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Adorable gf in uniform adores sexy sex
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I crawled up the ladder and into the attic, for the first time in 10 years.

There had to be a hole in the roof somewhere, and I was determined to find it. It was a good twenty-two years earlier that I had built this cabin, and I had built it well, but as places age, and if you don't do maintenance right when it's needed, or you aren't careful, you are bound have some issues. In the case of the house, it was the maintenance, I hadn't really done much in the house, as I had focused on the trailer outside.

As for my head, it was the careful bit. a bit that came painfully as my foot caught on the joist, and I started falling forward. My hands were full, a lamp (thankfully battery powered) in one hand, and a handful of tools in the other.

I went crashing newly met chicks ends up in a super hot lesbo sextape pornstars and fingering the floor, and head struck the rafter, sending shock waves through my brain, as I passed into unconsciousness all I could think was, "Fuck, not again." Yup, this had happened before, a long time ago, while I was still building the place.

I was working on the roofing, as the frame of the cabin had gone up on the weekend with the help of a bunch of friends. We had a great time doing it. I hadn't planned on getting a whole lot of help, but luck was with me.

I had acquired a nice chunk of land from a Widow June, one of my best's friend's uncle's wife. Her husband knew I liked the lake and the area and would leave it as is rather than draining the lake or selling it to developers, so he'd left in his will that I should get it.

I think it was meant to be a gift, but I had a come into some money, had a decent job, and bought the land making sure it was a fair price. I even left the main farmhouse to the widow rent free. I had been pretty good with the family before, but now I was the golden boy. It so teen webcam dance hd and nun anal xxx wanting to be broken that a week after I started working on the cabin, June put out a call to the family for a reunion.

A good hundred people showed up, including aunts, uncles and cousins of varying degrees, even her kids and grand kids. It was a hoot. A couple of the older fellows, bored and tired of sitting on the porch and came down to help me out. Kevin's family are farmers and builders, and in no time were the rafters and walls built, and the frame put up. All in all, most of the place was done by the end of the long weekend and reunion.

For the most part it was a fun time for all, except the two oldest granddaughters, Melissa and Meghan. The girls were cousins, from Junes two oldest kids. They would come down and flirt with me time to time, being I was the only man there who wasn't a blood relative, or old. I was just 25, fit, and a decent looking guy. Most of the time they were stuck herding and caring for the littlest ones. Occasionally they would escape, and come down to see what the men folk were doing.

The girls were polar opposites, Melissa, a tall blond skinny country girl, barely 16. She grew up milking cows, gathering eggs, and running barefoot around her dad's farm. She looked all innocent, her blond hair in braids, but she would run her hands though my hair, drag a finger along my arm and shoulder as she inspect the work we were doing.

She caught me off guard every time too. I'd jump a bit, I was more than 9 years older than her. To be honest though, she had long, firm legs, and a nice skinny ass that was barely covered under her Daisy Dukes. Her great uncle Charlie, would make lewd jokes, embarrassing both her and me, but at the same time saving me from her advances.

'Donny', he'd call out to her father, who actually wasn't anywhere in site, or I'm sure she'd not be doing what she was. "That daughter mom licks boss ass arts and sex crafts yours is like a cat in heat. You better lock her up tonight, or she'll be riding young Kevin here like he's a pony at the fair." Charlie was old, senile and called me Kevin all the time, despite Kevin being my friend, and his family.

Poor Kevin was stuck working in the city and unable to come. Still, Melissa was brazen to act like that in front of family. One night, she plopped down in my lap as we were sitting having a beer after dinner. Her mom damn near beat the girl with a wooden spoon to shoo her off me. I didn't see her much at night or the next day, so maybe they did lock her up. Meghan was her opposite. She was a little cutie, and a bit older, just 18. She was a cute, shy city girl.

She seemed to love being out here with Melissa, but didn't seem at home with the farm. She was a little version of Thelma from scooby-doo, and boy was she built. At 5'1, she must have had a double d cup. The old boys, forgetting they were family talked mostly to her tits, which was fine with her, she didn't seem to like to make eye contact much.

She was shy, and hid her beautiful dark brown eyes behind her bangs. For those not staring at her tits, had to be thankful for good tight jeans. They hugged her ass beautifully. When she came by, with Melissa, she would stand back, and let her cousin do all the flirting, but sometimes, and at a safe distance, she would make eye contact, and though I would expect her to break of the contact in seconds, she would hold my eyes with hers for what felt like hours.

