Cute chick alison rey enjoys big cock and jizz

Cute chick alison rey enjoys big cock and jizz
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I was drunk off of wine and feeling sooo horny.

My dumb boyfriend had gone off to work third shift while I was left alone to celebrate my 21st birthday. He had done this to me one to many times and I was not about to wait for him to come home to satisify my need. I was feeling so horny as I circled my nipple looking out the window watching for someone to walk by to fuck me the way my boyfriend should be here to do.

It was a relatively nice night and I figured it would be quite pleasant to fuck in my backyard.

Finally I spotted him. He was walking down my street and had all the features I was looking for, a penis. I quickly opened my front door and ripped off my shirt as I walked up to him. "Hey you!" I called totally shirtless. He stopped walking and slowly turned to me.

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I couldn't see his facial expression in the dark but I assumed he would be shocked to find me standing there my nipples erect in the street. "Are you up to fuck tonight?" I asked in a husky voice. All fear of rejection drowned by my last glass of wine. I didn't even wait for him to respond as I grabbed him by the belt and pulled him into my backyard. My pussy was so wet from the porn video I had been watching and I was not up for any foreplay.

He seemed to sense this and didn't say a word to me as he reached for my tits and began to squeeze them. I was in ecstasy and I absolutely did not want it to end. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it against my chest hoping he would get the hint. I was delighted as he took one of my nipples in his mouth and began to nibble. I moaned and began to unbuckle his belt.

I was two days past ready and he was too dressed for the occasion. "What's your name baby?" he aj applegate in a massive married gangbang breathlessly. "No. no names, I just want to fuck" I said, I did not want to complicate things. He seemed more than happy to oblige as he pulled my pajama pants down.

I stepped over them and immediately ripped my panties off. I was over the fondling and instantly turned and bent over presenting my pussy to him. I was ready to take a pounding. I wiggle my ass in the air while he excitedly ripped his jeans off and positioned his already hard dick against my vagina. "Do it" I hissed between my teeth and he didn't even hesitate. Before I could even take a breath he was balls deep inside of me.

I gasped. He was even bigger than I had hopped. Without warning he began to fuck me without mercy. I cried out as he slammed into me again and again. I was all I could to not fall face first into the grass. I could hear him grunting behind me as he thrust into me. He took no note of my own pleasure. He only thrust selfishly into my cunt. I was not in the slightest bit disappointed.

"Oh god! Yes yes! Harder!" I cried out. "Shut the fuck up bitch" he said as he mercilessly drove into me. I obediently stopped talking. I was in heaven. He suddenly sped up as he took hold of my tits using them as a handle to more violently fuck me.

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I cried out in ecstasy as I began to cum. He was as selfish as ever thrusting again and again and again. He took a fistful of my hair and said "moan for me whore" I obeyed and moaned as I let my orgasm ride out. I was about ready to collapse when he took me in his arms and threw me face first into one of my lawn chairs.

"I'm going to ride your ass now you slut" he hissed at me as he positioned his cock between my ass cheeks. I hardly had time to prepare myself before he was already thrusting. I cried out in pain but he ignored me as he took his pleasure. I was but an instrument and I loved it. He held my hips as he drove it to me over and over again moaning his praise.

Suddenly his humping sped up and I found myself being painfully slammed into the chair. Part of me wanted him to stop as I found myself experiencing more pain then pleasure.

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"No!" I called out as he began to smack my ass repeatedly. I could feel tears streaming down my face. He picked me up and violently threw me onto the cement driveway all the while still thrusting into me. I felt the cold ground scraping my face as he continued taking his pleasure. "GET OFF!" I screamed but he only laughed, I was but a whore and he was my master. His nails ripped into my flesh as he pulled my hips ever harder against himself. "Oh god yes!

Scream bitch scream!" He cried. I began to sob into the cement. My crying only intensified his pleasure. Suddenly he went impossibly faster calling out to me that he was about to cum inside of me. "I'm going to mark you as mine bitch get ready" he grunted.

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And suddenly I felt his release inside of me. I felt so dirty as his pulsing cock shot his seed into my ready cunt. He held me down and forced me to accept it all. He laughed at me the entire time. As I lay on the ground sobbing he ripped his cock out of my pulsing vagina and quickly got dressed. "Think twice before you ask to get fucked next time bitch" he growled into my ear before he disappeared into the dark leaving me aching for more. into the dark leaving me aching for more.