Wicked bombshell gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the spunk

Wicked bombshell gets jizz load on her face swallowing all the spunk
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Valkyrie woke up at 9:09. Her and skulduggery had spent the last night beating up a horde of russians the horny people tube porn released by a group of anarchists and she had only gotten home at 2 in the morning. But today was her day off. Her first day off in far to long. She got up and walked downstairs, opening the cupboard and getting out some cornflakes.

She poured them into a bowl, added some milk and turned on the tv. She flicked through the channels but none of them were any good so she turned the tv off. She went to the bookshelf but all the books were bad or photo albums and shed never really been the type to look at photos. It was 11 o clock now and valkyrie had nothing to do. She looked in a magazine and flicked to a page with a half naked women glistening with water covering the page. Her pussy tingled and she slid her finger down her pants past her underwear and slid a finger in.

Her legs clenched and her pants went fucking ends with a lot of orgasms. Sitting down on the living room couch She turned on her phone, making an incognito tab on chrome and turned on some porn. The first video she watched was a lesbian porno and she pulled off her jeans and T-shirt revealing g string and see through lace bra. She cupped her boob with her left hand and fingered herself with the other.

When it was over valkyrie still hadn't orgasmed. She was about to search for another porno when she remembered some of the stuff the two girls in the video had done, and valkyrie wanted to try it. She went upstairs and touched the mirror, and the reflection walked out, she immediately dropped to her knees and suckled Valkyries pussy. Valkyrie grabbed her head, using all of her self restraint and pulled her away.

They walked downstairs, d cups bouncing and valkyrie lay on the table. The reflection licked her soft, red, tender pussy and valkyrie moaned, she moved a hand away from her breast and slid it into her tight ass. It was her little secret that she loved anal sex, she had often orgasmed using anal play alone. Valkyrie speed her legs, giving the reflection more room to operate and it wriggled its head side to side. The reflection added a finger, then another, then another, now triple fingering her whilst licking her as well.

Valkyrie orgasmed and the reflection ate all of her squirt. The reflection removed its hand from its pussy and pushed itself on top of valkyrie, moving into the 69 position. She began to lick the reflection, grabbing its round, smooth ass ontop of her face, when the door opened, and Melissa Edgily walked in the door to see her daughter having sex with a perfect copy of herself.

"What the hell?!" She exclaimed and the reflection hopped off valkyrie, "what are you doing?! Who are you?" She asked then her tone softened "wait right there" she said and ran off upstairs. The reflection and valkyrie remained still, their smooth pale skin glistening with sweat, round perky tits exposed. When Melissa returned she was completely naked and holding a massive dildo and vibrator. The dildo looked like a giant rainbow gummy worm and the blue vibrator was one were you put the large end in your ass and the small end in your pussy.

"I know this is awkward for you" Melissa said "so I'm going to make it even by having sex with you too, and whatever that is" she said. She took two steps forward and kissed valkyrie, the taste of semen strong in her mothers mouth. Melissa put her hand on Valkyries pussy and valkyrie did the same, fingering her and sliding her hand on her mothers round, firm ass cheeks.

The reflection picked up the anal vibrator and handed it to Melissa who lay valkyrie on the table and inserted the toy. She turned it on and valkyrie cried out in pleasure. The vibrator rubbing her insides and making her legs clench. Her mother grabbed a strap on and put it on the reflection. She walked to the otherwise of the table, arching her back and kissing valkyrie as she moaned in pleasure.

The reflection moved over and inserted the dildo in Melissa's pussy. She penetrated deep and she moaned, she started slow, building up faster and harder until she attractive virgin impure cleft impaled on cock moaning just like valkyrie was. She orgasmed, and the reflection used her hands to grab her mothers squirt and put it on her ass. Melissa looked back and grinned, and the reflection slid the dildo in her ass.

Valkyrie was crying out now. She had grabbed the vibrator and was slamming it in her ass as hard and fast as she could she grabbed the massive dildo and began sucking it off and deepthroating it. She was now slamming it as hard as she could, screaming in delight as her mother watched while being anal fucked by her reflection.

Valkyrie came, and it was 5x more than she had ever come. It sprayed the floor, and coated her. She was now a slimy mess of orgasm and lust. Melissa orgasmed and the reflection took off the strap on. She lay on the table and gave the toys to valkyrie and Melissa. They looked at each other and set to work. Valkyrie began by licking the reflection, loosening up her pussy before slowly, sliding her fist in.

The reflection gasped, and was then silenced by he strap on being slid down her throat. Melissa rammed the reflections head on the rubber shaft and valkyrie was ramming her fist in her pussy. A team effort, mother and daughter and I wasn't long before the reflection orgasmed and they ate it together. As Melissa slept on the couch, still naked hand unconsciously on her vagina, valkyrie returned the reflection to he mirror.

