Story mesum 8 in 1 riau

Story mesum 8 in 1 riau
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I knew I shouldn't get in his car. But I was desperate. If he outed me, if he told anyone about what he saw.So I stepped closer to the white Honda and could see his stern expression laid out across his face. But in the corner of his lip I almost saw a smirk.

I opened the door of the passenger side, and stepped in, sitting down next to him. I looked straight ahead through the windshield at my home, not wanting to make eye contact with him.

"Jeans? Different wardrobe choice since the last time I saw you." I didn't say anything. I couldn't. What could I say? He was right. The last time he saw me I was in my living room rubbing my cock through a pair of crimson red lace panties.

I wish I heard him walk up the steps, open the door. stpe inside. I had no warning until I looked up breathing heavy, hand covered in cum, with him staring back at me with an evil grin. "I'll leave you be, for now." and he left back out the door. I was horrified.

My parents bizarre, creepy friend Jack saw me in the worst possible scenario. He texted me a few pretty stickam teens stickam omegle vichatter etc later.

He told me if I wanted my secret kept I'll take a drive with him the next day. I had no choice. Now, here I was driving to god knows where, not a single word spoken other than his statement about my fashion choice.

He just did that so I knew he was in charge that was clear. I swallowed hard letting out a quiet sign. I hated the unknown. Not knowing what the hell was going to happen, or where the hell we were going it drove me crazy. "So" he finally spoke up cutting through the silence of the car. "How long ago did you decide on your new undergarments?" I didn't say anything I just looked at the ground feeling my face turn a shade of pink. He reached over and forcefully grabbed my leg forcing it to spread.

"Im talking to you boy, when I ask you a question you better damn sure answer it." His forceful actions mixed with his shockingly booming voice scared me. "Tha.That was my first time." He let out a loud laugh. "Well with the little package you have between your legs, I'd say women panties are appropriate. I felt my heart crawl into my throat. I couldn't believe he said that. I always knew it was small, but hearing someone say it, stung. I haven't had sex for that reason.

"You'd of been better off as a woman. You know, I think you enjoyed wearing panties. I think you know that since you clearly cant use that to satisfy a woman, you want to learn to satisfy a man like a woman.

My eyes shot open, I looked at him for the first time since I entered the car.

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His evil grin grew bigger. "Don't try to deny it." You felt nice in those panties, you felt right didn't ya?" I thought to myself, i didn't think he was right. He couldn't be right about this. But what he is saying is making a sick sort of sense. He was successfully mind fucking me and I had no idea. He pulled off to a dirt road and parked the car.

I looked around not a house, or other vehicle in sight. Was he going to kill me? "Here's the deal Jeffrey.No that wont do.Here's the deal Cindy. You don't want the whole town to know about your little problem, or your choice of underwear I will keep your secret, but you will be doing something for me. He reached across me and went into the glove compartment. His elbow grazing my nub of a cock causing it to leap a little.

I didn't understand how it could even move in this situation. He took out a pair of black lace panties and sat them in my lap. "You're going to go stand in front of the car. Strip completely naked, and put those on. That is your first task of the day. I couldn't believe he was asking fantastic kagney pleasures a massive black dick to do this, I wanted to cry, my hands shook. I looked around, the area seemed deserted, but god knows with my luck i'd leave the car, strip and the whole town would show up.

"I said go boy, don't make me tell you again." I let out a defeated wimper opening the car door and stepping outside and walking to the front of the car. I saw his hand slide down out of sight but by his shoulder moving, I knew it was still moving. I lifted my shirt up and over my head letting it fall to the dirt.

I never noticed before that even at 18 I was hairless. Not one bit of hair on my chest or armpits. I still had baby fat and I wasn't the most athletic so i had a pair of man boobs that I obviously wasn't fond of displaying. He honked his horn, causing me to jump isis raja gets the macblk tube porn my hands fumbled with my belt on my jeans and released it letting my jeans allgirlmassage samantha rone scissors female friendly and pussy licking down around my ankles leaving me in a pair of batman boxers.

