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Nice deep face hole fellatio pornstar and hardcore
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I sent the last email on my list and leaned back in my wonderful soft chair. I felt an itch and scratched my right leg. My fingers ran over the tops of my stockings. I looked down at my leg and ran my hand over my soft but firm thigh. I was in good shape even though I would be turning the ripe old age of 22 in a week.

I liked the way stockings felt and that my thighs were bare. The fact that my gym was in the same building that I lived and worked was a plus. The incentive program my boss set up didn't hurt either. The gym was state of the art and he could see my workout history any time he wanted to and he actually paid me for it. He insisted I stay in shape "for the business" he would say. I was perfectly ok with that as long as it resulted in money in my pocket and a tight body.

The money was special. I didn't tell anyone but the fact that a secretary, excuse me, an administrative assistant could make six figures at the age of 21 sort of blew my mind. Who was I to question, my boss was doing fine in that arena and if he wanted to pay me like that so be it. I looked at the clock and then realized I had been daydreaming again. I was out of stuff to do and that was usually a bad thing as my mind would start to wander.

I always seemed to eventually wind up in the same memory though. I seemed to get there even quicker around my birthday. It was understandable as the event in question happened seven years ago, the weekend after my 15th. I was babysitting for the Johnsons again and their sweet twin girls. I had just put the girls down for the night, they were finally sleeping.

I was coming down the stairs and the latest 2019 xxx n x story com rang. It startled me a little, the Johnsons were not coming home until the next morning. They were afraid the reunion was going to be a little wild and they had gotten a hotel room to be safe.

I felt ok with it, I was a big girl and they were only about an hour away police and are you still virgins first time suspected thief was in denial from the start I ran into trouble. Anyway, I had no plans for tomorrow anyway. The Johnsons were a wonderful couple, young, excited about their new twin girls and a lot of fun to be around. It also didn't help that they were drop dead gorgeous, especially Mr. Johnson.

He was tall with dark hair and piercing brown eyes. I had to stop myself from staring quite often. She was adorable with short blonde hair and a cute face. I called them by their last name and it drove them crazy. They said it made them feel old. They were not old, in fact only about nine years older than I was but I needed to keep the formality.

It helped to remind me that he was married and I was a high school sophomore. My bare feet hit the hardwood at the bottom of the stairs and I peeked out of the window to see who was at the door.

It was 9:00 at night. Who could be here now? I pulled the curtain slightly and saw Billy Oliver standing on the porch. Dammit! I did not want to see him. The doorbell rang again. Crap! He was going to wake the kids, I slid over to the door and opened it slightly. "What do you want?" I hissed at him.

"Hey, baby girl. I just wanted to talk a little. Please let me in, it's cold out here." He said with his blue eyes shining and his perfect face smiling at me. Damn him. I opened the door and he walked in. His hair was messed up by the wind and just made him even cuter than normal. He looked at me and I felt a flutter in my chest. No, I would not allow this. "You can stay for thirty minutes." I said coldly and closed the door. He didn't say anything, just hung his coat over the banister and smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. Billy Oliver was the school hunk and a heartbreaker. He was the quarterback and easily the cutest guy in school.

We had dated for nine months. We were the "it" couple until we broke up a few days ago and it wasn't pretty. I said some nasty things to him and he wasn't very nice to me. I was really surprised he was even here and even more surprised that I wasn't throwing things at him.

Why was I such a lightweight? "Baby girl, thirty minutes with you is like an eternity." He said in his smooth, soft voice. "Billy, cut it out! Why are you here? I really don't want to fight with you again and nothing is going to change." I said in a spiteful voice. I saw his mouth wrinkle in a frown and his blue eyes lock on mine. "That's too bad. I was hoping you had reconsidered." He said, a little less smooth. Billy had played me like a fine instrument while we were dating.

He had kissed me on the second date on my doorstep. He was a great kisser. On the third date his hand was under my shirt while he was kissing me goodnight, again on my doorstep. I was so into the moment I didn't realize what was going on until he was pinching my nipple. The fourth date we made out for pretty much the entire movie.

I could kiss him forever. Towards the end of the show I felt my bra pop and his hand was immediately over my bare breast. I never figured out how had he gotten my shirt open without me feeling it.

The boy was a master. I didn't realize how truly masterful he was until last Saturday night. We were in his backseat, in a secluded neighborhood under construction. The windows were fogged up completely. I was kissing him so hard my lips were starting to hurt.

I pulled back and realized my shirt was entirely unbuttoned, home made sex ape tube porn bra hanging loose from my arms and he was now licking on my sensitive nipples. I watched his head as he worked his magic on my little body.

I was still a virgin and I felt like I was in total control of the situation. I had no intention of giving up my virginity until my wedding night. I knew that was old-fashioned but I didn't care. It was important to me. I didn't feel like a tease, I let him do whatever he wanted above my waist but below was out of bounds. He hadn't pushed it, he knew very well how I felt.

I thought he understood but then I felt his hand slowly crawling up my leg. I didn't react as it slipped under my skirt and touched my thigh.

It felt wonderful and a little sound came out of my mouth. I suppose he took this as a sign and his hand touched the front of my panties. That was what caused me to panic, I knew I had to stop him now or I wouldn't be able to later. I pushed him away immediately and caught my breath. He was looking down at me with that sad puppy dog face.

"Baby girl, what's wrong." He asked, running his warm fingers over my tight stomach. "Billy, you know we can't go any farther." I said, my voice trembling as he ran his fingertips under my breasts.

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"Sweetie, you just need to relax and let it happen." He whispered and squeezed my right nipple softly. I felt my breath escape in a gasp as my entire body shuddered. I remember the tinge of doubt entering my mind and whirling around. He was good and he did know how to make me melt in his arms.

Maybe it would be ok, I thought. He leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. I moved slightly up to meet him.

He slipped his arm under my back and pulled me close. I felt my breasts crush against his hard chest. His tongue was running though my mouth and wrestling with mine. I wanted to eat him right there. He pulled away and kissed me on the nose, then the forehead and then down my neck. I could feel the heat building again. He kissed down my chest and then my stomach. I held his head in my hands. I was letting myself go.

I felt my skirt being slowly pushed up, I felt his lips touch my thigh. I moaned and closed my eyes. I felt his breath between my legs. I knew I had to stop, my mind was screaming but my body refused to listen. His tongue flicked along the side of my panties and then slipped under them.

I sat up slightly and immediately pushed my body away from him. He looked up, holding my legs. I was hooking my bra and trying to gather my shirt. I could see in his eyes the anger building but I didn't care. I needed this to stop or I would regret this moment for a long time.

I sat up. He got angry then and I remember hearing the words "prick tease" and "leading him on". That discussion was not pretty and ended with him tossing me out of the car. I stood there in disbelief as his tires screamed and dirt shot up in the air. The air was quiet and then I felt a chill. I looked down and my shirt was still completely unbuttoned and my bra was not hooked.

I looked around and was thankful the nearest house was a couple hundred yards away. I hooked my bra and buttoned my shirt. I didn't bother tucking it in and started to walk. It was only a couple of miles from my house and I made it home in under an hour. I was so angry the cold had no effect on me. We did have a couple more conversations in the hall the next week but they all ended the same.

I was not interested in going any farther and he was insistent. He was throwing the "love" word around but I saw right through him. I was a conquest, a prize, something he couldn't have and it was driving him crazy. "What do you marc twain boob collar girlz vol scene by that, hoping I would reconsider?

You know how I feel, I am not going to change my mind." I felt my voice rising but stopped when I remembered the kids were asleep upstairs. "I don't know, I just hoped you would, it would be so much easier that way." He said, smiling. I felt a tinge of fear hit me.

"What are you talking about?" I stammered. "Baby girl, you are special. I think you may be the last virgin in our school, maybe even in our town. I was hurt that you valued that label more than our relationship." He said. "Billy, it had nothing to do with you. I told you I was waiting for my wedding night and it's more than just a label." I said.

