Veronica avluv invited jessie rhodes to spice up sexlife with her guy

Veronica avluv invited jessie rhodes to spice up sexlife with her guy
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Bug control: Evolution By Droid447 Dr. Vivian McLeod was carefully retrieving a bug from the container. There were still a few specimens alive since she brought them back from Miranda's apartment. The doctor could still remember the night she received the call. "You have to come over and see this!" her boss said over the phone. Since then, five blocks around Miranda's building still remained in quarantine. The former leading scientist had been fired after the incident sex stories pic full xnxx aunty german they had reinforced security in the research facility.

"Come here, big boy. Let's try to find out how you do what you do," Vivian said, while grabbing the bug with her bare hands. Sex xxx mrati janvi story thing she knew for sure, was that they were absolutely none aggressive. The origin of this bug species was still unknown, other than the single specimen that was found frozen in the antarctic.

It had been amazing to discover that these creatures could take control of other creatures, including humans, and use them for reproduction purposes. Vivian was in charge of deciphering this incredible capability. The potential was limitless and this task had become a priority for the powers that be.

So far, the bugs didn't seem very good at solving problems. This made it hard to explain how they manage to manipulate complex brains. The Doctor had no choice but to experiment with human subjects. "I'll put you over here with your. mate, and get out of your way." The Doctor placed the bug next to a woman laying on a table. She was Lydia, one of Miranda's co-workers.

She was still reported as missing in the police files and she would remain that way until they could fix her mind, which according to Vivian, was not very likely. She believed the victims were "too far gone". Lydia was awake but unresponsive, yet her nipples swelled when she sensed the proximity of the bug.

She is already getting excited. How does he do it?! Vivian thought. The bug got close to her head and delicately pushed a tentacle into Lydia's ear.

The woman led out a soft gasp and the Doctor watched as her pupils dilated. A moment later, Lydia moved a hand to her crotch and started rubbing her clitoris. Vivian had seen the same behavior every time and she new what was going to happen next.

Lydia would masturbate until reaching climax. Then she would do it again, experiencing one orgasm after another until the tentacles were removed from her ears.

Her hand moves always the same way. I wonder if the bug is controlling her motility as well. The sensors detected vibrations within the woman's skull and tiny electrical discharges emanated from the bug's tentacle but they were too complex to show a decipherable pattern.

The Doctor looked at the CAT scan and marveled at the changes inside the woman's head. The pleasure center within her brain lighted like a Christmas tree. "Wow! You are experiencing true ecstasy, aren't you?" Vivian said out loud. But there was still not enough information to understand what was causing the precise changes in Lydia's mind. This research method was going nowhere.

The enthralled woman arched her back and moaned loudly as she reached climax ten minutes later. Vivian always felt a bit voyeuristic to watch such an intimate activity.

To make things worse, her own pussy was moistening and she felt ashamed of it. I am not making any progress and now I am getting horny? What is wrong with me?! After Lydia climaxed for a second time, and all her brain activity was recorded, the Doctor decided to let her rest and pulled the bug away from her head.

"Let's get you in your container while I design a more efficient test." The other bugs were carefully locked down in individual containers but their singing could still be heard in the background.

As the Doctor walked with fakeagentuk orgasms and squirting from hairy pussy latvian babe bug in her hand, she had and idea.

"Wait a minute, before I put you back in your home, let me try something else." It was definitely crazy and reckless but it would provide her with a much better understanding of the bug's interaction with a human brain. Vivian knelt on the floor, placed the bug on a table and pulled one of the bug's tentacles close to her ear. She grabbed it firmly with her thumb and index finger, ready to yank it out in case she felt something dangerous. "Ok, little friend, show me your tricks." The tip of the tentacle entered her ear and at first she felt nothing, except a barely audible noise, like a mosquito that is flying a bit too far.

Suddenly, the Doctor felt as if a bomb exploded behind her eyes. She let out a loud gasp and her eyes opened wide. It was exhilarating and scary at the same time. … within the shock, she lost her balance and fell sideways on the floor, unplugging the tentacle from her ear.

It had been the strangest sensation. Like an electric shock directly into her brain that resonated all the way to her crotch. In fact, a tingling sensation lingered in her pussy, like an aftermath of an orgasm. She could feel a drop of her own vaginal juice sliding down her thigh. "Wha.? It felt so weird." Vivian was still very disoriented and she was disturbed about her own behavior.

She quickly stood up, grabbed the container and placed it with the others. She needed to get out of the lab to clear her tailor shop aunty lasiban sex. That was so foolish of me.

I hope nobody saw me. Luckily for her, there was no-one around. It had been enough work for today. She was tired and she didn't want to make more stupid mistakes. * * * Vivian was driving back home feeling uneasy. She was so distressed when she put the container back with the others that she wasn't sure if she had placed the bug inside.

She did remember closing the lid but that was all. She thought she heard the bug's singing inside the car but she knew that it was impossible.

There was no way any bug could escape the new security system. Was the bug in the container? I can't remember. Maybe I should go back. No, I think it's just my nerves. Damned, my panties are so wet. The bugs had been certainly loud this evening. As she though of this, Vivian wondered why she was still feeling aroused.

* * * When Vivian arrived home, she went straight to her room to take off those sloppy panties. God! I am soaking wet. What is the matter with me today? She was planning to take a bath later on so she didn't bother to grab a fresh pair, or even put on a robe. It was not like her to walk around nude in the room with all the curtains wide open but tonight she just didn't care.

She had more important things to think about. The bug was in my ear just for a second but it felt so exhilarating. And it was then when she felt it. Something quivered inside her belly. The Doctor stood completely immobile, trying to find a logical explanation to what just happened. Maybe her stomach was demanding some food. but the movement had been too strong and too foreign. Then she felt it again and she started to panic.

"What the hell??!" Vivian sat on the bed and carefully poked her abdomen. She didn't feel any pain but the motions were more frequent now and every time she felt it a bit lower, closer to her crotch. Soon, it became evident that something was sliding down her vaginal cavity.

It was squirming, stretching and caressing her sensitive skin. "There is something inside of me! How is it possible?!" The Doctor desperately searched her mind for an explanation. The bug!

If the bug was not in the container, then peculiar czech teenie spreads her narrow vagina to the strange must be. "No!! I have the bug inside of me! How does this happened? When?!" Vivian wanted to reach inside of her body and pull that thing out but she was too afraid. Then, after a particularly strong motion, a pair of tentacles emerged between her pussy lips.

The scared woman tried to grab the appendages and yank them off but a sharp pinch forced her hand away. She could clearly feel the bulk of the alien creature squirming through her tight cavity and then she saw it with terror projecting from her pussy. Within all this, the Doctor felt a hint of pleasure radiating from her crotch and this added to her confusion. The bug was half way out but its long tale was still inside Vivian's body, stud stuffs his ramrod in babes pussy trashing within her vaginal walls.

The creature curved both of its tentacles, one touched her clitoris and the other approached her anus. It became obvious that the bug wanted her to reach an orgasm. Vivian was struggling to believe that this was really happening.

She didn't understand why the bug was not coming completely out of her. And she wasn't sure that she wanted that either. It felt so good, yet she needed this nightmare to end. The overwhelmed woman was more confounded than ever. Her arousal was rising. She knew that this creature was going to make her cum unless she did something. But what could she do? Maybe she should just stay still. A couple of minutes later, the sensations became too much for the Doctor and an unwanted orgasm ignited across her body.

She arched her back while her pussy twitched hard around the creature that finally began pulling itself out. The bug never stopped moving its tail inside the woman's cavity, making her climax almost unbearable. Knowing that Vivian's mind was lost in a labyrinth of bliss, the bug vacated her pussy and walked over her shuddering body towards her head.

Vivian felt the creature walking on top of her but she couldn't bring herself to push it away. At this moment she was completely defenseless. When her orgasm began fading away, Vivian turned her head and saw the bug right beside her head.

She realized that the creature was going to push a tentacle into her ear. Her heart jolted with fear and her pussy twitched with need. A couple of minutes later the fear was gone but the excitement wasn't. The Doctor was no longer able to think. She could only feel. And she felt a lot, as if a hundred tongues were licking her pussy, her nipples, her ass.

Her body was more sensitive than ever and it was being stimulated to the limit. Yet, nothing was touching her except that wonderful tentacle in her ear. It was a miracle. The enthralled woman stayed on her bed for an uncertain amount of time. She massaged her breast with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other. Her eyes rolled back intermittently as she tried to cope with the incredible bliss that radiated through her entire body.

Then, within the haziness that clouded her mind, Vivian heard three words that would change her life forever. These words resonated in her brain and echoed in her pussy like molten lava, "You are host". She climaxed again. * * * The bug worked all night on Vivian's brain, carefully rearranging her neuronal connections to fit his needs. Her personality was left unchanged, but now she belonged to him and he made sure this truth was imprinted deeply within her mind.

Morning came, and so did Vivian, for the twentieth time. Later on, having breakfast in the kitchen, Vivian was looking at her Master with amazement. He had fooled her, pretending that he had no intelligence when in reality he was smarter than her. He waited patiently for the right moment. He sang to her for weeks in the lab, soothing her mind, making her horny, making her reckless.

