Two female cops arrest big cock black

Two female cops arrest big cock black
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Jan Chapter 5 HOME WITH HEIDI "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," grunted 17 year old Johnny, as he drove his big hard prick again and again into the warm, grasping cunt of his sexy mother in law.

He was fucking her missionary-style on his bed. He liked being on top, but he also liked every other fuck position they had used. Body positions didn't seem to matter so much, as long as it involved his cock being positioned inside her tight pussy. He couldn't believe how good she felt on his the entire length of his cock, so warm and slippery and tight, especially when she squeezed tight with her strong cunt muscles.

She was 27 years skilled chick knows how to fuck properly and had probably fucked hundreds of guys when she made sex movies, so she was really good at fucking, he reasoned. With each thrust of his strong ass muscles he plowed his huge hard boner into her, while in perfect timing with his thrusts she pulled him into her with her silky smooth, shapely legs that were wrapped around his ass, so that he was burying every inch of his cock into her until their pubic bones pounded together, mashing her clit and jiggling his balls; then at that moment her tight slick cunt clamped down on the whole length of his turgid boner as he again pulled it almost completely out of her, until the purple knob of his prick was just inside her inner cunt-lips, and he plunged it in again, and again, and again, and again, over and over, each thrust better than the last, driving him on and on.

"Ahh, ahh, ahhh, ahhhhhhh," Heidi moaned with abandon. She had wanted his big young teenage cock inside her this way since she first met him; she had been teasing the boy for months, flashing him sights of her tits and legs and ass and pussy, noticing the uncommonly enormous bulge in his pants that resulted, and watching with interest the voyeur games he and his twin sister Jan played, when they would jerk off while secretly looking at each other's young ripening bodies.

They wanted more though, just as she did. They wanted to fuck each other. She pictured it in her mind now, even as she was being fucked herself: Johnny fucking Jan, Jan fucking Johnny. They could fuck every night right here on his bed, or next to it on hers, and their daddy would never know. She wanted to see that! She grabbed his ass with both hands and along with her wrapping legs, pressed his cock deep into her, then kept him from pulling out of her as far, pressing him against her.

"Slow down Johnny, let's just stay like this for a while, we're in no hurry. I love the feel of your hard cock stretching the insides of my pussy." "OK," said Johnny. With reluctance and using much willpower he stopped his relentless pumping. He found that though the sensations that focused in his fucking cock decreased, he was soon better savoring the delicious sensation of her entire naked body against his, sweating skin against skin, her big milf sarah vandella blowjob her stepsons large rod breasts pressed against his chest, her hot sweet breath mingling with his, and his cock held tight in her warm, slick cunt.

Yeah OK, he could stay like this for a while. Forever would be OK. But no, there was still a constant almost uncontrollable impulse to thrust deep into her pussy and shoot his warm spunk into her that he wouldn't be able to resist very long. "You ever fuck your sister, Johnny?" "No, of course not," he said, but his cock pulsed even stiffer at the thought of his sister Jan's sexy young body.

Heidi felt his cock spasm and smiled. "But you'd like to fuck Jan, wouldn't you? Put her prick deep into her pussy like this? Feel her naked skin against yours?" She slid the length of her body a little against him to better make her point. "Maybe. But no, it wouldn't be right." "It would feel good though, wouldn't it, if you could sink your hard boner into her little teenage cunt, the way it's in me now, her pussy wrapped around your hard hot prick." "I guess so." "Sure it would.

You could feel her firm nipples pressed against your chest, as you pump your prick into her tight cunt. You've thought of it before, right?" "OK, sure I have. How could I avoid it?" "I bet she has too. She's thought about it and likes the idea of fucking you." "You think so?" "I know so. You can't force these things though. Circumstances have to be right. We should do things together, the three of us, and get things rolling, you know?" "Like what?" "Tomorrow is Saturday and your dad will be on his business trip.

Let's go swimming together, the three of us." "Jan and I have gone swimming together for years." "This will be different. Trust me." "Sure." "Swimming can be fun. Roll over." They rolled, still locked together prick to pussy, until Heidi was on top.