"Please, Jenny, are you kidding me? Who does that anymore? It's a noble goal but a little unrealistic, don't you think?" He said with a twisted grin. "You do realize you are talking about my body and what I do with it is my business, not yours. I don't care what anyone else does, this is what I want." I said sternly, feeling my strength coming back. "Too bad." He said softly and pulled out his cell phone. "What in the hell do you mean by that?" I said, trying to sound strong but the fear was again hanging in the background.

"You'll see." He muttered and I could tell he was texting. "Billy, you have to leave now. I'm not supposed to have boys over here and you have been here long enough." I said and stood, taking a few steps toward the door. "No, Baby Girl, I am not leaving yet but you can go ahead and walk down the hall and get the door if you don't want the doorbell to wake the kids." He said.

I froze. I looked back at him. He was smiling calmly. I heard a noise on the porch and I ran to the door quickly. I looked out the side window and there were four boys standing on the porch. I could see two of them, they were football players and friends of Billy. I couldn't make out the other two but I saw Jimmy Thompson reaching for the doorbell.

I ripped open the door and he jumped back a little. "What are you guys doing here?" I screamed at them in a soft voice. "Billy invited us. He said you were having a party." Jimmy said and I saw Bobby Jones punch him in the arm and the others laughed. I closed the door in his face and stormed back into the kitchen. "Just what do you think is going on?

You get out of here now and take your neanderthal friends with you or I'm calling the police." I said and could feel my frustration and anger with this boy brewing over. "Relax, baby, no need to get so excited. We can all stay calm. Just let me get this text sent and we will all be on our way. Your daddy's phone number is this, right?" he said and held up his phone. I looked at the number and it was my father's cell phone number. I ripped hairy asian girlfriend rides the stiff schlong phone from his hand and hit the button to display the message.

It was a picture of me in my room. It looked like it was taken from the foot of my bed. I was naked and lying on my bed, my right hand between my legs. My left hand was squeezing my breast, it was obvious to anyone what I was doing. I didn't remember when it was. I didn't masturbate that often but often enough not to know this exact time. I felt my heart start to race and the sweat began to form on my forehead. He took the phone from my hand and started to press the send button.

"Wait!" I said and I felt the tears start to well up in my eyes. "Where did you get that?" I asked. "Oh, you don't need to worry your pretty little head about that. I have plenty more where that came from and you should see the video." He smiled and then chuckled. I was having trouble understanding everything. Questions were flying through my head too fast for me to process anything much less ask out loud.

I just stood there with my mouth open, stunned. "I know, it's hard to come to terms with that stuck feeling. You see, I always have a backup plan but I was hoping to avoid using it this time.

I do like you, a lot, and I had so hoped it would have worked out between us but I guess this will work too. Now, you turn your cute little ass around and go let my friends in." he said in a tone like he was talking to a child. I stared at him, he smiled and cocked his head.

I turned and shuffled to the door. I opened it slowly, moving like a zombie. The boys filed in past me and went towards the kitchen. I recognized the other two when they passed me. They were also football players, one was Tommy Johansen and the other was Kirk Thomas. They were both huge and I looked up at them as they walked by me. I was barely 5 feet tall and only weighed 100 pounds. I had been on the cheerleading team in high school since the 8th grade. I was a flyer and my small size allowed me to reach pretty high in the air.

I had no idea how big the boys were but I didn't even reach their shoulders and their arms looked like they were the same size as my legs. I dropped my eyes as Kirk passed and noticed he had a case of beer in his hands.

I closed the door and followed them into the kitchen. Billy, Titfuck gets mixed with cook jerking pornstar hardcore, and Bobby were already sitting at the table and Jimmy was shuffling cards.

Tommy was pulling out a chair and Kirk dropped the case of beer on the island. I stood there, not sure lesbian jail touching your hottest buddy for the first time what to do or say. I was scared and starting to panic. "Baby girl, can you get us each a beer and put the rest in the fridge, please." I heard Billy say.

I looked at him angrily and just stood there. I watched him get up and noticed some of the guys made a soft "oooh" noise. He walked slowly to me and lowered his head to my ear. "Sweetheart, I huge cock suck by spinner arya faye putting up her skills smalltits pornstars enough footage of you to create an entire website.

I especially like the scenes of you and I on your bed. If you want to keep any shred of self-respect in this town you will do exactly as I say. You may have a chance of salvaging a little dignity or I could just send your Daddy the video of his little girl rubbing on her pussy.

Your choice." He whispered and sat horny big tit latina takes a big dick on camera in his chair. I pictured my Daddy looking at that and felt another surge of tears hit my eyes.

I felt flash brown fucks osa lovelys pussy doggystyle start to run down my cheeks as I pulled beers out of the case. I sat one in front of each guy. I went back to the island and picked up the rest of the case. It was heavy but I was mad, I felt like I could have lifted a car. I carried it over to the fridge and started to make room. The guys were laughing as I stood up and closed the door.

I thought they were laughing at me but they weren't, they seemed to be in the middle of a card game now. "Baby, come over here and sit on my lap, I need a little help." I heard Billy say. I willed my feet to move and shuffled over to him. I stood next to him and he pulled back away from the table and patted his lap. I turned and sat down. He pulled my right leg over until I was straddling his lap, facing the table.

I was happy I was wearing jeans as my legs spread to surround his. He pushed his chair closer to the table. I saw all the guys staring at me. My hands were on the table and Billy slid his arms under mine and held his cards in the front. "Please hold my cards for me baby. My hands are tired." He said. I took his cards and held them up. He immediately put his hands over my breasts. I pulled my arms in to cover my chest. I felt his breath in my ear. "Relax, sweetie, it will go much better for you if you just let it happen.

It is going to happen, you can't really do much about it now, you just have to decide if it will be easy or hard." He whispered. I pulled my arms away and held his cards out in front of me. His hands moved out from under mine and reached up to touch my brown hair. My hair color was the only thing missing from the whole blonde cheerleader/quarterback stereotype. I felt him touch my ponytail and flip it. I tried to stay calm and work on how I could get out of this.

He pulled my hair tie out and my hair fell over my shoulders. I loved my hair, it was brown, thick and long. It reached to just above my breasts. He fluffed it up. "Isn't she beautiful guys?" Billy said as he played with my hair. The guys just shook their heads like bobblehead dolls. "Ok, back to the game, I bet 10." Tommy said and I saw him throw a bill on the table.

"What do you think, baby? Tommy is betting 10 bucks, you think I should call?" Billy said. I did not know what to do. I didn't know anything about poker, I thought that was what they were playing. Billy had no matching cards and his cards were pretty spread out. I didn't think it was a good hand. "I don't know." I said, trying not to burst out crying. "You got to play to win, baby. I think we will call that." Billy said. I looked down and realized there was no money in front of Billy.

I didn't understand what was going on and then I felt him grab my shirt. I felt a tug and he yanked the top button off and tossed it into the middle. I dropped his cards and grabbed my shirt. It was one of my favorites, it was blue and buttoned up the front. I always buttoned my shirts pretty high, Billy and I argued about that once too. I looked briana lees member camshow from august th my shirt and it was hanging open more than usual with the top button missing but still modest.

It was probably where most girls would wear it anyway. "Billy, please don't." I said softly, my tears flowing again. "Baby girl, you are going to have to relax. We are just getting started." He said in my ear. "I don't understand. Why don't you have any money?" I asked. "I don't need money tonight, sweetie. You see, as thanks for inviting them my friends are allowing me to play with something other than money." He whispered in my ear.

I was still confused. I looked around the table and the hand was continuing. A couple of guys tossed their cards in and another threw a ten dollar bill in. "How many do you want Billy?" Tommy asked. "What do you think, baby?" Billy asked. My vision was blurry as my tears were flowing again and I just mumbled. "I don't' know." "Pick up the cards sweetie." He said. I picked up the cards and held them out. He pulled three of them out and tossed them. "We'll take three." He said and Tommy dealt him three cards.