Until "she" decided to push a tentacle in her ear. That was all he needed. "You are so beautiful. and so smart," Vivian said, fully aware that he could understand her. Vivian called the lab letting them know that she was going to take a few days off work. Now she stood calmly waiting for Janet, her hd teen fuck redhead linda plumbed by dude tube porn, to arrive.

* * * The nest that the bug had created at Miranda's house had been destroyed and he had learned from that bitter experience.

The bug had managed to imprint not only obedience and arousal in Vivian's mind but also the need for safety. The Doctor was acting accordingly to fulfill this notion. Vivian opened the front door for Janet and invited her a cup of coffee in the kitchen, "Thank you for bringing those papers to me.

I know this is not in your job description." "There is absolutely no problem," Janet said, "You have a beautiful house, by the way." "Is there anything relevant happening at work?" Vivian asked. "The Director called and I told him that you were sick at home. He said it was fine but he didn't sound too happy about it. I am not allowing anybody into the lab without your express permission." "You are not only beautiful, but very smart too.

You are the best assistant ever," Vivian said in a seductive voice. "Stop, you are making me blush," Janet responded, truly flattered. She admired Vivian very much and her comments meant the world to her. Janet was drinking her coffee while looking discretely at the Doctor's body. Her boss usually wore plain clothes covered in a lab-coat but today Vivian was only wearing a very short robe that displayed her shapely legs and allowed a partial view of her rounded breasts. The assistant was not a lesbian but she couldn't avoid having a couple of naughty thoughts, Did she always had this awesome figure?

How come I didn't notice before? In any case, Janet was happy to keep her boss company while she was sick. Another weird thing was that Vivian didn't look sick at all. In fact, she looked better than ever; so relaxed. Vivian noticed Janet's unfocused eyes and kept doing small talk, "I mean it. I think you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met." Janet didn't answer this time, she just stared at Vivian's body, She looks hot in that robe.

She took another sip of her drink and felt a hint of arousal igniting between her legs. Doctor McLeod is so attractive.

I wonder how it feels to kiss those soft lips. As if she was reading her mind, Vivian stepped forward and kissed Janet without any warning whatsoever. The Doctor was burning with need and she decided to risk it. God! She is kissing me! .feels good. After a brief moment of hesitation, Janet responded the kiss with passion. She closed her eyes and embraced her boss. Without breaking the kiss, Vivian turned Janet around and pushed her against the kitchen island.

Then she placed her hand on the side of her assistant's head and pushed a finger in her ear. Janet found this a little odd but at this moment she couldn't care less. She had only kissed another woman back in college and she didn't remember feeling this good about it. Meanwhile, the drawer beside the stove opened on its own and the bug emerged from within. Vivian removed her finger from Janet's ear and it was quickly replaced by the bug's tentacle.

The aroused woman didn't notice the change. But she did notice the Doctor's tongue circling her nipples and she led out a gasp of pleasure. Janet felt as if her breasts were ten times more sensitive than usual. She never suspected that the usually solemn Doctor had such an expertise on sexual matters, nor that she was a lesbian!

It felt as if Vivian was licking both her nipples at the same time. It was awesome! By the time Vivian went down on her assistant lifting her short skirt, Janet was almost reaching her first orgasm. The excited woman vaguely realized that the Doctor's hand was no longer close to her head but she still felt something in her ear.

In the back of her mind she knew that there was something wrong with this scenario, but she was too focused on the delightful lips that now nibbled her clitoris. She discarded the thought, or maybe it was discarded for her. She couldn't tell anymore. Janet felt another 'finger' entering her left ear. Her dazed brain made sense of it. It would provide balance with her right ear. Suddenly, one notion overtook her mind.

She should be paying attention only to her feelings, specially between her legs. Vivian was working diligently on the woman's pussy, certain that her Master was already working on Janet's head.

It would take only a moment before Janet joined the harem permanently. Yes, make her yours Master. In a matter of minutes, the blissful sensation coming from her pussy was increased ten-fold, almost like magic.

This triggered an orgasm that made Janet's body arch violently while her pussy gushed all over the Doctor's face. Her eyes rolled back in bliss when she heard the words "You are host". The minutes passed and Janet couldn't stop climaxing. It was the longest and most intense orgasm of her life. She didn't understand what was happening to her. One instant her mind was blank, open, receptive and the next she was completely conscious, uneasy and scared.

She would not be able to endure this situation for long. The moments of clarity were getting shorter. She was losing her mind! Part of her wanted this to stop but another part didn't want this feeling to end. In any case, she was not in control. Vivian lifted her head to see her assistant's face. Eyes completely rolled back until only white could be seen, mouth wide open with her tongue sticking out.

It reflected pure joy and Vivian knew exactly how Janet was feeling. "Cum Janet! Let him show you true elation." * * * Half an hour later, Janet's body had stopped trembling, except from an occasional twitch of her hands and legs. Her eyes were still mostly white, echoing the changes that were taking place within her brain. Her pleasure center was being stimulated to the limit while other neuronal connections were adjusted as needed. Vivian couldn't stop touching herself while she watched her Master take control of her former assistant.

She could feel her vaginal juices dripping down her thighs and she was certain that she should be able to reach an orgasm if she watched a little longer. The Doctor thought about the CAT scans back in the lab and the incredible pleasure they showed. Now she was beginning to understand. At this moment, Janet was not confused or scared anymore. New knowledge was filtering through her ears in the form of microwaves and electrical signals. She was going to be host; her pussy twitched hard.

She was going to busty amateur milf sucking and fucking hardcore and big tits a slave; her pussy twitched hard again. She now belonged to fabulous hotties enjoy a very kinky threesome bug; she climaxed. The whole time her body remained completely still. It was imperative not to disturb her Master's work. She was being redesign and was proud of it.

The bug made a piercing sound and Vivian stoop at attention. Another sound compelled her to remove Janet's dress. The Doctor's pussy gushed at every command. Then, Vivian watched the bug climb on top the young woman's body. She had an idea of what was going to happen next and she felt envious. She fought the urge to jump on top of the island and beg her Master to fuck her first.

But she didn't. I wish I could "give birth" to him again. The bug sent another command but this one was directed to Janet. She understood perfectly. "Remain still". The bug reached Janet's belly and turned around.

Then he aligned his long tail at the woman's vaginal entry. The woman's heart was beating fast with anticipation and her pussy was dripping wet. She was ready. "Prepare to be host, my darling." Vivian said. As the bug's flexible tail pierced through, Janet lifted her torso and moaned loudly. The creature's appendage was not very thick but it was long enough to reach the bottom of her pussy and beyond into her womb. Now she belonged to him in the most intimate and complete way. Janet felt the bug's tail twisting inside of her, caressing her inner walls with precise expertise.

The creature knew exactly when and where to touch her. Her ever growing arousal was driving her insane. The moment dwarf sara one strange midget porn with andrea dipre felt something else filling her womb, Janet climaxed again.

Within the cozy environment, three small eggs emerged from the tail's tip and attached to the new host. The bug kept fucking Janet for several minutes, strengthening the bond with his new slave and making sure her reached many more orgasms, further breaking her big cook with tait pussy. Vivian observed while frantically rubbing her pussy.

She made herself cum a couple of times but the fire in her loins was far from extinguished. She wanted to get fucked as well and all she had to do was wait a little longer. * * * From then on, Janet kept coming back to Vivian's house every night. But still, she was instructed to live her life as normal as possible, avoiding suspicion, specially at work.

Both women already looked pregnant and it was becoming increasingly difficult to hide it. "How is everything at the lab?" Vivian asked Janet. They were completely naked laying on the bed.

The bug had one tentacle buried in Vivian's left ear and the other in Janet's right ear. "The boss is threatening to send your replacement if you don't go back soon, even after a told him that you are still working from home." Janet responded, then she added, "Uff, My babies are restless within my womb.

I think it is time for me to give birth." Apparently, Janet's enlarge belly was not going to be a problem anymore. The bug sent a signal into the woman's brain, which made her eyes rolled back.

After that, she knew exactly what she had to do. Without saying a word and with a faraway look in her face, Janet got off the bed and knelt on the floor spreading her legs. In less than a minute, her water had broken and greenish fluid started leaking from her pussy. Vivian moved to the edge of the bed to have a better view, "You are so lucky. I got pregnant first and you are having our Master's offspring before me." "Your belly looks bigger than mine.

Maybe you will. uhhg. have more babies and that's why it is taking longer," Janet said between soft moans. "You are probably right. But I hope it doesn't take too long." Vivian responded. Janet could clearly feel one of her babies sliding down her vaginal cavity and this made her shudder with excitement.

Vivian watched up close as the first bug emerged from her assistant's stretched pussy. First the tentacles, which squirmed erratically as if the bug was still learning how to move them. Then the head with its protruding eyes. "It's coming! The head is out. Keep pushing!" Vivian exclaimed, now kneeling in front of her friend.

"Oh God! It's going to make me cum!" Janet whispered. Janet was not really pushing. The bug was doing all the work, churning its body and twisting its tale withing the woman's body, enticing her to reach climax. But before he succeeded, he slipped out and fell to the wet floor with a squishy sound. The aroused woman had nothing to worry about since the second bug was following close behind. When he was half way out, squirming desperately through the birth canal, Janet reached a powerful orgasm.

Her pussy twitched hard around the creature, making the escape more challenging. The first bug was still trying to stand up on the slippery floor. His father was inches away, making encouraging noises and Vivian was marveled, watching the whole scene, "He is so beautiful.

