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Spanish milf montse swinger takes a break from cleaning milf cleaning french milf
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Tonight i need you more than i ever have before. I long to taste youto feel you, to kiss your sweet lips.

I'm sitting here alone in our hotel room with nothing on but my heels. I quickly sit up as I hear your key rattle the door. My body fills with excitement as you walk in the room.

You stop in your tracks and look me up and down with hot passion in your eyes. You lick your lips legal age teenager stella banxxx has so taut pussy hardcore blowjob shut the door. I stand up as you start walking over to me. We stand there in silence, our eyes locked on each other. I bring my lips to yours and kiss you deeply. Our tongues intertwined. My hand slides down you r chest and gently grabs hold of your already very erect cock.

rubbing you and stroking you as i kiss you harder. The only words spoken were"Take off you r clothes baby." by my soft yet firm voice.You strip your clothes down to the floor until your standing in front of me, your tan body completely bare.

I get down on my knees and begin to stroke your hard cock. You let out a moan at the touch of my hand. I quickly suck your cock deep in my mouth until my throat makes sure it goes no further.Your legs weaken and you brace yourself against the table. I lick and suck the head for a brief moment before deep throat your cock once more. stroking it with my tongue and mouth.You grab hold of my hair with both hands and begin to thrust into my mouth.

My pussy is wet and lonely needing to be touched so i begin rubbing my clit as you fuck my mouth harder and faster.i push two fingers deep in my wet whole and start to fuck myself.

I feel your cock tensing in my mouth and continue to suck fast and hard. Your cock begins to pulse as you begin to cum. Y ou let out a few moans and fall abck onto the table as I suck you dry. Y ou pull me up and kiss me, gently sucking my tongue tasting yourself on me. Your arms wrap around my waist and your hands slowly slide down to my ass where you squeeze and grab it lifting me up as I wrap my legs around you. I feel the head of your cock tease my pussy lips as it starts to slide in but you quickly pull back making me wait.

Gently you place me on the table our lips still locked and our tongues tangled. I rest myself on my elbows as you pull me to the end of the table. Kissing down my neck to my large firm breasts squeezing them together nibbling and biting my nipples, you slide your hand between my already very open legs, and begin to finger my wet hot pussy. You continue to kiss down my stomache until your hot breath is against my pussy.Continueing to fuck me with your fingers ,you begin licking and sucking on my clit.

Licking faster as your fingers push deeper, I feel so close already but know I must hold back. You then slide another finger in my ass sending waves of excitement all over my body. I am to the point of blowign up in orgasmic expositions my hips beginning to rock and I start to grind my pussy against your face, you know im close so you lick faster.

I let out a scream of pleasure as I buck agaisnt your tongue and fingers orgasm after orgasmshooting all over my body. You lift your face and I see your mouth wet with my juices. I sit up and grab your face kissing you hard and licking my own juices. You quickly pick me up off the table and carry me to the bed. Kissing my toesworking your way up to my face, were you kiss me wildlyyuor tongue almost punishing mine.

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I feel your cock teasing my pussy once again. I dont give you a chance this time and i buck my hips so your cock has no were to go but in. I moaned in extasy as you slid deep into my wet tight pussy.

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You begin to thrust in and out faster and harder as you pull my legs up onto your shoulders, so you can go in as deep and hard as you want and watch your cock pull in and out of my tigh shaved pussy. You start banging into me hard and fast. Yuo quickly pull out and flip me over so I am on my hands and knees. You take no time thrusting back into me pounding with fierce extasy I let out a scream as I start to have a orgasmwhich makes you pound me harder.

You slide your finger back into my tight ass loosening it up for your huge cock. You pull out of my pussy and take no time sliding into my tight ass. The feeling was so intense and xxx girals and boys sex stories story 2019 I quickly had another wild orgasm making me fuck your cock hard and fast in my ass.

As you pound deep and hard you reach around and begin to wildly rub my clit. Fucking me faster and faster I begin to have orgasm after orgasm, some feeling as though they came from my toes. You pull out of my ass and quickly thrust back inot my pussy our bodies pounding into each other as we begin to fuck uncontrollablyboth having orgasms together you cumming deep within my pussy, my juices dripping off your cock as we collapse together our bodies still tangled.

I roll over so our faces meet and I gently kiss your mouth. We fall asleep only to wake up in a few hours to do it all over again. We have been cumming here for years now both of us knowing it's wrong. But were still here and always will be. [b]