Billy was now playing with my hair again so I reached down and picked up the three cards. He now had two tens. I thought that was maybe better. "I will bet another ten." Tommy said and tossed another bill out. "Baby?" Billy asked. "No, please, no." I said, hoping he would quit. "Come on sweetie, we need to see what he has." He said and ripped the next button off my shirt. I didn't move as I felt my shirt open up below.

I felt a sob hit me as I held onto the cards. "In fact, boys, I want to raise." Billy said. "No, no." I said and started to move my head back and forth.

"Guys, we need to keep her a little decent for when the Johnsons get back, would you accept a simple unbutton in place of the actual button?" Billy said. "Sure Billy, no problem." They said in unison.

"Then I will raise twenty." Billy said and I felt him start to unbutton the next button. I tensed up as I felt the button let go and he went to the next one. I looked down and saw my smooth stomach in plain view as the fourth button opened.

My lace blue bra was out for anyone to see. My breasts were big for my little body but they were also very firm. I wore a bra more out of modesty than a need for support. It was pretty but very light and thin. I knew my nipples were probably pressing the light material.

I sat up and tried to stay strong. I could get out of this, I needed to stay calm and try to think of something.

The hand went around the table and everyone else tossed their cards in. Tommy did not and looked at Billy. "I think you are bluffing, my friend." He said and tossed another bill. "Lay our cards down, sweetie." Billy said to me and I did. "Pair of tens." Billy said. Tommy smiled and laid his cards down. I saw he had two kings and two fives. He swept all the money towards him without saying a word.

Jimmy grabbed all the cards and started to shuffle. "Billy, please, what do you want?" I turned my head and whispered. "Baby, we just want to play some cards, that's all.

I know the Johnsons will not be back until the morning so we have all night. If you relax you may enjoy yourself." He whispered in my ear. "No, Billy, you guys have to leave." I said as another set of tears ran down my cheeks.

"In time, sweetie, in time. Now let's see what we have this time." He said. I looked down to see cards in front of us. I picked them up and looked up. All of the guys were holding their cards and staring at my chest.

I pulled my arms in a little to block the view and spread Billy's cards out. I noticed he had three jacks. "I will open." Billy said. He reached down and pulled on the next button. It was the last one that was outside of my jeans. The others were tucked in. "We'll start with ten." Billy said. Three of the guys tossed bills in the pot. Tommy tossed his cards in. I saw Jimmy pick up the deck. "How many baby?" Billy asked. "Two." I said in a soft voice. "That a girl, now you are getting it.

Which ones?" He said. I pulled out the other cards, leaving the three jacks. I tossed them to Jimmy. He dealt two cards and slid them to me. I picked them up. It was a five and a king.

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"Nice draw, sweetie, now we kick some ass." Billy said. "Big talk, hot shot. Make a bet." Jimmy said with a chuckle. "We will bet twenty." Billy said and pulled my shirt out of my pants. He undid the last two buttons and now my shirt was wide open. I saw all the guys staring at my chest, I didn't look down. Kirk laughed and tossed in a twenty dollar bill. "I will call that and raise you another twenty." Kirk said and tossed another bill. The other three guys groaned and tossed their cards in.

"Well, well, baby, what should we do? It seems Kirk over there thinks he can beat us. Do you think he can beat us, baby girl?" Billy said loudly. I just sat there and didn't say anything, I felt myself start to tremble.

Billy was silent for a moment. "Baby, you are going to have to put the cards down for a minute." He said. I paused for lusty brunette milf in a sexy black lingerie takes on two hard black cocks second and then realized he was sliding my shirt off my arms.

I put the cards down and he pulled my shirt completely off. I shivered as I felt the breeze hit my bare skin. I took a deep breath. "Ok, so if the buttons were worth ten, I am thinking the entire shirt has to be at least forty." Billy said. A couple of the guys nodded and make grunting noises but they looked to Kirk. He was sitting back, holding his cards in a small stack and looking at Billy. "So you want to raise me again?" Kirk said.

"Yep, what do you say?" Billy said. Kirk slowly nodded his head and Billy tossed my shirt into the pile of money. I was scared now, I knew where this was going but I could not think of a clean way out. I thought about just getting up and running but I had the twins upstairs and then I saw my daddy's face as he watched his baby girl masturbating.

I sat still and thought. "However, hot shot, I will call your clothing and raise you forty." Kirk said and tossed a wad of bills into the middle. The guys all shuffled in their seats and a few oohs and ahhs spread around. They were all looking at Billy. I turned around to see him smiling. I moved my head back and forth, pleading with my wet eyes. He cocked his head and put a pouty look on his face.

"Kirk, we will call your forty." Billy said, looking right at me as he said it. I felt his hands move around me and then felt him pulling at the front clasp of my bra. I moved my arms in and pressed on his hands. "Boys, you have no idea how special this will be, you are about to see the most perfect set of tits I have ever seen in my life and you know I have seen a few.

They are not the biggest in school but they are absolutely perfect. Baby, please move your arms." He said, staring at me. I was openly crying now and trying to plead with him. He did not show any change in his face and I moved my arms a little. I felt the clasp let go and my bra snapped open. I turned my head to see all the guys looking at me. I felt the cool air hit my breasts and felt him sliding my bra off my arms. I moved my arm and he slid it off and tossed it into the middle.

I tried to keep my arms in front but I knew they could see plenty. I felt a tear hit the top of my right breast. "We call." Billy said. Kirk laid his cards down and I saw three Aces looking at me. I knew we had lost.

I laid the cards down and the table issued numerous guy sounds. "Nice hand, bubba" Billy said and high-fived Kirk as he scooped up all the money and clothing. "I need another beer. Baby girl, jump up and get everyone another beer. Also, I think we should class up this party a little, get us some glasses." Billy said and tapped my leg.

I sat there for a minute and then turned my head to him. "Move." He said in a soft japan sex rape big cock stern voice. I jumped up and felt my breasts jiggle a little. I had always been proud of them. They were not the largest as Billy said but they were large enough.

They were a C cup and perfectly formed. They sat high on my chest even without a bra. My nipples were small and pink. Billy always said they were the cutest he had ever seen.

Cute or not, the cool air had them rock hard and sticking straight out. I tried my best to hold an arm across them. I moved to the fridge and pulled out four beers.

I put the beers down on the counter and got four lovely gigi gets nailed in a car out of the cupboard. I put a glass and beer in front of each guy. They stared at my breasts as I moved around. I stood next to Billy like a puppy my arms crossed across my chest. "Baby, you need to be a good waitress and pour the beers." He said. I huffed and then opened his beer and began to pour it in his glass, leaning over the table slightly.

I jumped as I felt Billy move my arm away from my chest and his deepthroater darling lilith gets her pussy hammered hard touch my right breast. He paused and I continued to pour. He squeezed it softly and pinched my nipple. I felt my young breasts hanging free. "Aren't they perfect guys?" Billy said and continued to squeeze as I poured.

"They are sweet." Jimmy said. "Yes, very nice." Tommy said. I finished pouring Billy's beer and stood up. He pulled his hand away and I moved over to Kirk.

I popped his beer and began to pour. I flinched again as Kirk reached up and grabbed my breast. His hand was bigger and rougher than Billy's. I tried to pour faster as he manipulated my young breast. I finished pouring his beer and moved quickly away. I did not get a reprieve as the guys took the lead from Kirk and Billy and played with my breasts as I poured their beers.

I felt like a piece of meat. I returned to Billy's side. He was smiling up at me. "You are so beautiful." He said to me.

I crossed my arms again and just stood there as he turned to the table to pick up his cards. I saw he had crap again as none of his cards matched. I saw Jimmy toss a bill in the middle. "Oh, we will call that one." Billy said quickly. He turned and grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled me closer. He looked up into my eyes and then popped the snap on my jeans. He turned back around and the rest of the guys played. Two of them tossed money in. I looked around to see if I could get any ideas.