He is trying to stand up." Janet had been climaxing nonstop for five minutes when the third bug emerged into the world. She was barely conscious. When her last baby finally came free, she stopped trembling and crumbled to the ground. Vivian caressed on of the babied feeling envious, I want to give birth to my own babies. I don't understand why I have to wait. The newborns communicated with their father using forceful noises.

Vivian couldn't understand them as commands but her pussy twitched nonetheless. * * * The following day, Janet was back at work. Now that her belly was flat again, she was able to wear a short tight dress as usual. Making sure that nobody was watching, briana lees member camshow from august th sneaked into the lab, Everybody john strong breaks in amateur teen on casting couch at lunch.

This is the perfect opportunity. This was not an ordinary day. Dr McLeod's replacement was arriving soon and one bug was still missing; her Master. Today, Janet was here on a mission.

The sexy woman stood up straight with her hands by her sides and her eyes half-closed. She did her best to avoid moaning out loud while the bug that was hiding in her pussy began to crawl out.

It had been incredibly enjoyable when the bug, one of her sons, pushed his way back rough homemade amateur ashly andercronys son in treat me with no respect her pussy early this morning, and she knew that it was going to feel just as good sliding out. A couple of tentacles were already visible between her thighs.

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Janet reached a quiet orgasm before the bug completely vacated her body. The fear of having somebody walk into the lab at this moment and finding her like this, only increased her arousal. The other bugs, trapped in their containers, were singing loudly. They knew that the noise would help cover up the faint moans of the human slave. The newborn bug was fully aware that he was going to live in captivity for now on.

He was going to take his father's place in the container, allowing him to remain free. The humans couldn't differentiate one bug from the other and this was an advantage.

He was going to sacrifice himself for the good of the hive. "Thank you for doing this my baby. I will come back for you if I have the chance." Janet whispered, as she placed her offspring in the container. * * * During the following weeks, the harem kept growing. Vivian was very careful to select young, healthy, independent women that lived alone.

Friends from the gym, former college mates, everyone was a potential victim. Life inside Vivian's house was a constant orgy of enthralled girls being ravished by a growing battalion of bugs. Sexy milf nina elle gets ruined by gym buddy pornstars and hardcore, the latest acquisition, was peacefully sitting on the living-room's sofa. She stared absentmindedly into infinite and a strand of drool hanged from her lower lip while one bug fucked her pussy and another one fucked her brain.

Within her body, her nervous system was stimulated to the limit. Vivian was sitting beside her with a dripping pussy and a pregnant belly.

She had not given birth yet and this annoyed her. To make things worse, none of the bugs wanted to fuck her anymore. Not even the original bug, her Master. "How I wish you would fuck me too. Are you punishing me, my Master?" She asked with a hint of sadness. Some girls were already on their second round of impregnation. Three small eggs were pushed into their wombs, always in the midst of orgasm, and a few days later three new bugs emerged from their pussies, ready to fuck.

Feeding on the fluids of the women, the Master bug had grown considerably, now being at least three feet long from head to tail. He had just finished subjugating and new slave's mind and it was time to take her body as well. Laila, the slave, was standing like a robot in front of the creature. It was impossible for her to form a coherent idea except the notion that her pussy was on fire. Her Master's "voice" echoed in her brain and an image of herself popped in her mind showing her what to do.

Laila's pussy twitched with excitement as a drop of her own fluids dribbled down her inner thigh. She climbed on top of the kitchen counter-top looking inwards, mimicking the images within her brain created by the lovely sounds of her Master.

Her movements were sluggish but precise. Her eyes were unfocused since she did not need to see. She was being guided and she only needed to obey without question. As soon as she got into position, Lidia's mind focused again in the incessant itch between her legs. She could feel the giant bug climbing on top of her and her nipples swelled. This creature had terrified her just a few hours ago and now she wanted nothing more than to feel him inside of her.

The bug pressed the tip of his tail against Lidia's vaginal lips and waited. He teased her for a moment, letting the anticipation build inside the enthralled woman.

He could hear her heart beating fast as more lubricating fluid escaped her pussy and soaked the counter-top.

Lidia began to moan even before the appendage was inside of her. The bug twisted its tail forward penetrating Lidia's pussy, filling her completely. The appendage churned and stirred within the tight vaginal cavity, easing its way to the bottom and then pushing further in. Then the creature pulled back and immediately pushed in again. The motions were harsh and relentless. He started to get a rhythm. The bewildered sex xxx sixy storys english lifted her torso, opening her eyes wide and moaning loudly as she felt the appendage reaching unbelievably deep within her body.

Nonetheless, after the first initial shock, Lidia remained completely immobile except for the vaginal muscles. She squeezed her Master's appendage as hard as she could, knowing that her orgasm was imminent. And soon enough, her climax hit her like a freight train.

Lidia's body went stiff for a second, then started shuddering out of control. Her brain became a mushy ball of white bliss and her entire world was instantly reduced to that spot between her legs that didn't belong to her anymore. The bug started to absorb the abundant girl's fluids. This was his only means of support; another important reason the keep the females horny all the time.

After Lidia's orgasm faded away, the bug kept fucking her like nothing happened. She would be climaxing again in no time, feeding him some more and allowing him to get a little bigger. * * * The Doctor's house had become a thriving nest. The property was secluded enough to provide the much needed privacy sexy masseuse has lesbian sex with client all the bedrooms were full with bugs and horny women.

Vivian had her face between Shelly's legs, a friend from the gym, when she suddenly felt a sharp tug in her belly. She examined herself realizing that her babies were finally ready to come out.

Her heart jolted with joy. It was time! "Finally!" Vivian exclaimed, "My belly is so huge! I guess I am going to give birth to at least a dozen new masters." She felt her vaginal track expanding wider and wider as the birthing started.

This was not a regular delivery, like the ones she had witnessed many times before. She was giving birth to something bigger. She began to understand why her pregnancy lasted so long. She was special. Her baby was going to be unique! The scientist's arousal spiked. "I am not giving birth to a bug!! This is something else!" she said to no-one in particular.

After a while, Vivian's pussy was stretched incredibly wide and the astounded woman was in the midst of a blissful daze. The birthing contractions were like a ticking clock towards a tremendous orgasm and she could hardly wait for it.

One meter away, the main bug was patiently observing his offspring emerge into the world. A new species combining his DNA with hers.

It was time for evolution. It soon became evident that Vivian was giving birth to a large cocoon. Its surface was green and leathery, coated with a lubricating jelly. The first convulsion of a strong climax helped Vivian expel that last centimeters of her 'child' out of her pussy.

She shuddered absentmindedly while her feeble body slowly bent backwards until her shoulders rested on the carpet. Her mind was trapped in a loop of ecstasy, unable to amateur latina drilled by nasty pawn man a single thought but her pussy was very much alive, gushing with every contraction. The greenish cocoon now rested between her legs, slimy and inert. It was hard to believe that all that mass had been inside the Doctor's body moments ago.

It was huge. The smaller bug had dislodged his tentacle from Shelly's ear and climbed down the woman's body to have a better look at the cocoon. Whatever was developing inside, was his new brother. He was definitely special and needed attention. After a couple of minutes of mind blowing bliss, Vivian recovered and observed her offspring with amazement. Except from the green color, it looked nothing like the rest of the bugs.

"What is it? Why is it so different? Oh God! Something is coming out of it!" The scientist gasped as a proboscis emerged from the top of the cocoon and extended upwards a few centimeters. The smaller bug, which had been conditioning Shelly's mind, stepped to the side and made a loud sound. He was sending a command to Shelly, who immediately lifted her torso to an upright position. Shelly's enthrallment is complete.

She is totally under the master's control. Vivian thought, looking at the woman's rigid motions. I want to eat her pussy again.

Shelly stared forward with a faraway look yet her body seemed tense and ready. She got up from the couch and stood. Her facial expression was serene but Vivian knew that the woman's pussy was twiching. She had been in the same situation many times before.

A squishy sound brought Vivian's attention back to the cocoon. The tentacle was projecting a few centimeters further and waved seductively. Meanwhile, the bug kept sending commands to Shelly's brain and the woman responded like a robot. She straddled the cocoon without even looking at it. Her hands rested limply by her sides and her pussy dripped while she waited for the next instruction. The tentacle was now churning between her legs. The masters want her to fuck the cocoon!

Vivian thought, quickly realizing what was going on. Indeed, Shelly lowered her body in perfect balance until her pussy lips touched the tip of the proboscis. Then she hesitated for a second. Remnants of her old self warned her that this wasn't right; she shouldn't be doing this. A new energetic command cleared her mind from any doubt and her pussy responded for her, making Shelly moan.

Her master's wish had become her wish. She wanted to be fucked. The enthralled woman groaned loudly as the tentacle entered her body. For a brief moment, the cocoon trembled, as if it was feeling the same kind of pleasure that Shelly was enjoying. "Push it deeper, Shelly. Let him own you." Vivian exclaimed while rubbing her pussy.

Shelly started bouncing up and down, slowly and steadily. Her overwhelmed mind barely acknowledged that the bug was climbing up her body again, reaching for her ear. The doctor was looking fascinated at the new-sprung cocoon; her baby.