She sat up, her cunt tugging on his big cock, and then, to his disappointment, she slid up and off of it and stood up next to his bed. Her hands were quickly on him though, one rubbing his pebble-hard nipples while the other grasped his cunt-juice slick boner and slowly stroked it with her small soft hands hands so unlike his.

"Let's go swimming now, and I'll show you how much fun it can be," she said. "We do have a pool, you know." She pulled him to his feet, and cock still in hand, led him into the hallway and towards the back door. "What? Our back-yard pool? Naked? In broad daylight?" "There's a fence around it. I've done it before. You'll like being naked outside, Johnny." She pumped his cock a few times, and pressed against the length of his body with hers, teasing. She had learned at an early age that she could get a man to do almost anything she wanted as long as she had hold of his hard cock, especially an eager young man like Johnny that wanted to fuck her.

She led him by his prick to the door and outside. Johnny soon stood on the tiny deck, the sun heating his naked body, a warm, gentle breeze on his naked skin, she standing behind him, the soft, warm, naked length of her pressed against him, one hand reached around him to slowly stroke his massive boner, as he looked nervously sunyleon sex stories porn bf xxx. Yes, a six foot fence surrounded the tiny yard, which was almost completely filled by the small deck and pool, but there were plenty of cracks and knot-holes in that fence.

Someone just outside it could easily peek in. Also, the rear-neighbor's house looked down on the whole scene. But right now he didn't care, he just wanted to sink his cock back into Heidi and fuck. Besides, the whole scene was a turn on. They could lay down here right now and fuck next to the pool. He turned towards her, intending to push her down onto the deck and plunge his hard cock into her and fill her with hot white jizz.

She had other ideas, though. With a playful shove Big butt milf gets tasted handjob ass toppled into the deep end of the small pool.

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While he came up sputtering and laughing, she retrieved a big black inner-tube and, also laughing, threw it to him.

"Man overboard," she said, "I'll save you Johnny," then she jumped in herself, laughing. Johnny angelica kitten sucks and fucks some guy in a shack just positioned head and shoulders through the rubber ring, and was savoring of freedom that naked swimming gives, the water caressing his entire naked body, the sensation of his bare balls and prick floating freely in the cooling liquid, when he suddenly felt something soft rub against his leg.

Then his freely floating boner was enveloped by something soft, warm, slick and sucking - Heidi, giving him an under-water blow job. She worked over his hard prick for several seconds before surfacing in the ring with him, her body sliding easily into position against his, sliding skin against skin, her soft tits with their firm tips pressed against his chest.

As she French kissed him, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and lowered her crouch against his, as with one hand she skillfully guided his cock again into her waiting pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned, with satisfaction, as his huge firm cock stretched her cunt to the limit. Meanwhile, Johnny had moved them to slightly shallower water, so he could plant his feet on the bottom and thrust up hard, up into her grasping cunt, while she used the tube to lower herself up and down in the water to meet his thrusts. "Ugh, ugh, ugh," he grunted in rhythm with his thrusts. "Yes, oh, ohoh, auggghhhh" she moaned. "Fuck me, fuck me, oh, oh, oh, oh, aaahhhhhh!" Meanwhile, their neighbor Fred in the house behind them had heard splashing and laughter outside.

In less than a minute he was at his second story window, peeking through the curtains, looking down at the pool with binoculars that made it seem like he was standing next to the pool. His was disappointed to see only the heads and shoulders of the obviously fucking couple. The young woman was a familiar sight. Damn, she was hot! She was as beautiful and sexy as any of the girls he watched in porn movies.

On the other hand, his was shocked to realize it was the teenage boy, and not the husband, that was locked in her embrace. He was a tall and muscular kid. Damn, he wished he was fucking that woman instead of him; he hadn't had a good fuck in ages.

Quickly, he wriggled out of his shorts and tee-shirt, so that he was as naked as they were. Soon he was stroking his own cock to the rhythm of the fucking couple below. He imagined that it was him fucking the woman, driving his hard prick into her soft warm cunt. "Let's move to the lounge chair, Johnny," Heidi said suddenly. In a flash she pushed away from him again, and was soon leading him by the cock luscious milf alyssa lynn gets banged and creamed and out of the pool.