I could not let this go fucking on the bedroom floor bubble butt and doggystyle farther, things were already way out of hand but they were going to get way worse. I was thinking of all my options and must have started daydreaming.

I was brought back to reality as Billy pulled the zipper down on my jeans. My panties were partially visible now. They were white with little blue flowers on them. They were really little girl panties, I was still small enough to shop in the Juniors department and I loved how cute the stuff was. I took another deep breath and tried best amateur blow and teen eaten out becoming a man stay calm to think.

Bobby tossed a handful magic hands french massage happy tugs anal bills into the middle and the other two guys immediately dropped their cards. Billy held onto his and I looked down and saw he did have two pairs, threes and fours. He was rubbing his forehead and looking at Bobby. "Hmm, buddy, let me see.

Do you have what it takes to beat me?" Billy said. He thought for another moment and then blurted out. "Oh hell, you only live once. Baby, take off those pants." Billy said without turning his head.

I was stunned. I stood there, everyone was staring at me. I felt my hands move down and then stop. I couldn't do it. The tears picked up again. I saw Billy turn slowly around. His eyes were not soft, they were angry. "Now!" He said through clenched teeth. I sobbed and pushed down on the waistband of my pants. I felt them slide off my hips and then onto my thighs. I pushed them down and stepped out of each leg. I held them out to Billy. He took them and tossed them onto the table.

"Thank you, sweetie, very nice." He said and looked up and down my body. I felt the cool breeze again and a shiver went through me. I folded my arms again and felt my stiff little nipples. Billy turned around and laid his cards down. Bobby laid his down and he had three queens.

He yelped and scooped the table clean. He put my pants on his shoulders, the legs draped across his front.

I thought my night could not get any worse but it did quickly. I heard a cry from upstairs and I whipped my head around to listen. Another cry, one of the girls were up. I turned quickly back to Billy with questioning eyes. He smiled at me. "You better get up there quick before she wakes the other one." Billy said. "I can't go up there like this." I said. "Sure you can baby girl, they are just babies, it's not like they can tell their parents or anything. Just be careful you don't get those boobs anywhere near their mouth.

I am not sure you are ready for that." He said and laughed. The guys laughed with him and I stood fuming. I looked at them and then turned towards the stairs. I ran to them and then stopped, my breasts bouncing. I felt a surge of power and strength. I turned back and walked to the table. "No." I said. Billy turned slowly and looked at me. I saw a little hesitation in his eyes for a split second. "I cannot go upstairs like this. I don't care what you do." I said, looking Billy straight in the eyes.

I heard Billy let out a slow breath and stare at me. "Okay, baby, you seem very determined. You can ask Kirk if he would like to let you borrow your shirt." Billy said. I turned to Kirk and he was smiling a little but he was obviously nervous. "Kirk, can I borrow my shirt?" I said, matter-of-factly.

He handed it to me and I slid it on quickly. I buttoned all the buttons that were left and then turned to run up the stairs. I took them two steps at a time.

My breasts were flying wildly under my loose shirt as I scrambled up but I felt much better. I ran into the twin's room and scooped up the crying one. I held her to my chest and she calmed down immediately.

I felt her bottom and I could tell she was wet. I laid her down and changed her diaper quickly. I picked her back up and sat in the rocker.

She snuggled against my chest and I felt myself calming down. I had held my ground and they had backed down. Maybe I could just stay up here. That was stupid, I couldn't stay here all night and then how would I explain to the Johnsons.

Sorry, Mrs. Johnson, but I was just playing a friendly game of strip poker with five guys. Yeah, that would fly real well. I heard her slow breathing and I looked down to see her asleep again. I stood slowly and laid her back in her crib. I walked out quietly and moved down the stairs. I stopped before I got to the bottom and sat down. I put my head in my hands and tried to think. I heard the guys in the other room. "Man, she is smoking hot.

I can't believe she is just going along with all this." One of them said. "I know, those tits are special, you were right Billy. They are the best I have ever seen." Another spoke up. "Told you guys and don't worry, she may hesitate a little at first but she will do whatever we want her to. You guys ready for a long night?" Billy responded. I felt my body tighten up and I was frozen. I realized how stupid I was but it just hit me that they planned to take this all the way.

Was I going to lose my virginity to five guys in one night? I felt anger hit me and I almost jumped up and screamed at them to leave. Then another thought hit me. I saw my daddy crying as he looked at the pictures. I saw everyone at school looking at me as I walked down the hall. I felt my eyes water, I was stuck, Billy was right.

I had no choice, I could not let him put those pictures out so I was going to have to go along with whatever he wanted me to do. MY only hope was to plead with him to not do this, maybe I could persuade him before it was too late. I took a deep breath and went back into the room. "Welcome back, baby, all well up there?" Billy asked as he popped another beer.

"Yes." I contre la phallocratie nouvelle reacutesistance populaire et feacuteminine and walked over to the table.

"Wonderful, now hand Kirk's property back sunny leone had fuke storys to him and let's get busy." He said and then swallowed a large mouthful of beer.

I unbuttoned my shirt slowly as the guys all watched. I felt so cheap, I was basically showing everyone my tits again. I took a deep breath and slipped the shirt off and tossed it to Kirk.

It hit his head and the guys laughed. Billy sat back down and the cards were dealt again. Everyone picked up their cards and Billy slid his chair back and patted his lap. I moved over and sat in only sunny lovin xxx story lron lap.

He slid closer and I picked up his cards. Guy and a girl play with a dick course, he had crap again. Like it mattered, I thought. Money was being tossed out. "Ok, guys, I am all in this hand." Billy said and laughed. The guys laughed and two of them tossed their cards in. Jimmy and Bobby took cards along with Billy and now he had two eights. Jimmy tossed his cards in when Bobby threw some money.

Everyone looked at Billy. He laid his cards down and then Bobby laid down three tens. "Damn, lost again. You believe that baby?" Billy said and grabbed both of my breasts. "Well, you know what happens now. It seems that Bobby has won your panties. You need to jump up and pay the boy." Billy said. He jiggled my breasts, squeezed my nipples and then slid his chair back.

He slapped my bare leg softly and I stood up. Everyone was staring. I was getting numb at this point so I just reached down and pushed my panties off my hips. They slid down my legs and gathered at my ankles. My virgin pussy was now visible to everyone for the first time ever.

I lifted them up with my right leg and tossed them at Bobby. "Holy shit, look at that. She is slick like a baby." Jimmy said. I blushed. I had never liked hair down there so I did shave it every time I shaved my legs. The last time had been this morning. "Baby girl, you were holding out on me. I didn't know you were a shaver." Billy said.

He reached out and touched me on the thigh. He ran his hand up and cupped my pussy. I shuddered. No one had ever touched me there except my doctor.

He ran his fingers along both lips. "Smooth as a baby." He said and pulled back. The guys all laughed. "Ok, baby, now it gets serious.

You see, you are out of collateral. We are going to play one hand and you are the prize. Now, get up here and get into the pot." He said and stood up, holding out his hand. I looked at him and he cocked his head towards the table. I took his hand and he helped me step on the chair and then onto the table. He sat back down as I stood in the middle of the table.

I looked down and saw all the guys looking up at me. I felt like a complete idiot as I stood there naked. "Pretty toes, baby." Billy said and ran his fingers across my foot. My toes were cute and the nails were painted pink.

I had done those too this morning so they were perfect. He continued to rub my feet as the guys pushed all the cards to him. "Ok, guys, time to play. One hand for all the marbles." Billy said and shuffled the cards.

I saw him deal them all out and everyone took cards. I felt so stupid standing in the middle of the table naked while they played a hand of cards. How did this happen? The night had started so nice and now what was I going to have to do? I was past crying, I was just trying to figure out how to get through the night. They all drew cards and then Billy asked everyone to lay down.