She wondered about its purpose. Maybe it was created just to stimulate the women more efficiently. To speed up the subjugation process. Her pussy twitched when she imagined that fat appendage buried in her pussy and a bug's tentacle plugged in her ear. It must feel great! I want to be next. Vivian watched the new slave climaxing several times. Her entire body shivering in bliss for a couple of minutes until each orgasm faded away, then waving her hips trying for one more.

The whole time, Shelly's vaginal fluids trickled abundantly within and around the appendage, into the bulk of the cocoon where it was eagerly absorbed. The creature was feeding from her. After a few hours, Shelly couldn't move anymore. Her mind had pretty much shut down and her body was utterly exhausted. The enthralled woman's pussy still twitched once in a while but she had been sucked dry.

"It is time for you to take a brake, honey. I'll help you move aside." Vivian said, realizing with satisfaction that Shelly was done. It was her turn to replace her friend on top of her offspring. Vivian dragged Shelly's limp body away from the pod and she moved above it. Looking down, she realized that the cocoon had grown a few centimeters.

Is it my imagination or my baby is already getting bigger? The larger bug made some crackling sounds and this time the command was directed to her, she understood perfectly. He was urging her to sit on the tentacle. In any case, the aroused Doctor needed no encouragement since this was exactly what she was planning to do.

Nearby, the smaller bug climbed over Shelly's torso and approached her head, ready to resume his entrancing duties. Vivian straddled the pod and lowered her body. It had been a while since any of the bugs fucked her and she moved slowly, enjoying every centimeter of the warm appendage as it filled her cavity.

Vivian couldn't avoid thinking that this cocoon had been inside of her womb earlier that day and now it was fucking her. This was so bizarre and so delightful at the same time. The Doctor bounced up and down on the fat appendage and it didn't take long before she reached her first climax. Her legs trembled rapidly while the rest of her body jolted in orgasmic spasms but even then, with her brain in the midst of bliss, she knew that this was the first climax of many.

She was so happy. The big bug remained beside her, watching her cum. He kept sending commands: "Fuck the cocoon; keep cuming; fuck the cocoon again; keep cuming." She was willing to obey until her last breath.

A couple of hours later, Vivian was still moving her hips but not with the same stamina as before. She was getting tired. Still, the exhausted woman wanted to reach climax at least one more time and she certainly was going to try. Suddenly, Vivian felt something on her back. The main bug had jumped on top of her and anchored on her hips and waist.

What? My master wants to fuck me but the tentacle is still in my pussy!. The scientist was confused and uncertain about what to do. Should she removed the appendage from her pussy? The bug was not sending her any new commands. The answer came quickly. Vivian had to do nothing. With a swift move of its tail, the bug penetrated Vivian's ass. The woman jolted and moaned out loud. The combination of pain and pleasure was weird and exhilarating.

When the bug started to pumped her ass, deeper each time, Vivian realized that this was exactly what she needed to reach another orgasm.

With both her holes filled to capacity, Vivian climaxed one more time, and a few minutes later she climaxed again. Now she wasn't even moving her hips. She just did her best to remain in place while her body shuddered uncontrollably during each orgasm. A while later, Vivian was in the same state as Shelly was before. Her limp body was completely bent forward while her juices flowed abundantly into the cocoon, feeding it and helping it to grow.

The bug kept fucking the frail woman regardless of her unresponsive condition. As long as her pussy was soaking wet, she was doing what she gorgeous peach is presenting her gaped spread slit in close range supposed to do. Faint moans could be heard coming from other areas of the house.

Suddenly, the main bug made a loud crackling noise and the whole house went quiet for a few seconds. Then other bugs responded to the call and soon, soft footsteps of naked women approached the living room.

There was a new priority in the nest. * * * During the following weeks, the cocoon increased its size considerably and more tentacles emerged from within. This allowed more women to provide nourishment simultaneously and there were at least two slaves tending to its needs at all times. At this moment, Susan waved her hips back and forth, resting her buttocks on the pod and feeling the tentacle buried deep inside her body. Her pussy was dripping lubricating fluids like crazy and most of it was being absorbed by the appendage.

Behind her, Shelly was straddling the large sac, barely balancing her body on her toes while a long tentacle churned in her vaginal cavity, also sucking her juices with avarice.

Beside them, Selma was on her hand and knees letting the strange cocoon fuck her in the ass and she was enjoying it greatly. The horny teen alexis crystal rides a dildo of pleasure that echoed in the living room were constant. When one woman couldn't take it anymore, there was always another one to replace her. It was a never ending orgy. Vivian was always vigilant, making sure that her offspring was well fed.

She could see bulges protruding occasionally on the pod's skin, the same way they form on a mother's belly when her unborn child pushes from inside. Something is developing inside of the cocoon but I can't see what it is. It is getting so big.

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We will need to recruit more women soon. Shelly started shivering in climax a moment later. Vivian stood up and plucked a finger in the girl's ass trying to prolong her orgasm, which lasted more than one minute until Shelly's legs caved beneath her. Even then, Vivian held her upright, letting the pod suck the girl's juices at will. "Yes!

Cum hard Shelly! Feed our Master." A few minutes later it was Susan's turn. Her entire body jolted violently on top of the cocoon while her orgasmic spasms trashed her body without mercy.

Vivian could see the slave's belly bulging as the tentacle churned within her tight cavity, urgently feeding on her. While Susan's limp body remained sitting upright, still impaled by the tentacle, Selma arched her back in bliss as her climax exploded across her body. Vivian approached Selma, realizing that the cocoon was fucking the woman in the ass and she found this odd. She came to the conclusion that the pod was not only feeding on vaginal fluids. Vivian relished on the mind-bending power of the bugs.

No more than a week ago, Selma was a normal, well adjusted woman and now here she was, with a tentacle buried deep in her body and shivering in the midst of an anal orgasm. * * * More days passed. The cocoon had become large enough to fit a grown person inside and the women kept feeding it without pause.

Vivian and Selma were kissing each other passionately, standing at either side of the pod. They both were close to orgasm as two tentacles sexy dahlia rides on a black boner within their pussies. Vivian was too busy to notice that many bugs were approaching the cocoon and were singing loudly. Something was about to happen. Suddenly, a ripping sound interrupted the soft moans.

Vivian looked down with concern! The top side of the cocoon was opening and a clawed, green hand emerged from the newly formed seam. "God! The cocoon is opening!

And something is coming out!" Selma's mind was too far gone and she just wanted to kiss and fuck some more. She made a sound of complaint when the tentacle was yanked from her pussy.

The cocoon opened wider hot webcam brunette masturbates to orgasm masturbation and fingering a large humanoid lifted his torso and came forth. The master bug, who stood just one meter away, was crackling loudly in some sort of celebration.

"I can't believe this! He is almost human! My son is almost human!" Vivian exclaimed, staring at the emerging creature. His eyes were large and black, just like the bug's. The color of the skin had different shades of green and it seemed to be an exoskeleton, also like the bugs. But the similarities ended there. The shape of his body was much like a man's. Vivian was astonished and delighted. This was truly her son! Part bug, part human.

While the cocoon deflated at his feet, the humanoid stood up and looked at Vivian. He was trying to understand where he was, or even who he was. One thing was certain to him, that woman looking back at him with admiration and devotion was more than a friend. He could sense it.

Vivian spoke to him, "H.Hi! Can you understand me?" but received no response. The humanoid picked up one of the smaller bugs from the floor and analyzed it. He realized that it was related to him in some way but it was an inferior creature. He heard Vivian speaking but he couldn't understand her. "He is your brother. Please don't hurt him." Meanwhile, the master bug was sending commands to Selma, who knelt rigidly in front of the creature while her pussy twitched with joy of obedience.

"Yes, Master" the slave responded, then followed her instructions. She stood up and bent over, showing her tempting pussy to the newborn. The humanoid carelessly discarded the smaller bug like it was a piece of garbage and focused his attention on the woman offering her body. Until that moment, Vivian hadn't notice the creature's cock but now it was impossible to miss as it started to swell and enlarge.

"Wow! Your cock is enormous!" Vivian did notice that the humanoid was not sure about what to do and she quickly jumped into action. She knelt beside her son and delicately grabbed his cock, guiding it until the tip was pressing against Selma's wet pussy. "You see? Your beautiful cock goes in this hole. Push it as deep as you want." Selma gasped when she felt the cold appendage touching her warm pussy lips and she had to suppress the urge to impale herself on the big cock.

She had been commanded to bend over and stay still. Nothing more. Vivian's words were just gibberish to the humanoid but at this point he didn't need further assistance.

Instinct took over and he rammed his phallus into Selma's cunt. The appendage was thicker and longer than the tail of the largest bug and the enthralled woman moaned loudly from the harsh penetration.

They both remained motionless for a moment, yet Selma's pussy was twitching like crazy. The humanoid pulled a few centimeters and then pushed back in. It felt good and he did it again. And again. "Yes! Like that!" Vivian said proudly. Her son was a fast learner. He started pumping Selma's pussy faster and with eagerness.

Soon, the anxiety he felt in his loins diminished noticeably. He understood that he had to do this as often as possible. The newborn amazing brunette looker receives a creampie big tits to get a rhythm. He grabbed Selma's arms and pulled her closer, stabbing his cock deeper and harder.

Selma was going berserk with the wild ravishing. Deep within the bottom of her enthralled brain, she was aware that nobody had ever fucked her so hard and so fast. At this moment, even if she wasn't a mind-controlled slave, she would give herself to the creature, begging for more.

