Cute young amateur cfnm babes get naughty at cfnm party

Cute young amateur cfnm babes get naughty at cfnm party
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I was 14 at the time and my moms brother and my mom bother worked together at thier new. Company so after school my uncles wife would watch me until 6 pm when my mom got home we lived around the corner so it workd out good especially for me my aunt is.

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5ft 7 shoulder lenght dirty blonde hair she is not skinny but not fat she had just had two kids and was nice and thick a little fat ass and a stay at home mom PTA mom and soccer mom she was from the trailer park type small tits alwwys wore those one piece terry cloth shorts and strapless top with herass hanging out the back with the little dents anyways i was starting to grow my hair long and experiment pot and cigerettes i was still a virgin though i think it wws because at that age i had a very big cock 11inches and very thick anyways i come home from school and my aunt starts talking to me about drugs if i used before making it sould cool so i said yes and she then asks what about coke ever tried that and i say yes again trying to be cool.

So she saysl I like coke me and your uncle do it all the time he doesn't like me doing to much because I get reall y horny and I won't leave him alone so he says and she says that reminds me and she goes in the other room to make a phone call about 20mins later I go to use the restroom and I walk by her room I heare her talking sexual to someone on the phone I wonder who it is if it's not my uncle so I'm using the bathroom and she just walks in for those with a foot fetish ultraporncamscom accident and I have my cock in my hand and she sees it now at that age my cock was 9 inches soft so when she saw it her eyes got big and she says wow they were right I over heard your mom and talking to your uncle about how you thought the girls wouldn't talk to you because your thing was to big well sweets I promise they will all want to talk to you when they see that now she says follow me and we go in to her room and from her talking about my cock and me looking at those terry cloth shorts going up her pussy and her ass hanging out I'm Getting turned on when we get in there bedroom when says I have something for you if you swear not to say a word to anyone ok I tell I won't say a word she smiles and shows me to huge lines of coke and says here it's really good do she you know how sure I say even though I never done it before I snort it in and it taste strong and my heart speeds up and she bends over right in front of me and snorts the other line then she sees me looking at her pussy bulging out from behind and there's a wet spot she smiles and says do you thing my ass is fat after having the kids and I say no it looks nice really you really think so yes thank you that's a real complement coming from a 14 yr old stud then she says let's lovely gigi gets nailed in a car some more now she puts two lines about 9 inches long and thick and when I do it wow I start getting horny my cock is rock hard she bends down does the other one her push looks like two pillows she catches me again and looks down at my cock I'm so hard she says well since we have our Secret can you keep one more.

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I can keep secrets for sure what is it? I think you are a very good looking young man and well she walks over to me and starts kissing me our tongues are all over each others and I feel her grab my cock and start stroking it she whispers in my ear when I saw this in the bathroom she squeezes my crock and says I had to have it it's bigger then any man I have ever been with and she start kissing femdom forced a guy gang rape sissy taking of my shirt losing down my chest and UN buttons my pants pulls out all11 1/2 inches of it and says ohhhhhhhh fuck it's beautiful she tryst to suck me but can only get the head in her mouth she licking the shaft and my balls it feels so good she says Ricky I want to taste your young hot cum and I cum filling her mouth and she swallows all of it then I start pulling down her top and see her small a little saving tits and I start sucking her nipples and I take her shorts off and see her fat shaved pussy I start to eat her she is cumming right away then she say Ohhubbub Ricky please put that cock inside me and I starts to push it in her fat pussy lips spread open wide when looks at it going in she already moaning very load ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk it's big ohhhhhhhh your streching me wide open japan hidden cam toilet xxx slow baby I get about half inside her very tight pussy she squirming and clawing the sheets Immmm cuuuummmmming hard all over your beautiful cock I feel her flood and I just shove the rest in she sits up eyes are wide open she's bucking hard ohhhhhhhh massage gooooood Rickey.

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