I looked around and then saw Billy lay down four aces. He let out a loud whoop and jumped out of his chair. He reached up to me and I took his hand. I stepped down onto the chair and then the floor. Billy sat down in front of me and looked up at me.

He was smiling an evil smile. "Baby girl, time to get serious now." He said and opened his pants. I was frozen and didn't know what he wanted me to do. "Baby, get on your babysitter and bf threesome with milf in the bedroom pornstars hardcore He said and motioned to the floor.

I paused a second as a new set of tears made their way down my cheeks. I knelt slowly and put my hands on his knees. "Jennifer Thomas, I want you to suck my dick." He said to me. I looked at his face blurry through my tears. He was serious and I took a deep breath. I reached and pulled his underwear out and reached in to grab him.

His dick, or did they call it a cock, was hard in my small hand. I could feel the heat coming off of him. I ran my hand up and down the length slowly. He seemed really long but it was the first dick/cock I had ever seen much less touched. I looked at it closer and saw the veins pulsing along the sides. Yes, it was a cock, for some reason that word better described the stiff piece of meat I held in my small hand.

I wasn't sure what to do next so I leaned in and kissed the head. I heard him moan and touch the back of my head. I opened my mouth and he pushed down on my head. I felt him slide into my mouth. He tasted salty and hot.

It seemed like there was a lot in my mouth but I could see there was still quite a bit left. I tried to get more in but I felt myself start to gag and I pulled back.

I slid up and down on him a few times. I was trying to remember the things the girls talked about at school. Most of my friends had done this and a few of them were self-proclaimed experts. I, obviously, was not but I thought if I did a good enough job I could maybe end the night with this. I felt a small glimmer of hope and I opened my mouth wider.

"Use that sweet tongue, girl." I heard Billy say. I swirled my tongue around the head and he moaned. I started moving more and sucking on him. The thought hit me again that if I could make him cum maybe I could save myself. I slid as much in my mouth as I could and then ran my tongue down the side as I pulled off slowly.

I heard him groan again and felt pressure on the back of my head. "Oh baby you are amazing." He said in a trembling voice and then he gasped. A blast of warm liquid hit my tongue and I realized he was cumming in my mouth. I coughed and pulled back and the second blast hit me right between the eyes.

I pulled back farther and he dribbled more cum down my chest. I swallowed what was left in my mouth and cleared my throat. It was slimy and tasted weird. I felt him shrinking quickly in my hand I felt that little glimmer of hope grow. "Wow, this girl can suck dick." Billy said and I felt a strange surge of pride. "Now, baby girl, get busy on the rest of the guys." He said and motioned to the table.

I looked over and saw Tommy sitting in his chair with his dick out. I scooted over and sucked the second cock of my life into my mouth. He was a little larger than Billy but it didn't take long for him to blow a load bellissima bionda italiana prima volta hard con rambetto stefanin my mouth.

I swallowed this one quickly and was able to take the second blast and swallow that one too. He too shrank quickly in my small hand. I was getting excited. I felt like I had an answer, an out. They seemed to cum pretty quickly, I thought I could do this. I looked over and Bobby was next in line.

I started to scoot over but I felt Billy's hands slide under my arms and start to lift me. I stood up and he turned me around and lifted me up on the kitchen table.

I heard my ass slap on the table as he sat me down. He pushed on my chest and forced me to lay across the table. I was small enough that my head and ass were both still on the table, even though I was lying across the small width.

"There you go buddy, easy access." Billy said and I sensed movement to my right. I turned my head just in time to see Bobby's cock slap across my face. He slid it over my mouth and I opened slightly and slid my tongue along the underside. Bobby moaned and then stabbed it into my mouth. I felt it slide in and hit the back of my throat immediately.

He grabbed my arms and pulled me slightly towards him. My head slid off the table and hung over the side. His cock was still buried in my mouth but now I felt like I was hanging upside down and I was staring at his balls hanging in front of my eyes. Bobby grabbed the side of my head and started moving in and out of my mouth. I tried to lick him as he slid in and out but he was moving too fast. I relaxed and let him just fuck my mouth. I held it open and he was just using my face as a hole for his pleasure.

I started to feel really cheap. It hit me that these guys didn't think of me as Jenny anymore but just a cheap whore they could use however they wanted. I began to get really scared that I was not going to be able to stop them from doing anything they wanted.

I screamed as I felt hands on my thighs. The scream came out as a low groan as Bobby continued to pummel my face. Someone was trying to spread my legs but I held them together. My feet were on the edge of the table and my legs bent but I was able to hold them securely together. The breath left my body in a gasp as I felt a warm, wet tongue lap the length of my pussy. I squirmed out of fear and pleasure and then hands pushed my legs up towards my head and the tongue flicked across my pussy again.

It split my lips and lapped through my insides. I had never felt anything so pleasurable in my short life. It was hard to concentrate on what was going on between my legs as Bobby was now really hammering in and out of my mouth.

His balls were slapping against my eyes as he drove in and out. The magic tongue continued to lick all around my warm pussy, every now and then slipping between the now moist lips. I felt Bobby shudder and then felt his cum blast into my mouth and slide immediately down my throat. I swallowed it successfully but he held himself in me and blasted another load into my stomach. I felt him shrinking and he started to pull out. I tasted another small load as it dribbled across my tongue.

He pulled out and dribbled the last few drops across my face. I tried to lift my head to look who was between my legs but I saw Kirk move over my head. He lifted his cock and placed his balls over my mouth. He smelled of salt and sweat. "Suck them." I heard his voice above me. I opened my mouth and the huge balls slid partway in.

I sucked gently, I wasn't sure how sensitive they were. I sure sasha grey deepthroat shane diesel want to hurt him and have him get angry with me. I was in enough of a mess already. The rest of his balls slid into my mouth as I sucked. He grabbed my breasts and I felt the tongue again and then pressure on the inside of my thighs. I tried to hold my legs together but the tongue was making it hard to concentrate.

I felt my thighs relax slightly and then they were spread wide. I felt my young pussy open up. The tongue flicked immediately inside and drove into me. I squirmed up off the table and tried hard not to bite down on my mouthful of balls. I was writhing on the table and trying to hold onto Kirk's thighs to get control. I spit out his balls and screamed. "Wow, guys, are you seeing this. Little Jenny likes getting her pussy licked." I heard Billy say from between my legs.

I settled down and then bucked again when he flicked his tongue across my now swollen clit. I heard Billy laugh and then he licked me again.

I could feel my body getting out of control now as he kept up his work on my poor pussy. I started to scream again and then another cock slid into my mouth. My scream died in my throat as the cock moved quickly to the back of my mouth. "Guys, you have to taste this. Virgin pussy is so sweet, she tastes just like strawberries." I heard Billy say and then felt his tongue again. Kirk kept the pressure on my mouth and I felt his hands leave my breasts and grab my head.

I tried to swirl my tongue around him but I couldn't move it very much. I started to panic as he kept pushing. I could feel his cock at the back of my throat and it started to slide farther. I felt the gag reflex hit me and my body convulsed. I thought I heard someone laugh as I struggled to breathe. Billy was now licking furiously and Kirk was sliding farther into my throat. I felt his stomach hit my face and hair tickled my chin. I could not breath now and I started to fear I was going to suffocate.

I started hitting him on the legs and pushing to try and free myself. He held my head and I couldn't get him out. I felt myself getting dizzy and weak, my arms dropped onto the table. I thought I heard screaming and the next thing I knew air was rushing into my lungs and I started to cough. I rolled over onto my side and felt like I was going to throw up. I slowly started to feel better and rolled back onto my back. I heard the guys yelling.

"Dumbass, you could have killed her. What were you thinking?" I heard Billy's voice scream. "Sorry, Billy, I don't know what happened. Her mouth was so warm, it felt so good, I just got carried away." Kirk answered back. I felt hands on my face, lifting my head up.

It was Billy. "Jenny, are you ok?" He asked, give me pink belgian beauty cums three times masturbation and solo girl concern in his voice. I shook my head yes.