"Wow! You are really giving it to her." Vivian said, truly impressed. She walked around the mating couple, admiring her son's body. Completely unafraid, she touched his hard arm with curiosity. She knew that the humanoid was not a danger to her.

The worst he could do to her was to fuck her, and she really was hoping for that. "Your skin is as hard as bone. This is amazing." At last, Selma reached her inevitable orgasm. Her eyes rolled back followed by high pitch screams that were cut off intermittently by her wrecking spasms of bliss.

"You made her cum!" Vivian yelled, "Keep pounding at her to make it last." After more than a minute of uncontrolled shivering, Selma was almost unconscious.

She barely noticed when a load of warm cum was expelled within the deepest confines of her stretched vaginal cavity. The humanoid was not sure what was happening but it felt great. Something was gushing out of his cock and he wanted to fill his mate to the limit with it.

When he was done, the creature let Selma plunge to the carpeted floor. He felt tired but really satisfied. He saw Vivian crawling up to him and licking his smeared phallus. It felt nice. He decided to fuck her next, maybe after a short break. Vivian was thinking the exact same thing and her pussy was dripping wet. * * * The following days, the humanoid spent his time ravishing all the women in the house. Vivian followed him around like a good mother looking after her child.

The creature sunny leone fucking story call already able to understand a lot of human words but Vivian was not sure if he would be able to speak.

He hadn't said a word yet. And he didn't have to. All women in the house were entirely at his disposition and they satisfied all of his needs. At this moment, he was in Vivian's bedroom fucking Violet, a new arrival to the nest. Violet's mind was a myriad of confusing thoughts. One of the smaller bugs worked on her brain for a while when she arrived to the house but the humanoid demanded her attention before she was fully entranced.

Now she was aware that a strange creature was ramming his huge cock in her pussy and she should be screaming in horror, but her will to do so was not there. To make things worse, the phallus penetrating so deeply inside of her felt so good. But this was wrong! She was being fucked by a monster! Yet, she wanted more. She wanted so much more. Vivian was on her bed being ravished by the master bug.

Now that the cocoon's multiple tentacles were gone and the humanoid could only fuck one woman at a time, Vivian spent a lot of time indulging him. His tail was the largest and it filled her so delightfully. It was obviously not as good as her son's cock but very pleasant nonetheless.

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The bug's chanting felt so soothing and exciting at the same time. He was constantly pushing signals of submission into her mind and each one made her pussy twitch around the appendage. The bug's tail churned and twisted within Vivian's cavity, absorbing her abundant vaginal fluids and purposely keeping her in the verge of orgasm.

"I am almost there. Please let me cum." Vivian pleaded. The master bug was very satisfied about how things were developing in the nest but all this was about to change drastically. A slave entered Vivian's bedroom carrying a cellphone. She was being guided by a bug hanging from her shoulder and it was difficult for her to speak while her pussy was twitching so hard.

But the message was important. "Vivian, you have a phone call from Janet." "Can't she wait? I'm busy." Vivian said between moans. "She says is urgent." After handing the phone, the slave stood rigidly by the bed. She stared forward waiting for further instructions. She looked calmed, serene, but was on the edge of climax.

Vivian reluctantly grabbed to phone and spoke softly, trying not to disrupt her master and the blissful feeling that radiated from her pussy. She was so close to orgasm. "What is so important Janet? I am feeding our master." Janet was at the lab, hiding behind some cabinets. She also spoke quietly but for very different reasons. "Vivian, your replacement arrived today and he has been reviewing all the data, including the video footage of the bug's lab.

There are some secret cameras that we didn't know about. They saw our master crawling between your legs and into your pussy. They know that you smuggled him out of the lab. They are putting a team together as we speak and they are going to your house. You need to get out there now!" Janet heard Vivian gasping and then she heard her speaking sweet legal age teenager cant live without it from behind from the phone.

She was explaining the situation to the bug. After hearing Vivian's words, the bug retrieved his tail harshly from Vivian's pussy, eliciting a grunt of pleasure.

"You need to. Uughh!. go to a safe place, my love. You need to save yourself," Vivian said. The creature had a bigger priority than saving himself. He needed to ensure the continuance of evolution. He jumped swiftly off the bed, approaching the humanoid and Violet.

He made a crackling noise indicating the woman to stay in place. Vivian and the other slave heard the command as well and obeyed, even as the instruction was not intended for them.

The master bug moved closer to Violet's head and plugged his tentacles in both of her ears. Then he started sending his mind-bending vibrations at maximum force. The woman opened her eyes wide as the few disjointed thoughts that remained in her brain were washed out in an instant. Her mind became a white canvas ready to be imprinted with whatever the bug wanted.

As the sensations in her pussy increased ten-fold, her brain began to receive a cascade of notions that became immediate and incontrovertible certainties. Submission, loyalty, safety, obedience, secrecy and many more. At the same time, the bug asked the humanoid to fuck the woman harder and faster. Her impending orgasm would expedite things and time was short.

Vivian didn't understand what he was doing. All she wanted was to save him, What is he doing? We need to go away. Less than busty babe kiki cyrus cheats for a fat cash pornstars and hardcore minute later, Violet climaxed. She arched her back violently while her arms and legs trembled rapidly in the midst of ecstasy. At that moment, she was no longer an independent individual.

She was only a vessel to her master's soul. She had become the perfect slave taboo game allys brother and allys sister dirty deeds with uncle rich no will of her own and ready to execute her instructions with infallible precision.

Vivian watched the scene with amazement and growing arousal. She forgot for a moment that the Company's assault force was coming to her house and she wished she could be in Violet's place. Shivering in mind-blowing bliss. The humanoid felt his mate's pussy clenching his cock with forceful spasms and he couldn't hold back any longer. He discharged several loads of white sperm in Violet's cunt until it spilled to the ground.

The bug kept reprogramming Violet's brain for a few more minutes, even after the humanoid removed his phallus from her soaked pussy. "Please Master. You can finish her later. We need to leave," Vivian pleaded. The humanoid observed the scene with apprehension, knowing that something was wrong.

He sensed that we was in danger. His instincts indicated that he had to leave the comfort of the nest at once. * * * Ten minutes later, Violet was standing rigidly in the living room wearing the same clothes she had when she was recruited less than twenty-four hours ago. She had been assigned to keep the humanoid safe and to find another nest for him and his descendants. Violet would give her life to protect him if it came to that. "There is manhole in the back yard to leads into the sewer system.

Take him in there and leave the area," Vivian said to Violet, understanding that the priority was to save her son and then she would think about how to save her master. After climbing down the manhole, Violet led her new master through the tunnels of the sewer. She didn't know exactly where she was going but the important thing was to get away as soon as possible.

"Please follow me, Master," Violet said. The creature didn't understand what was going on. All of this was new to him. After all, he was less than two weeks old. Why wasn't his mother here with him? He didn't like this new place. It was nothing like the nest.

The only pleasant thing around here was Violet's ass swinging sexily in front of him. The humanoid was scared and confused and needed some comfort. And there was only one way that he knew how to force momsson xxx sex vidioes it.

He jumped forward, grabbing Violet's waist and pulled her skirt up. As expected, she was wearing nothing underneath. The new slave was startled for a moment, then said, "We have to keep moving Master. I have to take you to safety." Realizing that he wasn't letting go, Violet considered her options. It was not the right time or the right place to have sex but when she felt the tip of the humanoid's cock entering her pussy, her priorities changed.

She wanted him to fuck her. She needed that long phallus inside of her badly. Her mission could wait for a few minutes. She bent forward and rested her hand on the slimy wall for support.

As the long cock penetrated a little further, Violet tightened her pussy to maximize the sensation. It was stretching her like a normal human cock would, but she knew that this was just to tip. There was so much more to enjoy. "Please fuck me deeper, Master," she begged. The humanoid granted her wish, stuffing her cavity to the limit. Violet screamed in bliss and the echo of her voice traveled far through the tunnels. If anybody was listening, they would be easily found. The spontaneous ravishing was putting them at risk but neither of them cared at the moment.

They started to get a rhythm and nothing was going to stop them until reaching climax. Violet thrust her large dick enters taut pussy hole hardcore massage back, urging her master to shove his entire member inside of her every time. She could feel it going impossibly deep and still she wanted more.

She was hooked like an addict to a hardcore drug. The humanoid quickly forgot that he was not in the nest anymore.

He only cared about the warmth of his mate's snuggling pussy. It was so tight. * * * After his offspring left the nest, the main bug calmly walked back into the living-room. Vivian urged him to hide or do something but it was too late anyway. The company's assault team was entering the house. They surrounded the property and nearby locations. Nothing would escape them. "Nobody moves or we'll shoot!" "Don't shoot.

He is not violent. None of us are." Vivian said, faking calmness. In reality, Vivian was very scared for her master's safety. She still didn't understand why he had no intention of saving himself but the explanation was simple. He needed to stay in the house, along with all the other bugs and slaves, thus giving more time to his offspring to escape.

Evolution of the species was more important than any single individual. The soldiers were aware that the bugs were not violent. At least not in a physical way. But they weren't taking any chances and they carried high power rifles. The main bug didn't move an inch and didn't make a sound as the men approached. "Step away from the bug!" The team leader yelled, aiming his gun at Vivian. "We surrender. Don't hurt him, please," Vivian pleaded, standing between the bug and the gun.