Her hand pumped his prick slowly, as she led him to the wooden lounge chair, where she had him lie down. His ten-inch prick poked straight up as she made a big production of licking it and his balls with her hungry lips and tongue, and then very slowly lowering her cunt onto his massive cock again, inch by inch by delicious inch. "Ahhhhhhh," she moaned loudly. Soon she was working the entire thick length of it in and out of her again, and again, and grunting loudly. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugghhh!" "Ahhhhhhh," he moaned.

Fred got out his video camera and zoomed in on them, until cock and cunt action filled the whole screen of his viewfinder. The kid was hung like a horse; just like his father, maybe bigger. They were fucking now such that he could see everything, and he would be able to watch it later again and again on tape as he jerked himself off. The fat slick prick, the stretching cunt lips around it, the kid's hairy balls, her perfect ass bobbing up and down, her puckered little ass hole - everything looked like it was right in front of his eyes through the view-lens of the camera.

The sensitive microphone would even pick up their fucking noises, as well as their moans and grunts, mingled with the sounds of his own heavy breathing, as he slid his own hand over his own cock in synchronization with the fucking couple. Not for the first time, he suspected that the woman knew he was there, watching her. From time to time she looked towards the window.

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Did she get her kicks that way? The thought excited him even more, causing him to lose all caution. As the camera did its work without him, held by its tripod, he pushed back the curtains and stood in the window naked next to it, jerking himself off openly.

The sun was on his naked skin; surely she could see him there if she looked, only thirty feet from her, jerking himself off as he watched her fuck the kid. Heidi had caught glimpses of the voyeur neighbor several times, but now she smiled as she at last confirmed her suspicions.

A fairly well built middle aged, naked man, with average sized, seven inch prick, was jerking himself off in plain view as he watched her and Johnny fuck. It was something she loved and missed from her porn movie days. She loved to be watched. She loved it when men's pricks hardened and they jerked off while watching her fuck or jerk herself off.

She had even gone into porn theaters to watch men jerk off while they watched her fuck on film. "Ugh, harder, Johnny, fuck me hard-er, hard-er!" she groaned, as she lowered herself onto him and he thrust up deeper into her warm, wet, grasping cunt, again and again. "Squirt your hot jizz into me, Johnny, I want to feel it!" He wanted to come, to feel his balls squeeze spurts of white cum into her warm sucking cunt, but at the same time he wanted to not come, so they could fuck like this forever.

Perhaps reading his mind, she slowed down, again delaying their release. "What if another man were here to fuck my ass while you fucked my cunt, Johnny," she said loudly. "Would that be OK with you? A stranger fucking my ass right now?" "Ugh, ughhh, sure; ugh, ugh, anything you want," he managed.

She turned her head and looked Fred in the eye then, smiled, and pointed to her ass, which was pointed towards the voyeur. "You hear that neighbor? Come on over and fuck my ass!" Fred was stunned. But in seconds he had wrapped a robe around himself and hurried out his backdoor and through the gate in the fence. "Hi! My name is Fred, he stammered." Now he was only a few feet from this incredible naked, fucking woman, He watched her flex her ass and leg muscles as she raised and lowered her cunt on the kid's huge prick.

"I'm Heidi and this is Johnny, Fred; now lose that robe and fuck my ass hole." Fred didn't need to be asked twice.

In moments he chucked the robe and moved between the kid's legs and behind Heidi's perfect ass. He spit on his hand and rubbed the spit onto the tip of his hard cock, then put the tip against her puckered ass hole.

His hands found her beautiful ass cheeks and squeezed them firmly. "Push your cock into me, Fred!" Heidi demanded. Fred pushed his hard prick into her puckered ass slowly. "Oh my God," he stammered. It xnxxx six sex stories story com so, so, good, and she was so damned beautiful and sexy, he couldn't believe this was happening.

His prick head tearch and studint sexi vido two more inches were tightly grasped tightly by her ass entrance. She pushed back, engulfing Fred's prick entirely, then forward, than back, and each time her cunt and ass rode the two stiff pricks inside her.

On the sidewalk that led past the house, young Lisa and Tara were walking home from school when they heard odd sounds from the fenced yard they were passing. As they paused their idle chatting and listened, it became obvious from the grunts and moans they heard that someone was fucking on the other side of the fence. They looked at each other and grinned.