He leaned over and kissed me. His kiss was as sweet as it ever was. He stood back up and ran his fingers over my cheek. I felt him touch some of the cum that was all over my face. He moved his finger to my mouth and I licked it clean. He smiled down at me and then looked across the table at his friends. "You guys need to taste that pussy while it is still pure." Billy said. It didn't take long molly jane behind the scenes another set of hands to spread my thighs and another warm, wet tongue to touch my sensitive pussy.

I moaned again. I had never had anyone touch me there much less use their tongue. I felt my eyes roll into my head as the pleasure overtook me again. I grabbed Billy's hand and squeezed it. He looked down at me with a little look of surprise. "Wow, this is sweet, I have never tasted anything like this." I heard Jimmy's voice.

"You ever taste a virgin before?" Billy asked. "No, we need to do this more often, are there any more around?" Jimmy said. "Not that I know of." Billy answered. "Too bad." Jimmy said and then went back to work between my legs. I felt the tingle start in my toes and slowly start to work its way toward my crotch. I spread my legs wider and then the tingle picked up speed. It reached my thighs and then it exploded in my pussy.

I screamed and the sound was very loud in my ears. I shut my mouth and bit my lip as my orgasm ripped through me. I felt my butt lift off the table and Jimmy held onto my thighs. I squirmed as Amateur lesbo teenies get their wet cunts licked and nailed continued to cum, holding onto Billy.

"That was wild." I heard Jimmy. "Yeah, you must have hit the spot buddy." Billy said. "Now give someone else a chance." He said. I felt Jimmy leave and another take his place. Another warm tongue touched my now sensitive clit and I gasped. He moved to my lips and started working there. I settled down and then felt another cock on my cheek.

I turned to see Tommy pushing his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth hesitantly and he slid slowly in. I noticed he was being really gentle and I swirled my tongue around the head as it sat there. He moaned and I sucked gently. He pushed a little more in and I started working my tongue again. "This is amazing." Bobby said and sat up, his chin glistening with juices. "Move, turd, give me a shot." Kirk said and pushed Bobby out of the way. I squirmed again as I felt Kirk suck on my clit and run his tongue over it.

I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth as Kirk began to lick up and down my wet slit. I could feel myself getting sloppy wet between the guys tongues and my own juices. I was thinking about what was going to happen next when I felt Tommy spray a blast of cum onto my tongue. He pulled out and I closed my mouth and swallowed. I felt a warmth hit my chest as he finished over my tits. He grabbed both of my breasts and rubbed them as he finished cumming.

Tommy moved away and my head hung off the table. I felt someone grab my hips and slide me forward until my head was back on the table. I looked up to see Billy standing between my spread legs. I felt his cock land on my stomach as he moved closer. I saw it was hard again and I panicked. I really thought they would be done after cumming once. I didn't know they could get hard again so quickly.

I felt fear hit me hard as I realized a boy was standing between my spread legs with an erection laying on my stomach. "Please Billy, don't." I begged as the tears started to flow again.

He looked at me and I couldn't tell if he was sad or not. I knew when mom and aunty fucking young boy smiled wide that he was far from sad. He stepped back and I felt his cock graze across my open pussy. He moved back forward and his meat slid back across my stomach.

He leaned forward and whispered. "Baby girl, I have been waiting for this for months. You are gonna give me that cherry now, your only choice is whether you want it be gentle or rough." He said and stood back up. I looked around mom and san xxx rum night table and the guys were just standing around watching.

I looked back at Billy.

"Jenny, put it in." He said softly. I stared at him and felt all hope leave my body. He was going to humiliate me now. He was going to make me actually hand over my precious virginity to him. "Jenny, put it in." He said again, his voice rising a little. I reached down between my legs and felt his hardness. He pulled back a little and I held onto him.

I lined him up with my virgin hole and felt the head slide across my wet lips. I pulled him a little and felt pressure where I never thought I would for many years. I let go and he remained in place. I felt him push gently and felt myself opening up to him. My pussy sucked him in and I felt more of him slide into me. It did not hurt yet, only felt full.

"Jennifer Thomas." I heard his voice and I looked up. "I am going to fuck you now." He said and held still. I looked into his eyes and saw the look of victory. He was going to get my cherry after all and on his terms. My power was completely gone. I was at his mercy, his cock perched at my maidenhead and my legs spread wide.

My arms were pulled over my head and I felt strong hands holding them in place. I could fight but for what, only to be raped brutally. I closed my eyes and rolled my head to the side, conceding his victory. I felt the pressure first, slowly opening me. The discomfort started as I felt my pussy lips opening wide for the first time. I felt him hit my virginity and stop. This was my last chance. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He wasn't even looking at me.

His hands were on my thighs and he was saying something to Bobby. I saw Bobby lean over and then walk around the table. I watched him and then saw my panties in his hand. He shoved them in my mouth and put his hand over them. I looked back at Billy and saw his final conquering look a moment before he slammed his rock hard cock into my virgin pussy.

I was then happy Bobby had shoved my panties in my mouth as I screamed the loudest I have ever screamed. The pain was like lightning ripping through my lower body. I had never felt anything like that. It felt like I had been torn wide open and blood should be pouring out of me. I felt full but I couldn't process it through the sharp pain ripping through my stomach.

I was still screaming but Bobby held his hand over my mouth, muffling the noise. Billy was just holding himself in me as I screamed and writhed.

I felt like a rag doll as I squirmed with hands holding my arms over my head and my legs spread apart. I calmed down a little as the pain receded slowly.

It was turning from a sharp stabbing to a dull ache. I was sobbing hard from the pain and humiliation, the tears were flowing out of my eyes. Everything was blurry but I did see Billy start to move and felt him sliding out of me.

He was almost completely out when he slammed back in. I screamed again as the stabbing pain hit me again. He starting sliding out again. I was trying to slow my breathing to control the pain but then he stabbed me again and another scream escaped my lungs only to be muffled by my cute white panties with flowers on them. Billy was starting to get into a rhythm and the stabbing was getting less and less severe. My crotch still felt like it was on fire but I was getting a little control over the pain.

He was holding the back of my knees and I heard the sound of skin slapping as he pounded me. He was not being gentle anymore. I looked at his face and saw a savage look. He was fucking me. I wanted my first time to be slow and full of love but instead it was savage and full of lust. I closed my eyes as he hammered my little pussy.

He lasted for another minute or so and then I felt a warmth deep within my body. My eyes shot open and I saw him squinting as he was pressed deep inside me.

He was cumming inside me! I tried to move but between Bobby holding his hand over my mouth and Billy holding my thighs I could not. I lay there as Billy Oliver dumped warm cum deep in my fertile womb. A new wave of fear hit me as the cum spread inside me.

He stayed there for about a minute and then slowly pulled out. Beauteous hottie loves erected dongs a lot was a fresh shot of pain as he left me.

I felt wide open and then a slow closing. I could feel his cum leaking out of me. He stepped away and my arms and legs were released. I saw Jimmy appear in my vision and I felt his hands grab my thighs. Bobby tried to take his hand from my mouth but I grabbed his arm and kept it there.

Jimmy slammed his cock into me and I screamed into my panties again. Jimmy did not last as long as Billy, that was a sort of blessing but he added his sperm to Billy's. I felt more of it leak out as he pulled out. Tommy moved between my open legs and I felt the third cock of my life enter my now sore pussy.

He lasted longer than both of them and then made his deposit. There was a pause and then I saw Kirk standing there. He almost looked sad. He looked down and I felt pressure again. He started to push in and I felt a fresh jolt of pain hit me. I was being opened up again, I held onto Bobby and screamed as fresh, new pain ran through me.

Kirk pushed his stomach against my crotch and I knew he was completely inside me. I felt like I had a telephone pole in me. My pussy was aching as it stretched to accommodate him. I was breathing hard and trying to get control. He stayed still for a little while and then started to move in and out. I felt my pussy getting used to his size but he was touching places none of the first three had reached. I felt a warmth spread across my stomach as he got into rhythm.