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Her mother couldn't remember this. It pained her to loose a possible fuck buddy as experienced as her mother but she had seen the reflection and magic had been exposed to her. She called china, asked her if she knew someone who could do it for her and she said she could do it herself and would be over in 10 minutes. Valkyrie sat in a chair, dressed in bathrobe as her mother lay naked, spread eagled on the couch. China arrived and the sight of her after what they had just done caused a small trickle to run down her leg.

"We'll my dear, what memories would you like me to a teen gets fucked for future promise from her. I could do a blanket wipe, she would wake up and her brain would imagine an incredible orgasm and shed think nothing of it. Or, I could do a photoshop, take the reflection out so she just had sex with you, saw you masturbating etc." valkyrie knew what she wanted.

She wanted her mother too remember, so they could have little sex sessions. But she was a little embarrassed for wanting that.

"I want the photoshop one" valkyrie said "just remove any magical parts but leave the rest in tact". China grinned, "ok, let's begin" she sat at the leather couch and put her hands on Valkyries mothers temples.

Her mother went rigid and a red energy flowed in her hands "there" china said "it is done. By the way, I have all the memories and you are quite the horny girl. And for my work, you wouldn't mind some. Payment?" She asked. China flicked the side of her green dress to the side and any composure she had left her. She flicked the bathrobe off, revealing D cups and throbbing, wet pussy.

She slammed her mouth onto chinas and kissed her passionately with a lot of tongue. She let go and pulled chinas skirt off and dragged her panties down.

She pushed her face into her soft vagina and poked her tongue out. He swirled it around and chinas legs clenched she moved over to the table and sat, and valkyrie added 2 fingers, wiggling them up and down inside her. China bit her lip, refusing to break composure so milf sarah vandella blowjob her stepsons large rod as to moan, but as valkyrie began nibbling at her flaps she was no match. She moaned and squeezed her C cups.

Valkyrie began poking her. Faster and faster, sucking on her vagina then china cried out, squirting right into Valkyries mouth. Valkyries eyes widened as the squirt was sprayed into her mouth. This didn't stop her from eating it all though. She gazed up at china, and china reckoned she could make her do just about anything. "Ok, my little sex slut" china said, and grabbed the 16" dildo tenderly "I want you to shove this deep down your throat" she said.

Valkyrie held it softly, and gazed at it like it was net from god, pale cheeks and wide brown eyes irresistible. She wrapped her lips around it and closed her eyes. It was covered in someone's cum and valkyrie was working it hard, she twisted her hands around it and pushed it deep in her mouth. Then she bent her head back and swallowed it. Like the eager sex slave she jacked it off while doing it.

She coughed and pulled it out and was on her hands and knees, back arched, round ass in the air, panting. China looked down at her, ready for another round. She picked up the anal vibrator and valkyrie looked like a puppy getting a bone when she saw it. "You like this do you?" China asked and valkyrie nodded. China held the base and stroked its shaft, she slid it into her mouth and a small squirt from valkyrie, now lying on the table hit her in the face.

She squeezed her eyes shut and pulled the vibrator out. She turned it on and put it to full. "This will not do" she said and grabbed a kitchen knife. She carved a symbol into its base and pressed it and the vibrator tore at her hand, fervid girl opens up narrow pussy and gets deflorated and china pressed it to Valkyries red ass.

She pushed it in and valkyrie cried out in ecstasy. China pushed it in fully and the nob at the base of the anal play to pressed against Valkyries pussy.

She was screaming now, uncontrollably fingering herself and squeezing her firm round pale breast. China crawled onto the table and kneeled on Valkyries pretty face. The vibrations were running up her whole body and as she licked, Valkyries tongue vibrated inside her.

Chinas pale body was arched as she sat on Valkyries face.

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This girl was quite proficient at fucking her and she was grabbing her tits and squeezing. Meanwhile valkyrie was furiously stabbing china with her tongue, concentrating on the incredible feeling in her ass and pussy.

That massive blue vibrator was bringing ecstasy to her entire body. Her nipples were rock solid and she was so enthralled by the beauty of the lady she had the honor of eating. Her pale skin was sweaty and her she was fucking happy, and china was crying out, the neighbors could see and hear her through the window and that pervert from the house opposite was taking a video but she didn't care.

And then they both came, valkyrie, for the second time squirted all over the floor and coated herself, and china, into Valkyries mouth, as she swirled it around her mouth. She swallowed and china fell, pussy still on Valkyries face, but on her hands. She crawled off the table, and valkyrie just fell asleep.

China carried the girl to her mother and lay them together: she took a picture and got dressed. She pantyhose cam show more videos on sexycamsorg out the door and left to her apartment.

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She had left her underwear with valkyrie, as a gift. And she hoped they could do it again. Someday