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Sexy hot beauteous hottie fucks and sucks
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I was 13 when my parents divorced. The matter was concluded swiftly one Sunday evening in July over the dinner table although I assumed there were several underlying issues that I was never told about.

I was 13 when my Mother informed me of her remarrying. This matter was settled away from my ears and just two moths after my Fathers departure, although I assumed the consumation of my Mothers new found relationship had happened almost as soon as it wouldn't be considered adultry.

A non complacent, happy child is how my relatives would describe me - the alcholic uncles, prosac intoxicated auts and senile grandparents - I hardly take notice of there perceptions, especially those of me. I was close to my Mother as a baby, toddler, child and preteen. My first period came on my 13th birthday exactly, I think this was when my Mother seperated herself from me.

Maybe that was when the arguments between her and my Father started and maybe this was to blame for the collapse or our relationship but as women, my Mother and I are merely civil to eachother.

I was close to my father. He was an inspirational man of strong morale and strong will, he wasn't a gambler, drinker, smoker, or anything addictive. He worked hard and earned a modest wage, enough to support our small family. I never could pinpoint where or when the collapse took place. That Sunday evening when everything seemed so peaceful was the first time I realised things weren't as they used to be. Spiteful comments and bitter remarks were exchanged before the plates and cups were thrown and smashed and I was sent to bed, I had lain listening to my mother raising and lowering her voice and my Fathers muffled retorts.

Then the front door slammed and I havn't seen my Father since. I was introduced to Peter in September, I had heard him in the house many times before but I stayed concealed in my room. I heard him fuck my mum too and I hated him for taking the place of a much superior man. But he was pleasnet enough, he shook my hand and smiled generously as I eyed him carefully.

He was well over 6 foot with broad shoulders and muscly arms. He wore a plain baby blue T-shirt gina ryder in her third scene of all time fit quite perfectly and dark denim jeans, I noted that they were Levi and decided that he may not be so bad.

I was still hurt inside that my Father was gone, but I was angry that he hadn't made any attempt to see me after 3 months or so, so i perked up my attitude a little and made way for some positivity. "Now I know where you Mum gets her good looks from" He laughed heartily after this and took a seat on the sofa.

I didn't like that fact that he said this, it wasn't proper to compliment his girlfriends daughter in this manner, nor was it sensible to say that my mother got her looks from me, or that my mother had looks atall.

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She was a stick thin, fagile looking thin with thick red curley hair and freckled skin. I suppose her eyes were striking and her face was warm, but she had always looked so frail to me.

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at 5"8 she was only a little taller than myself. I took a seat beside Peter and decided to initiate a conversation. "Where do you work" I asked, keeping my expression fairly stoney. "I'm a fireman" he answered matching his face with mine as he saw the way I was looking at him.

I couldn't help but flicker a smile, he looked amusing in his imitation. Then he screwed up his face really tight and crossed his eyes and I laughed and he gave another loud chuckle then he smiled broadly at me and asked me if I'd do him the honor of being his very good friend, even if it was just for today.

I decided to reply with the widest grin I could muster and then I made my way to the kitchen where my mother had made coffee for the three of us. My Father hated me drinking anything that wasn't water, milk or fruit juice but I had a teste for coffee and alcohol. My Mother and I had had wine together at dinner which had also been dissaproved of lucky jordi was able to bang three girls alternately hard and deep the past.

I pulled myself up on the counter next to Mum. "I like him!" I said with a smile. She looked up at me shocked and stared for a second then she pulled me down off the counter and hugged me as hard as she could. "Were going to be really happy" she promised. Several months passed in which there were nights in, nights out, expensive dinners and perfect saturday afternoons at the leisure centre all in the company of Mum and Pete.

It turns out that he had always recently divorced his partner and had three sons who lived with her in Surrey. I had lived in Southwold, a remote seaside town surrounded by farmland and nature resrves all my life, so had Mum, my Father moved here two years before I was born. I was eager to meet the boys but I wasn't sure if either Pete or Mum were inteding to make them part of the family until the morning of New Years eve.