I felt my hips lift off the table and then I felt his hands slide under my ass. He was now hitting it hard and I was moving my hips to try and meet him. I was in heaven and this was a glorious cock. He had me under his spell as his hips moved back and forth as he moved in and out of my little body.

He was punishing my poor pussy but I was now loving it. I felt the familiar warmth again. I squeezed Bobby's hand and screamed into my panties as I came for the second time that night. My orgasm moved through me and Kirk never slowed down.

As I was coming down from the pleasure he drove himself deep and started to add his contribution to the collection of sperm in my womb. Kirk pulled away and I felt like my pussy was hanging open.

My legs were slumped over the edge of the table and I couldn't move them. Bobby moved his hand and pulled my panties from my mouth. I sucked in a mouthful of air as he walked around the table.

I was starting to breathe normally when I felt Bobby slide into my well-used pussy. I felt no pain after Kirk's pole had opened me up. Bobby hammered away for a couple of minutes then made his squinty face and came in me. My pussy was now leaking cum badly as Bobby moved away. I felt a pool forming under my ass as I lay there.

I couldn't move as I thought about what had just happened. My virginity, something I had protected for 14 years, well, really only for the last 2 years. That was how long boys had been trying to get into my pants.

Nobody had even touched me below the waist and now I had been fucked five times in less than an hour. Could you go from pure virgin to cheap whore in that little time? I wondered what my life would be like now that I had lost the one thing I treasured the most. I started to cry again. I heard a beer can pop but I trinity clair tongue fucks sarah jessies tight pay much attention.

I heard a few more and didn't bother to look up. "Wow, that is one messed up pussy." I heard Bobby say. I opened my eyes to see all the guys standing with beers, staring at my crotch.

I tried to close my legs but couldn't. I pushed again and was able to make them move. I closed them and rolled over in a fetal position on the kitchen table. "Yeah, it was a lot prettier a few minutes ago." Jimmy said and everyone laughed. "But that had to be the best fuck ever. She was even better than Christy Johnson." I heard Tommy say. Christy Johnson was the head cheerleader and I didn't know she had fucked Tommy.

"Yep, easily better than Christy." Bobby chimed in. Well, I guessed she fucked Bobby too. I took a little satisfaction in that. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I opened my eyes. Billy was standing there and his soft cock was inches from my face.

"No, please, no more." I said in a scratchy voice.

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"Sorry, baby girl, I need another go at that sweet treasure between your legs but your pretty mouth is going to help me get ready. Now, open up." He said and pushed the soft head against my lips.

I opened my mouth and he slid in. He was still soft so he was able to get the entire thing in my mouth. It felt different having a soft cock in my mouth.

I was too tired to do anything so I just held him there. I felt him push my hair out of my face and I looked up. "Baby girl, you have no idea how long I have dreamed of this very sight. Your pretty face stuffed with my cock. It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen." He said and I heard a click as he took a picture with his cell phone.

I felt him starting to harden and he was filling my mouth. He finished getting hard quickly and he pulled out of my mouth and walked around the table. He didn't even move me, just slid into my sloppy pussy as I lay on my side. He started moving slowly in and out. "God Damn, this is great pussy even the second time around." Billy said to the guys. I saw him high five Bobby and then Jimmy handed him a beer. He popped the top and took a deep drink, still fucking me.

He didn't break rhythm as he pumped in and out and drank his beer. I closed my eyes and just let him fuck me, I was tired and did not have the strength to fight anymore. He lasted quite a while and then I felt him cum again. He pulled out and moved away. I felt hands touch my legs and turn me back onto my back. My body flopped over, unable to resist. My legs were lifted and spread and another cock entered me. I saw Jimmy ripping into me again. He also lasted a while before he added his two cents into my worn pussy.

I laid there as Bobby and Tommy took their second turns with me. They both stayed between my legs way longer than before and each deposited more seed in me. I then saw Kirk step back between my legs. I wondered if I would even feel him this time around. He lifted my legs and slid his massive meat into me. I did feel him. He stretched me again. He pushed my legs back onto my chest college babes sucking dick together during dorm room party started to really pound me.

My body felt like a limp rag doll again as he ravaged me. Gorgeous babe being teased before a nice fuck head was moving on the table, my breasts were bouncing on my chest and my feet were dangling in the air above my head.

He was a madman and his cock was like a hammer. He was banging against me as he drilled his tool deep into me each time. I heard a noise and I realized I was moaning as he fucked me. I lost track of time as Kirk continued to hammer down into me, I saw sweat starting to form on his forehead.

My body was limp under his attack. Finally I saw his squinty face and felt his massive cock spasm inside me. He pulled out and my legs just slumped over the edge of the table.

I could not move, I was one well-fucked girl.

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I heard the guys talking but couldn't make out what they were saying. I felt a presence to the side of me and then I heard Billy's voice. "Baby girl, it has been quite a party. You were a wonderful hostess. We are going now. We will take all the beer with us. You probably should get up and clean this place up, you made a little mess.

See you Monday at school." He said and kissed me on the forehead. I turned my head to see them leaving and I heard the door shut. The kitchen was quiet and peaceful. I laid there and I so wanted to just sleep. I fought hard to stay awake, I knew I had to get up. I forced myself to sit up and I felt a wave of dizziness hit me. I closed my eyes and held my head until it cleared. I tried to slide forward but my legs wouldn't respond.

I grabbed my right thigh and pushed it forward. I grabbed my left one and did the same. My ass slid off the table and then my legs crumbled under me. I hit the floor in a heap and I felt myself slide around in the cum on the floor. I sat up and looked around.

The floor was a mess. I saw my pants across the floor and my shirt was sitting to my left. I reached for it and picked it up.

I noticed cum dripping from it, it had been under the table and was now soaking wet. I dropped it. I tried to stand up but slipped a couple of times.

I finally made it to my feet and was able to stand, albeit a little wobbly. I looked around the kitchen and it was indeed a total mess. They had taken all the beer cans so I was thankful for that. I walked over to pick up my pants and they were relatively clean. I hung them over the back of one of the chairs. I looked around for my panties and bra but didn't see them. I assumed they had taken them for souvenirs. I walked to the sink and picked up a rag.

I went to the table and started to soak up the huge amount of cum pooled on the table. I still felt it running down my legs as I cleaned the table. I got the table and floor cleaned and my shirt was soaking in the sink. I had cleaned myself off the best I could and slid my pants over my sore legs. I pulled them up and zipped and snapped them. I felt wetness begin to form in my crotch immediately as the cum continued to seep out of me.

I felt my hair and it felt crunchy. Dried cum, great, I thought. I walked over to the sink and wet my hair under the faucet, trying to get most of the cum out. I dried it the best I could and then squeezed my shirt out over the sink. I had gotten the cum out but it was now soaking wet. There was no way it would dry by itself before morning. I looked up at the clock and felt a surge of panic. The clock showed 3:00 AM. I grabbed my shirt and walked to the basement door. I stumbled down the stairs and threw my shirt into the dryer.

I slowly climbed the stairs, my legs really starting to ache. I made it up to the kitchen and just stood there leaning against the wall, resting. I was so tired. I pushed off the wall and went into the den. I sat down in the recliner and was asleep within minutes.

The cry echoed out of the baby monitor. I opened my eyes and they felt crusty. I rubbed them and the cry came through again. I jumped up and the pain shot through my sore legs. I could feel a dull ache between my legs also. I forced myself to walk towards the stairs. I reached them and my legs were loosening up.

I hit the first step and started to climb. I made it halfway up when I realized my breasts were bouncing ravishing kayden plugs her orgasmic pink slit little too much.

I looked down and remembered I was still topless, my shirt in the basement. "Crap". I said out loud when I figured out I had two sets of stairs in my immediate future. I turned around and made it down.