I hurried to remove them, just wanting this to be over and trying not to think too hard about this horribly humiliating experience as I kicked them to the side and slid on the pair of black panties. They felt odd against my skin, different then boxers, or the pair of panties I took from my sisters drawer. I put my hands in front of the crotch of the panties, not that I had much to hide.

He raised his hand, gesturing me to return to the car. I leaned down to gather my clothes and he honked the horn once more. I looked at him and he shook his head. He wanted me to leave my clothes there? I whimpered and slowly walked back to the car leaving my clothes in the dirt, me in just a pair of black panties.

I scooted into the seat and closed the door. His hand slid onto my thigh. I looked over and for the first time I saw his cock hanging out of his opened pants. He saw where my eyes went and nodded stroking his meat. "This is what a real cock looks like.

You don't have a cock you have a little clit. The hand of his that was on my thigh went up onto my shoulders and ran through my hair. I really wish I didn't like the "skater look" so much, because I knew my long brown hair was only in his mind confirming his beliefs that I was meant to be a woman.

"You're not a real man" he said in a soft almost comforting voice. "You're a woman, who is meant to serve men." My eyes remained on his cock.

I didn't know what it was, but a part of me was hearing his words and believing him. I wanted to serve him. Maybe it was the dirt he had on me, or it was that I was meant to be a woman, meant to serve him.

I didn't know but I wanted to keep him happy.

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"Mmmm I see your starting to come around, your little clit is growing." He licked his lips and looked me up and down. "You even have a pair of tits growing in ." I blushed, I really hated my baby fat. "For me to keep your secret, you have to do something for me.

You want to do something for me, dont you?" He said in the same sweet tone he had been using. I nodded slowly my eyes leaving his cock, looking from his flannel jacked, up to his gruff face, with stubble on his chin to his evil grin. "Thats a good girl." His hand pressed against my head harder.

"You will learn the first step at pleasing a man. Your going to give me a nice blowjob." My eyes aj applegate in a massive married gangbang wide with panic, no i couldn't do this. I shook my head in horror, and for the first time in I don't know how long I spoke. "No, I cant do that. I can't. Please. I'm not a girl, im a guy." He let out a loud laugh, that I'm sure could be heard a mile away. "You're not a guy, a guy wouldn't be wearing panties, a guy would have a real cock not a puny clit.

A guy wouldn't have tits growing in, and a guy would of spoken up ages ago. But you didn't. Because you aren't a guy, you are a girl. not even a woman." My jaw hung open, I was trying to think of something to say but I was so confused. Was he right? I had no time to think as I felt my head being pressed down toward his cock. I quickly close my mouth, my lips pressing against his hairy cock.

I knew enough, to know he had precum already leaking down the side of it, and he rubbed my lips into it "Open up baby let your new uncle Bo show ya how to be a real girl." I wimpered but I opened my lips slowly and the head of his cock slid into my mouth the taste erupting through my mouth.

It tasted salty, and sweaty, but something was happening to me. His hand had left my head and i was pushing further down.

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I lifted my head back up and then eased my mouth further down. It didn't taste as bad as I thought, and I wanted it all to be over. Thats how I rationalized it. I wanted it all to be over. "Ohhhh yeah just like that, see a born cock sucker." He rested his head closing his eyes as I continued bobbing my head up and down. His moans made me feel a little prideful and I started to bob my head up and down faster.

I let a hand find its way to his balls and started to stroke them as I let my head slide down until I gagged. I felt a rush hearing myself gag and slammed my head down over and over gagging each time.

He horny young adorable babe drilled by old boy my head forcing it up and down faster and faster his moans growing louder before he pulled my mouth off his cock and I saw a huge splash of cum leave his cock and spray my lips and into my open mouth. He started to jerk his cock letting any cum he had stored up splash into my mouth and against my lips and cheeks.

He let me go and i leaned against the passenger side door breathing heavy eyes watery, trying to understand what I just did. "Just as I thought. You love sucking cock just like a girl. He reached over and grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the compartment and lit one and placing it into between his lips before starting the car. I looked down realizing I was still un the underwear, and he was driving away from my clothes.

I watched my clothes fade into the background of the wooded area. Cum staining my lips and cheeks, wearing a pair of black panties. I was watching my old life fading as well. My life changed the second I willingly opened my mouth.