Twat and ass get pounded hardcore blowjob

Twat and ass get pounded hardcore blowjob
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I am now in my 60's and this happened when I was 16-17. I lived in Florida with my father and alcoholic step mother. I also live with two step sisters, not raving beauties but both had the right equipment to interest a horny step brother. I began by just peeping and fantasy about sex with them. They both slept in one room and my older brother slept in another. After two months of this arrangement my oldest stepsister Lidia, started dating. Maybe slutting was a better description of her behavior.

She was dating someone different each night and coming in late and very drunk. I had to help her get into bed quite often and used the opportunity to use my hands to explore her whole body.

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I started with her teen tight tits and by struggling to get her to her bed I was able to push her bra up and off her tits leaving them exposed. I would drop her onto the bed and her sister wouldn't even stir. The second night I had to get her in the house and into bed I decided to take a chance and strip her completely. This proved no problem at all and I got to fondle the whole package. While finger fucking her I found her pussy full of wetness which appeared to be her lube and her dates cum.

I covered her and went to bed. I busty hot lingerie babe loving hard fuck in my bed, unable to sleep for 20 minutes reviewing what had happened.

I worried about her waking naked but finally realized she wouldn't remember anything.

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I crawled back into her room to "check on her", nothing had changed with either girl so I lifted the blankets covering Lidia and the next thing I know, I have spread her legs and am between them with my adolescent 6 inch cock pushing on her clit.

I used my hand to rub her clit with my cock and she didn't stir but it looked like more juice oozed from her pussy. Unable to resist I lowered my cock to her labia and gently pushed. I entered her easily and just stopped with my cock buried deep in her pussy, it seemed so surreal, I was excited and terrified at the same time but there was no 4 boys gang bang the y slut pablhernandez cam4 back.

I started to move in and out very slowly as I didn't want to make a lot of noise. I think on my 4th or 5th stroke in and out I started shooting my load into her already full pussy. It seemed like I came for 20 minutes but I know my balls were empty.

When I finished I went to the bath room and cleaned myself up and went back to bed. I woke in the morning to the screams of Candice the younger sister calling Lidia a whore and a slutsaying that if she was going to fuck everything in sight to at least put a towel under her ass when she went to bed so the slime she leaked out wouldn't soil the sheets.

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This was the beginning and I found I could move her around like a maniquin and fuck her long and hard without bothering anyone. I always remembered to put the towel under her super organ xxx tube porn and life was good until the night she woke up while I was fucking her. She didn't come fully awake at first, she started mumbling to someone called Richard that I assume was her date that night saying "I thought you were taking me home, why are we fucking again, I'm tired" and she passed out again.

A couple of minutes she opened her eyes again, moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist. She started fucking like a wild cat and I was so surprised I could only hang on. Her pussy started contracting around my cock, then her body stiffened and just quivered.

She let out the loudest "I'M coming, oh God I'm coming". I clamped my hand over her mouth but it was too late, Candice was awake and just sitting up with her mouth hanging opened. Lidia didn't look at her, she was still looking at me and said you're not a bad fuck for a step brother. I was so shell-shocked by everything I was speechless. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Candice said "well I'll be damned this is going to cost both of you".

I didn't know what she was talking about but was glad the adults were at the other end of the house. Lidia told me to go to my bed so she and Candice could talk, I couldn't get out fast enough.

The next morning no one said a thing and we all got ready to leave for school. We used different busses but the same stop and Lidia walked with me as Candice followed ten or so feet behind. Lidia told me she made a deal with Candice that as long as she was included in the sex, she would be quiet. Wow, I had gone from someone who wasn't getting any at all to someone with two girls to fuck, my mind was running wild at the scenarios possible.

I came out of it when Lidia punched me and said get that silly grin off your face, she is gay. She wants me to have sex with her on demand so I'm stuck with it or we are in big trouble. She said I can still go out but when I get home she gets me before you do.

Lidia told me she wanted to fuck me while she was sober and that she had been aware of my bumbling from the beginning but was unsure how to proceed. Maybe I have a twisted sick mind but it started going crazy with ideas again. I got home from school around the same time as the girls while my brother went to work at dad's gas station. We had 3 hours to get dinner ready before everyone else got home. We were scheduled for spaghetti that day and as I didn't need help making that I told the girls they could start their "homework".

I mixed the ingredients for the sauce ansd started it simmering, put the water on to boil for the noodles, then went to check on the girls. I guess I wasn't too surprised to find them both nude and Lidia's head between Candice's thighs with her tongue buried in pussy.

Candice was on top tongue tickling Lidia's clit. Instantly hard, I dropped my jeans and boxers then moved up behind Candice's ass that was sticking in the air. I could see Lidia's eyes and she seemed to be telling me to go for it. I positioned the head of my dick at the opening of her vagina between her labia lips.

Just as it appeared Candice was starting an orgasm, I drove my cock up to the hilt in her virgin pussy. Yes, she was a virgin, I didn't know but I was so hard and horny it would not have mattered. I never slowed down as blood and Candice's lube/cum flowed out around my dick, damn I was in heaven. I continued to slam her pussy and Lidia was licking her clit when she started tensing, building oral sex games end with hot fucking hardcore creampie a thunderous orgasm.

As she started bucking, Lidia came with screams and shaking/shuddering. As she was Cuming, she left Candice's clit and went for my balls. I t didn't take long with Lidia licking and sucking my balls while I was gut slaming her sister my build up increased and I exploded with spurt after spurt of cum into Candice's ex-virginal cunt.

I was amazed that Candice had no negative reaction to loosing her virginity.

Someone hollered the dinner is burning and we all jumped and ran naked to the kitchen. Not to worry, it was just the water boiling over on the stove. I reduced the temperature, wiped up the excess water, the we all stood looking at each other. Candice had my cum, her blood and lube discharge running down her leg, I had a combination of cum and juices all over my package wit a large drop dangling from the head of my cock. With out a word Lidia went to her sister and started licking her legs clean, working her way to her cunt.

As she was finishing, Candice went to her knees and started licking me clean.

We had just finished the cleaning when we heard a car pull into the drive, he rest of the house was home. Candice said we will continue at midnight. I thought "Oh My".