Awesome deepthroat and cock riding action with hinata tachibana

Awesome deepthroat and cock riding action with hinata tachibana
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It was one of those hot and muggy august days. My little brother Tom had his girlfriend Amy and her best friend Mandi over for a dip in the pool. Amy was on of those hot little blonde things, has that flat little16 year old body that just made her tiny little bikini scream fuck me. Mandi is 17 and a little bigger, especially her perfectly shaped d-cup tits.

Amy I could tell was getting horny, I could see her tiny nipples getting hard and the way she was teasing Tom it would be no time until he led her to the pool house for fun.

After a few minutes me and Mandi could hear them going at it hard and heavy.

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Mandi came out of the pool in one of those Fast times moments, toweled off and joined me on a pool chair. We shot the breeze for a few when she came out and said "I am bored and horny, please do me too, I'm not a virgin" This got my 25 yo 12 inch cock to its full attention.

I invited her to the sauna in the back of the pool house and before i could start the steam Mandi was all over me. "I can not wail till big bad Bob has his way with me". This took me aback as not to many people know this nickname. "how did you here about that" I said wondering."my sister says she could feel you bang her inner depths and its a legend in this town. At that I stripped off her one piece. Little plump but very sexy.

I started at her nipples which shot out straight. She was wet, hot, and very horny now as she stripped off my shorts. At the sight of my 7 inch flat cock she bent down and tried to get as much as she could into her mouth.

"That is the biggest cock I have ever seen" I told here that it was not even hard yet and she mumbled "oh my god". After a few she had me up punishteens daddy makes step daughter take a hard fuck punishment missionary full length. I leaned her back, expecting to get the fuck of her life, i ate her out with my 4 inch tongue.

After a screaming, very wet orgasm, that i know amy and tom had to hear I started to snake bob in this 17 yo pussy. I was surprised, many girls have a hard time at first but mandi just sucked in 5 inches. As we started to grind i eased a little more in every once in a while to just give her a taste as what was to come.

After her second orgasm and begging for it harder I eased it in to about 9 inches. She screamed in pain and pleasure and I was surprised she was begging for more.

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The last couple inches of bob is almost 41/2 inches in diameter and i do not normally bury myself but she asked for it. I slowed down and let her only have about 2 inches when Mandi said please me don't tease me. I very slowly slip Bob in about 10 inches and could feel the back of mandi's pussy. Mandi had another juicy orgasm and screamed for more. I buried the last 1 inch that stretched her pussy lips farther open than i can imagine and rode this 17 yo hard.

I came in her hard and the expansion of her pussy with a half cup of cum sent her into a shaking orgasm. The legend of big bad bob lives on.