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I'm glad it was her with those eyes. Had it been Melissa, I'd have been in a bit of trouble, no way to say no. Anyways, when the weekend was over, my cabin was mostly built, and everyone was leaving, so it would be quiet again.

Just me and the widow June. At least that was what I thought. I had been back to work on the cabin when I had a couple of visitors.

Melissa and Meghan had decided to stay with their grandma for an extra week, and the three of them decided to drop off some beer, since the rest of the family had drunk most of what I bought. They offered to cook me dinner, before I headed home for the night. I'd been commuting from my place in the city to the cabin all week. Normally I stayed in one of June's spare rooms, but with the reunion, there had been no room to spare.

I'd thought about setting up a tent, but it would be hot suuny leone porn story pain as well. June's house (actually my house) was big, but she only had two toilets (one in the house and a fully plumbed outhouse.) Home had been simpler.

Now, despite space being freed up, I'd have stayed with June, but with the girls were at the house, I felt afraid.

I didn't think June would appreciate me fucking her underage grand daughter. I had to admit, the girls were getting to me. I hadn't had sex in weeks, and I couldn't get Melissa's ass and Meghan's tits out of my head. I must have been distracted, because I was up in the rafters, carrying some boards for the attick floor when I tripped on a joist and wacked my head on a rafter, knocking myself out. "I wonder where he is?" "He missed dinner" Blackness "Oh shit!

Joey, are you ok?" "I'll go get grandma." Blurriness. "God you have a nice cock. If I kiss it will you wake up?" Blackness "Oh, it's been so long since I've seen such a hard cock.

I wonder how your cock feels?" Bluriness. and the sensation that I was having sex. and then blackness. "Holy shit! You're fucking him? He's unconscious! You fucking slut, didn't want to share?" "I couldn't help myself, look at his cock." "Oh, I want some of that too. But shit, people think I'm the slut. Get him cleaned up, Grandma is on her way with the car, she'll smell you on him for sure." Blackness. I woke up in farmhouse, with a doctor looking at me.

Did doctors still make house calls? I shouldn't be too active for the next, he said. My mom and Jane agreed I should stay put. All I remember is sleeping a lot, and lots of good dreams.

Blackness turning to shade. "Oh god, yes." "Hmmmmmmmm" "Ohhhh." I opened my eyes. I was dreaming. Meghan was sitting in the chair beside my bed, naked, pinching and pulling on her nipples. In between her legs were two blond braids, slurping away on her pussy. I wished it was real, but it was only a dream. If only I could dream those pajama pants off of Melissa, I'd be in heaven. She appeared to be doing a great job eating out Meg.

"Fuck, he's awake," said Meghan. Melissa turned to look at me, her chin glistened in the morning light hitting pussy juice. "Joey, you ok?" silence. It was like watching a movie. I could feel my cock getting harder. "See, he's still asleep. I hope that brain isn't permanently fucked up. I want some of that cock." It was a dream, because Melissa went back to amateur pregnant blonde fucked on camera for the first time out Meghan, and completely ignored me and my raging hardon.

Meghan closed her eyes, enjoying the pussy licking she was getting. I dreamt as Melissa slid back on her heels, and began finger fucking her curvy cousin. First sliding two fingers in, then three. She pumped them in hard, making her cousin moan. Then a fourth finger went in. Meghan began groaning and growling. "Fuck, I'm close. Make me cum! Make me cum you bitch! Make me cum!" And suddenly, her eyes popped open as Melissa's fist, thumb and all, slid into her cunt.

This was a dream. Meghan was sweet, cute and shy. My fucked up brain was messing up Jane's granddaughters.

Those were the words that Melissa would say, not Meghan. My brain must be fucked, but I know I was loving this dream. I wanted to get in there. I wanted to cum all over her fat tits, while he cousin fist fucked her. Maybe in my next dream. I looked at Meghan's face, and our eyes met. "Oh yes!" she shouted. "Fuck me! Shove that fist deep in my cunt! Make your goddam cousin cum!" And she erupted. Again, this is a dream. I'd never seen a woman squirt before.

I'd only heard about it at that point, hockey buddies bragging about their exploits. That girl's cunt exploded all over her cousin. Getting darker. "Fuck Meg, you just showered me." "Look at that tent! He totally watched us." getting darker. "Maybe. should we stroke him off. he'll get blue balls." Darkness. "Ok." My head was pretty fucked up. I think I kept fading in and out, but I couldn't decide what was real or a dream anymore.

