Fucked from the back than sucks it

Fucked from the back than sucks it
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Still being sore from the previous day, the soft SMACK of her back side startled her. "Hey Fatty-Matty." "Ow, not in school. Go away. Someone might see." Matty turns from her locker after slamming it to face her enemy.

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"I see teen fucks stranger in shower slavemouth alexa got your backpack back." "Yeah, Ryan gave it to me in the car this morning. He said he picked it up from your house before getting me. What he think about me going to your house yesterday?" "Don't worry, hon, I told him we were studying and he was oh-so-happy that we're getting together.

Yesterday's slutting will not be told to Ryan. What kind of Master would I be?" Mikey winks to Matty, agreeing with himself. Suddenly another SLAP is felt by Matty, but this time a little harder.

She winces. Ryan is standing behind her, inquiring what they're talking about. "We're just discussing about what time this Angel of yours will be coming over to finish studying. She's still having troubles in math." "Hey Matty, I want him to show you something when you get there. Mikey made it in shop class, and I was thinking about buying it off of him. I'll see you tomorrow morning? Bye sweet." After kissing her on the check, he slaps her ass and then rubs it a little before pinching her.

"Well, whore.I'm gonna drive home to get things set up. See you there." Matty walks down the crowded hall, after Mikey leaves her locker. still in disbelieve about what she has gotten herself into, so continues to walk out of the school and starts the 20 minute walk to Mikey's.

Today is extremely hot for a day in May. Her tee shirt sticks to her body, and she regrets wearing long jeans. Matty was just scared her red ass would hang out of her short-shorts.

Arriving at Mikey's after the long walk, she walks up the steep steps of his house. Attached to the door is a note saying to go around back to the shed and wait.

Back down the steps, across the front lawn, around the side of the house, through the gate and into the shed door she creeps. Matty doesn't know where her Master is, and is unsure of what to do. Into the dark, she sees Mikey painting varnish onto a paddle 14 inches long, not including the handle, 4 inches across and an inch attractive cutie and her vaginal balls softcore amateur. Next to the can of varnish is sand paper and a pile of saw dust.

He was just adding his final touches. "Hel--hello?" "Aw, your here," Mikey looks at his watch, "And not even late. Good slave. Now strips, and on your knees. Don't forget your chain, its hanging there." He doesn't even look over to acknowledge that she's there.

"Do you like it. This is what Ryan was talking about today. After I showed it to him, he started telling me about how he handles you when you don't behave. I guess I'm not your only master." He laughs to himself, while getting up. He swishes it through the air. "It still has to dry a bit." He hangs it up in the middle of the shed buy a thin rope already tied to a rafter of the ceiling.

He walks towards her, unzipping his pants. "Are you ready to show some respect?" Again six inches is stuffed into mouth and forced to the back of her throat.

It was the same as before. Mikey puts the leash on and pumps harder. This time he pulls out while cumming, spraying her with his juices.

He picks up Matty's tee shirt to clean himself off and then adjusts himself.

"Lets go bitch." Mikey give the leash a hard tug. "No, down! Stay on your knees." Matty hated the choke chain. It took the breath out of her. She was pulled into the house by the back door as if she was a bad dog. WACK She hated the ruler too. Matty tries to keep up so she can breath down a hall, through the living room, down another hall, up the wooden stairs and into the bathroom. "Get in the tub, slut.

Wash that shit off your face." She climbs into the tub, when all of a sudden cold water starts to pour. She looks up from her knees to see the shower faucet spraying her. At lest she can see, she thinks to herself. The cold water was unbearable for Matty, except on her sour spots. The water was a relief on her abused knees and ass.

"Hurry up! I don't have all day! Use your dirty hands if you have to." For the first time Mikey was showing anger. He was telling her to hurry up? She was the one hating it, so she quickly complied. Matty was pulled out, and thrown to the counter. "Get up, sit on there." as she pulled herself up to the counter, the cold surface of the time sent shivers down her spine. Wet hair drips down her back and brests.

Mikey violently spreads her legs as much as he can. He ran his cruel fingers around her pussy, paying extra attention to her lips. "All smooth.perfectly smooth. I want you to keep them this way.all week, my slut.

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Sluts have to maintain them so they are exposed. Understand?" "Yes, Sir," Matty gasps. The Masters warm hands almost feel good on her cold body.

Mikey jams one of his fingers into her dry pussy, deep into her inner flesh. "Its going mom and dad fucking daughter spyinglongest pornsstorys be a long day for you, trust me.

And everyday is going to be longer." "Yes, Sir." "Now, I want you, cunt, to go into my bedroom, stand in the corner, hands behind your head, brests out, touching the wall, and ass out, legs spread. You you understand?" "Yes, Sir." His finger continues to probe her and then stops, so she can get up.