"You're going to meet your step brothers tonight" Mum told me in the nail salon where we had become regular customers. My mum had taken up her old job, a small personal business in which she made arts and crafts and trinkets of all sorts, the money wouldn't have kept us going alone but Pete insisted that she keep that money for pleasures and indulgences, his salary could pay the bills and feed us. Pete also had a fortune left for him by his grandparents which he dipped into now and then if we ever needed the extra.

Mum had kept her promise - We were really happy.

"Where?" I asked, I had butterfiles for no apparent reason and was thouroghly intrgued. "We're going to a New Years party at a club house in surrey, Petes boys foned a couple of days back.

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His ex wife left them, she left an over dramatic note apparently explaining why she couldn't cope. Pete said the boys were never a handful for him, he doesn't quite understand it." I had become close to Mum ever since theday I first met Pete, I wanted her to have a family as much as I wanted it for myself, I had excluded her in the past, always thinking she was the inferior parent with no real purpose since I didn't need any cre atall anymore.

She never worked, this was because my Father thought it wrong for a women to work. I alwys thought it was because she was lazy, but that wasn't true atall. It seems as though she had sprung to life again and it was absoloutley delightful to be able to talk to her like a friend and spend time with her and look up to her. She carried on telling me about the situation with the dissapearing ex wife.

"The oldest is 18, Danny, he's been looking after the other two. Liam and Charlie. Now I can't for the life of me remeber which is the oldest of those two but there 16 and 15.

I'm looking forward to meeting them. Aren't you?" She turned her head and looked quizzically at me. "Of course I am" I said indignantley "what time are we leaving then?" "four" she said "We're eating out when we get there, before the party." "Sounds good" At 3 me and Mum were on our way back from town, hands full of shopping bags we tottered down the street that led from the bus stop to our house, Mum had always said there was no need for more than one car to a household, and since Pete had brought his own car into ours, Mum and I often used the bus or bikes or we walked, it was quite pleasent most of the time.

We collapsed through the door, mum headed straight for the sofa and I went into the kitchen to make drinks but the door was blocked by Petes huge frame and he handed me two cups of coffee. "Thanks!" I chirped and took the drinks to the front room. "I'll just have a ciggy and this coffee then we have to get ready" I nodded, sat back and tight skirt fetish these trampy teen women and their out of control partying is enough to at the steaming drink.

The last glowing red digit flicked from 0 to 1. 5:31. We were on a motorway somewhere, Mum had her feet up on the dash board with her chair reclined so far it restricted one of the backseats, I had several cusions behind me and was sprawled on the second backseat (Petes car was an 8 seater) I was reading a magazine and putting mosturiser on my arms when Pete started reciting the evenings schedule "Check in.

Eat. Party." was pretty much the jist of it, we were going for dinner in the hotel that was hosting the party and that we were also staying in that night. It was a 5 star with 316 rooms, a Penthouse, dining hall, games room, VIP bar and a vast basement which they converted into the 'Hall' It was a room with a bar and lots of luxurious sofas and a danceloor fit for over 200 people, Pete showed me the website before we left, which wasn't really fair becuase I'd had that excited feeling in my belly for the whole drive.

I had been wondering sofia cucci well fucked by prisoner in jail Mum had spent so much money on clothes today. "10 minuted girls" Pete announced happily, he turned the radio up full blast and sang over it. We were walking through lobby of the hotel shortly after we parked the car and I was completely dazzled. The ceilings were higher than any I'd seen before, the walls were spotless ivory. There were cream sofas skirting the walls and a circular reception desk in the centre.

On the far wall were eight sets of lifts with gold doors, each lift had a different elaborate patter etched into the metal with perfect precision.

I walked behind Mum and Pete who went casually hand in hand to the girl at reception, she was wearing a very neat uniform of white and gold and looked something a little more than presentable. She greeted all of us with a wide smile and looked eager and helpful. "Mr. Grayard" the clerk adressed Pete "It's been a while since your last visit, I didn't think I'd be seeing you again." I felt like royalty being there with Pete and my Mum, the clerk new our family name.

I was slowly realising that after being working class for my whole life I was now rich and had an evidently important, respected stepfather. A twinge of guilt came with that thought, for my father. I wondered where he was and what he was doing before forcing all thought of him out of my mind. He wouldn't spoil my new life. Pete and Mum conversed lightly with the clerk for a while before Pete took the key to our room and beckoned for me to follow them upstairs.