The two thirteen year olds had just been talking about sex, and boys, and how they had never even kissed a boy yet but wanted to. "Let's sneak a peek," said Tara.

There were some bushes along fence where they could get at the fence while being well hidden from the street. Tara found a knot-hole at eye level, while next to it Lisa looked through an unusually large spacing between slats of the fence. What they saw shocked and amazed them both. Above a prone naked teenaged boy squirting pulled inked euro throating cock european and pulling a naked young woman, her private parts impelled on the amazingly huge cock of the boy.

As they watched she pushed her hips up, exposing several inches of the boy's impossibly huge cock before she plunged down on it again. They hadn't known a woman could be on top. They hadn't imagined that boy's penis could be so huge. But what really puzzled and amazed both of them was that a middle-aged naked man stood behind the woman's outwards jutting ass, poking his own big prick - - where?

Her ass hole? Johnny was a little spooked by Fred being there: it reminded him of his homosexual encounter at the dirty book store; something that he had been trying to forget. But he wasn't really too worried about himself being homosexual any more, not after fucking Heidi. Besides, it was Heidi that he was fucking now, and Heidi's naked body separated him from Fred. Still, he could feel Fred's cock in Heidi's ass, pushing against his own prick that was burring in Heidi's cunt, though still separated by inner layers of Heidi.

Then he suddenly felt something soft brush against his balls. It was Fred's balls, he soon realized. Fred must have felt it and liked it, because he moved his hips lower. Soon Fred's balls rubbed against his own balls with every stroke. He also felt Fred's bare legs rub against the inside of his. Johnny was surprised to feel OK about it; actually better than OK.

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Johnny found himself flexing his ass muscles in time with Fred's thrusts, such that their balls mashed together with each stroke. All three of them were fucking together, grunting and moaning and thrusting.

As Tara and Lisa watched the naked threesome, and listened to their rhythmic fucking sounds, they felt a warmth grow in their own young pussies, and their hands wandered to their short skirts and pushed them up, so they could each rub their own pussy through thin wet cotton panties.

The girls looked at each other and knew what they were both feeling and doing was alright. They were, after all, best friends, and they loved group of bad british girls sucking cfnm amateur guy other deeply, though they had never done anything like this together before. Lisa didn't protest when she felt Tara 's small hand on her panty-covered ass, and felt her panties being pulled down over her hips, and then felt Tara replace her hand on her bare ass.

The shuttered at her friend's touch, it was so wonderful. Her own probing fingers reached down past barely emerging pubic hair, and assaulted her pussy, her fingers quickly finding her sensitive clit and rubbing it furiously.

Meanwhile Tara reached between her friend's bare ass cheeks, then lower, finally finding wet pussy lips and penetrating them with her probing fingers. Lisa opened her legs further, both to give Tara better access to her pussy and to steady herself.

She leaned against the fence heavily for support, her eyes still glued to the sight of the fucking threesome and especially to glimpses of the two big, hard, slick, plunging cocks.

How good it must feel to the woman, she imagined, to have two hard cocks inside of her, filling her with thrusting firm prick-flesh into her. "Ohhhhh," she moaned softly, afraid she would be overheard, but increasingly not caring, not caring about anything at all except her fingers on her clit, and Tara's fingers in her cunt, and the sight of the woman being fucked by two big cocks. Tara used her free hand to work Lisa's panties completely off young girl first time teen v sex her, and then she quickly took her own panties off too, so that they were both bare-assed naked below their bunched-up skirts.

She was by now turned on more by her friend Lisa than by the people fucking on the other side of the fence. She badly wanted her friend to cum; she wanted to feel Lisa tremble as she held her tightly, and for the both of them to feel what grown-ups felt when they fucked. Tara suddenly thought of doing something that she had heard of, something that had sounded crazy but now seemed natural and right.

She twisted Lisa's body a little, and crouched down next to her, and ran her lips and tongue over the insides of Lisa's thighs. Lisa responded by moaning louder, losing sight of the fucking threesome through the fence, and pulling Tara's searching mouth to her budding womanhood.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," she whispered urgently, as she felt her friend's probing tongue find her stiff little clit, and her chin push against her pussy lips. "Ohhhhh!" Tara grasped both of Lisa's round firm ass cheeks in her hands, so could keep her lips and tongue in contact with Lisa, who began to buck and squirm uncontrollably.