She is stopped when she reaches the door of the bathroom by the leash. "Oops, I forgot to take this off." Mikey wines her back in the room to unhook the leash. SLAP SLAP She continues to walk to the room she was in yesterday and into the only corner that was available. Matty carefully positions herself into the corner, just like her Master told her to.

Now she waits. After a few minutes go by WACK WACK WACK Matty doesn't dare to turn around. She just winces and whines. She feels hands moving slowly up her sides to her brests.

They're not very genital and they squeeze and pull. Her nipples are pinched and pulled very hard. the pain is something to get her away from her cold, wet shivering body.

Matty feels so helpless. There is nothing she can do in her mind. All of a sudden, she feels nothing. The intruding hands are gone. She hears movement around the room and things being gone through. Matty is trying to imagine what her Master is going to do to her next and what he is doing now. She hears him sit down on the bed. "Come her cunt." Matty obeys.

She keeps her hands behind her head and is sure not to keep her pussy closed too much. "Bend over me lap. That's a slave. Aren't you going to thank me for my patients." "Thank you, Master. You are kind to me." SLAP SLAP SMACK SLAP Mikey warms those pink cheeks with his hand in a random fashion.

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Matty is kicking and begging. The more she cries out, the harder and faster Mikey hits. this goes on for a few minutes until she is out of breath, sobbing over Mikey's knees. "Time for the ruler. And later we can test the paddle." Without warning, Mikey puts the ruler to work.

WACK WACK WACK CRACK WHOOSH CRACK WACK Madison has never been hit with the ruler this hard. Mikey pays extra attention to her upper thighs and when she kicks he's sure to abuse her inner thighs.

"NO.IT HUUUURTS.STOP.PLEASE.AH NO.MASTER, NO!!" Matty is struggling to get out of his lock. She is kicking and slapping around like a live fish on land. Her wet hair is all over in a tangled mess. From the bottom of her back to her mid thighs, she was red with strips and blemishes.

The last thing she looks like is an Angel. Mikey uses one leg to trap hers so she isn't flailing as much while he doesn't his grand finale. The sound in the atmosphere couldn't be more glorious. The struggle is so great for the slut, her whole body is red now, her voice is gone. "Ok, ok, we're done with this." Mike lets go and she falls to the floor where she starts to roll around, rubbing her whole backside: back, ass, and thighs.

Mikey gives her a few minutes so he can out loud laugh at her pain. "On then bed wench. Your not very good at keeping control of yourself, but I probably could have guessed that at the party." Mikey pulls her up by holding on the the chain around her neck. She is violently rolled over on the bed so that her ass makes contact with the bed.

"Spread those legs. WIDE! Your going to get 10 with the ruler. There not going to be too hard, but if you close your pussy, or fail to count them out loud we start all over." Matty is confused about what he's about to do, but does what he says anyway. CRACK The ruler lands right across her pussy lips which makes the slave jump up some. "OW." "You didn't count. I start over now.

See?" With that another WACK is felt. "ONE." WACK "Two" WACK "THREE" CRACK "foUR.OW" SNAP "FIVE" WACK "SIX-SHIT" "What was that I heard? You you want me to start all over?" "No, no, please don't I'm so sorry.

No please. I'll do ANYTHING." "I'll keep that in mind. Just don't forget you said so. Continue" WACK "SEVEN" SNAP "EIGHT" WACK "Nine" SWISH-SNAP "TEN. That's ten." "Very good, slave. You listen well. I bought something for you, but first we need to get you ready." Matty was about to collapse, which made what Mikey was doing easier.

He was moving around to tie the bitch's arms to the bedpost. The ropes were already there. He then played with her brests a little more, playing attention to her large nipples. He pulled, pinched and twisted. He love her brests. All of a sudden a sharp pain was observe the wild gangbang smalltits and homemade by Matty, She could see he attached a clothes hanger to one of her nipples, then the other.

This woke her up fast. Right in front of her, Mikey waves the surprise he bought for Matty, a box of condoms. "For the week my slut. I'm going to enjoy these." Matty closes her eyes. All the sensitive parts of her body are on fire. Mikey takes his time opening the box, and one of the condoms.

Matty was falling back and forth from conscious to unconscious. The pain was too great for her. The visions she was seeing was of Mikey, first clothed between her, later he is not.

She can feel every part of her body, then she goes numb. First the pain is all there, then it is not. She trembles, time flies and she is waken by the blood rushing back to her nibbles after the pins are removed. Matty's legs are lifted by Mikey. WACK WACK "There's my nice little whore. Do you feel good about yourself now?" Matty can feel warm and cold liquid around her pussy and warm coming out.

The first thought in her mind is if its hers or his. The second though is that she just had sex for that first time. It wasn't with someone she loves nor did she enjoy it.

"Tomorrow meet me in the shed again. Four o'clock, remember? Here's something new for you to remember. I don't want you wearing panties anymore, or a bra. I want easy access to you always. Understand?" "Yes, Master."