We got in the lift and Pete chose the top floor, for a second I was oblivious and then a rush of excitement hit me as i realised we were staying in rare story mom and son subtitles penthouse.

"The Penthouse!" I blurted out unintetionally Pete laughed and patted the top of my head. Once we had reached the top floor a soft automated voice came into the lift "Welcome to the Hayfield Hotel Family Penthouse Suite.

I sincerley hope you enjoy your stay. Mr. Mayfield sends you his regards and tanks." I looked up at Pete in stunned awe and he laughed again before sweeping me with ease up onto his shoulders, he ducked right down to save me head from hitting the doorway.

I looked around the room which was circular and had a small table in the middle on top of which was a bowl full of fresh fruit, Mum handed me an apple and grinned with all her heart at me. Directly ahead of us was another door which I assumed led to our 'Family Penthouse Suite' I was loving every second of it. Mum and I spent an hour getting ready, she had taken enthusistically to caring for her appearence, partly to please Pete ( not that he was a superficial man) and partly for her own self esteem, she would put curlers in her hair and pay through the nose for makeup and perfume and all sorts of vain things.

She bought me wonderful things aswell, whole wardrobes of designer clothes, makeup, hair products, straightners, curlers, and I had become innocently vain myself, it was a brilliant feeling, to feel like a million dollars all the time.

For my New Years present I had recieved 3 new outfits, a white cocktail dress by Versache and white Sacha shoes to match they were decorated with delicate ribbon and strings of white and silver beads. Tommy Hilfiger jeans and the newest design in Nike trainers in black, which were intended to be worn my black abercromie tank top and Prada hooded cardigan.

But tonight I was wearing the third and final set, a Khaki prada skirt and Ivory Prada belt. The top matched the colour of the belt and was designed by Gorgio Armani, it had Armani printed on the back in bold red letters on the back and tiny red hearts in the bottom corner of the front. It was my favourite item of clothing (for that week at least) I had chosen the shoes myself, they had a pointed toe and matched the belt and top in colour, the outside of the shoe was covered in silk, they were delicate and intricate and beautiful.

I think that moment when I finished dressing myself in my Mums room while she carefully removed the curlers in front of the mirror. I had curled my hair too that day and done my makeup with utmost care. There was a full lenght mirror in the living room, i bounced out of the room to look in it, when I got there I was lost for words, I hadn't even noticed how much I had grown over the last few months, my boobs at a 30C and my height 5"6, I was developing hips fast too, I looked neat and young and really pretty with my strawberry blonde hair falling to my waist in ringlets my skin was fair and a little freckled and my eyes bright blue just like my mothers, I didn't look like my father atall, he was dark and rough, I looked angelic and perfectly smooth, my legs freshly waxed, the skirt came to mid thigh.

My clothes made me look more 16 than 13 and my face was quite mature too so I felt confident and adult as I ran to show Pete how I looked he was in the kitchen picking at a tray of sushi in anticipation. He looked great, his full head of sandy hair had been trimmed and styled, he was wearing a dark brown pinstripe suit with a light brown shit and tie to match the suit, his shoes meat hook anal chained up stainless asian bugger a darker brown than the suit and shining imaculately.

"Am I underdressed?" I asked a little worried "Not at all sweetheart, I just have to make an impression you see. Mr. Mayfield and myself founded this hotel together you know. I have quite a stature in this part of the country. I have to preserve my image." he winked at me and offered me the sushi which I picked at with him. We waited for Mum for 10 minutes and I shared my anxieties with Pete about this being my first really party, he consoled me and my nerves were replaced with intensified excitemnent.

The Mum appeared and both our mouths dropped, she was wearing a cream dress that was floaty at the bottom and a corset at the top, its sleeves cut across her shoulders and a long thin silver chain rested on her collar bones. "You look like a princess Mum" I said with the tiniest trace of a tear in my eye. "We're all set then?" Said Pete taking Mum in his arms and kissing her forhead. We left the room, Mum linked her arm around Petes and took my hand in hers. It was nearly 8 when we arrived at the top of the stairs leading down to the basement, the lifts didn't go down there because the guests that used the hall felt it made my dirty hobby gorgeous milf teased and fucked too public so we walked down the stairs which were wide and spiralling.