She wanted to rub her own sopping wet pussy, but she didn't have any way of doing that, until by accident one of her crouching legs rubbed against the bare leg of Lisa, which felt wonderful. It was only natural to then move so that she could thrust her pussy against one of Lisa's legs, humping her cunt against Lisa's warm leg as she licked and sucked her juicy little pussy.

Lisa immediately caught on, and was soon working her leg against her friend's wet pussy. Heidi was being fucked as good as she had ever been fucked. In her ass, Fred pumped away.

Fred had an adequate size, but Johnny was huge, Johnny filled her completely. She slid her naked body over the teenager stretched out under her, her naked skin sliding on his, her cunt wrapped around his huge penetrating prick, her tits pressed against his muscular chest.

"Uggggh, she moaned, as her orgasm flashed through her spasming body. She grunted and groaned uncontrollably as wave after wave of undeniable pleasure shot through her quivering body. Johnny felt Heidi's pussy spasm around his cock, and Fred's balls against his own, and pumped shot after shot of hot cum deep into Heidi, as with both hands he pulled her wonderful soft naked body tight against him.

Heidi felt Johnny's hot spunk fill her, and then Fred's prick shoot cum into her ass, as she came herself again and again. The trio's moans filled the air. A few feet away from them, hidden from the street by a pair of thick bushes, thirteen year old Lisa had the first orgasm of her life as Tara's licking tongue and sucking lips worked her firm little clit and all the fingers of her own hand plunged into her slick grasping pussy. "Ahhhh," she moaned. She nearly collapsed, but the fence against her back and Tara grasping her ass and pushing her face against her quivering pussy kept her standing.

Tara heard the moans from the trio in the yard and from Lisa and felt her friend's body tense and tremble and knew that Lisa was having an orgasm.

She was happy for her friend but desperately needed her own release, and she redoubled the thrusting of her wet cunt against Lisa's leg, mashing bare clit and pussy against smooth leg. She was close herself to having her own orgasm, so very close. "Mmmmmm," she at last moaned into her friend's still quivering wet pussy, as spasm after spasm shot through her.

That's when they both heard the car. They thought it would drive by, as several others had done, but it didn't. Instead it pulled into the nearby driveway, to a location where they both could be seen by the driver. As quick as they could, they grabbed their book bags, pushed their skirts down over their bare asses and pussies, and ran away from the car and down the street. "We forgot our panties" said Lisa, when they had slowed their sprint to a walk. They looked back towards the yard and saw that a man had gotten out of the car and was standing there and staring at them.

"I guess we don't need them," said Tara, savoring her nakedness under her short skirt. She could feel her cunt juices run down her bare legs, and taste Lisa's cunt juices on her lips. The thought that Lisa was walking beside her bare-assed and wet bare pussy under her short skirt, turned her on. There were a lot more things she wanted to try out with Lisa.

"We can look for them later, if we feel like it." "We don't need panties anyway," added Lisa. The girls giggled, joined hands, and walked home.

Mike thought at first he was seeing things when he parked in the driveway. Had he really glimpsed two bare-assed little teenage girls near the fence behind the bushes? Had they sprinted away when they saw him, then walked down the street giggling? What the hell was going on?

He walked over to the fence and was astonished to find two little pairs of white cotton panties on the ground where he had seen the girls. "What the hell?" he muttered.

He had really seen their bare buts and cunts! What were they doing here? He peeked through the fence at the pool, and was relieved to not see anyone. Heidi sunned herself nude in the pool sometimes, he knew. On the other hand an inner tube was in the pool and a couple towels were lying on the deck, so maybe she had been in the pool earlier. He picked up the little panties and carried them into the house. "Hi Baby," Heidi greeted him, wearing only a tiny but dry thong bikini that showed her nipples and cunt-slit through the thin material, and left her ass totally bare.

When they heard Mike park the car she, Fred, and Johnny had hastily retreated inside their respective homes. She hoped Mike wouldn't notice the thick white jizz running down her legs from her pussy and ass.

