Mother in law sucks dick to her husbands

Mother in law sucks dick to her husbands
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Hey, I am a first time writer.

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Thank you very much for reading my story and I would appreciate any and all comments or criticisms. I plan on writing a follow up to this story in the next few days and it may possibly turn into a series.

I will read the comments but feel free to PM me as well, thanks. Finally. Mikey sat in his last period class on Friday staring at the clock. 2:45, it read. Only fifteen more minutes.

As he was watching the seconds tick by, Mikey's teacher, Mrs. Simmons, droned on about world history and the importance of studying Africa. He knew he should pay attention as it was his junior year and he needed to get good grades, but paying even the slightest bit of attention last period on a Friday was just too much to ask.

Finally, it was 3 o'clock and Mrs. Simmons was still talking. This frustrated Mikey. "Great" Thought Mikey, "I'm gonna be late again." At 3:07 Mrs. Simmons let the class go and Mikey made a run for the bus.

His driver, George, was a nice guy so he waited two minutes extra for Mikey to make the bus. After thanking George, Mikey scanned the bus for an empty seat. Finding none, he walked six rows back and saw one empty seat next to a sophomore named Jillian. Mikey didn't know Jillian very well but he asked to sit next to her anyway. "Is this seat taken?" asked Mikey "No, it's yours." Replied Jillian Resigned to listen to his I-pod and hopefully fall asleep, Mikey zoned out while looking out the window.

Everything was going smoothly until about fifteen minutes after the bus left. Jillian had fallen asleep and her head started to fall onto Mikey's lap. Inch by inch, Jillian's face started moving closer to Mikey's crotch.

Noticing this, Mikey successfully moved Jillian out of the way. However, five minutes later the same thing happened and Jillian's face moved closer to Mikey's lap again. The event started to make Mikey hard because due to his stupid history teacher Mrs Simmons assigning him an extremely tedious project, Mikey had not been able to masturbate the night before.

Eventually, Mikey paradise films ebony jasmine has got into double trouble so hard that his erection was nearly touching Jillian's mouth through Mikey's sweatpants.

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Mikey contemplated what to do. On the one hand, Jillian was quite attractive. She was 5 foot 4, a brunette (Mikey's favorite), had a rocking body, an incredible ass and had about size C breasts from what Mikey could tell.

On the other hand, Mikey had spoken maybe fifteen words to Jillian in his entire high school career. "Fuck it" Mikey said aloud. He slowly pulled his 6 ½ inch erection out of his pants and slowly inserted it into Jillian's mouth.

After it was inside about halfway down her throat, Mikey used his hands to essentially face-fuck Jillian.

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Due to his horniness, Mikey came in her mouth in about two minutes. Jillian still did not wake up. Mikey checked to make sure that she was breathing and then decided to take things one step further. He slowly moved his and Jillian's bags to the outside of their seat in order to create an opaque wall to stop people from peering in.

He then proceeded to pick Jillian up and place her on his lap. Still asleep even through all of this, Mikey slowly pulled down Jillian's jeans and exposed a red, white and blue thong. "Patriotic" thought Mikey. Slowly pulling down the thong enough to expose Jillian's beautiful outer lips, Mikey slowly inserted his penis into her. This slowly started to rouse Jillian awake and before it was too late, Mikey just let go of Jillian and her momentum forced her down on Mikey's entire erection.

She let out a loud yelp and people turned to look at her. However, due to their position it just looked as if Jillian was sitting on Mikey's lap. Quickly, Mikey put his hand over Jillian's mouth. Slowly bumping up and down, Mikey started to fuck Jillian.

Jillian was bucking up and down trying to get Mikey off of her, which only made the sex more pleasurable for Mikey. Eventually the in and out motion of Mikey's 6 and a half inches started to make Jillian extremely wet.

Eventually, Mikey took his hands off of Jillian's mouth and started caressing Jillian's Breasts. "Oh my god" whispered Mikey into Jillian's ear. "Your breasts are magnificent." In response, Jillian started to ravishing kayden plugs her orgasmic pink slit ride Mikey's cock.

Keeping one hand on her breast and inserting his thumb into Jillian's tight anal cavity, Jillian had a strong orgasm. After a few more minutes of this, Mikey inserted two more fingers into her anus, slowly stretching it out, while simultaneously squeezing Jillian's breasts as hard as he could.

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Mikey started to climax inside of Jillian and she simultaneously had a massive orgasm. Two minutes later, as the cum started to leak out of Jillian she leaned back, kissed Mikey on the cheek and whispered, "That was magnificent.

Hope we can do it again sometime." Slipping off of him and pulling up first her thong, then her pants, Jillian gather her backpack and started to walk off of the bus. As she got off Jillian looked back at Mikey, winked and finally left the bus.