The music could be heard half way down a drum and base beat thudding through the corridor that led to the huge double doors.

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Pete held the door open and we entered. Everything was buzzing, people talking, shouting, bustling, dancing, drinking, celebrating; It was spectacular. The bar staff were juggling bottles of all sorts and the DJ was throwing his hands madly in the air and the crowd on the dancefloor did the same.

We followed Pete through the crowds and to the bar where he ordered an extremely expensive bottle of champaigne, the Man behind the bar shook his hand after handing him the slender galss bottle "Its good to see you back sir" he shouted over the music, Pete nodded and preceeded away from the dancefloor, around a corner and through another set of doors, in this room there were several tables and large sofas, the music was muffled but audible, the atmosphere in here was nice, like being seated underneath a rave, this was the VIP area.

There were a few other men and women seated and standing, conversing hot plump teen with nice tits and pussy on smoking, Pete was greeted by some of the men and women and he greeted the others who were equally pleased to see him, he was introducing me and Mum to everyone, most of the time the conversations were boring, small talk always is, especially between adults of this class but it felt amazing to be there, like I was the hottie using dildo to anal masturbation on webcam of an aristocrat or something, all the women bent down and kissed my cheek and all the men took my hand and gave a slow nod of the head and maybe a smile or a wink.

Mum Pete and I sat down at a secluded booth and drunk our champaigne from glasses that shone like diamonds. I felt a little light headed afterward and Mum suggested I go and dance.

I stood up with slightly unstable legs and then protested "Who will I dance with though?" At that point a boy appeard at my side "I'll dance with you" he said, Pete looked up at this and then rose to his feet and embraced the boy in what looked like a painful hug and then patted him on the back "You alright Dad!" he said prying himself away. I got a proper look at him then, he was tall about 5"9 and clean shaven, his hair matched his dads but was longer and shaggier and he wore Levis, white K Swiss and plain, longsleeved gray sweater.

"I'll take you to dance" he said again staring hard at me with pale brown eyes. "This is Marie and her Mum Katherine, I told Danny about them over the phone" Pete said with enthusiasm "I know he told me all about it, I'll tell the other two you're here" the boy said and then he took my hand and began walking swiftly towards the doors.

"Whats your name" I asked in my softest tone as the doors swung shut behind us "Charlie" he replied "How old are you? My mum couldn't remember" I had to shout over the music now "15" he shouted back to me. Then he said quite unexpectedly "You're pretty hot Marie, its a shame your my new stepsister" My cheeks burnt at that comment and I looked to the floor.

"Hey do you smoke green?" We were next to the DJ booth at the bar and he had to shout right in my ear for me to hear him. "I've never tried it" I yelled back.

"We'll dance soon I promise" he said then he took a pen from his pocket and jotted on a napkin 'Dad's in VIP with new girlfriend p.s her daughters hot' he winked at me and handed the napkin to a guy behind the bar who nodded in understanding then he leaned over grabbed to Bacardis from the shelf under the bar and pulled me towards another door. It led into an empty parking lot. Here he opened both bottles and began to drink. "It's better to chill out, then dance - you can't have been here for long" "No, but we drunk a bottle of champaigne" I said.

He didn't answer for a second. "Do you drink alot" he asked as he pulled some kinky attractive bitch likes hardcore fuck creampie and cumshot and a doggy bag of weed from his pocket and started to build up a joint. "No not really, theres never anyone to drink with, its only since your Dad came along that I've been alowed to drink at home" "Pretty strict childhood then" he assumed "Not really" I corrected him "Overprotective parents is all, I am only 13" His hands stopped moving all of a sudden "13" he exclaimed without looking at me, then he started manouvering the paper between his fingers again.

"I thought you were my age" he added and I giggled a little. It took a while for him to roll the joint but it was perfect when he finished, my heart was beating a little faster than usual, it had been since Charlie had appeared at my side and everything was happening so quickly. He was easy to talk to andcharming and he was interested in my life and what I thought of his Dad and what my mum was like. He had smoked half the joint before he offered it to me but I just stared at it.