I dream that the girls took turns giving me hand jobs, blow jobs and fucking me. But they were just dreams. I even dreamt noname jane creampie compilation pornstars and cumshots Widow June played with my cock.

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In my dream it was night. June came in to check on me. "I hope those girls aren't causing you too much grief", she muttered. I replied, "No, they are sexy as hell." "Joe, what are you up to? Those girls are young, at least Melissa is. You better not be playing around." "No, no. I just chicks pound boyfriends anal with oversized strap dildos and ejaculate of them. I dream that they come in and play with me.

Mostly I dream that they play with each other. They are so sexy when they eat each other out," of course it was a dream. I'd never talk to widow June like that. "Dream?" "Yes, I dream about them all the time. Sometimes Melissa eats Meghan. Last time, Meghan fucked Melissa with a wooden dildo." "Sun-of-a-bitch!

They found my toys, the little sluts." "Melissa has suck a great ass, she bent over on that chair, while Meg fucked her with the dildo. It was amazing. She looked back and watched Meg fuck her pussy, and then licked her fingers, and stuck one in her ass." "Hmmm." I knew it was a dream, because June seemed to be fingering her pussy as we talked. "Melissa is so quiet when she get's fucked," I continued. "She holds it all in, and then just shudders.

But she drips non-stop. Even before Meg stuffed her pussy, it was dripping. Then, the more Meg fucked her, the more it dripped." "I wanted the dream to be real, I wanted to get out of bed and stick my cock in both of them, but I couldn't." "You're cock is hard Joey," she said sliding her hand under the covers. Only in a dream would she do that.

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It was a dream. I never wanted to fuck June before. She's my friend's aunt. She's old. She's a widow. Sure, she's a good looking woman, you know, in a Sophia Loren kind of way. SO I thought, "what the fuck? It's only a dream." "Suck my cock June." I instructed. She looked at me, "You cheeky boy! You would talk to me like that?" "June, you are a good looking woman.

I'm a good looking man. You are horny. I'm horny." "Joey, I'm old enough to be your mom, almost your grandma." "June, this is a dream. There are no boundaries. There is no right. No wrong. Just the dream." She started stroking me gently, and then firmer. The old lady was great. She had me up and ready to explode in no time, but then she eased off, and played me gently, letting my urge to explode wane, and then she worked me up again.

I was in and out of that dream a few times, and then I remember pleading with her to make me cum. "Fuck you beautiful old cock-tease you, make me cum already." "You have a foul mouth Joey. I'll only accept that because the doctor said you weren't quite right." she reprimanded me."If you were right, I'd bring you to the edge, and make you beg me, but with no foul language.

Every curse, I'd leave you longer. Your balls would turn blue." She kept stroking me the whole time, and I just blew my load right then. She watched my cum splash around the bed. "Look at the mess you made," she said as she wiped her cum soaked hand. "The girls lick it up. Why not you?" "Oh, you wish. One day, I'm going to let you cum inside my old pussy here, and then I'll make you lick it out of me." Back to blackness.

I vaguely remember fucking her in a dream, and her keeping true to her word. But that's the last dream I remember. I remember my eyes rolling up into my head as my cum dribbled into my mouth.

I remember, shouting, and scrambling, but Village xxxx sex stories storys hard remember nothing else, until I woke up in the hospital.

Something had really been wring with my head, and the first doctor probably should have insisted that I be brought to the hospital. But he didn't, and nobody freaked out. Shit happens. I was in the hospital for about a month, before being discharged. June had visited, and always seemed to want to ask something, but my mom or Kevin were always there. I figured she felt bad that I ended up in the hospital.

It was spring time before I made it out to the farm and cabin. "You really had us worried," June said to me over a cup of tea. "Sorry, I wish I could have been less a burden." "Burden? Never. I just wish we'd realized a bit earlier what was going on. We thought you were recovering." "You're not doctors, or nurses.

Not your fault at all." "The girls really missed you after you left. They had to go home the next week. They wanted to say bye, but you were in the ICU. Do you remember anything from the week you were here?" "Not really.

I don't remember being fully conscious? I have a few bits and pieces, but it's blended with dreams and stuff that couldn't have happened." "Like what?" I blushed. I couldn't admit my fucked up fantasies to her. "I can't really say. sorry, it's just a blurr." She seemed a bit disappointed with that. I finished the cabin the next summer. It was everything I hoped for.

I could go relax there when I needed. I could take girls there, and fuck them all day, night, inside outside, and so on. It was my own little private love shack. I also regularly visited June. We'd have coffee, and good chats. Sometimes she would criticize me for making too much noise with my floozy girl friends. She would talk a bit about the girls, and other family.

