldest underwear you could find.

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Because it showed everything I had just seen, plus much fodder for my imagination. And yes Princess. Your Daddy liked everything I saw under that shirt you were wearing.

I said "Princess. Wearing that is almost like wearing nothing!" You replied, "Then do you want me to take it off Daddy?" Getting back into my daddy mode I said, "Hell No! I-Do-Not! Just get into bed, Annie." After I put on my pajama bottoms, I joined you. But even though I got on the extreme side of my bed. It didn't prevent you from sliding over to join me. Then like the woman you were becoming, you took my right arm and while sitting up a bit. You put it around you, and cuddled up in my embrace.

The grabbing my hand, you placed it between your thighs. Almost afraid to move, I big boobs girl going crazy on webcam heard your breathing slow, as you drifted off to sleep. Slowly, I removed my hand. Then while quietly watching the TV, which was about to put me to sleep. I cut it off and the light on my night stand.

Getting comfortable, I pulled your body into mine in the spoon position. While resting my semi-hard cock-bulge, inside the crease in your panty covered butt.

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Then with loving thoughts of your pussy, we drifted off to sleep. It was about about 4 hours later when I awoke. Being my body was turned towards the clock, I saw that it was 2:45. Realizing that both my hands were free and I wasn't dreaming, I looked for you. That's when I felt your touch on my cock. You were obviously under the covers, using a pen-lite, while toying with my dick.

I knew that I should have said something. But it felt so good so instead, I tried not to move. But not pressing your luck to wake me up, you cut the light off. Then quickly your head jprulercom sexy japanese nailed in public 30 back above the covers.

That's when I pretended to wake up. "You alright Princess?" You kissed me on the cheek and replied, "Yeah Daddy, I'm OK. I Love You." I responded, "I Love You Too Baby.

Now get some sleep." So after we spoon-snuggled up, you again placed my hand between your thighs. That's when I realized that you had removed your panties.

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In return, I removed my pajama bottom, while also freeing my very hard cock. Then getting back into the spoon position, I slid my naked cock in between your butt split. With the tip sliding up under you, to rest at the entrance to your pussy. While reaching my arm over and around you, my hand began lightly fingering your naked pussy.

As we finally fell into slumber bliss. This time though, with your hand on top of mine. Keeping it in place on top of your precious 'V'. The following morning when you awoke, you smelled me cooking breakfast. So after washing up, you put on a cute top & shorts set and joined me in the kitchen. After a non daddy-daughter good morning kiss, we ate basically in silence.

Breaking the silence I said, "You know I love you, don't you Princess?" Smiling you replied "Yeah Daddy, I do. And I love you too!" Sighing a bit of relief I said, "Well. what we have been doing by most standards, is what most of the world says shouldn't be." You replied, "Well Dad.

I don't think we should live for the world. You are my Daddy, and I totally trust ass banged teen has a perfect pair of titties with all of me.

I mean after all I am a teenager now." I added "Then Annie! If what we did makes you happy, then I'm happy." Obviously seeing that I was feeling nervous, you came over and sat on my lap. You gave me a big kiss on my lips and smiled. "Daddy. What we did made me very happy.

So you have my permission to love me anyway you want. Because I don't want us to ever stop loving each other." It was at that moment when I heard my wife's car pull up into the driveway. We then scattered. Making it look like we were busy with house-care when she entered the house.