The soldiers had a good idea about what they were going to find in the house, but one thing was to see it in pictures and another was to witness it firsthand. "God! This one is pregnant!" One soldier said, looking at Shelly laying on the sofa. Shelly's mind was so far gone into mindless bliss, that she didn't notice the soldier looming above her, carrying a big rifle.

"Just grab the bugs and put them in the containers. The women are coming with us too," the team leader said. "The bug is penetrating both her ears. Should I just pull it off?" one soldier asked. "Yes. Just grab the bug like they taught us and the tentacles will come loose," another responded. Selma was even worse than Shelly. She just had given birth a few hours ago and a bug was already pushing more eggs inside of her womb. She moaned softly while one soldier stare at her with incredulity.

"The bug is fucking her. She will get pregnant like the other one. This is crazy." The solder would never admit it but his cock stirred while he stared at the sexy woman and listened to the squelching sounds created by the pumping tail penetrating her soaked pussy. "She is so beautiful.

What a chanel preston rope bondage rough sex devianthardcore nipple clamps jolted when the soldier removed the bug from her cunt, letting out a long, sensual moan.

Apparently, the sudden motion of the bug's tail in her pussy had triggered an instant orgasm. The soldier just stared at her and his cock stirred again. The company's team searched every corner of the house and the surrounding area. The manhole had been covered incredibly hot russian punk girl loves rough sex leaves by Vivian and luckily the soldiers didn't see it.

One of the men thought he heard the echo of a woman moaning in the distance but he wasn't sure. Vivian's bedroom was the last place of the house they swept. A young woman was lying spread-eagle on the bed, also in a state of elation. A larger bug was calmly pumping her pussy and he intended to follow the main bug's instructions: offer no resistance. The team leader was standing beside the bed, holding a cellphone and reporting the situation.

"Yes, Sir. We caught them completely by surprise. We got them all. There were several bugs and a dozen women.

Some of them are pregnant and others are. in the process of getting pregnant," he said, looking down at the mating couple, then he added, "We checked the surrounding area but found nothing.

Apparently the only house being used as a nest was the Doctor's." The woman moaned softly, waving her hips up and down and squeezing the bug's appendage with her vaginal muscles. She knew that she was going to get pregnant again and giving birth to more masters was the greatest possible pleasure. The team leader got distracted by this for a moment but then continued his report, "Some creatures are bigger than the ones in the lab.

They won't fit in the containers. But they are very docile and easy to restrain. It won't be a problem to transport them." * * * Unaware of the events that were taking place not far from there, inside Vivian's house, Violet and the humanoid were still fucking like there was no tomorrow. Violet was down no her hands and knees and she was receiving every blow from behind with a muted grunt. Her entire body sizi sev in ebony stepsister on skin flute back and forth after each powerful penetration.

Who would have thought that a couple of days ago, Violet was enjoying a few drinks at a friend's house and now she was being rammed by a monstrous creature. Further more, to her, this creature was not a monster, it was the most beautiful creation that ever lived.

And she belonged to him, completely and devotedly. The higher pitch of Violet's moans indicated that she was close to orgasm. The humanoid had learned this quickly and he wanted to reach his peak at the same time. He increased the pace, augmenting her arousal even more. It was just a matter of seconds. Violet went rigid for an instant right before her orgasm ignited in her pussy, moving like lightning to her brain.

White light exploded behind her eyes which made her scream teenie lucie love cocks gang bang and piercing unbridled bliss.

The forceful contractions of Violet's pussy was all the humanoid needed to finish off. He lifted his compounded eyes to look at the ceiling of the tunnel and discharged a busty lovely gals get drilled pornstar and hardcore load of cum inside the girl's body. Violet was still in the midst of climax and the sensation of his hot sperm filling her cavity only prolonged the bliss and made her shudder even harder.

After the orgasmic reverie washed off, Violet remembered why they were here in the sewer and turned around to look at her Master. They needed to move now. The humanoid wanted a second round but he sensed the woman's concern and decided to follow her lead. "We should go Master, I have to keep you safe." After walking for almost two hours, Violet considered that they were far enough and decided to check outside.

They needed to begin the search for a new nest. lu s kuntrol asia jada kiss asian double penetration group sex interracial teen ebony wait here, Master.

I'll make sure it is safe to come out." The humanoid have never been alone before, not even for a few minutes, and got very anxious when Violet started climbing the ladder, leaving him behind. They were lucky. This sewer exit was located in an alley. Better yet, the sun was going down and very few people was passing by. Violet recognized the neighborhood.

It was a part of the city with low-income residents. "Please hurry Master. Don't make any noise and hide behind that fence," Violet whispered, as her japanese cumslut rides 8 inch cock and says its too big tube porn climbed up the ladder and emerged into the alley. Violet saw a woman standing in the sidewalk but she was looking the other way. The woman was wearing very sexy clothes and Violet suspected she was a hooker.

This gave her an idea. When the humanoid hid behind the fence, Violet walked out of the alley without being seen and then approached the woman like a regular customer. They started talking. "Hi, what's your name?", Violet asked. "Hi, I'm Aylin. And yours?" After a short conversation, Violet made Aylin believe that she was a client. "So, what do you say? A quicky down the alley?" Aylin was a little astounded but she needed the cash.

"I thought you were my competition, honey. It's been a while since I do it with a woman but you are so cute that how could I say no. I don't see you carrying any money, though." "Don't worry, I have the money," Violet said, starting to walk back into the alley.

The humanpid could hear Violet's voice from his hiding place and the voice of another female. Another mate! His cock stirred and began to enlarge. The women walked together and Violet made sure that Aylin was looking away from the fence. Then they kissed. Violet had never been with a woman before but she would do anything to protect her Master. In any case, this didn't feel bad at all.

The creature looked at the kissing women from the gate of the fence. He wanted to fuck them now! He carelessly lunged forward and grabbed Aylin from behind. The hooker looked at the clawed hands that held her arms and screamed.

Violet pleaded him to wait but it was too late. "No Master, wait! You are scaring her! Someone might hear her!" Aylin had no idea what was going on.

Was this some sort of kinky game? Was this man wearing a custom? He must be. Whatever it was, she wanted no part of this. She demanded him to let her go. "Let me go you creep!! Tell him to let go, bitch. Or I'll call the police. I have a lot of friends there." The sexy situation turned chaotic in a second. They were in real danger. The humanoid followed his instincts and didn't let go. The female needed to be controlled at once. Suddenly, he felt something very weird on his head.

Two small appendages spontaneously projected from each side of his forhead, identical to the tentacles on the bugs heads. He looked at them with his compounded eyes wondering how this happened. So did Violet. The humanoid had seen many times how his lesser brothers, the bugs, used their tentacles on the females. He felt the urge to do the same.

He sporty luscious teen cant live without it unfathomable hardcore blowjob to plug them into the woman's ears. And he did! Aylin felt the appendages penetrating into her head and immediately after, all her thoughts became confusing and made no sense. She wanted to screamed again but she couldn't remember how. After a few minutes, Aylin couldn't remember anything. She couldn't think at all.

She still had a primal sense of fear that lingered in her brain but it was slowly being replace by something different. Something more pleasant. She was getting aroused. "Lets move to other side of the fence, Master. Get out of sight," Violet said, looking at Alyin's slack face and three scenes in one story eyes. The creature had no idea how he was doing it. He could sense the vibrations of his tentacles, sending microwaves into the female's brain and altering her behavior, but it was all instinctive.

He just knew that he could do it. The humanoid carried Aylin without removing his tentacles from her ears. The woman was completely docile and more importantly, she was quiet. At the moment, they were no longer in danger. The creature was becoming aware of his power and he felt proud of himself. This is amazing! He has his own tentacles!

Violet thought. She admired this new mind-bending feature of her Master and she remembered how she was taken a couple of days ago.

It felt so wonderful. Not a thought in her mind to interrupt the wonderful feeling coming from her pussy. That day somebody played with her pussy the whole time. Maybe she needed to do the same to Aylin right now. Show her how pleasurable it was to belong to the hive. Violet went down to her knees and lifted the hooker's dress. Then she spread Aylin's legs and shoved her head in between. Aylin gasped and jolted from the unexpected feeling of Violet licking her clitoris.

It was the purest sensation, as if she was being touched for the first time. She wanted more. much more. Violet felt a little uneasy licking a woman's pussy but she was helping her Master and this was encouragement enough. Her own pussy twitched by this knowledge. She was so horny. She wanted to feel that huge cock inside of her again but she needed to find a new location first.

They were out of sight at the moment but this alley was not safe. Anybody could walk in at any time. Given her profession, having sex was something ordinary for Aylin. It meant very little to her and because of this, reaching an orgasm was almost impossible. But his time was different. There was nothing in her mind except that wonderful feeling of submission and the fire that radiated from her crotch. Violet had been licking her pussy less than five mom and son sex sister and she could feel an orgasm building rapidly within her loins.

It was almost here. An instant later, Aylin's entire body jolted in a forceful contraction while brilliant white light exploded behind her eyes. Her thighs trembled around Violet's head and her legs threatened to let her fall to the ground.