There always seemed to be something she was hiding from me, but I didn't press her. I wasn't really family, but she was the closest thing to a great aunt, or even grandmother that I had. I helped her as much as I could, though she was a good healthy woman, and despite now being in her late 60s, she was healthy and active.

It broke my heart the morning I found her. I went up for breakfast, having seen her the night before. She'd shown me a picture of her back when she first got married, and I had made a joke about have trying to steel her from her husband johnny sins vs emma butt I was around back then. She had been an absolute babe. She shot me down, joking that, even though I had a nice cock, I couldn't match her Ben.

"How would you know?" I joke with her, and she got silent. Then the subject changed, to something less awkward, and we chatted until pretty late. I remember her telling me how much she missed Ben(her dead husband), and the rest of the family. Sure, Kevin's family lived in the city near by, but the rest had moved further away. Sure, she went to see the family, but fewer and fewer of them made the trip to the farm.

Only the girls ever came out, but I hadn't seen them since the reunion myself, and that was now pop teaching his sexy stepdaughter alice coxxx years before.

The next morning, she was gone. No pain, she just slipped away in her sleep. She was buried next to her husband in the local cemetery, and we held a big gathering at the farm house after. It was the reunion we wished we'd planned before June had left us. Everyone was there. Even though I wasn't family, I was treated like one. I got lots of hugs from family I knew, and from many I didn't. A bunch seemed to think I was one of the clan. I was OK with that. The girls were there. Meghan was busy with her daughter, who was a handful.

I'm clueless with kids, but she probably was what I would judge as being in the terrible twos. She wasn't married, but no one talked about it, being a memorial thing for June, no time for gossip.

Meghan, was as beautiful as ever, and still had a great set of tits, and luscious curves. I tried to chat with her, but she slipped away each time to tend to the little one. Melissa was there too, and waved a few times across the room. She was a total looker, and damn, she was 19 and therefore legal now. Too bad trying to pick her up at the funeral would be a bit of a taboo.

I was thrilled when she finally found me, and asked if we could go for a walk. We slipped out the back and walked down towards the lake. We reminisced about June and what a great woman she was. Melissa always seemed on the edge of saying something more, and kept holding back.

She was getting visibly flustered. "I can't do this anymore," she said abruptly. "Do what?" "This, pretend nothing happened that summer." "What happened?" "Is this an act, or do you really not remember?" "Remember what?" Now I was getting flustered. What was it with the girls of this family?

"Sex? Blowjobs? Fucking Me? Fucking grandma? Knocking up Meghan?" "What? Wait. What?" "Oh my god. Grandma was right. You don't remember any of it." "Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about. What do you mean I knocked up Meghan." "You were always talking about dreams. Then we had to take you to the hospital.

We thought we killed you." "Can we start from the beginning?" And she did. She talked about catching Meghan fucking me after they found me, and when she came back from getting June. She talked about how that week before I went to the hospital, that I was getting blowjobs and fucking all three women in the house. How, I had caught her and Meghan fooling around. That I seduced each of them, while talking shit about dreams, and wanting to fuck them, and how beautiful they were.

Though admittedly the girls had kinda raped him when he was unconscious, but I kept charming the pants off of them after, even June's. I was a right gigolo. At first, Meghan and her thought it was just them, but then they walked in on June sucking me off. For a few days I kept I fucking all of them. And they actually thought I was faking my dreams and being an invalid. She also mentioned that I had a special bond with Meghan, who spend most of the week tending to me, and fucking when I could.

Apparently I was cumming at least six times a day that week. It was when June went though with her word, and made me eat her cum soaked pussy that I finally showed that something was wrong. My eyes rolled back into my head, and I had a bit of a seizure. They had to clean my cock, and face before the ambulance showed up. They all felt guilty after that, realizing that our sex antics kept them from seeing that I wasn't healing.

I mentioned that I thought those were all my perverted dreams. June never mentioned what had happened. June never mentioned Meghan and the baby. "It was complicated. We realized that we had raped you. That you weren't in a right state of mind," she explained.

"Hell, I was a minor for fucks sake, so you Meghan and I, and could have blown up, so we couldn't' talk about it." "That's fucked up." "It was." "Those were great dreams!" I said with a smile. Melissa, who had been pretty somber smiled as well. "Did I really watch you fist fuck Meghan?" "Yes you did." "You were a hot little slut back then." "I still am.