"It's alright he said, one toke won't hurt I promise" I took the joint from his hand, I had smoked cigarettes before so I knew what I was doing. I took a pull and inhaled and blew the smoke out then held the joint for Charlie to take back but he gestured for me to have more.

So I did. It was a strange feeling bedroom is a best place for hot lesbian sex with busty ebonies I liked it, I felt lightheaded from the alcohol and was gulping down the bacardi without noticing.

"You want a blow back?" Charlie asked. I had never heard that term before and asked him what it was. He said he'd show me. He put the lit end of the joint which was only small now in his mouth and held it still with his teeth so it wouldn't burn him, then he beckoned for me to come closer so I did, he put his hands on my waist and pulled me so I was inches away from him, then he cupped his hands around my face and brought his mouth to mine. By now I had caught on, I put my lips around the roach and he blew hard on the joint.

The door we had come through flew open and smashed againts the wall hard. "What the fuck are you doing" In panic we both pulled away from eachother at the sight of the man at the door Charlie seemed to relax but I was terrified and was still holding all the smoke in. The involuntarily I coughed and spluttered and blew the smoke out.

The boys chuckled a little then Charlie came to my side and held me steady. I had guessed that the man who appeard was one of the older brothers, probably the oldest since village xxxx sex stories storys hard was 6 foot and had thick stubble on his chin and cheeks, he was dark haird and kept it closely shaven so it matched the length of the stubble. He looked smart in his uniform, he must have been a bouncer or bar staff, he was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and golden brown tie.

"I was looking for you" He said, his voice was deep and he sounded a little like Pete "Ray said something about a note on a napkin that got vodka spilt on it?" He pulled a box of B&H from inside his blazer and sparked up.

"Dickhead" Charlie said "He probably spilt it while he was fucking downing it. The note said Dad's in the VIP area with the new girlfriend and that her daughters hot" "So what arn't you there?" "Girl needed someone to dance with" "Don't look like your dancing to me" "Smoking, dancing same thing really" there was a short silence the Charlie spoke again "Dan, wheres Liam" "Dancing on the bar I think" "On his own?" "No Char, with the other pricks who get drunk before 9.

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Whats this daughter look like then, takes alot for you to say shes hot." At this I blushed a little more "Well" said Messy some interracial sex group sex and amateur "Shes thin, but shes got some nice little curves, firm arse, fair skin, shes got long blonde hair in ringlets and bright blue eyes" at this Danny looked over at me and his eyes widened then he interupted Charlie who had gone on to list what I was wearing "You got Dad's girlfriends daughter stoned the first day you met her.

Thats your stepsister man you was practically getting hold of her" "and you've never given a boy a blowback?" Danny looked sternly at his brother and then said that we needed to go see Dad "I can't see my mum! I'm high!" I pleaded. "They'll be pissed by now don't worry" Danny said and he guided me inside with his hand on my back. I like the boys, I liked it when they put there hands on me.

Once I got inside I started to feel my eyes getting heavy, I felt really good, I felt like I wanted to dance so with my new found confidence surging through me I slipped my hand into Charlies and walked toward the dancfloor. Danny was walking the other way and Charlie stopped and looked at me with his head cocked to the side "You promised" I said and stared up at him. He turned toward the dancefloor and quickened his pace a little, I turned back to see Danny staring at us both, charlie put his thumb in the air and Danny did the same before leaving to find his Dad and my Mum.

Charlie pulled me into the crowd a little so we wern't out in the open I tiptoed so I coould reach his ear and I told him "I've never danced with a boy before" He looked down at me slighlty perplexed and assured me I'd be fine.

He pulled me close to him and guided my hips with his hands from side to side in time with the beat, it was an old song by R.Kelly playing I was looking down at his hands, his index finger was inside my top and his little finger inside my skirt, he had moved his other hand to my arse and was squeezing softly "How'd you feel" he asked I smiled mischeviously and he spun me round so my back was to him, then he pulled me even closer so my whole body was up against the hole of his, I could feel his dick.

It was a little hard.