She was experiencing the strongest climax of her life. Violet did not detach her mouth from Aylin's pussy the entire time. The jolting woman gushed into her gullet several times and she swallowed it all, beaming to be assisting her Master. Beautiful busty teen with wonderful oiled body on webcam a couple of minutes of mind-blowing bliss, Aylin lost consciousness.

The humanoid held her weight without effort, not sure about what he should do next. He still had his tentacles plugged into the woman's ears but she was not processing his signals anymore. Although, even in that state, Aylin's pussy continued twitching and her vaginal fluids dripped down her inner thighs. "I think she is unconscious, Master. We should wait a moment until she wakes up." Violet said, detaching her mouth from the hookers pussy.

The humanoid laid Aylin on the dirty ground and waited, as Violet suggested. He was still very excited about discovering his new capabilities of mind-control. He could create his own slaves now, his own harem, without depending on his father or his brothers. "She came so hard.

It may take a while until she recovers," Violet said as the minutes passed. The humanoid started to get impatient. He wanted action. He emitted a loud crackling noise and the signal pierced deep into Aylin's brain. She woke up immediately. Her eyes opened wide and her pussy twitched hard. Behind those eyes, there was nothing. Just a blank mind ready to be filled with a new command.

"She is waking up! She must know this area well. We need her to find a new nest for us," Violet said to the humanoid. The creature looked at Violet, then emitted more crackling noises that filtered into Aylin's mind. She couldn't interpret them as words but she could understand them.

A series of images formed in her mind. She needed to find a safe place. Not for her. For her owner. She acknowledged the idea of having an owner and her pussy twitched again. Aylin stood up and started walking. She knew about an abandoned apartment inside the building at the back of the alley and it would serve well as a temporary refuge. The humanoid followed her close behind, confident that now she was one of them.

She was part of his harem. She belonged to him. Violet followed the couple, looking over her shoulder at the street. There was nobody around.

Her Master was safe. * * * Pretty much the whole building was empty and they had no problem sneaking into the apartment.

Once the door was closed, the humanoid sent a command to both girls instructing them to remove their clothes. Violet was already doing it. Aylin's enthrallment was still not complete. Something deep in the back of her mind told her that this was not right. She knew by now that the man in front of her was not a man, it was something else.

Yet, after taking off her clothes, she stood like a statue feeling extremely aroused and not knowing what to do. In any case, the decision was made for her. With another crackling noise, the humanoid instructed her to suck his cock. Again, she didn't understand the command as words but as images. Aylin saw herself with that huge phallus lodged in her throat.

Her pussy twitched hard and she went down to her knees. Aylin had never seen a phallus this big and the idea of playing with it was so alluring. She licked the tip playfully, like she usually did with her clients.

Teen friends daughter fucked desperate for a girlcrony he picks the damsel he likes and she started shoving the fat rod into her mouth until teacher or madam kisi xxx sex stories storys reached the back of her throat, then she pushed further.

The mesmerized woman could feel her neck bloating to let it pass through. The hooker sucked the humanoid's dick with eagerness, pushing it beyond her throat every time, but another sound from the creature indicated her that it was not enough. He wanted more. He needed all his member inside of her. The hooker was an expert in the art of sucking cocks and she had great control over her gag reflex but this task seemed impossible.

Her master's manhood was too big. But disobeying was not an option. Her duty was to please him. The next push, Aylin didn't stop until the entire phallus was buried down her esophagus and her nose was touching his crotch.

She had done it! She was swallowed her master's enormous cock. She could feel it stretching her neck, expanding her chest; she could feel it everywhere. And just like that, she climaxed!

She did it! Violet thought excitedly. She could not believe what she was seeing. Aylin had swallowed the entire cock! At that moment, she set a goal for herself. She was going to do the same, no matter how difficult it was. Aylin's pussy twitched on empty and her body shuddered under orgasmic spasms. This made her realize how easy it was to reach climax with her new lover.

Before tonight, she hadn't had an orgasm in months, and today in the last twenty minutes she had come twice already. That apprehensive feeling she had in the back of her mind started to fade away. Being a sex slave was good. Aylin also realized that she was able to form coherent thoughts now. But all she could thing about was how good it felt to fuck with this 'man' and how much she wanted to keep doing it. When her orgasm receded, Aylin pulled back to catch her breath, then swallowed the creature's whole cock again.

She did this over and over for several minutes. The humanoid responded by fucking her mouth increasingly faster. He grabbed to back of her head and shoved his phallus to the hilt every time. After a few minutes of this mouth-ravishing, the humanoid stopped moving completely, shoved his cock all the way down her throat and climaxed. Gush after gush, he discharged a copious amount of sperm into the woman's belly. Feeling his cock throbbing between her lips and her belly being filled to capacity, Aylin felt an indescribable sensation of fulfillment.

Her Master, yes, 'master' was the right word, was cuming because she had done a good job. Aylin reached a third orgasm. Violet rubbed her pussy while watching the breathtaking scene.

She was so horny. She wished to have that cock all to herself. Violet knew that part of her mission was to get as many slaves as possible for her Master but the downside was that she would have to share him more than she wanted.

I hope he is done with her soon. I'm burning inside. When the humanoid pulled back from Aylin's shuddering body, Violet couldn't wait just standing there.

She rushed forward, grabbing the smeared phallus with both hands to lick it clean. She didn't know why she had this sudden urge to eat her master's sperm but the need was irresistible.

When she sucked the last drop off her master's cock, Violet turned around to lick Aylin's face. There was cum dripping from the woman's lips and she was not going to waste it. Aylin's mind was still in a blissful stupor and she barely responded to Violet's kissing.

She felt totally saturated. The amount of sperm pumped into her belly had been too much. Suddenly, after a slight contraction, it came rushing back. Violet didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth wide and received as much cum as she could. The humanoid was not sure why his slaves were doing this but he found it exciting. There were sharing his seed! A second contraction produced more sperm and Violet was right there to catch it. The aroused woman felt her pussy twitching as the warm fluid filled her mouth and dribbled down her throat.

When Aylin's stomach was almost empty, Violet leaned closer, making sure nothing was wasted. She kissed her new lover until her face was clean. Then she swept her own skin and licked her fingers finishing the last drop. Both women felt dizzy from this surreal experience. Their heads spun in bliss as if they were taking a potent drug to satisfy an irresistible addiction.

But at the end, they were still horny. And the humanoid wanted more too. He 'spoke' another command, letting the women know that he was ready for a second round. Violet jumped onto the bed and spread her legs wide. Her body was on fire and she needed her master's phallus inside of her at once. "Please fuck me, Master." The creature got closer and aimed his cock at the woman's vaginal entrance.

Then he stabbed Violet's pussy with brute force, shoving his entire phallus into her body with one thrust. Violet's world stood still for a second, a brief instant that she knew was the prelude of an incredible orgasmic explosion. She stared into the ceiling letting herself go, waiting for it. The woman climaxed the same second that the humanoid penetrated her. She lost control of her body as the wonderful spasms traveled back and forth from head to toe. Her pussy constricted the large phallus within its walls, trapping it inside and hoping it would stay there forever.

But the humanoid had just reach an orgasm and this new session was going to last. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then pushed it back in, enjoying the way Violet's pussy pulsated around the length of his phallus as it slid in and out, slowly and steadily. This slave was his favorite and he was planning to reinforce her submission even more. Aylin watched the mating couple from the foot of the bed. She admired the enormity of her Master's phallus and wondered how she had been able to swallow it all.

More so, she had climaxed two times by doing it. This situation was like a wonderful and surreal dream. His cock is so big. I want more. After a while of fucking on his knees, the humanoid grabbed Violet's hips and stood up. The bewildered woman threw her arms around his neck and stared at his big compounded eyes.

She could see herself reflected on them. An image of a submissive sex slave repeated a thousand times. Her pussy twitched hard around the large phallus.

Aylin's recent orgasms had done nothing to extinguish the fire in her body. She stood there with a dripping pussy thinking how to join them. When it comes to sex, Aylin was not the kind of woman who stays on the sidelines. She walked forward and knelt behind Violet. She watched up close at his master's cock pumping Violet's stretched pussy. This increased her arousal even more. Violet felt a soft caress on her ass-cheeks and turned her head to look at Aylin kneeling behind her.

She didn't know what the hooker was planning to do and she didn't care. All that mattered was right there between her legs, making her feel like she was in heaven.

Aylin leaned forward and licked Violet's ass, then further down to lick her master's cock and then back to the ass. Violet jolted by this new sensation and her entire body shivered with each stroke of the hooker's tongue and the humanoid's phallus. Violet couldn't ask for more.

Her Master was fucking her so delightfully. The fat cock stirred her insides so far within her body that it seemed impossible. And now the added sensation of the new slave working on her ass; Nothing could feel better than this. Or so she thought. The humanoid looked at her with caring eyes. She had saved him from danger.

This slave was a keeper and he was going to make sure that she remained loyal. Violet opened her eyes wide as she felt the tentacles reaching into her ears. Her heart jolted first, then her pussy. She felt the vibrations piercing into her brain and then her thoughts melted into a single notion of pure pleasure.

Her master was connecting with her! Now he was not only penetrating her pussy, he was penetrating her soul. Moments ago she believed that nothing could feel better but she had been wrong. This topped everything! Her master was showing her things. She saw herself naked in a strange world with her legs spread wide and dozens of humanoids fucking her day and night. She saw herself climaxing once, twice, a hundred times. As if time had frozen an instant before reaching climax, Violet felt her body straining.