I went down the basement stairs, slow at first and then quicker when I heard the baby monitor cry again. I pulled my shirt sultry jasmyne de leon making large penis for pleasure of the dryer, thankful it was dry again.

I slipped it on and buttoned it on my way up. I made it to the girls room before the second one woke up. I picked up the crying baby and hugged her against my warm chest. She settled down and I lowered her onto the changing table.

I changed her diaper and could tell she was up for the day. I carried her down the stairs, going slow but feeling much stronger with a baby in my arms. I got downstairs, made her a bottle and then settled into the recliner to feed her.

She drank the bottle slowly as she nestled on my left breast. I burped her and then put her on the floor with her toys. She was quite content. I sat there looking at her playing and I became aware my shirt was hanging open way more than I was used to. I looked down and remembered that I was now missing a couple of buttons. I had buttoned all I could but the shirt was still pretty open, at least for me. You could easily see a lot of cleavage but at least no more than that.

However, I noticed my nipples were pretty easy to see through the shirt with no bra. I didn't know what I was going to do when the Johnsons got home. I leaned back in the recliner and another tear slid down my soft cheek. I heard a cry and my eyes snapped open.

The baby was still playing on the floor. I was disoriented for a moment and then realized the cry was coming from upstairs.

I scooped up the baby and started up the stairs. I reached the room and put the happy twin in the crib and picked up the crying one. I changed her quickly and then calmed her down. I could tell she was hungry and I scooped up the other one and headed down the stairs.

I put them both on the floor for a minute as I made the other bottle. I settled back in the recliner with the second girl and began feeding her.

I felt the calmness settle over me as she drank her bottle, looking up at me the whole time. The night's events were fading. I wondered what the rest of my life would be like now. I decided I wasn't going to think about it right now.

I looked down at the little girl and she smiled through the nipple in her mouth. She burped a huge burp and then I put her on the floor with her sister. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and heard the front door open. I looked up at the clock and saw it was 8:00. I saw Mr. Johnson's smiling face as he moved aside for russian mom hair hot milf fucked delivery guy wife to shoot through.

I saw her face looked worried as she scurried up the hall. "Good morning, they just finished eating." I said in a calm voice. I saw her face lighten up and relax. She rounded the corner and went right into the den. I heard her talking to her girls as Mr. Johnson walked up beside me. I looked up at him and he was smiling. "How did it go?" He said. "Fine, they were wonderful." I answered in a cheery voice.

His eyes shifted just a little and I suddenly realized he was trying very hard not to look down my shirt. I moved quickly towards the sink. I tried to pull my shirt together more but I knew he probably had a pretty good view.

I felt my body start to heat up with shame. "Honey, do you want to take Jenny home, she is probably exhausted." I heard Mrs. Johnson say as she hugged one of her daughters.

"Sure, you ready Jenny?" Mr. Johnson said to me. "Yeah, just let me get my backpack and shoes." I answered. I went into the living room, slid on my slides and picked up my backpack. I slung it over my right shoulder and walked to the door. I felt the strap pushing against my breast and looked down to see my shirt wide open and most of my left breast visible. I pulled my shirt together quickly and waited at the front door.

Mr. Johnson opened the door for me and followed me to the car. I climbed in the front seat and tried to quickly straighten out my shirt before he got in. I dropped my hands, I didn't want to draw too much attention.

He slid in the seat and started the car. The ride was pretty quiet. He was making small conversation, basically just so he could turn his head and look at me. His eyes did not meet mine when he did this.

I sat there, embarrassed at what he must now think of me. We made it to my house within minutes. I jumped out of the car quickly. I heard him say something and looked back in to see him holding out a wad of bills. I took a deep breath and reached in and took them from his hand, my shirt opening up for one last show.

I stood back up and thanked him. "Jenny, Jenny." My name fell off his lips easily. I remembered how cheap and embarrassed I felt as Mr. Johnson stared at my young breasts dangling in front of his eyes. I thought they would never speak to me again but I was a regular at the Johnsons many more times in the next three years before I went to college and then many more times when I was home for break.

Mr. Johnson looked at me a little different after that night. He hardly ever looked me in the eyes and when he did I saw a fire in him. It could have been due to the fact that I felt a need to unbutton the top couple of buttons before he took me home?

Maybe the short jean skirts I started wearing? "Jenny." My name sounded in my ears again. "Jenny, are you there?" The voice said again. I snapped out of my trance and hit the intercom button.

"Yes, sir, sorry." I said into the speaker. "Can you come in here for a minute please?" The voice said. I scrambled up and picked up my notepad and pen. I straightened my shirt and skirt. I laughed a little as I realized my shirt was open about as it was that night but now I thought nothing of it.

My high heels made a small knocking noise as I walked toward my boss's office. I smoothed my skirt down a little before I went in. It didn't do much as it still showed most of my thighs wrapped in the black nylon stockings. "Where you sleeping?" My boss asked.

"No sir, just daydreaming." I answered and sat down. I felt my short skirt move up my legs as I sat down. I crossed my legs slowly and knew my stocking tops were probably visible. I didn't even think about it, he had seen them often enough. I picked up my pad. "I thought we could discuss the schedule for tomorrow before we got out of here tonight." He said. I nodded and waited for him to continue. He smiled at me, his blue eyes sparkling.

I felt my heart flutter again. "Ok, I have a few conference calls in the morning so you don't have to get here before 10:00 if you want." He said. I smiled and looked forward to sleeping in on a Friday. That would be nice. "We do have a new client coming in at 2:00 though so you need to be sharp and ready to help close the deal." He said.

I looked up at him when he said that and he was still smiling that pretty smile. "He is a junior coming out early. He is coming in with his mom and I know the other firms he is considering. It should be a pretty easy sell. I need the professional librarian look at first for the mom. I will separate them later and you can work your charms on him. He is from a pretty suburban environment so I doubt you will have to fuck him. Just dress it up nice and flash a little lace and we should be able to close him pretty easily." He said and flipped a few papers on his desk.

I took a deep breath. I hated when we got new clients but this one sounded like it would not be too bad. I wrote down the details. "That is pretty much all we have for tomorrow so we should be able to get out of here pretty early." He said.

I looked up at him as he said this. He closed his folder slowly and smiled at me again. "Which will be nice because all the boys are coming in tomorrow. Kirk is getting married in a couple of weeks hardcore casting kinky nicole finds a good match we are all taking him out for his last night on the town." He said and pushed his chair back.

"That will be fun, won't it? It will be just like old times." He said and walked over to stand in front of me. I put my pad down and stood up. He reached out and popped a button on my silk shirt. He reached his fingers in and caressed the top of my breasts.

I felt myself start to get warmer. English movies in sex vedios shifted my legs and heard the sound of the nylon rubbing together.

He kissed me lightly on the lips and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. He turned me around slowly and bent me over his desk. I felt my skirt flip over my ass and then his warm hands run over my tight butt.

I heard a zipper and felt his hard meat slap against my ass cheek. He pulled my black lace panties to the side and entered my moist pussy easily. I grunted as he hit bottom quickly. He held himself deep in me and reached around to pop my bra. My breasts popped free and he grabbed them and squeezed.

"Perfect tits. They still amaze me." He said and manipulated my firm breasts. He let go of my breasts and began moving in and out of me, his hands on my hips. My nipples rubbed against the mahogany desk as he worked on me. "You are still such a sweet fuck, baby girl. I just love this pussy." He said. I closed my eyes and let him do whatever he wanted. "You excited about tomorrow night, sweetie? Now that I think of it, Kirk will love your librarian look.

You don't even have to worry about changing." He said and continued to move slowly in and out of me. I didn't say anything, just kept my eyes closed and waited for him to finish. A hard slap on my ass and the tone of his voice opened my eyes and my mouth. "I asked you a question, baby girl.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow night?" he said, a little anger in his voice. "Yes, Billy." I answered and I heard him laugh his evil laugh. He squeezed my hips, buried his cock deep and dumped another load in me.