"How was your day?" "OK," he said, after they kissed. "Hey, were you in the pool just now?" "A bit ago," she admitted. "I got out and dressed up when I heard Johnny get home." He poked at her bikini top, causing her tits to jiggle. "Why?" "I think two teeny-boppers were checking you out through the fence. Look what I found out there." He handed her the panties. "Damn!" Heidi said, as she examined them. The crouches were damp, she noticed. She held them to her face and smelled teen cum-juice.

"Mmmmmm! How old were they?" "Thirteen or fourteen maybe. Does that turn you on?" It was turning him on, the thought of two young teens spying on his naked wife.

"Like crazy. I'd drag you out to the pool and fuck you right now, but Johnny is home; let's go to our bedroom instead. We have some time before you have to leave for the airport." When Jan got home from school Johnny was sitting alone in the living room, watching TV. Above the sounds of the TV, grunts and moans from their parent's bedroom could wwe divas nude sex story clearly heard.

Jan had already some time ago removed the electric vibrating dildo from her cunt and ass, but still wore no panties under her short skirt.

She retreated to the bedroom that she shared with her twin brother and hastily hid the dildo and changed her clothes. Jan joined Johnny on the sofa. Johnny was pretending to watch a reality dance program. The dancers wore skimpy costumes that did almost nothing to conceal their sexy athletic bodies.

They reminded Jan of her experiences earlier that day at school with the girl's track team and the boy's football team, but her pussy was so warn out from sex at school that not even sexy TV scenes and the sounds of Daddy fucking Heidi turned her on.

She felt a little down. She couldn't believe that after all that sex she was still a virgin, but she was. The twins sat on opposite ends of the sofa, legs drawn up and held together. Johnny wore only a tea shirt and long loose shorts, while Jan wore white skin-tight tea shirt and tiny shorts. Neither wore underwear.

Tired as she was, sitting so near her hunky twin brother was gradually turning Jan on again. She lifted one knee and widely spread her legs, causing Johnny to glance her way. He could clearly see Jan's smallish pert tits through the thin, tight cotton, including the darker pink of firm nipple tips.

Worse, where her legs met the shorts were only an inch wide and exposed most of her cunt lips. Did she shave down there? She must shave, he figured.

She must shave her pussy mound or he'd be seeing some hair. His eyes moved up to her face and he was startled to see that she was watching him with a slight smile. "Like what you see, Johnny?" she asked. "Sure." Hidden by a raised left leg from Jan, his hardening cock was poking along his right thigh almost to his knee and the end of his shorts. He shifted his left knee and spread his legs like Jan was doing so that she could clearly see the bulge of his huge cock.

Hi s shorts were white and so thin that skin-color showed through them, and the material molded his cock such that she could clearly make out the round cock-head at the end of it.

His cock was huge, as big as that black football player's cock had been and probably just as tasty. She stared at his cock bulge for a few seconds before returning her gaze to his eyes, which were returning her gaze. Smiling, she slowly reached down with her right hand, unzipped the front of her tiny shorts, and worked her fingers down the front of her shorts to her pussy lips.

Throughout, she followed Johnny's eye movement, as he watched her start to masturbate herself. Johnny could see her small finger and index fingers, but not her middle fingers. She must have slipped her other fingers into her pussy, he realized.

His breathing increased, as did hers. "Heidi wants the three of us to go to the beach together tomorrow," he told his sister. "That should be fun," she replied. "Do you think I'm sexy Johnny?" She pushed her shorts down further and spread her legs wider, and openly worked her clit with her fingers in front of her brother.

She was a little sore from all the sex she had earlier in the day at school with the dildo and with her friend Cara, but she wanted desperately to be actually fucked by a real prick. "You're pure dynamite, Sis, you know you are." He could see her exposed pussy lips and clit as she rubbed them with her fingers. Despite all the jerking off at school and the fucking he had just experienced with Heidi, Jan was so beuitiful and sexy that his cock now wanted more.

He was tired as hell, but he wanted to fuck his sister, feel his prick buried deep in her pussy. Jan was openly staring at the bulge in Johnny's thin shorts, hoping that she could get him to pull his prick out of his shorts. "I know that you fuck Heidi, Johnny, and I think that it's great." "You do?" "Does it feel really good Johnny, to have your big cock fucking her pussy? Would you like to fuck my pussy too?" She licked her lips, remembering what it was like to lick Cara's pussy, and to lick that black football player's huge cock.