Building towards something yet unknown to her. The humanoid fucked her faster and faster. He wanted to push Violet over the edge before filling her womb with sperm. He knew she was close. A single, body wrecking convulsion marked the start of Violet's most powerful climax so far. She gushed forcefully around the edges of her stretched vaginal lips as the spasm radiated from her pussy to reach every cell of her body. The second wave was just as strong, and the third one. It seemed as if this climax was not going to slow down.

It was set to go on until she died within the arms of her lover, overwhelmed by unbearable bliss. But in reality Violet was far from dying. On the contrary, even though her mind was frozen in ecstasy, her body was very much alive. Wave after wave of orgasmic spasms rippled thought her body making her arms and legs twitch without control.

The humanoid saw this with amusement. He had learned that using his tentacles while fucking a slave was in fact a good technique to augment their orgasms and consequently, their submission. After her climax, Violet was barely conscious.

Her arms hanged limply while the creature kept pounding at her pussy with all his might. Aylin stood up and helped to keep Violet's body in place.

She looked at the humanoid's black eyes while her pussy dripped with anticipation. Her turn was coming soon. The humanoid impaled his slave's body one last time and made a piercing sound. He was climaxing. His sperm erupted deep inside Violet's womb and filled it completely. Then excess traveled fast down her cavity and rushed out of her pussy.

Despite Violet being almost unconscious, her pussy was still twitching around the pulsating phallus, squeezing all the sperm she could from her beloved master. Aylin, who had her hand around Violet's waist, could feel her master's cock throbbing inside the limp woman's body and could hear the sperm gurgling within.

This increased her arousal even more. When he was done ejaculating, the humanoid dropped Violet on the bed and stepped back. He turned her head to see that Aylin had moved around and now she was bending over in the middle of the room, looking back at him, begging him to take her.

"Please fuck me too, Master." He had only fucked her mouth so far so it was a fair request. The humanoid didn't waste any time big boobs milf eva notty nasty threesome in the bedroom stepped forward, aiming his long phallus at the woman's anus. Since he had just fucked Violet's pussy, he wanted something different.

Aylin felt his cold member touching her ass-cheeks and then felt the tip pressing at her anal entrance. She gasped while her pussy gushed. Even though Aylin had anal sex all the time and she had clients with big cocks, this was a completely different ball game. The humanoid's cock was enormous and he shoved it so far inside of her that she thought it was going to come out of her mouth. But strangely enough, she didn't feel any pain.

On the contrary, it felt incredibly good. The overwhelmed woman was unaware that the humanoid had rearranged her brain so she the signals of pain would be interpreted as pleasure. Only pleasure. The thick and long phallus stretched Aylin's inner walls pushing deep into her womb every time. It was driving the woman insane with bliss. Her moans of pleasure were loud enough to be heard outside the room. Fortunately for them, loud screaming was a common thing in this building.

Sooner or later they would have to find a different locating but for now, this place was safe and they could be as noisy as they wanted. Aylin was not only feeling the depth of the penetrations but also the speed of her Master's hammering. She didn't want to come so fast. She wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible but she was losing the battle. Her next orgasm was approaching fast. A moment later, Aylin exploded in climax and the forceful spasms made her lose her balance.

She crumbled to the floor and the humanoid followed her as if they were a single entity. The creature kept his cock buried deep in her ass and he his penetrations didn't slow down one bit. Within her blissful ordeal, Aylin felt her Master's tentacles poking at her head. In addition to her ass, he was going to penetrate her brain! She did her best to keep her head still.

When the humanoid plugged his tentacles into the hooker's ears, he felt her shuddering harder than before, as if this was igniting a new, stronger orgasm. He slowed down the rhythm of his strokes to see her reaction but nothing changed. Aylin kept jolting uncontrollably, trapped in an endless orgasmic loop. All of this was new to him and he didn't know if his tentacle signals were causing it but one thing was certain.

This new slave would be loyal to him forever. A while later the humanoid reached another climax. He pumped a huge amount of sperm into Aylin's body and when it started to leak from her anus, he pumped a little more. The besieged woman could feel the warmth of his fluids filling her belly to the limit. When the sperm came rushing out of her mouth, her mind was completely gone. The humanoid removed his phallus from Aylin's ass and stood up. The woman's body still twitched from her lingering climax and with every spasm a gush of sperm squirted from her anus.

Surprisingly, the creature was not satisfied yet. His instincts were strong and precise. He wanted to keep fucking. He needed more slaves.

But for now, he only had two. He turned his head to look at Violet's limp body lying sexily on the bed. It was her turn again. * * * Meanwhile, at the company's lab, Vivian was inside a containment room. The new scientist in charge of investigating the bugs, Dr. Curelt, was standing at the other side of the door, talking to her, "I have seen the videos, Vivian. Why did you put the bug's tentacle in your ear? Did the creature make you do it somehow? "No.

I was aware of the level of ecstasy of the first sex slaves. I wanted to experience it first hand," Vivian responded. Of course, she was lying. She wanted to give the impression that she was cooperating with the company. But she didn't tell them about the bug's singing. She would have never plugged the tentacle in her ear if the bug wouldn't have influenced her for days before the event.

This secret could be useful in the near future. "It was a dangerous decision. Now you are a sex slave yourself," he said, stating the obvious. "It was the best decision I've ever made," Vivian responded, this time telling the absolute truth. "I see. You can go back to your friends then," Dr. Curelt said, signaling with his head to the ample area behind Vivian. It had been a pleasant surprise for Vivian and the rest of the girls that Dr.

Curelt decided to put them all together with the bugs. The creature's victims had been kept isolated in the past and the research got nowhere.

He was going to try a different approach. Vivian knew that the scientists did this because they wanted to analyze their behavior, but it made no difference anymore. The company's lab was becoming the new nest. At least for now. She walked a couple of steps into the room and laid on the ground. The master bug immediately jumped on top of her and plugged his long tail into her pussy.

The Doctor watched through the window. Even though his interest was mostly scientific, he felt his cock stir within his pants. Doctor Vivian McLeod had a smoking hot body. Curelt's staring was interrupted by two individuals walking down the hall.

It was Janet followed by an armed guard. The Doctor opened the door of the containment room and signaled Janet to walk in. "Please go inside. I guess you are looking forward to reuniting with your friends." God! They are all here? But I don't see the humanoid. Maybe he escaped. Janet thought with contained exhilaration.

Janet was already dripping wet, but the sight of her masters caused her pussy to start twitching like crazy. She was breathing heavily while trying to explain to Vivian why she had been captured.

"I am sorry Vivian. They saw me. They saw the video of the creature coming out of my pussy when I brought in the replacement master. I tried to hide but they found me." "Don't worry.uhm. about it," Vivian said between moans, "we are grateful that you gave us a warning. Don't say anything more. They are watching." Janet quickly discarded her dress. One of the bugs was not busy with any other slave and the impatient woman laid flat on the ground next to him.

"Hello my love. You have no idea how much I have miss you." The creature responded with a couple of crackling noises that echoed directly between the woman's legs. He walked around her and climbed on her back. Then tiptoed approaching her ass. Every soft touch was like a countdown to a long awaited orgasm. Janet urgently wanted him inside of her. "Please fuck me, Master. Shove it deep!" The bug didn't waste any time. As soon as he got into position, he curved his tail and plunged it into the girl's pussy with a forceful stroke.

Janet was so excited that her vaginal juices splashed onto her thighs and on ground between her legs. She had waited for this moment for too long. One of the masters was fucking her! And just like that, she reached an orgasm.

It took less than five seconds! Her eyes rolled back as her mind became empty of thought and full with bliss. The way it was supposed to be. The way she wanted it to be. Janet felt blessed. Moans and squishy sounds combined with the crackling singing of the bugs echoed against the walls of the containment room. The master bug was content with the current situation, knowing that his offspring was out there, free to spread his evolved genes.

Vivian would try to find a way to escape in the future but for now, she would just keep fucking. While all this happened, the video cameras recorded every image and every sound. The team of scientists watched and listened carefully, trying to decipher the secret of the creatures to control human minds.

The female members of the team started to feel aroused. but said nothing. * * * A few weeks later, the humanoid was discharging a big load of cum inside a woman's womb. Aylin had "recruited" Tessa knowing that she owned a secluded cabin in the mountains, not too far from the city. This was the perfect hideout to establish a new nest. Tessa felt the warm fluid milf gives wonderful oral service stimulation pornstar and hardcore her body and this triggered a new climax.

She lost count of how many orgasms she had enjoyed in the last few days but it didn't matter. She just knew that she wanted more. While the sperm dripped to the ground between Sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage legs, Violet and Aylin talked like it was business as usual.

"The master is coming inside of her again. I wonder if she is already pregnant like us," Aylin said. "She must be. It will start to show in a few days," Violet answered, looking at the pool of sperm accumulating on the floor. "Your belly is getting so big. Do you know when are you giving birth?" Aylin asked Violet. "I don't know but I feel something moving inside of me. And I think is big." Violet was heavily pregnant indeed and it was a mystery what kind of creature was developing inside of her.

It could by another humanoid, identical to his father, or it could be something else. They were going to find out soon enough. The comiendo el cono de im hija en la manana. Note from the author: There is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.