And now I'm legal." she said rubbing my cock through my pants. We began kissing. "This is wrong. They'll come looking for us," she said. "I know. But, we need this," I responded while unzipping her dress. My cock was hard, and she was stroking it. I had fantasied about wanting her as long as I remember, fantasies so vivid, that I could cum thinking about them. Now I knew that they weren't fantasies, they were a fucked up forgotten reality. I pinned her against the wall, and drove my cock up into her pussy.

No condom, no lube, no need. Like I dreamembered, she was wet, dripping from the moment we started, if not before. She wrapped a leg around me, and pulled me into her harder as we fucked. My cock pistoned in and out of her, her juices dripping down my cock, and onto the floor. I pulled out, and bent her over the table, wanting to take her doggy style. I looked at that perfect ass. She had been a skinny teenager, and just filled out a little more in the 3 years since I saw her last.

She still had a gap between her legs, not filled in by the weight of womanhood. Her ass was perfect, nothing more to say. I dove into her ass, tongue first.

It looked so enticing, I just couldn't resist. I alternated licking her pussy and her ass. She was so fucking amazing looking. With each action, I would remember different things from my dreams that we did, or that Meghan did.

I pinched her clit, as I drove my tongue into her ass, remembering that had made her cum years before, it sent tremors up her body. She was still a quiet, but tactile fuck. I stood up and began fucking her, driving my cock deep and hard into that hot wet pussy.

I could feel my load building, ready to shoot, and she was tightening up again. This time I knew she came, because her body shuddered and spasmed almost throwing me off. There was no doubt about it. Then it was my turn. I pulled out, and she dropped to her knees, sucking my own climax out of me.

She sucked me hard, forcing my cum out of me. IT was a release that had been dreamt of for many years. It felt so fucking good - a dream come true. "Grandma is barely in the grave, and you are already fucking him? She'd be pissed you know." It was Meghan, standing in the doorway having watched us. "He didn't know." "Bull shit! He had too." "He didn't know." "I only remember bits and pieces. I honestly thought it all was in my head. A fantasy of sex with three beautiful women." "So you weren't in your right mind?

It was all a mistake?" "I guess I wasn't. But it wasn't a mistake." "Do you remember what you told me?" Meghan asked. There were tears forming in her eyes. I thought hard. It's difficult to think of what had been years earlier, even if you didn't have a head injury at the time. But, it came to me. "Did I say I loved you?" "What?" said a shocked Melissa. "No, that's not what you said.

See I was just a stupid girl." 'No, I said I think I I was falling in love with you." She was pasty white big tits fucking huge big dick tube porn. "That was a shit thing for me to say." "Ya, and you forgot.

And you forgot about me completely." "What the fuck. Why didn't any of you tell me?" I defended myself. Melissa answered, "Grandma swore us to secrecy.'' "Mel said your daughter is mine. Is that true." "No, she's mine. I stole your sperm. You aren't responsible.

We were wrong to take advantage of you, so she's mine and only mine." "What if I want to meet her? I mean, this is really your choice, but I was there. Sure I thought it was a dream, but I was there. I wanted you all. And I really was falling in love with you." "What?" the girls said in unison.

"Sorry Mel. You were a hot girl. But, you were only 16. Hell, you're just 19 now. Hot as hell, but just 19. Meghan, you're young too, but you were older, you were quieter.

You're eyes dove right into me every time I looked into them. I remember feeling lost in your eyes. Even before the accident." I shopped talking and there was silence. It was getting awkward, so I decided to break it, "It didn't hurt that you are hot as hell too." She smiled, a warm, smile, and gave me a kiss.

Wow, it was like three years ago, without the head injury. I actually still felt teenie anal sherly tube stepbrother and stepsister her. Melissa and I cleaned up and got dressed while we chatted about times, old and new. Finally, one of the uncles came down to two horny moms want this young cock us sitting at the table talking and sipping tea. Kelly, Meghan's little girl was crying looking for her mom.

So we all went up to the farm house.

I met my daughter shortly after. At first she was shy, and then I warmed her heart by giving her a little stuffed bear. I had seen it at the cabin, and grabbed it. I wasn't going to tell anyone that I'd won it at a fair for a girl I'd been fucking, but had broke up before I had a chance to give it to her. It was a little dusty, but the perfect pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos for a two year old.

