Sexy doxy is obsessed with dongs pornstar hardcore

Sexy doxy is obsessed with dongs pornstar hardcore
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Remembering that I forgot my jockstrap I head back to the locker room after practice. As I get closer to the locker room door, I hear moaning coming from inside. I pull the door silently seeing that it is open, I quietly sneak in fearing being heard. I walk towards the location of the groans, the far stall.

The sound gets louder and louder. I grab the handle and pull. The door swings open revealing one of my teammates, Marco. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Marco yells. "I just forgot my jockstrap… actually it looks like you grabbed it for me." "I saw it sitting on the bench and thought I would grab it for you." He says "Thanks, it looks like you did more to it than just pick it up." Marco pulls the jockstrap away from his 8 inch boned cock.

The head glistens like a lake during the summer. "I&hellip.I&hellip.I…" he stutters. "How about we take this to the benches to discuss this further" We walk out to the benches lining the border of the locker room. He walks with a bit of a waddle which I find out is because he is trying to hold the dildo in his ass. He hands me back the jockstrap.

"I should really tell coach that you are stealing my stuff" "Please don't" "What are you going to do about it?" "I'm going to fuck your ass so hard you can't walk to his office." "I dare you" He grabs my face and gives it a good slap.

"What the fuck?" "You asked to be punished" He claws at my crotch like it is just some piece of meat. He rips my jeans off and throws them across the bench, just out of reach. He compliments my package and tells me he is going to turn me into a bitch starting with my junk. He slams his face on my dick and sucks like a popsicle.

Up and down at such a rapid pace his face becomes a blur. "You yu namiki hours best collection yu namiki hours that?" Breathless, I am able to respond.

The guy I had been sneaking glances at for 3 years is suddenly sucking my dick like there is no tomorrow. I couldn't believe my dreams were coming true. As he sucks faster and faster I can't help but moan.

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He screamed for me to get on all fours with my ass in the air. I got into position and as soon as I got settled he started eating my ass. His tongue probed in and out of my ass like lighting. I could tell that Marco was wetting my ass, getting it ready for entrance. Just as an intense almost orgasmic feeling rose over me, he stopped and started rubbing the glistening head of his throbbing dick all over my now dripping ass hole.

He lined up the head and rammed. "What the FUCK?" I screamed, pain rushing over my whole body. "I thought the best way to go was fast, like a band-aid." He was wrong. I was quickly getting used to his cock filling my ass whole like nothing but a dick could.

He pulled back and thrust again, harder. I tried to keep from screaming but the pain and pleasure made me unable to hold it back.

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He slaps my ass over and over. "How do you like that?" "It feels so good Marco, why didn't you tell me you were gay?" "We could have done this a lot sooner!" He pounded and pounded until his cock tensed in my ass.

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Just then, my ass was filled with warm, gooey boy seed. He let out a low moan like only a man could. I tried to keep the cum in, there was too much and soon it started to leak all over the bench. Just then another team mate appeared out of the shadows and started licking the cum off of the bench before moving to my still dripping ass. "You know Matt don't you?" Marco said, chuckling.

"Where has he been hiding?" "In the shower" Matt replied "You two have been doing some pretty nasty stuff out here, why don't we get you cleaned up." I got up, sore from the recent events.

I entered the showers and reached for the shower handle.

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"What do you think you're doing?" Matt said "I'm washing off." "No, we have other ideas. Get on your knees." I crawled to the floor. The piss started to hit my head when I realized what ideas they had. Marco on my right, Matt on the left, releasing the piss they had saved all day just for this occasion.

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They had planned for this to happen. When Matt finished he grabbed my head, opened my mouth and pushed his dick in. I couldn't believe that the two guys I had fantasized about forever were here now making me their boy bitch. I had started to enjoy it when I heard footsteps coming from outside of the locker room. I tried to warn the other two but my mouth was stuffed and the moans from Matt covered any sounds I could make.

The door swung open revealing the coach. "What the fuck are you three doing?" "We just forgot some things in our lockers and got a little side tracked" Matt exclaimed, his dick still in my mouth all the way to the back of my throat.

"Well, mind if I join in?" "Why the fuck not" Marco said "You take Marco and I will finish off this bitch" Matt laughed. I looked over to see coach getting his 10 inch dick slathered on by Marco. This sight was enough to make me cum all over Matt's feet. He looked down at my face being fucked and asked these tight ass hugger jeans are all for you joi I came all over his feet and told me that I would be cleaning it up when he was done.

The face fucking for Marco and I lasted a good 10 minutes. By then we were exhausted and wanted to stop but those two told us otherwise.

Marco was soon becoming another boy bitch. The End