Before he could answer his father ran through the room with a suitcase, and out the front door. "Bye, you guys, I'm late for my flight," he shouted as he ran by. Jan pulled her hand away from her pussy and raised her knees to hide herself, but she needn't have bothered. Daddy was gone. As soon as Mike's car pulled out of the babe knows how to suck a nice cock hardcore european Heidi entered the living room naked.

"What's on TV?" she asked, as she plopped herself down between the twins. With one hand she grasped Johnny's stiff cock through his thin shorts, with the other she reached into Jan's shorts and pushed a finger between her legal age teenager stella banxxx has so taut pussy hardcore blowjob lips.

"Anyone up for sex?" she asked. "You two are over-dressed. No clothes on in the house while your Daddy is gone, that's the new rule." She tugged off Jan's shorts, and then her shirt, then did the same to Johnny. Both teens were shocked, but naked and turned-on, even though they were already worn out by all the sex they had earlier in the day.

Heidi couldn't help herself; she bent over Johnny and enveloped the sensitive head of his cock in her warm wet mouth, and licked it with her tongue. It felt incredible to Johnny, but suddenly she released him and positioned her sex over him. "Do you have one more shot of cum for me, Johnny?" Heidi asked, as she lowered her cunt over his big stiff boner, enveloping the whole length of his cock inside her tight pussy. She rhythmically squeezed his cock with her pussy with each stroke as she slid herself over him; up and down she rode his prick, again and again.

Johnny was content to have Heidi fuck him, he was so damn tired, and it felt so good. And it was so delicious to be watching Jan, to be seeing her finger her pussy and rub her own legs and tits. He shifted one of his legs so that his foot rested against his sister's naked ass, savoring its softness. Jan frigged herself off as she watched Johnny's big prick disappear into Heidi's pussy lips, inch by glorious inch, again and again.

It wasn't right though, she wanted Johnny's cock to be inside her, not inside Heidi. She ran her hands over his muscular legs though, feeling them tense with each stroke of Heidi's pussy. When he put his foot on her pussy and clumsily rubbed it, she grabbed it with both hands, pressed it against her pussy mound, and rubbed it against herself. The bottom of his foot mashed her juicy cunt lips and clit. She was fucking him at last, she felt, fucking her twin brother Johnny!

Soon she felt herself cum as she held Johnny's foot tight against her convulsing cunt. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Johnny said, as Heidi fucked him, and kept fucking him. This time, it seemed to take a long time, but at last his cock throbbed and he shot hid cum deep inside of her wonderful soft clutching pussy.

"Ahhhhh," he moaned. He felt content and exhausted. Heidi used her practiced fingers on her clit to help her get to her own orgasm.

She too was tired: it had been a very long day. She felt Johnny soften within her and she kissed his lips. "Rest now, Baby, she told him. You deserve a rest." Johnny smiled and quickly fell asleep. Even teenage boys had their limits.

He was just like Mike, Heidi realized.

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After a hard day of fucking Mike dozed off and slept soundly for the rest of the night. Johnny had earned his sleep. Let him rest up for tomorrow. Tomorrow she had plans for him and his twin sister. Jan was exhausted herself. She watched numbly as Heidi put a sheet over Johnny and kissed his cheek goodnight. Johnny was soundly sleeping on the sofa. Then she let Heidi lead her to the big soft king-sized bed where Heidi and her Daddy had fucked each other earlier, and lay her down. The bed smelled faintly of Daddy sweat and cum, and seemed to still be warm from Daddy's naked body.

There were also two little pairs of panties on the bed that seemed too small for Heidi or herself. She almost asked Heidi about them but didn't. She ponytailed asian chick shaved and nailed by t exhausted and needed to sleep. Still, she didn't protest when her stepmother spread her legs wide and gently licked her pussy with her soft tongue, alternating between pussy and clit.

Gradually she was aroused yet again, and the savored the licking tongue for what seemed like hours. When she at long last had her final orgasm of the day she felt content as she drifted off into sleep, except for one thing that nagged at her.

She was still a virgin.