After that, she warmed up to me, and by the end of the night, had fallen asleep while I was carrying her. Both girls decided to stay a few extra days and help clear up June's stuff. Little Kelly went back to Meghan's hometown with Meghan's mom and dad, so she wouldn't be bored and a distraction to the job of cleaning the hot masseuse licking pussy for her wet client up.

The three of us fucked like rabbits in June's house. Ever so often, we would try to reenact one of my fantasies. We played that game, real or not real. I would tell them what I dreamt, they would tell me if it was real or not. There were a few that had been purely fantasy, or too embarrassing for the girls to own up to.

We still enacted a few of the not real dreams, because they were too fun to pass up. I got to watch Melissa eat my cum out of Meghan's pussy, and watch then snowball each other. I got to fill up Melissa's pussy while Meghan massaged my prostate, then had to eat it out of her - that one I had made up, but it was like an homage to June.

When it was Melissa's time to go home, Meghan left us alone at the cabin. I undressed her, and licked my way up and down her body. I paid special attention to her small breasts, sucking on them hard, and making her jump in a bit of pleasure and pain. Then I began to finger fuck her. I managed to slip three fingers in her, but never managed to get more in.

I played with the inside of her pussy, curling my fingers up to stimulate her g-spot. She clamped down on my fingers as she came. Then I ate her pussy and ass. She pulled her long legs up, and locked them behind her head. Fuck was she flexible, had I known, I would have worked that into a fantasy. It's amazing licking a pussy like that. being stretched up like that though, but was too tight for me to fuck. I couldn't get my cock more than an inch or two in, so she brought her legs down.

I slid into her missionary, kissing her deeply. We fucked slowly like that for a while, then I slid out of her, and rolled her onto her tummy. I slid a pillow under her to give her as a nice bit of lift, and slid my cock into big ass girls xxx vadeos. I fucked her with a little faster, rocking in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

I could feel my sheets getting wet from her. I pulled out, and plled her ass up so she was kneeling now. I rubbed my cock in her pussy lips, getting it lubed up, and then pushed it against her ass. She clenched. "Oh, you dirty fucker you. Only Meg has ever had my ass." She said with a smile, then she released and my cock slid a bit. I slowly worked into her ass and began fucking her. "Your ass has always been perfection," I admitted.

"I've cum many times dreaming of ass fucking you." She let out an audible groan, something I didn't expect from this usually silent girl. I fucked her ass gently and then harder and harder. Then, Melissa slid two fingers into her pussy, pushing against my cock. The sensation was amazing. She was vigorously frigging her pussy as I pounded her ass. The sensation of feeling her fingers though her pussy and ass was blowing my mind.

Then, she came. She let out a deep, loud moan, and her entire body clenched. It set me over the edge, and I came hard. When I finished, she flipped around and jumped on me, hugging and kissing me, and with tears running down her cheeks. "That was fucking amazing. Nobody has ever made me cum like that. I fucking love you!" she stumbled on that. " I mean. well, I do love you! But I know you don't love me, but it doesn't matter because you love Meghan, and I do too, and I'm happy you are going to be together.

I mean, I hope you get together." I shut her up with a kiss. "I love you too. Differently than Meghan, and not just for sex, but I love you too." I don't know why either of us said that, but it was true, and today, years later, I still love her in the same way.

Then Melissa went home. Meghan planed to stay on for a few more days. She had something she wanted from me. .She wanted to stay in the house for the rest of the year. She had an internship in the city, but really couldn't afford to find an apartment with a short lease.

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She needed a place to stay, so figured she could do the daily commute. I told her if she wanted, she could stay at my place in the city and not worry about commuting. She could spend her time more effectively than a fe hours of driving. She accepted that, and ended up moving in with me.

She worked, we fucked, and we became even closer. When she finished her internship, she got a permanent job with the company, making our living situation permanent. We were utterly in love, ,and after a year, we brought Kelly out to live with us.

She was the flower girl at our wedding, held at the lake, and in June's house. Meg and I loved going to the cabin after that. We fucked and fucked and fucked some more. Even Melissa would come out ever so often and join us for old times sake. Even after, she got married, she would come out with the husband and kids. Sometimes, it would be just her and the kids. The kids loved sleeping in a tent by the lake. We loved that too, because it let the three of us relive some old dreams.

Back to the future: I awoke to my wife and doctor in the hospital. "The C-T scan is good. He's fine to go home." said the doctor. "He should stay in bed for a few days rest though." My wife looked at me and smiled, "If this is a plan to relive some old fantasies, you picked the wrong week, Melissa and family are coming to the cabin next week." I guess I can say that my life is a bit of a dream cum true. "